Resident Evil Revelations | Lets Play en Español | Capitulo 1

High ping steam gamescan you buy games on steam mobile RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS gameplay very good to all people how are you welcome to a new adventure that begins today here on my channel richard of 979 petaco as you can see in the title resident evil revelations well the game that has come out today may 24 here in spain in the usa i think It has already been on sale for a few days, the date had already been brought forward saga resident evil Many of you by comments private messages have always asked me said you smoke you know you grab and in resident evil I play even some resident evil I think anyone who wears some years playing I think that at some point in your life you have tried resident evil a huge saga saga that has gone through a number of systems for a number of generations and of course I played resident evil in the times of growing up one remembers playing receives the 2 and the 3 nemesis 1 when I tried it was in English and I used English 0 on gamecube I remember playing 0 on 4 and the one that at the moment has been the one with which I have had the most fun o and that I think its an incredible game that if the original or the remake is received that I plan to bring the ex play here on channel 4 it solves a few small technical problems but with my blackjack especially they buy me in the club to play that game when they receive the original that I had a great time years ago when it came out in 21 and when the saga from 4 turned a little more towards action, the truth is that I lost track of it quite a lot, 5 leaves it halfway and 6 if I havent tried it for that for the same reason because the roll is in action the truth is that it does not attract me it does not attract me as much as it has a little more just bad a little more terror well and you will say why after this revelations flight first I am going to leave a couple of links to a couple of channels, friends, one Mr. Serpentine, who did as one, is that he wants metal to be good, is very interesting, and another of the current generation, that friends, as the lobes, come out testing, we will do it, greetings to them, it can be a couple of links so that you will not have it is so that you have several points of view and why I bring it because the beginning I did not plan to bring it at all but reading informing a little apparently this game tries to return a little to those roots of the Terror those roots of survival is from roots of having a little bad and I feel like it I feel like it and I hope that by sharing it with you we will have a fun time, that is, without further ado, lets go to van gogh translations parents are the first look laser blue blue I like it tutorial subtitles mangoes ok spanish 5 spanish spanish very well then we are going to start this review of resident evil revelations share the story mode the new game at full normal lets go there I hope we have a great time people l more and they havent been able to the mediterranean ye so what the wing thinks this thing is lucky to stay afloat we have nowhere to board it to be able to give a lot of play to one of their boats the rest does 94 minutes that jessica crisis disappeared from the cold and effort and the interpolation of their last positive coordinates in this boat looks very good look for cris appears it is a remake power like aunt to use a little of ours it does nothing it does nothing it just lets me sign up I dont like the way the bell sounds that basically sounds like a bell and inside I think I can fly dont come blown to the top youre going very to the top jean made us go ahead no this has been abandoned for a while damn go case chavez and today here the friend good meat rotten man what is not going to be that lollipop mine is on top sitting on top of knowing what guard appears as it was taken for granted that it is fish site we look at the area of ​​ the minimal homeland the mini map is travel but I feel that here she me too comrade and what happened here was not pleasant at all dirty __ that challenge I think we are not alone I would look at how it came up here it is welding highlighting or at the moment the controls do not allow me to do anything basically it only lets me aim and little else is worth the ammunition menu manual of the game to hunt a look at a kind of map and in 3d box of weapons there is a box of weapons it is very cool the model d king age lets go lets go lets go see these these children this is all this or the bad blood is good blood comes out of the ducts a little troll goes to the right since there is no electricity that is to say that we do not have promotion thanks and He for being such, yes sir, for explaining things too, that is, we dont have the hay, we can use it because we dont have electricity, that is, the sun could have risen from projectiles of dreams, he debated who marks a door for us that we cannot open this like the dining room __ your scare point uncle I __ on the __ that gave birth to it well it has a short circuit they dont have a short circuit it doesnt have a hole that the rats are combined that we go go see it around day here there is elect richness this door with a host kitchen has its face completely crushed is that because it is made of a hand that would undermine it declared without problems it is water every day and that yes and a weapon I am seeing something I think it is a clue well yes it is the one here now wait a second no no no no no girl youre not holding my hand there its clear that its not clicking the gun has something attached to it loose its time buddy from the party to the party Im transmitting you dont want to die our explained the disappearances and it doesnt look anything also where are you oh there were just new genes episode 1 direct to hell good looks good the ship is looking very good at the moment it looks very very good the boat uncle in this idyllic place on the Mediterranean coast was one of the largest structures on the planet it took 11 years to build the worlds first water city the floating city of land ran a sustainable metropolis powered by a massive solar energy matrix lar and equipped with the latest ecological technologies, solar energy had never been used to supply an entire city before, but in 2004 beltré, a terrorist group opposed to the advance of the city, launched a terrible biological attack, in addition to releasing a virus, they released some well-known creatures Like weapons, ten years have lost, one of the worst tragedies the world has ever witnessed happened. Dedicated to the fight against terrorism and who carried out her work outside the interests of any country, she came to supervise and help the fpc, seeing the need to take immediate and forceful measures, the supreme local base ordered to use the solar energy matrix, chaos and destruction that occurred were known as the terra grilla panic after these serious su Cesos the fdc announced that the terrorist group called beltrán had been dismantled now we are in the year 2005 and people are finally beginning to feel safe as you can see the store and it continues to be inaccessible as a silent and powerful symbol of the threat posed by bioterrorism history supposes for the population a shaman finally this work is not usually seen in these scrubs the doctor has recommended me to exercise I suppose you already know that the ff.aa counting the area however in recent weeks some have appeared how many suspicious corpses I would say that we establish the cart for voting anyone who knows what has happened that he was going to release certain compositions and that is precisely why I have sent the psa to investigate today and the new team has already sent you the It was called genesis, you havent even read the manual, right? I hope you know how to read fast because youre going to need it in this mission, it exists and its What I want is very big with the breeze and we already left the boat, man, we have it, it has a lot of play Genesis manual version 1.0 point 9 genes and in the name of a modern bio scanner that the world pharmaceutical consortium develops for testing emits radiation of 5 tron special on an objective to analyze it a biblical analysis even the smallest presence of the virus can be detected and analyzed manufacture of vaccines from version 104 it is possible to produce vaccines it is always from the data of medical analysis of detection from synchrotron is possible to detect certain data objects is going to and those mentioned the system interprets location of some object to set that has indicated the bottom left of the monitor will light up and as the crosshair that white reading completed with gels and requires a decent size sample to make an exact reading, well, they scan the corpses on the beach and send me the data atos look at large bullets they are rotten i get something from in here that i keep on station every time + 8 ok i hope its these very few masses be careful calm it s never the best but why and why do you have this need to put your hand in disgusting things girl but what is this if it is a mutation caused this I will do some tests you guys the friend from the boat had one stuck in his hand just like those so someone must be mutating and someone must be mutating has found these things worth more 15 investigator __ us moody said that we for exam it seems to me that what may happen of the day is said as I am going to live 1 green plant that my children God against you you are not going to move damn as it just happened it just exploded rather man a grenade against the extreme secondary weapon with which you use the weapon while you aim what a cool earth the fmf looks like someone has already jumped it I found this in a newspaper from last year the first article that talks about the boom openly well this bug continues to give ass if he is still committing that said disgusting to the pasta to join this as the first victim okay okay okay + 13 like Lets see, its okay for all tests, objects, host, cool, uncle, lets see if any test around here doesnt have any traces, good cake, well, we reached 65%, that is, there is still a chunk of the number of pieces missing, a piece of pieces, the man did not have 82, there is little left and there more samples of not being short turning the hair in the eye yes it is true that this portal has haired me for a month I have a pint of water reason that I have said here hungry for things that you are not good because already 82 percent have to there is something else around here it wont open I think shes stuck with something Im 87 we ve already looked at this 5 there will be some proof around here music where is she and is she involution to ammunition Im on this I put the __ power up these boxes I found said disgusting very well get your analysis level to reach 100% granting health recovery object the level of regeneration lists enemies of the same type I already have enough samples and enter meres as soon as possible together with Bryant, well, Im going now with Bryant, a piece of clothing, a little thing, how did I get in here, damn damn damn but I dont have I do nt have why I dont have grenades and notice its said dont die by shooting yourself in __ life mega land you want to die pizzas you ll have to give them in the mouth a credit to the man of dirty death the end of tranquility here that in days of complete work get me the samples that you are leaving I have but I am going to take the ammunition that before I could not take it dont __ me good work there is no doubt the corpses show signs of infection but surely it is not lonely that they have crossed the barrier of the fdc well we did what we could now we just have to wait the results of the center the center is the emergency line it s not me what if okay I ll take care of it Im going to have to hurry right now fine okay because were still on the case but whats up weve lost contact with these Before the bank thing we are not sure I have sent their last coordinates to our terminals of course the signal was lost in the ocean I thought they would be in the mountains after Beltráns trail but judging by their position they must wait on a ship I am going back to the base to direct the search operation 15 you will be my eyes will be potted previous best best game just like if i want to stay on the ship i want to stay on the ship in dark times about us ok perfect results saving content accuracy 100% s kills none that time of overcoming 649 we remember that as you save your progress frequently you can save we keep what next sup I say that now we will return to the ship 15 girlfriend 1820 do you think that crisis and that they have come across this and I hope not I have not said that chris is dead so we are going to look for him and that sound music a lock had been bought exactly it has been the purchase I find your film series wins here keep doing it Ill notify you on the radio look for Christ keep selling your hands there are stored in those areas it s great setting of the ship were like this like this out of ammunition because this door these things the stairs I know I can save restart exit change joke settings not everything keeps wherever you want cris lets go day is safe script I found here but its trapped back that has a crisis one with this lock we need the key well then we see the truth look for a key here as we see there are areas of stairs come that grass here green this is like this is this like this if one day we are going to do something that I didnt realize one thing maybe there is some a trace or something that will not remind me of this little gadget and that it will have to be used a lot, that is, there are no traces or anything preservation rule of 3 we are going to do one thing we are here ascending we are going to use it as it must be left in good condition that we took off the ratatouille the completed reading the object that the boy has, thanks, the completed reading and this is what I am going to do, this bug is that the Huesca people are worth an object to the fullest for him, he can carry more in the s, well, it doesnt seem like there is anything else around here No, nothing more, gentlemen and ladies, lets go here, it happens that it makes you pay attention all day to the little device from Santander, just in case, its so that you dont miss any time. annoyance of the driver they were not things around here and here neither is the condition to the roll that sounds the most that time what a bad sound that has while he was leaving he hit his head his head died And it ends, its a reality, you really are a real filthy thing, the ammunition is good, that good ammunition, well, you see, you always have to play with it with the device around here, surely there are a lot of things, times, objects, nothing, the command trolls, April, but there is nothing inside okay we are in another part where we cannot go before and a room is closed a mark of an anchor an ancient anchor like those famous keys in resident evil it is made of spades of I dont know what diamond heart is behind that door dont come through here second floor anchor Im going to put because if I dont go crazy what happens what happens I would say that the poor girl stops uncle because she picks me up I dont have it at all I dont even have any secondary weapon which for us and now valverde well what men scans or leaves and it takes longer and we take longer to reload and Im going to hit you where it hurts the most disgusting in love and man I found a survivor but the mice have made them sad and Im trying to find out, well, people, well, I think we can leave it here today, at this moment, stagnant, a kind of improvised laboratory, a laboratory that will be with a victim of these, these biological weapons, the truth is that it looks very good, it looks very interesting. This resident evil revelations looks very funny in the little that we have been playing, which is about 30 to 40 minutes. The truth is that it has that bustillo to the residue of old by old before what, as I said at the beginning, I was a little more focused on the terror the survival in comparison with the latter that are more focused on the action like resident evil 6 and regime 5 and that he believes is considered the moment very happy to bring you this first chapter of the resident evil revelations like in favor that you liked to leave in comments What do you think and Im going to comment Im going to continue recording because I want to continue the story of yale and kris thank you very much everyone like favorite scare and see you next greetings peace persona 4 golden steam deck Mi Twitter!! --- Video de Generacion Actual | Ep.0 Serie ---- Video de SrSerpiente | Analisis Demo ---- Historia ambientanda en 2005 que cuenta la llegada de Jill Valentine y su compañero Parker al barco Queen Zenobia...donde Chris Redfield y su compañera Jessica Sherawat desaparecieron en su interior. 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