Resident Evil 8 Village Shadows of Rose DLC - Part 1 - HERE WE GO AGAIN

Funny steam avatarsblight steam RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE - WINTERS’ EXPANSION all right guys welcome back we are officially back in the world of Resident Evil Village today we begin or I should say welcome to the official beginning of Shadows of Rose it has been such an incredible month for games theres just game after games after games and just to have this towards the end of the month is like the icing on the cake it is Im so excited Ive been waiting for this DLC expansion since it initially got released or announced excuse me Im just happy to be back man Ive said it before Resident Evil Village to me was one of the greatest Resident Evil games probably because of how much it felt like a Resident Evil 4 which were gonna be getting early next year so thats thats also pretty great to just know that its right around the corner we also do have the original Resident Evil Village on third person which is something that Ive been honestly considering playing but maybe like a commentary only sort of play through just to change it up a bit let me know in the comments if thats something you guys would like to see Im really really debating it but uh a huge thank you to my friends over at Capcom for the Early Access I hope you guys enjoy it we have about three hours of content so expect multiple episodes today and uh yeah sit back relax lets do this all right okay sorry Im late its okay Im just enjoying the day you said you had something important to tell me I hope its not about Chris wanting me to join his operation because I already told him thats not happening I see what he puts you in the rest of his Hound wolf Squad through oh thank you its not about that it is about you me I if I worry about you I was um how are things at school seriously thats what you wanted to talk to me about that group of Mean Girls still hasseling you I mean are they still treating me like a freak hey uh-uh look at me youre not a freak I am no I am thats why I keep my distance from everybody at school they knew what I really was so you dont have any friends that you can talk to talk to about what how hardly even human how Im some kind of horrendous monster that hey its okay I hardly ever murder my friends but if there were a way to get rid of your powers and get rid of them heartbeat all right well I think theres something I need to show you shes definitely not the type to get bullied Miranda and the mute my seat how she researched it obsessively and performed experiments on human subject like me exactly what you dont know is that we recently found some of her research apparently she discovered a purifying Crystal that can remove the mutomycity from its host purifying Crystal we can get our hands on one of these we might be able to weaken or remove your powers entirely are you kidding me no no but her notes are incomplete however I think I have an idea where we can find the rest of her research find it where is it uh in there what thats a fragment of the mega mice heat it absorbs and stores memories from people who pass away in close proximity including Miranda and everything she knows if you enter its Consciousness you might be able to solve the mystery of the purifying Crystal wait what do you mean enter its consciousness Okay so you youre deep connection will allow you to explore the information Within huh that sounds crazy sound crazy yes yes this is yes Rose but not dangerous right think of it just like walking through somebody elses memories wow you really think this can work I think its worth trying what do you have to lose how do I even do this  __  I I dont know try reaching out to it see what happens so we dont even we dont even go there physically fine what the hell whoa thats Wild Rose is so weird yeah its like she sees things that arent there creepy stay away from it imagine wanting to be fun definitely something just moved on her hand whats wrong with her shut up Music freak shes roughly like 16 years old I believe so its been roughly 16 years just got no idea the history behind her the Bakers her father incredible Im still here okay okay huh where are you okay this isnt right oh this looks nice its so weird to be playing a third person Resident Evil now right after so long examine Mirandas research claims that the mega my seats preserves the memories of people who passed away within its area of influence absorbing them into its own vast consciousness we also know based on our previous encounters with the mode that people who are contaminated with the mutomyces are connected in a kind of mold and network if we extrapolate extrapolate from this we can uh surmise that subjects with strong Affinity to the mute of my seats should be able to use the network to connect to the memories of the Dead within the mega my seats thats pretty interesting it should be possible to verify this Theory using the labs mega my seats sample we collected 16 years ago we just need a suitable subject with a proven connection to the mold us clearly unfortunately this presents a problem our organization policies prevents us from directly contacting civilians who are infected with the mutomyces certainly the uh ethical reasoning is understandable but it has rendered the confirmation of this Theory impossible it pains me to think of how much mankind could stand to the benefits from this preservation and indexing of human consciousness the possibilities of prevent uh preserving or even reclaiming great minds perhaps theres some way of cutting through the red tape so thats why they got me not because they cared about me by the way she mentioned Chris Redfield I wonder how old he is in this game like how how he looks you know he already looked kind of old in in Resident Evil Village oh not old but older right Im sure theres nothing else here uh where we got wait what okay Rose I take it back you are weird what are you doing this is explore your surroundings man this looks incredible its like theyre getting us ready for Resident Evil 4 with this third person right uh okay thats thats not good oh my God were gonna start down here isnt this like the uh chambers of the castle or some  __  oh hi okay all right all right man Im so happy to be back I might play the freaking game again on third person I dont know if you think I should drop a like on the video I Im definitely down Im says Ill be next if Im not quick I need to get that Crystal can I run here okay this is my inventory and it says find the purifying Crystal explore your surroundings interesting maybe right now its not the time to be running you know what Im saying what the hell is that oh Rose what is going on in your head right now is that a shoe lets see what happens if we go down this path looks like some sort of portal or okay it actually curves to the left its so gross what is this all right hello oh okay hold on let me out what could that be her shoe oh is someone there dangerous here what is why hang tight Im gonna see if I can find a key find a key to the cell all right lets go down below yeah these doors dont look creepy at all youve got to be under the castle for sure the question is why is that well were actually reliving memories I was gonna say why is there still a person in this Castle all of this was buried years ago right no were reliving memories or so we believe memories tied to a disgusting you like thing got another cell here what is this uh okay yeah those are dead bodies by the way in case you didnt realize yeah those are dead bodies oh well thats nice it just has my name there all right thanks for the invite sweets my name yep this is what were meant to be Rose this is our destiny so to create art simply add to the rabbits carcasses Decay is not an issue note Spruce them up with a bit of makeup and make them seem more alive thats disgusting okay purifying Crystal okay tell me about purifying crystals that will let me finally get rid of these girls Powers he said I should be able to find something about it in this Mega my seats thing is uh Consciousness I guess I need to find Mirandas memories I really dont know how any of this works but at least its not dangerous I have to try notice how they keep saying that which ultimately makes me believe that eventually it will be dangerous so these are all the files that weve the papers that weve kind of read so far tips okay all right we keep on moving forward okay what is that oh thats the key its perfect and no not perfect that is not perfect what is that its like red right wasnt the original one like black like grayish Blackish how is this stuff I have you key items in your inventory look he is not appearing here we also do have um oh there it is we also do have like bullets handgun bullets so Im assuming we actually will be using handguns and stuff which is good were not only gonna rely on her powers okay can we go out through here right through the middle yes now this thing is gushing all over the place disgusting all right this is happening all very quickly I dont thats I dont appreciate this okay heres the door Im gonna open it sweet all right foreign what who are you Im Rose whats going on here bro lets keep moving but too dangerous here what the heck wait up what is even happening right now is she like her version Trapped In These Memories like probably gonna go through that little hole we saw on the cellar yep Im Gonna Move That Body all right so I am being accompanied by myself help me lift and shes not normal though shes got like this way of talking you can already tell shes shes not up there shes gone hey wait where are you going okay Im first person would have been so creepy oh my goodness Rose Im gonna need to slow down oh  __  what the hell oh I wouldnt want to help myself oh my God her more just like me do you know whats happening here hey are you listening to me the switch handle is missing find the switch handle what the hell is gold dog bro this is so trippy I need to find that handle quick go deeper all right hold on whats whats over here lets go inside this okay all right oh no this is where we just came from I what the hell okay I wonder if we use that later on lets go down here uh we are now officially in unknown territory you know having a nice little handgun right now would be nice whose bodies are all theyre all me like what the hell many bodies oh my goodness yeah Rose I think were screwed up were gonna die here is that really oh God oh my God bro are you serious oh look it was locked from the other side anyways yo that scared the crap out of me wow dont tell me shes been captured as well Music Music oh God Music thank you that works all right all right hold on bro we gotta go we gotta go foreign get away absolutely not oh my dad was here a dead end no  __  oh okay whatever the hell you know what Rose I think your friends are right youre kind of weird but its okay we forgive you give you oh  __  Ive got super powers who is that guy to me would that be Ethan would that be your father you imagine its like a plot twist oh man this is getting really interesting very interesting oh laughs what what are you not an enemy okay an imaginary friend what were those things what is happening here leave now oh how what is this where am I foreign I got that now how do I get out of here not until I get this out of my body okay well never mind theres a crystal here that will remove the mold I need to find it and Im not leaving until I do who are you my guardian angel do you have a name if youre an angel then Gabriel Michael okay Michael what now dangerous your move its time for her to save your progress oh wow okay so do I move into that door okay lets lets save first all right let me just check this all right we can finally run I was dying to run that door is clearly all right where do I go man hello I remember all of this which is whats funny playing Resident Evil Village okay it is a grand honor that you would bestow upon me such an important task I can report the liquid void you provided uh I can report the liquid board you provided has some Splendid properties it must uh its most obvious use this for my dogs on their hunts aiding them as they pursue our Quarry it also does wonders for slowing down and corralling the rabbits some have even been foolish enough to stumble into it and have been completely engulfed with this I am certain that I will be able to fulfill your expectations and get you the results you desire all right hmm I think this is a dead end here yep hey it feels so different like planted in third person its so wild it was very different this is where we go got a first aid oh were actually injured Im gonna pop that all myself thank you very much why do they mimic her though thats what I dont understand what what whats the point of all that Im down Music so ultimately being in this in this universe this Dimension is still dangerous for us Laughter foreign Music looks like we caught another Lively now arent you you should have put that effort into running it would have made the chase that much more really let me go let me go it would seem this little rabbit lacks the necessary footage Music not pity youre shown a little grit and actually escaped that purifying Crystal would now be yours your Crystal whos this oh now we have a new little rabbit to pursue lets see how fast this one is Music down no come on bro oh my God yeah what the  __  foreign gun seriously where am I gonna get a gun watch my words what like this oh  __  okay morning shoot really I would have never thought foreign feels super weak ammo all right good so what now do I what was it thats the quick turn I was looking for man hmm I wonder where I might find the next rabbit acquire the purifying Crystal theyre going theyre completely gone this right so how do I disciples await their masks bronze a silver gold you can find these masks to unlock it with their arm raid the lights shall be released all right so they all need masks all right here we go typewriter go ahead and save that up I wonder if that little thing is like her dad like Ethan you know what I mean hes just not telling her its not like freak her out or whatever but it would make perfect sense oh thats a shotgun grab me the that which sees the truth through the three eyes God so maybe were gonna go into the uh The Atrium area here hold on or hang on ammo never too late for handgun oh hold on we gotta explore all of these spots as best as possible  __  so lets just settle down  __  dude what do you want from me man oh God  __  this is some  __  foreign those things take way too many bullets because we got the bolt cutters I shouldnt have even killed him I should have just dipped to be honest I dont even know where I gotta use those damn bolt cutters I havent explored enough yet oh over well that just answered my question thats where I gotta use it what is this over here over here what should help if you really want to help you could back me up against those things what so Im on my own oh thats pretty nice so we got the bolt cutters and off we go is that a mask yeah it has a mask the the thing on the top has one of the masks I dont know if I should shoot those things thats a gross Lumpy I dont know if I dont want to waste my ammo but like what happens if I shoot it you know what I mean okay so I can move this rotate it right over here I have a decent amount of uh item slots which is is good it would just go and reach out for it oh mask trapped brake core you mean that gross lumpy thing how am I supposed to break it my powers I literally came here to get rid of them okay fine but how what am I supposed to do whats that in the amplifier find a power amplifier great another room inside the castle okay I need some sort of key for the three eyes hippie gunpowder oh yeah lets go okay everythings gonna be okay chemical fluid and it says I can use these uh these things to combine them together Urban chem fluid gun powder and cam fluid both herbs and gunpowder can be mixed with the cam fluid there might be more items I can combine I need to do whatever I can to Survive Craft ammo and the inventory craft menu there we go see whoever said this was safe oh  __  Id be tripping up if I see like versions of myself just dead all over the Halls like that like thats thats just trippy as hell Im sorry Im sorry this is some  __  Applause laughs Music bro I cannot stand those things in this little weak Ash Kitty gun I had to kill him this is the only way to get here foreign lets go back here where was I where am I so confused oh that looks kind of important no way Im waiting for that maybe I can find a way across everything through the top oh my goodness examine girl you crazy you cray cray you are cray cray all right the buff were in business here we go man thats like this family is cursed Bro youve been 16 years later the winters are just cursed I dont want to be friends with none of them Im sorry you know what I was right I was wrong excuse me those girls at school had a reason sorry Rose its just I just cant do it cant be friends with you your life is a mess hmm all right so were gonna keep pushing this way nothing there Ill check on the other side yeah lets check here what do we got what do we got we got absolutely nothing except a mysterious door with my power amplifier hold on and some herbs this is some sort of like safe spot I have found a means of dramatically destabilizing parts of the meramecity network by introducing a disruptive Force to block the auto inducers that they use for communication for example the hard packed cores of mold known as the sclerosclerodia begin to break down on a cellular level and distance disintegrate when uh thus disrupted uh sclerodia I hope Im saying that right from the uh from when the mutomized seats develops in new locations serving as a sort of Anchor Point or foothold theyre often associated with a patch of liquid void through which the mode has spread when the auto inducers of these sclerodia are disrupted it begins to break down any liquid void connected to the sclerodia sclerodia will also disintegrates it would appear that the destabilizing this sclerodia sends a signal indicating that uh that locations is no longer that location is no longer viable for the medium icing habits have had habitation triggering a full-scale retreat Im sorry my reading is third grade level  __  it what can you do Im sorry so this is uh okay so what am I supposed to do with this thing Focus all right I feel different oh wow so now all right lets see if this works let me save the game I like the amount of cutscenes that were having you know not a whole lot of them but a decent amount um let me also see if I can get an herb here wow Im an idiot you know what Im actually I made a mistake um whatever I got to make it it is what it is let me go here and take one wow now how many times can I use that flask containing a substance that enhances the power of universe okay all right all right can I use it on these pockets oh that is cool yo so shes super strong huh I wonder if she could have defeated uh what was her name Evelyn Emily Evelyn I always forget her name I mean she can literally just destroy the mold thats pretty cool damn it Rose you got it going on girl all right lets go down below right now its telling me return to the Courtyard find the three masks lets do this a little Bitcoin cant get around it so its not like a thing thats limited it seems almost uh unlimited I dont want to speak too soon here kind of jinx myself and then regret it but I what the  __  what was that hello Im really getting sick and tired of your ass Applause I dont like how you shoot these things and its like it doesnt do anything to them yeah it kills them eventually but its like theres no impact like they dont they dont go back you know let there be magic voila now were about to unlock something very very nice in here what is it an attachment high capacity ammo uh magazine excuse me so well go ahead and Nick now we dont equip that you gotta mix it Lemmy nice hmm all right sweet all right so were were slowly but surely were doing better now that is still unlocked over there Im not liking that is this oh man her powers are dope pretty dope I dont think I can unlock that right I have to its got to be through that its got to be through that lumpy thing its the main source so you gotta kill why bro like why what the  __  mm-hmm Music youre stupid come here stupid oh God oh my God damn bro I cant I get too nervous way way too nervous when that thing comes at me its like I cant even die like my thumbs are like theyre doing the polar opposite of what I want him to do I just cant deal with the pressure Im terrible at this I do not perform well under pressure ladies and gentlemen and it has been officially confirmed it just doesnt happen for me its I am a loser all right so now we can go here pick up more Clem cam fluid all right thats a week here now we came from back here I didnt really have to kill him I was totally a waste of bullets but whatever this is the one that I was looking for yeah this is the  __  this is the  __  I dont like I cannot explore freely bro juked your ass Music Music thank God they stayed over there oh man all right hold on whats up with this are we have we gone here its locked on the other side now were going back down to the Courtyard The Atrium Courtyard I guess its called the courtyard actually what no no no no no no absolutely not Im so freaking lutely not dude come on get the bronze mask gunpowder more gunpowder binocular Door Keep Deep In the basements its like different versions of her have been here maybe or I guess maybe not maybe its just her memories her doppelgangers if you will Im gonna release all of these just in case I need to run eventually here I dont have to be running through hoops before I get the mask I am most deaf Im gonna go here herb like that wheres the flashlight we had at the beginning now here goes nothing yikes bronze mask I finally got it good good good theres a door here that it seems like thats where we gotta go we probably gotta go to yeah were gonna have to go to the uh the area with the masks put the mask on and possibly then well get a ski of sorts rest okay its wrong everything none of this was supposed to happen no the reason I came here hasnt changed I need that Crystal thank you thats very nice clearly that doesnt belong there all right so theres two doors this one okay just back this way we dont need to go back over here theres nothing for us here its a flashlight I was talking about oh  __  you know they gave us that for a reason right they didnt just give us that to be nice the game is about a  __  destroy us right now look look at this let me use my uh special powers one goes right there and then were gonna be able to go through that door all right let me see if I can put a large crystal is glowing with a pale blue lights and hold on which one was it can I see the uh hmm Im trying to remember which one was the mask belonging to  __  ah I dont think it matters we go back I think this was locked right no it was not okay go ahead and disable that grab whatever oh theres a door very nice safe here okay Safe Haven spot tired Im trying but what about you is that why your words are fading try not to overdo it then like a little companion along the way thats pretty sick lets get out of here then lets get out of here all right so what is this we cant go that way clearly so what well do is well go back and well go through these big double doors I also feel like maybe going upstairs might help but its like these let me see something let me go upstairs first like those big double doors are there for a reason like thats where we got to go next but you never know oh  __  hit the hit the monocular key oh we just got a map the masked psycho gigantic creep and a mass similar those creatures after me I would have been uh I would have been monster food if Michael hadnt given me a gun Kristen K forced me to have at least some basic training but Ive never had to defend myself before I need to get that Crystal then get the hell out hold on I got I got some files here oh where where would that be here we go second floor make a right okay so its that way correct yes oh theyre just eating all my poor souls what the hell dude all right thats where the door is and thats where the key should be here okay foreign those things chased me in here but uh where is it the monocular key was supposed to be here somewhere its not in this room though it must be close by okay so  __  dont go too weak hold on its its over here I know its in there but how do I behind the fire how do I move this thing thank you giving me a heart attack for no reason Christ wheres my health at oh were still in green I just got slapped up a little bit thats all no no big deal like this oh the frames are dropping like crazy right now hold on wow oh this is getting ugly whats going on here you guys seeing this this is ridiculous the RW variant flask looks like there are more of these what does that do oh Im sorry this is like really bad frames right now all right lets get out of this room really you want me to kill this thing wow sadly its really slow on frames this this this this is like super horrible yeah let me get out of here this is super bad yeah its like in that room its terrible you see that I go in this room and its like really bad oh my goodness let me sync up options restart options restart back just in case two sprig of white sage open the inventory then select an herb that restores some miramicy power hmm interesting okay we gotta go save be careful wait wheres the key Music thanks oh  __  Applause it was an RB or lb to move them I pressed RB again but nothing happened  __  me man if you kill me hitting their head only is becoming really difficult when theyre moving like that its just not fair sorry that should be illegal it might have been lb instead of RB you gotta be dead Im sorry that was embarrassing for the handgun ammo so as previously discussed disrupting the auto inducers within amida my seats Network can have destabilizing effects on the modes these effects can also be observed in beings formed of mold rather than the cellular disintegration observed in sclerodia however this instead presents a dramatic slowing of movements practically freezing and being in place if other bodies are in close proximity to the targets the disruption effects can spread but only with a very limited sphere of influence oh cool I could use that towards my advantage all right so we could go back to the Courtyard now and use this key its funny that were basically going through every single area that Ethan went through um do I want to go down this way I mean this is where we came from yeah  __  off dude Applause I dont even drop ammo its like bro what do you drop me a hang on ammo at least three bullets something I dont ask for much Im gonna try OB the next time I see one just need to I need to make sure that thats thats the button Ive got to be pressing we got in here Im not Im fluid this feels like a trap a Predators Stand United each staring down their prey okay need to get the frame is there a frame that we can place there ah painting of a butterfly the picture is fixed in place and cannot be moved yeah we need another picture frame is empty ah wake up this one goes here for sure most likely frog spider I know a spider does a frog or what the  __  Ill wait till we get the other the other painting this doesnt look too inviting hold up hold up okay we got no other way out of here yeah you see why would you want to get rid of your powers your powers are super cool I know oh so that doesnt work just for the door it works for the other things too a compressor very nice thank you got an herb so it says I do not recall a single thing not who I am or how I came to be I know nothing my memories are as broken as the face I hid behind this mask all the other remains All That Remains is this feeling this hunger to see others in pain that despair in their eyes the sounds of their screams who will be my next Quarry I have my opinion I have my minions uh do my bidding he has many faces but no brains within those skulls he is my best hound and he will chase those rabbits down thats that big guy talking the duke or whatever his I forgot his name so were clear I like that you can check the map just to make sure you cleared everything out thats always been kind of like a Resident Evil thing and not a lot of people know that but its really I dont need to be here all right so weve cleared everything out here you know me I like to have a thousand safe slots in case anything goes wrong we are covered oh damn I thought the key was there  __  stay safe thanks I appreciate it Im trying but its hard when Im being hunted by A demented Giant and its creepy minions run yeah I guess I cant fight them all thats true I gotta start doing that like if I dont need to Im just gonna run  __  it theres something here in the uh that  __  door Okay so weve got weve got the key to that door now so we can go ahead and open it up made it this far the next mask however wont be nearly as easy to get your rubbing paws on hmm oh  __  out of here man oh what the hell is that oh thats what he meant not as easy huh bro Im like everywhere this guys obsessed with me welcome to the gallery of Despair a wondrous display of the few who succeeded in obtaining at least one mask set your sights upon those Chosen Few was final moments of Despair preserved forever in this Gallery witness in this collection the light of life from a different perspective sorry yeah people have been here before trying to do what I do but nobodys done it how Im gonna do it faster Im so sorry everythings locked oh thank you its very generous Im Audi Music I dont want to deal with you push laughs let me read first although Ive just drowned the Arrows by doths thing they hanged me long ago yet I feel everything okay so long ago meaning thats the first one still the worst not last nor first sharper blade okay this one okay and then although I just drowned the arrow spider sting okay the arrow and then drowned no okay thatll be this this here we go perfect thank you alrighty lets get it um go ahead and do this the silver mask is in the small room in the back Im so close oh God bro what the hells about to happen here lets go ahead and uh do some of that this is exactly the room that my father was in Im fluid what the  __  is that hurry up hurry up hurry up damn it pipe bomb oh  __  you gotta tell me twice bro dont do a damn thing yep it doesnt do  __  ow ow all right not Center one now its time to run sweetheart its time okay all right I cannot deal with this  __  oh my God you  __  me a thousand times get out of here get out of here hes coming hes coming hes coming oh my gosh oh my gosh  __  that dude what in the world youre goodness gracious I need to calm it down heres the mask look at that little dork said I was gonna pick up the mask do better for you Junior I just grabbed the second silver mask s on your neck Music youre kidding right you are youre kidding bye foreign Music I can use I can use the other one but Im kind of I dont know why you Im gonna  __  die here Music where am I Im not interested in fighting those guys bro like absolutely not  __  insane Ive just spent all my damn oh why would I want to discard that oh I cant I cant take it because Im Im going up a ladder basement I mean honestly it would have been good too track everything bro I dont have enough ammo I will die uh go up lets go up I will die there I will literally die there a mask I got it yes I got it yeah dont worry I got it but just barely this ugly brute turned up no  __  I cant fight something like that not yet at least Ill take all the help I can get my thanks oh damn ammo too sheesh all right so weve got the silver mask which is the second out of three masks and a first aid huh were not doing too shabby Im gonna go ahead and Save all right guys tell you what were gonna call it quids here this is a pretty interesting DLC and so far Im truly truly enjoying this its just it feels good to be back in the world of village and in the castle and playing with rose pretty pretty good character in my opinion hopefully her future is not too dramatic but I guess well find out on the next episode if you guys enjoyed it and would like to see another episode of today just drop the video like and hopefully Ill catch you on the next one against the storm steam Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 (Full Game) This series includes the full game story walkthrough of the Shadows of Rose DLC from beginning to ending. 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