Classic Game Room - RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS review for PC

Steam december free gamesautumn steam sale RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS No Oh No resident evil revelation welcome to classy game room have you ever dreamed about being a pretty girl in tight pants who fights zombies well if so then youre gonna love this game its Resident Evil Revelations Resident Evil Revelations now stop looking at Jills but youre busted we all know youre doing it you can almost hear her say why is Capcom keep putting me in the tightest clothes possible it says if they know their audience now its time to shoot some creepy things Resident Evil Revelations is pretty much more of the same what you would expect from the Resident Evil series except I think it has more of an old-school style dating back to the earlier games with the over-the-shoulder camera perspective that weve all come to know and love by now should I press the obviously bad button by the creepy fountain fill filled with fish like what did you think was gonna happen oh Ive been teleported away magically with rainbows finally quieted down but wait theres more you also get to play as other characters lots of characters in fact as you confront Veltro an evil terrorist organization with a name that sounds like a pizza joint near me do they deliver well theyre kind of stupid actually I guess theyre trying to unleash biological weapons or monsters on the world and it backfires on them and then you have to mop up the mess and its you know its Resident Evil this is what I found from the security feeds thats a freighter painting is this belt rule Veltro oh look theres monsters this was originally released on the Nintendo 3ds in 2012 this is the pc version im playing it with the xbox360 controller for Windows and I like it better than the 3ds version because its simply easier to control it plays more like a real game for lack of a better way to describe that the 3ds version was cool because Resident Evil Revelations made good use of the 3d effect on the 3ds so credit where credit is due it was a cool 3d game but this one plays more like your basic Resident Evil action game since Resident Evil 4 is it a horror game because I found myself laughing most of the time even though Im on a creepy boat Im not afraid of zombies I just need something to shoot so bring on the zombies and monsters and whatever the hell these things are as you can see Resident Evil Revelations looks good and the surround sound is excellent in fact the sound design is very good the audio engineers deserve some credit for this one because the creepy sound effects do help its atmospheric even if the game isnt all that scary I mean how can it be look how good you look in those pants like nothing should terrify you because shes probably starving to death I just I just want to fight these zombies get off the boat and go home and eat a double whopper with cheese please please Im so hungry in addition to fighting some weird-ass monsters youre going to spend a lot of time searching these environments for items and weapon upgrades its like Bioshock but not at all kind of sort of item found oh please please let it be a candy bar ah shotgun shells well I dont need these I mean I kind of do but Id prefer a candy bar now one of the main reasons to play through the campaign in addition to the Resident Evil storyline is to unlock new characters and environments for the raid mode where you play through the levels as pretty much whoever or whatever you choose and get a rating level up and its pretty fun actually you can also play cooperatively with some friends if you have any that arent monsters now during the campaign you may have noticed I was scanning things a lot thats how you find items and you can also pick up some health that way and health is health is kind of important in this game especially when those things start eating your face yeah good creature design this one though I like it if you cant have a chainsaw on your army may as well have a table saw I cant think of any reason to not play this game if youre a fan of this series you get a bit of a plot twist in there and in the end I felt like it was Resident Evil meets Bioshock meets Tomb Raider you can find this for Xbox 360 Playstation 3 and this is the PC version its Resident Evil Revelations you steam best zombie games Resident Evil Revelations review. Shop CGR shirts & hats! Classic Game Room reviews RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS for PC which can be downloaded from Steam, also available for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 PS3, WiiU and Nintendo 3DS. surgery games steam duck game steam deck steam deck sd card how to show hidden games in steam library where was the steam engine invented