BEST RUN OF MY CAREER | Rogue Legacy 2 Episode 29

Best economy games on steamhow to get any game from steam for free ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hello everyone palliative here welcome back to rogue legacy too hope you guys are doing very well today we live stream our run on monday and it was very successful the prime minister rarity was taken down but at the end of the stream we came across sir mauricio the 11th were running out of roman numerals that i know how to read he is a chef but a contrarian so instead of having a normal pan or spoon he instead wields the weapon of the pizza night and instead of having the chefs normal ability of being able to make meals and heal we have the astromancers ability of zooming around the map lets keep in mind because we are a chef every attack we do with the pizza will spark a burn and of course we have very good critical hit damage because of our castle look at that top left corner its filling out pretty well so i feel really good about this run i hope it lives up to my expectations thank you guys so much for being here lets get it underway its in the first room can you believe that can you believe that well technically we need to look for the actual stygian study i thought about buying the teleport but never actually went through with it we are immediately wow that was some tight maneuvers right there that was actually pretty close we met up with an empowered character in our very first room and absolutely dominated it im feeling good already okay i actually think the body buffet could be really good enemies have a chance of dropping health because we dont have the ability of actually healing ourselves that could add up pretty fast were also going to sacrifice some life for some increased maximum life why not at this point i dont think thats a bad thing at all bro our single target damage is actually kind of nutty damn we found another relic room as well where were all of these relics when i was doing my full clear the other day we find the catalyst deal 20 bonus damage to enemies with a status effect every time we attack we apply a status effect wow well this might be the strongest character ive ever played i feel like ive been saying that so much lately with these contrarian effects i mean think about it the classes are balanced with certain limitations but the contrarian effect allows you to bypass some of those its actually pretty nutty lets go ahead and buy the teleporter its going to be 21 000 gold thats about half of what i collected just through clearing through the normal castle we have 146 resolve left and that just a minute like seriously look at that damage on new game plus four that damage is really good that is super solid dps and i mean thats against like a moving target hold on let me put some electricity underneath it my biggest concern with our current setup is the fact that our spell is going to be almost useless versus some of the bosses here well for phase one of the boss anyway for phase one its gonna be kind of hard to get value out of it phase two i actually think its gonna be totally fine now stygian study is usually the area of the game where i feel like im approaching the speed limit sun temple always super hard for me to deal with the dry lake always super hard for me to deal with the stygium study is when i still feel like i have control of my car if that makes any sense if that analogy worked for anybody else uh pretty good lightning damage across the room that burning effect allowing us to cut through that wait what if i throw this and then go down here a little for what hey okay didnt mean to reset lets go back that painting is not my friend lets dash away from that put some lightning down in its path i mean just look at this kiting capability its  __  nuts i wasnt kidding i really do think this is what wait what if i throw it this way and then wow wait why did i take damage there please take damage youre so irritatingly close to my projectile please just take the hit thank you oh my goodness now it is important to remember i believe i already said it but that was a few minutes ago so please forgive me i believe its important to remember that we cannot heal ourselves so we do need to be a little careful also i didnt say at the beginning of the video youre already committed now youre already watching if youre enjoying the content please be sure to hit that thumbs up button helps us out a ton over here and just takes you a very quick second good damage on the starfish yet again these guys actually cannot damage me look at these crits oh my god do you believe me yet i really do think this might be the strongest character weve ever had they just keep getting better im just so pleased you could probably hear the smile on my face no his painting on the other hand still might be a problem but the double electricity field cuts it down to size all right we need to focus because we do have a few things we need to do here we have two mini bosses we need to take down before we can attempt an actual boss fight those mini bosses one of them is very survival focused and the other one is like a normal mini boss fight of course i mean i have to survive through both of them so arent they all survival focused i mean probably however these fights the damage that the bosses do is very high one of my biggest concerns as weve been playing through this difficulty is just getting well number one our critical hit damage ive had a really big focus on that but also our armor in the background is something that ive been striving to improve quite a lot is that a kill i mean i do have this Laughter i guess i can use that sometime of course we commit to moving to the middle of the room and i take damage instantly well siphon that health back in no time dont you worry i mean i guess that is a good point to remember with the boss the mini boss we have to go up against thats the double enemies like we can just kind of zoom around a lot of what theyre doing i i think avoid a lot of damage potentially another painting here lets try to get some electricity on the wall to me to dash away and try to lose his chest before that scroll on the right blows up we have the kin chest plus one by the way reminder to myself to actually show you what armor i am wearing because it has changed a little bit since our last video the leather set i mean isnt really that great but it does increase your resolve capacity quite a lot so when we were doing the full clear our resolve mattered a lot i wanted to get as many relics as i could that was kind of the whole point of what we were trying to do there but even swapping out to oh thats bad even swapping out to this setup our resolve was still pretty good it was still looking pretty okay dropping down were going to hit the painting try to avoid this spike area for at least a moment longer hey spin kicking off a painting thats hurling towards me through the air feels kind of fun feels kind of good double cannons on the ground here lets just get some damage out on them that mana potion will restore some health to us as well because of our quenching runes these are fake right yeah we have an archer moving forward hes kind of in a weird spot although we do have an opening right here that we can take calling it right now minibus room oh my god how does he do it how does he do it how can someone be so good at a video yeah im done im done im sorry it was jokingly obnoxious i dont im not im not really that way uh lets see if we can get this javelin person i mean theyre kind of a thrower right theyre not gonna charge at me are they what if i go back yeah were gonna have to commit and just take down the mage two pizzas out thats all it took my god our damage is so good all right boys here we go here we go full health first mini boss lets see how it goes jumping in please dont lose his character oh the fight just starts okay yeah i mean thats fine why dont you stand up against that wall and take some damage over there well yes group up over here thats fine for me as well javelin throw lets make sure we stand in between those areas for the magma bro oh didnt see the javelin from behind this guys getting annihilated on the left javelins forward almost did a head bounce there to try to stay in the game if that one in the back stays against the wall were gonna be able to melt him honestly we can melt him if he moves forward too it doesnt  __  matter it doesnt  __  matter this characters so strong okay thats a dash forward bro i feel like they were really forgiving today i had a hard time with this boss when we started playing this game again when we picked it back up after that little break  __  knock that dude i think i only got hit once wow wow wow i need to do this challenge so i stopped getting handicaps for it i actually want to try it i did see that there was an achievement to unlock all of those challenges and then another achievement to also get a at least a bronze score in all those challenges so that might be something we strive for in the future honestly since weve kind of been carving our way through the castle i havent looked to see what those scars we that we have like three maybe maybe just two that we have clues for unlocking but i dont actually know how to unlock them we should probably look into that sometime soon double ballista above us lets take our time lets get these kills im gonna go immune here land on this platform and throw another pizza i keep because our damage output is so strong i keep forgetting i even have the astromancer part of this character which is like super surprising to me because thats what i thought was going to be the strongest part and its kind of an afterthought for me at the moment if i can get that pizza to hover in the right spot theyre just dead chest up at the top but it doesnt matter the traps dont matter the kin cave has been acquired lets just follow these fireballs down nothing to even worry about as we ascend here weve im gonna sacrifice that for a little bit more hp remember if we find the study the study is guaranteed to have an apple room so we can grab the perfect perfect lets check out the relic room first though lets see what our options are revive from fatal blows is gonna cost 50 resolve but we can do it we can do it that brings us to 96 which is lowering our maximum hp but remember we just boosted our maximum hp with this so really not that big of a deal lets grab that full heal i dont want to play too aggressive im not going to go for another he another health increase although you know i think we can pull it off honestly especially if im finding little gaps and projectiles like that were playing pretty good feels good for a change i hope i dont get used to this its gonna be weird when i go back to play like i normally do good damage all the archers in the corner and the electricity is out we completely cleave them down and we find the ken helm plus one were looking at 87 000 gold and remember we already paid uh 200 000 thats a lot of money good damage on the oh man that was a hefty hit 400 damage for just falling in the wrong spot you hate to see it we have crossed cannons here and that painting in the middle is not oh thats an elite and if he hits me hes going to shred my armor and he has seekers oh and hes moving real quick oh hes moving real quick luckily for us our painting is actually our um oh god hes immune oh god Music whoa the electricity was actually doing a phenomenal job of destroying those seekers before they could get close to us and then we accidentally got one of those pizzas rotating around us orbiting around us and it did a great job of removing seekers as well uh boss room hey we dont even need to worry about this trap gauntlet well just zip up to the top this painting is not real and luckily this time its not in a leaves the burning effect does take it down uh i wonder if i could throw this hold on let me try let me try something throw this im trying to get out of its way so it actually rotates up and hits that painting above me hey just like that yeah its were getting it bro were  __  getting it we are committed to this room now but if this guy goes to attack me well we can just immune everything because we are so fair and balanced uh lets try to make our way to the right here unfortunately taking a hit there elite dagger in the middle of the room we need to be careful about him coming towards me nice damage there though that bouncing betty has a resonating aura with it it can actually travel through walls unlike the majority of those enemy types we did take a little bit of damage in there oh hello i can just immune this Laughter oh this isnt fair this isnt fair oh my god okay a lot of projectiles coming from the right side we also have this hammer above us thats oh didnt think the seeker would survive with the pizza there the hammer above us is sending out those area of effect abilities towards us actually almost took damage from that poison there forgot the mimic was going to do that big damage on the mage on the far side he gets melted down and the chest gives us a lot of money were already looking at 122 000 and oh my god the food has been so good today this is the second minibus boys we are literally doing it we are literally doing it history is being made right now i can do this also when we were here on the live stream chat was yelling about a chest before the actual boss stuff uh so im just trying to look for oh there it is yeah there it is spell straight down perfect nice okay i know theres one halfway through the gauntlet as well now were actually not in any danger until we take this transporter now the mini boss fight has officially begun dashing through this easy hop over these i knew i was playing bad last time when i was missing those super easy jumps no reason to rush this at all lets hop right in the middle there middle heat thats okay its okay let that pass by we can dash through this i see the chest up at the top and i want it im feeling a little greedy today Music but still trying to play somewhat patiently okay were gonna have to land fine were fine were fine dashing on through oh 200  __  damage down to the ground and i believe bro this boss is so  __  dead oh my god its not even gonna be a challenge bro its not even gonna be close i wish i had a dps meter i wish i knew how much  __  damage i was doing i bet its absurd and thats minibus number two down like its nothing that means were actually eligible for the final boss fight here are we really gonna clear the study in a single run is that really gonna happen oh stop getting stopped making that easier throw me kitties i dont want it easier make it hard make it harder uh im ready to go thank you that painting is illuminated on the right and the door to the final boss of the study has opened so shall we oh my god its right here unreal all right well my hands are kind of sweaty im not gonna lie to you the ac is running full blast in the back but honestly its kind of  __  out on me we might need a new ac this year all right boys here we go full health full health in a dream im so good at this fight im so  __  good at this fight okay i was a little early that was a little early its okay we could be good at the fight and still make mistakes wait a minute what the  __  are these wait is this is this the prime version i didnt know i was fighting the prime version  __  oh okay yeah thats a little alarming i didnt know i had the  __  prime version unlocked i thought he i thought nemo was the new oh god  __  okay well i feel like were you know adapting pretty well no wonder i got hit by that spell effect it was it was a little different okay so it seems like hes tracking me a lot more oh my god phase two phase two phase two uh okay thats a lot tighter oh how god 200 damage every time we we get hit by that  __  i dont even want to think about the third phase i dont even want to think about this i dont know where to be its chilling chilling chilling chilling chilling chilling chilling chilling what the  __  was that what push it push the face push the face push the face nothing else matters push the face get out of this i can kill him i can kill right here i can kill right here i can kill right here come on oh yes well  __  well  __  well  __  i dont know how to do this stay back stay back im im really good at the normal version of this fight this is running thats fine whats different oh god i literally almost jumped out of my skin at my own pizza there okay so when he falls now he released ghosts what the  __  so thats not a free phase anymore how do you do this oh that was actually so smooth getting on the other side of him here i dont understand how oh whats the opening oh  __  im in the ball god oh no no no he just over here  __  it oh no oh i forgot holy  __  up focus up focus up you  __  focus up you  __  lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go come on hes coming this way right hes coming this way oh my god oh my god i can  __  do this i can  __  do this i can  __  do this i can  __  do this i can  __  do this i need to be over here come over oh he jumps extra high because youre supposed to do a little a little bounce dash oh my god oh my god like my goddamn video like my goddamn video like this  __  video i want this to break the likes i i want this to have more likes than anything ive ever done in my entire life this is it i peaked oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no well uh see see see again soon bye Music foreign steam exercise games Become a Member ► Twitch Streams ► Twitter ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rogue Legacy 2 is back and has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. In this game, your legacy defines you. Spend your parents’ inheritance and grow the family manor to give your children a better fighting change. Each child is unique, with their own traits and abilities. Your daughter could be an archer. She could also be a Vegan. Also play how you want to. Go hard and fast, or take it slow and steady, and build your character up until you’re ready for greater challenges. Rogue Legacy 2 Full Release Playlist ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End card Music: Peacock by 7 Minutes Dead #RogueLegacy2 #RogueLike #RL2 steam dinkum get any steam game free steam controller reddit how to steam an apple necromancer game steam