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Cross platform games on steambrookline steam academy ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hello everyone palliative here welcome back to rogue legacy too i hope you guys are doing very well today wasnt feeling very well over the course of the last week and ever since the last video uh that i recorded which was the one hp and a dream i have just brought characters into the study to be sacrificed for the greater good literally all of my characters have moved about four rooms in here and then died so today were bringing in a ronin and were gonna try our best to make some progress despite the headache we have oh immediate damage from a little gun over on the left side a protector was keeping everyone safe but we managed to push through him this running does have just over a thousand hp but we did sacrifice a lot of damage to get that hp hopefully it will be good enough uh i dont see us getting too much use out of our spell today it actually hits a much closer range than what i would normally hit with our sword our sword actually outreaches what our spell can do and i kind of have to keep people at arms distance to get that critical hit area i mean i dont always hammer above us sending out some seekers to stop our pursuit were going to jump up to the high ground and just lay on the heat and in the first room already collecting 6 000 gold for our familys coffers oh thats lucky yeah well start with this uh right away finding a mini boss could definitely help out were still pretty high on health as well so if we can clear this we have plenty of hp to go into the rest of the castle with now this one is usually pretty difficult but i think the ronin might be up for the cause i feel like im getting uh maybe its a refresh rate thing i feel like my fps is a little choppy here but im looking at our number at the top right and were above 100 so im just not going to worry about it im going to keep going once we get over this wall this is where the real game begins the mini boss is going to start to send a myriad of projectiles towards our character and its our job to avoid as much of this damage as we can some of these have openings at the top some have openings at the bottom and others we actually have to dash through like the purple walls but the ronins blade dash or whatever his y ability is called does certainly help out sometimes i think were actually getting pretty close to the entrance here we do take our first bit of damage im gonna use those immunity frames to push right on through and now all we have to do is dps this thing down oh all right fire skill all right that wasnt half bad that was some pretty good burst damage we got kind of lucky that uh the mini boss wasnt sending a variety of projectiles at this and we were able to just kind of sit there on the low ground but yeah thats looking pretty cleaned up not too shabby not too shabby walking right in and taking it down this is only one of the void beasts that we have to defeat before the boss of the study is available but it feels good to walk in and get that it was really really good to walk in and get that i have a lot of practice with uh this boss in particular as well because there were some challenges associated with him in that um bonus room on the docks so i have a lot of experience fighting phase two of that fight in particular maybe phase three of that fight depending on how you want to measure it uh that mimic didnt even give me a chance to say it was a mimic before it started moving around i dont think it could have made it up back onto this platform until i hit it so with this miniboss cleared out this does open up the castle for us a little bit generally speaking we know that the second mini boss is typically located on the far western side of the castle although when you start to expand the castle with burdens that may change there can be some variance in there however we find the study which is guaranteed to have a relic in here is it one that we want neither of these but this ones pretty good help protect our hp bar quite a lot if we take damage instead its just going to consume mana to help keep us alive quite a bit longer and this is the second mini boss oh bud it looks like we might be moving in it looks like we might be taking over the study today so far by the way 13 000 gold collected now lets see if we can make it count um we potentially oh didnt quite move in time there but we actually blocked all that damage i was gonna say we could potentially turn on this fire spell and just try to double up some damage on these guys when they group up doesnt quite work out as well as i was hoping and we need to make sure that were actually dodging the javelin throw when these guys go for it uh well just get away from these seekers attack up to remove them this is a throw lets make sure we back up from that and clear out the secrets no problem with these guys super grouped up we oh today i learned if youre super close to one of the void beasts those projectiles from the spear when they throw it just fly right over your head thats super nice trying to get some extra damage in here did take another hit for it arguably not worth it but we finish off a second of the mini bosses with a dash directly into them and with that both mini bosses of the stygium study taken down in under six minutes on new gameplay get our health back really easy if we head back just one room inside of here guaranteed apple to heal us back up now we just kind of have to guess where the boss room might be typically once again usually at the top holy crap another healing room that could be extremely beneficial we very quickly take down one of the starfish a mage hovering above us well just juggle him in the air for a few hits and then turn our attention over to the crossbow that was firing at us oh speaking of which hey guys can you let me like walk in the door before you get superman maybe i wanted to loot a little more thoroughly there but couldnt stop moving on the spikes lets continue to move in jumping to the other side two solid hits on the side of that mace well you can really see our damage is its good dont get wrong the damage is fine but we are nowhere close to where we like to be which is like one to two shotting these enemies might be because we swapped out the drown set to go with this one to have some more hp it might just be because you know new game plus is kind of scary uh we do absorb a hit there that mace was protecting all the other enemies in this room the scroll to my right just came alive again and became active so lets get out of its way we cant block anything else until we whoa slow down until we find a mana potion which those things dont seem to be in great supply as of right now if i can get this guy to come off of that chair perfect one more time we can one shot him before heading up there i actually check out the rest of this room looks like it just empties to the right well ill commit if this guy on the right gets a shot in he is going to shred our armor and he has just barely enough hp to require one more hit there make sure we keep moving on this stuff heading up to the next room on the far side this is the oh i  __  let him hit me thats the most important mace to get down because that is the one that armor shreds he did get a little bit of shredding off but we managed to take him down no problem uh i maybe i cant say no problem these guys are protected unless they get too close to the left side here which means whoever is protecting them is just offside of the right side of the screen just off the right side of the screen explosive aura that is terrible for us and we have to hit him so many times to even get through the damage prevention but luckily we do keep up the aggression and we are rewarded with the crescent chest plus one wow look at us so rewarded so blessed uh health isnt looking great but if we are narrowing in on the boss room then that shouldnt matter when we hit that boston were going to be healed up to a hundred percent hp its just finding the area in the first place which can be a little daunting lets reverse up to the top here this skeleton is going to explode get out of the way of those projectiles and take the melee damage anyway because our dash simply does not kill anything any longer oh okay take a breath get some food i dont want that i can take that sure a little bit better than our fire area really the time bomb was an upgrade over our spinning circle of fire as well looks like this dead ends and the next way forward is to the right of this room oh this is the secret area oh and a nice healthy amount of food to get us on our way this is where the heirloom is if you havent opened this yet all you do is dash in rather than walking on top of the walkway and youll be able to get in here no problem as for us today it doesnt serve too much of a purpose for whatever reason this side of the castle how many pieces of food have been in here uh this side of the castle didnt get the same treatment as what we have seen previously oh  __  hold on what there we go just skip all just skip all the required mechanics and get the chest anyway just regular ronin things thats all uh i am a little afraid of all of the seekers that could be taking up real estate in this room and ive cut my box pile down pretty short can we still get up there so close three second cooler im trying to get im trying to get and try to get where are all these seekers wait perfect yes thank you thank you for spawning seekers normally i would hate you but that actually worked out in my favor like crazy okay lets cut these boxes away see if theres any health in here for us its not looking too good today these hammers are sitting pretty high up still but we managed to take a few of them out some gold falling by our side bringing us up to 46 000 for this run not too shabby at all pretty pleased with that i am starting to get a little concerned that we havent actually found the boss room yet what was the point oh they all just break on the spikes but i mean its got to be up here somewhere challenge room i am going to skip for now uh this is a mimic i promise that if we full clear the boss we will come back for that challenge room i just want to see it you know what i mean ive been working so hard to get this place open i just want to see it lets let those poison coins fall out onto the floor chest on the far side we might be able to do some funny stuff here hes actually have to do it from here maybe yeah yeah it wasnt worth taking damage for but at least we figured out the angle we could follow this fireball right out of here and it looks like my only viable path forward is on the right so youre telling me that this little guy literally denied entrance for this whole area holy  __  oh this is bad uh whos protecting you guys i dont oh its this dude okay you gotta go that opens up the room for damage lets dodge this  __  as best as we can oh  __  i had to reset it i didnt want to i did leave some health back here im gonna go see if i can find it again okay that gives us 325 back now let me get my revenge on that room that guys that starfish is gonna be a bit of a problem lets get this mage out of here if i can dodge all this mage stuff we should be fine transitioning to the right got it a beautiful transition if i do say so myself we should be safe here as we take down one more starfish and now its just me and this guy thats immune to damage most of the time there we go room cleared now unfortunately that means that the way forward is down into the right somehow looks like we found another mage trying to protect his area we do totally block that damage but im not going to be able to block this one 106 in the corner those scrolls looking pretty scary this mana potion is giving us another pure block hit back are you kidding me with this stuff uh lose no health is the challenge lets give our blade dash a second to come back nice very clean inside we find the high stakes rune which i believe was super crits i didnt actually read it oof so we actually have to descend the study today to find the boss room didnt see that coming lose no health is the challenge ive been feeling at this one in particular a lot lately not today though nice that feels good i think i failed that twice in a row now siphon rune absorb more magical essence uh we just get more mana back whenever we deal damage not something particularly useful to okay someone in this room is  __  uh protecting everybody else no no no thank you nope not today not clearing that room out what the actual  __  okay come on starfish get out of here dont kill me dont kill me im feeling pretty good about this really want to see this run through please dont kill me oh seeker down good damage we could take a robin hood out from down here actually he almost killed me stand on my crit spot come here come back here come back here you come back over here right now okay break open the door wait for the fireball perfect same thing im holding my ground perfect almost got impaled almost impaled right there were good though were good uh move it bring it back all of this was just for a chest unbelievable i do not need this chest that bad speaker would 68 000 gold so far thats not bad wow wait hold the f okay well the good news is the boss is running out of places it could possibly be i have to reset that its part of the bad news the good news is i reset it so i could walk back in and totally annihilate those guys with our new spell okay there cant be that many more rooms oh goodness oh okay im about to be shot from above too move to the side Music beautiful job okay we can hunker down here got to get out of their range and then we can strike come on boss room oh no oh didnt see that painting made it mad on accident now we have to deal with those consequences but i think we dealt just fine and our health is actually getting its pulling together its coming back does feel good to take those guys down in one swing and we continue to do it as we push into the next room lets see not only are they protected oh no oh no did i just take four  __  hundred damage come on come on come on what is this what is this layout how many more places could you possibly be hiding the box oh  __  stay down there good this guys kind of a problem only if he hits us though thats a mimic above me decent damage there take down the mimic he was explosive i hate that the mimics dont show their affects until they take damage but at the same time it also makes a lot of sense its not that i want to change its just that i hate mimics 83 000 gold so far oh im so glad we could one shot those so this path continues super far upward ouch big hit there 275 from that guy there we go thats the one i was trying to do hey they ended up jumping back into the other one and finally we find the boss room oh im sure this is fine i feel like its been a couple weeks since ive done this but well get it done well get it done our damage on the other hand may leave a little bit to be desired this boss can do a number of things to stop us from dealing damage to him this is one of them kind of cuts off the side of the room now hes going to dash forward and we just trade sides with him with the ronin dash we get out of the way of the seekers but we can slowly cut them down to size that one by running into it now uh this thing i have to dash in order to leave its area that it can damage me before it encloses on me and gets that free damage this is seekers again lets make this um scroll a little mad on the right side just to get it on cool down get out of our way oh my god i cant believe i avoided all that damage all right one hit so far as we push into i guess the second phase now we have these uh theyre not seekers its just dark energy balls all around the boss here chill here blade dash this way to remove that seeker looks like another fireball barrage oof should not have dash forward was hoping immunity frame would take me through that but it didnt happen back to this side push it all right all right here we go here we go here we go we got this all day bounce oh hes already missing like 20 hp were literally chilling i got this in the bag dude we just move side to side hit him with the slash every time he lands hes doing his barrage we could just patiently wait peacefully wait no reason to apply any pressure there now we gotta run but we bounce off his top we have our dash here if we need it get out of his way what i should be doing honestly leaving a few of these spells down for when he lands even if he only gets a few ticks of damage its still some pretty good ticks there we go good positioning here oh you shooting things we might be able to deal some damage here i dont know if its worth trying to get into his personal area to be honest really good boss damage so far this is the phase im really good at because this i just kept practicing it over and over i was getting to the point where i could do this without taking any damage consistently on every class which i feel like is a pretty big accomplishment just means that im a little over prepared for the stygian study and a little under prepared for what else we might encounter but there you go another wing of the castle absolutely decimated as we move through it the next area will be no walk in the park however as the sky temple still to me is the hardest area in the game however if ive come this far im going to try to fool clear were going to try to see everything see what kind of money we can expect out of this just one zone as well i feel like thats that could be pretty insightful we do find the kin weapon forged of red aether and imbued with a hundred enchantments weve never seen that thats the first one of that armor series that we have found destroy our targets sure wow and we got a trick roon gain mana when you spin kick off of an enemy not a rune that i think i would try anytime soon but could be a good one to have i mean obviously the bard would get a lot of benefit out of that since thats one of your main sources of one of the main ways you interact with enemies whoa were gonna reset that hold on well give that one another go good spell there dashing through we kill off one of the mages then slice the other one into two this is a secret room that we dont need to clear where was that ridiculous gold room we do have a chest in here what was this about why didnt i do this oh oh suddenly it becomes clear because that mimic is protected this guys protected and this guys explosive wait mimic was protecting them well i didnt see that plot twist coming all right lets make this platform a little safer for us all right one slice on him well take him out oh right in the keister the mimic was providing the protection aura thats not something ive seen before thats perfect too because they dont show what buff they have our ronin gets up to level 14 lady lisa vi has taken down the stygian study and next episode well be veni venturing into the sun temple with this character looks perfect whats wrong with you you get disarmed when stressed yeah this character looks perfect well be heading out with lady ashley the seventh a valkyrie great at protecting themselves heading into the castle tomorrow uh 27 000 gold for this upgrade but we have all of our strength damage increases next thing to do is to get these dexterity increases so when we crit it hits really hard we also have a bunch of armor upgrades we can still get a bunch of intelligence scaling stuff we can still get rune weight scaling could be huge for us and we havent even really begun to pursue that in a very meaningful way lots of options lots of options thats gonna do it for todays episode everybody hope you enjoyed it if you did please be sure to hit the thumbs up button well be back again in the morning taking a look at this character look at this jump height wow yeah that should do pretty good where were going take care see you guys again soon goodbye Music you best open world games free on steam Become a Member ► Twitch Streams ► Twitter ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rogue Legacy 2 is back and has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. In this game, your legacy defines you. Spend your parents’ inheritance and grow the family manor to give your children a better fighting change. Each child is unique, with their own traits and abilities. Your daughter could be an archer. She could also be a Vegan. Also play how you want to. Go hard and fast, or take it slow and steady, and build your character up until you’re ready for greater challenges. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End card Music: Peacock by 7 Minutes Dead #RogueLegacy2 #Letsplay #RL2 how to remove wallpaper without a steamer make steam games full screen steam radiator leaking water steamed snack crossword clue steam deck benchmark