Rogue Legacy 2 Nintendo Switch Review!

Best cheap steam gameslaunch steam game in windowed mode ROGUE LEGACY 2 gameplay Music for many Rogue Legacy was a bridge too far in a town filled with Bridges mostly constructed with roguelites it was just seen as one more on the Nintendo switch and went largely ignored by many behind the scenes Ive been playing it and developer Cellar Door games have done far more than simply produce another roguelite and even if like me youre feeling the burn of one too many of this genre Rogue Legacy might have something to offer you and you may like me find yourself entirely addicted is Rogue Legacy 2 from Royal lineage or a disgrace to the family well lets find out Music as far as story well you have to piece this together through your runs a King Kane eats an apple from the Tree of Life from that he gets immortality and then he tells two priests to transfuse the soul of his dead brother Abel into a child thus granting that family the same Soul which passes down generation to generation you could play through most of the game and not fully understand the narrative but theres an excellent subreddit for this Ill pop a link to it in the description as theres a really handy overview foreign as with the first game youll play as a new member of this lineage and youll be able to choose from one of three different options theyll have unique names statistics as well as a class and Rogue Legacy expands on the class system quite dramatically starting out with simplistic Warriors youll soon unlock dragon Lancers bards and even the awesome Gunslinger every single class in the game has special abilities youll have your main attack as well as two others usually one of these will have a cooldown and the other will be tied to your Mana pool now Rogue Legacy 2 describes itself as having metroidvania elements and in that regard it has similarities to dead sales for example youll start out each run in the same castle however the layout in different rooms will be changed you can through a character back at the main base lock the map so it doesnt change but just as with dead cells its split through several biomes the change here though is that you dont have to progress through these in any particular order and you can return to ones youve previously visited in that regard its much more open with a traditional metroidvania style map there are teleporters which lead to different areas within each stage or indeed back and forth between the different biomes and you can pay some of your gold to permanently unlock these this gives a sense of persistence to each run which is really important for reducing any potential frustration there are whats known as heirlooms you have to complete a little trial which are essentially challenges which unlock new abilities with some of the biomes requiring you to have these prerequisites before youll be able to Traverse them with a good early example being the ability to bounce off of these high enough that you can reach the next areas while another unlocks the ability to dash after a jump as you struggle to stay alive and collect gold coins youll come across relics with there usually being the choice between two and you have to try them out before you know exactly what they do much like Classics like The Binding of Isaac there are hundreds of different monsters trying to put an end to your fan and with such a variety of classes strangely death became something I almost looked forward to I wanted to see exactly what Id be able to unlock next and how you do this well its all through that collected gold youll invest that into building up your Castle theres so much to upgrade and everything feels like it actually does something whether its increasing your health or unlocking a brand new class of which there are 15 but the lineage system means that no two of the same class will ever be identical theyll have unique traits such as dwarfism youll start out really small at the beginning of a run which makes it much easier to avoid attacks but your health may be lower now the castle system is very clever not only does it give a persistence to the runs but it adds new ways to modify your play as youll unlock certain shops which you can then access on your way out to your next run you may have found a sword which can then be purchased and equipped or some new armor and thats just really the tip of the iceberg and its where I come back to what I said at the start not all roguelites are made equally and the standouts like dead cells Hades and now Rogue Legacy 2 do much more than simply kill the player off and have them restart they managed to create a vast experience but condensed down to something which feels palatable theres law and narrative abound here but it has to be discovered as you play through the different runs as well as the challenge rims youll also find boss areas these see you fighting for your life before trying to defeat the final boss which will usually see you rewarded with a relic or permanent character upgrade its not all simply fighting enemies though theres a good deal of platforming here with something to test even those with pure Hollow Knight running through their veins the challenge rooms will show you a specific task in the corner with a set criteria like dont take damage or kill all the enemies and if those stringent goals are met youll be rewarded with a hefty bit of loot to encourage players to experiment with different classes theyve added in a smart system which essentially adds a gold multiplier to some of The Offspring for example one very powerful boxer that I took control of had the unfortunate genealogical trait that they were incredibly frail and would die with a single hit but the gold modifier was about 300 and it was one of the most memorable runs I had every screen was skin of the teeth desperately trying to survive and its amazing what you can actually do when you really try your hardest in a game now yes I did eventually fall in quite an embarrassing way but my goodness was it fun getting there and the amount of gold that I took out was significantly more than I had done in the previous two runs its so satisfying to see that castle get larger and larger but you better make sure youre not plugged in because you will not stop playing this one overall for me the gameplay is excellent by its nature some may find it a little repetitive but its hugely enjoyable and stand out in his genre gameplay scores 18 out of 20 and theres a handy house rules system which allows you to tweak the difficulties to exactly match your play style if you so choose as far as the controls well theyre absolutely fine theyre responsive with very low input latency and while the spin kick move which requires you to hold the left stick down and push a button feels a little awkward at first it can be remapped to a more simple setup as can many of the other control options controls also score 18 out of 20. the visual improvements over the first game are evident running on the unity engine it uses a hand-painted 2.5 D art style its far more technically impressive than initially meets the eye with some 3D lighting effects shaders put to good use to give everything some depth as well as some great animations for both the player and the enemies stylistically its on the money with the different looks of each of your lineage and the environments also looking entirely unique it does use some procedural generation it seems to use a system whereby its procedurally locking together different rooms that have been hand crafted as there are some that you will see time and time again with that said though I didnt find myself getting bored of what was here on the contrary no in a room became a useful addition to my run and even then the enemy placements would change so I always had to be on my toes acoustically Judson Cohen Gordon mcgladdery and Grant Henry have done a great job the soundtrack carries everything along beautifully thank you Music good sound effects added into Boot and no annoying repetitive loops and back to Performance its 60 frames per second in both docked in handheld and running at Native resolution despite the obvious asset and area recycling its a lovely game to look at visuals and performance score 18 out of 20 with sound and audio scoring 19 out of 20. Rogue Legacy will set you back 22 pounds 49 or your Regional equivalent the experience is squeezed into 1.1 gigs and your first run is going to take you probably around about 30 hours then youve got the new game plus mode the plus plus mode and loads of different Secrets items and lore to find a completionist run is going to take you over 100 hours its a game that shows its four years of intensive development with a ton of variety excellent performance and as a result really good value value scores 19 out of 20. for those of us who thought we were sick of roguelites well Rogue Legacy 2 might have something to offer you its an entirely addictive very cleverly put together title that builds upon its lineage system with strong tightly designed classes that feel entirely unique it gets a switch-up score of 92 percent and is certainly one you may wish to add to uh your wish list or place quite high up on that very large backlog Mountain thanks to all of you that enjoy the content I hope this has been of some use to you and as always if you are going to pick up the game you can save yourself 10 by using Code switch up over at to buy reshock credit thanks to our patreons and our members and as always for all things switch all the time keep it switch up cheers guys see ya foreign Music can you refund steam games from g2a Well Rogue Legacy 2 came out and I ignored the messages to play it for a while until I didn’t. 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