New Player Starter Guide: Rogue Legacy 2

Steam workshop tf2steamed fish recipe ROGUE LEGACY 2 game whats up yall shuffle and this is my rogue legacy 2 starter guide so this video will go over the basic mechanics of rogue legacy and a few tips to get you started since this is a starter guide and i want to avoid spoilers as best i can there is no boss footage in this video so you dont have to worry about that and all the footage i take for the background is coming from the first couple levels of the game when you start the game you begin with the night class which is a pretty good class overall in terms of learning how the game functions and you get to run around the dungeon for as long as you can eventually you will probably die and end up back in town whats really cool about this game is that dying isnt actually a big setback if any once you die you get to bring back all the stuff you collected in terms of currency back to your castle hub town thing and then when youre ready to go back out into the world you can pick from a few classes the selection of classes is from only ones youve unlocked so far so if you only have a couple choices at the beginning then consider unlocking more classes at the castle each class that you pick to start your next run with comes with usually a predetermined loadout sometimes it can change and there are also random traits that each hero will get sometimes they get none but each of these traits can either do something helpful for you or they can do something impactful to you negatively if they negatively impact your character then you get bonus gold when you do the run so that means that if you play with some kind of disadvantage youre able to farm and get more money whats really interesting about this game too is that once you pick your next character and youre ready to go back into the dungeon you get to set your own goals you get to pick either between farming so you run around collect gold or you can try and explore and get checkpoints or push onto bosses of course once you understand how the game works you can kind of do all this at the same time but when youre starting out its okay to pick one of these things to focus on and then proceed accordingly the game has a heavy emphasis on platforming so dont be surprised when you go into rooms that you have to dodge enemies as well as spikes or fireballs or whatever else is flying through the room and theres some other metroidvania hallmarks that we need to look out for as well most the time to get into further areas you need to unlock a power specific to that level or a different level and then come back and besides the numerous enemies there are to fight you can also do things that are puzzles like the fairy chests fairy chests are pretty straightforward and dont feel bad if you fail at the first few times because thats certainly what happened to me but each time you do them you get some kind of condition and then you get to get the loot these conditions can include some combination of this but not limited to breaking targets killing enemies not taking damage or reaching a specific point within a time limit while youre also exploring you will come across relics relics are very powerful they can give you various effects so the more you understand your character or what builds youre going for relics will make more sense as time goes on and once you know what a lot of the relics do dont be afraid to leave them there and then come back after youve explored more because there may be better options relics are indeed powerful which is why your character has a resolve stat it is signified by the little white flame next to your other statistics and the break point we need to be aware of is the 100 mark depending on what equipment your character is wearing sometimes you may have as little as like 150 or you could have over 200. either way when you pick up a relic it impacts your resolve and it makes it go down which doesnt actually impact you at all until you get under a hundred percent once you go under 100 resolve your max hp will be cut alongside it the reason this is significant is because if you want to pick up a bunch of relics you will impact your health and make yourself be put in more danger but at the same time you do get more power to help you get through things easier on the idea of health there are some rooms in the game that have either an apple that you can eat to heal or another apple that will damage you but it gives you max hp on top of it if you can help it you always want to take the max hp apple because its a bigger investment and it will get you farther in the run if you can get your health back but dont feel bad if you have to use the other one to heal just to get further in the game healing in this game is pretty difficult to do only the chef can do it naturally there are also runes that you can equip to your character tv lifesteal for killing enemies but even that is not enough to keep you healthy if youre taking consistent damage theres one castle power-up that will heal you once you enter a boss room which is pretty helpful so i think thats worth investing in early on if you can the best and most consistent way to heal though is finding health pickups health pickups primarily come from breakable objects so torches gravestones candles books just anything that your character can break that can drop money or nothing can usually drop food as well because of this also another good tip is to save breakable objects for when you need health it probably goes without saying that understanding the map and trying to remember where your specific rooms are that have power ups or apples for instance will be incredibly beneficial to you if you have a character that has decent reach either with a ranged weapon or just a long weapon like the valkyrie has a long spear do not be afraid to clip the enemies through terrain your goal should be to stay alive as long as possible and the best way to do that is to try and get as many easy kills as you can you may feel like youre cheesing the game at some point but i promise the enemy will eventually start shooting through the walls too and you will no longer care spells can be pretty powerful and to recharge your mana you can use some specific abilities like the cook is able to restore mana but there are also mana potions that drop out of breakable objects but the easiest way to get mana back is to simply hit enemies another tip that may sound incredibly simple but is actually very helpful is to use the camera to look around i dont know what it is on mouse and keyboard but i know on controller its the right analog stick so once you get into the point of the game where levels get more expansive and they take out more screen space looking around to see where youre going can be really helpful another tip that will come in handy a bit later into the game you probably dont need to do this early on but if you walk into a room thats just an absolute nightmare like you see a bunch of enemies you dont know whats happening just walk out if you have the ability to walk out of the room you can walk out the screen will reset and then you can pop back in once you can make sense of whats happening keep in mind whenever you reset a room this way all enemies will heal to full but any enemy that you have killed will not respawn in the same note of room manipulation if you find yourself stuck and you want to get back to the entrance easily then just save and quit the game do not retire your hero just go back to the main menu and then load the game up again this is definitely getting closer to being cheesy mode but it will put you back at the start and youre free to explore again with all the other stuff youve already done staying dead or broken or whatever also something to keep in mind if there is loot on the ground when you leave the screen either through just backing out or saving quitting or whatever that loot will disappear forever the last couple tips i have for combat and exploring is that dash attacks with weapons that can execute a dash attack will always be a critical hit this can be very helpful to spike your damage and then finally spin kicks are a great way to move around and stay safe spin kicks are done by pressing the l1 button or lb depending on what controller you have again im not sure what it is a mouse and keyboard but your character will kick out and basically cover 180 degrees from like their waist downwards and it does a little bit of damage but also let you bounce off of stuff early game this is your way to get multiple jumps and you can dash after you do a spin kick off an object and later on there are projectiles you can destroy by spin kicking so its really helpful for bosses and some enemies managing the town can be a really fun thing to do and it really depends on your play style some people ive seen like to upgrade the castle a lot some people buy gear and then other people buy runestones obviously youre going to do all three of these things but leaning towards one or the other as youre learning the game is actually fine gear is pretty straightforward you find a blueprint out in the dungeon you can unlock higher level blueprints eventually and you find them in chess randomly and once you get back to town you can pay gold and ore which you can find ore from drops later on as well as the silver chests and you combine these two things to make gear the gear is permanent it stays on every character that you wanted to afterwards and you can equip it or unequip it at will keep in mind the heavier your armor that youre wearing the less bonus resolve youre gonna get runestones pretty much follow the same fashion you need to find the blueprint for the runestone essentially and then you find aether which is these red little blood drop gems and then you pay gold as well once you do that you can unlock extra abilities for your character and it takes its own capacity slot runestones can have some really powerful effects like double jumps and extra dashes so do your best to clear out the fairy chests that you find because thats where your runestones are going to come from unlike armor and weapons your runestones do not affect your resolve so its okay to max it out the final major point of emphasis for the town is upgrading the castle the castle gives you all of your permanent progression things so either doing slightly more damage having more life getting more gold from abilities having more intelligence getting bonus armor theyre just so many things that come out of the castle that its probably your primary gold sink for the entire game the castle is also where you unlock extra classes so the way it works is when you put one point into one of the castle nodes that you have access to it spawns other ones nearby and you can continue spider webbing out from the center so if you dont see anything you like immediately on the castle but you have a bunch of extra gold saved up dont be afraid to put like one point into stuff just to see what else is out there and eventually run into stuff you do want like either stat boosts or extra classes the final thing to say about the town is that you get access to the living safe at the beginning of the game the safe lets you save a portion of the gold you give to care on and youre able to use that gold later its a nice feature but what i do want to say is dont be afraid to give care on all of your gold because the more gold you give care on the more stat points you get over time the living safe will tell you how much you need to get to the next threshold so if you dont want to buy any armor or if you dont want to buy any runes or if you dont want to spend money in the castle because it progressively gets more expensive then just dump all your money on caron its actually okay once you play the game for a while and youre able to down all the bosses youll get to new game plus and once youre in new game plus youre able to stack on additional modifiers to make the game more difficult theres also the added incentive of unlocking more of the games story by doing more new game plus cycles other than that try to have fun experiment with the other classes find ones you like even the ones you dont like try and play them a little bit just to see if they get better the more experience you have with them and just know that its okay to fail each time you die in this game you come back and youre able to get more upgrades unlock new classes and have other things to do that are fun all right yall thats gonna do it for this one thank you for watching if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up let me know what youre thinking down below in the comments and if you want to see more rogue legacy too let me know and check out the description box for all the cool links like discord twitter twitch and patreon as always thank you so much for watching and ill see you next time Music so Music you steam region change This video focuses on the new player experience for Rogue Legacy 2. 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