I was sponsored to Watch My Family Die in Rogue Legacy 2

Is hogwarts legacy steam deck compatiblelabyrinth steam game ROGUE LEGACY 2 game i was sponsored to watch my family die repeatedly thank you to selador games for sponsoring this video ive been massively excited for this game since the original and its quickly taken over my life off stream i only played it for the first time on tuesday rogue legacy 2 is out now on steam and if you like what you see here theres a link in the description below so how this will work is we go until we die when we exit the game we have to pick an air and then with the gold that weve earned well have the option to basically unlock more abilities for our characters gradually you make the game easier and overcome adversity but theres nothing to say you cant do it like first try playing the game except my own incompetence fairy chest if i lose no health oh okay well were uh were not getting that chest oh come on you bastard dont do it plunky no sir matt has been slain okay now we get to choose his heir uh we have sir gordon lady michelle and sir justin landon creates a small shock wave that destroys mid-sized projectiles and deals 75 magic damage oh my god its just a  __  explosion like jesus daniel you need to not stop your feet all right the neighbors downstairs are going to be furious the choirs aters wings to go that way so am i am i just going to be locked here but wait what if i use my ledge all right now i can get into the super dangerous area like it seems risky but the stuff here oh my god he hurt me are people saying sand just because it sounds like sand i will choose the wings if thats what yeah sand undertale okay jumping in the air enables flight but you take a hundred percent extra damage oh my god oh my god thats powerful hes literally hacking like you look at him go hes really not supposed to be in this area youre playing a dangerous game i just want to see how far i can get like the loot is greatly enhanced for this zone its the thing but like look how much money ive got look how profitable this is im dead do you want to try your boss with sir ryan im disarmed i dont that was woeful sir ryan did not live long we can do sir timothy he is colorblind though uh whats that other trait as well uh metaglobinemia hes blue yeah like hes not looking too healthy this character is colorblind so the game will now be grayscale uh for this adventure do you want to get him this way oh do you mean hes going for me a strategy is a strategy though ah this is gonna be how timothy dies ah dont do it planky no the flanky we now have lady emily who has dyspraxia uh sir teddy who is dis attuned or lady jenny whos vegan is that a negative quality its giving me money to play as a vegan its like oh  __  youre gonna have a hard time youre in for a whirl to hurt the food is chicken oh no youre right oh we have to see what this does the most challenging run yet eating meat hurts you great okay so if i eat chicken were in for pain so we got to be careful people say in the seed because theyre vegan its like you can eat that its a plaque no the chicken oh its such an impulse they got us the vegan challenge run oh its not going well all of a sudden why wont he die oh no were so badly hurt after that room i was close that was a bit too close sir marshall who has associates of agnosia i mean we gotta see what this is uh why are they all that is thats what his ability does enemies are blacked out for you maximum soup oh finding that gives you a health pack as well oh i didnt know that were actually in a pretty good standing if we want to face the boss i have max health and healing oh no were not gonna be able to see him okay this might be bad holy  __  oh my god how do you dodge that hes injured i did something oh wait oh i got hurt i thought i had a moment ago sir marshall did remarkably well right he was but a humble chef he dies a hero lady ashley its time to its your time to shine i can just deflect his beam i didnt even see that guy nothing can stop me now thats so good tennis pro the racketeer class i see thats not good oh my god okay all right i dont know how much we can bop this one get the money and go i did not realize the entire room was immune right well that was a bit  __  revive from fatal blows and regain 50 of your hp that is amazing we have a revive in we go oh thats good to know this is like a mini dungeon thats inside here too now were inside we can explore an air lose no health thats a good run this ones busted okay you know what were just gonna see what it does enemies defeat with a critical restore six percent of your max health oh thats cruel this will help you live longer if you trade your soul thats a third of my health oh my god he did 52 not the blobfish that counts as a critical if they die from the fire right yes it does i can get it back god oh my god no im dead oh wait im not thats ive completely forgot and so did all of you lady actually couldnt swim okay but lady jenny the second but im just go its another chef i see a chef i pick a chef now oh  __  thats gonna make this one challenging uh if youre having trouble watching me play uh do feel free to turn the stream upside down oh this is gonna be hellish this is kind of already under attack oh good god all right get some of the cooking in were just gonna need this lady the jenny the second might not be making it too far lose no help this is difficult enough when its like not upside down great i this is gonna be hell on earth okay here we go zach is gonna be swinging the entire time oh my god soup how do i get them in there Music instant lady jenny no she was taken too soon oh weve lost the line of chefs as well okay this is this guy is hypergonadism which doesnt sound great is it time for the red sand with lady meg she has the hourglass yeah lets see what that that does cant see your health every five seconds your next weapon attacks your 75 bonus damage wait what no pain no frame of reference cant  __  me oh no should have taken the gonads like this is gonna get real bad already if we take this i dont know where we are okay someone how much help did we start with someone want to work at the mats keep careful track of the  __  is the point of that room i need to treat it as if im like an inch away from death at all times or ill get careless so far its not going too well defeated enemies have an 8 chance of dropping a health drop thats so damn good oh thats gonna help us so much i need to find like a bunch of weak-ass enemies no no i need the chicken more than never now there could be chicken here how do i how do i even get them give me chicken come on i need it no ones dropping it i need more chicken no chicken i dont think were going to be able to do the boss i dont know if we have enough for that the boss will hear you to max does it i did get a power-up that does heal me a bit when i fight a boss okay let me ah theres not much healing but ill take it we get to see what he looks like now too i gotta get better in them i can do a fair bit of damage to him now oh my god i didnt know what he was gonna do i think we can get him next time this guys a bit bigger so caleb this lady emily who has vampirism oh gain 20 of your weapon damage as hell but you take 125 damage okay you do a lot of damage and yes you do have eye frames and you do that hitting an enemy with your weapon would generate a damage or around you for 1.5 seconds that is so good considering how many times were hitting thats even more damage and i imagine were gonna re like life steal on that aura oh my god even when i cant hit them shes just tearing them apart i mean if were gonna do it its gonna be with this one we have to try it the main problem may be he may deal so much damage that he just yeah i was worried about that keep generating it halfway we got him youve done it emily youre so powerful estuary defeated like full health thats right i did it hitless did we do it do we believe in her what the  __  are you god its like a boss oh no emily not like this no the dimension claimed here wait theres another vampire lady josephine of course because the vampires are in the family now you also unlocked the mask club nice dragon lancers are trained in aggression aggressive aerial actions charge your weapon control your trajectory and take the disguise lets try it oh my god im almost dead i think that was the most pathetic life ive had now get nostalgic uh sir sean or a chef lady meg ii whos a compulsive hoarder theres no vampire this time the bloodline has died out oh these have put me on ten percent resolve i like im gonna die oh no i gotta see i gotta see how bad this is the shields here we go defeat five enemies prevent the next source of damage what have i done this will give resolve i need it oh my god were gonna get it back okay thats one of our shields uh thats the other one of our shields is it we shouldnt we shouldnt have traded the resolve yeah were gonna do uh sir truman but we can make him a boxer jim carreys going in guns blazing the legend of truman little mac is shaking oh yeah fast is it bad that im hoping a few like generations of the family die out just so we can get like a stronger like prodigy child like you know we dont need like the next three generations truman please oh my god this is how he dies truman lived a tough life sir truman thats the second is here but i dont know how i feel about him search room in the first didnt do too well okay truman the second this is your first challenge defeat them sorry i can stand on those i dont need to fear him anymore i should fear that though doing his best ill do the three strikes there we go what on earth are you oh i didnt think i was so low is it gonna be another truman until like one of them finishes the job the jim carrey family oh this is the worst version of him yet oh my god hes got a glock he could be so good right now if he just wasnt truman that downsides pretty severe i dont remember the part of the truman show where he just gets a glock and like takes his revenge on the town its a darker tone your weapon deals 100 more damage has the two second cooldown this is rubbish oh my god you just slowed my rate of fire to a crawl you bastard Music am i just gonna die truman please we need to make a ribbon though we really dont you know what about we might need i just want to like jim carrey just fall into his dash repeatedly they can animate it but like he just plunges off a cliff because he seems to be having some  __  trouble there god jesus christ another jim carrey has died thanks again to salador games for sponsoring this video rogue legacy 2 is out now on steam and if you like what youve seen here theres a link in the description below to pick it up for yourself ive been having so much fun playing this game im really happy to be able to support it and the chef glass is the best one you should all play chef its so good its so fun secret steam game The RTGame Family name is in shambles, everyone is dead. 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