Rogue Legacy 2 Developers React to 38 Minute Speedrun

How to steam clean ge ovensteam see version of game ROGUE LEGACY 2 game hes gonna die hes got one hit in him done done died hey folks im kenny lee i am the lead programmer on rogue legacy 2 and we have teddy lee my brother and the lead creative designer on rogue legacy 2. so were watching a speed run and this is interesting because i mean this games still in development its um it just uh its interesting because hes working on a build of the game that it just came out so super impressed that theres already a speed run available um i havent seen any speed runs for rogue legacy to been too busy working on the game so this will be kind of excited to see this we just did a dev reaction oh he got rid of the um slow down so that oh right yeah that makes sense yeah so in the in the options you can actually turn off every time you get hit theres like a slow down effect and yeah you turn that off of the option so it looks like its also hitting the dummy as he goes so he can uh have the mana for the its secret3s hit the magic door or the trick right yeah so if im glad he didnt like immediately glitch out of the game like you did for the roguelikes that makes me feel better this is cool this guys smooth i like how he down struck and then made himself hit the top platform just to speed up the drop a little fast oh man so like with the with the first speedrunner rug legacy one theres lots of rng that sort of worked against the guys favor i wonder if hes gonna have the same problem oh did you get a legal name change no i just want to use a different name so um yeah this latest one we just added ground dashing as a starting ability which right i think is up for you yeah so like even though the game is larger i wonder i dont know if theyre going faster maybe a little too fast you just yeah he attached whoa see i can tell immediately that rogue legacy ii i mean oh thats lucky oh thats super lucky that is super lucky oh hes got both yeah right next to the family this is one thing we changed in rogue legacy 2 where we wanted to make it like more like a metroidvania so now you can go around and find these heirlooms which give you permanent abilities so i didnt have to like uh find the runes and stuff and the enchantress because everybody ended up just using the same kits almost i like how he does that he just dashes its also interesting that you can tell by the game icons that hes playing on oh there thats the uh what he did where he dashes through enemies and then shield blocks to to cancel out the uh animation doesnt cancel out the aerial knockback oh super yeah its super fast especially because you have nothing doesnt look like its easy to pull off though i like how its not too hard with slow down but im guessing its actually super difficult with slow down disabled yeah hes got regular speed oh what yeah but yeah what i was saying earlier is that hes doing the speed running with a keyboard mouse not a gamepad oh yeah youre right oh my gosh dude i mean this is cool no massive exploits hes just uh playing it really really well i wonder if hes gonna bother with that one yeah hes not because im gonna eat my words soon im sure yeah so he just skipped one of the heirlooms thats the one that lets you read memories but i think hed avoid that because he doesnt need to read the memories and i i think the 15 damage bonus that he could get would slow the game down man he hes yeah he caught that boss door like instantly immediately knew what it wasnt thats intentional yeah oh man he is just deleting this guy yeah and hes just like staying as close to him as possible he doesnt care that this guys about to attack so i see theres a lot of comments but if i comment during if i read comments during lamech its like a super fast animation cancel for extra hits oh that is good that was really good oh what just happened he did another shield yeah thats cool hes also making sure that um the mana burn is always topped up oh oh i did it again its so fast i did read the comment section after really saying i shouldnt we wanted more people to be casting spells and it was kind of top heavy where you just like people would only start casting spells after they had like 500 mana um so for this one we made everybody more or less the spell sword because theyre like the best cadence of italian shooting dont you worry about that dont you worry about that well that was a sense of consciousness interesting way easier than its supposed to be yeah i wonder if hes going to do this in one life i dont think so its way too hard itll be way too hard to do it in one life yeah its i think itll be interesting because its a bit of mid-maxing right now that weve reintroduced the architect with the latest oh yeah yeah at least its probably going to be a lot easier for speedrunners to maximize their times have a good relic to get your weapons see but in this one hes not like killing enemies to get gold or anything so that makes me wonder whether he actually plans on theres a huge dying to do that to them that so he is optimizing which heirlooms he wants to get i think the last few are all mandatory right well i guess he could skip double jump but that would make the game so much easier harder right yeah so much harder if he skipped it yeah thats usually how those runs go and theyre theyre either really cool to watch or impossible to watch its all one or the other basically depending on what category and stuff like that or at least thats well for me and a lot of those games they know how to make them enjoyable to watch oh i like that all right oh hes kissing if he falls here hed have to redo the whole sequence oh i like that yeah yeah right into his attack this guy is super slick oh he didnt give me a hand thats so cool i wonder how many times theyve played these heirlooms like do they do these speed runners just keep practicing them maybe i dont know ive ive built that room ive played them 100 times but i dont think ive ever done a full this guys a champ so im assuming hes just going to like yeah hes just going to beeline through this this is a really difficult biome for a lot of people because it puts so much into the platforming but hes clearly mastered that yeah oh i think hes just trying to get the the boss yeah the pizza girl oh uh hmm right the pizza girl i dont think hed go yeah theres no way he can make it to the end point oh thats super lucky oh how did you know yeah so huh theres only one guaranteed uh uh house room thats in the tower or thats in the tower thats in the study oh right he has to be the study in this um update too this was one of the hardest violence for us to make it was super complicated it wasnt skip the pizza girl okay all right this bottom was supposed to be our cheap biome yeah is is originally supposed to be like a uh super cheap uh you have some variety in and it just kept exploding just yeah thats cool i think its its a very unique biome yeah i think i think this this biome has 30 or 30 34 or so unique layouts which is a lot less than a 650 standard spool but um it actually probably built like over 100 rooms just to get the uh procedural generation working yeah it just we just had to keep changing keep changing id like to go back one day and add more just for just increasing variety of it i mean it looks like theres still some challenge though im glad to see that oh yeah if if anything i would want to make it a little easier just because the platforming is like just adding more variety with like a few easier maybe more combat oriented passages rooms right yeah wow this biome is long youre supposed to use a piece of girl to cut it in half but right youre just doing it because there is a teleporter at the end room right the boss yeah so maybe he doesnt need to because he also doesnt have the money for it i dont think so hes just gonna go straight to the boss and use that as a teleporter wow hes totally gonna die in the head this is tight oh he made it oh no he didnt he just did it to flex oh thats why he didnt do it right because hes using it to get his life back because theres a bunch of healing in heirlooms guaranteed to because we really wanted people to beat it on like their first try or a second but im surprised that hes even maybe it gets too difficult without scissors because this one you said you dont necessarily have to get right yeah but the 15 is gonna help a ton for the other bosses right because i think if hes at level one when hes fighting them theyre gonna take like you know 80 hits or something youre talking about reading their memories yeah yeah yeah oh he needs double jump so bad you feel like you know where youre making the mistakes and where you can improve i definitely appreciate those we actually he does a yeah he keeps uh spin kicking during the fight see that spin kick yeah thats something we added in the far shores update were just always trying to make the game feel like smoother im glad people are uh killing them the way they intended to as opposed to just brute forcing them fighting them you approach it but those rooms actually got changed a couple of times after uh it went live just to get people to just to make it more like obvious right and its very valuable all right okay so you think hes going to use this thats why i was like well hes just collecting but now he totally did that so you could open the door and fight the get the skeletal bus bonus oh the skeleton boss bonus right he doesnt need the first boss bonus anymore he just beat the first boss yeah youre right hes going back ive been um so people said this this boss is challenging for them right this boss is challenging because theres two of them that always makes it difficult right yeah and originally we really wanted people to um to emphasize kicking off of them like spin kicking up off the the skeleton bosses but uh something like that that uh complicated is something you i think you just have to explain oh rotation of the projectile as it comes out and he just slips right through it stay in the middle oh oh man and then he does the uh the shield block right this time lets find out thats really good oh oh geez oh hes in between both oh one fireball oh man oh man way better than me games too easy this is nutso its just about to beat the first one there we go so smooth with that steel block dashing this box is usually a big blocker for a lot of people yeah which is why we we made the next buy on the the study uh sequence breakable just so people could like grind in a higher biome well if anybody says hes hard just show him this video all right stretch so for this one hes going to have to go through the area a little bit more right because yeah yeah theyre going to be way higher level get to the boss it looks like he is going to try to do this in one run thats interesting because like i wonder if it would be faster if he died and then used some skill points bring up his strength oh yeah hes totally getting the lilies oh man hes like remember the layout of even the lily rooms oh yeah he cant skip double jump hes got the requirement of all airlines all bosses Music but like because we have we have so many random rooms in this game whoa yeah and he just it feels like hes got them all down past somehow yeah actually we had uh 370 odd rooms in rogue legacy one but you only got from a pool of like 250 um just because of the way our casual generator worked like the other last 100 were super super rare um yeah we have the same similar issue with this one but we use like a way more complicated algorithm so that the the pool of rooms is higher like the pool of frequent rooms is higher i should say theres still some ultra rare rooms but were still trying to were still tweaking it you know oh so lucky theres always the right most room but still trying to figure out how to progress ill tell you speed runners have a great way of showing you how to progress in the game i like that secret we went heavier on the on the the hitboxes were a little bit wonky in the last patch right like it was hard to pull it off bouncing off the water and then oh man yeah yeah yeah who needs sequence breaking he just breaks the stages oh thats good yeah his um utilization of the fireball spell is really really good i just could not figure out how to open it oh man didnt get rid of it we were originally thinking of removing shield bashing because uh he made a previous video where it was just steel dashing everywhere and so we were like oh how are we gonna fix this because we did want the knight to be like the the jack of all trades class and um the shield dash kind of just kind of burned that uh but instead we went for this cooldown which is much much uh uh let us keep the cool next official block dashing now that hes got double jump hes probably going to be manipulating the stages a lot faster oh okay okay no no hes going back so he can uh tell him guessing to the study yeah maybe he will kill himself oh no hes not going to study oh right right right getting the upgrades because the bosses are so much higher than him at this point oh wow hes trying to find the path to where yeah its likely its a little bit of luck to see if he runs into the boss remote does he already have the lilies yeah he does okay no wait i think he only has one i cant see the bar at the bottom no he has the two oh yeah i dont remember going so quickly i think hes trying to get a a weapon thatd be the best one for his feet around getting any type of sword so far though im pretty happy theres been no like blatant just collecting the blood so they dont move yeah oh man its so good actually no with yeah he doesnt he doesnt also waste his mana on the fireball he just makes sure because you cant you cant stack the metabolism yeah he does okay okay thats just to speed it up because he doesnt want to downstrike fall and then kick through yeah yeah so this is a very different take from the rogue legacy one yeah yeah these are more um i had more motifs to them we went really safe with this boss in terms of like her aggression we actually bumped it up a little bit just because shes so platform heavy right and we didnt want her to become like this uh super blocker for people who are just like having too much trouble with the platforming in this game is fairly aggressive to me she got bumped up a little bit but shes still like a lot less than uh like lomic right i wonder if hes even gonna bother using the architect i think its a singer oh is he gonna stay on this platform no no thatd man he never lands hes just always in the air so one thing we did change from oh he didnt do it that wasnt a wow theres a reason it took like i have um if you combine my time with the first rogue legacy i have over 300 hours in this between the two oh i just noticed his his used key is up yeah he definitely never plays like the valkyrie or anything because his control will be totally broken no i mean oh yeah i guess yeah and the up button is actually vanilla more traditional legacy one with roguelikes you might have to press up rather than interact button so maybe hes just uh another thing we changed from rogue two to rogue one is that um in rogue one the bosses hit like a truck and didnt have too much hp um but for row two we went the opposite and gave the boss a lot more hp but actually hit sometimes they hit for less than a standard enemy that was just to like uh put more into the actual learning experience yeah whereas in rogue one a lot of people would be like oh i can just kind of burn it down and stand there if i if i raise my stats enough which you can still do in rogue legacy too yeah you can still do it but itd be acquire a lot more more stats right because right oh boy whats this guy doing oh hes trying to find the entrance to the study right yeah yeah he has to beat hes already beaten the other two yeah so the slightly difference i can tell you ran into that dodge is everything but that um but the study like because the study only came out as of the this recording a couple weeks ago like theres no problem in like one week um like three weeks i think at this point oh really thats not much time to practice this biome so im im curious to know how if you if you will be as proficient with this biome and this boss as he was with all the other bosses that we just saw oh so thats so lucky right at the start man that also gives him the hp back oh yeah the extension yeah and goes much faster uh yeah go through this much faster i love this ability this one is super fun so uh for the people who havent played it uh the disability lets you hold that and you can increase the distance i believe by uh like 175 im not sure about this so extends it by yeah three quarters yeah i believe so but that on top of the fact that hes got the echo zero where dash is reset when you down kick this just like completely explodes yeah anymore i like that he just like he throws a fireball and he just walks away oh thats so good that was super fast youre supposed to dash forwards and back in that previous room but he just completely thank you i dont remember that zombie um hes like two centimeters from the water line this is a very yeah this is a very different take from the other from the robo legacy one reacts like that one was more like whats going on how do you do that this one is more just admiring this guys skill yeah i like that oh man yeah looking just so confident that sounds good lets find a teleport always appears at the top so the fact that hes not be lying to it means hes trying to find that that fifteen percent oh no hes gotta fight yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i completely forgot he got so a lot of fun before he can get to the final boss of this biome he has to fight yes well first he has to find and then he has to fight two additional sort of sub bosses that paved the way to the final boss so hes looking for those rooms now oh hes almost tempted oh thats good which one does this do uh ten percent richness yeah its flat so it it actually scales really well but hes got hes got so much oh look at that just oh thats cool so maybe they dont know because its been so oh no he found it oh yeah yeah yeah we have weve made it for like six times theres so many ways yeah so many ways to explain it and it just at first were like oh yeah its fine people exploit it but then the amount of people who are like oh this is so buggy and i i cant say so were just like okay no we need people to actually know how to do it properly so we kind of this guys so good yeah so one of the sub bosses uh predominantly spawns to the left right no yeah always to the farthest left most room the other one though is called uh so but the fact that like because like i see on the map i actually think he just missed the other bathroom did this plot in the map which would fit perfectly oh no he actually he does know like youre right he passed all those rooms and went to the left so he knows yeah yeah i think he thought what the nikkei nikkis going for the other room hes gonna die hes got one hit in him die die die awesome oh he found him okay easier and i think he can get health possibly off of a lot of the props oh whats going on oh no he died he landed on a platform and dash jet he got spikes in his head oh man he killed so few enemies in that thats pretty cool all right but it wont kill a bunch of bosses oh what do you think i didnt i wasnt looking a barbarian i guess oh yeah it doesnt matter actually hes just gonna unlock whatever class he wants do you think hes gonna be lined for a class yeah im going to guess a barbarian oh wait here we go he didnt oh he passed up on it yeah passing up on all of them oh he just wants to stay as a knight oh is he is he just trying to get the damage up yeah yeah and then of course he needs the architect yeah he only put one point into damage up oh its because he wants to make sure he can buy the blueprints first yeah yeah you just want to absolutely make sure he didnt yeah yeah one thing we do want to change is that um it was the same problem that you saw in rogue legacy one which is all the speed runners end up playing as a knight uh i want to try and fix that for this one to get less people to kind of be the class that they want to be but legacy the speed runner was a shinobi oh yeah yeah but youre still doing 90 of it other night right but like weve got so many classes and theres like more coming out that itd be like such a shame yeah relegated to the to the night class although the night is like super open all of the class kits we just like amped to 11. oh man he got here before this youre not supposed to be able to do that okay so thats a bug that that big bright right right already yeah man super lucky on the on the on the on the wind wall yeah yeah but still hes using it like perfectly man he just casted 100 of the time because obviously this is super super static i was getting such low level gear just because oh yeah you do that like the cutscenes kick in right oh hes just skipping all the cut oh man im surprised that the game doesnt like freak out i i actually did not account for that so um the fact that it works is were leaving hes gonna corner stick these guys i know about this one oh no he cant only the barbarian can okay because he doesnt have a strong enough knockout oh no he does dude though okay no no no that was just for that yeah yeah okay this doesnt have a strong enough knockback either like theyre theyre getting lifted but too little right man hes gonna see spells yeah such tight corridors this boss was actually i think i thought this guy was easier than uh than the murmur personally yeah theyre low theyre lower level than memory i believe they take way more hits though yeah yeah murmur has a very few hp because we didnt want him like when once you reach him hitting right for like a minute yeah we just want it to be kind of short like you got to mom is he going to press start and go to the menu after he opens the chest at least its going to be leather oh no when the save file triggers yeah and when it actually updates your save oh so you can tell by the speed run that this is faster than his previous one right because he said you know oh yeah wow hes actually destroying it so im wondering if that death that he had actually helped speed things up for him maybe i dont know but it also relates to block to uh i like that thats really good yeah that that move specifically itd be one of the players that oh man thats hes destroying it with his ability wow this is a fun boss to watch what was hes actually not doing anymore oh thats cool let him dodge out all of the the attacks that are coming his way can he no its good oh and then he does a freaking shield dash through that all at once thats really good id actually say yeah this looks like i feel like he beats this boss a lot faster than the other bosses because he did um have the opportunity to bring him to strength also um the fact that when he did die he was able to to his navigate skill tree to go to the exact skills that he wanted leads me to believe that he uh like maybe dying is part of the plan or it is like theres like a contingency if you do die like if you do die then this is what you would do um to sort of mitigate any of those losses go bring up your strengths as high as possible thats cool and now its over the second load this bus took this boss was expensive to make what was it yeah not this boss but the spot in its entirety was all oh yeah hes more likely yeah this guys this guys tough to beat quickly because hes so hes very very good running around a lot yeah um oh thats yeah i like that timing for the poison coins man hes using this wind ball like so well its insane can you can you win the ball those uh potions yeah yeah yeah i like he shoots it upward because when the enemy runs into it i think itll deal more because if its away from him that actually the community was like oh i wish fellow were more flexible right in general and were like yeah you know what that makes way sense and then we just re-hold like all of the spells oh i dont think hed actually because they would probably explode yeah like that it wouldnt actually help them yeah thats really good of him he keeps doing it and matching the dps so well i like i wonder did he purposefully choose this class because of the wall like im wondering yeah hes totally going to take the barbarian the barbarian dps which is so high but yeah i think the utility actually but like because like the spells that hes used hes used really really well very very proficient with these spells i wonder if some of the spells right dont get for speed runs because they deal a lot yeah that was cool i didnt drop him oh wait no right that was good that was good very cool this guy was yeah this guy is a roguelike isnt sure well that was fun to watch um im glad there wasnt any major major exploits but uh yeah it was uh hes really really good yeah super good actually i also like that it took 38 minutes and not you know well well thanks everybody for watching yeah and if you havent played it uh its only 30 minutes no no no its actually super hard thanks you how to locate installed games on steam Ride along with Teddy Lee (Game Designer) and Kenny Lee (Lead Programmer) from Cellar Door Games as they watch and react to a 17 minute speedrun of their game Rogue Legacy 2 by PatientTadpole.Check out more from speedrunner PatientTadpole here: Rogue Legacy 2 is developed by Cellar Door Games and released in August 2020 in Early Access. It is a direct sequel to 2013s Rogue Legacy, and is currently only available for PC. #IGN #Gaming #Speedruns steam siege elite trainer box upcoming survival games steam how to microwave steam broccoli ps3 games steam steam boilers for sale