Use controller with none steam gamegog games on steam ROGUE LEGACY 2 gameplay hello everyone palliative here welcome back to rogue legacy 2. it is great to have you here this wonderful game is something that we have been covering through its early access time throughout its entirety we were here at the very beginning i have a couple hundred hours in this game already this is our old profile where we were progressing through new game plus four and seeing what the late game had to offer but i sent out a poll a few days ago and you guys voted with the majority of starting a new legacy for the full release of the game uh the game is on sale on steam its like 20 off i think until the ninth of this month that was not sponsored i just love this game i love the developers and i want to help it out any way i can so lets start a new legacy shall we the time has passed and they have not returned the estuaries have decayed the kingdom demands deliverance sign the contracts and your children shall succeed you were gonna be spending a lot of time there boys once you cast off there is no turning back so lets assume youve never seen this game before and youre stumbling across my channel for the first time rogue legacy 2 is a rogue light where you earn money inside of a big castle by defeating enemies and going up some against some pretty strong bosses you then take that money and actually build a castle for your family to live in and every time you add on to the castle your family line gets bonuses so were playing as sir sean the first our very first character sir sean now sir sean will die but then someone else in our family line can take up the reins to push on forward we do have a lot of time in this game as i mentioned and uh we oh i i played too much holidays i forgot okay hold on we just have to do an aerial recovery were good to go i wanted to make this uh playthrough as informational as possible as informative as possible so im gonna try to give as many tips and tricks throughout our romp through the castle as i possibly can and i do intend on going into the new game pluses yet again to see what the late game has to offer a lot of those challenges that we were unlocking for specific zones have been expanded upon and it should be very interesting to fool clear in the later stages of the game but for now were just walking through the tutorial weve done this a dozen times at least we know how to do it and we just have to show that we know the basics of the game now something to keep an eye for these trick walls they can be hidden all over the place use the spell of your class ability itll knock that wall away and you can explore some hidden areas this long fall can only mean one thing our first run is beginning all right so i am planning on going on vacation soon uh we um wanted to treat hollys mom to a nice vacation so were gonna be heading out for mothers day were going to take a whole week off and its going to be great but i will do my best to keep these videos scheduled while we are gone if we miss a few days my apologies but if you are enjoying our rogue legacy coverage and you want to see more please be sure to hit the thumbs up button it helps us out a ton over here and we stumble across our first bit of lore lets give it a read letter is old but carefully preserved jay the rumors are true the golden doors are real and i found them the doors will only open when all of the estuaries have gathered together theyre referring to the final boss of the game which up until the full release was not available i know it sounds crazy but i have a plan to save everyone but i cant do it myself i need your help and some people that i can trust signed z so lets take a look at the map so far we have gone through the beginning room into the next hallway and up through that secret area everywhere we go is tracked on the map oh i dont have my dash yet thats weird too every everywhere we go is tracked on the map and we can see little icons indicating what might be inside of a room for instance that question mark means its a lower room or a room that holds a secret and this room had a chest icon on it that was illuminated that means theres a chest that i had not looted same thing in this zone so we know that this is going to be a high value room for us to spend some time in we do have a fire spell that were firing off at enemies and notice im missing a little bit of hp now thats because we just took some damage easiest way for us to return hp to ourselves is by finding chicken on the ground in the very early game healing is super limited and hard to come by but as you progress through the game there become uh significantly more ways to actually restore your health bar so keep that in mind if youre just jumping in this silver chest is very likely to house a blueprint or an enchanters rune that we can use for upgrades along our entire family line these are the big ticket items to really help customize your characters moving forward in the castle in our first silver chest oh just gold i wonder if its because i dont have those services unlocked yet well its still quite a lot of gold now we stumbled across a challenge room defeat all enemies and we will receive a fairy chest lets give it a go we start with some starfish right next to us by taking those down we kind of cleared out a little foothold for us we see a dagger on the far side of the room we do nail it with our fireball spell notice we have a uh just a regular attack as well as a block ability because were playing as a knight and a fireball our characters get rolled with random oh forgot i didnt have my dash our characters get rolled with random spells until you unlock the capability of locking those down in the future so we actually lucked out fireballs really good i think you might always start the game with fireball though as we damage enemies we are going to be getting some mana back man thats actually a hard part of the room for me to enter at the moment uh lets see how it goes beautiful i still got it uh we did take a break from rogue legacy to try out hollow knight and while the games are similar some of the the nuance of a hollow knight seems to be lingering were gonna have to shake off the rust a little bit this is a capacity room that youve gotta need a need to read this increases our characters maximum mana capacity but we first need to unlock the actual npc like the shop owner to give that to our character so thats a great item not something ive typically run a lot in the past having good mana is certainly good depending on the character that youre playing hey nice spike kill there but i typically run physical damage characters a lot in this game so having increased mana pool is kind of a hit or miss depending on what youre actually playing what we strive to do a lot when we play through this game is go for full clears of an area and then try to take down a boss at the end of it you certainly dont have to play like that but it feels good to watch your progress through a level slowly unfold as you crawl from room to room just take them down everybody a little bit of chicken gives us some hp back some eyeballs right above our door our shooting projectiles down still that fireball unfortunately misses but we can push back in and take down that dagger ive gotten so many people reaching out on twitch or reaching out on twitter over the past few days uh the game came out a couple days ago i was just feeling under the weather so we didnt pick it up right away uh saying that they thought they were prepared for the experience to play this game because they watched all of our early access footage but then picked up the game and found out how hard it was i mean that was exactly how i felt when i started too once you learn the enemy patterns though things do get much much much more manageable but its cool to hear everyone actually picking up the gaming experience again its such a such a fun time we have an exit up top that we could take just a quick reset of the room because i wanted to fire off that fireball to kill that enemy before he attacked me thats one of the cheesy little mechanics you could try to do for some benefit there is a chest at the top of this room but once i jump off of these platforms they disappear but an easy little bit of platforming and were good destroy all targets open me i dont think ill be able to do this on a paladin uh no no destroyed all targets but was not able to get up to the chest in time maybe there was a way there uh but i certainly didnt see it now we can actually block damage i havent shown that off yet wow its really hard to navigate here without the dash i havent showed that off yet but um if we do block and attack at the perfect time we get a guaranteed critical hit on this character which can be pretty strong here we go so what we actually found here and just beneath us are zone lines you see this red line that means we would be entering an entirely different section of the castle normally you progress from left to right and then diverge off into other areas but this is axis mundy and notice the risk level here is a little bit higher this is probably not a place i want to hang out for too long but these chests at the start have a chance of giving us a little bit of food and considering were at half of our hp right now a little bit of food can go a long way im just gonna have to no we dont have to double back that far i thought it was gonna be moving back quite a lot we do have some rooms that we could check out i guess what im missing is the ariel dash because we still have the dash on the ground its always so hard in this game every time we reroll a new profile relearning the basic mechanics rather than the advanced mechanics always takes me a second oh this is a great room and one that you will find relatively often inside of the castle especially depending on the area that youre in the right apple allows us to sacrifice some of our total our current hp to increase our maximum hp so we have a maximum hp of 250 right now if we eat this that goes up by 38 or we could choose to heal and get 75 hp back bringing us back up to full health or at least a little bit closer to it those can save runs those are huge oh this is looking kind of complicated wait a minute i cant do this this isnt doable im gonna have to leave this for now thats kind of unfortunate however we do have a secret here this is a big deal oh who has stumbled into my abode sweet child has thou lost thine way i am an enki of the shah i am an heirloom an item of immeasurable power and i can grant my strength through those deemed worthy those who seek me are hardened powerful warriors but dear child that was start soft and budgie oh very pudgy inside me lies the power of momentum conquer my challenge and my power shall thy claim but i will be a child the dangers arent real and the consequences severe i would like to take on the heirloom challenge heirloom challenges are permanent upgrades for your entire account if you can complete the challenge once you do a challenge it will no longer exist you cant do them multiple times but the upgrade that they give the upgrades rather that they give are usually worth a little bit of dedication to figuring it out ive done this one a bunch so i think well be able to get through it no problem but this is the challenge that gives us that dash that ive been talking about where we can jump in the air and then dash to the side its a huge increase to our mobility and something im very interested in having and once we unlock this we can actually go back to that puzzle that we just skipped right outside this and try to complete that the only way to outrun that fire is by dashing to the right theyre making sure you understand the mechanic these eyeballs above us and any creature that has blue projectiles that projectile color signifies that their projectile will go through a wall and travel towards you okay then now these little complicated were gonna have to do a dash and then jump downward attack and downward attack while were in the air or i guess you could just press left bumper itll get a difference from uh hollow knight okay making our way to the right well be able to stay off the ground no problem this is perfect i believe were almost at the end the hard parts already over if you made it through the combat gauntlet youre gonna be golden we will see where this teleport takes this quick dash to the right into a downward attack gets us on top of the platform were going to repeat that again over here now all we have to do is get to the bottom if you hold down on the right stick you can scout out the area underneath you before you leave making that much much easier to accomplish you know if were doing well and it looks like we are we might be able to get the other heirloom in this part of the castle as well congratulations sweet child thou hast proven thine self-worthy now come and claim that inheritance the power of momentum and let our souls bind together so every character we bring into the castle from this point forward well be able to use the ariel dash which is wonderful were also healed up quite a lot in hindsight i guess i should have taken that chicken that i skipped in there we would have been at full health so lets start breaking through this so we could use our newly acquired dash to avoid the spikes in this area and make our way right over to the chest of course that chest barely had anything in it thats just my luck of course but we can now continue to the left inside of this castle to see where it might take us oof that hurt we have stumbled across the boss room oh okay thats actually looking pretty scary that might be the hardest room weve seen so far that room had elise in it that did quite a lot of damage weve also stumbled across a challenge room and yet another zone line above us oh its not quite a full clear yet though lets poke around a little bit more we have another heirloom challenge this will heal me back up to full hp so i want to give this a shot if we can boy oh boy look what i have here another soul has come to roost youre seeking my power right well let me tell you something kiddo i see all beyond lies beyond ego and beyond time i see the apex of emotion where truth is laid bare and you know what i see when i look at you i see a scared little soul whos not coming out with snot coming at your nose and poop coming out your butt kiddo if youre this ugly on the outside whats it look like on the inside oh interesting how many people you got in there kiddo i dont know what game youre playing but i wont stop you from taking my challenge this might be fun a word of advice kiddo i have the power of empathy use it to pass the trials listen to those who have fallen before you learn from their failures and maybe just maybe youll have a fighting chance thats kind of fun doing all this at level one on our first run i cant remember if we actually did that previously or not so this is teaching you about the power of empathy this allows us to interact with these small orbs that youll find throughout the castle to give you a little bit more insight into potential secrets uh or just some background lore for an area if we talk to this one it says lost again every path i have taken has been wrong all right demetrius calm down remember the lesson your elders taught you he who gives you only two choices always hides a third and what are they referencing well if we drop down on the left side were gonna die if we drop down on the right side were gonna die if we drop down in the middle were gonna be fine i ive always liked that puzzle i dont know why when i first got to it i was like what the heck but down here for hours not sure what to do obstacles are just hidden opportunities what did the elders mean can i use these spinning chains to my advantage im too scared to try well if you have no fear then all you have to do is a jump l b and you can pop off these spikes that would normally damage you we can use them to reach higher places and scale up this castle in ways that we didnt know we could before now this parts pretty intimidating just leave in yourself and youll get to the top no problem a little bit of damage but thats all right maybe we can break that light to get a little bit of healing not lucky enough for that but we can use our new dash to get through now heres a very important lesson theres a nightmare ahead the elders said they have a powerful nihilistic thoughts that have grown and festered violence begets violence if i attack or cast a spell anywhere nearby it will wake up and retaliate stay calm and they wont attack theyre referring to these red orbs inside of these red circles if you disturb their area with violence they will attack with violence but i need to attack to open the door so we need to make sure that when we attack we move out of the way very abruptly this gets a little harder because we have to jump and we have to do this but luckily theyre in two different orbs now unluckily were going to be attacked from two different directions here so im thinking oh we could do the block we could do the black here we go hey perfectly protected using our night ability thats going to go on a small cool down oh this is the new message im sorry i didnt mean to skip it one could accomplish with kindness what one cannot by force if you reach the nightmare ahead of me perhaps i can calm it down all we have to do is whisper sweet nothings into this things ear like its okay buddy youll be fine and they go right to sleep like nothings wrong but you cant always reach those orbs so being ready to run the right direction is very important now we get to do this in combat my general strategy is control one side of the room let that guy hang out over there these will eventually reactivate and win they do just put them back to sleep this one is a little different because we cant actually activate it but they give us other solutions for taking down these enemies we dont have to attack here we could simply remove the platform underneath everything oh attacked there on accident all regretted that to get them all taken down without us having to lift a finger and its that cheeky little workaround that ive always loved if you know how to manipulate the environment then all of a sudden the challenge that weve been presented is much much easier one night holding down the ground here we get behind him and stab him in the back ax is spawning in lets see if we can fireball these we do miss with the first one red eye is coming back online lets dash above him were totally good oh and a fireball missing again but i do believe we have completed both heirloom challenges in the very same video congrats kiddo you proved that you can listen and learn thatll take you far remember people may lie but emotions always tell the truth oh and uh one more thing kiddo sometimes it pays to find an emotional connection with your enemy i know who youll be tussling with you should know too enough chatter for one day come on kiddo revive my power of empathy and lets take this show on the road hey selador if you ever want to voice these i am available Laughter and more than happy to read the memories and calm the nightmares we now have the ability to do that now if oh hello friend did i miss you at the other place another bearer of asceps tome word of caution traveler be mindful of what you learn the truth can be misleading thats ominous youll notice that guy pop up in a few areas in the castle usually to give you a warning uh outside the boss room we do have two chests one of them being silver and giving us the leather trinket a beautiful piece of weathered leather and also giving us some crafting materials so far on this run weve managed to accumulate 1238 dollars while seeing just about every area of the castle we didnt miss a room there well its so funny how small this area is compared to what we were doing on new game plus they made some areas where uh or some modifiers that you can put in after new game plus you might even be able to do it before new game plus where you can significantly change characteristics of the castle and one of the ones we had was just making the floors massive like way bigger we have an insight that we can uncover how many years has it been since we first came down here 50 years a hundred a thousand my patience is at its end these scholars they jump from one fancy to the next like theyre the belle of the ball just singing and dancing and never finishing anything that theyve started theyve taken our gifts of life and abused it this laxatical behavior must be brought to an end they must be punished only through pain can we drive discovery ive brought this up before but the others never agree with me they never do ill bring it up once more at the next meeting but this time it will be different i can feel it everyones patience has a limit and something tells me the 13th time may be the charm its a little bit of lore about what the first boss and what he may have been up to okay another apple room thats really good especially considering we never use the other apple room either were seeing a new kind of projectile this is off a elite enemy and theres a new icon that i dont recognize there what is this what is this time thing well let me see if i can get up there and do some damage oh they actually phased out they became immune to damage and theyre firing off seekers like crazy that was really cool thats one of the new elite fxs thats awesome those are always my favorite challenges to overcome because sometimes youll enter a room and all of a sudden theres one enemy thats making everyone else immune to damage or something and it kind of becomes like a puzzle on how am i gonna actually clear this out well i guess i shouldnt have made fun of the own size because this is quite expensive now this looks fairly easy to get by just break our way through some doors and a chest wait for us awaits for us at the end our health is looking really good we might want to consider one of those apples to actually increase our maximum hp there are some talents in the skill tree once we start building up our castle that allow you to heal when you enter boss rooms those dont sound too great until you start actually full clearing areas and pushing in on really hard bosses then all of a sudden if a zone is kicking your butt on the way in all of a sudden that didnt matter and you just heal back up but we dont have that and i need to be mindful of that because im very used to that play style whoa two chests in there daggers on every side there were walls so i think were protected from most of these oh the bottom ones did get in but thats okay fireball on that wall fireball on the other that clears out most of the daggers we did take a little bit of damage though and these spear knights were totally crowd controlled and juggled into the corner uh should have blocked when those guys came up to stab my feet i will admit my knight appears to be very rusty because i dont even think about the block uh checking above we have another enemy that we might be able to beat up through the wall thatll go over my head anything at above eye level were totally safe from i have a little bit of mana oh that actually hit all three of them cleared out the smaller projectiles above okay here we go lets get above him perfect he actually died from that attack i was expecting to have to bob and weave a little bit more there but this clears looking pretty good we do have kind of an anomaly with our layout because this door here where the chest with the wings is normally is at the southernmost part of the zone thats one thing youll start to pick up on as you play through more hey speaking of my block we just got it back and got some huge value of it we finally used it and we were able to push through those enemies no problem with it uh this is just seeing if you are paying attention to the dash and of course we were we went through a whole tutorial on it one more door to our left and it looks like one above us as well hey bud youre just kind of over there on an island how you doing they taking care of you over there come on over little axe we were just waiting for him to get in range so i can get some easy hits were gonna pogo off his head hopefully avoiding that sword no problem there spear knight cannot get off of that platform so well use our height advantage or their height to our advantage rather and it appears we have an elite mage in the corner not only sending those massive blue fireballs towards us but also spawning seekers of their own a couple quick fireballs might open up a bit of space but hey he had the same idea with that barrage one more swinging we got him perfect unfortunately that all landed on spikes so thats where its gonna stay a chest on the fly left were able to scoop up 168 hp is getting a little scary now if i time that block perfectly we actually deal critical damage in oh in a radius around us lets get a little sloppy here im a little scared a little scared i cant really jump if i do i have no way of getting back to this platform so we just need to commit there we go and a chest up above us all right so we have two heels lined up if we need them and i think we do man it would really feel good to kill the first boss our first try in our first video back at level one bro that would feel pretty good 2468 gold right now feels like a good amount i bet well be able to buy a lot of upgrades with this okay its all back were good perfect and in the last room we find one of our final secrets of this area notice that its green with an exclamation point this is the room of lights and if you know where to look there might be a secret door waiting here for you and by might i mean there will be in early iterations of the game this was a godsend room to find because these areas used to spawn chicken thats no longer the case these are just lower rooms now scribbles lines and question marks cover the page nothing intelligible lets check the next room as we climb this tower were going to have to utilize some of those techniques that we learned inside of the heirloom challenges breakables never drop items so that room didnt have anything for us what about the room at the very top well if we break through the floor we see our old friend again welcome traveler not many people know this spot not many should everyone deserves a place to be themselves even an estuary the ceremony of return draws near and i have yet to act on this rebellion if i invaded the village i could crush them before it even started but that would only be a temporary solution and attacking now would reveal my hand i can stop the rebellion but i will never discover which of the estuaries is on their side theres only one solution to this conundrum i shall let the ceremony continue as planned during the chaos the traitor will reveal themselves to me i know it i have a secret set of guards ready to double the security of the gates at the last possible moment the peasants will be decimated on the bridge as for the rebels that ambush us during the ceremony i will take care of that no tricks no treachery i will show the people the true difference between a serf and a lord i will cut them down one by one and forever crush their morale this is the only solution let them come now for reading this we get a 15 damage bonus increase to the boss increasing our odds of being successful here now the room of lights can be fickle sometimes the room of life giveth oh and it looks like today is not one of those days but we are looking at a full clear of the starting castle and uh im gonna make my way back into the box and well give that a go oh and um excuse me we havent actually full cleared yet we had this cluster of a room above us uh so it looks like the guy on the left he has the symbol of being protected from the first four sources of damage the guy on the right has that new symbol where it looks like hes going to go in timeout if he takes too much damage daggers can be very deadly but elite daggers even more so this one at the top left is capable of being burst down now that his protective shield is gone we find some chicken on the ground he dashes towards us every time he dashes hes gonna come with uh some electrical projectiles as well oh this is the timeout oh that is so stressful actually but that symbol went away after that effect happened so thats not something that can happen repeatedly it looked like interesting well this is the door for the first bus the throne room doors are currently sealed well in order to open them you are going to need to conquer the heirlooms that we took a look at in this video dash aerial uh downward attack dash downward attack on these light posts will open the door and now we can enter team its been a pleasure clearing through the castle for you please wish me luck by hitting the thumbs up button i want to get a kill first time but that is a strong ask i dont know if i have the strength to do it but if we dont someone else in our family line will we have a dash forward by lamech as he goes around us this spin can only mean one thing now we need to block that damage as its coming down same thing here except my block is on cooldown luckily we know where the safe place is hes dashing above us we get to the other side okay heres the spin we can absorb this perfect kamehameha thats a new effect that looks great hey i should actually be spending my mana a little bit more those dagger throws always come in threes so we know to be low for one high for the second and then low for the bottom you spinning again lets get in here close deflect that deal critical damage that was a little sketchy i think my night block gave us a few immunity frames there and weve hit phase two first try look at that this parts usually pretty sketchy went for the block there didnt actually get it we need to be on the other side thats okay were fine dude were fine lets keep up the fire here make sure we dont overdo it though we want that full duration to actually last this is the spell barrage just find the safe spots were good to go bro i think were getting a kill block oh wasnt that good were still out of the way though jump down jump another fireball oh bro bro we got it black good damage im  __  i could take like one more maybe two hits but i dont think we need to i think were good i think were good wheres it and what do you know first boss down full clear in the first video i wish i had an air horn sound effect note to self invest in air horn sound effect well for defeating the boss we get to claim his riches which for us right now is probably only going to be a few scraps of gold thats a weird feeling oh we got an achievement they added in steam achievements good good good good good and with that the first of the estuaries does fall thank you for putting estuary lamech to rest regardless of what hes done he deserved a warriors death well thank you for your insight my dude we have a little tradition around here when we have a incredibly successful run like this we could continue to push on into the next zone however i feel great about what weve done and i am going to retire sir sean he had a great run may his name echo down in the comments please sing his praises for he deserves it like no one else that weve seen in this run he may retire instead of dying a warriors death after you run you get to see every room that you cleared and also every enemy that youve killed i didnt mean to skip that we didnt quite have enough to fill up the page but an excellent showing for our first run now we get to pick our next air and uh spelunkers really good lets do that that sounds excellent you may have noticed that we only had knights to choose from well we can change that very easily for 50 gold we can lay down the foundations of our castle that we will be building through the rest of this series this is the gameplay loop you go into the castle you beat up a bunch of stuff you leave the castle and you spend the money that you made we are going to buy health care for everyone welcome all your kingdom has granted its people access to health care services and amenities nice uh certain traits now give gold bonuses this means if you get a difficult trait to play through the game with youll usually accumulate more money on a run that risk versus reward balance can be really fun i see a new class in our future this will be the ranger bows for foes fletch foes from afar and rain down pain with an assortment of arrows rangers are so incredibly good and we will be showing off the ranger class in the next episode in the meantime lets make sure we hire our blacksmith friend so he can build out some gear our enchanted friends so she can use some of those new rooms that we picked up and we want to make sure that we buy all of these dummies as well now notice every time we purchase something we unlock different traits somewhere else as i buy into this extra hp here notice three more classes potentially become available the barbarian the mage and the valkyrie all of them excellent classes but im gonna dump the rest of our money in to just flat health for now and were going to be jumping in with the ranger in our next episode we still have some more money to spend though so how else do we want to spend it well while we were on that run we did find a spelunker amulet so lets go ahead and try to purchase that this guys just telling you that he can make blueprints work which is great we have a leather helm that we can purchase that could be a nice buy for 250 gold we gain a little more vitality increasing our maximum hp the leather trinket the leather band is going to give us some armor armor is very valuable so lets make sure we pick that up and it looks like that will likely do it for todays episode thank you guys so much for being here im so excited that this game has finally fully released and i cannot wait to show you a little more of it check back again tomorrow morning for another episode and ill see you guys next time Music how does borrowing steam games work Become a Member ► Twitch Streams ► Twitter ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rogue Legacy 2 is back and has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. 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