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How long do i steam cauliflowerfifa 23 steam not launching ROGUE LEGACY 2 hello everyone Patty tub here welcome back to Rogue Legacy 2. hope you guys are doing well today there has been a massive massive new update rolled out not only did they release the game on the switch if you have a switch sitting around collecting some dust if youve been hesitating to pick up Rogue Legacy too or just want to take it on the Move now may be the time but theyve also rolled out a ton of updates to the game itself at the same time were going to be taking our save file to New Game Plus 12. the reason Im showing you this screen is because theyve added a lot of new environmental burdens and were of course going to be turning these on uh burden of the feison mining new creatures emerge from the earth wonderful finding worms is always easy Ive always said that oh and masks more more masks of course perfect oh more Mages in the stygian study that one is actually kind of funny the burden of the kirguian sacrifice well turn that on as well more fish of course of course and then the royal guard are being added into the starting Castle things are certainly going to be interesting what are our burdens right now 36 we only need 22 to advance so were still pretty far ahead of the curve another thing I wanted to take a look at is they have released new weapons for subclasses all I have to do is unlock these and then we can have them forever I figured for the next few episodes were going to try to dedicate some time to each of these to give them a proper show-off in their own video so lets just start from the top first up is going to be the shadow spies a small cut will do that sounds like a poison weapon for the Assassin nice its gonna change them to the Evan tide spymasters Ill go ahead and buy that and well set ourselves up so just like our other alternate weapons all we have to do is press up on the Deep bad here and you can see it totally swaps out what this assassin is using so these are the dragon things attacks multiple times applying poison with each Strike last strike deals bonus damage reduces cooldowns apply flies burn and skill crits Ive also picked up a new spell this is the loosened beam Holts channel can be aimed skill crits after 1.5 seconds this is brand new I dont know what it does well give it a go one thing that would go really well with this setup since were going to be applying poison would be these amplification runes increases the duration of status effects Im going to make sure I have these equipped it looks like I have a little bit more wiggle room to buy some more we just maxed out our money here thats not too bad I just took some of my quenching runes away were probably a little overkill on these things anyway so with that how long does the lets see what the attack is like oh bro that slaps not only do you get the poison dot you get the burn as well okay thats a very long animation lock though kind of like the Ronin where you go in and Im wiggling the stick back and forth this whole time I cannot turn away so youre really committing to those attacks but it seems like once you land them thats going to be a significant amount of damage uh lets check out the spell thats actually kind of cool the spell almost looks like it should be causing some status effects itself that critical hit damage is pretty good I could see that being a really effective magic ability get yourself an astrologian and go to town astronomer I forgot what theyre called in this game right heading into the castle I guess its gonna be our goal to take down the first boss with our first character were gonna get to see how good the damage is that skeleton taking down immediately with a single combo we also hover in the air when we do this and it is pretty lenient with attacking underneath our characters as well assassin was already in pretty good class this may take it over the edge for me I really like the idea I shouldnt say that were just getting into the Run obviously but I really like the idea of a poison assassin I think thats super duper cool were gonna fade out from danger as the enemy was throwing some Fireballs our way that potions going too not do anything uh honestly I just felt good to have it were gonna head to the left were gonna meet a so my initial damage isnt very high like running into that guy he didnt really care too much that I was here doing anything but if I could kite around the room it seems like it does enough damage like its Im getting a little micro freeze I need to check something okay everything should be good now sometimes when I restart my computer my uh my Elgato cam link freaks out with my camera that Im using I got a complicated setup over here it has not been made easier over the years we do take down the night above us try to get some dot damage on this little dude here enemies are actually higher level than me on this difficulty believe it or not one thing I should probably be attempting to do is be a little more aggressive on the start when we attack an enemy if I can get 10 stacks of poison on a Target as opposed uh oh one thing to note as well I can cancel our attack with a dash really at any time but if I commit and we get that 10 stack it is going to really amp up the damage were dealing quite a lot theres a big difference between the dot damage on 5 and 10. lets try to get out of this guys way hit him with a little bit of magic as well the magic does seem to go through floors that is a very powerful ability in fact stack up some poison on and then add crossbow on the far side we take it down no problem as we fall were gonna see an ax nearby uh we might have to Im just going to reset this room make our lives a little bit easier masks are scary in general but masks are even scarier when you have two dots applied to them because they teleport around so erratically this ones also spawning in Seekers making our lives a little bit more difficult hes not the only one though the uh starfish in the middle is doing the same thing with Seekers lots of fireballs coming down we can just sidestep some of those we take down another Seeker coming through the wall I might have to fade took way too much damage there hopefully were going to be able to find some food soon assassin is one of the squishiest classes in the game after all but weve been taking a lot of hits trying to figure out these new mechanics lots of black roots in here chest on the far side somethings seeking me from over there as well this might be a big Elite room so thats just kind of one enemy huh hes not really doing too much painting to our left this is looking kind of odd Im not seeing any cracks for me to venture into though as the night moves forward well focus them first I dont want to aggravate the painting just yet luckily they threw that Javelin above my head sneakers coming out from the Mage we push onto them hey this isnt that bad its definitely not a burst damage setup and Im starting to wonder if this will actually be good versus bosses or not well be able to keep the poison Stacks up all the time but there are certain runes that we can find inside the castle or relics that we can find inside the castle that can basically make that happen with most classes as well and it never like carries the run its just kind of a nice benefit to have this painting is proving to be a little more difficult to combo our full thing onto but we managed to get in there and take him down chest up to the far left is unprotected now and were gonna gobble it up moving to the right just one ax in here I do need to kind of be careful if we break all the platforms that could be problematic but with our jump distance oh I also equipped another Dash room we have three dash rooms now and three double jump runes so I really shouldnt be taking damage like that thats pretty bad eyeball does have the TNT FX but doesnt get a chance to hit me with it unfortunately for him what might be fun with this is picking up the Spore burst Relic as well that would allow us to not only poison a Target but then run away and have that Target explode potentially dealing damage to other nearby enemies at the same time that area is cut off for me right now lets check this tall place looks like just environmental traps trying to stop us as we scoop up a little bit of gold inside I feel like Ive done more of the castle than I actually have lose no health is the challenge lets make sure we dont lose any before it even gets started try to get some damage on the starfish he does hit me with an off angle here we can push this so the flame is only applied if I hit an enemy with the entire combo if Im seeing that correctly uh we need to do I need to kill one more Target yes before Im gonna be able to stealth again get out of that bomb and well try to use that to our advantage moving through this so start the time and Im gonna pick left and hope it was the correct side it was not and of course we lose because of that oof feels bad Ive only passed that one like once I think that is a very hard challenge theres probably some very clear safety spots oh sometimes with those paintings if you just attack them with anything it kind of interrupts them on their their momentum and backs them up a little bit I was starting to wonder if I could uh potentially just juggle them away from me but it seemed like he was still advancing and maybe only that fire attack on the end would have been enough to stop him so you could stack up the full poison here on this dude actually pretty good slicing in general is the poison damage going to be enough yes it is hes taken down will fade away as that bolt was flying towards us dagger above us as well sitting down some projectiles most of those are blocked by the wall painting proving to be a little difficult as we try to scoot away that poison damage will be enough that starfish pretty weak as well the one on the left is significantly more leveled up but we take it down no problem oh I see it this time chest on the far end we need to make sure we dont stand Stills were traversing through this we gobble that up no problem sometimes youll have a variation of this where they also put spikes underneath your feet at the end Music this is The Relic I was actually talking about and funny enough it combos well with fast attacking characters like ourselves I dont think it would be worth it for us today because we could just apply poison in one combo rather than two combos were already gonna have Max combos maxed poison stacked up against enemies where it really matters what could be amazing with this setup is the boxing Bell that could be great heavy stunt doesnt make any sense for us lets go ahead and re-roll these monkey paw thats new this ones new too mammons bounty the unknown is always scary isnt it lets see how it works gain a random three relics and a bonus 30 resolve per mammons bounty so we got the increased oh I could just look at this menu we got the from the top lotus petal increases your Mana pool by 50 deal more magic damage perfect the body Buffet enemies have a higher chance of dropping the food weve seen that carry runs before and the glowing Ember could potentially be really good uh glowing Ember deals bonus damage every sixth attack right but oh this is gonna get dicey in here look how fast we attack were actually building the damage up on that super rapidly that could be a very good compliment to our setup Im actually very pleased finding that already uh we managed to clear out this room no problem did lead us into a chest our current gold is 206 000. not too bad for the starting Castle I would say oof unfortunately that Bouncing Betty did push us back and we took some damage from it please dont spin on me thank you very much that dot damage should do the trick that particular night is gonna go immune to damage shortly that might be a problem uh hes immune now oh he still takes status effects build up though so we could just hit him a couple times walk away and were already seeing the chicken God smile upon us because of the buffet coming into play to our right we do see axis Mundy or at least the entrance heading that way 480 damage from Fireball Im gonna fade out and try to avoid more of those poison was enough to take down that Target and thats three chicken and a Mana potion all inside of one room its not even Thanksgiving yet wow this guys gonna do the same thing where hes going to go immune to damage but by hitting him again we Reef oh man I refreshed the dot he was gonna die oh well we did the same thing that should last long enough let me get away from him there it is couple Secrets left over but thats no big deal uh if I had to guess Im gonna say 60 maybe 65 70 000 gold for the teleporter 81 what a all right Ill buy it uh because Im not planning on doing a full clear and were gonna do these kind of episodic new weapon showcases I figure well go back to our old format where we were just you know clearing through zones Im gonna need that teleporter next time yeah we should have two more rooms that give us guaranteed relics inside this part of the castle the one we found wasnt one of the guaranteed spawns which is actually a really good thing for us we have a very high 345 resolve still so room of Lights hello Dont Mind If I Do you gonna be good to me today thats pretty good I feel like since we got that Buffet all of our health problems were immediately solved immediately soft uh Mages guarding the door as we enter this side of the castle we pushed this other one he shouldnt be able to do too much nothing for us to loot and the pizza gods are here not to be outdone they saw all along and just wanted to take part in it uh that guy should I I like just kind of tapping the spell at him oh and we can hover in place kind of inflicting even more damage on our DOT damage and really thats not bad at all I wonder how our Mana generation actually looks with this weapon because were kiting around so much were not getting inconsistent hits all of the time so its not going to be something were going to be building like crazy but I I think we hit enough oh couldnt get out of the way of that as it was cycling around a few boxes in here for us to check oh Ive only taken 600 damage from a trap oof dead end over here lets head over to the left see if we can find our way towards the boss hes kind of running out of places that he can hide but I dont have any like patterns or anything Im looking for in this Zone while were looking for the boss its all just kind of guessing unfortunately got a little too close to those Mages they did some pretty good hits to us if I a little lore room here we cant see if it has any food I keep expecting to carry some forward momentum when I slash for some reason uh we also have an upward path if we find the stygian study I might actually look around in there for a guaranteed Relic as well I was thinking I was thinking about making that part of my uh normal clear habit hey good talk damage here we attacked all of these guys above us without ever actually landing on their platforms we were completely safe from damage there and speak of the devil heres the study I guess well head up in here and poke around a little bit by the teleporter try to make this a normal thing that I do hopefully we dont take too much damage the enemies could be pretty difficult in here speak of the devil two Elites right as we enter holy moly the one on the left will go immune to Im skipping that jeez crap thats hard thats super hard uh okay I might just jump through this pretty quickly try to find the room these guys are protected so many oh so many Elite FX is all in one place we should be fine here laser through also kills The Seekers and well get a little bit of food from those kills as well this is the Environmental effect that still hasnt changed we still have to contend with that oh hello what is this transmogrificator that seems with that re-jumble my character Im curious what does this do randomize your weapon spell and talent seven percent more well let me go find the boss this character showcase is over it was literally the Next Room well it kind of sucks that I swapped my weapon out we do still have a little poison I didnt know what that item did its brand new we didnt have the description now we know for next time uh we do get filled up to full health but I have the ballistic Archer weapon now one of the weapons I am the worst at so well just try to make it work I guess uh we need to shoot it once it flashes to let us oh got him oh wait can you dodge those literally standing still hold on hold on I need to play this character well go ahead and get a little poison on this dude I dont think hell be able to hit me no he cannot theres the crit finally moving over to this side if he does daggers again Im not gonna move this is something I have to move for lets do Prismatic again right here uh I also have the The Shield thing oh and it blocks both sides now whoa did the Lancers get a a big update that was close holy crap uh I dont think Im gonna be able to kill this guy uh just being honest I mean Ill try but Im so screwed well off to a bad start I locked the castle down because I wanted to bring another character in and then I forgot to equip the poison weapons so I was killing the boss with the normal blades and then realized my mistake and uh lost again so were not gonna make any money off of this but were here for principle this is Sir glabler uh I didnt say that right uh we have hyper gonadism it wont actually affect the boss in any way so my impression is that we kind of hit our limits with what our boss damage is going to look like were not really getting the Im gonna try to fade for that wasnt able to hit the button in time were not getting the huge super crits that the assassin class would normally get instead were kind of incentivized to just continue to stack up this 10 poison if we were able to get it to 20 poison as a special class effect you know because were assassins or whatever it would be really really impressive damage ouch but for right now its not that big of a deal uh one way we can make it better is simply opening up on a Target that is vulnerable which I think we can set up with our stealth not 100 on that first things first I do have to survive and that is proving to be a little difficult versus this boss today were gonna go ahead and Fade Out There get behind them yeah thats a good way but we didnt even get very many super crits and as a lot of you guys know we have a fully dexterity focused uh tree thats like the main thing that weve been trying to build uh it looks like we are gonna push the boss into to phase two we cant reapply poison here just yeah its gonna try to dodge out of the way of these Fireballs Fade Out as hes doing this stuff and then get behind him with that vulnerability to make sure were Landing those Critical Hits we have one hit left are we gonna be able to pull this off I dont know dude oh so lets compare that to a normal assassin now I guess this will be a great test with the Assassin we can just kind of go in and start swinging and immediately were already seeing in my opinion a pretty big damage difference weve already taken a pretty big chunk out of the boss and granted were not able to kite around as much but it seems like the damage is a bit more direct like look at those 1700 crits thats actually huge compared to what we were doing earlier Im gonna fade here and do guaranteed crits on his back while hes casting unfortunately got a little bit too close there oof Im gonna have a hard time on this boss today here we go like openings like that were just able to capitalize on so much faster with Baseline assassin oof hey those spikes are actually less damaged than what the boss is dealing that was good for me to do believe it or not Im just gonna hover here as were waiting for the ground to open up we can do big damage now that pushes the phase I need to get the win I gotta I gotta show off I can still do this fight hey good job with that were gonna fade break these were in a decent spot now perfect perfect try to back up wasnt able to descend fast enough to dodge the knives this could be sketchy Im gonna fade all right get behind him perfect gonna fade perfect and then well just bounce on these as were going over chilling gonna fade oh we got him we got him right here we got him right here come on come on come on come on whoop and here it is so what do you think do you think the poison blades are worth it do you like just cutting stuff with cold hard Steel uh let me know your opinion down in the comments I like the idea of the poison I feel like we even leaned into it a little bit with the amplification rune uh I dont know I I think new game plus 12 is just kind of hard maybe its gonna take some adjustments uh but for now were gonna retire our character here and take a look at one of the other brand new weapons in our next episode thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed if youre new here please be sure to subscribe hit the Thumbs Up Button if you enjoyed and that is an interesting character right there oh the festive trait Music thank you foreign Music magicseaweed steamer lane Become a Member ► Twitch Streams ► Twitter ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rogue Legacy 2 is back and has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. 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