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Steam in game fpssteam condenses ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hello everyone palitub here welcome back to rogue legacy 2 we are in the sun tower on a brand new character this is an enkindled boxer its the boxer sub class and i unlocked it after completing some more challenges off screen or more accurately just completing challenges weve already done with new classes to continue to get that currency uh this character is very unique instead of having super duper fast punches and a very high focus on combos we now have a brand new attack which i have to be very careful when i show it to you thats why we didnt attack those guys our new attack launches our boxing glove at our enemy almost with the same trajectory as a fireball spell but that impact area over on the left can deal damage to me meaning that uh super duper up close enemies could potentially be very difficult to deal with so maneuvering around them is going to be pretty important luckily for me we are playing as a boxer and i didnt do a good job of showcasing this in our actual boxer video mainly because i didnt know it existed but now with the help of the youtube comments i know all about it the boxer actually has an elusive trait which means that if an enemy is not attacking the boxer can walk through that characters hitbox without incurring any damage for instance this guy right here no problem at all i had no idea that was the thing now you do have to be careful there are some i wouldnt say inconsistencies with this but you have to understand the mechanics of the character that youre going after for instance that first mask that spawned in there i uh would have been screwed if i tried to move through him because his movement is basically him attacking you know his entire goal is to get his hitbox against my hitbox to deal damage unfortunately we took some damage on the way up this is a  __  vegan boxer so we cant actually heal with chicken as if this run wasnt gonna be difficult enough you know what i mean as if we were like having a hard time to try to find something to make these runs harder sure lets throw in some veganism why not oh nice crit on the end there that is one really nice benefit to this particular weapon if you can angle the shot right at the far end of its travel its a guaranteed crit to deal damage to our enemies a little bit faster oh pinned in the corner i still have a super duper hard time on this map in the sun temple i have a really really hard time navigating it this is something that were gonna have to grow through together theres gonna definitely be some growing pains along the way ugh like when you deal damage to yourself trying to jump to get oh my god this rooms actually looking terrifying here now one thing i should mention is we do still actually have nice double kill there the ability to punch enemies anywhere we want to that is still a thing but we have to combo to make that happen uh so i have to land two of our boxing projectiles in order to enable that attack and the fact that i have to be so close to enemies really uh kind of scares me i i dont know how often im actually going to be using that attack on this unique subclass were going to have to just totally bypass this guy and then turn around to deal some damage to him there nicely done we have one of the masks pursuing us on the left but a decent attack sets us up really nicely there actually you know one thing to the sun temples credit this place has a lot of money so even if i dont make it super far in these runs we can still turn uh a decent profit as i take damage yet again okay lets check out the left side is this anything too sketchy we actually have a secret over on the left uh that guy down at the bottom left is actually out of my range oh i didnt mean to take damage there of course i never mean to take damage i dont have to say that every time even though weve kind of been getting slapped around that nice baseline armor that we have is going a long way doesnt this slow time when we cast our spell the incandescent telescope i have been getting used to some of those artifacts from doing the actual challenges like the the ones where i beat bosses and stuff weve been picking up a decent number of them starting to get used to their effects but using them in that mode doesnt actually tell you what the description is in the normal castle play through and i dont think that it should its just we have to find them and interact with them in our normal runs this guy should be arranged for our attack yes he is his friend is definitely enraged for our attack oh we have a great setup in this room i wish every room was just a long hallway with no one being aggressive towards me at all just a bunch of in it see im not sure how im gonna attack this guy i have to come in from this side just a bunch of enemies standing still waiting for my damage of course we take a little bit more from that fireball coming in there we could continue up the outside of the castle or we could check out these side rooms im definitely partial to these side rooms they have significantly less platforming meaning that i can usually make some better progress as were climbing the castle some bunnies ahead of us and my god that didnt that thing appeared out of nowhere see this is this is one thats gonna be hard to hit lets hit him with the combo and it looks like that combo was enough to kill him nicely done nicely done lets check outside we know theres one chest at the very top and it doesnt look like too much of anything else theres no chest in here just enemies above us i mean i probably should go for the wealth thats probably a good idea nice bounce off of that trap using it to actually help me ascend the tower right now ah uh there is a way up on the left here even getting to the way up is hard nice bounce though were good were looking ah we were looking good do i have to double jump early maybe not i could just bounce all the way across with that beautiful you know that wasnt a lot of money for all of the effort that took and all the damage i took and all the effort that its still taking oh and theres no door to get back inside in over im actually panicking okay okay were good challenge room here no no thanks man i i dont need a challenge right now im challenged enough thank you oh we might be able to hit that mage through the wall but it looks like that is not how this is gonna play out i was hoping to get both of those guys stacked in the corner remember these are the new upgraded mages that have seeking projectiles nice okay thats a pretty good flow pushing an enemy away from you so you can get them in range of your actual projectile that has a nice flow to it i can get on board with that hey stay on that side nice combo too we do get to ascend this room here let me send this guy over to his friend hey hey okay i can get on board with that unfortunately unless i can do some ridiculous acrobatics here ugh just out of range ah cant quite get it there is a rune that lets me get i believe a third jump i dont think im making that up i had that wed be able to access that no problem really tall room here on the right side we are currently sitting at just below 300 hp as well which all things considered not that bad i mean i havent gotten any healing from the actual environment because i cant nice bunk up to the top i dont think i can actually follow up with any damage though that was looking really close we almost took damage from that attack uh if i ascend there is a chest oh i have to uh uh oh my god what were those balls doing there thats a really funny out of context clip i hope that doesnt come back anytime soon uh lets check this top room here ooh chest in the corner also elite in the middle we do take some self damage there on accident 60 damage from a single projectile from this guy he is not messing around we can do a bouncing attack on that to clear it out looks like another one moving through the the floor chasing after me wow he certainly does have a lot of projectiles this chest on the right will it be worth it it looks like we have a brand new piece of gear this is armor we havent found anywhere else the crescent chest made of ore from a falling moon that sounds kind of kind of cool actually sounds really cool ever since we got into baldurs gate which you know were also playing on the channel if you havent seen it those streams have been pretty pretty fun uh ive had an affinity towards like moon stuff because one of the gods featured in that game is selune the goddess of the moon and the theres like a um cleric temple where you can learn more about the character im not going to go into any more detail because whats going on in that temple is kind of cool for the story uh luckily for me we have a really good poison spell thats allowing me to maneuver around this room and deal aoe damage to these guys that was actually so sketchy and we did it without even talking about it my brain was thinking about baldurs gate uh i played a cleric with some of my friends in a playthrough that we didnt record and i was just playing it to have fun so i did some research into what salone is and what that temple is all about im into it 33 damage from the saw blade thats a lot easier to swallow than the 60 from a single projectile but it still hurts we do manage to clear all the enemies out and we unlock the focal rune increases your magic crit chance well i wouldnt say that im having a smooth run but you know were getting through it is how i think i would describe it there is a chest at the bottom here how hard is that gonna be to get to not that bad not that bad and 8 000 gold has actually been collected so far which is a lot thats more than we were making in most of our city and study runs so even though this has been super duper challenging i mean we do have something to show for it i dont know what to do with this though how theres about to be a bunch of balls coming down arent there that might hit just short thats okay i can attack from here another one on this side as well as another one of the ghostly mages 18 gold per canister or per per bag oh god oh no no good spell do it again oh im scared again hold on were going back this way bob and weave bob and weave now again because those characters their entire design is chasing after me to deal damage the elusiveness of the boxer doesnt actually come into play there in any way just out of range too just above where i can actually hit hey bud go that way lets do this again nice looks like we have a starfish over on the left side oh god that was so lucky uh whats going on in here theres a wait doesnt meat attack me okay it just deals damage i thought id be able to like beat it up to get some extra health back or something that wasnt the case at all uh this trap hasnt changed at all from the original castle and inside this chest we have the crescent cape nice actually getting some new gear feels really good i actually dont know what the bonus on the crescent set is at all well well find that out together at the end of the episode well go talk to our blacksmith friend one more chest over on the far right side this is looking pretty daunting nice oh my goodness the scholar cape plus two i must have hit some threshold before we were kind of talking about this in our earlier episodes where like i was just i already had all the gear from the easy places so i felt like the game wasnt giving me anything well i feel like we definitely got all the gear from an easier place and now this area must be a different tier of gear it has to be oh  __  saw it at the last second easiest trap in the book i fell for it we cannot ascend anymore on the right hand side but look how much ground weve already covered there is a secret on the other side of this area ouch 107 health left weve actually done relatively well for ourselves destroy all targets with a five second time limit i hate to break it to you theres no  __  way not with an attack that could potentially kill me im not going to be super aggressive with my attacks there theres theres no way im getting that we can continue to ascend here somehow platforms on this side couldnt reach them gotta land one more wait i still cant reach him so im not able to double jump until we get to the top got it ah one one enemy on the right side this is why i hate this zone the platforming gets so diffic oh no how do i knock him away ah i tried to dash into the pedestal to get myself thrown towards the ceiling wasnt able to do it but our boxers do get leveled up are we gonna get two levels just short of two levels uh sir mauricio is that how you say that nate is slain we did get a decent amount of money im also gonna play another custom clip hey this is a great opportunity to show you guys what vertigo is so i can say i did it and never select it ever again vertigo is hands down the worst trait in the game nothing even comes close this is how you have to play wait for it wait for it what you know ive heard that i dont know if this is true ive heard that this is how your eyes actually process the world and then your brains just like bro i got you and it just figures it out for you it just orientates everything for you can anyone substantiate those claims is that true i dont know if its true like i said i just heard it one time lets take a look at the crescent set this is intelligence gear boosting our magic damage did i guess that because i was thinking that yeah plus seven to n so not really something that im trying to go after right now but it is pretty cool that its there and that we could have it um if i i cant do too much else actually lets look at the castle ten thousand gold we have sitting around we could go for potions recharge your class talent that seems very specific i think if i grab this we may be able to unlock another new class and it is a doozy one of the best classes in the game hidden over on the right hand side the gun slinger super duper strong gunslingers are all about poppin and the stabbin you may be wielding the most versatile weapon in the world but the lack of a strong knockback means you need to stay on your toes or enemy counter attacks find good angles stay moving and always keep an eye on your ammo i am going to play this right now but theres no way were going to play this character well just lock it in for another run im not sure what i can expect to find in these other areas though looks like the castle doesnt actually get any taller over here and that was an extremely expensive upgrade but i mean i guess its not bad my brain doesnt even work this way dude its ah thats gonna do it for todays episode thank you guys so much for being here we will be taking a look at the gunslinger next time although like i keep saying this area is so difficult that it may not be a long look at this character see you guys again tomorrow morning take care Music how to use steam gift cards Become a Member ► Twitch Streams 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