Replay — Resident Evil 6

What is steamed dumplingshiding games on steam RESIDENT EVIL 6 gameplay nope welcome to another episode of replay everyone I am Andrew Reiner today within my fortress of solitude this is a rare look at my comic book room so my collections right here I was just showing Ben Reeves the first ever hell boy right there some of your rare finds its very yeah I just pulled it out right behind me just ball everybody wants to see any comics I could pull them out else uh Ben Reeves dear Editor thats Alex dad Nick oh you guys know these guys hello friends hey were playing arguably no it is the worst res evil yet this is res nobody not even someone like the like the umbrella games like they put out even worse than those no but the numbered I guess youd call the core series right yeah worse than some of them yeah it is yeah it really goes what did you call it Michael Bay mmm in terms of its scale and just like being about explosions and big set piece moments I cant take full credit for that because I read I read part of Tim Terrys review at the time or no did he revived I think Tim did no he reviewed six yeah he called it Michael Bay asked and I was surprised because the conversation about this usually is dominated by like how fans dont love five and six but you guys seem to like five and six back in the day at least review wise Tim - Tim Terry did yes I cant speak for you I apologize hey Alex can you resend that invite yeah yeah didnt work uh yeah why didnt end give it you know Ive hand it was at eighteen five nine seven five oh I dont think it was nine seven five but yeah its or no Dead Space 3 was super high right dead space what it was one that was like super high that he got like he for he was also higher than most on resonable six but I think the industry definitely ranked six lower than pretty much any other arty game yeah I think there was definitely consensus I remember when that game came out of like oh this isnt what we want Riz evil six Game Informer says was a 875 yes it was and you know what Tim Tim loved games you know that guy found the good in a lot of games and he was able to break it down and tell you why it was important didnt always line up with the interests of everyone else but he had I mean he did see the good and bad in games and in a very very meaningful and easy to comprehend way and I miss misses writing but hes hes a hell of a critic yeah yeah it is it is unreal seeing his name in like the credits of of like Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy remake and then Last of Us it was so cool yeah isnt it isnt that while yeah I was like no it was in the credits of res evil 7 right yeah he was that Capcom then yep yeah so its like kind of crazy that he actually got to be in the credits of that and Megaman 11 so Tim Terry was a gamer former intern I hired him then he went to Capcom where we thought that would be hed be til the end of time because hes such a huge res evil and Mega Man fan and now hes at Sony working in their communication or online stuff right yeah yeah oh and by the way better plague this co-op maybe Chris shouldnt be in whose face was that you been throwing it yeah that was me yeah cuz Alex was talking some smack yeah yeah this was also the beginning of excuse me Chris his character just felt off like his hes a drunk here and hes just a belligerent and mean yeah and I never got that impression about him in any of the other games but maybe theyre telling a broader story with him because like in the trailer for eight you could see he came in and just stole stone-cold murdered somebody no Pierce dibbens yeah but I once the last time you guys did a co-op game on oh I guess we did the castle crashers co-op when we were back oh thats good it was it was back in the old days that can be a little busy in the office it was fun the old world Reiner Reiner called us in been and Id to it to a call this week it was like hey so Alex you did so bad at skate last week that I think we need a partner for you to actually play the game thats like I cant fight that understandable the proof center so thats why we get to watch that conversation didnt happen but I back it fully I wish I would have had that chat we hope youre having a good day and at the end of the week let us know your favorite Resident Evil game yeah yeah talk to us hey yeah do you guys have a favorite aria game is it for theres so many good ones the classics are so good the remakes of the classics are so good re for is just kind of the one that stands out is its transformative though in terms of taking something that was great and just blowing it away right like that that one just made the series so much better mm-hm so I would say yeah four is probably the best but man the first is such a classic yeah sadly they didnt they did they took they did amazing things before and then they never replicated it right cuz like the lessons they took with five and six I think they took the wrong lessons and went the wrong with yeah for me all that for setup yeah I so Ive actually only beat five its the only its the only Resident Evil game Ive ever been because my buddy and I my buddy and I were up at his cabin when it came out at first and we rented it from whatever local video store was up there and it was raining for like two days straight so we just sat down and eat it were all and we look at each other like that happen thats the thing we did together its like yeah I did it was I as someone who had no real experience with the series at the time I was like that was fun it was a good co-op experience it was kind of and fear 3 was kind of in that same category and my same buddy and I played through that and were like this was this was a fun way to spend a weekend and then just kind of moved on for three or four pretty tough for three years mMmmm okay here we go were getting Michael Bay s canal right yeah I hit the QuickTime event lets see if it if he actually goes down the ladder have you gone down the ladder you hit or the rope oh do we have to do it together maybe there we go yeah I was like youre nervous like first time doing it yeah but Ive assembled from from the the verbal thrashings Ive taken on both the podcast in this show Im starting to assemble a list of like the best games I have yet to play and re4 is is chief among those or up there I dont know itd be hard to beat it what else is on your list Chrono Trigger yeah actually played that yeah I never that wasnt me to the door odd Z says shut up fair its a fair comment its breaking so but then Final Fantasy 6 Ill have to check you for Metroid Super Metroid Ive beaten to the bosses now and Im really really enjoying that game I just got the look at this well as upgrade I got the purple suit oh hes having a bad day thats what its called yeah was like oh its a gravity suit Oh purple stuff Sunny D yeah oh yeah Michael Bay I mean Michael Bays one thing but it was also kind of a reaction to call of duty which was huge yeah cause I just like peak back when this came out so we definitely were inspired by that the juggernaut that it was because this came out 2012 so that would have been what like black ops 2 all right lets the one thing I will say is I do like how it went from the intimacy of a house in a secret location to you know being a city that got covered up like you know Raccoon City very quickly mmm to just global chaos like you know full-on military just the vision of that of this outbreak really kind of taking over this virus taking over are you okay I he got back up okay good yeah yeah its just just how it escalated its pretty cool mm-hmm but yeah it definitely changed the vibe I dont mind the coop I liked five a lot of civilians yeah just a different vibe its like I dont know horror games in coop or just a different breed its harder to do the same thing which is fine and like if youre in the mood for that thing great but sometimes when I want a horror game I just wanted like isolated singleplayer thing oh thats good Wow are you sure Oh hold on hold on hes still its still bleeding out oh man no pumping yeah hes good oh and hes just unloading on me we dealt with back in the DoDEA there we go I also feel like - its copy that jump over this table yeah I feel like with horror - its like if you do co-op you have that buddy to like feel like are you okay or like bounce those like that tension off of so it cuts it a little bit which Im all for because I am a little baby boy oh no yeah thats not good yeah it is not good yep okay oh can I look around no Im just stuck looking at the helicopter I really want to emphasize that thats now scorch really likes this game on twitch so I think there are people who enjoy this game right there there are Tim Therese the world needs some more Tim Terrys I feel like its just if you get in the right mindset you know when you watch like a fad room you have a good time with it yeah mm-hmm thats kind of what this is its just kind of like a bad movie yeah Dom a stupid action game yeah I like that and I understand why it was so uh whats the word Im looking for not loved by the fanbase thats not the right word but you know I was looking to be a little bit more more savvy in my words but you know what what can you do can the chatter bad with games and your better words how did I get hired whats happening I guess thats why Im a video guy right it was solely on your looks oh well thank you those moths that technology attention to detail looks like you let me handle that one been really oh I didnt see you shooting I know I was doing is like is like the stuff that drops is it oh hello is it shared yeah Ill let you handle this one it looks like coming in to save the day Chris Redfield here so you guys like high-five or anything I dont think so they dont so hey Mary that is always nice ring you like high-five each other or something I can give you this can change my weapon that cant shoot you well Ill have to high-five in real life one day shes like a second I said high-five mm-hm I thought of army of two hmm that fits that game like playing air guitar and stuff like that yeah she wanted to do a bullet five here no well its like smash under each other yeah lets try it thats right I want that hmm grant I remember spending way too much time one day like trying to throw baseballs at my friends in high school and trying to like we both had baseballs and trying to fill them and hit the baseballs yeah does it make sense yeah in midair it actually says a lot about you today Ben I spent a long time because there was we kept hitting my head with the baseball thats where I was going yeah yeah yeah oh oh hello friends here oh your head it definitely feels like this one is not concerned with like saving bullets like the remakes were that Ive that Ive played yeah its like more Christmas campaign was like the super action anyone and theyre all kind of theyll get that action yeah I hit that guy and like a glass shattered somewhere so I dont know if I think it was the game like the king there was like a piece of glass why I dont know what happened because it looked like mostly metal Italy get with you maybe it was on the table I dont know oh they have like these like ceramic masks oh okay got it yeah okay and just some some data on this came out PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 on it over 2012 which Gs already eight years ago and then Nintendo switch last year October 29th yeah thats so weird Oh PlayStation 4 and Xbox in 2016 March 29th so you could play this thing everywhere if you like it yeah whats in this box so wait so yeah if you break it pick up that ammo or did you already I got wet it was in there for me oh cool so we both can get it thats thats very thoughtful I like games that do that and some reviews here are you ready I was born ready to Destructoid 3 out of 10 Oh edge six out of 10 Eurogamer Eurogamer echos that commits who loved it they gave it a 39 out of 40 okay Game Informer which we already said eight point seven five out of ten gamespot despised it 4.5 out of 10 Wow GamesRadar looks like three and a half stars out of five GameTrailers 8.8 giantbomb two out of five IGN seven point nine out of ten flow XM o eight out of ten so all over the place right very polarizing in terms of reception ooh yikes gross the body morphing stuff it always creeps me out I mean I know a lot of people but like you know a lot of yeah thats why I got out of that scene not for me man four point five I feel like thats borderline unplayable yeah that feels a little too low cuz like technically this is confident I can still play this bad yeah you can smile intermittently oh so far its not too bad its bonkers thats for sure it is yeah its popcorn action as as mr. Reeves so eloquently said come on there we go just go down having fun over there there we go we have Travis Wayne on twitch saying the ps4 port fix most of the tech problems I happen oh yeah I still cologne over on periscope gave it a heart thanks for the heart yeah oh no sucker okay we got a fun tip coming in from Andrew on periscope okay HQ to make the game more enjoyable while aiming move in any direction impress a god good tip thanks Angela from periscope I think thats the only way Im gonna play now Oh shouldnt have done that right here no this is a bad idea were or it was a great idea oh no he is hes transforming in front of my eyes what game was transformed into something like nice yeah something cool like like Animorphs or something like that you know giant Firefly that is what we kind of terrifying Oh Mothra yeah nice shot man thanks there we go hes not dead nope no I get down Im gonna pop out I dont know how I feel about like the the automatic cover mechanic in this roof I dont like it yeah as you pop out of cover and die yeah well thats I have to play this game not like this always rolling hes not moving up very quickly is he there you go all right here we go Music hey holding up over there where are you okay ah theres things back here yeah you dont seem nearly concerned enough about smashing these box yeah I do not I see Im thats why youre on this with me Im here to learn from you you are the resident evil master of Game Informer thats why it deserves more than a four boxes you can smash yeah competently so Ken Odie is asking hey Game Informer any chance of showing off onslaught multiplayer mode it was great fun but people overlooked it it was like Tetris do combos to send more of your opponent or yeah just send order your opponent to try and survive it sounds cool hey you found one hey I saw that any other room I never shot it though should have done that oh well uh is he asking about like today like here were gonna show that off yeah I dont know if we can I dont know if these servers are still alive all right youre on PC yeah well Im fussen well we could try it at the end see if it works or not yeah we got another tip coming okay our viewership is cued in I mean everything rez evil six they know how to play it this comes from BTS Dallas if you get hurt and fall back press a to recover quickly okay oh that was uncalled for what I just did okay I like that you know another positive a Tim very positive I like that Bens health is down a little bit and I see that his his name bar change from green to yellow so now I know how to be concerned about him if I oh yeah thats interesting look at this 4.5 get that out of here yeah teamwork makes the dream work baby oh all right well was not supposed to open that door apparently yeah I bet if I roll around enough he wont be able to find me before hes looking directly at me there we go uh-oh Ben if youre around no trouble all I am about to die now we got them taking care of business I like it all right why not have any health press great offer okay oh I see it yeah I was gonna say I was looking for I didnt have any like plants or anything herbs plant herbs I corrected it herbs looks like we got a little bit of spam in our chat okay uh-huh lets see BAM so tasty you fry it up on a skillet hmm youre right I actually do love isnt musubi you ever have that no Im so good you put some like rice and its kind of like a sandwich to spam and rice and seaweed sounds like the weirdest thing probably but its really good Oh adesh for you yeah it was alright God hand - hopefully yeah I dont know if thatll ever happened Erick God Hank cuz wasnt that wasnt God hand the one where you guys like lost the savefile yeah yes and we had better fight for it I remember watching that enjoyed also I think I accidentally restream chat will well be back in a second accidently put restream chat and timeout so stand by well done yeah no people could still comment its just like people wont wont see it in YouTube for a second itll be back though what did we stream do oh well just famine too much I needed to it needed to let it know so I put it in a timeout it was talking about your mom then oh wow we cant have that yeah herbs a timeout yeah ah heres a plant uh-oh sounds like youre having a fun time up there simple know how the plant became the staple here you have the spray you got med kit but they kept the plant no but herb oh oh oh no ah thats right Im your leak okay there we go hey button nope okay all right you can get down now nope I wish it would heal a little bit more than just like a block at a time but you know beggars cant be choosers I suppose yeah hows it feel guys it feels okay feels a little loose to me ya know whats your impression Alex it feels like it almost feels like a little looser version of when we played Lost Planet no it just doesnt it feels a little floaty and its not as tight as as twenty20 standards would the would call for but I wonder if they had the same lead tester that kept giving the same feedback like loosen this up a little its too tight yeah they kill zombies too quickly oh no gotcha dont draw me past France oh they do love the courts town without saying did you just say I guess my muscle memory saved room what does that mean like youve fallen so much that you just automatically know how to save it apparently then I think youre supposed to be like can you shoot people right now is that an option do I need your people yeah Im getting my my butt shot right now are you okay where are they I this guys right in front of me just a bit oh now not anymore oh I am not having a good time this ledge here hey guys stop that please its my buddy Oh mr. 12 san the GI office will look like a horror movie when they return covered in spider webs flickering flickering fluorescent lights debris everywhere Ive actually gone in a few times I think a lot of us have been going in every once a while mm-hmm weve just been social distancing and all that yeah Ive been going in to smash all the lights and debris on the floor i-ive actually been going in to make friends with the spider too so like when we come back and they establish their dominance snake and you could breathe Oh God uh-huh youre saying yeah with my pet fighters it was a prank you set up and then you just forgot about it yeah whoopee cushion full of spiders on your desk chair Oh God oh that would actually be nightmare inducing you look down at your chair and theres claw no thank you moving on next topic Austin Taylor hits the nail on the head just barely looks like an REU game I think thats what a lot of people thought right just straight out of gates its like what this is not the series I know unloved yeah like theres not like a ton of impact either so it I dont know it just doesnt feel like youre getting shot up really well maybe thats just me but lets combine these Oh No oh boy Oh a button if Im able to get to where you are at this point and I cant my gun is not firing become automated weapon ready weapon its filling a meter its filling a meter think Im gonna die though I think its your death meter yeah like I think this is game over for me no nope I just got right back up oh sweet and like my dude here is just I think hes glitch I dont know whats going on oh no now hes moving alright Laughter what a goofy game ah I can fly what spoilers never got there yet oh wait this someone shooting me from behind now - what is happening cats and dogs living together alright here we go back in it now notice were gonna separate us feeling vulnerable lets go over there yeah yeah I just think Im cleared out over here okay I thought youre asking me oh look well Ryder how are you doing oh okay in my comic room by myself movie you got okay yeah now more so than watching us play Resident Evil got some a bone comic book I could crack open here there you go well bone yeah up here they come okay found these boxes finally kicking over boxes Ben oh no wrong time I think I got it I think you got him yeah I think think you took care of that for me our spammer is back hes a serial spammer okay alright come on see punishable by three years in jail I did so I I put you in timeout Ill Ill put you in timeout one more time but if you keep spamming all Ill kick you sorry you know but give us give us a good question to answer online on live still putting you in timeout but you have a good question we we gave you a green herb yes thats all you get thats just the one just the one I think I came down here this way a lot Im coming Ben come to me Alex now follow the sound of my voice ah yeah a lot of people talking about res evil seven how that went back to the isolation of being in a house again mmm-hmm kind of rebooted it in a very different way with going first person and having it be more about a man just loaded with tension and jump stairs and just have more of like those kind of fear like Lucinda genic jump scares yeah then just kind of smashed in through a window but yeah I liked where they went with it Im eager to see what village does thats the next century yeah ruv well I I basically makes Roman numeral eight thats very clever Im excited that trailer when it ended with the werewolves like I cant wait yeah because what is so thats a cuz I know theres some fans who may not love the term their turn with werewolves but like what is Resident Evil to you guys like is it is it the zombie style but or is it like as long as it maintains that like tense atmosphere and and you know and scares and stuff like that are you okay with werewolves Ive always yeah I guess I was think about that - youre like Ive always thought of it as a zombie series but really like theres so many games where zombies arent the focus you know its kind of just a monster yeah lets go something solidly zombie in the beginning I just think of it as a zombie game series lets yeah lets go deep into the the lore though its about all turning alternating genetics using different creatures to create new human hybrids and stuff like that trying to make you know the ultimate human basically and it makes sense for him to try something like a werewolf right yeah yeah I mean Im totally into it Im not against like werewolves but I also like it when they stick it on hes in there as well when theres good zombie base yeah yeah and as someone who is you whos not married to zombies and stuff like that I was definitely Im curious to see what they they can do with that like gothic kind of interesting setting so dont marry a zombie Alex eyeshadow thank all I can thank you oh okay I hope I can help I can oh look at that inject some positivity here all right good all right we got it yeah we got it yeah so its telling us to go here but I dont see yeah nothings happening I read oh we had to praise each other so much did to get the get it going us all right lets make good use of these barrels here oh oh man yeah that worked well you get real close to that work my ass jeez and its just melting more Oh No all right it was good uppercut not that likely how they turn to ash like and wait yeah the vampires and bleed yeah hmm whoa boom bang bang I got like three of them I think hes having a bad day the other weird thing about this game is like whats the time you dont really even need cover yeah that cover system yeah its like trying to force me into it but its ah well good you sit there where are you Im on the left side of the building Oh giving me the oh I dont know Im in the chest do you thought more positive affirmation would help but it just did did not do it so goofy to because whatever deaf innovation that they programmed for that did not work its not sure what was going on it looked like he likes stabbed you with an axe on them your side okay so now we know save the red barrels for when when the big guys come in or shoot them now thats fine too yeah I know alright lets say I gotta break his a mask Oh God to close that red barrel cant secrets no its endless it really feels like it I am having fun with it though I will say is it fun just because you guys are co-op you know like theres co-op done fairly well can always enhancing experience right like your laughing together or youre having fun yeah Im just laughing by myself - that works - lets see the problem we ran into last night only there was a surplus of things on the ground I could pick up oh there are weve got some comic chat because theres comics behind me this comes from gnarl evil like you know our little did you check out Batman the smile killer that released this week yes I picked it up I have not read it yet after Im done with this stream and work Im gonna read avengers Empire thats the next big Marvel epic the first our issue zero that came out and then Im gonna dive into that Joker comic and Batman I think 89 or whatever the new Joker story starts there as well Joker for really Empire it was alright interesting set up here see where they go whos a peril dude dont worry about it dont worry about it I wanted to give them a fighting chance in this case and we did so whats coming up there was a Boston tailor asks runner have you steadily been into comics have fallen in and out I have not pretty much not missed a Wednesday worth of comics thats when all new comics come out since I was like I dont know 9 years old oh wow yes Id go to e3 and stuff like that but I had a full box and all that stuff so yeah yeah I have not skipped a beat except when the pandemic if there was no comics and it felt life felt really hollow and weird for for a while there been is this NPC glitch for you he literally spent his whole clip just shooting at the wall yeah no hes freaking out it was wonderful maybe hes he uses bullets to spell a naughty word like when we play Goldeneye I am NOT gonna go play no NPC glitch like that so Im taking Im gonna take some time off next week which Im excited about but I was Im gonna have like my stuff um like I have been reading comics when Ive been reading comics its usually been on like my iPad or my iPhone and I used to have an iPad for it but I got rid of it I was thinking about starting up the the Batman who laughs is that like a good did you guys like that one thats mostly Scott Snyder right yeah yes oh yeah I really like Snyders run on I was I was reading a little bit more religiously a long time ago when it was like death of the family and and gamer year yeah in court of owls so Ive been meaning to get back into it a little bit more the Commissioner Gordon stuff - I never thats I I kind of stopped that end game which I loved I dont know I dont know about you guys but I love that series so is there any any Batman stories host skater Schneider Kapoor oh that you guys would recommend the one thats going on right now and theyre introducing new villains has been I mean getting individual issues might be expensive because theyre startled be considered collectors items since they are first appearances mhm but its been really cool thats been I dont want to give away too much but a lot of villains together which is you know kind of Nightcrawler definitely whats his name the master planner stuff yeah thats thats what Im talking about yeah its a designer its a nice term planner history I think theres somebody rate is that a spider-man a villain I thats what they made me get for middle school yeah I did pick up the Joker 80th anniversary story with one from Gary Whitta who wrote rogue one and Greg Miller play I play of the division 2 with Gary Whitta and then no some nobody named Greg Miller oh yeah whos he hed wrecked Mad Max I think he went and saw Mad Max ah I see its one of those guys yeah was that was that cuz it was just like a one-off right it was like its like anthology stories about Joker yeah so theyre doing 80th anniversary for everybody this week Green Lanterns came out and its just like just throw away stories nothing against you know people just writing these kind of short one offs but mm-hmm its expensive you know you get like eight or nine stories and of in one comic for I dont remember what it is $7.99 $8.99 stuff like that but mm-hmm I dont know I like main continuity building stuff and its hard to tell what is where theyre at in the timeline and all that stuff and just give me my normal books where am i Im obviously not supposed to be where I am right now Ben Im sorry I hate hold on in life and light well thats a conversation I dont know if Im ready to have on-air lets do it lay down on the couch wait lets see how did it heres the hard for everybody yeah thats how would you like to be a counselor right now though oh my oh yeah because if its like hard I dont know how to help you but yeah cuz its like its hard to feign positivity when youre like struggling with the same things I feel like yeah but you could be given advice to help people at that point thats true like yeah more than ever like but Ben youre totally right its probably like one after another more people one thats their guy I think you need help like totally go get it and I do didnt help but if youve ended your job Im sure its super stressful yeah definitely also Im Informers hold on Game Informers Geoff back Ravech says can we just play skate to again thats what I was gonna say yeah oh god oh look here god nightmare she will maddening getting copper no I would so I would just be like take me I just want to die like absolutely behind the spiders Oh God yeah Im working on my tolerance for them oh I hate those creepy crawlies so much that is Im not a spider guy man Oh yikes all right that things cool if you like terrifying garbage Im snakes totally fine but spiders man they just they always wig me out is that a spider is it more like a lady centipedes yeah its an every really gross - yeah the the more legs you have those creepier you are and the scarier you need to have two or four legs thats it no more the amount of legs the person or a thing should have D it doesnt bother me how many legs its how glossy the legs are like this creature see its like the skin it almost looks like theyve been glazed you dont I mean like getting ready for the oven yeah like the theyre inside out yeah and like I this is you know Im a hairy guy Im a fuzzy guy but just that the hairy the hairiness of like tarantulas and stuff like that like it just freaks me out I was getting to it I was getting to pulling it back around these noises are gross you dont like mermaids then Im assuming Rainer cysts are so shiny hey youre great a little different yeah mermaids dont look like theyve been glazed for the oven look at those our scales kind of beautiful but if you can it put barbecue sauce on there you know fins then its like look like theyre covered in barbecue sauce of the elusive barbecue mermen stop this thing out the upstairs yeah are we doing stomping spiders oh good so if yall put me back down to the first floor I stopped being able to pick up ammo for some reason how you like not because Im full oh wait I have a lot of open spots so hopefully I dont run I am oh yeah hey rubes talk about the different campaigns we have Travis Williams and Chriss is action-heavy leons and ADAs are different go into that yeah Leons is a little bit more slow-paced a little bit more moody lets say okay but I think it gets actually at the end anyway it feels like Leons is like what they consider the main campaign okay that means anything Avas is one that you unlock at the e once you play all the other ones mouth like a single-player campaign Im cool but it has like a little bit more puzzles and stuff classic are Eve an intro signed-in keys and semolina whos with still this engine and light gameplay yeah okay figure out it there we go how do I get back down oh if you hit the right bumper left bumper they kind of show you where to go ah look at that look at that the more you know its a mutant power this is a weird baggage you cant pick anything up how dumb well hopefully you can press a button because thats what I need you to do right now not getting a prompt Oh No can you murder yourself I get it dude oh no no and I get it your name I dont think I can okay I did get out of it can you like initiate it hold on yeah but that didnt hurt me it didnt hurt yall know what about I mean we can duck out and maybe show a different campaign okay oh I hit you oh well can you throw grenades at him Oh a night I dont have the prompt to a breast of course not you cant tap me on the shoulder and say but its gonna be okay okay you know what thats for you Grisi Im immune alright hello oh youre totally ghosting like youre just no longer in this world nope yeah youre Patrick Swayze oh man alright whats weird is I could still kill enemies Im still hurting youve entered the god tier lets see or should we restart from last checkpoint or do you want to go into another campaign okay yeah lets look at Leons okay cool if we dont have eight us right no all right basically have one twice I do oh well theres Jakes campaign whoo how could you forget Weskers son all right lets see here his campaign is probably the weakest but yeah Chad does chat woah yeah particular yeah Leon okay well when El Presidente speaks I mean I mean get rid of Jake just delete that yeah Ill call up Capcom all right leo private wheres playing for fun we have a message from Shelly M that says I want to play this game it looks cool Oh in hi Andrew Joey hello he said hi Andrew well I just wanted a and and just assumed it was for me I said yeah I like Jakes campaign its got a great ending mm-hmm Alex that didnt work hes ended finish Oh Ben you are just slow on hitting that is that what the problem is Music so Jake is Weskers son what happened to him after this game like Wesker like hes a big like one of the main guys he found yeah well they kill him in five the end of five Erik punch him into a volcano yeah hes fine I guess but also was it was at the end of five he had to like push a boulder onto him together the thumbs up from like Terminator ha were just pushing a boulder you were like punching it Chris was like physically punching it which is the best and then you hit him with the dual rocket launchers right yeah that could be why hes so angry in this he had to punch a boulder yeah mention his fist hurts he probably has so many broken bones every finger is broken and set and fused together into a fist Oh God mr. president I mean yeah okay how long have you been around missed you absolutely know that he is a spaz aam be at this point thats a good point like what are they waiting like for him to stop and oh sorry I was just kidding hes like oh its the first person ever to just snap out of being a zombie yeah it doesnt matter who it is you just take them down I did this what do you how about did you bite him yeah shes got the virus yeah telex Cathedral Ill explain everything there agent Kennedy how do you know my name were dating yes we have three children together again look I hate to rush introductions but I need a report on your situation we just shot the president Eddie here I just shot the president or did you write this one else yeah I did actually this is my first entry big game writing I talked about an area I need to be more eloquent with my words and this was my first attempt like Ill just write a Resident Evil script thats the thinnest most elegant way yeah does feel weird anytime they say virus you just start thinking about the real world now dont you know but now I am sorry bud its still here yeah its not going away anytime soon is it no Florida is bubbling Florida I just had 9,000 positive cases yesterday yeah stay safe folks move yeah we beat our previous records is this considered wave to you no its still wave one the DLCs coming later for ghovat oh no great Oh No yeah man thats heres the thing you cannot find a single episode of replay outside you just cant find it so like why would you go there right now you want sure you stay and you watch watch replay all day yeah we great yeah weve made it so you cant even watch it on your phone if you go outside theres a block there our digital team is is the best well we werent able to do technology but we do send someone to go break it oh I see yeah yeah his names Johnny squirtle willow replay hashtag replay all day lets do it oh we are recording another episode right after this one for next week because alex is gonna be out yeah being a lazy bum hopefully yeah yeah man I Im looking forward to it looking uh gonna go hiking in the Black Hills logo look at that painting Oh behind you look at that painting again its a Benjamin Franklin no no thats van helsing ah our president zero nobody knows that mm-hmm of the United States who is van Helsing yep English you took out Dracula here so we just made him honoree thats why hes not number one I guess if you think about it all of our founding fathers were kind of like English before they founded the country right does that count yeah would they because they were colonial citizens this is where there was it sounds about right and then they just like once they sign that the country was a country theyre like now were American I hope yeah history men also this looks like it would have been a fun party isnt it weird that they wrote it in that you have to be born in America to be President one of the survivors yeah after it was a bunch of people who werent from America and the starting to start yeah well I assume they were all born Im kind of a still yeah you can kiss your freedom goodbye I know scorch says Dorian Gray you mean the real president zero he was president zero zero James Bond was president zero zero seven ah lets go well done you can edit that out there yeah everyone forget about it in a wrapping right what I got minute here so wait he said Leon said I cant believe its happening again its just like raccoon is he just forgetting his experience in re for just like black that out yeah hmm I mean I guess I would do if I went through this horrific of stuff those were like these are more zombies that hes fighting right so maybe considers this closer to res evil uncle one or two I should say then risen before mm-hm and its more like centralized within a city right okay ladies first Andrew says I liked your joke Reiner and no I did not type that myself you guys see my hands shoot him hes gone wild hes feral the re4 wasnt a virus outbreak mmm chat is putting me in my place appreciate that was headcrabs right basically basically a half-life incident the true black mesa thats how Co vids past remove your hand well hes wearing a mask Im gonna learn anything and then Leon just like rubs his face with the same hand hunter have they made masks that look like face huggers they have to have ratemaking someone has to have yeah yes somethings done if not we we have a project for next week we definitely got to get on that yeah we can believe when you breathe in and out you can have it like you know like pulsating like it does in the movie like when its passing the eggs in you just do it right and it looked that like special effect is very convincing - mm-hmm for the those made in the seventies right yeah great after Star Wars yeah yeah Im sure Im sure Disney would allow us to patent that right front from under them theyre pretty they own alien now yeah cuz it was part of the the Century Fox yeah which ran I dont do anything theyve said that theyre not abandoning their r-rated properties what that looks like I guess we still have no concept of cuz everyone was focused on like Disney Plus and Avengers and stuff but I well guys I have a scoop here ooh exclusive for replay okay you listen to champions aliens coming to MCU phase 5 all right whod you hear that already after brood but they can incorporate the brooder basically just aliens basically just a xenomorph snow they really are just more legs yeah they were just like we want to put aliens we just love movie alien and we want that yeah they had like two tails right and so on and they were Brown yeah they were Brown thats the big thing mmm okay I gotta go up so did you ever read Superman versus aliens yeah and I read Batman versus Predator I think first which I thought was really cool when I was in high school mmm I had that tape it was funny cuz Superman vs Superman vs the aliens he was just kind of amused by him he didnt really know what to expect from him and he got a face hugger on him yeah you know so it did the whole thing of laying its eggs in Superman which is a weird sentence but it happened and then like the the chest burster tried to get out of him but it couldnt he couldnt penetrate his skin so it just kind of made but his skin stretch a little then he like he barked it up or pooped it out or something I dont know amazing I dont know what thats exactly one where like the face hugger like infected a alligator or something and there was a crazy alligator monster might have been yeah I remember that looking so cool it was a Batman versus alien I think at one point there was Batman versus Predator they did a couple of those and I think three of those yeah yeah the first series ended with him having some of the coolest Batman having some of the coolest armor ever to take over cuz he got he got beat up pretty hardcore hes the first time they find hes like Im gonna go make up crazy bats ooh thanks yeah so hes made a suit to take on the Prairie coolest Batman armor ever Id say one of them I could just go dig these comics out and show you guys I was gonna say we probably have them just like right away from do you guys the first one where do you have the eye do you have a comic room roofs or do you have a spot new stories I do yeah its not as big as writers collection Ive kind of gotten rid of some of my comics over the years and now a lot of them are digital at this point but yeah I have a room full of gotcha its kind of a pain to move every time you move youre like man all these comic books and she just pare back yeah but then you save like the more rare ones you have yeah cool yeah the ones that are special to me have a pretty good run of Deadpool like theyre really old from the original run which I think its gonna be worth some money now yeah I have the first appearance of Gwen Stacy guys whoa bang bang bang no shes seen better it is you got her Ben get out of that paint we were having a paintball party and I lost lets see stars and on the ground I am an Oni gray I will say I am happy we started with with Chris because this is youre right this is much slower Starbucks it havent been since the pandemic started mm-hmm little brugers bagels there yeah were DC burgers bagels there was bad yeah going back to the uncurious going back to the alien conversation do you just want any more from that because I feel like were at that point where were almost having more bad than good in that series Prometheus started something interesting and then abandoned it right like they tried to expand the size of the universe they had that giant alien show neo theres other life yeah but then they just narrowed it right back into like theres a face hugger you know the egg and then the queen and the the standard xenomorph and its like weve done that so much I want to explain go further into the university other things mm-hmm there was yeah like and when I look at how I look at bear with me for a second how I look at like Prometheus and alien covenant versus and then like is how I kind of look at like Batman versus Superman versus Justice League in that I respect that like BVS and and Prometheus were at least trying to do something new and different whether they nailed it or not to be decided or you know we can argue that but like then the next two just felt like oh the problem was we didnt have alien in Prometheus so lets put more alien in it and its like now that wasnt the issue we just wanted you to flush flush out those ideas you know and then just just felt shallow so yeah I agree Id love to see more good stuff oh yeah youre right that we definitely more bad than good at this point yeah cuz I mean its really just alien and aliens and I like Prometheus more than others I think but those are that I mean but also you know thats one of the greatest action movies of all time and one of the best horror movies of all time yeah I would like maybe in an invasion movie full-on alien you know taking aliens takin over like the world that could be crazy yeah but just that the whole isolation thing theyve done it so well already like yet they just keep trying to bang that drum over and over and its just not working ken Kennedy says sadly well never get the alien Blade Runner story was there was there is that a thing was that a thing elaborate further Kennedy were they gonna do a crossover was there was it a thing where huh I mean yeah you guys got that problems here yeah hey shooter I think I got her in the arm yeah shes a redshirt shes down yeah maybe was it Ken OD Im curious to hear what what you were thinking but was there maybe there was like a company that the two was in both the universes I feel like I maybe remember sound familiar actually they were both Ridley Scott werent there yeah huh so that would make sense Darth Mike on YouTube says weyland-yutani was in Blade Runner I think ah thats cool yeah yeah doesnt seem universe I dont know if theyd ever try to do a movie yeah I dont know if I want that but thats interesting why not just link it together I mean so replicants are kind of like they enjoyed in yeah yeah pretty cool or they just random cheap way to make a box set yeah but gentlemen playing over an hour here oh we have our six times yeah is when your Yahoo often happens this is a pretty good luck yeah I had a good time I I had fun i oh it was good I think thats a great time by the end of them yeah well thank you all again for watching Game Informers replay we have new episodes every Friday at 2 p.m. sometimes live sometimes pre-recorded will let you know beforehand next weeks will be pre-recorded but hopefully well see you then and well be back live in 14 days well see you then ah be good be good browse steam games by price Powered by Restream Join Andrew Reiner, Ben Reeves, and Alex Stadnik as they take on the action-packed zombie mayhem of Resident Evil 6. how to link my steam account to epic games how to see when you bought games on steam can u play steam games on chromebook chinese steamed bass vr steam porn games