Mountain steam gameflash steam RISING STORM 2: VIETNAM Good morning Vietnam in touch My Viper as I noticed Reed orchist 2 has become one of the most popular videos on my channel and in honor of this I decided to make a video about the successor of Red orchestre 2 we call ourselves Racing stron 2 Vietnam which was released on May 30, 2017 in fact rating Storm 2 is very similar to Red orcher 102 But on the other hand, racing storm-2 has some changes and in this video you will find out whether it is worth playing earlier towards 2 at the moment or not, so sit back and stock up on persistent and I wish you a pleasant viewing lets go music lets start with customization unlike Red orchester 2 in racing Storm 2 you can customize your soldier and unlike some modern games there are no moronic costumes because the events take place in Vietnam and the game is a realistic shooter the developers conveyed the military uniform as authentically as possible customization here quite modest here we have ready-made faces you just need to take clothes a beard with a mustache and a tattoo, of course, this game has donated suits But fortunately, this does not affect the appearance of a soldier. You can use it for one class as well as for all. Speaking of classes, there are several of them here, namely, the shooter, the scout, the machine gunner, the sniper, the sapper, the grenade launcher, the radio operator. platoon commander and gunner pilots is a standard class he has no restrictions on the number of players so anyone can play for him his main goal is to capture points at first glance it seems that this is cannon fodder However, if you play it correctly, you can win playing for the Vietnamese you will also be Punja trap the next class is a scout its main feature is to clear enemy traps also in the prone position you will not be noticed by a reconnaissance aircraft armed with a shotgun a submachine gun a semi-automatic rifle a pistol a house grenade and depending on the sides you will have either a claymore or a stretch this class can be used by up to 8 players with a machine gunner and it’s so clear that you, like Rambo, shoot everyone from right to left and you won do not forget that there are other machine gunners who can hide in hidden places and kill you Well, do not forget about snipers, since they can even bring you a problem, unlike the retroheres T2 in the storm-2 rasik, you can aim normally, that is, in an orchestra of soldiers I couldn’t use the front sight of a machine gun, and here, finally, it’s possible for a machine gunner to be armed with a machine gun, of course, a machine gun, a pistol and a grenade, up to 4 players can play for a machine gunner. the machine gunner only now has to kill one by one and also it’s not worth it to change position otherwise you may be bombarded with grenades or a machine gun is dissolved Either from a sniper or from another gun either a minakleimer or a stretcher as a sniper can play up to three people a sapper is very useful in trenches and tunnels because it is he who has a large amount of explosives thanks to explosives you can destroy opponents in predictable places armed with a shotgun or submachine gun or semi-automatic rifle depending from the sides, the Americans have a flamethrower, but if you take a flamethrower, then explosives will not be available. There is also a phosphorus grenade pistol and, depending on the sides, you will either have an anti-personnel mine or a seaforth grenade launchers are the most genocidal character, you can easily destroy live a huge number of opponents just I can show you how purely by accident I destroyed a whole detachment of opponents Alt Enter tried to do but I Oh God how many of them there to __ how many people soaked you saw how many people I soaked suckers of course also the American grenade launcher has three types of projectile and it is the usual shrapnel and a house grenade that is usually a projectile that is a high-explosive fragmentation grenade on a grenade by default. If you shoot less than 10 meters, then the projectile will not explode with shrapnel much more efficiently and can even be blown up close to especially effectively closed spaces. what if there is an ally behind you, then you will accidentally kill him because of this, you will be fined for arming the grenade launcher, of course, there is a grenade launcher and a pistol can be played by up to three people, like that the radio operator and the platoon commander are a symbiosis, one helps to call for reinforcements, the other calls either a reconnaissance aircraft or shelling or attacked music that music there is a semi-automatic rifle automatic pistol and a house grenade the Vietnamese still have and a submachine gun the commander has a semi-automatic rifle a submachine gun a pistol a smoke grenade binoculars and a colored smoke grenade for Radio Operators can play up to two people as a commander, only one of the last two classes is a Combat Helicopter Pilot and a Transport Helicopter Pilot one can arrange genocide the other drags fellow pilots available exclusively for the American side Yes, you understood correctly, the Vietnamese do not have equipment Although the game files contain armored personnel carriers when they add armored personnel carriers for the Vietnamese up to three people can play where the squad was considered a class now the squad leader is the one who entered the squad first, by the way, you can change the name of the squad. binoculars for myself, but I advise him to help playing for the Vietnamese in the detachment’s camera can build a tunnel that serves as a respawn point You can, for example, build a tunnel somewhere and already bypass the enemy from the flank And what about the regime, we have only four modes, namely territories dominance skirmish and company In territories you need to take turns capturing one or two points in turn, the defenders in turn must hold out until the last enemy is gone or time runs out you capture You must capture the points so that they connect with the base of the scrum You must hold three goals and in order for yours to be revived at all, you need to capture one of them. the company is the most interesting mode, like the harm of the orchestra, you either defend the targets Or, on the contrary, attack and then vote where exactly to fight But unlike Red orchistry, you can choose for which troops to fight That is, for you can play the american side either as regular americans antsy either for pumped or for australians or for south vietnamese for the vietnamese side you can play for the vietconks or for another branch of north vietnam some of the fans preferred the stream will ask me if the doctor of storms 2 is a full weapon customization unfortunately not but the weapon customization has become more noticeable than in the arche 32 series, or rather, some guns We can take either a regular magazine or an enlarged one; also, for some machine guns and rifles, we can use a bayonet And by the way, that they can be removed during a battle, also some guns have several variations; the same Kalashnikov has a regular version there is a Kalashnikov with a folding butt and an AKM, the usual Kalashnikov, of course, we have it balanced and available by default; Kalashnikov with a folding butt has such a feature that if you remove the gasket, then the return increases, but the soldier becomes mobile and vice versa this version of Kalashnikov has akma snow recoil and a higher rate of fire, there is another example is the xm-25 sniper rifle, which has two versions, namely a rifle with a bayonet and a rifle with a silencer, and if that so- called customization is available immediately and not like an orchestra where you need to pump your soldier in general, if you have played office 2 for many hours, then the second second rating will seem like an arcade shooter to you, because, firstly, the recoil of the guns is reduced, including machine guns; third, the concussion was reworked if he shoots, then your soldier starts to shake and also the screen turns black and white now if someone shoots at you, it starts to move up the whole game feels like Red Orchist 2 only in the theme of the Vietnam War there is also a community and friendly True, there are just enough toxicants. Recently, I streamed this game and there are a few people we fought among ourselves because of nationality and finally, lets analyze the system requirements and online if we look at the system requirement, at first glance it seems that the game is not particularly demanding keyword at first glance, because in my case the game manages to lag on medium settings and due to poor optimization, I will have to play on minimum settings, maybe your situation is better, but I sincerely don’t understand what can be so devouring while the graphics leave much to be desired The graphics for 2017 look, to put it mildly, not very by the way in 2016 Killing Flow came out second and it looks much better in terms of graphics than racing Storm 2 Vietnam which came out a year later I certainly understand that the scale is completely different, but by the way, Killing Floor sold much better than before the second one and in five years you could improve the graphics for the doctors of the storm especially since there is Unreal Engine 4. And I remind you that racing is the second created n on the same engine as Erythus Orchista 2, namely on Unreal Engine 3, the only logical explanation is why the graphics do not look very impressive, it’s the timing, apparently at the start the game was very raw and now the game looks much better than at the release, but the new team still doesn’t they will find it in order to finish it to the end, by the way, it’s more likely that there are still bugs Even if they don’t really interfere with the players, the less they still need to be fixed But what we have online online is also not particularly impressive Let the situation be better than its predecessor But despite the fact that the online is not very high I noticed that the first half of the servers are completely full and the other half is completely empty Of course there is a golden mean where about 20-30 people play on the servers Well, you need to try so that you can play with friends because the game is still did not implement the feature Where you first invite your friends In the lobby and then look for a match Now lets sum up the Stoya whether to play before that M2 at the moment or not I think that Yes, because firstly that he two Vietnam is a good alternative 2 and secondly, there are not very many games about the Vietnam War Of course there is Call of Duty cop 1 and battlefield Vietnam but Im not sure if its live online Of course there is a DLC for the third arma that tells about the Vietnam War but lets be honest that not everyone is able to roll to swim, at least Im not particularly strong in Play and Arma 3 roll I think its much more hardcore than rasik Assault 2 Vietnam In addition, there are also problems with optimization, or rather, even worse than in the storm room rating Oh yes, I almost forgot if I played almost 80 hours, so you can correct me in the comments or vice versa agree And on this, put likes subscribe to channel comment share this video on all social networks and click on the bell also add me friends VKontakte join the VKontakte group subscribe to the second channel and donate all links will be in the description how to put steam games on ssd Второй канал: Донатить сюда: ВК: Группа: rising storm rising storm 2 rising storm 2 vietnam rising storm обзор rising storm 2 обзор rising storm 2 vietnam обзор #risingstorm #risingstorm2 #risingstorm2vietnam #theviper #viper #viperman #theviperman #вайпер #вайпермен #вайпермэн can steam detect pirated games is steaming vegetables healthy steam deck giveaway game awards bots japan world cup game steam pm research steam engines