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Steam cleaner with vacuum$50 steam card receipt ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hello everybody welcome back to more rogue legacy 2. we are in zone 5 i guess right now oh my god can you die here can you die here by using that move the only move i think in the game uh im sure its not they can uh do damage to yourself and i cast it off on accident while moving my uh control around all righty then but yeah here we are uh moving in to act five here i believe one two three four five i cant believe it man sun tower i i feel like this is gonna be i feel like its gonna be bad like i im pretty sure like were gonna have a rough time but you know what thats okay that is a okay got herself a uh newish class as well i would say new we havent done like a normal run with it the ronin uh plus 20 strength low health average mana we have a uh a move that we can you know tilt up tilt down go forward all that we have a tipper we can you know hit with the absolute tip of the blade do a crit bop bop so that is uh thats mostly mostly it aside from our special ability which is basically just the teleports behind you nothing personnel kid kind of a move oh my god the range the range it is interesting yeah i kind of figured i was like i was gonna need to attack quickly i just went to the wrong side there gonna have to get used to this son of a gun oh my because its like we have really good range we do awesome damage but we have to like oh my god we have to get used to our come on get used to our range oh my god there we are that damages bonkers im gonna be like very pleased to say though that uh theres probably not gonna be mimics here right or at least not nearly the same amount what do i do with this oh hi uh hmm i guess we go i just its just not worth it its just not worth it we have to dash into these suckers so these clouds are the same ones that were in that one like oh meta progress locked zone or at least what i can assume is that oh god yeah we have to dash its so strange though we have to dash into them they look like the things you have to kick but you have to dash into them otherwise it does not work hello my god okay all right i mean we do ah we do damage why why you do this to me okay okay we dash move sideways immediately dash from sideways immediately dash went sideways immediately its pretty good though we have pretty low hp pretty bonkers damage we get those crits oh my hes alive whoa what was that what wait what is this what is that just like a normal enemy or is that oh its a normal i thought it was a projectile what is happening here man youre alive oh my god slowly but surely doing just different segments in the same room these attacks are slow i bet you can dash cancel them though i mean im happy to just like do a room you know which is good because that looks like thats roughly uh him oh amount of damage harder fine ill kick it does that stick does that stay until we uh until we kick flip it i think so seems it okay weve been here up oh if you look around nope we have not used our teleports behind you behind you move it does reset if we kill somebody so like thats i guess the the big use case there but weve been one-shotting everything which is surprising uh oh god like this there we go not like this oh im safe here okay okay okay okay nope that guy teleports behind us okay okay i got just you so just standing there menacingly oh my god okay i wonder if those are kind of purple we cant dash into them can we just like that be oh if you miss if you miss man you are you are stepping in it okay uh just playing there hes still alive so hes teleporting to the top of the screen there we go um hey oh my god hit dude wait hit me there probably the bone my god theres no theres only three directions up up down or uh or middle on those so like theres a lot of like awkward little uh dead air areas do we just like do it and die not yet not yet why why okay maybe i do maybe i do just do it and die do a little die here okay actually like a lot easier than i thought it would be but going up seems trickier no yeah theres some rooms that are tougher than they look and then theres that room yeah im not gonna do a room where im just gonna die to a try well okay im gonna die to a trap in literally every room i have right now well i missed i missed the kickflip i didnt realize it was gonna be just an entire room of uh of climbing that two thousand eight hundred ill take it ill take it oh big ronin what could possibly go wrong what could possibly go wrong with a giant ronin adoption center more heirs to choose from okay maybe whats whats this i dont know if i know this one relics cost less resolve certainly interesting certainly nice uh i dont know if im i dont think im at that capacity right now what is maybe gonna unlock new classes i feel like this might but i really dont care about it lets go for this yoga get some decks oh my god look at our hitbox though oh my okay our hit box is crazy but also you know what our hurt boxes too fine ill talk to you what do you got sometimes youre gonna miss the smell and feel of the forest the docks are beautiful but theres nothing quite like waking up the smell of dew as her and ma could be remarkably cruel but she was good at her job tended to be the force tended to the force and grew under care sounds lame right but here doing something that takes more than just hard work i dont think anyone else could have done what she did know what else i missed pizza and i just had some like 20 minutes ago what do you got bonjour mortal ive discerned that this is the fancy way of saying hello in your world bonjour knows the italicized way of saying hello oh that was yeah it was important this is the knowledge ive retained okay what do we got here what is the buff for ronin strength im actually super happy with that ranger rangers also strength okay all right lesson learned ranger may uh worth paying attention to a bit im very happy to play the ronin though its new its wild i k that hitbox is just so funny its uh its a shame its not really gonna matter and its gonna make tippers impossible is it though well maybe i dont feel so big right now i wonder if theres gonna be anything thats like actually impossible though okay without taking damage theres some really tough platformer things ah maybe oh wait oh boy lots of aerial business here wait though wait a minute wait this is cracked wait wait im a monster i hit the entire screen they call me big ronin oh stop that i cant okay does this reset my uh oh boy im large scholar weapon plus one ooh interesting oops thats not really the way to do that thats not really the way to do it either im just happy i didnt take like a thousand damage though yet another one ammonite weapon okay i feel like i might have missed some bars up top do i care nope i dont if theyre there guess what i dont care its fine oops okay oh my god its such a oh its such a different experience being a giant oh my god i thought he didnt attack unless i was there oops uh there we go whats in here something new more a treasure 20 bonus damage enemies with this Laughter okay fine thats not good im gonna the good news is im gonna die before its relevant screw that room man oh thats so trolly itd probably be less less tight if i was not so thick if i was not such a thick boy oh man were gonna have to do this oh my god my cool down uh you wanna 281 ill take it oops there we go reset or jump oh my god im so big oh my god i just want to go into a smaller room okay oh man thats mean okay monk gotta be pretty sure that were gonna hit huh nightmare this is a nightmare i cant get it just walk up and hit him were gonna kill him anyways we dont need it we dont need a tipper its fun to explode them we dont need it does make looking i mean we can also use our spell i suppose its worth considering can we one shot you oh hello uh i dont really i dont like that oh placement do you want to magnetize to me captain dont need a mana i didnt get that relic on yet is there a secret no no no no how do i do this guess using that ability more but im just trying to wait oh whoa okay that puts it on the ground for a little bit but not up not forever thank you i eat a lot of calories i mean look at i got to fill up my energy its going to take him a long time for that man this is this is working better than i thought this is working so much better than i thought its really just like i cant do the platforming parts its the big thing goodbye simple geometry up to 4k okay i mean it is the sun tower makes sense its so uh oops oh well so focused on the uh the vertical aspect here Laughter are you on screen then youre not safe oh come on oh oh boy okay oh my man ah here we are ammonite chest i dont know should i care bunk armor or something i have no idea what is up with you but youre gone now okay Laughter no nope thread the needle through the needle yeah im good at that no one told them no one to fold them no sir all right what oh i stopped it too fast okay oh i thought that would be in the hitbox good okay theres a room here sue good ooh for every point of resolve below 100 add additional damn its gonna be a moment before we get that landing creates a small shockwave that destroys mid-sized projectiles and deals 75 damage silent as they come teleports behind you sneaky sneaky sneaky oh my god sneaky sneaky this is this is the uh this is what we needed for this build yeah youre right game oh my god im trying to get try to get the projectile break this is actually like a really fun big chunky berserker style class right now normally i dont love it im i do prefer a more agile thing with like lots of movement and dash capabilities stuff like that but dang man this is funny okay oh nope not good just wanted to get away from this guy i didnt want to kick flip into the spikes felt like a bad idea what are we gonna climb to the top of this thing oh my god i wait spike switch up come on trying to get up sneaky style there we go sneaky that being said what is the uh whats the special thing i gotta do for this oh theres another like you have to jump over this fire for that um im gonna say that this is just its just gonna be best done with a different character like all there is to say that thats just that is a job for somebody else hi you might not be stronger than the estuaries but you have something they dont another chance what is this about Music what oh my god even thats a thread the needle moment ammonite helm is this the uh is this the boss room this is the boss room uh well probably not a good call hi estuary right well um sneaky sneaky oops did not mean to attack there god i wish those counted as medium-sized projectiles okay uh okay yeah thats not gonna thats not the ideal ideal build for that kind of a fight uh that being said im not gonna just pl i ill play it again but im gonna play small version ill play little ronin okay we i mean weve got a lot of stuff here to play with now um could we just do a little bit of hp a little bit of damage a little bit of armor a little bit of hp hp damage armor hp we do have all this stuff to worry about as well its like should i skip up to ammonite though maybe its so heavy but would you look at that though like our weight capacity is actually pretty good we could add it all up plus 10 25 so 35 okay 55 55 okay all right all right yeah we could its not that bad 70 up we only need 20 more weight and we could actually do a full ammonite build the question is what is ammonites like thing uh whats it synergy seems to give a a fair amount of armor take me to funky town cant i cant believe that run i liked it i liked it i liked it yes im a well aware we could go through act one we could farm up get relics uh all that stuff yada yada wait why is our resolve at 96 whats up with that oops please i wish we didnt have to do this room every time we wanted to enter this zone its not that its like particularly that tough its just like oh hi i just dont wanna oh my god i can text attack so blisteringly fast all right whats the plan here hello oh my god what is theres two elites in here theres two elites in here i cant help but notice that was i was really hoping that would kill lets get some loot funk nope didnt even see you there behind the uh ah behind the hell screen you know what good enough for me oh hey me too actually feels like maybe our spells are actually getting really good look good finally like its spells in general are pretty solid but i dont know man theres it theres like a pretty big differential in like in how they are depending on which one oh theres this i didnt even see the saw behind the chest i should i mean i should have assumed that it wasnt going to be free there but like this is nightmarish okay kick flip kick flip everybody wants a kick flip Music oh my god every time i wish it had like a slightly different pizza i mean im not even missing full hp right now but its nice to know that i could like go and get that take a hit on the way and ill still be at full hp uh oh wait this is easy how do you do this one i dont know i feel like i just do too much damage to need my teleport move im like it feels like thats a good way to play if youre like not in tipper range but its just like like maybe we do something like that i guess oh god i find it less easy to control but like its probably the kind of thing when you get the hang of it it probably goes uh very well for you if i would have just immediately attacked and i got that kill that would have been the sickest thing ive ever seen the ronin would be a very cool character to be good at oh boy i like that room this zone is i would say the the difficulty jump of this zone from the last zone is much smaller okay then the one prior maybe im crazy feels that way to me though oh no i want my jump back oh ah you punk oh you cant stand still here cant stand still here oh god all right you gotta get out of here man i dont think i want to fight them whats it worth oh my god oh ill take the i-frames thank you wait what oh you you okay you have to take take it really really methodical oops money keeps like falling falling falling falling oh no smell like this there we go very cool very cool thanks okay i mean ill admit if were just going for style points its pretty cool oh thats a one time marty uh oh come on okay i was like oh whats this gonna be what is the trap gonna be there oops now were doing now were trying not there okay has it pretty a lot like uh who are you oh more persistent hitbox than you would maybe think oh like it stays out for a little bit very good song got 5k to play with uh excuse me oh well thats not good ah you know what lets should we just die here it happens it happens im ready to go ive had a good life ive had a good life what is over there what that really looks like something to me but hello i mean im busy im busy exploring the sites um okay what is with this best thing about is that you get another chance is that supposed is this supposed to be some kind of special secret i doubt it kill me kill me maybe something cool will happen if we die in that room because thats where the npc was i dont know i have no idea should i be the boxer Music no ronin i dont know i kind of i just i like kind of meaning a class for an episode right now i feel like just trying to stick with one for an episode and kind of like get the ins and outs of them so that when we play them later we have a better idea of what to do i like that i like that mentality that idea better so what are we at okay got the leather band on whats the we dont even have the we dont have the ammonite uh whatever the hell that necklace unlocked yet um interesting how much water you need thats five so we could buy like i mean we dont have the stuff to do it right now but we could swap over get another ammonite thing whats this its just passes through walls and applies burn last ticks of burns or skill crits overreaction meat overkill mana cost and spell damage increased by a hundred percent okay Music all right im out one final one final explorer one little mower poke through poke it on through we got sun tower i mean should i should i give a shot to the boss probably not i think we did all right on the boss all things considering considering we were um the size of you know the room and we were supposed to micro dodge oops well stop it micro dodge uh bullets i think that was all right but that was fun that for room clear thats not a bad not a bad combo but yeah ammonite necklace would be nice oh hey i didnt even see you there im out of here oh wait they dont let you teleport out of the room thats actually really nice quality of life maybe im wrong no thats really nice quality of life uh okay its so mean thats so mean man okay just just space it well forehead thats explosive damage man its explosive you just gotta if you do it right if you time it right space it right its not bad oh come on oh come on i wanna come on oh i hate these okay where did that fire come from all right does not go through walls thatd be something just walk into it oh cook the chicken theres still hello you got armor on you hes got hes got armor rude lets get this guy first oh he had that would have been so good he had the i cant die in for a second ability now hes dead oh my god the armor actually really stops us right now ouch man that would have been so cool that would have been so cool all right gotta go all the way all the way around oh man like really all the way around nope even more all the way around is there a room over there to the east nope scoot scoot scoot like you can jump to cancel cancel it its just awkward no jumping no sir yes sir thanks for the meat i keep thinking youre just a projectile thank you thank you very much ah oh the ceiling ones got me the ceiling gummy theres a lot of end lag on the move if you use it on the ground but if you use in the air huh fuse in the air uh that could have been very annoying that why didnt that reset oh it did it just i dont know its more of just a cool looking move than it is like a practically very very strong move its good oh my god but the weird thing is it feels like it makes more sense on an oh my god like a class that attacks slower you know what im saying or sorry faster so like you try and time it more carefully yeah otherwise it just feels like just go for another big big slash right okay im safe here right yeah funk ah we just want to like keep on climbing north if we wanted to go to the boss i dont think i should or would or want to or could okay so theres nothing special about this room really aha 15 days since the rebellion i have not been sleeping recently something bout of insomnia wont seem to end estuary and knock took notice of my ailment and referred me to philosopher noes a so-called specialist i expect him to offer a tincture to help me sleep but all that kook did was give me this journal ailments of the mind come from the mind outrageous mouse believes my insomnia is subconsciously self-inflicted but it came from at my brothers behest so i must continue to fulfill this journal if only to humor the specialist for now oh my god ah you know it would have been good that nope i almost caught up with the fireball like no no no i wanted to hit me please please i insist oh okay you know what you know what sure i dont know the toll must be i dont know i dont know what that is i should i try it probably i probably should have tried it here this this is a relatively harmless time to try it speaking of harmless time to try it were at 40 minutes here might not be a too bad of an idea okay ill tell you what ill ill ill do the whatever boring old normal regular old strategy for a second like ill see if i can find either some chicken or a relic room well thank you i hate how effective it is though because like everything is just so rinky dink here now im literally just gonna look for a relic though because i have um Music an extreme amount uh and by extreme i mean i have 25 extra resolve that i can spend the money we get here is fine like its not its not bad but im here for the relic ill take the money while im here thank you im not gonna oh overstay it though oh thats so mean i like it though i do like it i cant deny oh my god i guess you know oh wait oh yep i was gonna say wait a minute i feel bad about this i dont actually dont feel good about it here we are boom boom okay were at full man i hate how i hate how effective that is it feels funky okay but i know its the game like you know its thats what thats what its about like i dont i hope youre not like intended to uh do a full run every time that feels silly thats where we get the uh help thing oh hi oh that goes through walls it wouldnt be the help the rebels plan is cunning first theyll strike upon the gates but this is the version of out the guards the true battle will happen at the ceremony of the return theyve dug a secret tunnel from the west that leads directly to the ceremony grounds i always knew the ceremony was a dangerous event its why i took every precaution to keep state a secret the only ones who know when it occurs to me in my family estuaries for this rabble to discover that where the ceremony happens is impossible unless theres a traitor a mogus every move i make is from now on from now on must be planned out meticulously i must retreat to my abode via event to contemplate this the tower of lights have hidden a secret door against the far wall between the fifth and sixth lantern i shall retur retreat to it for now one two three four oh theres a wait oh oh god these are not these are kick flip ones its not quite what i was looking for i dont know what wardrobe does screw it how many relics do i have two cool cute cool cool not really that was not worth it not at all not at all not at all uh 20 health or whatever for 12 damage thats a no-go were were gonna die but hey lets lets go uh lets go to hell swinging see if we can learn a pattern here again can you like wait whats happening can i oh i can probably oh you can break those with a weapon oh god oh i can kick flip off that thing in the bottom gotcha oh my god oh this is i have pretty slow attacks for this man i dont know about that uh oh i can kick put those what uh oh nope yeah really slow i i cant wait to come back and do that with a faster attacker obviously the valkyrie i think would be great for that i Music i think i mean the boxer could be fine the the punchback wouldnt be that good uh gunslinger actually could be okay um makeshift explosive could have some use in it archer could be solid normal knight could be solid assassin could be solid uh astromancer could be solid wizard could be basically like i think most classes would actually do all right do better than that than the ronin for right now just because the triangle move has very little it has almost zero offensive application and kind its kind of a little too chunky to use defensively and the main move i cant you cant reliably get the tipper unless you are in the middle in the air which is doable but i i think that thats actually im sure phase two and maybe if theres a phase three will be much scarier but that fight doesnt seem that bad considering we we just got to that zone like just now i that doesnt feel that bad oh probably grab the box i dont know well see well see well see well see um cant get that would we have the resolve for it let me see how much probably dont want to switch off of the warden chest yet though because we lose the unity wait we already have 20 unity so this just gives us more armor its just better right now but were at yeah were at 20. you get the 10 bonus decks ah thats right because the warden sigil gives us uh 10 instead of five right yeah well get a little uh a little something something i dont know man damage and hell stop me if you heard that one before uh were at 49 i feel like lets do a little bit of something here i dont think weve done it with the boxer feels stupid well fine ill take it its a guaranteed 12 damage up nope how many times am i gonna really crit right now Music all right whatever all right whatever all right this is the this is a class that im not super comfortable with still i feel like its a fun idea that i need to get more comfortable with oops i can hit them up like that thats pretty good yeah i dont know maybe maybe im crazy maybe maybe or maybe its just because were stronger now oops oh yeah i mean we want to hit them into each other like that was fine that was 39 seconds we that was the fastest one so thats something i mean i can try twin mechs i dont think its gonna go great but ill give it a go what is this well above 50 health do 20 more sure uh man thats gonna feel real bad when we fall below oh my god Music what thats gonna feel so bad when we fall below Music ill lose 35 health for this because i i want um i want to be able to break the fireballs if in the event that somehow we get to that point which im not counting on so if we if we get above a certain point then we get crits all right i guess im over here now nope not good sir stop sir oh my god thats so mean oh no okay were were still good though were above trying to go for the crits here oh boy oops stupid man superman get this oh stop okay not like this oh okay i do like that i like that i like that need im pretty confident we cant kick them into each other so i feel like it makes more sense to go for the crits oh pain pain pain pain oh my god very tight space here should i try the the ko punch or just feels like the crits are more logical for this specific fight okay wait is one dead ones dead what i win i win i win okay i was expecting a win on that ill take it lets go cool coco cuckoo i dont think we did that on boxer already uh yeah not wildly far away from the next ranking there we got the 200 we want to unlock the next class thats going to take 300 to unlock an alt class um you know what im gonna do im gonna swap our guaranteed class to something else probably what hmm oh duelist would be fun oh its been a while since we played chef and i think the chef will be all right on that fight is it gonna be awesome on that fight no no its not gonna be awesome about that fight at all but the last last thats that thats gonna do it for today for rogue legacy too if youd be sad to see the series go youve got to let me know so comment down below thank you for watching check out the channel for roguelikes and more every single day and i will see you next time bye scott pilgrim the game steam Get a Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam and Support Me at the Same Time (1.0 out on the 28th!): Click Here for the full Playlist of Rogue Legacy 2: Full Release‼ → Click Here for the old Early Access Playlist: Rogue Legacy 2 is what youd get if you mashed Rogue Legacy and a sequel together. 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