Resident Evil Village - Shadows Of Rose DLC - Gameplay Walkthrough (FULL DLC)

Steam games to play 2022how to do steam inhalation RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE - WINTERS’ EXPANSION gameplay foreign its Dan here guys I want to welcome you back to Resident Evil Village its been quite some time since we actually played this game its crazy this game actually came out in May of 2021. can you believe its been a year and a half basically since this game came out that is crazy to me I dont know anyway uh we are jumping in once again with our with the first official I believe first official story expansion uh of the game and its called Uh Shadows of Rose this takes place as uh Ethan Winters daughter Rose obviously she was just a wee baby when we saw her in the in the previous game obviously um but were here to be playing as her its not a super long DLC from what I understand um youre gonna be I think its gonna take us anywhere from probably well okay look at it this way the shortest run I saw was two and a half hours the longest run I saw was three and a half hours so its not going to be that long kind of sucks but this is going to be interesting because it also is included in the Winters expansion which gives you a few bonuses but you know not just obviously the DLC but you also get third person mode so this DLC is going to be in third I think actually Im not sure if this DLC is native um third person or if you could switch between them because now with this mode you can now play the original game as well in third person if you so choose because thats really what the Resident Evil games are kind of known for so uh yeah its been like I said its been a minute so you guys are gonna have to give me some time too oops not options thats my bad we need bonuses the shadows of Rosie LC lets click that and go to the next screen all right here we go all right so lets see whats in special so its up to me I can actually this this actually came I could wear dads jacket which is the default setting or I can weigh the custom Street Wear the street wolf outfit which is pretty sweet thats like Chris redfields like wolf you know what I mean um I kind of dig the the you know the two better in the jacket this is the DLC so I think I might rock this normally I leave it default but you know what man lets use the street wolf I think thatll look way cooler all right well anyway guys its great to have you with us I hope youre ready to rock and roll with the shadows of Rose if you are make sure you leave a like on the stream and make sure youre also saying whats up in chat so I know theyre with us Ill quickly go through chat well get started right after that all right here we go whats up bonds hey icy whats good whats up Rafael whats up Adam hey Stark whats up Darren Im just looking forward to it brother uh lets see uh what up Annie whats up Miss T MNS uh where are we at here whats up nunu hopefully I said that right uh whats up Natasha hey Eileen whats up Rex whats up Aaron hey TK hey Johnny whats up Matt hey Dan lets go what up grant grant B this time oh different Grant uh whats up Lewis hey David hey Disney was good uh whats up Monet hello hello lets see where we got what up jet hey bunny welcome welcome whats up Mark whats up Brian hey Brit ramid whats good sup agent good to see you guys thank you so much for joining me I noticed a few of you guys are tuning in from your places of business wheres the work Squad at chime in oh man all right well anyway thank you guys so much for being here were kicking things off great way to kind of kick things off with Halloween you know with a scary DLC for one of the longest running horror franchises of all time Resident Evil obviously I cannot wait lets go Shadows of Rose DLC lets do it Im pretty sure this one is just default okay sorry Im late its okay Im just enjoying the day you said you had something important to tell me I hope its not about Chris wanting me to join his operation because I already told him thats not happening see what he puts you in the rest of his Hound wolf Squad through oh thank you its not about that it is about you me uh if I worry about you I was um our things at school seriously thats what you wanted to talk to me about that group of Mean Girls still in here I mean are they still treating me like a freak hey uh-uh look at me youre not a freak yeah no I am thats why I keep my distance from everybody at school they knew what I really was so you dont have any friends that you can talk to talk to about what are hardly even human how Im kind of horrendous hey its okay I hardly ever murder my friends if there were a way to get rid of your powers and get rid of them in a heartbeat all right well I think theres something I need to show you whats up Danny whats up Mommy how you doing and the mute my seat how she researched it obsessively and performed experiments on human subject like me exactly uh what you dont know is that we recently found some of her research apparently she discovered a purifying Crystal that can remove the mutomycy from its host purifying Crystal we can get our hands on one of these we might be able to weaken or remove your powers entirely are you kidding me no no but her notes are incomplete however I think I have an idea where we can find the rest of her research lets find it where is where is in there what thats a fragment of the mega my seat it absorbs and stores memories from people who pass away in close proximity including Miranda and everything she knows if you enter its Consciousness you might be able to solve the mystery of the purifying Crystal wait what do you mean enter its consciousness Okay so you your deep connection okay people are saying its quite quiet it is just the cut scene though because Im it reminds maxed out Ill try and just do that for this I might have to adjust it again it will allow you to explore the information Within yes yes yes yes Rose but not dangerous right think of it just like walking through somebody elses memories you really think this gets worth trying what do you have to lose how do I even do this I dont know try reaching out to it see what happens okay fine what the hell oh my God Rose is so weird yeah its like she sees things that arent there something just moved on her hand shut up freak s whats up Abdul yes Ben I will be Ill be playing after this DLC Im still here no youre not okay where are you okay isnt right okay now I get to play man this jacket is badass I would wear that jacket in a heartbeat Mirandas research claims that the mega my seats preserves the memories of people who pass away within its area of influence sorbing them into its own vast consciousness we also know based on other previous encounters with the mold that people who are contaminated with the immune my seat are connected in kind of mold Network if we extrapolate from this we can surmise that subjects with a strong Affinity to the mutomyces should be able to use the network to connect to the memories of the Dead within the mega my seat it should be possible to verify this Theory using the labs megamycy sample we collected 16 years ago we just need a suitable subject with a proven connection to the mold unfortunately this present presents a problem our organizations policies prevent us from directly contacting civilians who are infected with mute in my seat certainly the ethical reasoning is understandable but it is rendered the confirmation of the Syrian possible pains me to think of how much mankind could stand to benefit from this preservation indexing of human consciousness possibilities of preserving or even reclaiming great minds perhaps theres some way of cutting through the red tape and that would be where Rose comes in wait what girl you have to know youre in the youre in the memory now Yes Lewis I will be you want to list the I have a list of all the games Im playing upcoming its on my channel click the about tab itll show you all that goody all the goodies there hold one second I just want to see the audio I think its maxed out oh you know what Im gonna do Im gonna do a small dynamic range that way you guys can hear it better Ill bet you anything thatll really help that way the highest highs are different does that make sense rubbing shoe ribbing thats one its so gross what is this whats up Judd let me out I dont think I should do that is someone there dangerous here what is why hang tight Im gonna see if I can find a key I wouldnt let her out bro the fact that she banged on the door and the whole thing rattled like this way like 3D proves that you should keep that  __  close anybody who could do that Aint Human um you gotta go uh from the shadows of Rose menu theres like an extras tab or special I think its listed as you gotta click that and itll itll give you outfits whats up Steve somehow I walk by this Ill be next if Im not quick I need to get that Crystal maybe its in the  __  nope  __  was full merry Christmas happy Halloween cheers is it different its different now health yeah the lab was right here nope I was gonna say I was gonna say I didnt actually walk by it so wearing the double Deuce is the key oh okay sorry whats your objective Explorer find the crystal find the key I dont like that I cant Sprint yet can I crouch I cant do anything really yet this is the one with the shoe Im gonna double Im gonna expect this shoe again maybe its got a key in it now no why would the shoe be there where the hell is the key at bro what should be like right next to it oh its gone now oh no its not but this sure as hell wasnt there I dont remember seeing this here I thought it was just a hallway see they have you going from side to side foreign I thought someone was in there but that was just the way the light was reflecting bruh bro you have to do better than that fam thats my name are you sure I thought it was my name are you sure to create art simply add to the rabbits carcasses Decay is not an issue note Spruce them up with a bit of makeup it makes them seem more alive search completed currently searching yeah okay thats not at all weird oh we see a shadow weve got the key weve got the keys okay yeah Rose if you could yeah if you could maybe back up oh man you dont wear white sneaks to that like what the hell is this okay I was just gonna see if I can walk on it whats up Andy not a whole lot whoa Rose is in a dream or like in a memory its hard to explain but they havent really missed much I just kind of got into the dream state a few minutes ago man Everythings changed now I think I mean it isnt it isnt yes looks like a dolphin or a porpoise or something lets be honest no no thanks thank you that wasnt me who are you Im Rose whats going on here lets keep moving but too dangerous here well lets follow ourselves I guess wait wait up do you need a hand foreign Jerry you put on a few pounds oh I just realized the rest of the bodies how did I not see those before hey wait where are you going I knew wed go here eventually like where else are we gonna go and then a cockroach just scurries across I thought she was gone for a minute oh  __  um thats us good thing were wearing the jacket otherwise we would just blend in with the rest of them need to find that handle quickly go neighbor thank you there are more than Alvin just like me no ones saying anything do you know whats happening here hey Im on it youre listening to me I got it relax I will take charge because clearly everyones losing their marbles I hear I hear like but I think its just like the goop dudes gonna grab me nope someones gonna grab me dude someone has to grab me thats just standard jump scare technology theyre like I know youre fine theyre dead youre good dont worry oh Jesus was gonna grab me I let my guard down Music oh man I said someone will grab me and then Im like oh I guess not and thats when they okay I see how it is trust me I understand I see where this is going now to be honest that was my fault that was my fault I should have known better what its like its us I feel like these all these weird monsters are us and Im just over here like Music she just talked to the hand of him hurry all of them Fair all right so lets go and now oh God hold on and now I think the games too loud I hate it when they dont have a balance sorry guys its kind of laggy Sometimes some games make you  __  like lets try three and a half no not no sorry not four stop there good okay there follow the goop oh am I dead mistakes were made I guess I maybe this is supposed to happen no that wasnt supposed to happen sorry about that obviously the handle I dont know why my brain decided to go I love her shes still screaming like Music I think thats everybody else what a slow oh God the slowest gate youll ever see no way no way Music its fine everythings fine foreign let me turn my  __  down its weird its like the Whisperer how come it winner its Games movies everyones just like so were gonna go out later and then all the axles like couple ammo kaboom you know like why cant they audio balance properly no nobody can thats the real reason we all have sometimes I did see it I was just looking for on there tip toe tick tock tick tock tick tock foreign I dont know why youd wear white kicks to one or two like what are you I can read you dont need to subtitle the letters what were those things what is happening here leave now how I not until I get this out of my body theres a crystal here that will remove the mold I need to find it and Im not leaving until I do ah who are you my guardian angel sure do you have a name if youre an angel then Gabriel Michael okay Michael what now and theres a safe spot but for but first let me take a selfie so Im just looking for goodies I dont think she has this I think this this DLC is more um story oriented and not so much like like youre kind of along for the ride more so than like super Inventory management hows my health this  __  is gonna grab me bro I played enough resi games to know to avoid thank you Laughter dude why would you go in there and see a guy laughing maniacally like that he was like well too bad we cant stay Music Music looks like we caught another oh its your boy were you supposed to be running a market what are you doing you should have put that effort into running it would have made the chase that much more freely it would seem this little rabbit lacks the necessary footage Music and Im  __  you had shown a little grit and actually escaped that purifying Crystal would now be yours oh for the love of God rose that was a noob move nows not the time to fall how fast this one is down and got her like a fish foreign this is her Max Speed by the way guys its as fast as I get to run keep on pursuing just a little Shimmy Shake oh my God a way out dude that looks like were yeah but now now theres a lot of cut scenes you play for like need blah gun or vase just use a vase seriously where am I gonna get a gun what like bra she whips out like a Glock or Colt 45 foreign Music Music there you go reload there was like little to no real recoil for her shes like oh  __  be careful oh God its oozing lets just stay away from the Ooze I wonder where I might find the next thats where we ran from so thats the end theyre gone for now so now we cant shop up with Duke this must be the crystal oh a little waste ammo Im an idiot all right fine oh we did this before didnt we in the main game I guess I need to find these thats what I always enjoyed about the rezzy games the disciples await their mask bronze silver gold with their Garb arrayed the light shall be released okay what the hell am I gonna do oh with a gun rag this is where the Demi grabbed us that one or was it yeah okay we need a cockroach key grant me that which I sorry what Grant you what grab me which sees the truth through its three eyes The Mask so once we bring them the masks itll probably release something yeah red seems to be the case Carol its literally just the story of a recovery like you know a drug addict in in rehab or whatever struggling with all these things must thats me when Im hungry he needs a Snickers maybe we can just avoid him Music thats the death sound I wasted the ammo unfortunately whats up Gareth how you doing oh thanks for the ammo do I have to I was gonna use the bolt cutters should help if you really want to help you could back me up against those things cant watch them say cant yep so Im on my own what do you mean youre on your own hes hooking up with ammo you just spawn ammo for you out of his ass Id say thats pretty good given the circumstances Matt I think her jacket is badass I would love that now heres the question before I go there Im sure this is the root I think its all very linear as I mentioned earlier Im gonna quickly double back because I just kind of went this way you know I made a decision Im gonna go look and see if I can actually go up the stairs there might be something blocking the staircase right now take a look and see yep eventually Ill guarantee you it will clear its not only me foreign see I just honestly as it happens if you find the right way just go there because thats the way its gonna go oh okay Im Im I dont know Ive always pronounced that an herb I remember I called it an herb and various resi playthroughs and everyones like its hard ass theres an H on it and its like everyone passes it differently core you mean that gross lumpy thing how am I supposed to break it I thought it was gonna say use your pants here to get rid of them they probably do have it as real merch I should check the uh okay Capcom store but how what am I supposed to do whats that you know whats funny about that youd think that like I I did hear about that when you pronounce the silent h thats more of a North American kind of a thing but if you pronounce the Hub its you know I see how I even went British which is funny because you guys really pronounce the items anyway its like herb you know Id be like hello you cant say hello but you can say herb you know what I mean hello its so funny you gotta love people were very complex arent we theres the eyes so were gonna need a special key to open that this is gonna be some double backing involved chem fluid oh wait uh right sorry the crafting so these two select that okay were gonna want oh my maxed out okay yeah Im maxed out I can use these things herb cam fluid gunpowder cam fluid there might be more items capable see this bot is like my body like which way do I go first that answers that question hey hes here hows it going no I didnt say Siri I said Sierra pirate attention shes like Im doing good my  __  phone imagine having a conversation with your phone gosh Dan youre trash youll always be trash sometimes its better just to haul acid youll save the ammo oh dear goodness me no way Im waiting through that maybe I can find a way across Im already out of you Rosie rosay oh Rick Rose thank you it wouldnt be funny if someone if you look carefully while going up the stairs there was like someone in the back like just like one of those guys just doing jumping jacks or something like that just like a little Easter egg Capcom does that kind of  __  all the time see its cool because weve been here I remember this in the main game this but first things first Im a Superman all right I may have found a means of dramatically destabilizing parts of the immunomyc network by introducing a disruptive Force to block the auto inducers they use for communication for example the hard pack cores of mold known as sclerosia begin to break down on a cellular level and disintegrate when thus disrupted sclerosia scarocha thats all Im seeing is scrote scrotecha watch this group chat form when the mutomyc develops in new locations serving as a sort of Anchor Point or foothold theyre often associated with a patch of liquid void through which the mold has spread when the auto inducers of the sclerosia are disrupted it begins to break down any liquid void connected to the sclerosis will also disintegrate they like to repeat the same word multiple times its like the guy who wrote this is trying to flex at his vocab you know what I mean like you know I dont know anyway uh what did I just finish this little disintegrate it would it would appear that destabilizing the sclerosis sends a signal indicating that location is no longer viable from you to my seat habitation triggering a full-scale retreat is there any more sclerosis you want to mention there bro is there anything craft oh I did craft it thats how you know oh I see I clicked it and that crafted I see I was wondering what was going on I was like um there you go I was tripping for a second okay Ill grab this new variant its very unstable I didnt save yet I dont think itll give me a chance to save her its supposed to do with this thing Focus bring it back to the uh bring it back to the mask foreign different somehow you just absorbed it all right lets see if this works they use that in the screenshot multiple times I probably should use three saves I usually like to I normally I just keep saving and people like how many saves do you need its like lots okay Focus here ah so these things we saw its gonna reveal goodies so whenever we see those mold them up great I got a tiptoe in my Converse through this the mold ah yeah dude I think Im dead wait a minute you Music okay Rose youre making a scene its its like when youre you know youre in a grocery store or whatever with your toddler and they just start freaking out like that you know just gotta make you look stupid right now youre coming across as stupid Im just saying that to your child you look stupid the legal infant child okay so naturally thats not what they wanted me to do so whats the safer oh Dan youre so dumb its right in front of your face I actually tried man I aint no punk  __  Im gonna go ahead and Wade through the water weighing through the lot of children weed in water I wonder if I should move a little bit like right about there just so you guys can see my ammo situation that makes more sense doesnt it it is a little Grant or it is a little drag down I meant to say thats okay I mean honestly guys we all talk  __  right now were comfortable in our own homes or in our own work sites workplaces get around it to get rid of it I was a little far there you go now there might be some items thatll spawn down here time to go oh hes gonna have to bust in so theyre four hits good to know thats right Mickey if its red it means you theres nothing else or if its right it means theres something else you missed lets go there you go uh wheres the map again Ive honestly already forgotten I thought it was tab oh no I missed something in the workshop oh maybe oh let me go back up one second yeah I missed something in the workshop Im gonna go back sorry guys my OCD wont allow will not allow it seriously just picture one of those guys doing jumping jacks wait for it right there you just see him kind of in the background just doing it for no reason just for comedic effect Music all right so I missed something in this Workshop I dont know what I would have missed but oh there thats probably all yeah thats it I missed some chem fluid hey man if you we probably dont need to search everything but again number one Im OCD as  __  I have to like it bothers me to leave something unfinished sometimes like its not as bad when its like overwhelming and like theres like tons of its the quick way down shes totally fine too oh man that was the Express Elevator right there going down anyway um but yeah not only that my super OCD but I like the color blue so I want to make sure everything changes to Blue whenever possible foreign I got an extended mag so I can hold 16 shots in here 16 rounds Music well that was the guy we shot on the way in here oh I didnt have to use that last one really Music that was the first time he actually like sucked me that sounds wrong come on you guys know what I meant We Must Destroy these time time to go Music foreign youre a strong cookie Music okay I think thats all of them oh that okay this is where we came in oh something there I think a librarys done lets get out of here where do I go this way is this still locked from this side yeah were eventually gonna Somethings Gonna bring us around that way what of course are we even ready for him so bronze is first then silver than gold that requires an eye but Im still going to go over here Music didnt we run away from demeteresque here yeah thatll create a nice little shortcut I just want to see something ah I figured I might as well grab whatever pickups I can right now anything thats gonna actually help us foreign first mask all right fully done there lets go back and place the first mask on so Im assuming this this is over once you collect all three masks rest whats wrong everything happened ease and I came here hasnt changed I need that Crystal thank you hows my health doing I mean Im slightly hurt but not bad you know what this is terrible Inventory management let me let me adjust this wait how do you move  __  around again right shift all right hold on you can rotate this cant you there much cleaner did I go this way already all right this is yeah the dining room has been searched but see now we can go through that door okay fine oh wait is there one that looks like a one its probably this one and then two three foreign Im a little paranoid about that yeah we ran this way Im just looking huh all right I do not recall a single thing not who I am or how I came to be I know nothing my memories are as broken as the face I hide behind this mask All That Remains is this feeling this hunger to see others in pain the despair in their eyes the sounds of their screams who will be my next Quarry I have my minion to do my bidding he has many faces but no brains within those skulls he is my best hound and he will chase those rabbits down so thats big old Duke writing that I take it so Im wondering if its because of the eyes that I cant grab that just like one eye so wait a minute is this like where Duke shop this is where Dukes at wasnt it its one of the shops yeah obviously we cant go this way yet foreign we need something for that okay I was just kidding Jesus I love how I Disturbed it its like Rumble in the Jungle just avoid that area well come back to this area eventually can we go up the stairs now when in doubt search it out oh make sure there wasnt anything there Ill be okay can you hurry up and drawn map dressing room the key to that get the monocular key all right well lets take a little walk this will probably take us back to a room weve already been in did I pick it up foreign oh was this this was locked off before wasnt it thank you its not doing anything I will youre just full of surprises Im gonna go those things chase me in here but whereas the monocular key was supposed to be here somewhere its not in this room though it must be close by dont go too weak well lets go back to the drawing room theres something in here I missed I think this is yeah oh he completely gated it off for me maybe not thats bizarre it says theres something here but maybe I gotta come back ah oh whoa oh dude do you remember this room the same room chopped like this before in the main game looks like there are more of these I remember that the same room was really choppy I dont know why holy  __  it runs like a bag of dicks stronger now literally the same room as last time I did that oh God I gotta get out of here Music watch as soon as we go downstairs its fine now look at that thats so weird oh thats why it wasnt searched yet he hooked me up with a white sage do you want me to use it were still oh yeah they want me to this too okay gotcha thatll restore your power so if you need to Halt some dude now hes letting me out Music foreign Network can have destabilizing effects on the mold these effects can be also observed in beings formed of mold rather than the cellular disintegration observed in sclerosis however this instead presents as a dramatic slowing of movement practically freezing the being in place if other bodies are in close proximity to the Target this disruption effect can spread but only within a very limited sphere of influence you see behind me I mean they might have been but I think we have to go out the same way we came in Applause I dont know whoa whoa keep it unlocked its starting to grow on me I gotta get that  __  crafted I dont know if thats considered a waste or not foreign you have to really push it like right to the edge okay last time I didnt actually check this door Predator Stand United staring down their prey painting of wolves picture is fixed in place she painting so they stare at their prey so I have to move them around the Frog so do I have to move them down oh theres an order depending on the butterfly the picture is fixed in place okay so spider so I gotta I gotta put them in order Okay so so the wolf is staring at technically the Sheep isnt it so that was right which is looking at what do sheeps eat frogs thats where they were though butterflies eat the spiders do they eat the spiders I dont know I feel like I dont have enough you know what I mean I feel like we dont have enough paintings theres a fox there though Music but butterfly theres no way a butterfly can eat a frog oh wait no its where theyre staring I see so wait a minute maybe the Spider goes here and maybe the frog goes here can we read this again Predators Stand United each during down their prey whats he got in his mouth so it cant be this because I dont know maybe theyll yeah frog eats the spiders and then I mean maybe its like what theyre looking at right I feel like Im missing one I think Im missing a painting So Butterfly I do butterflies eat them oh well butterflies must no I know wolf eats sheep but like theres only five like theres not enough like theres Im missing a painting I feel like I need to find another painting before I can do that lets look around a bit more because well uh maybe not though because we might actually need is there anything thats unexplored the dining room we dont have access so long we dont have access to the dining room is that main area okay now we fully searched everything oh right Predator that makes sense well try that okay well take well pick up everything that makes sense oh because look where the wolfs looking okay yeah yeah that Wolfs looking here so lets put the Sheep here then the Sheeps looking at do you think the frog the frog maybe I dont know okay butterfly what eats the butterflies the Frog but then theres still one missing so it doesnt matter I thought it was like maybe the frog looks at lets try the because the Frog eats because these two are both looking at them see that theyre both looking at their PR no that wouldnt make sense yeah they stand United that makes sense so yeah all the Predators are on this side so Im gonna go spider here the spider eating the butterfly so whats in the middle though so that must mean the frog is here so then were missing a painting I think we need the key first oh wait hold on hold on one second what was the key the key at the one eye oh geez thats probably where it is hold on lets go sorry guys Im I think Im missing the last painting so lets quickly run back to that one room I think it was through this door overthinking things at its finest guys thats how I roll but this is one of those moments thats kind of you know youre in a safe Zone so even if I have it in the right spot wait what did that do oh its just oh never mind but there was another door elsewhere in the courtyard so there you go this bad boy is rocking it okay so now I gotta go back out so that was just for that part but hey Im not mad about that at all so lets go to the Courtyard Ill bet you that one door that had the single set of eyes is gonna have another painting thank you imagine there was a painting in that box that wouldnt really make sense okay Im trying to maneuver while sipping coffee lets see if I can do it I mean I kind of can there we go it seems like all these enemies tend to spawn um whenever they sludge around so as long as theres no sludge around oh whats this can you rotate it you  __  I cant really see it all the silver its showing you where it is all right well lets go this way Jesus Music Music to these choke slander foreign welcome to the gallery of Despair wondrous display of those few who succeed in obtaining at least one mask set your sights upon those Chosen Few whose final moments of Despair are preserved forever in this Gallery witness in this collection of the light the light of life from a different perspective okay thats sick bastard you got some Sage hold up there thats how I know see the DLC is not gonna be overly complicated with too much stuff and oops youre not supposed to push the button although Ive just drowned the arrows bite dont sting they hang me long ago yet I feel everything but still the worst not not last nor first the sharpened blade did ring wait hold on its its an order lets read that again although Ive just drowned the arrows bite dots sting so drown Arrow so theres arrows thats strangulation that looks drowning so drowning Arrow uh they hang me so the choking one and then no hold on a second although I have just drowned the arrows but oh no no wait thats out of order oh just because you read them in sequence doesnt mean thats correct I see sorry although I have just drowned so drowning was the last thing so the choke the sorry the drowning one is last um the Arrows by so the so drowning will be last and then with the arrows got to come at some point they hang me long ago yet I feel everything but still there was no not last nor first the sharpen blade did ring so it sounds like um hanged so hanging seems like its first so I think thats incorrect so I think its going to be hanged which is choking oh no that ones pushed in oh I must have done that then yeah those two are correct so hanging that and then drowning is last so lets go with arrows yeah thats what it is arrows then this no I was wrong no that was incorrect these two stayed though when I did that right they stay yeah okay so Id had it backwards then oh no no so hanging would be next and then or drowning then arrows that seems like it doesnt make sense but the other way didnt work so no hanging wasnt first it was way its written there you go got it oh I love that just dropping down I dont know man give me that ammo silver mask is in the small room in the back Im so close foreign let me guess this dude coming up Im supposed to oh  __  time to go oh man thats typical rezzy right there oh God we got Ding Dongs we got all sorts of people thank you Applause oh my God all I see is this big ass ax oh hes spawning dudes foreign Im running out of ammo can I go through there Crouch holy  __  all I saw was spikes guys what we needed for that last last moment was a toad cam because my toes were twinkling in front of me let me tell you what I mean oh man thats brilliant oh lets cop this mask pipe bomb masks down one to go oh thats good  __   __  its funny oh I still miss something in the basement its fine come on you missed me and do not for the love of God kiss me how the hell am I getting through this oh God foreign how the  __  do you get through this  __  bastard man I think Im gonna take some damage this really sucks theres so many enemies Im done look at this dude what am I supposed to do uh hold on Music oh my God bro how the hell theres so many and theres no space Im pipe bombs Im an idiot foreign just get out of here holy  __  I forgot about the damn kite bombs guys that obviously thats what they wanted you to do but hey I got I I got out of there without using it I feel like I wasted a lot of  __  though thats the downside I kept the pipe bombs but I mean they obviously wanted you to use said pipe bombs anyway we got our next mask thats right I need to pick up some healing items the mask what about it Ive got it I got it but just barely this ugly brute turned up no  __  I could find something like that Ill take all the help I can get ammo and a white sage which I will use because oh whoops uh heres what Im gonna do actually Im going to rearrange this I mean I could well lets reload is there no save point I know theres gonna be Auto saves but like a first aid gel I dont think I need that just yet we gotta get back to that Gallery thats gonna be a major part I think Ill make a third save which way is this oh oh theres the painting The Serpent dude Im so glad I walked in here I would have missed that oh this is one way where we came in so do we want to actually go this way lets start going this way so the serpent eats the Frog the spider eats the ah shotgun shells gunpowder and rusted scrap pipe bombs gunpowder rustic scrap herbs I saw a shotgun in the dining room nice we need that shoddy which you drank ruined scrap or rusted scrap oh this is the other side I see Im glad I went this way then were gonna go down a level from the outside I found out Oh I thought that was a ladder never mind I found out okay now we can make our way back to the gallery now that we have the extra painting honestly I thats so satisfying feeling of like getting the thing you need for a puzzle you had to like leave behind its very satisfying all right well Im gonna go get whatever the hell is in that and then I think you needed that that one key as well arent you I dont like how this is going hes gonna spawn here just haul it honestly sometimes your best bet is to run the boy down Music didnt he say there was a shotgun in the dining room I need a three key though right so before heres the thing before I actually you know Im gonna drop it off  __  it we still need a gold mask oh wait theres another mask on the top you see that what is this what is that it almost looks Emerald okay lets go get this painting which will probably give us the access to the key downstairs for the shotgun okay so lets do this right theyre looking at their homies but heres the thing theres this guy looking here but theyre all on the same side so my thoughts so lets see so the snake eats the frogs well put the Snake Here oh that was that was the answer just the fact that they were looking at  __  you know what I mean it looked like they were looking to the right of the left but that was I think what they wanted you to think did he make these puzzles to mess with me yeah and theres the triple key now we can go get the dining room shotgun the tri-color emblem begets glory and to the the go let me read it unto thee the golden mask shall be granted so this was mandatory anyway it wasnt like I could have missed this all right guys we are off to a great I dont want to say start because I think were like well over the halfway point or at the halfway point so lets go and Im assuming there was one locked ass door that we couldnt get through at the time but Im really enjoying this so far its very very satisfying game I didnt even see the shotgun back there I honestly didnt even see it if Im honest you go I should okay now Ive got a okay Im gonna do some arranging okay there we go you could also go vertically but its good for me how about for crafting is there anything we want to craft like maybe some shoddy shells I dont know what how many of these do we have actually we have enough to craft both there you go Ill take that good  __  okay lets look at the map now where are we going I mean theres one spot in the kitchen thats locked off the main hall is obviously the current situation wheres the final mask that go were like what is that like theres a few rooms we havent access that are locked off but most of them we have so its like do I maybe can I shoot him now like everywhere has been searched you see this the only one remaining that has interest is this last one but we need a gold mask I mean theres the kitchen lets try running to the kitchen see if that door is open now because its red so maybe we can get through it with the key no but usually it would show you like a symbol right oh  __  I missed this part there you go this little forgot about this area this is all closed off to me before right all right sweet I remember lady dimitro asking my original run tired about you week here is that why your words are fading yes try not to overdo it then its a bit of ammo but its just a room no Im on PC right I mean it is on Console yes sorry but yeah Im playing on PC here it is I knew there was another door it was on the other side of the uh this is the courtyard as well right yep it was in the courtyard I just went around it I knew I saw another one good we found it theres the mask there obviously were gonna have to clear the path because theres no way the last mask can I snipe anything its like this oh that gave me oh its gonna give me a platform thats kind of neat and it also released I mean if I dont let them know Im here thatd be preferable Music is it following me ten boxes this is the door that unlocks the outside yeah right yep there is but I dont I know theres one behind the slot there right oh theres one at the other end you see that its jumped too far from it though its on the other I have to get to that side of the balcony okay I think I understand um whoa  __  on snakes bye sir I have to go  __  oh God thats so dumb Im gonna need health its just a waste so I cant remember if they keep spawning I know you guys are probably gonna be like Dan use your shotgun Id rather not waste the ammo Music Lloyd what up buddy thank you so much for joining the program as well lets keep that membership ring going guys appreciate all you joining thank you this  __  guy all right is that everybody I think so Ive been just trying to go down to like use one or you activate one of the cores there that one I think Im far enough actually one second Im gonna make a note sorry guys uh what does it say okay there we go sorry yall can I snipe that from here see Im a little far thats why Im like oh you know what Dan use the steps you dumb dumb just to get close enough its a process right guys all right thatll alleviate whats going on upstairs now I can head upstairs this is really cool I like this aspect its different foreign Music I didnt need to use that last one but he didnt make us cry yet so that should drop the last panel right this one here which should get me the mask do you think the final boss is gonna be that dude like do you know what I mean like that that guy with the big old spiked bat something on the ceiling oh I will look like I just look for everything see its always good to unlock the doors because you want to give yourselves another way through you have good  __  eyes I wouldnt have seen that thank you Annie good God this is why its good to have another pair of many many pairs of eyes with you because the thing is when Im focusing on chat and all this other stuff it changes how you view things right I came in that mask easy peasy yeah thats what Im doing Im not using the shotgun unless I have I had so much handgun ammo it was insane so of course well I hope we got everything much there was Music a shame less skip and a jump away from your crystalline prize I knew the real deals would be so much more lively would be ashamed to ceremoniously prolong our fun a little longer oh come now dont out prepared a nice little diversion for so many sclerosia nearly all of them are counterfeit do you think you can suss out the real ones damn time is running up all right dude Im just wait hold on I gotta see if I missed anything in that room apparently I got everything in the Opera Hall so thats good oh I didnt oh no Annie once again you saw Ill have to make a run for the Opera Hall tell the difference minutes left Ill help lower the barrel what Barrel right its not a good idea to take it nice work next one hurry up deep Shadow broken wall thats a little unfair okay Music oh  __  Im not gonna make it am I those are just coming back Im done 10 seconds Im done I dont know what hes trying to say  __  off what does it mean by Deep Shadow I thought it was the wall I tried all those things can we skip this please how am I supposed to tell the difference they said left over the barrel but then hes pointing this way lower than oh lower than Barrel right right okay I see what hes saying I thought I said lower the barrel nice work okay next one deep shadow broken wall because thats the broken wall what does it mean by Deep shadow its not a good idea like I dont know what hes  __  saying is there another broken wall big core oh the big core this wasnt doing anything when I originally went for it foreign it just took longer are you ready for the grand finale hurry yeah instead of saying hurry point it out soon okay I got it that was his cringe so yeah so I at least get to go back place all three masks your boys gonna go back to get what I need you did it thanks for the help about you all you wouldnt be funny if it was Duke but I guess this will do sorry Im gonna move myself over just a tad there we go sorry that took so long yall do you think theres anything in here maybe I dont know ah there you go thatll probably clear up this area yep this is special Chambers because yeah I remember walking by these before like when we were originally down in the dungeon now theres a lot more shock on ammo I havent really used it so since I have a lot of shoddies now maybe we should start using it a bit more like in that situation it would have made sense there thats how I check oh that could make sense Annie uh I wonder if it is her dad that would be interesting Ethan is Ethan okay theres something in here get out of my  __  face get one-shotted foreign I wonder if theres any mods for the shoddy okay Im gonna go back to the that area and uh almost time Im going back to the where was I going I gotta go I go to the Opera House but I have to admit I lived with them for so long its kind of weird shes probably not even gonna get rid of him I know I know okay before we place it Im actually gonna make a save okay and Im gonna go back and get whatever was in that pot because my OCD cant have one thing that I  __  missed you know what Im saying because its the left all right so as long as your calm cool collected if I just gone here like I would have shaved off so much time not that it matters its on the bottom level right or is it no its the top level sorry top level or something in the corner and at the child mention the check all right well that cover the award okay where is this flower pot oh how did you see that how in the hell did you see that I I dont get it man to be gifted with sight man that sounds like such an  __  thing for me to say man if only I had vision has vision Music that sounds like something but I cant like put my finger on what it is it is it is gonna bother me until I get it up but now we have it all all right big players Ill save in the same spot there we go now I can wait before we go anywhere Lets uh rearrange some stuff because this looks like a bag of  __  anything hell you know anything Health oriented there you go all right hows everything going hows our we have a bit of everything right now so we could use some of the gunpowder I might go shotgun pistol health and then Ill leave the rest all right final one yall lets place it lets see what happens people are going to be speedrunning this so quick can I have I can has Crystal whats up Stan how you doing well how did you not hear him enter the room youve more than earned this reward almost looks like the real thing doesnt it well that was a big old waste of time its a replica of course nothing that valuable could ever manifest on this stratum did you really think Id give away something so precious I had to bait the trap with something nope come on dude thats cheese Music foreign Laughter now comes the real fun the perfect place for your demise Music of course you dudes okay thats just obscene hes got weak points this is gonna its not too bad okay its bad its bad I missed him thank you Id rather go the other way Im better going the other direction why wouldnt I shoot its got Its really slow foreign Applause probably not oh look at you so much sorry Im just talking one sec can you put the killing on hold as Im messing around well just do the one for now time to shake things up oh  __  on a stick time to run Brothers I admire your teness oh hes running hes a runner hes a trickster get a full magazine in there foreign I can craft him though oh he hit me thats my first hit from him foreign oh just kidding most insipid fight Ive ever seen everything comes in threes guys you know how this works dont let her get away with that time to go well take this guy out quickly its a show there you go level three lets go Im just looking for gear I dont know if its gonna count though really what a dirty dirty Adventure you dont get to do that I was just about to do it how much fun hows my health at its pretty low lets use one dude hes cheesing its on his  __  back now well this will give us room to actually shoot him so Ive got to take this thing down ASAP human life thats a little mean one boy spawns behind me all right theres nothing Im missing in the execution yard theres a pick up there there you go we got it all reload this sucker bad idea I should reloaded first enough finish this is he toaster no hes spawning there he is okay hes done useless creature disappointment no matter youre imminent demise is inevitable okay this is getting a little ridiculous man why are you toying with me run for us run where hes like where here time to go #jump you dont have a choice we heard Ive already played GTA 4 Andy I actually replayed it like a couple years ago on Facebook I guess that ones gone but I do have an original run or not my original run obviously because I originally played it in 08 but I did I did a run for the channel years ago where am I now Mr Adam I dont want to leave just accept I find that Crystal just accept that you have power Im tired of being a freak I want to have friends I want to live a normal life that this curse if that purifying Crystal can make that happen make me normal then Im not going back until I find it yeah so all right then I dont really know Carlos I didnt look so far its really good Im really liking it going back now back now so now were in the village I wonder if were gonna get a fourth one or sorry a fifth one of these you know I know where the crystal is it thats not at all  __  spooky come on bro will you be my friend  __  no no Im good I got enough friends lets no I dont want to play its where Ive seen these monkeys before but the hell oh I remember they were jumping on the bed one fell off and broke his head I mean theres a few of them I know they were at least 99 for sure wasnt this the doll factory from the main game whats wrong okay what did it say someone what I didnt read it what time travel things seems different okay this is weird okay what can we interact with any of these big old teddy bears January 5th today was my first day of school Ive always wanted to go Im gonna give Chris a big hug next time I see him there were so many kids my age it was like I walked into a TV show or something I was so scared when I had to introduce myself to the class but I was super duper excited to be there Im going to make so many friends Im gonna try and talk to them tomorrow January 8th I tried to be brave and talk to some other kids but no one wants to talk to me schoolwork is super easy but its all stuff Ive learned with Mommy but I guess I shouldnt answer all the teachers questions the boy behind me said something really mean my hands go icky with white sweat when I panic it was really bad today today the teacher yelled at me for always carrying my hanky she always she says Im not a baby anymore the boys at school keep saying Im icky but I take a bath every night I always wear clean clothes and bring a fresh hanky every day its because of the stupid white sweat be whenever it starts coming out of my hands I wipe it off right away but something sometimes it wont wipe off so I just told my hands my hanky really tight Chris even told the teacher it cant get anyone sick but it didnt change anything some someone finally talked to me Lucy from my class ever always wanted to be friends she always wanted to be friends were going to have lunch together tomorrow I cant believe Im so happy I hope Lucys friend Catherine will be my friend too this is this is her  __  isnt it its like her past were missing a baby its locked thanks oh is there a picture of me its Rose shes got the Hat huh Music okay Crystals right there but theres no way to get it thats not the crystal I guarantee you thats not it Music anytime God damn it you dont need that junk my stuff its like Harleys there oh remember we have to do the same thing in the main game we had to open it up we ended up have a body or whatever stitched up looks like somethings inside so were gonna have to find the parts to do that the embalming process Jimmys room I dont have the key for that is locked we need the key we need the key right I remember every the top was running in in the original game as well okay now shes drawing on the walls yikes right I remember we spun the chair around in one of these offices and homeboy was dead they were like well you know he did all right theres something in the study oh were gonna have to find a number code for that oh this is this other side okay we need a we needed a number okay oh whats this can I rotate it 44. okay so thats one number let me guess hold on 44. stuff Locker the picture on the bookshelf the desk covered in stuff okay so thats theyre giving me the code okay hold on so what did they say this the stuffed Locker okay spin its telling me so I think thats the order of the code so Im gonna take a note and I know that the first one is in the stuff Locker second one is the picture so 44 is the next number and then the in the desk is going to be the last one so the stuffed Locker isnt that the stuffed Locker though the desk covered in stuff ah 66. okay oh two oh thank you dont do that please I would really appreciate you not doing that okay lets try the code so O2 Im assuming thats the order like based on how its written actually lets go backwards got it scissors thatll open up let me guess this is gonna open now maybe not all the hands bro thats not nice thats creepy as hell this is still locked yeah and the hands are falling oh whats it wait I saw a note here Mr Monkey has a Time yank he might give you the crystal if you help him its not gonna be that yeah its something else thats the baby for the door Music this must be her little teddy bear from when she was a child I mean Teddy monkey I guess monkey bear know how to play with dolls dont you again what now Lucy so theres gonna be a pedestal for each one I bet you can find all kinds of places to play with this doll and her friends maybe we got the crystal once you get the campfire started its gonna be in let me guess this is locked now I dont know I need to play dolls oh theres an order of things look at that so maybe we dont hold on lets take Lucy so thats no step one dude well take her back thats probably How It Ends but we need Lucy and whom Catherine we need to get clean that gross mold off of her its like reliving what happened to her like us right we gotta find Im gonna take the baby the baby thing and Im gonna go back to that door wait is that picture messed up oh no its just drawing well kind of okay its all post two whos that okay is that Catherine found Catherine were gonna be going back and forth a few times no one wants to be your friend what a loser so whats that whats that one say its crossed out that one is too so we dont know whos up there fishing dont know theyre all legible so were gonna have to probably do some digging but now we can go and wash her off right we at least have the two so thats where were going back Jesus is that one of the dolls thats  __  creepy okay so we know that Catherine went here whos spraying her with  __  and Lucy wait wasnt Lucy the friend and like the one that said they wanted to be friends and then Catherine was the one that went with her yeah yeah I get it  __  you yeah so they were just trolling her girls could be so well kids can be mean in general not just girls but probably gonna find more figures down here which Im assuming yikes hey hahaha theres a ladder lets go do a lap makes no pickups and that looks like something but anyway lets just go down can I even go down yes I can ah this is the next doll who is that so creepy we actually dont know who that is was there well now we know now we know that we have three dolls so we can go back to that room where we did where it was illegible we have to try and figure out this one is following me God that if that happened to me bro Id be like well too bad we cant stay you know what I mean foreign it seems like it changes once you get a new one each time I wonder if I should save I think I might do a quick save and she was lulled because no one would talk to her everyone thought she was weird Nolan was really doing anything all right so were gonna have to figure out the right order what does this one say no one wants to be a friend what a loser Im guessing based on Im assuming this is the yeah you just gotta look how theyre posing okay that ones dropping water so lets take a look at the images pointing that one so Lucy was probably doing that Catherine was pointing and laughing Music theres another another adult fourth doll black hair doll okay that ones finished so now we have four so now we can go back to the the front entrance in the workshop yeah it might have been Jimmy thats a good point I just assumed Jimmy was oh my I knew that was gonna happen but Im an idiot so all right well Lucy we can put here she was doing something like what are they actually like burning or that I dont know if its metaphoric or if its legit okay this one looks like its another stick this one doesnt have any legibility though well see if it fits though Im gonna go with that one yep that looks right that one I think is the black haired doll no that doesnt matter that doesnt add up lets try yeah I know thats bundles so lets go with Jimmy yeah thats Jimmy okay and then whoever this new girl is just kind of chilling bro that cant be real no did they actually do that seriously and theres a key breaker box key board so bad God that movie The Black phone had come out so now naturally were all like well hello hahaha I havent seen it Im just saying Music bro mommy might be upset that Im helping you though who are you okay so back to the elevator foreign lets play Statues lets not its game over if they catch you I okay well do a quick save dont look away oh my God bro if theyre hinting what I think theyre hinting at if you look at them they dont move if you look away they move bro if thats what happens nothing oh wait wheres the breaker box right I have the key to the breaker box but oh right next door idiot all right oh for the lava okay so I gotta look at this map again Android map that was inside the breaker but a nasty messages written on it whats whats this wait no stop I want to look at it whats the message say were friends right will you bring me the elevator fuse okay were at the elevator we have to go through there around to the kitchen into the bedroom oh bro is that Mommy Im a little nervous about this I dont want a place dont do not foreign I dont like that I do not appreciate that at all the audacity of this  __  bro I dont even know where we are okay were through the wall I think were in this I think were right there on the left you see that hallway all right so Im Gonna Keep backing up and Im gonna dip past the kitchen dont run turn around turn around dude I hate this I dont Ive never been in this room if you make eye contact eye contact with her as soon as I like shoot as soon as I lose vision shes gonna start walking okay Im gonna keep going I think I missed my turn wait what room is that bro Im not I think I have to go in here it looks like theres a doorway stop it  __  she knows are we saving here I got the fuse Jesus Christ dude I gotta this is gonna be so silly dude I gotta okay I gotta look away okay look at her now I gotta keep my eyes on her avoid like the  __  plague dog running oh theres two theres  __  two theres two theres two theres two theres two theres two theres two oh my God dude that is the creepiest  __  Ive ever seen oh my God please dont let there be three run oh it did oh my God theres another one dont peek its shes gonna peek me hi bro am I even going the right way I dont  __  know oh okay I gotta back up to my left Im just wondering if I should just  __  Sprint raw man oh God theres another one here Music let me go okay well they added a fourth one Im wondering if I should just buck it I think Im supposed to book it Im supposed to book it theres no way theres no way Im catching up with that oh  __  I gotta do that again I might just run Im debating on just sprinting hi look away turn hi so I hope you dont mind as soon as I go through here Im gonna run time to go lets  __  go just go just go just go just go just go just go just go just go just go time to go I dont like that sound where am I supposed to go dude all right all right all right all right I dont wanna its too long its too drawn out how am I supposed to get her out of the way of the door Matt the fact that theyre making me do this over and over  __  you man Jesus Christ I wish I could close the door on these  __  and running time dont touch me goodbye I might have to stop them once I see them hi go I had it  __  confusing please work bro if youre telling me I need to get you a sandwich or something Im gonna be very pissed why are you doing this youre after the crystal arent you do you know where it is Ive gathered some friends just for you no more friends and maybe Ill tell no  __  this  __  what is going on here man I swear to God I did not have these buttons on my seat when I first started well four little Rose Im waiting for you a bedroom look how small I am comparatively lets play hide and seek can you make it all the way here without getting caught oh God who am I hiding from hide and seek ers Ill try Music  __   __  Music I just gotta I gotta look at her movement patterns I dont know how sound oriented she is Music like you know what she picks up foreign foreign oh theres one up there too that ones got a  __  sickle bro Music whats her order wait how many theres more oh that ended quickly I did not see her so theres one going back and forth Im allowed to take an L Im allowed to take an L theres probably gonna be an achievement Music I dont have any items though Im pretty hurt though FM oh I got some health back but when one hits you it disappears so now you dont have to worry about it foreign she just scans this way right yeah she basically cuts off your way of going around the other doll thats all that she was for eign Music oh I just got it thats like that ones like just close enough kind of thing so many see me Im toast yeah how do we want to be something I can do foreign Music holy  __  I almost got annihilated that my that doll must represent us like rose Music foreign all right theyre moving now I gotta learn their paths I think that was my opportunity Im not sure though oh  __  I I has eat I messed up Ill wait for a second foreign Music well thats somehow I didnt honestly is that an insta death how can I survive the other one then that doesnt make any sense all right we gotta do this again Music I dont think they can see me but Im still gonna Crouch here Music just have to get past them Music had enough foreign foreign laughs how did I miss Im dead there I didnt see where Im supposed to go there must be a distraction up top oh like there well I waste it youre allowed one where the  __  was I supposed to go here I didnt realize I could attack them oh  __  Music hey Chrissy I know its not its just a DLC its not new I mean its new but its not foreign its not like a full game Music I think the bedroom is just over there got her so at least we can fight back what dude thats  __  trash where does she come from Music thank you Music shes in the way Im  __  I cant Music it just takes her down it doesnt actually kill her so now I cant get through thats really dumb I cant get through now there we go so thats who got me go no one likes Rose hey flap of crazy powers looks like their dad thats why she doesnt have any friends shut up you know its true what is fun with her oh afraid about she might turn into shut up shut up shut up shut up Music you gotta get out of here just Hustle spot as fast as I can run right now guys Music hurry up Applause because shut up I cant take much more of this why are they talking about my dad we never even met him no way I dont know I dont know the first thing about him I wish I did all I know is he died protecting me sometimes I try to imagine what my life would have been like if he hadnt died but he have taught me to ride a bike helps me with my homework story every night but he have been there for me proud of me sometimes feel lost or afraid try to imagine what he might have said to me where are we it feels familiar this is home yes like all the decorations some kind of party to do decorate the living room done get wine put in dining room yep Roses other present in study hidden upstairs take a look Im not done yet I just got here just cannot get enough of this stuff that boys this must be my parents house from when I was a baby but other things also have my dads memories take your time and look around thank you Rose is such a picky eater all she ever wants is fruit puree I guess Ive always loved fruit She Bangs her spoon every time I play this I wonder if shell be a musician I wonder if Dad played any instruments shes so little hard to believe one day shell be old enough to share a bottle of wine with her old man found out was a Wine Drinker I kind of went in an opposite order both in my life dad okay so I think thats everybody Ill just confirm it it kind of glows though so I think oh I can actually save it following us into a false state of security I think nothing in the bathroom little music box this tune has always been special for our family Ive heard this before didnt we hear it when we were cutting open the the stuffed animal shes already growing out of these onesies I cant believe I was ever this tiny I mean to be fair we were all just like a insignificant spec in your fathers testicles at one point so I think we can shes growing so fast getting bigger every day crib is so little I dont want to skip anything though Im a little nervous everybodys second is Roses half birthday half a year in the blink of an eye I wanted to capture this moment these feelings so I wrote something special I may have gotten a bit sappy though Id feel embarrassed if anyone stumbled across it so its safe in the sideboard for now the key is behind my favorite photo all right we gotta look for the key I wonder if shell look like me when she grows up its probably there I looked so happy youre not really smiling youre just kind of chilling there it is a letter for me foreign happy half birthday Rose my gift to you is a promise Ill always be there for you no matter what Ill be there every birthday to watch you blow out the candles on your cake Ill be there to make you breakfast and walk you to school every day Ill be there when you have a bad dream and sing to you until you fall back asleep Ill hug you tight when youre troubled or worried and tell you that everythings gonna be all right You Are My Precious Rose ever forget that one thats bruh Michael Michael help I forgot that girls name but she was trolling Us in the original game as well whats up Patrick whats up Allen guess what once again seven as well youre looking for isnt here she just poured me a glass of big old waste of time dont have the purifying Crystal of course not Evelyn yeah yeah youll have to go deeper much man theres no PP left for this move she cant trust anyone why are you doing this no one loves you what youre dead no one welcome Laughter yeah I remember games now youre drown ing first no I thought the chicken slash egg came first bro what does she only want you what are you talking about well Im dead  __  that bro honestly I had nowhere to go okay do we have to watch that wait is this supposed to happen I dont think it is  __  off thats really annoying like I tried to do it and then I got stuck was it the door like was I supposed to double back I dont think I was supposed to double back Ed up what does she only want you what are you talking about wait am I going the wrong way again what the  __  is happening do I have to run back like I dont understand and then I cant skip this  __  you Im starting to piss me off its like I dont think I have enough time unless Im Im actually going into the sludge the sludge is spawning there and Im supposed to run back to that wall because I thought I saw it there but it looks like the door is opening now youre drowned I do first first yeah I gotta see Im Im not following it theyre spawning from this side what does she only want you what are you talking now we run back at you sorry guys seriously what is your problem she has bad history obviously well not really history you know what I mean oh what the  __  there now okay there we go excuse me please just so many friends well Im  __  dead dude I keep getting attacked by these  __  and Im trying to make it through the sludge where do you think oh look youre families pump up this  __  oh I need to pause for a second lets inject kid you need therapy okay theyre coming if you can hurry up thatd be great thank you were finally here Champs oh stop it how are you even care Michael good you made it out finally Jesus Evelyn little girl yeah Evelyn was like disturbing the  __  we still cant get out use your powers on her I can help once shes weak all right the final flask I think so Penny you got this all right this looks like it could be the final like we take her out this is the boss okay where the hell is the oh sorry the door its a little laggy here hey I used my powers on her thats why good girl maybe Im just supposed to hide behind the the cover now yeah thats what you do oh I took an l  __  this is completely obsessed with stupid old roads die here if youve never been born it would have been perfect go away oh  __  I thought I was safe for a second youre worthless going out oh shes toast yes lets go Applause everyone loves me what now foreign laughs Music obviously we kind of knew that Michael its not Michael are you there rose look out he saved me but he didnt make it as far as you know that voice is Michael my dad dont give up Rose find that Crystal ten going I have to find that Crystal Im on my own but I have to keep going its that its that eye thing thats all now we have five slots right here and were picking up the ammo but we must have lost oh no its back where the hell am I that she is Chris yeah is this place thats obviously where we need to go you gotta exercise the demons throws a what girl foreign Music Music Music foreign I have a ton of ammo I dont want to like be crazy with it but I mean maybe I should theyre giving me ammo like cray-cray is there any shock on them I do I have three rounds oh and theres more Id rather use the melee and save the shoddy for like the boss Music time to go Music Im being led foreign that ones down Im gonna go oh my God okay again I was like holy  __  that was close Music I probably could have saved it but honestly I think theyre gonna give it give me the ammo that I need we have to do that multiple times Im guessing I need to find that Crystal yeah is this where those copies of me came from I mean yeah at the heart of it all you know all right the mega my seed absorbs the memories of all life within its reach but there are laws which govern the world within it it seems to a while to catalog them as they become apparent the memories that comprise this realm do not strictly reflect reality only those who are attuned to the mute of my seat in life retain control of their facility faculties here in this realm this aligns with my understanding of the mega my seat as revealed to me and its Visions before my death yes my death the physical body is gone absorbed into the mega my seat and yet I do not despair but this fate is grounded me fascinating insights all those years I strived have continued to strive they are not for nothing the memories the Consciousness understanding and knowledge I accumulated in life had transferred here to the mega my seat where it serves as a source of power within this realm if I can harness this power I believe I can use it to affect the thoughts and memories of others this might have been this might have been Ethan of course its hardly a perfect arrangement with so many minds and memories gathered here finding and retrieving a single person from amidst the rebel has proven an immense challenge her memories are they here yes but disillute perhaps what is needed is the right vessel to which to hold her and of course I know of the perfect vessel the only real candidate in all my searching Rosemary winners all right well make a save Shawty ammo I had intended to duplicate Rosemary winners with the hope that a perfect replica might serve as a suitable vessel however the results were less than ideal it would seem that some sort of interference is preventing me from creating a suitable replica instead Ive succeeded in making what it is essentially a living doll it resembles the real thing yes but has no power such as a pathetic husk could never prove suitable for as a vessel it will I will continue my efforts in hopes of Discerning the source of this interference several hypotheses have come to mind thus far the fact that Rose herself is still alive some other actor within this realm a flaw in my methods of production none of these seem especially likely to be the sole reason nor are any of them easy problems to solve perhaps my best hope is to somehow bring Rose into this realm where she to offer herself as a vessel it would be so simple additional observations further experiments with these Rose copies as Ive taken to calling these husks have yielded another interesting wrinkle to pursue when subjected to situations evoking extreme Terror they actually begin to express some semblance of roses abilities this wants more research and I think that my first Creation The Masked Duke is just wanted to perform the stress test so Mass Duke was a creation thats not Duke thats funny they couldnt have been watching me the entire time all right it would seem that at some point during my experiments with Consciousness is an intruder made herself at home in my realm this Intruder was none other than the failure Evelyn who has been running without enacting her own pitiful a general agenda which has led to a slight disruption in my own plans and Evelyn not interfered Rosemary winners would have been on the verge of despair dispossessed of her will to live and her mute of my seat Powers instead a new passion Burns within her I shall have to extinguish it lots of ammo coming in guys look at all this shoddy ammo tons of ammo I think I might now that I picked all this  __  up Im Gonna Save it one more time did I read this one no I dont think I did oh no wait I did I dont know oh maybe I didnt actually I must have missed this one Ive been experimenting with the possibilities of manipulating revive in the Consciousness is stored within the mega mic my seat the first diesel Consciousness is stored in preserved but over time it becomes diffused and diluted spread thin throughout the megabytese mixed with other Consciousness and memories extracting and reassembling the individual who has thus defused has proved wait did I did I read this as experiment I decided to see what would happen if I use different individuals Consciousness to create an entity results no I didnt read this the results were fascinating I gathered fragments respooed the threads and succeeded in creating an individual birth the new in this realm a success to be sure but while his unusual physique resembled a man I once knew he was possessed by a deeply warped psyche and was missing a portion of his face conclusion while manipulating memories to creative person is possible the Creations are flawed and unstable it will not be possible to manufacture a suitable vessel in this way and I miss him first aid yeah I skipped to this one okay theres that feeling again so strong it must be the that pull Ive been feeling is close but I just cant go any further I thought I had made it when I saw that blue light but no not quite if only Id been brave or faster stronger so close I was so close sorry okay we must be getting close whats this black God which lives in us and which we live in which we live create for us a new world as befits your will your dark Consciousness holds for us a second chance graciously offered and joyously accepted you drink the blood of the Lost lamb as it falls upon your darkened Earth not to destroy but to preserve and once again deliver unto life yep how long have I been doing YouTube uh Ive been making videos since like 2008 but Ive been doing what Im doing now since 2010. like these kind of videos ah its working ah oh my God guess what normal feels like its not that night we dont have the powers like and now were and its Miranda God damn it but shes in her human form Ive waited so long for you who who are you my name is Miranda comes so powerful far too powerful for me to subdue theres a trap man I had to lure you into this realm so that you might willingly no but case said did he or did I was an illusion very convincing would you say no way now you can become the vessel for my Eva she lured her to her she should have just left well enough alone but now we fight Miranda again is it huh he said you messed up he can save you can we just ah Rose hurry its Rose catch Escape Ethan in the third person I know that wait hold on yes but right now you need to run run its Dad hes got the gun blam its got the spread its got the spread shotgun oh thanks why didnt you tell me who you really were whyd you let me call you Michael I didnt want to complicate this I just needed you safe she moves so slow and Im sorry I left you alone but I had to find a way out and I did its just ahead its not gonna be that simple were not the fighter no if she ran track in high school this wouldnt have been a problem foreign go live a normal life make friends no one will ever call you a freak again Rose just go I dont want to leave you Music I love you but I need to know youre safe so please just keep the new insulin I got this get out of here Ill take those right back dont worry dad Ive got this you damn Powers would allow you to stand against me in the heart of the mind of me how intent you were on my throwing them away I think they just might this is what happened there lets see this power I am hitting her how about this oh  __  you why do you find Im oh you have to hold them both oh its together I see there will be wailing and Nash hes still getting me though and even if you were to survive what would be can save your father you are of two different oh it helps me reload theres no chance damn Im sucking at this right now foreign I dont know whats actually working theres nothing here I come did I get her do you understand what youre doing offer yourself unto me this will all soon oh did I not absorb that oh I hit alt instead you dummy why suffering me oh she got uppercuted oh so that just weakens her he took so much to Lord but youre incredible wow oh God its confusing to do the Dodge like in my brain like come be by my side I think this one I all I can do is no matter how many of us that is why it must be yeah but Im missing my power up only one can bring her back whatever reason whatever I must do I will see did I hit her no I must have been too far thats annoying Kobe oh I didnt dodge that dude come on Im really sucking at this no hit her with it they got apricot in her go lets see you touch this what is this okay retreat theres no  __  here I come theres nothing why Shopper needs I missed that This Is the End whered she go I need her to give me another one of those bad boys oh what happened I did it too early so there is it too early it is a little Annoying trying to set up put yourself on to me its nothing you just wont I think its just a waste of ammo you really are shines inside them all perfect best oh did I not Dodge hit her with it damn it impossible God how many more times all right mister lets see this power keep missing bro so you have like a small window to get her your time ah she got me there come be by my side that wont work hit him with it again oh my God she needs to be close its a very small window you have yeah this is where well do it go Music foreign Music foreign thats the extra power level we need laughs oh I will return Ive sealed your strength to me oh lets go so much power you truly would have been the perfect vessel for my Eva Im not a goddamn Festival not some stupid copy whats going on is this this normal your time thats all we had to do you know she did hey sweetie oh my God youre still growing up and even though I wasnt there with you always watched over you Im so sorry I couldnt protect you at this time you lost your chance I left you I mean never would have had this chance  __  so its okay Im okay okay Im so proud of you laughs Im so very proud of you Rose I love you too dad Im back Im back dad foreign do you think the little boy will be able to touch the Moon but he can touch the moon hes too far away wait what if he is a rocket ship okay then you can touch your butt itd be very very cold you were being silly foreign Music happy birthday Music sorry I missed last week I have a lot of tests coming up you know how it is the goddamn devil dude he calls I love you yeah I found her where else today of all days we have a situation youre needed Evelyn dont you ever call me that again choke Rose I couldnt show you things even Chris doesnt know I can do Stand Down I can handle it I need to keep it together Rose you know I like him you know I know Music she got them back shes even more powerful now yeah because that was kind of like the bonus scene from the main game wasnt it whos that walking huh well there you have it we shall skip this what do we get for completing it a couple of achievements here green teen and Serene teen obviously thats for beating it on standard theres probably like gold silver bronze so the gold wont be on the uh the crush not whats it called okay hold on completely following challenges and you can use it to purchase extra stuff cool all right lets see what do we get then what can we purchase uh I think thats just in the base game cool all right well there you go everyone there is the shadows of Rose DLC I gotta say I truly very thoroughly enjoyed this one uh a lot of it wasnt like it it provided a lot of story like a little bit more information finishes up the winter storyline so apparently Ethan is officially dead for sure that with that that pretty much confirmed it um I gotta say theres a lot of moments in this that were like really like that that mannequin thing I know its kind of been done before but there was just something about this one having very no room to maneuver man that  __  was creepy as hell so I thoroughly enjoyed it and I do recommend it unfortunately the expansion for this is a bit expensive I think it was like 30 bucks Canadian or something like that so its like 20 some dollars US 25 I think forgive me Im not sure um so its a bit pricey for you know three and a half hours and I I think and I went back and forth I Ive seen like I said If someone knows exactly where youre going and youre quick with it you could probably beat this in like two hours or or you know maybe even a little bit thats kind of how Resident Evil games have been this was a longer Resident Evil game but think about Rez 2 remake Res three remake those games are quite short so you gotta look it from that perspective really good DLC and I thoroughly enjoyed it so hope you guys did as well if you did make sure you leave a like on the stream comment your thoughts on this one below make sure youre subscribed if youre not yet turn on post notifications with a bell icon as well so you dont miss anything to put out sure to like follow my socials as well Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat and Discord Linked In the description if you want to get a shirt a hoodie of mine theres a link in the description for that big shout out to 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matches I figured it made sense to do it on the debut debut launch day so if you want to get some Call of Duty action multiplayer were going to be tackling that in a little while Im gonna take a break and well be back Ill let you guys know for sure Im a guest probably about an hour and a half from now maybe maybe a little less than that is when Ill start it uh is that about right yeah about that Ill probably do it then all right thank you guys well see you then otherwise if you dont if I dont see in the next stream have a great rest your weekend and well pick you guys up on Halloween Monday I hopefully well have something sweet for you guys on that Halloween Monday as well but otherwise Call of Duty coming up shortly thanks again guys well see in the next one peace steam destiny 2 problem reading game content SHADOWS OF ROSE DLCResident Evil VillageGameplay Walkthrough With Commentary PC Gameplay 1440p 60 FPS SUBSCRIBE to DanQ8000 ⊳ BECOME A DANQ8000 MEMBER ⊳ USE MY EPIC GAMES CREATOR 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It is the tenth major installment in the Resident Evil series, and the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The game was announced at the PlayStation 5 reveal event in June 2020 and was released for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on May 7, 2021. Like Resident Evil 7 (2017), Resident Evil Village uses a first-person perspective. It is set in an explorable Romanian village. The inventory management system is similar to that of Resident Evil 4 (2005), featuring a briefcase. Players can buy weapons and items from a merchant, the Duke. The players can also hunt certain animals in the village and have them cooked into dishes by the Duke, eating said dishes allows the player to get advantages such as decreasing the damage taken while blocking. Resident Evil Village includes a six-player online multiplayer game, Resident Evil RE:Verse. The Mercenaries Mode also returns in Village. Like previous Resident Evil entries it is an arcade-style game mode. At E3 2021, Capcom announced that downloadable content for the game was in development. At the Capcom Showcase in June 2022, the Winters Expansion was revealed. It includes a new story expansion titled Shadows of Rose, featuring Rosemary Winters as the playable protagonist, alongside a third-person camera mode for the main story and Chris Redfield, Lady Dimitrescu, and Karl Heisenberg as additional playable characters for the Mercenaries mode. The expansion will release for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions on October 28, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch cloud version on December 2, 2022, and for the macOS version at a later date. Get DanQ8000 merch here: ⊳ Get Bones Coffee here: ⊳ Get your DXRacer Gaming Chair here: ⊳ (Promo Code: DANQ8000) Get Jinx Custom Controllers here: ⊳ Sponsored by The Ridge Wallet. 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