Finding The Elusive Winter Flowers - Rogue Legacy 2

Calories steamed clamsis it possible to move steam games to another drive ROGUE LEGACY 2 hello everyone proudlytime here welcome back to rogue legacy 2 hope you guys are doing well today after unlocking the gunslinger and then being given a pacifist one that cant even attack we do find ourselves with lady esmerelda shes a vegan unfortunately so meet his murder and literally trying to kill you were not allowed to heal throughout this run which i think is gonna go pretty  __  poorly unless we what did she say unless we really dedicate some of our rune weights to healing so we have a lifesteal rune and we have a soul steal rune both of these do the same thing one scales with int and one scales with vitality we have very low vitality we havent played any barbarians which i think raised it i might be wrong uh but we do have a decent amount of intelligence from all the mages weve been pumping out if youve never seen the gunslinger its one of the two newest classes to be added to the game um we did make some videos about them we had some pretty good boss kills with gunslingers as well their boss damage is out of this world however were not really in a position to do a boss in the third zone just yet we do have to really manage our positioning because we no longer knock back enemies on top of the fact that we cant heal the chicken uh you know also adding to the things we have to manage but our damage output is so good i know it didnt look like it there but i missed most of my shots there take two hp from that kill thatll actually add up also when you consider that on this profile i barely have any crit damage you may start to really understand how much damage this class can actually do can we keep the shield at bay im just gonna do a quick reload here and well keep moving off to the side you have the ability to hover in the air like a hollow bone ranger but you could just do it all the time which is like incredible absolutely incredible so the goal for todays video i was going to say this run but its probably going to take multiple runs oh he hid under the snow the goal for todays video is going to be to find the three snowflowers that we need to actually unlock the boss and then hopefully after that start doing some progression on the boss by locking down the castle now finding these lilies is usually quite the task theyre hidden all over they can be any we need to get away from him they could be anywhere in the zone so we need to be mindful of that keeping ourselves healthy has got to be has got to be our number one priority otherwise were just not gonna make it oh howd you get in the wall i see the crack now unfortunately i took that spell damage back by zoning out but thats okay howd i kill the other one sanguine cape we actually found the sanguine chest plate as well which i believe gives us vampirism which on this class is  __  insane by the way now lets just break this slide on over missed the slide saved it with the double jump you love to see it turn that off before any accidents happen oh looks like we found our first piece of the puzzle the lily of the valley we are going to lose 10 resolve every time we pick one of these up we have 125 resolve right now so that resolve didnt cost us anything we just lower our resolve a little bit once our resolve gets under a hundred oh my god wow whats the resolve gets under hydrate we will start to lose maximum hp this is a new mechanic that we would not have known about well the resolve we knew about but the fact that you have to pick you have to lose resolve every time you pick up a flower we would not have guessed that or at least i wouldnt have when i was looking at the patch notes so uh that makes this area once again significantly harder than it was before and i already thought it was pretty hard i hope you can tell that managing your ammunition isnt really that big of a deal you kind of control the pacing of each area and a lot of it in a lot of instances so like if i was ever scared there we just move back a little bit and reload while we are reloading our mobility is hampered a little bit i dont know if you could tell we just werent moving quite as fast as we normally would so you do have to take that into consideration for really long fights and it looks like those shield guys might still be our adversary just based off of that kill alone that lack of kill come on Music reload quickly everyones coming up wheres that shield oh and it doesnt matter how many bullets you have left oh that was so lucky it always takes the same amount of time to reload so if you fire like two shots you still have to reload the whole gun i think yeah about the same thing oh i didnt see that dog we got lucky glad we had some bullets there looks like the left side does have one room that it could possibly connect to im not super optimistic about this being a room that we need  __  if i dont start right away wow reload quickly good through the wall good wow those shields are actually such a huge problem we got some lore here yes were so vegan thats so good for us we ate an apple you know i havent seen any chicken for them to try to kill me yet but apparently thatll happen do you see it do you believe the second snow lily has been found and i have to eat my words because that was an important pathway well  __  oh where do we begin im so  __  im so  __  come on hey we hit level one with the gunslinger that increased our maximum intelligence yet again i dont know dude maybe we locked the castle down for that i imagine we would keep the relics right good spells maybe we locked the castle im still going with hp up here its very expensive but i think its worth it you know what this is much better our spells however leave a little bit to be desired we do have freezing touch and we also have the flamethrower however the flamethrower doesnt seem to apply any damage over time its only contact damage while were standing there however the flamethrower does redirect the shield all right id take back anything i said about the flamethrower its pretty good just for the redirection alone look at that that saved us this room was so hard before oh yeah theres a reason were a mage play through my ball my my boys Laughter all right turn this off turn this off so i assume we have to recollect the flowers which im not crazy about because i only have 100 resolve i still dont know how to tackle this room dude i think we just charged through get to the chest were gonna heal from the chest and then get the  __  out not my best performance there oh and im in a really bad spot here as well oh  __  you know one consequence of having that architect ive definitely felt it we have way less money this run than we did on our original run like a significant amount less but that makes perfect sense when you consider that every time we fought a boss before every time we beat a boss before every time we even attempted a boss before we had to run through the entire castle in order to find that boss each time so as a result we were just accumulating more money because we were doing more runs ouch whereas as a result of the castle being locked these runs that were doing right now just baseline im making 50 less gold damn we have a pretty interesting character here its a mage obviously however we have a hero complex your self-sacrifice is also self-sabotage 200 more health but you can never heal ever so we almost have barbarian levels of hp as were starting out but we can never refill any of that hp luckily for us we have a pretty good spell we have the shotgun poison ability which is going to allow us to really fill areas with poison and hopefully take enemies down relatively well i am not using the increased damage over time rune any longer we did take it off for some more healing i believe i dont know if rune healing even counts i guess well find out here since we finally took some damage yeah we got a little hp back so we just cant use items in the environment to heal this should be a pretty big opportunity for us actually yeah we got two hp back there oh is it just visual are we not actually healing yeah were not actually healing never mind its just showing us that under normal circumstances these things would be healing us i guess which is not exactly helpful if i if if im just being honest okay were starting right next to a shield unfortunately we cannot deflect them back however the shotgun spores does a great job of removing that threat entirely dog looking to jump up take the spores another shield spores all right uh well just completely avoid that dog we did find the boss room here so two chests are gonna be located outside unfortunately were gonna make next to no money off of these chests because we do have that 70 reduction right now theres a puzzle with a time limit my main thing is finding those flowers thats all i care about right now thats a very big enemy down there its just not reacting can i get back up here okay theres a floor whoa back up out of the way out of the way back down 78 damage thats insane thats so much damage defeat all enemies is the challenge okay bring it up well hang out up here with these little bouncy dudes we just found out the wolves cant reach us thats pretty big oh thats so many projectiles poison no manner for poison oh no no no no poison big shotgun blast there perfect all right whats left we got a jouster we got a little rabbit anything else oh another one over here come on come out of the corner totally worth what do we get the resolve rune those are obviously new with the newest patch because resolve was just introduced i think it just gives you a baseline more resolved so if youre kind of player that likes to do full clears and likes to look for artifacts to change how your run is going that could actually be a fantastic pickup right there oh a hundred damage taken in this corner and of course that damage is gonna stick because we cant heal it i dont even know why im going after chess theyre not worth anything uh back down into this room and then to the right if you were wondering yes i did forget there was an arrow trap there oh this looks like a  __  disaster waiting to happen oh god i got him uh im not going down lets move over to the right here like there is a secret its just inside though and some destructible objects i dont get any money from it and i dont get any healing we  __  found it we have all three were in okay now all i have to do all i have to do is make it back to the other one somehow okay this is what we do we go boss room and then we teleport we dont have a perfectly clear area to get to the boss are you kidding me that didnt hit the shield there it is that shotgun hit okay theres more  __  up there we dont give a  __  about that were leaving defeat all enemies has already been done we go up and left across this room and we find ourselves back in the boss room able to use the teleporter if we want uh so we have let me look at the map we have one kind of close to the start we have one left and up above us here as well uh so im not gonna teleport yet were just gonna immediately go up and to the left nine hp and a dream nows not a good time for my nose to start itching okay okay okay okay oh  __  we didnt clear this room out yet yes yes yes yes yes were in thats two oh my god and then we need to go back down and to the left please no good moves  __  me a double jump before the job oh my  __  god i cant believe myself starting from the box area this time with the gunslinger uh being true to being you you are you what does that mean what kind of trait is that hello can could someone spell that out for me what the  __  does that oh shields are the bane of my existence were just gonna have to do some damage to them and then get the ah dude  __  shields man look at all these guys just grouped up over here like theres nothing going on all right just leave just leaf this is the bonus room here is the relic number one okay after grabbing that relic im gonna go back to the start of the zone because i feel like we had a relatively easy start rather than working my way backwards were gonna go here also there could be healing in here if the game wanted to be nice to me oh please no oh yes on the last one oh no this room just leave okay down into the left down into the left turn this off any healing nope thats okay here we go any healing Applause yeah i dont i dont even need healing i dont even know why im asking easy lily of the valley next time were going to lose maximum hp we have to go down and back up through the scary ass shield room again but hopefully were so fast they dont even notice me oh we were not so fast that they didnt notice me oh  __   __   __   __  oh son of a  __  dude and then from here i just go up we can clear stuff out now were safe here get a little hp back nice nice across the room up away from him traveling above us if we can stay in this spot here lets reset because well yeah shell return right back perfect were moving up no lose them were in the room were in the room were in the room okay okay all right here we go thats three our resolve was just lowered so our maximum maximum hp was lowered all i need to do now is make it to the boss room thats it and then its unlocked  __  okay oh i hear something to my left too which i dont like the sound were there dude were there were there were there please nice and easy take your time take your time get out of the way of this  __  shield i think its dead with the poison close dog beneath me yes well weve opened the door now its time to die your offering is accepted the lilies have been taken and your sacrifice has been cleansed the doors are now open forever to you we did the big push we got the doors unlocked now we just have to remember what the  __  this happens in this fight yesterday oh yeah thats what happens in the fight okay so shes gonna be denying parts of the room we have to bunny hop off of the top of those things to remove them yeah  __  yeah level two gunslinger give me that end dude gunslinger could actually be one of our main classes because it levels intelligence just like our mage does thats mutually beneficial thats gonna do it for todays episode guys thank you so much crippling intellect what is that dude Music low health mana and weapon damage mana regenerates over time well thats  __  useless thank you guys so much for watching hope you enjoyed well be back again soon next time with attempts on the boss were in dude zone threes days are numbered the door is open take care everybody see you again soon Music goodbye Music you steam jobs Rogue Legacy 2 is back and has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. In this game, your legacy defines you. Spend your parents’ inheritance and grow the family manor to give your children a better fighting change. Each child is unique, with their own traits and abilities. Your daughter could be an archer. She could also be a Vegan. Also play how you want to. Go hard and fast, or take it slow and steady, and build your character up until you’re ready for greater challenges.Ive been streaming a variety of games over on twitch! You can find my channel here ► Join this channel and become a member to gain access to perks! ► That social media nonsense. End card Music: Peacock by 7 Minutes Dead #Letsplay #RogueLegacy2 #RogueLegacy it takes two game steam price steam deck fifa 23 steam sfv xbox game pass on steam deck native steam deck fan upgrade