Ultimate Pishon Dry Lake Guide + Tubal Damage Boost | Rogue Legacy 2 Dragons Vow Update

Steam mac m1what steam games work on mac ROGUE LEGACY 2 welcome back everybody we have another rogue legacy 2 update dragons val is finally here that means the pishon dry lake is finally available were going to go over absolutely everything in the new biome all the time stamps will be in the description if theres something you want to skip to but lets go ahead and get right into it so first things first you may have noticed this nameless night around the entire game this is a new mpc and he is going to be giving you a very important heirloom called the sun lantern now you cannot get the sun lantern until you defeat irad this is one of the necessary things that you have to do in order to explore the new biome so if you havent beaten irad yet on your current thread definitely go do that you just literally cant do this by em without it its one of the things that you just cant sequence break the sun lantern lets you see you can kind of see a lighting effect around your character when the sun lantern is active and it just lets you go around the biome now one important thing with this biome as you can see with enox notes here is the forks so these are tuning forks if youre not familiar with what a tuning fork is on the map here theres white dots those are locations of tuning forks and locations of tuning forks are going to be important locations in the biome from boss fights to hints and everything like that one of the ones that youre going to find has this giant dragon and this dragon is not an enemy this is laid on the dragon when you first talk to him well say greetings to you and there may have come or is looking for two ball and its essentially that hes trapped and if you free him he is going to show you where to ball is now in order to free him you need to obviously remove these chains you cant just destroy the chains we need to unlock them so running to unlock them we are need to go follow the forks so there will be more white dots on the map you just need to basically go follow those white dots go find them on the map and youll eventually find rooms that have keys in them youre looking for an onyx key and a pearl key theres some somewhat tough platform but its not too bad compared to sun tower um this one right here has the onyx key and you will use this on the onyx portal however before we go to the onyx portal we are going to get the pearl key now the pro key has a significantly harder platforming challenge at least in my opinion im going to go ahead and fast forward through this because i failed a ton i personally dont use any extra dash or jumps this is honestly where it could have been useful as you can see i struggled a lot but here is the pearl key now with these keys youre going to need to go to other locations on the map that have the tuning forks and youll be able to use the keys so right here you can see tuning fork it shows up on the map and this is going to be a mini boss fight this is essentially like the gong head and murmur fights from the stygian study if you guys recall that one thing to note i am doing all this on new game plus zero basically a fresh save but as you can see im level 850 so im way over leveled for this fight these fights are not this easy at all i just wanted to speed through this just so i could show you guys how to do everything and here you can see once you defeat those void beasts the chain breaks off the dragon and youre halfway done now were gonna go to the next portal again youre just gonna need to look on the map and find out where those rooms are they are marked with white on the map so they shouldnt be too difficult to find heres some more floating weapons this is a common theme in this area is the weapon type enemies and youll see why when we get to the boss fight this fight feels easier again its kind of hard for me to gauge that because im playing at such a low difficulty i dont have any house rules turned on but you know im still way over leveled but you defeat that void beast and now the dragon is finally free and his little collar will pop off and we can go talk to him and see what he has to say now that hes free so we go talk to him he says you have your honor to all the one you seek lies within me yes two ball is literally inside light on it hes inside his stomach like literally he opens his mouth and thats where you go fight late on before we do that though we need to go get our damage boost so one of the locations is marked on the map is the storeroom if you remember from you know previous biomes journal entries will typically show you how to get the damage boost and this ones no different once you get all the journal entries its going to say exactly where the accessories are it literally means where this red circle is in the video it is literally there the arrow in the dialog box is pointing to the door its very difficult to tell but if you stand on the barrel you can go into a secret door its a little tricky and its honestly pretty clever but as with other insight rooms you just need to read all the journal entries right there in the bottom left of the room theres a cracked wall you break open that wall and then youll be able to find the last note i had a lot of trouble finding that but once you crack open that wall and read this journal entry and the very bottom you will have the 15 damage boost but yes if you destroy those props in the storeroom from a little bit ago you are to have to reload with a new error that happened to me a couple of times just make sure you have all the journal entries if you want to understand the hint that was something that also happened to me i actually found this room without reading all the journal entries so i was really confused what it meant but yeah the journal entries really explained that and as with the sun tower you do need to go into the storeroom with different errors in order to see all the journal entries if youre wondering why the journal entries arent popping up thats how you do it once that insight is resolved we are good to go ahead and fight two ball inside of this dragons stomach tubal is an awesome looking boss i really love the design and i really love the fight he spawns minions like during the fight you can see in the background the flying enemies that are just floating back there he will spawn those enemies in the game or in the fight rather and as you can see im also using the bard class im probably going to do a video on the new classes i figured if im overpowered anyways i may as well use one of the new classes because why not it is a pretty fun fight though and right there you can see hes entering a second phase he actually has um a sort of a third phase its not anything too different but it is cool that he does have a sort of third phase when all the other bosses at this point have two in terms of all the regular bosses anyways its a relatively relatively fun fight i know im overpowered but this fight lasted a pretty significantly long time heres the third phase starting theres these spinning death wheels on the side of the map um i ended up just taking him out with you know a little spin kick there because mop but that is the fight done i definitely suggest grinding out a little bit if youre playing on a higher difficulty i plan on doing the same thing on my new game plus 10 version and open that up and one thing worth noting um since this is a new boss in the game if you defeat this at say new game plus 10 youre actually going to get souls for through ten you dont have to go back and fight him every single time you just have to fight him once at the highest thread you have and youll get a bunch of souls at once so dont worry about finding him at every new game plus level but right there we are good to go and you can even you know pet the dragon and one little bonus thing you can actually get souls from talking to the dragon you need to go talk to him in more than one run just like with all the other npcs but he does grant souls like the other npcs so just a heads up definitely go do that i know this is a quick guide but i wanted to get you guys the essentials so you guys can dive right into this update dont forget to subscribe and ill see you guys next video really soon steam not detecting controller The Dragons Vow update is finally here! 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