Resident Evil Revelations PC Steam Version Unboxing Video HD720p

What games can you play on steam decksteam 3000 game profile RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS steam hello everyone and thanks for tuning in I just came home right now and today was a crazy day I was I passed very hard exam yes its this time of the month again and I am doing my accents right now and thats very hot accent and on the way back home I I encountered such a hard rain it was such a hard summer reign it in one second it was like very hot and very bright outside and in a five second tour in a few more seconds it was raining like crazy i got or wed thank God I got an umbrella with me because my god anyway thanks for tuning in today I also went to the shopping mall and checked out on some games and I picked up two off of the games i was looking forward getting them especially for the bc one of them is being the resident evil revelations version for the pc this is one awesome game there is a there is a steam demo available if youre not sure if this is good or not just go to your steam account and download the demo its free to play I played it I I totally liked it and Im big resident evils and last time I think I open up for you the the gold version of resident evil 5 I finger it stood right there and I picked this up today it was like lets let me see i think it was like 139 lay this is a Romanian currency I think this is equivalent to my fing 30 or 35 year old but dont dont I dont know for sure anyway this is a fantastic game and the second game I got and this one I was looking forward a lot is the limited edition of yes its the limited edition of metro last light this is a fantastic game this is this cut so great reviews and I watched some reviews of it and gameplay footage and this is a fantastic game grab this one up it was thoroughly expensive it was like 100 6990 but its the limited edition it comes with the Ranger mode and 169 90 I think its around 40 euros or something like that anyways I think its cheaper than on on steam because Romanian prices are a little bit cheaper than the prices which go on steam for for the european version anyway so this is the limited edition I will do an unboxing for this in my next video because right now I will deal with resident evil revelations and for this its covered in my upcoming videos so stay tuned for metro last light fantastic game I think it got nine out of 10 s on old boards fantastic story fantastic gameplay this is Im so glad I have this in my collection because Im also a huge fan of the of the Brico which is metro 2033 also a fantastic game but I will cover those two games in my next unboxing when i unbox this game right now lets deal with resident evil revelations so r isnt evil revelations what can i say about it as i had mentioned earlier you can download the free demo on your steam account and play this is the pc version and some guy guys might get confused and say hmm well the second is isnt this wasnt this a nintendo DS game yes the answer is yes it was I think released last year jenya on january 27th or last year 2012 on the Nintendo DS and for people who know internal yet is the handheld console similar to the PSP not not quite similar because the PSP is made by sony the Nintendo DS is made by nintendo so it was released on handheld consoles and for some weird reasons I dont know why but its I think its a good reason because this is a great game Capcom also decided to port recent evil revelations to the PC to the xbox 360 and to the PlayStation free but of course because I mainly a pc gamer here you can see I have a a gaming rig right there i play mostly on pc i also played resident evil 6 a lot on pc resident evil 5 here is until resident evil 5 gold is only for the papa its only for the xbox 360 and i covered this in my in my last video so if you want the gold version you need to go for for the easier for the console version that its not there is no gold version of resident evil 5 on the on the pitch fee but thankfully there is a pc version of resident evil revelations for the peace DNA holding it right in my hands I will put down the camera and unbox it for you guys I think its a steam only game so for people who know you will need a steam account for this of course and it has a serial number in it and you can lock this game to your steam account I played the demo I was quite impressed its actually pretty ok the atmosphere is very great its better than in Resident Evil 6 present evil 6 is mainly running gun action oriented presently the title its not its not so scary anymore like the older titles and there you have it guys here is the package PC Edition and I wonder this is this is PG PG 16 and this is quite a violent game I I think I dont know why this is PG 16 not Fiji 18 matter on the other hand Metro is pretty violent game produced this one deserves its PG 18 definitely and also resident evil 6 is also very violent but this one I think you up against monsters youre not up against life enemies like in resin if Lucys where you can blow their heads off with a shotgun or something I but I have to play this more because i only played demo and from the demo you only fight POWs or pure organic weapons how you may call them so there it is I think its the UK version yes i think the conversion it was imported in romania and i will open it up for you just second so inside its no big deal to get a pretty simple power play or instruction menu but its not even an extraction is just a two sheet and there is the code i can show you the code its on the back of the but basically the controls nice if you have a if you have a xbox 360 controller you can put it into your pc entity work for it will work flawlessly but im in this together i have a SteelSeries sensei right here this is a 11,000 qpi mouths dont even think i need that much for gaming and im paying almost with the mouse and in the keyboard the deep it is good for for other games like fighting games or arcade simulators or such racing games and you see these guys and I see it so its also use case 16 in Germany so I get its not so violent as as resident evil 6 which gotten the other major rating in Australia anyway guys its what you get the disc you reinstall this and then you put in the steam key to your accountant plate or you could or you could bite / esteem but I told you its its I like to have them physical copy for my collection and this is such a great game im looking forward to play this i will do some 720p videos of this for sure stay tuned for this its a fantastic game if you dislike resident evil 6 and but if you like the older ones like resident evil 4 or the ones of the atmosphere this is one to get guys so definitely put this get it for causes if you dont like not the pc but trust me guys on the pc its the best experience you can also play with the game that i told you if you like to or you can play with your mouse but mostly i got this because im a pc gamer and im very bad so thats about it i hope you enjoyed this video stay tuned for my upcoming metro last light unboxing this one is such a great game and thank you very much for watching please comment rate and subscribe if you like these leave any comments below and bye bye guys steam multiplayer games I am back with some great unboxing : Today I aquired the retail PC versions of Resident Evil Revelations and the limited edition of Metro Last Light which is one hell of a great first person shooter. About Resident Evil Revelations it has the awesome gameplay of Resident Evil 6 compared with the atmosphere of Resident Evil 4 and you can play it on your PC with a 360 gamepad which has all features enabled. dead by daylight steam and epic games crossplay viking game steam games that play on steam deck how to steam broccoli for baby adult vr games steam