Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Beta review

How to refund in game purchases steamsteam lessons RISING STORM 2: VIETNAM review so this is a review for skater of rising storms - and then she not finish that out yet but its what you think the babies that were pre also applying as is and theres a couple of quite big problems of it the gameplay itself is very fun the graphics look great but there are certainly issues with it there isnt data so youd expect that its whether or not these are fixed which would be you know if Im in the game or not one of the problems is because some is very big and open and its very easy to get killed keeping in the open as youd expect the issues there arent on the sources of smoke creams and things to give you other as emotions as normally the reasoning for defending so thats quite the problem one easy six for this would be to make sure that in the class selection series change its in regular instance where youre able to change their grenades to smoke links so you know its a bit of customization like they do it about off your game or something like that so rather than the census grenade you have sort of ones moving with I think a lot of the issues with getting filled organizers American because a big problem this game is the real need commander support to actually win the game but quite often some youll sit in the commander slot theres no idea what theyre doing and other sort of support roles and I know that can be an issue of most games of the problem of this is actually taxing a lot of players that sit in each of the slots you can have suddenly have no idea what theyre doing moms a slot or a support swap and youre really screwed on your team so thats quite a big issue that needs addressing there needs to be an easier way of kicking people from a support role at them doing their job from it or giving a lot more slips people to be any support roles as I said adding smoke with an offensive grenade for infantryman would be much better than simply having only one of two classes that can actually smoke grenades because almost maps they are just two Asian theres two gay men and then it moves up you can orthonormal register to normal raising stories and then theres a supremacy mode which is really fun supremacy mode works more like a battlefield game where there are several points on the map and you have to grab the point that theyre actually linked in on the supply line so its an enemy teams point you and your Bey it cuts off the end by point you actually all offended at once come to work so I think thats actually a really interesting gameplay system and it encourages you to flank around and take sort of point at the enemy base its in balancing the vehicles dont wear as we measure their air fly ball has sensors and attack helicopters as well as napalm strikes and things like that so America seems much more sense that as I said because almost the Maps America is on the offensive that causes lots of problems so basically you know getting shot in the open and needing a lot more support and on some maps and helicopter support so that is much more of us or the answer so there are obviously problems with that I think needs to be fixed to the beta another thing that you need to bear in mind is if you prove youre on Steam you cant be playing the beta real time they do it in waves you have a script I put so when Im doing this reviews reusing old playable bases theres also selectable equipment so as you can see Im using the SKS at the moment that you can use the akes KS or a moss immigrant as the main vietnamese soldiers and to remember that you can use the m16 0:14 as a priceless class weapons however the MC seems a bit poison for the moment to America because its the same size Mac as an m16 but is harsher recoil so the m16 you can choose fully auto or semi-auto and 14 in the game is over so the m16 licenses the same size mag ends up being better even mostly open Maps you dont seem to find engagement distances enough that you cant really use the m16 I got killed really fine so thats sort of my thoughts on it overall yes I am enjoying the game what wait for more beta waves to come out or the game to be released before I can give a better verdict but there needs to be some serious balancing at the moment because currently there can be people in command slots dont play properly and then your team will always lose and there needs to definitely be more smoke grenades in the game just to move up because at the moment theres only one or two classes of lets deploy smoke grenades so now Ive enough for a team of 32 plus people to actually move around with but if they fix those changes I think the game will be worth buying but well have to wait and see whether they implement things like that first how does a steam train work Review of the current beta state of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.The game is overall very fun and runs very smoothly, however, there are some quite serious balancing issues with Beta wave 7 such as an insufficient number of smoke grenades for the American troops and an inefficient system for getting players to play roles of commanders and radiomen properly. A teams success often relies on the commander calling in airstrikes and artillery to suppress the enemy team, but a lot of unskilled players jump into these slots and then lose the match for your team by not using their abilities or coordinating with the rest of the team.The beta system also doesnt allow pre-purchasers to play the game when they please which isnt made evident of the Steam store page, beta waves are released which allow you to play for a week or two before being removed for game balancing, it would be a better system to allow players to keep playing the game until the release of the next wave as most other developers handle beta testing. Please comment, rate and subscribe for more. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates: steam error spintires steam cant create steam account steam deck game settings website steam.summer sale 2022