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Free steam games promohow to link fall guys steam to epic games ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hello everyone palitub here welcome back to rogue legacy 2 we find ourselves on our very first mage in our new profile run and well i think we have a pretty good setup im not a huge fan of the magic 8 ball although it does have its uses however searing shot with its damage over time is super duper good for one of our primary abilities and we dont have any negative traits going into the castle so we should be pretty strong lady kimberly is our mage were level 28 as we venture into the castle to day one thing i want to point out for the mage they have some extremely good mana leech you could see i could dump all of my mana here and then if we auto attack we just slowly regain that mana over time theres also some pretty cool interactions with our critical hits for instance if i hit someone with my spell you could see this explosive icon above my head if i auto attack that auto attack is guaranteed to deal critical damage but thats not where the depth ends if you look at the target dummy here and we auto attack you could see the enemy took nine damage there as our fireball is passing through the target if im a little bit closer you can see they took 18 damage one is the fireball the other is my staff impacting the enemy however if i aim this properly if i put the explosion on the right side of the target my projectile will go out and deal its nine damage but then the explosion of the fireball also does 23 on the other side and of course that can crit as well and as long as you have mana you can continue to weave these together so if you can get into a position where you can do a fairly accurate auto attack you can actually hit so very very hard on the mage and i just wanted to point that out before we got started still in very basic leather gear with a few scholar pieces put into place here and there and this is what our castle looks like exactly the same as the previous episode because i didnt close my game this time as were getting into the castle i would just like to remind you guys a few things the first things first if you enjoy these rogue legacy episodes please be sure to hit the thumbs up button helps us out a ton over here and just takes you a very quick second also we are doing a charity live stream on november 6th and depending on when this episode uploads that could be that could be really soon so all day 24 hours well see how long i end up going aiming for 24 hours mf valley time raising money for the arnold palmer hospital in orlando florida and i would love to see you there we do have a chest up top bringing our total gold up to 130 already because of our fantastic range advantage most enemies should be taken down fairly easily weve gotten to the point where were pretty good in the castle right now let me read this memory i am an estuary hand chosen by our king we are the pinnacle of royalty and by the kings decree all others stand below us yet here i sit rotting in the halls after my fellow estuaries banished me from the table me of all people from the table me from table me i think we should kill some of the scholars then i should be given my allotted hour to explain why its not my fault the others dont spend their full hours speaking their mind and who cares if i brought up the same argument for the last 30 meetings im an estuary i could bring it up as many times as i want they think they could throw me out like i am somehow lesser well no i am not below them they are below me every day they patter away at their civic duties like natty little ninja rats they read their stupid little flip books they train their weak little herp derp soldiers and they grow their ugly little eggplants i dont know what sound eggplants make i am above those mundanities my role is too important to be hindered by so-called duties i am the bastion that guards the gates the last nay only required line of defense against any would-be attackers this peace places them in a dull stupor they need me one day this piece will end and when that day comes i will show them who is truly superior man my voice got really not used to yelling  __  im  __  sore already and were just getting started oh no all right we do need to make sure were making good use of our fireball ability here lots of projectiles running at me we got very lucky with that dodge im not gonna lie that that was not skill at all unfortunately our abilities do have a pretty hefty mana cost so if we want to keep on casting which of course i do we need to make sure that we are weaving in fireballs and also hitting those fireballs as well that could be pretty useful zoned out of the room a little bit too early there is still a little bit more to go here one dagger taken down im just gonna leach some enemy uh some samana off those enemies but unfortunately that critical hit from landing the spell secured a double kill of course as i was looking for what happens if i just fall straight down Laughter okay so the tricky part is getting back up i i think i can do it you just wait for this to pass over and were golden nice chess pickup total gold for this run 290 so far with a chest in this room as well uh with the magic 8 ball i havent used this very much in this video with the magic 8 ball we can really precisely bounce a projectile off a wall and into an enemy theoretically doing quite a bit of damage if we can aim it properly can be a little hard to do but taking some time like what we just did if we out range a target can make it a lot easier if you hit an enemy without it bouncing oh that was pretty bad if you hit a me hit an enemy without it bouncing it does significantly less damage so it is worth taking that little time to figure that out if youre able to that eight ball i shot up here hit a target we got the the critical hit bonus from something so who did i hit maybe i killed it because these guys werent missing any hp speaking of hp we have 196 right now im not sure why this mage is so tanky but its doing significantly better than most of our melee characters were in the health department this one i might actually want to consider the wind wall gain a blessing of wisdom im gonna pick it up this should replace our magic eight ball hopefully and this creates a wall of so  __  oh i was really hoping that would replace my utility spell no it replaced my attacking spell well this run just got significantly harder now were gonna have to make sure that we line up these attacks pretty well im not particularly good at playing built billiards i play pool every now and then i enjoy playing it uh but we play with some very specific house rules that really just make it easier for me to enjoy the experience one of those house rules is that if i um hit the cue ball and you know if i miss with the stick i get to try again or if the cue ball goes around the table without interacting with anything else im allowed to hit call do over again one more time you can only have one do-over per round but those are the two stipulations for it and thats really the only way i get anything done playing pool now luckily my friends are very supportive of these house rules that i have and uh they they know that theyre probably gonna win when we play but its still a pretty good time challenge room are we gonna go for it i think we have to i also think i should probably show you what our new mana ability actually does rather than just walking around with it last episode we played the valkyrie that is able to deflect spells well now our mage can do the same oh  __  nice bounce nice bounce uh the windshield will block any projectiles in its path but as you can see it also has a little bit of force of its own so if an enemy is standing inside of its trajectory it is going to deal damage to them and push them away i believe they increased the speed of that windshield over the course of a few patches i dont remember it moving that far away defeat all enemies and lose no health thats going to be very difficult to do but lets give it a try oh hes so down on accident that was an accident god damn it oh man thats a lot of get this fire out of here get this axe out of here hold on you stay in the corner ill get some manna back and well be good to go well i went from a very great uh graceless escape from room into a pretty graceful kill there we beat those guys up pretty well room of lights is what we just exited oh didnt see the dagger at the top of the screen that was a pretty big hit but we did have a critical strike in the chamber that oh so i get this critical bonus even if i dont hit something thats kind of interesting lets leach a little bit of mana off this guy avoid those projectiles start to make our way up to the oh we got a  __  elite in here uh i might be able to hit him wait did that connect none of those connected oh 60  __  nine damage and he can charge a lot too so while hes down there lets just take these chests just in case its the last thing i do oh do these go through the wall those projectiles did not leach through the wall thats good we have a great angle here and we are knocking the guide down a little bit good dodge and we pick up some iron bringing our total up to 206. for this profile uh so room of lights used to be one of my go-to locations to actually get some hp back during a run and it looks like its still doing okay we do get some candy for the halloween event thats going to give us 40 hp back ooh 80 hp back in one room thats really really good however that secret area that we used to go into and explore all the time and uh unfortunately does not give us hp like it used to fantastic accuracy with the magic eight ball and thats gonna be an elite taken down no problem that is one good thing about the ability it does take more effort to get that bounce to work for you than it does just shooting a normal fireball at something but you are also getting the benefit of significantly extra damage being added on than what our fireball would be able to do if we do get the ricochet right on the eight ball we did a not a whole playthrough or anything but we specifically targeted the eight ball while we were playing through rogue legacy one in one of our playthroughs uh just to get used to using the ability more i think i have to do the challenge i think we have to go in lets give it a go um starting off pretty pretty slow we have um one enemy in here and he could be a little bit of a  __  drag to fight he has a lot of projectiles if i can navigate around these we should be okay and the spell shield should help out with that as well the main drawback from the shield is it has such a high mana cost we do manage to remove a couple projectiles there that would have hit me uh some quick footwork around the side here allowing us to do the same lets shoot a windshield that way it deals some damage as its moving through the target im getting a little worried about being pinned in that corner heres another windshield man it it is good that it removes mana but its such a higher removes projectiles but its such a high mana cost i dont think any other class would really be able to sustain that ability quite like a mage cam though so maybe that does make sense that we use it today challenge cleared didnt even take any damage and we get some more of that crafting resource now unfortunately for us um i keep messing up the challenges that really matter like the ones that give us silver chests i keep just screwing oh god screwing those up uh so i dont have a lot of things to actually craft with this resource but hey you know what what are you what are you gonna do well just keep trying i guess thats unfortunate i wonder if i can grab those nope i shouldnt have  __  done it shouldnt have done it my health is way more valuable than 10 gold castle clear looking really good we got to descend a little bit to get to a new area all right were back to the shop and we have a decision to make do we want to go to the right or head downward i imagine that downward is going to run out of space relatively quickly because there is another biome in this direction i shoot a windshield at these guys actually dealing a ton of damage but unfortunately putting them at a position where their spell could easily arc over to me we have 111 hp left to work with and keep in mind we do get one back per kill its not a a super high amount of health or anything if youve progressed a little bit more on your profile sorry to scratch my face then i have one thing you can look into running with a mage thats really really fun if youve never tried it is increased debuff duration on any mage all that means is that your auto attack will continue to leech mana for a significantly longer time and if you have a setup where your spell is we have some elite at the top here that im kind of concerned about pretty bad positioning there right under no right underneath the shooting star there you finish it off now uh luckily i actually think were in a pretty good spot to take advantage of his positioning those seekers that hes sending out cant get in range and those fireballs are pretty easy to track but if you get that increased duration with like a fire bonus as well youre not only going to be burning targets for longer but leeching mana from them for longer too and its just a fun setup really really good if youve never uh tried it out before we have 146 results so we might be able to grab something up here uh hyperions ring might be a good idea thats going to be a lot of our resolve lets go ahead and try it revive for mortal blows and regain 50 of your hp this can occur one time so we do lose some of our max hp as a result of picking this up but we basically get a free 50 of our life back at the same time think about it that way so this may be even though im oh that was a good shot even though im not super happy with our spells this could be the oh speaking of our spells that was pretty clean this could be the attempt we actually pose a decent threat to the boss our spell damage is going to be really really high oh defeat all enemies dont leave the room this time lets  __  do it lets  __  do it that goes over my head we can just auto attack here oh cant run into it though that was pretty dumb that was that was pretty stupid i keep thinking that the floor there is going to bounce my projectile and we both know that its not however that bounce was looking pretty okay okay okay we cleared out a safe spot in the middle of the room here we have some kind of eyeball and a few skeleton casters on the other side thats one down ah i didnt see that projectile two down this guy might be it looks like something might be mirrored on the other side might be the same guys oh a dagger over there we did miss the cast on that but got the critical hit just sending a spell out might actually be worth our time like even if the spell misses just to get that critical hit on our auto attack might actually make it worth it all enemies defeated and we get oh a new roon the capacity rune increased your maximum mana capacity beautiful whoa thats aggressive start uh we do manage to get out of the way the jaster and jouster no problem uh she ran into it that time you can see just how little damage we do without the bounce dude the bounce makes it worth it man makes it makes a real good 114 on that uh we do have a ranged projectile that can pass through walls so all we have to do is position to the side of that jasper there and we dont even have to worry about any incoming damage we just line up side all of it there is a chest at the bottom of the room a spinning axe on our left and some kind of elite enemy underneath us that is shooting those shadowy projectiles we know its an elite because theres no baseline level enemy thats capable of doing that in the in the castle by default starfish beneath us our missed attack only does 14 damage but that door opening on that dagger is going to do a lot more he has a tnt affects and im assuming that just means hes going to explode when he dies uh oh almost i mean oh hes gonna explode when he takes damage at least periodically i didnt know that he is in a very good position for us to just kind of auto attack down and then get off to the side to dodge those projectiles and we find a little bit of food in the corner all of a sudden our mage is looking pretty okay full clears coming along very very well too we did find uh the basement zone just beneath us there so we cant travel anymore in this direction i feel like im really taking my time today i feel like i kind of have to i do wonder what happens if you shoot the windshield into a flamethrower like that oh nothing okay now we know it doesnt seem like this particular challenge was very hard but at the bottom we have a silver chest and the scholar chest blueprint found inside with 2430 gold which is what we currently have in our bank uh were gonna be able to definitely buy that and get the equipment weight increase as well equipment load increase as well a few chests outside the boss room bring our total up slightly higher to 26.70 as well and it looks like a few more rooms to check out before we try the bus again a little bit more lore in here oh never mind we actually read all of it well thats pretty fast i know i wasnt stopping to read lore in every episode but i actually thought there was a considerable amount more uh this room leads up to the stygian study although it does have a few branching paths we need to check out as well i need to really start to get into the habit of cast spell then attack cast spell then attack were gonna need to really get as much damage out against this boss as humanly possible im not going to pick up either of those relics they dont know yeah its okay its okay thats okay how am i supposed to get up here i guess there was a way around look at this nightmare im running into as well if you have to fall down youll be teleported up to this and then fall in the middle thats pretty risky nice and to get out we just have to go back in the same direction i dont know if ive seen this room before and i mean at the end of the day 15 damage uh from some spikes its not that big of a deal not that big of a deal remember we only have 80 hp right now but we are going to be healed when we enter the boss room and uh we have that extra life sitting there waiting for us as well another treasure chest in this room and we should be able to kill these guys uh without entering that area nice windshield into the corner and we can attack through this wall so we actually push that guy into the corner and then beat him up through the wall dude thats some low kick in the corner  __  if ive ever seen it if someone did that to me in a fighting game id be frustrated did take a big hit from that guy unfortunately there is a chest above me on this side the full clear is gonna happen im not doubting the full clear what i am doubting is my ability to kill the boss again im trying really hard to resist the temptation of just locking the castle and doing boss attempts this is  __  huge actually a full heal in the final room of the castle with the boss room already unlocked that is a full clear okay its not a full heal but 159 hp plus the heel we get from going into the room we might have one and a half health bars to fight this thing with and if we get lucky in the entrance to axis mundy no no luck today no look today i was hoping there might be a little bit of candy there for me all right 43 hp on the entrance yeah we are almost full health here we go first boss attempt with a mage and im feeling pretty good about this pretty good about this we need to remember to alternate casting with auto attacking for that bonus damage get ourselves in the right mindset and here we go back it up take your time if we need the windshield its there i dont think we need it quite yet man thats a lot of extra damage when you really start to add it up easy jumps oh my god looking like a pro except for that we can get behind him for this fire attack and get some pretty easy bounces in there this is going to be the magma spell coming out now we just have to find the right spot and then not move and we should be safe thats 50 health we can auto attack here just to get mana back although our damage is going to be pretty reduced windshield to eat as many of those seekers as we can now hes shooting out three projectiles with that attack instead of two easy jump to the other side increase critical damage beautiful dodge we have more of those projectiles as well im just going to get free mana here free crits ooh the daggers moving forward i dont think ill be able to dodge again so lets put that windshield out mana very low we dont have another windshield at the moment dashing away we can bounce the ball his direction 130 damage to the head dodging over this is looking pretty good were in the pocket we got it hey first boss kill on the mage as well didnt even use our extra life you love to see it you love to see it and what do you know that gave us quite a lot of money as we open up one of the right i guess take away one of the vines that was locking that door hey bud how are you thank you for putting estuary lamech to rest regardless of what he has done he deserved a warriors death then we could take this teleport back over to access mooney see if we can get that secret open and then i think if we get that secret im just gonna retire the character im feeling really really good about our progress i think thats a nice thing we can do for our characters you know you earned the rest you dont have to die not everybody needs a warriors death were a mage uh to get to the secret we need to go up here and then try our best not to die on the way up weve already searched these rooms before im not trying to search them right now im simply trying to get to the top of the castle ive embarrassing embarrassingly died twice looking for this secret knowing it was at the top of something but not remembering exactly where so hopefully oh there it went wait if i just hit the ground do i go back up to the top pretty close beautiful hey buddy you want to take my challenge right right come on you just gotta take the challenge man ive been stuck up here for so long like you have no idea just try it once whats the worst gonna happen its so easy buddy listen if you win i promise you my power of resonance will be totally worth it full stop no joke you have no idea how worth it this is so come on lets get going were gonna get full hp off of this i dont remember what this challenge is just like the other ones looks like so far were climbing i mean i remember tidbits here and there okay so this is where were learning to bounce off of resonating energies this is how you actually gain entrance into axis mundi i know we havent actually looked at it yet but um the entrance area just has a few of these um what do we call these these little light things that we can access im gonna take damage here oh my god this is going horribly im trying to dash i need to echo kick first because the echo okay here we go dash echo kick take the thing echo kick resets our dash and then we get up to the top and it took me a second but we figured it out we figured it out hovering in areas like this i think they look a lot sketchier than they actually are echo kick resets your dashes excellent what if i just all right fine uh i dont think im doing this the way you did it oh we have enemies to attack in here while we also have to kick off the ground that was pretty sketchy luckily for us that mode was done very very quickly game also introducing us to enemies that can only be killed with the kick and now showing us that we can indeed kick off this extra energy that those projectiles are made of oh i see so we have to go through this and kick up to the top thats such a cool setup they did such a good job engineering that i really really like that one our mage is falling for quite some time but eventually finds the echo of resonance oh yeah buddy you did it thanks for getting me out of there now lets start kicking stuff and have ourselves a party ive taken some damage throughout this run because i havent been kicking over stuff like that its been a real problem actually you know i was gonna retire the character but if we can make it to the halfway point of this zone i can unlock the pizza girl and thats really really strong for our entire account you may have seen at the top of oh it was a little trick at the top of those spears there is a resonating area as well we see a scholar weapon that we can use now as well that scholar weapon should be a nice upgrade over the leather one that we currently have equipped i am trying to do this relatively quickly i dont really want to full clear this and fight all these enemies i have a goal and im gonna try to reach it now is that a mistake i guess well find out together not enough mana to use my wind wall to get rid of those projectiles in that location but luckily for us we got enough for the follow-up attack if we bounce up here we can dash to this next building i imagine this is how batman feels as hes going around gotham hes just looking for little shortcuts on rooftops that he can take and i try to do the same thing here i dont always try to follow the normal path like for here instance they definitely want you to move down into this area wait theres a secret here whats the secret fun well now im curious what do you got for me oh  __  not doing it not doing it eye on the price eye on the price at the end of the day this is supposed to be not only entertainment but also a loose guide that you can follow and i would not forgive myself if i died this close to pizza girl on our first time in axis moondy that would not be the way to show you guys that would not be the way at all a lot of enemies here oh i fell down we are going to get a decent amount of money from that chest nice bounce there to take down that enemy we can bounce again for the other hammer thats moving  __  uh fortunately i dont the only thing i could have done to make that better is kill that enemy a little bit faster easy bounces across here we should almost be at the halfway point i feel it in my bones axis mundy is the widest area in the game it covers a ton of land but were making good progress here we have another secret oh no whats this one its worse than i imagined the shops the houses the fallout of war is all that dwells in them now we dont have enough hands to cart supplies most of the soldiers are so exhausted from dredging the lake that they can barely stand i know im pushing them past their limits but theres no time for rest if the lake becomes poisoned well that would be the final nail in the coffin well i hate to break it to you uh but the lake isnt doing its not doing that good it wait a minute wait i missed the middle no this is it this is it oh this is in multiple pieces now interesting i didnt realize that i didnt realize that well this is the location that we were looking for we are gonna have to give up a little bit of our money to do what im trying to do but i think itll be worth it hey buddy nothing nothing to say well pizza moondy should be pretty good for us hey there stranger didnt think id beat anyone this far out im sure glad you showed up names maria by the way i was heading to the sun tower when the shift happened and some monsters teleported right beside me so i ran back here into my pizza shop and decided to lay low until they left or until someone got rid of them thanks for that by the way anyway i can tell youre i could tell from your get-up that youre not from around here just a wild guess but youre from above right trying to open the giant gold door dont worry i i wont pry just saying that maybe i can help if you ever get a chance come meet me by one of the teleporters maybe we can work together thanks again for the save but i better get going id like to study the teleporters while i have the chance so the story behind this particular character is that they are a pizza delivery person that can navigate the different shifts of the world a shift is when the world resets because youve died and youre going into a new castle thats how they justify the new castle there the world is actually shifting well hey stranger i am how much is this gonna cost me we can pay her a pretty hefty sum of money but by doing that this teleporter right here will be unlocked at the start of every single run so we just unlocked the halfway point and axis mundi forever we could do that here as well but i kind of already have the better one so instead im just going to retire our maids right here their quest has been completed well get a nice hefty chunk of xp we can see the full clear of the castle as well as well and we didnt full clear axis moondi we didnt even have clear axis mundi we passed over a lot of the enemies but we did get a hefty amount of chests a nice amount of gold the first boss kill in our campaign all of those things are great and my mage is actually ranked two already which is pretty nice to see lets remember that we did get a few upgrades that we need to make sure we equip im gonna go for a character that doesnt have a negative trait because were likely gonna be playing a new class next episode just like we have been with all of these uh lets not buy any of that yet lets see how much this armor is gonna cost us the scholar weapon is going to cost 675 dollars we can do that but then we cant equip it we need five more pounds added on to our maximum weight capacity which we can grab right there so boom lets call our weapon equipped this is going to give us two more strength which simply means were hitting harder and thats a very very good thing scholar helm is equipped the scholar chest is gonna need a little more weight but i cant actually equip it yet we did buy it and that did take a decent chuck of our money there as well but i cant increase that uh weight capacity until we have 30 levels in the castle which means were just gonna go ahead and unlock the dualist uh which is a very strong character that duelist will give us level 30 and the next run we can work on increasing that weight capacity i like the way this all played out hey thank you guys so much for being here thank you for joining us for our first boss kill on the new profile that mage went above and beyond were gonna start progressing i dont i dont know should we still full clear should we still kill their folks castle i mean theres still  __  to get in there were still finding a few blueprints maybe thats not a bad idea at least until all those start to go away thank you guys for being here were going to take a look at the duelist in the next episode uh which should be coming out pretty soon take care and ill see you then Music steam discount code 2022 Become a 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