Most cheap steam gamesteam ' RISING STORM 2: VIETNAM game Mr. Hello Hi Hello everyone, come to my channel and listen and Im still a gamer and not today. This video will introduce you to a game or this game. In general, it has been out for a long time. then this game its about the Vietnam war guys its talking about the vietnam war as you can see this is a one on one character in the game its this uncle because its all gray and ok then this uncle is a Viet Cong Viet Cong uncle like in Vietnam its called Viet Cong Viet Minh then its important to be a Vietcong Viet Cong soldier Yes then Hiep is like being in the North Uncle Hos army You see not the first highlight but also the character of this game is that it is the straw hat, the mortar hat of the Vietnamese army. the straw hat the second highlight to identify this is a Viet plus a duck + the South Vietnamese communist uncle is the bandana at the neck. If you dont have a bandana around your neck, its typical of the people of the Southeast. The third thing is that the highlight is that the AK is you two, which AK guns are not military forces? the people of Vietnam that you used in the resistance war against the US AK, this game is very good. I want it to be called Racing Tom 2 Vietnam, its called Vietnam storm or what does it say? The department that attacked in the Southeast in the year 75, I also played a long and slow trial. In general, finding a match is a bit long because this game also has online play of offline play. I have played online, then these games are looking for a very long time. This is the kind of thing that I choose the Shoulder warrior, here he is, here it has something for me to choose as a soldier, like an American soldier. like Uts soldier, this Republic of Vietnam soldier Can you see it in Republic of Vietnam Look at the general Wear pants and pull it up Thats right. And this is Ho Vietnams army, this is Ho Vietnams army, you see without electricity, its a teacher in a green military uniform and wearing a conical hat on a hat with a badge. The badge has the badge of the Vietnamese peoples army at Need a password a.k.a. and wear the car bag the car bag is the bag that you wear here and the magazine you wear on your chest is the one that carries the guitar, two can hang 1233 magazines or a lot of bags are four with bullets and On both sides, you can hang two grenades, you guys can hang two warheads and behind is a water bottle, thats a bottle called a drinking bottle, you know why I know why because I I also served in the army for 2 years, called military service, then this is the Russian army, the Vietnamese army, Uncle Hos army I will choose ah ah I mean Vietnamese, I dont have any distinctions. If you know your region, Ill be like if I choose the South, this game is liberating and the South says nothing about war, Im not a mother, Ill choose to be added. Im here, theres a lot of Select by type like choose by letter, choose class, but on the other hand, its like communication, I dont believe its an information soldier Engineer Yeah then the logistics were like machine guns and gunners and everything but I prefer to hold the gun at a higher level Because Ive been to the army before and I used to hold it at K1 and shoot me and kick it Ive been gone for two years, two years, Im going, Im not going to be in the mainland army, but Im going like Im a member of the Asian Coast Guard and I m trained living on Phu Quoc island and later was hired by Hien to move to Vung Tau, only to return to Vung Tau and work in the 3rd Vung Tau City Coast Guard about the 2013 military mask, now if you stay at home, I will Choose bonsai soldiers from the Southeast with the characteristic that the bandana and AK and the hat are ok Yes, there are many online game modes here. Its my rank as Corporal, I chose this to let me come in and try this and see where you guys are. Its like when I start the game, I choose it. Called to choose which sim here, if you have two sims, you will consider American soldiers on one side as Vietnam Vietnamese soldiers, you guys dont wear MB in Vietnam I will choose Vietnam with you to enjoy enjoy with the AK in my hand ok so this is the clip I have hey what gun is this I dont know whats wrong fpd whats wrong but its not a cannon soldier here its like a soldier or something holding something ABC is like holding a gun and holding this, a b Luca mentions the price of a baruka This is the captain, captain, please hold that household registration below for you when I will choose the side is the machine gun and then go into the game, right guys, Im like, Im just going to practice shooting E AK the file I will introduce a bit more Here there is a RPK Yes yes this is the wrong gun RPK but here we usually keep a few sizes like the k98 and all, this box looks like a k98 or something tells me its not ah, oh my god, its already out of the group my brother here watch today too many old men are all Soviet guns but they are huge pistols not Japanese style dont turn around and go down Get into the rulo this is a gun like let me try this but if you shoot but fail to shoot bubg, you will pass through the mind, but youll be very high, rest assured, but a bit old- fashioned, here I ll help you eat someone this gate see yeahyeah, tell me about the room that is a practice room with you guys so I can change another gun ah this A6 is a gun like a gun yes yesyes c cKC machine please add Vietnam Asia school when shooting style its like to shoot like its like what im saying im like why im hello 98 so stop it mate oh my god looks like you 298 too the gay class the party is the same How are you, Ill shoot all the bullets you need to watch out here, how are you doing here, oh my god, Im so fat, Im so fat, Im going to go Ill introduce C again and it will continue. Then this game belongs to someone of Vietnamese origin, someone else is American, but Im Vietnamese, but Im Vietnamese. Its like running in America. Im 67. the combination below if a company makes this game, according to me, I researched a little bit online, then its like a lot I see a lot of comments online on Facebook that is like this game Its very easy to be eaten, I have also testified to you guys, its like two cases and its emotional that it clicks it It you cant be its mind where the guns mind is In other games, I will have a mind on the screen. The mind is on the screen like a plus sign. Let me aim and shoot myself here, if there is no aiming, I will eat and then watch this fly head, guys. When an example is Im an assassin soldier go on a sniper rifle then Im here Hey Im trying my best Click what to attach to v I press CC, Le Na now sit down, sit down, I sit down and the page on the screen shows these fern leaves You see the pregnant woman Tired No When alone watching and still Where are you Here I am still the thing, when my breath is still uneven, Hoais real people I look at and then the irregular breath is the head and it shakes, I hold down the ship key the soldier above held his breath, I asked for how long, when he suddenly said it was like Love Like now, my friend I also changed it and that was when I thought it was a dirty head At first, it will be silent and then sell it. Let me be the Try and see how many seconds it will come 123 you guys dont take 3 to 4 seconds I Yeah this game is very easy to eat You guys just need to run out and get hit by bullets for about 3 days or die in the same way that people design these games like in real life. Its always when you get hit and you die, not in a way like shooting yourself full of 100 health and full of 100 health and then you run out and shoot me and I put a few dozen of his brothers cheeks in a jar of ice If you drink energy from the wound, it will bloom again without you, especially without this, you will die if you look at it somewhere, lets leave two bullets and think this is a great gun Is this dalian or something like Duyen it means 12 ly 7 or 12 7 years old, right? Yes, this has 12 70 meaning that ten 27 is here, so its reversed when you put the mouse down ah Stay right and then scream and it goes up and down is okay No, you always sleep listening to the sound of the coffee, its not too good, you come in, do you have any friends Wow but its already done No religion Ive listened to it but Ive liked it, it sounds really good. Now that Im here, theres nothing here, the gun is here, take this gun to watch I was oh my sister is not at home Have you slept yet Why are we here ooh oh my but its a bit squishy I cant wait to hear about it. Now that Ive seen it, the recoil of this gun is really terrible, its amazing terrible guys I need to listen to her head but its up close to the eye now Im going to listen to her right away Im out of ammo 123455 Ill stop this now Im going to increase or hold the neck bro, Ive built Where can I go to anyone, let me watch it right away, its my fourth birthday, the girl who never shoots this gun, I have to shoot it in a way. its going to happen yeah bye baby my feet are under my feet now ill aim right away Looks like the heart is lying down Yes Ill give it a try, its true, oh my heart is here there is a message to hear the message A Call E when I shot the heart but why did it go up I will shoot again Now I will like the number a little but still listen to the ribs Yeah, just click it and itll be too close to your name I mean, Im going to change this gap, Ill ask you later, Im here to add another one Yeah, its like Im pulling it down now because I was still far away from you guys, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Alligator AK it will have one in front of the fly head will put the head in the group so I can adjust the distance but its like I just shoot every day I wont have me Im marrying the old man I Lets go now Yes, its special, theres a secret item. Friends, especially with a pink head, here is a grenade, an old elastic lot, a lantern, its not dead now. spinning like you guys in movies or in other games this grenade is a bottle its a bottle that looks like a pestle, A Huy ah ah ah quickly loaded up and went to school ah ah ah ah ah did you guys take it, I dont know if every continent is aiming to shoot the peas, ah yeah these days its like k542 K59, I dont know a MN ah where are you doing research Hey, whats the fly head ? Yes, I will introduce this game to a little bit today, but if I have time, Ill go out and test drive the Honda, Ill shoot you and see how like shooting Online II Yeah, I guess if I shoot close, Ill adjust it like this Yes I dont They arent Ah this is for long-range shooting but understand it like shooting below from the ground to the wallet For example, Im looking at this, Im pressing this person like you but this core is right. Which foot will I press when I run out of ammo and reload it like a K59 80 ah There you go with your feet Stand Breathe, thats it, where it will be, I dont know what this is. Oh my god, Ive only watched it for a while I asked for it to look like this But this is definitely going to stick See ch I love it and send me a new message. Oh my god Let it go and shoot it correctly ok Ill try again See what this gun looks like in this place, what do we have for you, but its so good in bubg when my friends make it for me its so dry its so beautiful against the noise, you guys are too good to suffer. Ah, Im here, is Tieu Lien, or is it beautiful, Im taking so long, Uh, give it up. Men who let it take a long time I dont know if I came here to look and shoot, you hear in this game that the sound of gunfire is so loud, but the sound that echoes the brilliant things that the large space is so beautiful is always very well done. If its real, I ve shot live bullets I know the sound of it so well it sounds like Ive shot outside like a hunter, but in the middle of the stop Also, its only a few miles from a residential area. Its probably about ten trees because I remember I was going to march at night so I could go to the shooting range, it took me a few hours to come and s the pond its very wide It looks and the sea too And it lights up the coast which means when I finish shooting I can go out to the beach to play but its only for eggs when that kind of platoon but stay on duty and clean up the shooting range, hey, its in a large space and the sound that Tien has resounded The gun shot that it said they all still mattered its very good, its really cool, Im going to change this model and see if we turn around when the power goes out ah Here guys No gun on each gun there will be a number like This gun has the number 80 477 I dont even remember that my AK gun was when I went outside of Phu Quoc, it was a gun that had a lot of it but in total it was a gun that it was when I didnt When you go there, its when you receive the gun and receive the manufactured weapon. After loading, all of you gather up and start reading the gun number, who is big and eats it like eating red packets or instant noodles. something Now, when I went to the army outside the canteen, there were only Xi Tin and instant noodles, but three small cakes like sponge cakes, nothing more, its really good to hear the gunfire I dont know whats wrong with this I think the viewfinder is a bit terrible This is posted. Im on Dong Thai shooting below Oh my god Im posting like this now, but I cant shoot I will check it correctly. Now I use the mouse wheel, I have the mouse that I roll this test, you see that he likes the center of it, it runs up and down the house, brothers and sisters. Here it is, where is the center of it? Where exactly is it warm, shoot this and that, now Im going to lower it oh oh oh Im so low Now Ill sell it like this is the old focus hey you say youre right Im going to hurt me the score I pull down here I sell or talk so it jumps it jumps it gets the recoil gun then its like Help, if its recoiled, its imperative that this gun closes its eyes. its m&a mas-49 Whisper And this couple modeltop motorcycle is this I mean the gas pump mate Oh __ Brother Huhu huhu yeah yeah this is an RPK eh oh oh no the other stuff doesnt exist When I was in the army, I went to the army when I received a fire weapon. Tai ah Stop it, its smoking, its hot, anyone who is very bad will receive a gun. AK is more like here get it. Its like aki, its so long and heavy, youre really going to go on a march, but walking with that tree is considered a loss because I just Z1 a a Yeah the shovel is behind me Z1 I carry a bag, you may not have a backpack, now the AK has a lot of kids, it costs a little more, the trophy to dig the ground, they have to be shovels, this card is a support to wear on the back, RPK Oh my gosh its so good when they get it maybe 10 months later when Bill BG comes here and writes 100 asking what this gun is like and its so goddamn good Yes, theres only this gun Now Im going to try the beautiful umbrella down Ta ah I ran out of rulo a while ago I mean I see the gun is always okay I mean look ah ah boss the gun is its good that the magazine it will be on will be above that it says to put it on the top and the sight it will be on here is on the right hand side yeah yeah you guys should watch it watch you use it but aim in a straight line, cant aim it, a bullet like this gun I have to say the rule of it is very attractive. I dont know the commune but the rule is that its very low to hear the sound of the bullets and its considered not very strong to say anything, yeahyeah a white a What the hell is this too heavy? a Yes, lets go to this land, Im going to be more and more high My friend, the more coffee I get, yeahyeah, you said the reload button is the same as the button down, Dad Oh my god, its so good Its really good If you want to experience it, you can go up, now theres the program where the promotion of the games is over, you only have to buy it, this game can be bought from a few dollars. Hey guys, you can download the hack game to play, but I bought the game so I can support the Vietnamese people, support the game makers, the author of the game just shoots love, not Lien Thanh yes, in games with a mode where I hold an AK, I can choose the shooting mode to shoot Lien Thanh but export this gun lets go this gun but I dont know if it can shoot Lien Thanh anymore, I can install it, first I want to install it again, MN, I didnt read the keys just now the map ah ah in the keys but its important like yeah yeah I changed the word like its a non-consecutive error I dont remember the other day when I was able to try it out, where did I fall? ah, uh, yeah, when I was down here just now, when would it be, Brother, if this gun can shoot Lien Thanh, ah ah ah ah ah ah yeah when I heard the news about coming to the Kinh Party house, it was very legal. The general rule is yes, yes, yes, ah, this 3G Vina password goes to work, I will choose team A Le Hoang AD is very good Ok Now I will choose team A when I clicked why I forgot the title ah ah ah I ask everyone to follow far please Everyone please let me be here like its like talking but now here and there, where is the runner tied up when you hear Vietnamese the Vietnamese say no Yes at the weekend the soldier shoots the machine gun hey Im about to run out, dont you go out with your friends, you say its disgusting look at the keys, he asked, lets lie down, a map during sex, yes, yes. Calling the M16 to shoot, it doesnt have much power huh A Call girl a now you see the grenade of the American soldier, Yes, the grenade is different American soldiers, its different now, this gun is also the same thing and we fixed the gun and its no different than I thought where the American side would get off the car but you here the rulo I cant use it youre here Oh hello I wont see you back down the wheel Have you guys seen it or the lights yet ? Now Im going to come out, the game asks whats wrong with the online mode when the enemy comes to the kindergarten, the old people decide to fight this is something like Again, Im going to look for a block in this game for a very long time. Yes, but Ill try, Im tired of running, but Ill find an open block so I can be in for you guys to consider An. Whats it like to be full of mouth when in search time next to me I will go to work ah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah its all now like the Independence Palace or something you are like your staff remember this is kind of like the Independence Palace If a tank hits its gate you have to right oh oh Pay attention to avoid it on the roof of the Independence Palace there will be a plane Yes I will choose them all then other players choose that then I will choose the Chinese Gun Tieu Ni there Independence Palace if its too independent, can you honestly say Im not What do I distinguish But what if I think Its like its for friends that its a sword, but the ones who have a trumpet tail Yeah, Im sure laughing so hard, Ill have to choose a gun Uh why did I vote for the puppet soldier oh __ back then its done ah yeah I guess Ill just pick him up and itll get cold Then what happens when I choose An Binh Wei Then whats going on now yeah yeah yeah yeah e100 sitting and waiting for it to naturally choose cold water Im so busy Oh __ please give it out and receive the goods right now Yeah lately 100 in my heart here and there 2222 Change the money or already find it for the people Im going to have to find Vietnam Ok you will Hey, thats old soldier Ho, Im the right idea for the cause in Loc for independence and freedom for this reason. Heres the reason why shes growing up here, lets shoot each bulletin more bullets. its a messenger. Can you tell me about this mode, ah ah ah ah, now I see youre done, its too good, the flower market is so crazy, where are you here Thaco fo r a ah ah I havent dared to come in since a while ago, whats up with you in the morning Oh __ ah yeah yeah, its very hands-on Falling yeah yeah yeah youre done my friend oh __ yeah yeah me I dont want to die, I want to go back to the village, Im not here now Brother Oh my god, its extremely dangerous for you guys to eat the food right away. Dont you already rush up and it hasnt come yet ? Go ahead, yes, but over there, Lam river, Lets go, Oh my God, what do you have to eat, you ask if the mold is dead, is it really terrible when you turn on the newspaper to die ? Theres an ambulance for you guys Yeah, its like a need, Where can I read The Face Where to sell anything, oh oh, I was bored in Dak Nong Dac Loc A yeah yeah Da Sao up Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, this game has to hide under the solo and its considered a loss. ah ah ah I have to come up here to drink tea, okay, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, wheres your scissors, wheres Thacos car, where are you, yeah yeah, you re here, oh, oh __ Is your side still so creepy ah yeah yeah yeah yeah I know 3 lives its terrible I cant write 3 lives around ah yeah yeah when I broke into the roof, no one had a party, the word was no host of yes yes ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah just now Im going to zone B, its so similar to Notre Dame, my atmosphere is always ah ah ah ah ah ah where are you Oh my god oh __ I really dont know ah yeah yeah here here here ah ah first the district teacher here theyre here again ahh what song is it ah ah oh oh __ when I just caught that Hang ah ah yeah yeah ah in Brazil How The Core i ah ah yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean See the guy who let me shoot it, then I mean on the Notre-Dame building you are here here you are here when its cool play Cannons cannonball when the event is held in ê ê yeye ye tell my husband that the Notre Dame church is gone Where is anyone else just passing away ah yes bro, let s play each other game, understand each others games, yeah yeah ah ah yeah yeah I mean Im not a fan in the East why are we yeah yeah how do they pass yeah yeah I generally dont have one Im familiar with this game huh I havent changed dogs into dogs yetyeah I waiting for u yeah yeah the Chinese occupied car is there whats going on there hey the dog calls it an american dog Did you take a nap and didnt sleep in the afternoon yeah yeah what did you shoot? yeah ok ah Yeah, yeah, Im here like Im asking for a few hundred graves, but all of them are dead, now Im just passing through QC, in the market, the corpse lies down to get a tree and then gives it fruit. a store warning occ shot the country ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh i asked The corn is already gone ah ah oh oh oh the car __ is in this is just on paper, whos the guy when its really cool, yeah yeah yeah yeah thats it, the chess guys. Its so boring and scary ah i go go bro, the look at the two legs in your map you have to learn is kind of like the Vietnamese peoples army soldiers are entering those blue green and blue patterns on the map. Dai entered the area yeah yeah yeah yeahyeah there were a lot of people running back and forth thinking it was an insatiable soldier going to the US ah oh oh __ its really cool to see him standing upstairs now do you know the oven yeah yeah in the US yeah yeah when you signed up yeahyeah yeah yeah yeah yeah space marine you still see it standing here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i called him ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Im Rescue so where do you jump off where are you where oh my god I see you have fruit Mr. Nguyen Chi listen to me Im suffering but let me listen to the song Tet is always difficult, so An Thanh ah yeah yeah yeah I can write that there are five people who lost their body on their own, ah Em, its late at night, its your total attack, oh my god Im going to choose a sniper rifle in the next video, Ill choose the gunner right here, right here, here, here, you cant see my brain scanning the box Oh its so good I was bored yeah yeah yeah, lets start over again, lets just start over, Im sorry, yeah, yeah, Im done with Lam Tieu market, I made an unintentional mistake yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah, why do you need to go down to watch this guitar? Yes, yes, the Independence Palace too, yes, yes, yes, yes, Im going to listen to it, ch3 shoot for a distance of 131m. I came in and I made a video today and its already gone. You wont be able to see that __ about the enemy guys, but Ill still be so scared if you just say Im still Ngo 181 meters always come in Yeah yeah yeah yeah he he he yeah yeah yeah yeah Im somewhere where the light is on its head it shoots to death So yeah the picture is limited store resort ah Korea runner translates it used a CKC rifle to shoot me you yeah yeah yeahYes, girl, I will end the video here with the search box, yes, yes, where, where, where, where, where, where are you, you said where are you, yes, to comfort her, yes, yes, what the hell Im in thank you Oh, I live it in the ground and where are you guys. Im sure Im going to university. Uncle Cuoi is the water factory, can you hold it for me, the bride? Wow, why are you so far up and down the Lo River, Vietnams rivers are clear and stinky, but who won and who lost, this video also pauses you to come here Victory to completely liberate the South and enter the Palace Independent for me, remember to like and subscribe to the channel now steam stanley parable #VẩuGamer #VauGamer #vaugamerGAME: RISING STORM 2 VIETNAM Hi! Xin chào tất cả các Bạn đã đến với kênh |Vẩu Gamer| nhé. 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