Bustin off the Rust - Rogue Legacy 2

Steam game not syncing to cloudhalo games steam ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hello everyone pally temp here and welcome back to rogue legacy 2. i would love to tell you that ive been very successful in getting lots of money to buy the new classes however that would be a lie the goal of todays video is just to continue to knock off the rust of putting this game on the shelf while we were waiting for a big patch to roll through and acquiring as much money as we possibly can in order to start to fill out our castle again after the newest update the castle was reset and uh the prices of some stuff seem to have changed or i spent my money very differently or a mixture of the two i suspect we are playing as the barbarian today with uh panic attacks oh no i feel for you so bad also with antique farrons reward opening a chest is going to restore health so it seems as as we take damage our view of the area around us is going to become smaller which means that enemies off to the sides of the screen may be a little bit harder to see i am not using the sanguine set today instead i am using a mixture of the what was it adamite or or something similar and leather armor our weapon chunks as you can see and we are playing as a barbarian which is one of the safer classes to really do a run like this on i believe maybe only second to the chef at this point because of their insane healing ability so the goal of this run is going to be to revisit lots of the castle hopefully seeing some secrets along the way that we have not encountered or some new mechanics along the way that we have not encountered and of course trying to come up with a sizable amount of money most of the upgrades that i need in my castle are looking at about 5 000 gold each and with each of the runs that we were doing in the previous video where we were trying to get up to the top of the castle i was really only netting a little bit more than a thousand which is clearly not a lot we are in the beginning area of the castle still if you want to find the new area if you didnt see our previous video one of the best ways of doing that is just to constantly gain elevation while youre exploring the castle we did pass the boss room there and of course theres a secret over there that were going to save for later actually just in case i do need some more hp im also going to leave these chandeliers up for the time being as well the ability to heal off of chests is proving really really nice so far were able to keep our hp up no problem of course the barbarian has a massive pull of hp as well so that certainly helps oh thats a strong enemy lets try to get out of this way uh we did invest in a lot of the hp increases in the castle for our for our uh whole family line but i have not invested very much in mana just yet usually how this goes is whenever this game gets a big new update i invest quite a lot of time into seeing all the new things and eventually fill out the castle again oh we have our first relic for this run we have 132 resolve so this is going to cost 45 resolve thats going to bring us below 100. uh this is going to cost 35 resolve which is also going to bring us below 100. uh restore 7.5 of your maximum health when you defeat an enemy with a critical attack the upgrade for passive crit is on the left side of the castle when youre buying your upgrades and i believe i only have one point in it as of right now so this may not be particularly good for us i imagine with the assassin this could be a really really sizable upgrade a really really impactful upgrade uh but for us you know its okay if we get some extra helium we get some extra healing im not as worried about our health just because like i said our maximum pool is so high i took a wrong turn this could be a really valuable room to oh perfect really valuable room to save a lot of those things so we can come back later to maybe try to get some more hp that looked like a good room for some chicken you know what im saying i found the path to the second biome already im just gonna try to full clear this for this first area because its because its probably some of the easiest money uh that were going to make although its not a ton of cash its some of the easiest cash to acquire and i do think i am going to go for the blessing of life its were going to take 171 damage but its going to increase our maximum hp by 90 and this may be a great time to travel back to that room that had all the chandeliers and especially for one of those combat trials we have not successfully done one of those yet let me go try to find some hp come on come on come on dont do it again no okay we got one more room though come on you gotta have some hp for me theres no way this happens two videos in a row yes good good start 54 hp thats already more than we found in here last run oh another one all right we got 100 hp back theres one more area we can check too and we still have the chandeliers just outside of this place that we might be able to break for some extra hp any luck no just money however if we teleport over to the third biome theres a ton of destructible objects right at the start and really if we teleport over to the second biome same kind of thing a ton of destructible objects to set the tone for the area oh my luck is bad though nothing here damn come on last chance come on okay all right ive kind of been on this loading screen for like 30 seconds now hey were back i had to restart the game maybe i should check out the other rooms around this portal just to see if theres any potential easy hp we can grab this is like a combat test weve done this once before but we were not successful and it looks like im going in again and this is different from the last time now luckily for me i think our barbarian hits hard enough that hes going to be able to take down most of these enemies with a single strike also i think the difficulty tier of enemies we were fighting the last time was higher in general so these enemies are a little bit easier for us to manage of course whenever we take damage our vision range sinks oh this is similar this happened last time what didnt happen last time is the one hit ko when we attack enemies dude i feel like itd be really good to be a valkyrie in these just to be able to attack up and down whenever you want would be really really strong are we getting a new wave yes we are no new area yet this is the farthest i got the first time we tried this you know the way the fireballs perfect what do you got for me okay now were fighting the tougher enemies oh i tried to use my my freeze it didnt quite work lets use it now get rid of those projectiles actually took down the axe as well mage is coming in to reinforce fire mages on all sides that was a double kill throw the bomb yeah i  __  got you i love love love love the comic book style splash for the critical hits oh and it looks like we were successful this rooms very tall though nice oh thats huge thats a ton of iron we need that for for upgrading our armor sets maybe upgrading runes as well i think the rune currency was different well that was certainly worth doing that one was three waves i dont know if they are all three waves that will remain to be seen but i feel pretty accomplished with that hey big guy you got a little chest over there oh i dont have anything those come back they sure do one two okay were up to 2490 cool who almost stepped on that 90 gold so far which is not enough to buy as much of anything now keep in mind the more difficult areas do drop more money so perhaps if i was looking to farm a decent amount of coin perhaps the best thing for us to do would be to head over to that frozen biome and maybe just beat up those enemies over there but i felt like i needed some practice so here we are unfortunately not going to be able to pick up that stuff on the ground oh it is worth mentioning that we do have lifesteal siphoning and one other kind of rune that provides us with additional healing so as far as doing full clears its probably one of the best setups for it nice and maybe we dont because i didnt seem to get any healing there luckily for us that healing we get from our trait from chests seems to be really really good were back up to our maximum hp im going to freeze of 2 651 excuse me the barbarian freeze still super duper strong we were able to take down those enemies no problemo cant freeze again yet what do i have to do to get freeze off cooldown i dont ah is it take damage i think its take damage oh its a lot of damage oh i froze it still jumped into it stay back what okay lets just head over to the other side take out this eyeball thats shooting through the wall thatll make dealing with that a little easier for sure and it looks like underneath me is can i bomb through underneath me is a chest still to unlock i should be safe here and were back up to full hp because of the chest super nice healing oh could we do the full clear is this the run remains to be seen do have a secret here and another relic that we cant unlock uh rage concoction for soldiers who shall not return or pandoras bargain choose this relic to reveal its power some things are best left alone lets go i mean were a barbarian we should go with rage i dont know what it does while invincible deal 100 more damage so after we take damage we can hit a little bit harder and by picking up that relic it does lower our maximum hp which is now at 4 78 which is a sizeable decrease from the 650 we were just at oh i see so we were able to spawn in the enemies with the flick of that switch rather than them just already being engaged it puts it on our terms when we want to start combat i like that change quite a lot all enemies defeated no problem uh whats wha what do i get is there a chest do i have to go back up oh i have to go back up self-confidence manifest we gain bonus resolve nice i dont think its for this run perhaps for future runs so it seems as though were going to be continually building up our ability to uh get more relics and change up our run based on what we find which is great great great great great great change ill need 1500 gold to permanently unlock this teleporter it it doesnt look like theres a biome here uh so i dont see any reason to get this open for us yet we still have not quite full cleared the starting castle but its looking pretty good this chest heel is so nice i mean its way more reliable than trying to find chicken way more reliable weve healed for hundreds of health so far this run gotta go back for that coin uh so if you ever see this thing the antique freyans reward opening chest restores hp it seems really really strong especially if youre trying to go for a full clear like like were doing right now it is a ton of sustain so as the first area is kind of coming to a close looks like theres two more paths we can potentially explore and the easiest way to get to those i think is to go back to the boss room with a teleporter but as we are coming to a close weve gathered three thousand four thousand just over four thousand gold okay so the upgrades wont be that hard to achieve as long as im consistently clearing out a decent portion of the castle when i saw that initial price tag of 5 000 for the next upgrade i was pretty concerned that seemed like a lot actually those last two rooms are right up here one contains chest what and the other just some containers as we head into the second biome remember we already broke all of those containers hoping to find some health earlier on we have to bounce off these things the entrance here is always the same its like riding a bike and this level is one big zone with a checkpoint in the middle not as many chests in this in this area as in the last so it seems but we can still use those chests for like little health packs along the way the enemies here also taking this looks new maybe its not do they reload oh theyre sketchy little scot okay okay take it slow were all right hey if we were actually missing health there we would have gotten a little bit of healing so does that reset my double jump i dont remember it doesnt look like it 40 damage on impact with that guy hey but a chicken waiting in the next container thank you little chicken down to the right well just wait for these little orbs to dissipate i found one of the best tips for this area was just to be patient i mean thats probably true for the entire game once you know your enemies do its a lot easier to be patient but um i found these hammers are new dude i found when i was trying to rush through here to get to that checkpoint that i took way more damage so were just gonna focus on one enemy at a time nice that healed us and our first chest with 150 gold bring our total 4725 with still a very long path in front of us but we might be able to skip oh its a lot of stuff i cant dodge easily i cant get the lip thats okay uh what are these are these the spikes that go up yep okay oh they re-armed quickly that double jump just saved me some damage dude keep moving to the right there is a chest in this next room oh i beat him on the draw huh oh i can probably get a good bomb here wait do these only activate when i jump thats what they do okay uh the chest appears to be oh its back here just dont step on it and they wont activate wait how do i get to the hat huh all right we might be leaving that one oh i have to put these to sleep right or i can bounce off of their projectiles theres water there oh all the way back really stuck the landing that time you cant teleport me back now is this the halfway point sure is oh there might be some things we can break up here maybe i should check that this was an unfinished zone last time we played i believe it is still unfinished the sun tower looks like only a teleport in here okay yo if im having trouble with the new zone that they added im afraid to even ponder whats in that sun tower by the way what i think ill do is when this game is fully released well just start into a profile and start over from scratch and get the full new player experience i think thats the plan just in case anyone was wondering uh we are halfway through the zone most of the chests lie in front of us which means a lot of extra healing is in front of us as well nice recovery midair kept us in the oh they can be on walls im going back for the chicken ah i dont know if it was worth ah i didnt see the water oh my gosh every everything went poorly there nice being able to jump off those things takes a little bit of practice but its totally worth the time another chest in here oh did you get your head on the little spikes oh no so i feel like getting in was the easy part we have immunity just go just go just go its okay let that hammer be mad over there hes not bothering us dude oh little room here potential treasure if my vision ever comes back i believe these bundles of wood that weve encountered a few times are all brand new here oh  __  so am i gonna get tier two enemies in here rather than the what the  __  are you okay so hes shooting out hes shooting out um fire in in four directions we took a little bit of damage there i can freeze him to deal a little bit more damage hes almost dead im just gonna try to rush it oh we are getting hit kind of hard is that it oh cool so that one was just a single boss where the others was a combat trial nice so thats 892 iron for this run thats huge for actually upgrading our weapons note to self keep an eye out for the secret doors here is this axis moondy definitely work definitely worth remembering all right lets continue to make our way to the right i think im going to bomb these guys uh theres a chester left in the chest to our right as well but despite what that may have seemed we didnt actually need to activate that red thing at all and we can use it to jump up to the high ground here for the second chest were back to full health well very close to full health anyway guy on the right that shoots through walls well try to just oh i didnt see those i did not see those lets bait them out i could probably freeze them with the barbarian shouts it is off cooldown i cant use it oh  __  hold on patience patience is key all right were up to 6 500 which is really really not bad at all i dont remember what our our maximum run netted us before but like i said when i was looking at those upgrades and i saw the five thousand dollar price tag i was intimidated for sure double kill what we got here chest underneath us those hammers kind of durable okay i think i remember how this works Applause i think youre supposed to jump attack off of the uh off of the door thats closed there we took a lot of unnecessary damage but i think well be okay our armor seems pretty sturdy maybe thats just a damage reduction thing from being a barbarian im not sure but were kind of just eating these blows and then healing back up no problem gonna skip over the rooftop here were almost at the end of the zone so i dont feel the need to go through all these little areas except i dont have to go back the kraglowian plateau the third area of the game i do remember being particularly challenging but with our barbarians what could go wrong we have a little root guy underneath us and shooting out some poison lucky for us he was shooting it into the wall wolves do jump up terrain we need to be mindful of that and not get overwhelmed by them these guys we should be able to hit through the wall perfect as they try to move towards us do wolves have to stop to go down terrain i dont remember unfortunately we did find some woo chill out go to sleep these shields do send us flying if we Music hit them with our weapon we were able to put that red orb to sleep so it wasnt too much of an issue and we can bounce off of the frozen projectiles from that mage with our left bumper if we need to maneuver around 52 damage on impact here ah so the damage that were taking is becoming really high  __  48 from that as well okay we can make that back im pretty sure this area has a decent amount of chests well just freeze those projectiles i dont really know how to deal with the shield i was scared uh okay to the right we go nice and slow in the snow zombies can spawn at any time so like every two steps im just gonna do a big old heavy swing i tried to freeze this this javelin thrower here unfortunately i was a little slow but lucky for us it worked out just fine and no new entries for us to read there were up to 7830 gold so far this is a new enemy the little okay i didnt see the one on the left new enemy the little bat seems like its very similar to the bunny in the new zone where you have to deal damage to it by jumping on its head with the little bounce attack you can tell that because theyre resonating that aura okay so we dont have immunity just go Laughter thats the most barbarian way of solving a problem ive ever seen until we took damage again on the way down this is the area where the rust is starting to show no longer can you just kind of tank everything uh we have to kind of be smart with the damage that were taking and all im doing is taking damage from everything 208 damage there though was a ton that anxiety kicking in not allowing us to see the edge of the screen is becoming a little more problematic as enemies are starting to outrange us and hit us with i guess those abilities arent necessarily homing but they certainly travel in our direction as we make our way to the right we see another room 104 damage on that swing is enough to take down one of those stars a bunch oh they can travel through walls as well of course they can lets just get out of that room right away and out of that room right away as well the boss room lies in front of us of course we have already slain the boss in our previous playthrough when it was released but we are able to pick up some gold there uh oh this is it is this where were gonna die i mean i gotta do it you cant just give it up you gotta do it all right what do you got i dont even know what that is oh these just home oh god oh no please if i dont i dont have the shout now i have to shout we can freeze them and im just gonna whale into this one with did they have a shared health pool or was it only the one okay same thing this side freeze bomb and just swing like a madman just keep doing it just keep doing it dont give up freeze it again lets  __  go dude lets  __  go what a barbarian way of solving things ive noticed each one of these chambers gets a little taller like were climbing up the peak of a mountain 8985 gold right now you know what i think im gonna dip out and uh head to the new biome from here i dont know if theres a new challenge awaiting us but i feel like weve cleared a lot of them out so far a warriors death fighting the most difficult enemies that we can find only seems fitting for our barbarian at this point there are these new platforms which only work where you land on them um that does make it a little problematic for catching food but to chicken to start off our run means were actually back at a pretty respectable hp as we maneuver in double jump up here all right big man we can hit him through the wall that hammer on the right hand side something similar looking projectiles as the mini bosses we just bought however they didnt seem to i forgot about mimics  __  uh the one to the right of me is also ouch is also a mimic and we need to be careful not to pick up any of the poisoned coins that they drop that ones a mimic too whoa that goes to the wall out of his range easy double jump over that wait what is that exploding at the top its a scroll 25 hp from that chest im gonna try to focus him down get the mimic down as well we did it can i tell you to  __  off ah i missed thatll be my undoing this is another mimic here man theyre prevalent theres so many of them i wonder how much damage those poison coins do looks like a lot of things in this room we may be able to potentially break oh this is a relic room got a little more oh this should be wait how do you do this you cant drop down theyre all in little segments so how would you get under it perhaps we just dont have the ability to do this just yet that is very common trend in this game where you first encounter something and you cant figure out a way to do it i was hoping maybe i could freeze the platforms with barbarian yell but thats not a thing interacting with yeah im not seeing anything my dude not seeing anything but well remember this room for lao for later oh thats a lot okay i jumped on it all right team thats gonna do it for todays run look at all of these rooms we cleared along the way we actually got a barbarian rank with mastery system that means all of our characters i think are going to be doing more physical damage i dont even want to skip it i just want to sit here and watch it this run was 41 minutes long before editing wow pretty successful i would say i really like the way the relics work now where youre not punished for picking every single one of them up and you can kind of pick and choose and be a bit more strategic about it and also with the barbarians massive amount of hp giving up some of that hp for relics didnt feel very punishing at all we did have a fantastic relic that we started this run with that allowed us to heal from chests as we were moving through and in the early part of the game that meant we essentially took no damage after we cleared the first two areas because the chest kept healing us back up to full that was a great run if you guys enjoyed todays video please hit the thumbs up button i would really appreciate it and even though im picking a chef here that doesnt mean were going to be playing one because the assassin has now been unlocked two blade three strikes assassins put the sass in s train in the yard and three three-hit combo and only the three-hit combo assassins are all about getting in and getting out after hitting the target three times yeah whoever wrote these little captions hats off to you theyre really really funny thank you guys so much for watching i hope you enjoyed see you guys soon Music goodbye Music you how to play steam 32 bit games on mac Rogue Legacy 2 is back and has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. In this game, your legacy defines you. Spend your parents’ inheritance and grow the family manor to give your children a better fighting change. Each child is unique, with their own traits and abilities. Your daughter could be an archer. She could also be a Vegan. Also play how you want to. Go hard and fast, or take it slow and steady, and build your character up until you’re ready for greater challenges.Ive been streaming a variety of games over on twitch! You can find my channel here ► Join this channel and become a member to gain access to perks! ► That social media nonsense. End card Music: Peacock by 7 Minutes Dead #Letsplay #RogueLegacy2 #RogueLegacy how to uninstall steam games on windows 10 steam deck queue position games similar to stardew valley on steam steam live game stats space game steam