How to steam clams and musselsmcculloch steam cleaner 1385 ROGUE LEGACY 2 all right whats up youtube welcome back everybody another episode of rogue legacy 2 here this is an exciting one as we are going to be playing as the gunslinger lets see what the pizza girl has to say thanks for saving me on the bridge being cooped up in there was making me go crazy standing on the docks right here is probably the happiest ive ever been id love to chill here some more but i cant theres still people in the kingdom that need help okay oh thats the sage totem lets see what what lets see okay so yeah when you unlock the things it it pops up so our gunslinger zero obviously we never played is them the valkyrie did go up to two equipment weight plus 20 bonus okay so you get a bonus for each mastery level and its different for each class okay that makes sense hold on hold on hold on hold on lets double check here with her we havent checked in in here in a while we do have some rune weight that were not using so Music thats plus 40 unfortunately we cant do that we can get our magnet rune back the dash rune is what gain additional air dashes so that thatll give us two air dashes we cannot we cant even buy that we dont have that unlocked but lets get our magnet back i mean theres basically no reason to not all right now were good to go the pizza girls coming with us shes coming with us sip of the old iced coffee before we go down im very curious to see how this character is gonna play feels like very very different very different we are getting 60 extra gold which is pretty significant oh i forgot i forgot i forgot okay okay okay okay okay i remember now were good were good where is there is there a thing that says our ammo or no it is very fun to shoot and very fun to play as but i feel like were gonna get into a situation where im gonna have to reload and im not going to realize it or something i feel like thats only uh okay so it looks like it has a distance on it okay wait i see i see the amount of ammo up there i wonder if theres a way you could reload before you need to reload you know what im saying gotta just be very mindful of the exploding enemies i is a very fun mechanic the gunslinger im im digging this a lot its definitely very different than any of the other characters but its fun im assuming some rooms are going to be less fun than others so you can hold shoot but when you need to reload it actually uh will just shoot a jammed gun if you dont unhold x do you know what im saying like you cant just hold x forever and then reload and keep you know keep holding x you have to stop shooting and then which is actually pretty cool i just dont think theres any way to to manually reload the gun lose no health okay this is gonna be fine you love to see it you absolutely love to see it its a miracle we actually didnt get hurt oh that was  __  we get hurt in a room thats literally not a challenge just a normal room well not really normal i guess it was a bit of a trap room for those of you curious about the mechanic you basically when you start shooting you stop moving so when you stop moving you can just control where you shoot with the joystick moving is the joystick but also aiming is the joint joystick but when you start shooting the gun you stop moving so you could kind of control it in the in a 360 fashion now thats also interesting because we have that thing that enemies drop that explodey thing but the explody thing is actually a shootable object which adds another wrinkle of strategy of like okay you could kill the enemy but then you can also sorry paying attention to what im doing you can kill the enemy but then you can also shoot the potion before it kind of blows up on you or lands and then eventually blows up on you okay its that its that thing again you know what im gonna hold on to the dynamite for now that thing that that item didnt seem to like i guess i probably just didnt use it very well im assuming its just to get through hard areas without having to kill the enemies or having the enemies attack you or something im assuming thats what it is that was bad to go loot that guy before the thing exploded it didnt burn us that almost burned us we actually shot in the air to delay our jump that was some next level pro strategies just get out of there sometimes i think im close to reloading and im not im trying to look at the ammo and see if when i kill enemies if it kind of gives me more ammo because it seems like it does but i dont think it does because i just looked at it its gonna be fine it will be fine dont you worry i dont know exactly why sometimes theyre hittable and then other times theyre not seems like something thats very important to figure out okay definitely had some champions on this room to say the least i mean we still have some just too many moving parts too many moving parts man too many moving parts holy moly all things considered we actually didnt lose too much hp in the grand scheme of things all right lets keep on keeping the way we were going which was over here which is a dead end just fine Music okay slow and steady gets us up there gotta be using our magic more our b and our uh just got ourselves trapped here guns could definitely not go through the walls which makes sense lets get a reload going im finding myself kicking more of the objects other than shooting them because it seems like having those 22 shots ready to go is important what is this bag of spoons fabled weapon bounces once after bouncing itll skill crit and gain bonus int scaling um thats going to change our god i dont know if im ready and willing to change our gun right about now because one im having fun with it and were getting better with it or at least trying to get better with it and i think this spoon although i think it is fun to try out different weapons i think once we have kind of a lot of the classes under our belt like we know what were doing with the classes then we can kind of start branching out into some of the uh crazier weapons that the game has to offer weaponized safety gear no strength and weakness well above 50 deal more i mean thats thats just a good thats just a good relic thats just a good relic the magnet working its magic here it is ax is mundy ill need set uh 1750 gold to permanently unlock this teleporter sure okay honestly i didnt see the portal for the other area but thats fine what is this i think this is just an area its kind of worth coming in here just potential getting some chicken just double checking making sure it all sounds the same i mean i dont know if theres really too much of a point to not come here relatively quickly and uh oh almost forgot about the explody enemies which again is all enemies reminder to myself wanted to get out of there before those came back got it nailed it skilled it oh god oh no fell on my head all just out of range rip ammo rip to the old ammo lets get a reload going i dont know what happened to my jump i dont know what happened to my jump get out of there hey theres a secret chest down there did we miss that we missed the the wall wheres the broken wall not here that was pretty cool oh i attacked in the red oh you can reload with rb very useful thats very nice oh i jumped right into the spike what am i doing i mean the goal the goal here is blessing of wisdom so i think when it says i dont know how its been like eight episodes of this series and im just figuring this out but i think when it says gain a buzzing of wisdom thats going to replace my b thats gonna replace my spell so its the tesla spike after hitting the wall creeks the sword like damages all enemy in a small area last ticks are skill crits that seems really good but to be honest our bees really good and were not using that either so what does that say about me that i dont use my uh mana enough yes true true true truing true true okay blob fish this is bad this is this im getting my ass kicked by a blob fish come on man lets get a grip here let us please get a grip im scared of bones i love that i found the reload button its making this character a lot more fun to play and it was already fun to play locked and loaded a little bit of mana its cool like this area is very different from the first not only aesthetically but also like how you kind of go about moving around the area is is very different theyre just way way like bigger area just way different vibe in the sense of like traversing it the mechanics are very different in this area its really nice i do oh wait a minute no yes no its oh oh i see i mean i see that doesnt mean im going to be able to do we did it we did it the scholar trinket we could go full scholar now i believe i saw the return was right here and then i was like it all came together i saw one of those on the last time and i was looking for the teleporter but you got to go get the chest and then you find the teleporter okay might as well get all these coins all the coins we can get we got 1700 which is not a lot at all and i think the main reason for that is because we paid the pizza girl to make the teleporter this feels like guaranteed damage is that crazy oh we did it no we didnt we did it uh trick rune parkour with purpose gain mana when you spin kick an enemy okay loki sorry guys give me one second okay um just turn that off okay we i understand lets make sure we get in there get the kill get out of there reload then we do this money literally money okay so that does trigger even if you dont stand on it even if you just go over it it triggers thats good to know that chicken is very very very yummy and very helpful okay we got a little bit of a melt them oh the triple shot got me right as he died bait it bait it bait it bait it i know im not supposed to necessarily be baiting these but i know youre supposed to be spin kicking off of them im just maybe not that level of expertise just yet were cracked we are cracked maybe we are that level of expertise get out of there so sad i did not mean to fall off 17 damage for no good reason i dont know if theres any point to go to pizza monday pizza monday i mean obviously other than maybe some chicken luckily if we get very lucky we did not get very lucky uh but that is the next area up there i think you know more exploring aka going to the right forehead is where we kind of want to be for for the boss is definitely good against those enemies that have that circumference of uh oh no oh no oh no oh no okay i didnt even need them seeing if they had any goods in them how about that we gotta go get that guy oh no i wanted to heal kick that butt see whats down here oh oh interesting its one of those uh three room challenges to kill some enemies but its on this level i guess we got to see what its all about right oh no this guy sniped my ass were cracked or cracked all the exploding enemies you hate to see it no no no theyre shooting so fast why are they shooting so fast oh man we still got a whole another room what just happened full try hard mode okay we did do it but man that that freaking slaughtered us we get another one of these empathy things which i guess we could try to do some of those challenges since weve unlocked two of them um but yeah thats not gonna help us right now with some hp which we desperately desperately desperately need now desperately please chicken please no chicken no this little thing makes me feel like theres some sort of secret behind here just trying to be as methodical as possible here make sure we turn this off when it comes back on we gotta try to find some some meat down here that hurts that hurts whoa the blob fish out of nowhere from the top rope i mean i really want to break that bed down there to try to get some goods but and that chest thats gonna shoot at me okay okay okay okay we did it no hp though unfortunately oh we cant get out of there or we cant get up there i should say please oh the statue oh no no i thought i was gonna get hit i thought there was nothing i could do there and i thought i was getting hit love that absolutely love that gunslinger just so badass busting open the doors dude oh my gosh very very close there scared me im im im im regretting everything im regretting everything lets not just please one piece of chicken one piece of chicken is all i ask thats all i ask is one piece of chicken chicken no oh that bone almost hit me um i dont know do the champions ever drop no no chicken no chicken to be had okay okay definitely an xl he did not drop chicken i cant buy a chicken right now i cannot buy one fellas we need the hp babe can this guy come over here bad decision on your part friend oh my gosh needs to be chicken in here needs to be chicken is there just no chicken on this whole level thats literally gonna just turn me into a mage class the wand of blasting thats like literally what you start out with as a mage im definitely not giving up my gun well i guess its time to fight the two skeletons which you know were not in a good spot considering how little hp we have and i guess you could say go to the secret area which maybe we will because were only gonna heal for like a hundred which means were only gonna have 146 hp theres a small hole the route is an arrow drop is steep if you go through its a one-way trip wait can i not access it oh its right here oh you just bypassed the gate okay the kerguelen plateau chicken this is cool little snowy area and this looks like the next the next area were actually going to be accessing honestly you can have the gold we are getting portals unlocked left and right here you could definitely have the gold didnt it say its a one-way though theres still no chicken didnt it say its a one-way wouldnt we be able to go back here we could go back here what is it talking about we can literally go back cant we this aint no one way oh maybe now no we can get back i dont know im confused i think i dont know maybe we just explore this area instead of uh instead of fighting the boss or attempting to fight the boss i should say little shield enemy whoa the aqua brace what is this oh it just has like a white this is so cool man why is that snowflake getting so damn big okay its gonna get so damn big again unless i shoot it i dont know if these enemies am i gonna freeze oh god got blue ones of these guys now gotta break these boxes please chicken please please chicken where what is that i dont think we can get up there i unfortunately dont think we can get up there that looks like an area that you need a double dash or something i aint talking mario kart got some some insight this area looks a little more oh those dodges this area looks a little more zoomed in well i mean i shouldnt even say a little more it looks a lot more zoomed in its cool i like how they uh play with the uh zoom levels theyre not scared that is that had the potential to be chicken but it is not chicken if you know what im saying oh were back at this area i didnt know if those went up higher than the other ones i cant tell you how satisfying the gunslinger the gunslinger class is its so good its so freaking good i havent used the dynamite much it honestly scares me if im being real what is that oh  __  oh no are we going to take damage from those guys like no matter what because of the exploding wow those are go fast dude i just need chicken i dont need the mana i need the chicken im scared okay so he throws little snowflakes get the diagonal shot going okay its gonna be fine but was a little tight through there but its good its all good its all good baby lets go right oh i see oh i see the secret oh i see the secret we got a memory not even any hp not even any hp man brah lose no health well yeah id hope we lose no health no i did the wrong thing dude no we made it we made it and i blew it okay oh  __  absorb magical essence through your fighting spirit restore more mana per hit all right now were out of there oh we actually can go to the right here chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken so this slows you down whoa a zombie what was the tell oh i see dude every time a mana potion drops im pretty sure in the games code that could also have been chicken i could be tripping on that but i think theyre of the same value and the same rarity drop and every time we seem to be getting the freaking mana which is not doing anything for us please no no no no okay i dont think we got hit there you really just dont want that to go into shield form you really dont want captain america to go into shield form well theres nothing we could have done there we were taking damage pretty much no matter what which i forgot they come back down oh god oh i reloaded whoops im scared theres gonna be a risen in like one of these uh piles of snow here what happened one fireball my little foot ouch lady faye has been slain by a a plinky but our gunslinger rank is going through the roof baby can we get rank two yes sir yes sir i mean that was a really good run can we get rank three oh we got really close actually 458.00 from rank 3. i mean that was amazing well over 100 enemies defeated over 9 000 gold but then we spent some i guess so now we have 5700 um okay 125 enemies defeated we got into a new area the snow area we didnt attempt to fight the double skeletons again but next episode you best believe we are picking the boxer baby as much as i want to play the duelist again because its so much fun we have to hysteronic hysteronic curious to see what thats all about we have to try the the boxer um we have a decent amount of money here to get some upgrades relics costs less resolve that feels very important im going to buy that raise the castle a little bit higher and then were going to increase your starting resolve okay all right then that wiped out most of our money we only have 262. numbers are exaggerated lets see what this means youre a two upper numbers are exaggerated i dont know what that means oh  __  okay so you can do an up uppercut with holding up and then you just punch like that lets see what y is why is a knockout punch can be aimed consumes all combo stacks damage increase for every combo stack wait whats a combo stack well were critting look how much damage were doing okay so 30 ko oh but then if we do this and then boom holy  __  thats so much damage thats so much damage dude we are unfortunately not gonna be able to buy this because i spent all our money but im trying to think here Music scholar does it tell you straight up okay so leather unity is resolved and then scholar is bonus focus but how can we tell if our character needs focus thats where im a little folk is in focus usually just like how much mana you have because if so then its very unnecessary and we would probably want the leather want to tailor your gear set for each character class turn this feature on will ensure that every class remembers what gear they wore last time the first time you turn this on thats cool once you unlock more armor but right now i dont know enough about the game to do that but we are going to switch over to leather were going to look a lot less cool but i think having the leather uh bonus resolve is going to be better than the bonus focus and yes i understand that the scholar packs more punch damage wise so maybe we just take the weapon never mind if we lose the bonus no we dont lose the bonus yes we do lose the bonus i cant tell i cant tell chunky heavy ah so our weight just affects the the our weight affects the resolve just in general and theres no point to have a cape really because of magic damage we dont use magic that much im starting to put it together here this will just give us more armor and our weight is still just heavy but i dont think we have the leather bonus bonus for the resolve we still dont have it though we have it there and the plus 75 that seems good actually that seems good all right well ill see you guys in the next episode hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did make sure you leave a like to keep the series going and uh yeah im having a blast come back to the next episode to check out some boxer gameplay ill see you guys in the next one all right everybody until next time stay safe stay up and peace out steamed broccolini Support the YouTube by joining the Patreon:☕🙏Patreon: a stream? 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