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How to link steam to epic gamesgame mania steam kaart ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hey hello everyone palliative here welcome back to rogue legacy tube thank you guys so much for the support on this series so far as im sure a lot of you know were making a lot of content here on the channel right now uh some days posting five videos throughout various titles and you guys seem to really like this one and i really do appreciate you turning up to watch every upload of course if you have not already you can always subscribe and hit the bell to be notified whenever we upload everything with as much content as we are making stuff seems to get lost in the cracks sometimes so if you want to stay caught up that is how you do it i dont like doing that at the beginning of the video but it seems like its becoming more of a necessary evil as time progresses here with the youtube algorithm today our plan is to venture to the right side of axis mundi the second level to be added into rogue legacy and we are going to try to get some good attempts on the boss on the right hand side we um the last video we uploaded was actually a twitch highlight i know some of you dont like twitch highlights i know the commentary is a little different because were reading chat and im responding to things that you guys cant see on youtube uh but it was such a good run that i felt the need to preserve it and of course we did that with a duelist in the previous run as well it seems like they prioritize giving you characters that you play often which in most cases is good uh if you like a particular playstyle it seems like i was my character i was like whats that noise it seems like youre able to lets say duelist for example if you like duelist and you pick duelist a lot it seems like when you pick your air to go into the castle for the next run the odds of there being a duelist there are very high however when youre trying to make content you want to show off a bunch of different builds and stuff a little bit of a downside but hey im a very much a minority in that aspect and i totally get that the dualist i didnt think was that incredible of a class when i first picked it up uh but the more i play it the more im starting to realize just how good the combat roll can be now the way we were able to get to that point we wrapped just in case you missed a little bit of our progress we found an npc named maria she was the pizza girl and she does deliveries here in this world and she knows how to get around we paid her 2 000 gold and with that investment we can now teleport to the middle of axis mundi which allows us to get a lot closer to the right hand side without clearing out the entire castle and that allows us to actually i hope be in a position where we can start to learn some of those boss mechanics and start to improve our gameplay as a result uh there are these bonus rooms have we already read this i dreamt of it again last night seeing an empty village as we sealed the stygian beast in the gatehouse i know that dream will continue to haunt me until i understand why the estuaries decided to quarantine instead of fight i know it wasnt due to a concern for my safety thus the knot in my stomach continues to twist and ask its questions questions like how do those beasts get past our defenses and why it was no why was no one alerted to the presence until it was too late and why are there so few bodies in the gatehouse that night from the beginning i was against storing bodies in the gatehouse the cold of the nearby krugelin plateau would have preserved the bodies far better regardless my gut knows somethings wrong and its about time i learned not to ignore it perhaps ill find a way into the gatehouse observation room the guard there would have kept records of the nights events theres a hidden back entrance to the observation room thats revealed in the lights perhaps ill find my answers there the missing bodies insight discovered uh there was a interesting tweet that the developers uh seller door um responded to someone with uh the person in question i dont have the tweet in front of me or anything so im just gonna paraphrase best i can uh by memory the tweet basically asked so after you clear the new areas what is there to do other than is there anything to do other than you know farming gear or leveling up the masteries and basically what they said is very soon theyre going to be adding more incentive to increase the longevity of the game more things to do to increase the longevity of the game uh which is fantastic i obviously dont know what theyre actually referring to but hey any reason to keep playing rogue legacy is good for me now hes back to full health how far do we have to go two three more chests off to the right hand side um am i able to get up here whoop ouch he hit hard dude he hit real hard ive also heard a lot of you are picking up the game because of our videos here and thats awesome to see awesome to hear  __  yo can you oh man go to sleep dude stop attacking me cut it out okay lets just ignore him get away from that damage perfect we can make this jump uh if this little fish comes up to the door we could just knock it open thatll do these guys can actually drop some good stuff if memory serves i wonder why it projects when theyre about to jump specifically uh like they have a little arrow above their head i wonder why that is looks like theres a chest at the top of the room oh not the cleanest entrance but hey 800 golds 800 gold you know could have certainly done that better oh man taking a lot of unnecessary damage now luckily there is a health restore when we get to the boss room and theres actually a part of the castle that you can build up that increases that health restore amount i didnt even see those which would be perfect for what were doing so dont despair even though were a little beat up right now i wonder if those are the lights that he was talking about even though were a little beat up right now uh were just fine dont even worry i was kind of hoping that there would be some chests out here for even more health so this boss is very hard i um was not entirely ready when we encountered it for the first time in the last video i do know some of its move sets oh yeah we did not get much health back so lets try to level that up hey handsome void beast breathe well try to treat him with the respect that he deserves so we know that when he jumps he does that bone attack we can pretty easily get under that one once we figure out the trajectory im going to dark souls roll to the other side of him we can expect bones to be flying towards us just simply jump over that whenever he jumps the bone throw throw has a long distance to go now were about to have another combatant added into the fray so we oh just barely got that combat rolled now a little too late so we have to deal with mechanics from both of them and thats basically as far as weve gotten so im going to work on getting back over to the right hand side and today hopefully were going to take that boss down ill just oh tiny chef hello youre adorable youre tiny we can wear gold for that hmm being able to heal in that fight could be really good deal more damage every fifth hit actually would probably help us with the boss encounter though all right i will see you guys on the other side kregulian gatehouse please keep all metals off the soil please do not cut any branches while walking through the undergrowth and please do not disturb the wildlife well i would love to tell you that my run over here was a little bit better however that would be a lie i did make a decent amount of gold on the way over im assuming once we defeat this boss the door will open uh 1200 gold for half a zone im pretty pretty happy with that i just gotten a little bit of a fight with a knife that i ended up losing all right here we go here we go we know were safe here for the time being the mechanics of the boss itself really arent that hard just back up get over that i really think a lot of the challenge is just gonna come from there being two of the boss on the screen at any given time i think if i can get them both on like the right hand side or something then itll be a little bit easier also uh completely disregard all the damage numbers that youre seeing uh they dont mean anything our our character has a very high standards of himself uh combat world  __  man all of his damage numbers were exaggerated our duels does rank up and we try again pretty good run this time actually by the end of it only down five health this is our first time attempting this fight with valkyrie the valkyrie has the ability with the y attack to deflect all projectiles and we also have the shield that can remove projectiles as well so going at 100 health this time i dont think our ability to attack up or down is actually going to help us too much and i dont know how our ability to deflect projectiles really is going to come into play here i dont know if we could just remove bones from the area i mean i think it was a little late there i kind of want to test it some more i imagine i still have to dodge that so if he can throw some oh yep messed up that timing as well okay not off to the best start we can completely remove the bones with our spell so thats nice that baton thing that they throw can rotate in two different directions certainly good to know with our increased reach theres a possibility that i could attack through both of these guys lets go ahead and remove that walk under the baton unfortunately it hit me in the back not too excited about being right in the middle of these guys but well try to make it work nope didnt make it better okay remove those dash to the other side while were immune im focusing all of the damage on this dude on the right oh god oh god wow oh maybe i could have done a bounce off of the uh the down attack off of his head to get above him our damage was not whoa look at this guy our damage was not bad there im actually pretty helpful that was cool barbarians historically even in the first game have always been my best boss killers we do have the problem of our hitbox being really big as a giant uh but hopefully we can overcome that just fine in fact the i thought it was a drop down and oh my god terrible start in fact the first boss we killed in this game we did that with a barbarian so uh hopefully i can get over there with some health im not even going for that chest are you kidding me being a giant is so hard i got my ass beat the entire way over here dude like every projectile hit me it felt like i mean i guess not uh were close to high health our advantage is we have really far reach and we hit really hard im also just now noticing the two platforms i can kick off of on the right and left side of the room well thats just gonna hit me uh we can freeze stuff as well i dont know how much thatll come into play although i guess i should be trying it sooner rather than later maybe we can freeze that baton and just get it out of the way uh our theory for kicking off his head looked a little misguided lets just turn this on and try to rush him down the freeze does not remove the batons oof we might get to see up say we might get to see what happens when one of these guys die that was great damage actually focusing on him was pretty okay uh we will try again uh you deal bonus damage to enemies of status effects but he cant apply its status effects i dont want fatigue and i dont think i want to be a ranger either oof almost maximum health on a barbarian my strategy is literally just going to be to focus this guy down kind of like what we did last time i dont think were gonna deal as much as much damage uh but im gonna try obviously hey i dont think im gonna try today  __  it you know i gave the other one a fair chance  __  it dude im out of it so when he does that thing with his chest we should probably walk back just go to the side of the room hes knocked down were doing 12 damage to swing right now oh should have frozen this uh immunity frame this okay this is what i want im on one side with him were gonna remove those projectiles from the air hes jumping baton on the right side im gonna try to just immunity frame that first one is oh my god please all right lets see if this guy enrages or something now if he doesnt i think were all right dude uh this should be pretty straightforward actually we know all of his moves the baton should be net nope nope never mind never mind Music theres the baton just try to avoid the second swing we got it hey that wasnt that bad that was however many attempts we did in this video plus one from the last one estuary defeated and once again the barbarians showing why they are some of the best boss fighters in the game sir gordon iv may his name go down in history as the defeater of the second boss in the game praise him praise him down in the comments before you leave this video then what do we get oh that was a new currency it was like pearls and we get to see the third area of the game inside resolved monster by the gate so this is the third area now the kerglu i cant say that dude i cant say that at all above us that i should be looking out for a pizza girl uh you know what lets uh we actually have a decent amount of money lets just go back to the start 54 health is not a lot and i also dont have runes really focused on clearing out the castle i think i only have one uh healing rune at the moment so we do have to be careful uh but you know wow they were really put my statement to the test right there huh not even giving me a chance to react they were just like all right heres an enemy  __  deal with it uh i might be able to hit through the wall perfect grab this were aiming for 2500 ive got high hopes team i think i could do it just take our time make sure were clearing out stuff that we actually need to uh as we collect those mana potions i believe i have the rune thats going to give us armor as well and i should just make sure that im breaking stuff that i can to try to obtain any extra health that i might be able to get whoa thats a lot of dudes luckily leaving the room made that encounter pretty easy whoa whoa so many projectiles the barbarian swing is so strong dude so thats 250 or 2500 excuse me thats enough im gonna head back i dont want to squander this i feel really good about this run so far im just gonna focus on making sure we get maria all set up so we can start exploring this zone more thoroughly in the next episode perfect sure perfect thats exactly what i need and just like that it is done the portal has been unlocked so were destroying graves as we move through i dont know how to feel about that that is a spinning shield that ricochets off of the area around it almost like the spinning knives but it doesnt look like they stop oh no they stop oh and just like the enemies from the forest in the first game if you hit the shield youre flung backwards thats a nice touch this letter is old it has been carefully ramped in leather to protect it from the cold dear z you must be more careful talk of a rebellion is spreading the estuaries may be deaf to such whispers but those in the study hear everything as a result we were ordered to cast the heirloom of zephyr into the stygian to prevent rebels such as yourself from reaching it but all is not lost a recent shift shurned up the riverbed and as a result the heirloom has resurfaced a little ways off the far shore i know how important that heirloom is for you so ive tethered a resonant rope to it just below the waterline you should be able to reach it from the shore i cant protect you forever so good luck and stay low inside discovered a rope just below the water line interesting ive kind of gotten it out of my system to feel like im thats a zombie ive kind of gotten it out of my system to Music hmm i didnt think that would hit me to feel like i need to kill every enemy so that little guy will just let him go dude hes fine hes not hurting anybody and i would probably take more damage trying to deal damage to him than i would just hanging out here looks like there might be a secret at the top here although i have an idea actually so this damage is me right oh oh it does that much damage i was going to try to immunity frame off to the off of that and jump up on the ledge i dont did that much damage come on sir gordon iv outsmarted by his own wits thank you guys so much for watching todays video i do hope that you enjoyed it i feel pretty good about that the second boss is done and we can explore the third zone of the game now this game is certainly challenging uh so we might have to get good again before we can progress too much further but i am optimistic take care everybody see you again next Music so you steam games top 100 Rogue Legacy 2 is back and has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. In this game, your legacy defines you. Spend your parents’ inheritance and grow the family manor to give your children a better fighting change. Each child is unique, with their own traits and abilities. Your daughter could be an archer. She could also be a Vegan. Also play how you want to. Go hard and fast, or take it slow and steady, and build your character up until you’re ready for greater challenges.Ive been streaming a variety of games over on twitch! You can find my channel here ► Want to help support the channel? You can donate here! ► You can sponsor the channel here! ► That social media nonsense. End card Music: Peacock by 7 Minutes Dead #Letsplay #RogueLegacy2 #RogueLegacy steam engine pizza pub chalice steam steam game stock plague inc on steam state of decay 2 steam