Electric Guitars & Poison Daggers! | Rogue Legacy 2

San jose steam cleanwhat does patching mean on steam ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hello everyone time to grinds here and today I wanted to bring you guys some Rogue Legacy too as you guys know one of my favorite roguelikes uh on the channel and in general so much so that since I have last made a video on this game showing off the winter update which I think the winter update is finally gone um or the Christmas update or whatever um but Ive played about 10 or 15 hours of Rogue Legacy 2 on my own on vacation I was playing a bunch um grinding out a bunch my uh my progression looks a lot different I have a lot of these progressions up here been buffing up a bunch of different things Ive been getting a bunch more of um gear and stuff like that bunch of new Secrets unlocked and we unlocked all the rest of the classes and so theres only two classes I havent really shown off their weapons for in content form and one of which is The Bard with instead of a loot we have the electric loot or if I dont know if thats how you pronounce it but we got a pretty good build here uh starting off and I wanted to Ive been learning how to play Bard because they kept nobody played Bard I didnt play Bard and they kept buffing large so much to try to get people to play Bard and now Bard is really really op right uh and so I wanted to do a Bard build here with the electric loot so we pretty much it requires kinetic energy we fire it we cant fire it again until we uh get more energy and we get energy by spin kicking so if we spin kick a single time we get energy so every time we spin kick something we can use the electric flute um and um you know we can uh obviously that we get more damage um you know with the dance um Stacks you know like by jumping up and we got a trait that just gave us the weighted anklet spin kick steel 60 more damage uh which is really cool and so this has bonus and scaling so before we start the run I want to make sure okay yeah we are we do have Crescent weapons here that is the priority here yeah we have all Crescent which is going to give us more intelligence here um but yeah were gonna jump into it I also believe that I have beaten a single boss um I believe that we have beat a single boss off camera I beat like one or two bosses off camera I dont know remember how many um as you can see right now the boss we need to beat is dragons and stuff like that so um but uh but yeah um so yeah thats what were gonna do were gonna show off The Bard show off the new weapon here have a grand old time playing Rogue Legacy too because this game freaking dope dope game here so audio channel for browser oh thats interesting thats interesting thats cool so its like on your end thats cool oh my gosh this is really cool um whats your favorite game if its a more than your second favorite game Amore is definitely up there I think a Mori undertale Binding of Isaac rebirth um uh TF2 um okay yeah this electric loot I think this is only my second time trying it because the second I tried loot it made me want to just play normal bards thats what Ive been doing stay in the air do damage exactly retro Nation thinks this game is a bad roguelite but a good metroidvania yeah I uh a couple days ago uh tree of Ember was actually part of it I got in a kind of Twitter argument with uh retro Nation because he just kept I love Reformation but I keep seeing him constantly him and a couple other YouTubers absolutely just keep complaining and really arguing that meta progression is like the bane of all existence like they just do not like most meta progression and roguelikes I dont really think they like roguelites that much they claim that they do but then they complain about like a lot of roguelites and so I got in a kind of heated argument about um about roguelites and I ultimately was just like I ended the argument being like okay didnt mean to be argumentative because I probably I probably um not straw man but like I was kind of being like oh this sounds a bit gatekeepy but it was because like I dont know they kept like he kept calling it like a stinky roguelite and all this stuff uh opening chest with stores Health this is a great uh great great Relic also Ive upgraded my resolve a lot as you can see we have 193 resolve already having two relics and stuff like that I dont think this Bards attacks are influenced by it yeah they are uh it literally says uh bonus and scaling at the end of the electric loot um but um Rito plays too much potato I love brotato and I love roguelikes but like meta progression to begin with because in my opinion this game has some of the best meta progression out of any roguelike thats why I like it so much the game is built around the meta progression with a hundred levels of New Game Plus and theyre like oh well a good game doesnt need it right its like yeah maybe a good game like I agree that some roguelites um dont need to be roguelites like theyre theyre a roguelike and then they slap roguelike progression on it and its really boring I agree with that thats definitely true um but I dont know I I dont understand how someone would not like if you if you claim to like roguelite progression I dont know how you could claim to not like the roguelite progression and Rogue Legacy and obviously this is biased because this was literally my second favorite roguelite that came out in all of 2022 barely being surpassed by Rogue Legacy another roguelite with meta progression and all the meta progression in um vampire survivors isnt the best but the achievements and how it guides you through the content are and so I got in a little bit of an argument with Alexa um because he was like oh the only reason I was like bringing a vampire survivors and hes like the only reason vampire survivors blew up was because it was three dollars and I was like that feels a bit dismissive of why people why why it blew up you know and so I dont know I just feel like a lot of these roguelike roguelite YouTubers for some reason really dont like roguelites or I dont want to say that because they claim they do I just you know I dont know I guess I just Im really defensive over Rogue Legacy because I truly think this is one of the best roguelites that exists on the planet ever like the first one was and then the sequel is again you know so 100 levels of new game plus thats insane for real for real for real um critical damage from spells weapons Health drops restoring it I dont need more Health actually yeah if I take Cornucopia Health drops give us more chess give us more were gonna stay full health like all the time here so game in the original nailed meta progression yeah were on level two or three yeah thats what Im saying and the game is built around it like the gate The Meta progression in this game is is so good its so good and um I dont know so I got a little bit heated um Im not gonna lie because like I dont know like I dont know I dont know also I have a magnet Rune now thats something I discovered I really really liked um I I love meta progression I dont like meta progression when its done badly obviously oh Ripple took damage um but if youre talking about good roguelites like I dont know and Ive just heard so many people in the roguelike roguelike community like hate on Rogue Legacy or not well Rogue Legacy yeah but um on vampire survivors as well and I get like The Meta progression in that game is not the most exciting but I think it is fine to be there because of the fact of all the achievements and stuff the way the achievements guide you through the content it makes it work you know um so I dont know I gotta know I I dont know if any of you guys follow me on Twitter and saw that it got a little bit heated it got more heated than I intended it to um but I was just I dont know man I I really dont know how someone could claim they like roguelites and and not like Rogue Legacy you know I dont know its odd too because um retro loved ravita did Rita ravita have meta progression or did it just have uh or did it just have uh unlockables I dont remember I played a little bit of ravito I really dont remember my ravita videos like bombed terribly so it was one of the games I wish Id played more of but I just didnt you know your last Twitter post didnt load in your Discord Twitter Channel yeah those those Bots dont work very often I dont really know why they also dont work with Retreats which is like half of Twitter I even like contacted support and theyre like yep it doesnt work Im like oh okay I guess thats the end of the conversation then um Im glad I have all these Health relics because I am taking a lot of damage even for being in Castle oh my that gave me 287 because of cornucopia first cancer I mean at least theres like a content creator and I think its good as a content creator to kind of network and talk with other content creators um I also think its good for the Indie Dev space to constantly like follow up with Indie devs and stuff like that see updates so for gaming and stuff I think its fine in general like I agree but I think for Content creation content creators and for the Indie Dev space its pretty decent thats obviously like why I use it um but overall like yeah like if you if like you see a post by like anyone big and then you just go look at the replies oh my gosh its like its honestly worse than Tick Tock and I think Tick Tock is one of the worst like kind of like I hate to say it but like red pilled a little bit like all the Andrew Tate fans all the Andrew Tate 12 year olds you know on Tick Tock that think like being sexist and like hating women is gonna like get you women I I dont I dont know I dont know what the general game plan is but hating women will not get you chicks if uh if any of you guys are wondering if any of you guys are younger and youre you keep singing this whole alpha male go abuse some woman and then theyll like you oh I dont know about that one I mean Andrew Tate is uh is arrested right now in prison four uh uh for um sexual sex trafficking uh for a reason so Rita has a lot of unlockables but to me that amounts to meta progression when it makes you stronger I feel like most people and thats fair everyone has different definitions uh most people consider unlocking new items that will be found in future runs not meta progression um thats why people still consider things like Binding of Isaac more of a roguelike than a roguelite because most of its just unlocking new items youll find in the future there is some like starting with the D6 on Isaac thats objectively like Id argue like a meta progression its all kind of like a gray area but at least according to like you know retro and all of them that hate meta progression they dont count that as meta progression and I understand I dont really either um but the SAS part of Twitter is part of what makes it fun to go on I dont know I dont know like some people are really dumb I hate all the alpha male the person who started it was basing it off of wolves and we have scientifically proven wolves dont actually behave that way exactly yeah Music um after taking damage youre Invincible for a little longer now I need some big boy relics Music oh weapon does 50 more damage but has a 1.25 second cooldown thats fine because we cant fire it very often anyways dumb people are funny yeah but its like I dont know Twitter is like Beyond dumb though its like its like its like toxic right like its like harmful to society in my opinion there are unlocks that let you start with things yeah if if theres unlocks that start with things I would consider that meta progression so its just meta I think I think I think people like Reformation in them dont like um dont like stat upgrades right they dont like stat upgrades of meta progression which I normally dont but in the context of Rogue Legacy the game is built around it you know like thats thats why I uh I dont know thats why I dont understand it but I I dont know I get it but also I dont Music dumb people are funny Until you realize that their vote counts as much as your vote uh well get Dash and lose the poison cloud right that is what they really dont like they just lump it all together yeah and thats why I was yeah yeah but like thats the thing its like I dont know you I like to me I agree with that sentiment to begin with like do you guys remember that one game uh void Scrappers that we made a couple videos on not gonna lie meta progression in that game was pretty but like it was still a fun game right but Ill agree that the meta progression brought it down Rogue Legacy not at all right like also I learned recently you can stand on these I didnt know that red showed me stat upgrades are kind of lazy see but and thats the thing this game is just a bunch of stat upgrades or has a bunch of stat upgrades it has a lot more than that its got secrets and runes and armor and new classes and a bunch of other stuff but a lot of it is stat upgrades so thats ultimately why looking at 711 damage um you know thats why I guess their argument of why they dont like Rogue Legacy but I think you just need to take a look at the greater context of the game right and I guess like for me that feels Im probably being a little bit gatekeepy because its like oh just like understand the game you know they could be like I do and I dont like it you know but I dont know I just I I got my feelings hurt in defense of Rogue Legacy too because Rogue Legacy one was my childhood I think it revolutionized Rogue lights and Rogue Legacy 2 is one of my favorite games Ive ever played ever so some people arent funny its why Im such a cynic I like Pokemon I know idea how you can say this game stuff does not have good progression yeah exactly okay I dont want to get rid of uh our weapon here yeah dont want to get rid of our weapon I very much enjoy our weapon and I think it synergizes with what were doing here thats what Im saying dude look how like Bart is crazy Bart is absolutely crazy now they just kept buffing Bard until people used bard like its so good now tastes based around stat upgrades if done well can be a lot better than games with I agree with that I agree with that like the one reason I think a roguelite is bad is if it feels like you literally need them and Rogue Legacy is like that a little bit but like obviously you theoretically can beat the game without it I think if you made the stat upgrades a shiny item they get right out why they would suddenly think its fine like it oh you got the the Emma World armor plus two block permanently disguise it all yeah were just blasting through this Im kind of like normally I have to pay actually thats why I like Rogue Legacy honestly I feel like every time we play Rogue Legacy I I played it so much that like I can kind of just like pay attention to chat a lot more than a lot of other roguelikes you know uh whats this oh your weapon your weapon applies or extends burn the problem with that is we would lose some Max HP which is fine no were already like insta killing people with it oh this is a new one three random relics and 30 bonus resolve uh per okay were doing it we got three random relics we ended up oh my gosh what relics did we get oh we got weapon applies stack of poison which is actually terrible for us thats a awful Relic that we lost a bunch of Max HP for getting uh we got oh dude these are all so oh I got I got really bad luck because I got that and I got your weapon applies combo which once again it does not matter were attacking very little um and then we also got jumping in the air oh my gosh jumping in the air enables flight but we take more damage that one could be okay that one that could be okay but the other two relics were awful and we got down to 63 resolved because of it so and the progression in my opinion makes games feel needlessly more grindy I like things like slay the Spy where you can unlock things in future runs damn Music yeah that mans Bounty wasnt good and also I was really dumb there because I was taking extra damage by being in the air but yeah I understand why people like roguelikes over roguelites I get that I like them equal I just think like I feel like some of these YouTubers are so dismissive of good roguelites like they see a good roguelite and they just crap on it you know did it hurts it hurts my feelings Oh see now thats a gunfire reborn in my opinion is one of the ones I think is a bit too grindy and the fact that you cant even play with your friends if youre not the same level so thats actually one of the ones I kind of agree with but um you know what Lets do lets show off the other new weapon we showed off The Bard the new Bard weapon lets show off the dragon fangs the poison the poison things that way well have gotten to show off all of the new weapons because this is a contrarian so were barbarians so we have a bunch of extra Health we also have poison I think this could be a good build here um let me see I think with this because we have so much um health I think we want to increase our damage here actually were about yeah lets just try to put on whatever gives us damage which that is drowned weapon so drowned weapon drowned drown drowned okay yeah I got like thats the thing I I understand why actually Ive been wanting to increase my um my spell damage and stuff because that was one thing red focused on um and his spells were way better than mine but like thats the thing I understand people like like roguelikes more and in general an average roguelike is better than an average Rogue light um but I guess I just get frustrated when people dismiss good roguelites because I understand I understand certain roguelites are bad right this is this is probably one of my favorite Noobs stack all this poison on because its a fast hitting multi-attack thing um but yeah I dont know it just feels like theres theyre too dismissive over good roguelites like gunfire reborn is one of my favorite roguelikes but I dont know I am kind of in the boat that that feel I feel like they could have just done things to make it scale better right like the fact that I literally like cant play with friends if were not like in the same level which is really weird I think if they had solved that issue in gunfire Id be okay with the grindy progression you know and gun gunfire is just gunfire is just a legendary uh Legendary game that game is so good so its like I can excuse it being a little bit grindy you know and like that was part of the argument and um I had with retro like he eventually was like because I was like oh well like what roguelites use like I never said I hate that you know whatever um and I was like well like what are some like good roguelites you know and he was like well I played a bunch on my channel and then he was also like um he was like when did I say I didnt like like something and I was like well you called it a stinky roguelite and he was like well I also said it was a good metroidvania and um and he was like I beat the game three times on on my channel so theoretically hes gotten further on New Game Plus than we have I dont know if weve played it more than him I dont know um so like he played it a lot and I enjoyed it he just doesnt like the program the progression in it but like to me I think thats like what makes this game so good is the fact that you could play this game for 2 000 hours and still feel you know so I dont really know where Im going with this Ive just been kind of stewing on it for a while at some point Im going to be um hopefully sometime soon this month were going to be uh filming a collab video uh with Alexa and Im gonna pick his brain a little bit because he was slightly part of the argument so this build this build requires a lot more thought than um than our Bard build Im so mad that our that Bard build was doing so good until it wasnt Tyler Tyler I love Tyler honestly out of all of the all of the wholesome verse guys like the you know like Ive recorded a couple videos with some people Ive recorded a video with wanderbots Ive recorded a video a couple videos with Alexa um I dont think Ive ever recorded any no actually I I have recorded some stuff with reformation and all a bunch of other people um they invited me to their um they were playing uh werewolf online or one one of the werewolflight games you know Thomas salem-like things so Ive recorded a bunch with them theyre all really nice people um but Alexa like hes one of the people like when I first like filmed with it just naturally felt like at least on my end maybe hes just really good at uh being nice but it felt like we had the same kind of sense of humor you know like we were on the same page like when I filmed with uh wanderbots it felt more of like when I filmed with Sunday like I love Sunday and I love the Gang but you know its like we dont have the exact same type of humor and stuff like that but Alexas a bro Alex is a bro yeah Im not Im not trying to you know uh talk bad about any content creator um I like that this poison stuff attacks behind you like just a little bit um yeah Im more just like bringing it in the context of uh the argument you know Thomas Salem wall I know theres a lot of people that cant stand my videos so especially since I make my I feel like I try to make my purse ah my personalities stand out more in my videos than uh some other content creators you know especially with the face cam on all the time I know some content creators do face cam sometimes or never you know Im trying to like Ive talked about try to make people enjoy my videos for me more than the game but yeah the reason this works so well is you can stack toys oh gosh you can stack poison up I thought you could stack it up more than 10 but I guess not but normally its hard to stack poison that much up but with these daggers they multi hit a lot so I still have very fond memories of uh Thomas Salem back in the day TTG hates wholesome versus news at 11 just kidding joke but obviously obviously exact opposite they are all they are all super dope I just I more got my feelings hurt that people didnt like Rogue Legacy too one of my favorite games of all time were gonna take war drum gives us more damage for every Relic we have um we only have one Relic now but we have a lot of resolve so um but yeah I know my um my good friends Anna actually put me on about um getting the contrarian upgrade where the left hero is always a contrarian where oh gosh where the classes and everything is um randomized because you get some broken builds like anything with Barbarian as a base is really good because you have the extra Health everything like that oh pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza oh thats a good I think thats better than the talent I have Music we have barbarians Foose raw doll which also gave us 20 extra resolve for switching and thats the one thing I dont wanna I dont want to go too deep into um oh oh slip just yeah no he was talking about wanderbots but I dont wanna I dont want to um I dont think we should like you know um like elaborate on on that or anything obviously I dont really uh I dont know I dont feel comfortable uh like its different me talking about something in the context of an argument you know um you know Im close with all these guys and stuff so I dont think anyone was but just kind of to let you all know I dont want to turn this into a lets start talking everybody oh no no no no no no no dont apologize chamber you werent even part of what I was bringing up I was wanting to talk about the uh Im glad you brought it up because Ive been this is a perfect opportunity to talk about it all because Ive been wanting to talk about it all and it all stemmed from Rogue Legacy too so this is a perfect time to talk about it so no oh yeah I wasnt bringing I wasnt I wasnt referring to you at all I really appreciate you actually bringing it up its a good topic talking about what for 30 minutes um defeated enemies at eight percent chance of dropping a health drop well pick that up getting a um getting uh a health Relic is always really good hey there it is were already seeing the health drops that that last uh round though where we got that Bounty where it gave us three random relics that was the first time Ive ever gotten something that bad I was hyped to show it to yall because this is like a really good Relic normally um like if I found it again here I would probably take it because um I think uh we just got unlucky um with the relics that we got which is thats the whole point of that Relic so Im not Im not mad or anything but like that was the worst um Mammoth Bounty Ive ever gotten but it just allowed us to show off a different class here and then after this I think Ill have showed off all of the new um characters and classes and stuff cant believe I enjoyed watching Northern mind playing switch golf today for example pretty entertaining I feel like hes definitely someone that a lot of people watch for him you know not the games he plays besides binding him Isaac you know thats obviously hes got a uh what two billion Binding of Isaac videos Northern line Northern lines and OG roguelike roguelike YouTuber he is like a comedian yeah people people definitely be watching him for him okay we cleared the castle on to this area we died last time thank you poison is really good for bosses so right now the bosses and progression I need is I need to uh I need to defeat the too many bosses and um the main boss in the dragon area thats kind of like the main objective were trying to do right now I messed up that timing foreign I also have an extra double jump I think last time I played I finally got another double jump oh my gosh finally found a tree to increase our Max H3 its actually yeah why we havent seen a single tree yet yeah look how many double jumps I have one two three four yeah I think I got the fourth recently took a lot of grinding took us a while to find the Rune and then we had to grind out a lot of the um ready there children that was that was weird I was certified weird Music its a lot theres a lot going on right here its poisons you should die probably hopefully nice poison oh rip poison for the wind I didnt change the game you sure no I definitely did you just uh you probably need to refresh I dont know why twitch does that sometimes I hate the elites that wont die when they are supposed to die that time it wasnt that bad yeah Foos Rod is so good I need to utilize that way more foreign ers job got plenty of help Im not too concerned but ow hurt my feelings this builds even I dont know that board build was going so well until it wasnt so I dont really even want to say that this is better than The Bard build yet but probably is okay lose no Health easy peasy these are always so easy for me I dont know why we did it this game for back seaters everyone can and should Gaslight Jim I dont know about that one I dont know about that one Music Music whats up here yall have been gaslighting me since I started streaming on Twitch dont you be like weve only been gaslighting you for a month you should have jumped there doesnt work so well in this game oh I see what youre saying foreign like sometimes back seating is valid but sometimes people have no clue what theyre talking about like um I dont want to be mean to this person so Im never gonna name drop but on one of the uh peglin videos because they specifically were like oh you know um I dont not trying to be mean like love the content man you know so it came from a not not a like um a malice place but on one of The Crucible 15 videos where it took us a very long time to beat Crucible 15. one of the ones where I lost which there were like a lot like two or three videos of that someone told me that I the reason I was losing was because my game speed was on two times and not on one times Im like that that would have solved all of like Im sure there were like were a couple times where it felt like I was rushing I mean thats always how I play roguelikes you know its like theres technically like a little bit of Truth there but like I dont know I dont I dont I dont know how to put it but like when someones like oh oh you know just so you know like this interaction doesnt work the way you thought it works it actually works like this you know it makes sense right or when someones like oh you know Ive done this Ive done this build this is a build that works really good and then leaves it at that I love it but I also dont like it where even if someones right when theyre persistent with it right where theyre like oh well do this build i i i acknowledge it or maybe ignore it and theyre like do this bill do this bill do this bill do this build because then it feels like theyre trying to just do like Twitch Plays like Pokemon but with a streamer its like Im still the one point in the video game like I may make mistakes but like theyre my mistakes to make you know weve increased our Max HP so much here its great when theyre wrong yeah also sometimes we go backstate without ever playing the game so thats thats another part of it its the game is a weird exploit for two times speed I think they were more just saying like I rushed you know which like once again theres technically some validness to that but like first of all I think people would hate the content if it was on one time speed I would hate playing the game on one time speed you know the aiming Relic and the magnet one is still not accurate you rushing is something so common I just became numb to it yeah that thats thats just something people got to get used to and if not then they dont watch my content anymore and thats fair I have always done that with roguelikes thats how I play these games like in Rogue Legacy were thorough right like we let these runs be long thats why I also like these um this game its like Im still like taking my time through the castle but Im like rushing through it which is like weird that sounds like theyre opposite but ever since they added the speed I could not watch it at one time exactly yeah like Music like maybe if I had like a gun to my head someone was saying beat Crucible 15 in one attempt or I will literally shoot you in your family maybe maybe I would put it on one time speed right so its like technically oh I was not allowed to dash there technically theyre theyre true but like I dont know it feels like they dont think about the greater context of everything you know also people hate on me for not reading things thats one of those things thats like once again slightly valid but Music I see you throw a lot of runs in a lot of games but rushing way too much yeah yeah no I thats thats totally true but my argument is if I if Im going twice as fast as everybody else and I throw a couple times Ill still end up being about as good or like making progress just as fast as other people because if I throw one or two runs but the runs like it allows me to go through more runs than multiple people so I have more chances for a really good build you know so so not my penguin sped up if you shot through it though content I constantly have people like uh our last geometry Arena video someone left a comment being like your runs are way too long man once again something Im kind of true right but it was all it was was one run it was one single uh dump keeper run you know so I theoretically could have edited it down you know like Im also part of the partly why I Rush sometimes also is just trying to like not make oh my gosh not make the videos like 10 000 years old you know nice lets stack a bunch of poison okay took a little bit of damage we have 1700 HP this is a really good run here so far funniest comment you ever got for me was the one on your Steam account telling you to get rid of your camera yeah someone told me to get rid of my face cam yeah yeah people uh people dont like that face cam but um sometimes but Im a firm believer that if youre if youre in on for YouTube and streaming for a long time you should probably have a face cam because I feel like it helps people enjoy the content for you more than just the game you know scared of my shirt I like my shirt should intentionally touch every spike in the game well were still trying to win here okay that Relic is the one that just kills you for more gold so Im not not taking that a lot of breakables here also Ive been playing the Christmas update so nice or so long it is kind of nice okay lets have a timeout its kind of nice to have the game look like back to normal because like all of the 10 15 hours I said I was playing was all on the Christmas update foreign such a good talent shirtless stream I dont know if yall want to see me shirtless I dont know about that one hot tub straight you know what after we after we get the um the big sub goal that we have right now um the the freaking cooking stream made outfit cat ears whatever the crap yall want me to do for the outrageous sub goal if we somehow ever hit that maybe maybe the one after that is even more outrageous sub goal for a hot tub stream so I I dont even know how I would figure that out I have to go go on location to someone with a hot tub and bring like a laptop my shirt will come off during the mainstream if yall get a hype train going during it Music hot tub stream would fit more on neon Apes thats true thats true but obviously the neon Apes is like part of like me but like its also like uh you know I dont know if I want to do like sub goals for uh neon Apes content especially since it seems like a lot of people dont join me on Apes which is fair if youre into gaming and thats really it I could see that but if you guys really like when we just like kind of talk and stuff neon Apes kind of kind of kind of cracked Im sure no Im sure Im sure they would go along with it its just more like if its like a monetary sub goal for my content you know I want to uh make it something like Im doing you know like I can invite people like if were doing the cooking stream Ill there will be an open invitation to people I know Im sure Manuel will come join also you guys want to see something theres a secret right here and I dont know what to do Beyond this I think it is a secret that Ive either gotten or doesnt open up until we um until we are on a higher New Game Plus like there are still secrets that wont even show up until were on a higher New Game Plus thats how thats how in-depth this game is a hot tub and a laptop you can use well I think were probably like 10 000 years away even from the cooking stream so I dont think were gonna have to worry about it for a while maybe by that time Ill uh Ill have made it as a content creator waterproof laptop still sounds grindy to me well it thats it this game is grindy but like the game is built around the grind Music you know the game is uh the game is built around the grind and its a fun grind and and and thats thats what makes a good Rogue so I like I understand if people dont I think that that going back to the argument that I was having with the other content creators thats what confused me is because I kept hearing all these complaints about roguelites and meta progression but then when I tried to jump to the conclusion that they just didnt like roguelites they were like no youre wrong was like well but if you hate every aspect of a roguelite do you not hate roguelites Im so confused so like in Roots case Roots saying they dont like roguelikes and Jen or roguelites in general for the most part so it makes sense you know to hear that you know but when someone claims they really like roguelites but then like hate all of what makes a roguelite a roguelite thats whats confusing lets do pecking already we did we did it was absolutely crazy um so if you missed it a video should be out in like a couple days our weapon applies stacks of poison well the problem is is it caps at 10. I thought poison could stack longer than that and it cant so I dont know made it as a content creator you mean grind is the lingering care that hits you with that serotonin fun to work up for something exactly grinding out the same thing theres different things to grind so it never feels like youre getting tired sometimes youre grinding for gold right for the progression sometimes youre grinding for ore for armor or red either for uh the thing sometimes youre grinding out secrets to unlock challenges which then youre grinding out the challenges for soul soul stuff which then youre using to get new classes or things that level up more of your out of game progression that then you can grind for then youre getting new game plus which then are unlocking even more things for you to grind then youre leveling up armor youre grinding out and upgrading your armor youre grinding out finding more rooms youre grinding like theres theres 80 different ways in which this game keeps the gameplay Loop of a grind built into the game versus like just grind one currency and use that one currency to upgrade things you know like its a lot more in-depth in this game so were almost done with this whole area almost I still have room for more Resolve too kill a hundred thousand beds bats okay uh yeah were probably almost done with this ice area were making pretty fast progress here this is theres a secret right here what okay we have to be really small to get in here and I dont even I dont know maybe thats another thing that will have a well have a secret in there once you go to a higher New Game Plus because a lot of the challenges and scars are hidden until youre on higher new game pluses okay what relics up here spin kick does more damage Ill take it because its cheap and that aint you know the war drum helps more yeah yeah you got to just be the dwarf yeah I just dont know whats in there I dont think anythings in there right now which is the only thing that was kind of confusing me weve been in that tiny house we have thats the thing I dont know if the secrets have been completed or if we uh if we havent unlocked them yet weve been staying at like full HP this whole time Music lets do that as we die or not die take damage but obviously I think well live some invisible flowers spin kicks do a lot more damage now that Relic Relic does what it it says it does Music our spin kicks do a lot Ive also been upgrading the damage of my spin kicks off camera we Max upgraded that so that combined with the anklet or whatever Circle It Whatever the crap this is obviously very good we have already gotten 86 000 gold ie Music like spin kicks are honestly doing more damage than my normal damage trying to be like look at this Music crazy screw that chicken and particular foreign kicks are cracked cracked cracked Music okay we gotta be almost done here yeah I think theres like gonna be one more room we gotta check and then well be off to the library area four of six or seven dude what if we beat the game this episode to be kind of sick be kind of sick Music seems like theres still a decent amount more here Music its got to be a dead end like right here though right no way it keeps going okay yeah literally dead end okay completed that area off to the library area four so we have the library to clear and then the sun tower and then were going down to the area I actually need to be in which is the dragon underground area I think this area is going to be pretty challenging but I think we have a good build we have a crap ton of Hell weve got a good build contrarian builds are pretty good if you beat the game you will donate 10 level three Subs holy cow well I dont think I can but thats definitely some good motivation because the final bosses are like really really hard but um this that is some damn good motivation for sure I dont think Ive ever beat the Final Bosses like on a previous run that I cleared everything I normally have to like cheese it a little bit so no pressure well oh my gosh oh gosh taking a lot of damage here oh get out of here bro Music thats a doombus having all these double jumps are so good throw okay so okay okay oh until purified oh we may throw right now lets do it until purified any hit taken is fatal collect one food potion to purify this Max health and Mana its multiple double jumps um so I cant this would kill me that tree so we just need to find Im not gonna fight that we need to find food Im not going in like any of these rooms did I leave anything behind oh this is gonna be hard come on give me food with a double double double jump mammons bounty Music uh-oh oh God if I didnt have double jumps there I would have been screwed come on give me food or potion oh that was right there it was right there oh it was right there oh the point the poison daggers ah see thats the thing sometimes you have to take risks in this game like Im not even that upset Im pretty a little upset but like I had I had war drum which gives us more damage per Relic so like I dont I normally always go for those and sometimes we throw um but like we would have won if we had done it consolation prize 10 gifted Subs oh my gosh oh my gosh thank you so much man yeah it was it was the weapon lag yeah like because when you use the the Shadow the poison daggers um they uh its like kind of some end lag there and so that kind of screwed us a little bit but feeling better thanks to beanie man appreciate it appreciate it maam well I mean I mean Id solid bill you know you know be crazy but we showed off the two gotten um or the two other weapons and so now when we play some more Rogue Legacy in the future well really just be able to like do whatever we want you know but I just wanted to show off the two other weapons I hadnt shown um and Im happy Im happy that we did that you know Im not even like thats the thing thats whats good about this is I made a crap ton of money this run you know maybe we do like a ronin with uh being able to dash everywhere were gonna have no HP next time um but like look look at how much progression Im gonna be able to get here I got I got a hundred and two thousand gold 102 000 gold so what I want to do the Ronin I think with Ronan we want to give him as much health as possible to make up for that yeah thats what I think weve been giving him the vitality um so Im setting it up sitting up sitting on and then lets go ahead and get obsidian trinket on there um lets see what do we want to spend our money on we could get more runes oh never mind I still wait never mind Im still Im still needing more red either actually um so that okay were saving a red either um maybe we do yeah maybe we just do Rune weight and preparation for getting all that red either um lets Max that one out actually no lets lets do something thatll impact us a lot lets just uh lets just increase our health a lot Music yeah well increase our health a little bit and increase our armor a little bit because I feel like if we could just survive a little bit longer that would be really good also being able to dash in any directions pretty good I want to see if theres any challenges I need to do here before we move on to the next game Ronin oh yeah so we havent played Ronin on this challenge so this is kind of part of what Ive been doing so this is one of the challenges here this is a hard one um Music spells cast um okay mammons Bounty Ill take that Music okay what relics do we get we got Landing creates a shock wave that destroys mid-sized projectiles crit damage from spells and weapons increased until 20 bonus damage enemies with a status effect those are pretty good those are pretty good um oh dashing these poison clouds double relic of that okay cool okay this is a hard challenge here we have to fight this chest but in a very claustrophobic space here were keeping them poisoned like this whole time 27 seconds here for a veto the reason Im hesitant on that type of stuff is I feel like it it might make it feel really bad for the people that just use Channel points I need to I need to come up with a a better incentive I think for awesome donors like yall can you imagine grinding out all the channel points on this channel and then having your thing be vetoed um 16. okay I think thats all the challenges so see this is what I mean by certain achievements being locked like theres two more secrets I could try to find for more challenges and then theres a bunch of things that I literally have to do harder new game pluses you know um that and all of those souls are like what you know allow you to keep increasing the max for certain skills and but weve gotten all of the classes and and stuff like that you know so um I dont know pretty pretty cool so I know we didnt get like a broken build or anything in the past but I think this was still pretty fun to just hang out play Talk discuss about roguelites versus roguelikes and um you know um and and show off the two two weapons that we havent really shown off on the video before you know the uh the electric guitar and the uh poison daggers and stuff like that so I really hope you guys enjoyed you know if youre watching after the fact on YouTube let me know if you want to keep seeing more Rogue Legacy I think Im gonna keep throwing it on stream every now and then because Im playing it a lot offline um and uh you know so its really fun to show it off to yall um because I like this game and so well definitely keep playing it but let me know if you want to keep seeing it more frequently and stuff like that um hopefully beating new game plus two at some point here uh and uh yeah so I hope you enjoyed you know consider subscribing ringing that Bell like what the big boy YouTubers say to be notified when more Rogue Legacy 2 videos come out if there are some theyll be on the screen right next to me uh make sure you follow us on Twitch to watch these live uh check out the whole playlist if you want to see some other broken builds and if 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