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How to steam share librarysteamer swiffer ROGUE LEGACY 2 gameplay welcome and welcome to a new gameplay or some pre jazz thanks android for subscribing good evening good evening and see whats on the top right in addition to my big face on the bottom left theres vice bix also that in the 54th month between another 50 54 months so theres quite a long time like enrollment guys we are at 1.0 finally of this rob legacy game two guys i dont know how many of you have followed the races i did on the first legacy robot my first legacy rogo is one of my favorite roguelikes and roguelike intended as a roguelike with permanent progression the first pyre binds if it had a very clever and very successful loop gameplay gold connect two is literally exactly the same identical there is the exact same game but with much much improved graphics more cartoonish and more everything more classes more skills more powers more maps more enemies and bosses more everything now I have restarted the game already because I tried it today so as to skip the tutorial were already on my second run its actually during the tutorial ram ive been way too skilled ive already level 9 as you can see ive made some money ive unlocked a number of classes including this new class which is the valkyrie which is at a spear and then direct it both downwards and upwards and not only during the very first run I also unlocked a whole series of skills the first is the aerial dash you dont start with this you should unlock it in the very first map ago by passing a series of tests and the second is the ability to read these golden doors will not open fi with all the estuaries will not be brought together to open the final boss again we have to beat all the bosses and as you see they are six woods though dude around to talk to if next in line to sign contract right imagine if its all in the name of the greater good never stop to think what you might lose s and youre after the treasure first i should find the kings sons otherwise i couldnt walk through those gates i tried you see you have the ability to do this jump to the down kick it allows you to stay in the air also to attack the enemies the attacks vary according to your class the trick of rogue legacy is that in fact it is a very intelligent rogue light because the game is almost identical the first rogue the first rogue league evades more or less the same things i.e. the intent I lower myself a I look at the camera because I seem to be a little too high I see for a moment if its right there are some strange angles no thanks prescription jackman is also out on consoles I dont know its out at the moment on pc and on pc its available on console I cant tell you honestly but its a great game and already the first run amused me a lot in the end what you have to do is go around these maps initially they are son or randomized and computer see but then you will be able to unlock things to keep the map the same if you want to quickly reach bosses although obviously the thing to make you have problems in terms of obtaining resources because your goal is mainly to take money survive as long as possible to get money that allows you to unlock classes and allows you to unlock extra passive bonuses with the money you can also buy runes that empower you to do that give you passive effects on hits and armor pieces or weapons that enhance your attack or defense yes not only rock legacy 2 maintains the same characteristic as the first or if you go into statistics now we are on filippo and he sees that we have two traits serial accumulator and charisma charisma gives us a discount of 15 percent to all serial accumulator stores always makes us find twin relics whenever possible practically all the characters have genetic traits that can be advantageous or disadvantageous heres this not living in life its already a very bad match a little risky to those who deserve it popularize the airport was dodged use it there are cures in the maps it is however they are rather rudd and therefore take from us always inadvisable thanks on a jungle for the inscription among other things known that the valkyrie a fabulous range but does not do much damage it does less damage than the normal knight and certainly the barbarian yo already unlocked both the barbarian that the wizard that the valkyrie is that the ranger today I chose to start with the valkyrie because a class with which I had still used seems to me to have a very good range as mentioned it does not seem to me to have an opel eye it has an excellent horizontal vertical range it does not have a great range it doesnt have a huge damage but it works omg already a relic so this thing gives me back 75.9 stable gives me back stuff like you know you give me maximum life points thanks in the crosses say that it goes there on the maximum life points now Ive lost Ive taken it for years but among other things in taking the why do you also have powers the class power of the valkyrie this is what is reactivated by killing enemies also send back the bullets what do you do with the rotation of the spear and you also have precisely this ball of fire that i can actually use happily because all amara to do so thanks albert for subscribing the ball of fire is no i didnt have it a jerk the ok licata and I didnt have it I hope to find a cure as soon as possible because Im playing really bad the curse of the boys the first practically ata very well and obviously this is going to me it will always remain in the damage bag I should be able send bullets back with this skill let me try yes no i just broke them or just broke the bullet if however who operated the bullets the skill curls it reloads is tantaneously what has obviously advantageous to madonna above in a lot of slaps these are annoying platforms because pensions are destroyed die immediately with this poor valkyrie yes above all game so __ ok hes dead i need a cure tina these shoot eye because there is one who lived for a long time and there is another one who shot you projectiles gifts the game is not a walk in any case high health be careful for a moment you have to adjust because the damages are taken and why not delbono so much anyway years are enough phoned vesting minus heres what I was telling you avoid stuff guys distance management quite important in this title I can kill this too so heres from there Ill get another map right away so fast because I can already get to the next areas even if I havent beaten the boss is the premiere of the studios tg here I suspect there are enemies there need necessary diet ro here for example here is an interesting feature or the additional zones need specific powers we have the super shot the ability to read messages but we dont have wings I cant go here if I dont find the necessary power that they are precisely the deter wings and therefore here I need a power that I do nt have the aci yet I can give problems no I need the double jump back it is literally double jump if I cant go there and now once again compositional at the cobit I hope nothing serious obviously I hope the symptoms are always low but I dont know it doesnt surprise me and its been going around a lot lately a lot of people are still getting infected so whats the matter here is that I fall into the fire always mad and none scared because I m lucky so were surprised Im waiting for it to finish ok theres an enemy but a q retina a pure tina luck in line or sheet doesnt do much harm to vis ability to besugo I need to live ready ok because by dint of attacking I want to be careful Music they are still multiple attacks and by sea enough the area of ​​ the attack must be said so he can finally get some food thanks 30 health points thats ok so they gave its also the secret doors its a wow fourth you see I got some experience points because in the game there are also I can hit through walls he calls me theres an incredible range but what stuff Ill kill it also called through walls because theres also another skill or that I already found at the boss that I had already unlocked the door excellent leather taste it didnt take much money but its going to __ off in the woods now I dont know how smart he is also because I dont have many life points or 50 points of resolve against 70 points and arise an introduction to relics to resolve relics are objects this news i hadnt read it ive seen it go below 100 percent from reducing it your health max ima ok so you also have some sort of for those relics also a risk of insanity pretty much staying light gives you a bunch of points the additional achievements because i have very little weight behind it increase your max equipment weight but keeping your weight class low doesnt I know what they do but the ass I know the crimson sand hourglass lets try this thing it gives me every 4 seconds oh __ this very strong these very strong over there by the way there is also another map Music we want to try to be the boss see if we can kill him like that __ hard why not give 580 coins they dont disgust me lets try the first boss guys we dont do much damage but we have a bonus relic maybe we need the mec the estuary i had already fought it this is exactly i remembered this thing way back after flame __ youre a bastard really no Ive never good the mec the mac ok ok no he caught me with the ball holy __ I think it was missing too now he also shows me what you have done in your aran I think it was missing a bit to kill him I had to get a paul dano then I have a barbarian who has gigantism and dice of fate what a strange ability with minus 25 but of resoluteness or a he not at times he clumsiness chronic fatigue syndrome for the moment lets go barbarian who has more 25 than horvath yes and then we also see his his traits because I still have to unlock them all he sees that then you can upgrade the stuff can unlock the wizards restore health and mara when there is a boss room large areas at level 12 for this this is not bad actually as a skill this at level 24 must be these at level 18 le of queen what I need relatively little this better at strength mounting damage I would say increase the damage to the most important things for now pump this is passive o 210 gold for him a gigantism then a very big a the barbarian to another attack a here and fused from what this thing does stability prismatic spectrum apply freeze burn spore burst im huge so ski i struggle to write dodge dont write or wow defeat 6 enemies to charge away die is nothing instantly next enemy not its a bit too strong this stuff seems to relieve him I can buy something leather wardrobes no leather taste no too expensive I cant buy anything in armor unfortunately because I spent too much a steal life costs 800 even p 0 then the real thing companies how do I increase the mastery vat with the classics the unlocked but i dont know what to do alright lets vote the excess 210 gold for now i find it very similar to the old guys but obviously its improved in all aspects but its a game and a nice gameplay always look these guys is a game anyway always very interesting i wonder who is the knight we found first anyway the attack de The barbarian is particularly devastating but as you can see the barbarian is also very slow however you can cancel the barbarians attacks with dodging so among other things as you can see they do a lot of damage if instead a lot of damage wow already found a lot usually when opening plus 25 laurel of everything ok i have to stay alive as much as possible with this because this gives me a lot its certain but i deal like this it never seems to bring it then the future from with gel and enemies or howto avoid ingestion your weapon inflicts 100 for mickey this is also pretty strong other than yes it is what I read earlier can I get off when mamma mia Music then the die is very powerful but it leaves you very open because it took damage that I would have liked to avoid not only from no also no though its all these damages he could have actually spared them but ok he really makes a bang a little bit of the year but I understand why my arm has practically closed since now a is a __ reed years but i can only hit once every two seconds so my attacks are super slow so this is what i activated no jump like charlie birds Music Music idk theres stuff to unlock here for sure I had to do it with magic or rightly wrong but to do it I send a message Im an estuary ok to me he went off topic the only defense line the damage that should now allow me to kill him easier on __ but let s try to choose a moment madonna who kills you ok lets go up ability ready since now how the __ do I get there I have to take a big leap for no maybe with gigantism I cant do it ok there is a secret door do you have the reload time for the attack so now nothing to those who are very slow unfortunately but I can always use the leap then r1 in the rooms of legends the items between gino never drop useless so i just need refill reload in hand and it also takes me forever for another they reload in manama it takes forever to reload it so also just by the way I attack very slowly because of the ski that I took earlier as a read guys dont confuse the hop the fluttering hop with with the normal attack we enter this way or are you still there the ceremony of return is approaching and not yet taken any action against this riots at 66 the village ok so there is an estuary that has sided with the rebels is i know that its difficult his game is half as difficult as one is already difficult i think its much more complicated going forward initially 15 percent dungu great 15 percent a year against suharjo so we got a bonus against the estuary I dont know if its permanent or if its only for this character I hope its permanent normally timi skills are kept so here we found all this stuff there missing a little I can do it and candice Music with the damage I do I can do it mom madonna her status is very strong then I have to be very careful with the atas it is however that katzav did everything perfect as found hit with a __ oh well I took through the chest anyway two chests good its money money is always good we are 862 thats a lot of upgrades so its not that I suck other things are 185 this is a tambourine of war this is the meter of the crisis we find the tambourine each relic special increased ryan 6 for hundred that started to have really a lot of damage and also less resolve but it starts to do really hallucinating damage poop her but I knew it you beak even beyond yes give me a sandwich need food yes enemies its you chiti they damage guide reggiano girl voices gigantism here I risked catching fire peace lets see the map well for the moment they have done a lot reality there is u a lot of money to live bon suo but I havent explored so much others could go with the left yes mortazzi bank what a ball is what the __ I want see how the skifo xò then among other things with the fact that today we guarantee and even more problematic help to ok i have to use more future da knows what of the superpowered attack is nice but holy cow being able to attack only once every two seconds seems like __ in reality or even here there is an area where gigantism is ok though the dried up lake of his own welcomes you you can only access if you have a solar lantern ok where do I find it from inside playing oh well I raise the sun if 9 in a few years we have already unlocked two additional zones yes then the super attack does a lot of damage though as I said between gigantism thanks palmer cristo Music I got distracted no jump I already lost this maybe I could do it but I had to jump at the beginning then later in the house I have to go re to go ahead jury here to the right of the food bit no eh oh __ but from abandonment rino what do you offer me do you offer me this dont lose health how the __ do you think i could do if i had the life to do it but i cant way of here then over there we go on yes gigantism a bit of __ because in any case being a game with hit boxes bigger guys you are more beating take oh well we still made a native bongo of money too bad because with this I could kill the wood the damage she had just that i took i took too much damage then valkyrie rank zero average health osaka does that mean i fall slower i dont know wall of wind barbarian labrys winter cry ringing shot towards the duke and hyper donad smo what was the shame of smo antiquity strange mushrooms takes away 35 percent of your stuff i want to knight with forgiveness i dont remember what personalism does thank you discover a super de scription then a lot of money or i leveled up its twelve now they can unlock nothing nothing new to unlock the wizard first of all i dont want to fold when you unlock them you can do it now is hate actually i want to go i have the money i want to go to pier and first buy stuff from the blacksmith the other i mean what do you do for dona smo when you hit enemies they are thrown from a distance its not bad to defeated enemies it is applied in bursts dispose i dont know what that means then no before the weapon i want to take the moon the one that restores my regeneration thanks its already 4 percent health points for each defeated friend its very strong so this is now lets put it or 339 its not enough for me it takes the rest true instead it can surprise armari skin very good now a weapon of skin that is more present than the other and I took some bonus that 1 melatonin teachers I still dont understand how to do it I dont think its on game p ass phoenix I have it or because I had paid I bought early access and now axis aler is out so its complete I dont know if its out on console honestly I have it for pc then if nothing else an attack with the knight much faster and a bit more natural aerial attack its softer than the first one and controls are better another side st mineo i should have respawn i should also have lava balls __ and o also opened a secret passage so __ lava balls where it goes here it goes to 80 nice there guys this is literally the first game but still improved this special effect when i hit some i have the impression that when they die they explode like the spores are an explosive effect that basically sick a lot of money if an explosive effect the shield I dont know how much it actually protects me from the lifeguards I should try it no it protects me __ from damage so yes by the way if with keep taking damage like a __ shield isnt at least not against continuous damage maybe it only partially protects me from bullet damage so ill never try to use it again then or regen like we said so everyone every __ i kill should partially regenerate me is in fact to regain life points by killing the agent the rural one of the very important regeneration this no longer happens that people explode when they are hit by a thousand satisfactions but holy __ he turned around just as I was hitting the jo carmen is a little more serene and go of regeneration 4 life points every time he kills an enemy its no small matter but I have to handle apple a little better but you can talk to the shield I think so the on Music exploded son of via via course of the dead goal not me i remember it guys destroy all targets make it easy what i did what i did what i took a sharpened would increase the vitals critical an ot timo and i also took some jobs g i didnt expect to make it instead with the right magic power the cross section everything will have to go down here but i can go even if normally the boss goes down but i will go the woman what a nuisance stice guys ok well lets try to kill stuff without getting damaged the more I kill without letting me touch the more I regain life points the spaces are scary to say the least these are very annoying but they are among the poorest friends in the game so if you kill them its fine these instead pass through the walls they hurt its bad another study area stige always the one before that I cant unlock but its money its free money so I dont see why it shouldnt break things even if I wonder if this is at the boss probably yes I found one yes first the first shell already Ive already met him he made me a deck so much because I wasnt particularly boosted in terms of damage now I feel a little more confident as also because I havent practically done any upgrades yet guys thats literally my third total game anyway we dont go upstairs so I have to go back down and go all the way around heres the only problem rock of legacy wrinkles which was a problem then which also brought with it the first is the procedural management of the maps or that sometimes procedural maps are cool sometimes they have a bit of quite irritating repetitiveness and I knew that there was still the stuff here I try to go back up to see if I have to go back to the part here in Rome it can be destroyed so in theory there should be in the usual no here which a tyrant really __ possible the event I dont know if returning to above average still the bonus this literally only serves to regain magic points I want to see if the melo bonus marks already taken it means that I dont have to take it back but I want to check for sure no he didnt mark it for me he means ire that its permanent maybe let me mark it and statistics well yes its better than the first stake legacy guys it gives me the impression of being better in everything contract of reliquary remains rieste oh well now a life stuff so no how that i just wasted time going to here I dont need to open this door anymore he said down to earth because I already have the permanent bonus to the enemy its literally guys if what if you want a description of the game its literally rogue legacy plus more i.e. prés almost identical to the first with very few differences because its the gameplay she-wolf is identical the system is almost identical the mechanics are identical but much more classes and much more everything son of I knew it would happen I hope not but this is needed like football nicolò about probably need other skills commission also because he loves it pos cured top right a with the arch ok no __ you this time Ill get the bonus Ill get all the life points its true that in the long run to take damage and the passive bonus is better but thanks thanks to good for signing up help help help help or save madonna how much stuff get out of here its fine I lost ten coins but Im happy anyway thanks to the race for the enrollment we were saying ah ah no go to this what the __ is it new ok who gave you permission to quarters from the bazaar leak us trivial or was it also disgusting and dodging this __ daughter of fire there is more the sea is dead no how many points life and partisan or partisan thats it gone away enrolled in the anpi exactly guys its exactly we are at level 13 julie here down here I said the first had the problem of having maps a little bit sometimes having maps very nice and very very well managed and others you had maps like this that were a bit wedged where you immediately got to the next areas you couldnt go on without the right power and plus they became a bit you had to do some forced backtracking or to reach the passages because because the game could wash like this ok then the mushroom anyway a great skill or food i get there in limbo i can go down i can go down to take it out on that I seem to understand absolutely yes aa.vv ok the explosive mushroom is a great skill kid were seeing everything skeleton of __ ok why shoot editor oh __ electricity sequel then youre dead ok thank goodness the wire increase at least clarified it gets in your face too eh exactly this thing is terrible visionary de that did terrible he gave me augmented eye and pads or hes dead hes dead but thats enough how long it lasts on a bullet we did it was a bit difficult its but weve all got it okay but youre dead youre dead I risked a lot Im running out of tips lets go to her the lambs but there is another testimony maybe i had already unlocked it in my soul ismael trembling i feel alive again a rat man came to me crawling a war at the gates okay someone snitched on him made him food what good news cons of food then I dont like this these come when they dont but I can arrive in theory fireball missed everyone completely words little taken does you fall terrible no longer the man now the theory can do so known ok ok stops lets is it true that fortunately or space launch forgiveness pragmatism proving to be a more useful skill than expected im having butt with i had of the ass with the genetics capabilities of them the ancient canvases perfectly converse preserve however they came slowly to save everyone z there is also a plot evidently in this legacy robot while in the first it was practically non-existent indeed at a certain point you even found the testimonials from the game developers cops that they had done in the past however this fire shouldnt touch and the money and isaac who made his ass no done it remains a great game isaac however it is very different it is a very different experience from this then the pa pa pa pa pa with the attack on sale you really cant do __ but you can keep jumping on the enemy crates but its bat I went obviously I went on my toes obviously I had no doubts that it would happen that it doesnt come to be a little more careful with the past its 2090 golden star its still not bad its pretty good ok gnawed bone on mac or snake stings culture is rapid but the pain is eternal i can eat loads of health when the south pity it doesnt greet him the best so its a bit of a __ radio as far as im concerned we dont see it the zones i can go i can go there now i can go down i suspect that bossi and down then fears and bad you are dead sea you all must die very fast because you give me life points i would like to find a chicken snap left now arigi Music die really __ against friends __ is allow chicken a chicken the chicken or one exploded yes anyway this thing explodes a fantastic saves my ass a lot of times that for switch and I dont know guys I wish I could tell you but the truth is that I only got the pc version because I had it in early access and I have no idea whether or not it came out on console or I got to the boss gold give a chicken then guys xbox time lets try lets try we ll make it probably not but the nose is fine the mac for me i cant understand personal thing this hurts but regardless always its __ its ok this is double nice this thanks prescription ferreyr hes just a __ this thing always catches my knives no its the first time Ive seen them but ok when you keep hitting it because lightbox and very far but its not the way and its not easy for __ o im low i need damage and now double a remains they arrive ok laser this is the best of all fine now i can make sure when not broken i.e. their car is in phase ii in fact stable its shooting __ __ ok phase ii worse than phase 1 in phase ii worse than phase 1 phase two is much more problematic than phase 1 because you know that __ limits chases and everything else case the first boss well wrong it was easier the first time and that I beat it energy csis this but it was simpler, however, made the big money yes falcioni then this is the bell of the ring and boots with steel toes so at times that reality these are not traits with osteogenesis imperfecta this is terrible because love with one blow gives you a lot of money in more but one shot and they kill him so valkyrie my whole life I remember her its terrible then we had a lot of pennies raise life points wine distillery knows ago the architect is a lot of anxiety unlock the arc hitetto is old or what does he do to preserves the realm of change that keeps you the map this and power good ballroom unlock duelists okay no 18 spell damage 70 of trophies 18 wait a percentage the mine shaft safe is transmitted 24 dungeons of charity ok deliver the gold carrots with bonus arrows to the stars coming out the smoothies hardware store because they are still unlocked so much convenient items at the pier where we go to the beach but what is it Music you are ok with her I can see the beer then I should also be able to take the leather bust and maybe the other one too a refined critical hit but I dont have enough weight the only one I think I have to make it go up but I cant give up the treatments with all the ischia shops I normally get this leather helmet resumes how much weight am cumbersome video will be a little careful with the resolution because below then lose the damage by the way also much less resolution because i have a flying kick apply armor destruction your weapon with chain cobo means your weapon a chain congo 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 what do you do of __ the more hits i do the more damage i do or a bonus to damage you keep making hits in bursts with this specific class this is not a very strong skill I suspect that there are classes with multiple hits with which this stuff here and relieves a lot because it has not been calenda mind if instead we open what care architects no no lets go to the normal world I have to do as much money as possible now boy the goal now is to make as much money as possible I can already go to the ice area but I dont do much the first one is free on the app store and now now I get it obviously this morning its crazy they always come at the beginning but when needed this is a class that however has a lot of range and you should take advantage of this thing by hitting through the wall and sometimes they too get through the wall just you see at ucc really everyone is always a nice gameplay loop that the boys always do they always play a lot of taste that is, its really funny theres __ to do this game really done dead well the valkyrie slash the valkyrie I like it as a class, however, the fact that it does relatively little damage or Im already another area always the lake drained of needs I do nothing because they cant give us much I can only break what to take a few extra pennies you see that every now and then the map is out of phase in the sense that do you happen to have really suffered zone 2 3 stay another approach continue to grow j we can act geniuses can save everyone more than you are there as you can see from the testimonies nor several maps after another so __ so the shield in which it launches far people can hit them too on issues a and it also works like jump can replace normal jump this this new ok ok this is the stuff which said to have the extra bonus to damage against against the estuary whose second phase however really problematic too die combo i need more bonus you what the __ its this completely long ok count lett ome taken damn this stops bullets ok to me its a great continued a more adversary excellent thing range that in this __ class I entered down here right at the fur good summer up to stay down dead third phase ok there is the big one that was already enhanced but they remain sti so bad com bof bad bulletproof away gradually gradually to use more the life of the valkyrie i never use __ im the madonna ok it was worth it i would say money and materials to screw up the first time i find tolerating disabilities martinis ability always has more to break the bullets that he doesnt seem to understand because it does very little damage from close range even with multiple shots girl there s a sa cco of barrels its nothing really useful I try to cast a spell why not there isnt __ I thought there was a secret passage of his but net reality I thought there were few stickies going up but no but no luckily I also recover a few life points every time kill someone even if unfortunately I dont do much damage with what the __ with this class I dont do much damage and therefore I recover less for years because the vital points I recover in percentage the damage I do but you have it you must die badly and as said the chickens are rare way below on the left are three indexes do not respond the association of the shield and their money you also have to play barry patients its because if you dont play patient you risk big children of they really screwed me these ok bagnoli money what a challenge though guys madonna ok this one is the location i went to where i found the object areas are the artifacts the serrated handle affair the pain of his group reage nte corroded no for it to go under 150 so i take history from here to heart inflict and take 100 percent __ i took a lot of max life damage because i fell below a certain level debauchery so i have very little life now you what six storm diffused or replaced my previous power its worth it I m sure Music I dont know the jellyfish was better too in my opinion because now I have few life points it was one I hope it shits a bit compared to the other well but its striking vertically book i dont know its normal now to use it on someone million but free technically accusing of ugly from distance what are you doing i cant reload i have to reload the hands of my ability to be able to dare this son of a __ luckily i found some chicken then i only need 50 from my hand to vote no i only have to kill one enemy to be able to use that skill i can scale ok now you see it love we take off the other prescriptions and denny you want to see that he already sawed it off he already scored in fact if you leave the room you lose it forever what a bum so if you dont have the right skill when you get to the room youre screwed you cant do __ about it damn Im taking its certain that I take incredible damage because or that __ artifact I do terrible damage but at the same time they take terrible damage well we still took a lot of pennies anyway come on they are so high rank 1 then the other valkyrie the one with the same life poisonous bomb this archer Ive never used this knight not at times continuous knight maybe I change class by blocking then I reached 18 I dont think so Im 17 so Im __ crazy but lets put the damage we increase the damage labor costs I know that they succeed at every attempt in fact I cant do it anymore now what did it give me for the tarone yes yes brought to kg and thats it there is nothing I can increase are study hall improve image damage intelligence maybe i can yes now i can put both runes give julio so or even more critical lets go green is continuous loopt the mighty from time to time or rain better games faster than mighty and then the more characters it goes black its here i have to there s always a chicken and i better save it for when then it came never i do it all shroud towards the i do so much damage output and stability oh oh oh __ watch not only does it stop bullets masper sea for like 2 hours and bad festival everything with a huge area while when you have unlocked the cook I suspect its very cool especially the breast of the classes very cool in this game guys I saw that there was in the trailer there was also the boxer type or tumor squaring I made a mistake I caught myself I testify that I found Im finding a lot of chickens now that I dont need them and you realize what the __ second is better but you know will once all at the same time do a second I think you should play a little with what you want because at the beginning I think they are the statistics passive the most important thing I was already done this then wings of icaro future successor leave this world no its not worth it at all blow up i can fly i only did fly initially i can fly but i dont understand if i take 100 percent more damage thats cool i can fly because i can go anywhere i want i dont understand if i take 100 percent more damage just ed exclusively first installment thats cool I can contact go where I want I dont understand if this stuff of 100 percent damage is only worth double damage in the area ok its a very strong and fantastic power simo really cool already I can go where the __ they want to avoid everything when Im not old oh well I can leave a coin to be careful I can also dodge anyway how much I hate them these so they make it anyway they always catch me then caught the flight I do the same damage if another flying very comfortable this thing I fly best power its normal thanks immediately my name is vespa wer for real whoever stops me more exact it seems animation of megaman then dont lose health with flight is __ I couldnt find a better skill rome arises and pristina more but the per shot risked big then what an ass face on the fly and by the way now I can go wherever I want here because I have a flight guys can I go to this area even if I dont have the skill it could be very risky but ok no no I screwed up partying its not an area to do now almost almost evening there was evening of intent conceal the intent me it was better not you go via mori mori on the fly how cool or still outlet okay i believe what happened why ok off 6 big yes dead no but caught fire fire on board is born no im a __ with ch and death with what then barbro histrionics nature he to him a laduc its only because it was therefore I dont know what Lustronism is I want to see or even the duelists now lets try the duelist whats new what makes them gym their dexterity increasing from 3 pm I think that for the duelist the field trip or assassins are important there are a lot of new classes boys holy cow I already dont have a __ more gold more natural histrionics they must just like if Im bisexual apparently they are they are bisexual and the three lives are not oneapp but two api numbers are inflated which means that ok all the numbers i do are much higher than they are in reality they are very fast to attack anyway between the attack from standing and the st Music luca ok and what does this sorry but its a dodge this factory grants immunity all damage while rolling recharges over time ai dodging with invulnerability strong stability strong stability mi like a lot pc rom there also things here i always hunt to break object didnt work but also the damage they do you damage when you pass through enemies anyway with that stuff there luca luca does a lot of damage very fast st class I like very little range but it attacks really super fast thanks to the prescriptions on calibur and now this thing is beautiful and then even interruptible I can also interrupt the attack when I do the only problem list class and range of the attack it is very fast to attack fi damage critics or are they waiting for his there was a lively your son is really cool guys really cool this one I report for sure going forward I also have to review it on the last one its what the __ but always so in the dead center what a bad luck but really __ never face by the way definitely an air passage I knew other successful testimony so its a woman will be born there is a family heirloom glia ok I already took this before finding the hand the declaration is the stuff from the basement and he has already recovered it goodbye technically it could already go to the second zone luca just look luca he really likes it with he knows class hooker I no longer have the ducati i dont know taboo from vivaldi to suffer luca mori what can be said ada here that is and i knew it from that beginning Music im doing a series of abominable __ because there are two elites not one help ok but got a lot of money if another one I took a lot of damage but also a lot of money and two chests omg for what I recovered yes maybe we could have sincerely avoided taking this data from you lets try to regain some life points like it had distro nism it worked that every you really do those years that you see luca the dukan coma passes through the walls aligi im a __ really surprising too much damage i was playing well at the beginning then i started playing with my ass and took all the possible damage imaginable Jul en rose I really like this class as I said because then oh well the stuff and the invulnerable dodge is cool but it has relatively little range and you have to be really very careful how the __ you attack otherwise its not a bad death and it doesnt do much damage and unless you have a lot of critical them or very few life points I see the grain but the more solid I can do the better the budget they are destroyed I think only if you have life which was a bit in the bullets guys ok in fact a dodge skill ready is called like those this I needed for it save thanks to eg me Music they are the most bastard enemies in the game they are really the ones anyway i.e. there is no __ to say they are literally the ones of are the balls that they rise are the most annoying enemies in the game their father suu kyi would be an artifact two then what i already know what he does that with this class is not bad statue of marble relic and hit against state remains I would like to know what state of marble will do even if then the strongest this class landing causes a small shock wave that makes the 75 bum bum bum worth it home I like it I made medium bullets it doesnt break its but what the __ read but it splits all the bullets unfortunately now its good dan or rather its not so much dead fire yes the other one lives it would have been better but bong this is the one in the secret vault its by the way with the explosion not I can no longer go up there so I was able oh well that when I got manà manà I think its worth as a spell but its going to be the company a chest apple tree on a significant piece maybe I can make it nelson managed really hit bong youll see every now and then you do excellent damage every now and then a __ what are you this down and blue painted blue ok where the __ am I going down here down by its fine lets go back this way emmanuel yes first chapter was a great game but seco ndo seems to me to have improved in all respects I have to tell you the truth its literally not him but with more stuff its difficult to hate him it seems to me a great basic idea on the other hand team that wins you dont change if you have a good formula theres no its reason to throw it away we might as well perfect it we got to the boss with zero health thats a lot of kick ass so i really see grain and we dont have much damage either so i suspect we should go this way ok what are you pendant of leather another instrument built I know that the boss is here I know very well what the boss says I also know that the boss but Ill __ off playing for the __ now but well try anyway because were not afraid of anything and no one come on guys but we write it all down you also have the super dodge we can do it yes lets say yes to __ us do I love ok on you Im alive these bullets hurt bad bad bad she at faraj how do you know to do to take care of the courtroom the dodge no no no no I dodged no or more o cit ap pa pa pa pa pa pa o no movie pam pam pam pam ok second phase papi pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pam was on fire fire fire fire in libya no i touched it i always get the second phase but then these __ bullets start chasing you and i panic and by the way with this class i also wanted to dodge them because when you cross with the super dodge you dont is that you avoid them you cancel them just the bullets that happened go through the golden gates and your king who orders it from you there are added the girl was added puritanism gold plus 25 percent but o food ok this is the puritan too this one is clumsy instead at the fire barrier wizard because he has a beard and lets try the wizard we havent used the wizard yet but the wizard does less damage because I havent upgraded the images I want to see what puritanism is am I leveled up should be able to unlock care of new stuff helmet of smoothies vitality 22 plus ninjas at level 36 i unlock them sauna increase to arp damage boxer at level 30 boxer guys __ while earning with experience cook no guys cook i dont give a __ cook for life library critical damage from spells theres stuff upgradable anyway i cant raise __ anymore enemies are censored ok lets see what fire does a the heal cook ai limited heals stew recharges by collecting health stacks then you can ai heal ser matteo don matteo all the aduc is the aduc he then came to me to himself the enemies are censored poor health excellent human your weapon causes burns lets go I dont know if its heavy the censored enemies at the end you see them anyway but its objectively a bit more confusing surprised to see how we handle it anyway I dont break objects anymore at the end because then they always trust a cure so I release here and teleport when o you have to take care omg Im like this yes Im seasoned in the ass effective its not hard to see me no like this its terrible actually madonna this is terry lets see if its always the same reason down here this actually is one its an irritating penalty that this too its one of the problems of the old rock legacy certain malus are objectively too annoying and to avoid them like the plague what to do so slowly I set them on fire oh well more or less anyway you understand where they are come on you can manage more confusion but of course he has a nice rugby in actually the pan or the fact that it sets fire to friends I did that you as a cook have the cure is a great advantage thanks in via luca and it happens that the bullets are sent back but everyone and yes ok I didnt know this actually at the cook suddenly much stronger than i thought with the frying pan he bounces the bullets back to sender but anonymous friends enemies he doesnt bounce them back you can eat yourself your help stew it s not that you care much and shoot from a lot of mana it goes to me to me to me youre a __ knife or bad it doesnt attack fast but the fact that it bounces back bullets is really very advantageous kick both so young like me me and bobo bomb bom bom bom bom bom through the walls and __ too much among which not the exploded views unfortunately go around a little further there was a bad fall she died sea the value of the cooks time is a what counts them as in manchester is not that we are practically unanimous there are really only finger in the ass to the exact money immediately nothing changes but first its what the __ but for me the room wasnt there for me she died alone and when you take yourself chickens to me it gives you a choral charge throwing you after it even with the priest here lets try yes but it didnt arrive no this I was a bit low and I cant break it instead yes he sends it back like fireball Music asked the cameramen I like this changing weighs but I p iace but like lava ok ok lets jump up here theres always a coffer more money thanks and here i already have hucheng outlet lets go it was very strong room it costs a bang the truth remains what the __ are you ok i didnt know i was tasser or are these like this yes dangerous furcas in rusty a minibus to me to me he had me to death I dont even see what enemy he is but what the __ he calls me in oats but he missed the thing that still remains behind him the bullets in pans and saves your life but still candidly problematic ok it seems a bit for tarella but as the first phase it was in fact only that one took a bunch of stuff it was super broken as the first phase but it was only him ok three balls worst enemy of the game as we said the small ass we go ahead with the cook and with the cousin would like to see another stuff what the __ 661 the skeletal __ you have to touch I think its a good time to find a teleport I carry I wanted to bring back to pam is what the __ static an hour before arriving he doesnt have many life points he also bows first verbal it takes a lot of effort then little visible enemies then I have a cook what a tesla sting dnf gold plus 50 percent what is dna Music state of marble i knew what he was doing let s send them normal cook it should be cooked and eaten cooked and killed exactly i want the boxer is you sure when i get to the boxer he didnt understand if it increases me better this improves this together with the ps maxim same thing i go out of the smoothies cafeteria __ boxer at 30 hes the assassin at 36 saltpeter mines unlock the gunslingers how much __ stuff chains game maximum rune weight kg maximum weight plus damage more life plus everything money 80 fat theres plus a lira theres giga chad as a beautiful class we are already playing a guarantee of the cook class more than garda and the boxer lets see if I can get to the boxer to the boxer in this rai it goes then that we leave them as said Music as said the cook is not a bad class it does good harm but not very badly and to an attack that makes the year over time that if you send __ enemies away it is still advantageous because this to the tesla attack I know sounds to me not nice but son but if new ok all clashes are fought on two fronts and she told me how much you know her what makes the difference is there another heirloom seeding to be able to become know that i have already found i did it right to eat then take that chicken this thing and the i sent back a lover 25 because the king comes down it became a window so you know i got all the possible communications in this area the description bo alla sea got it all of the first one but i got all the possible plot so seen at level 30 and not marks you over the limit 48 as she said ori a while that wine however contributed don bong the debon fire is very convenient food bank relaunch the projectiles if the projectiles went exactly in the dis room to which you were thrown it was cool even so anyway it was their nice comfort __ I got from the big year here and they dont joke __ its difficult apulia king because then at the methane pipeline how they died quickly with fire and etc. if Ive already talked about it boal but the 50 50 stuff I explained yesterday actually it only touches the biggest streamers because already all the streams and they only get 50 because I practically explained to them that 50 is literally the percentage you get for normal subscriptions now on tweets every subscription that you do tier1 subscriptions give you all the cheers all 50 percent of the percentage prey but all the bullets remain as a bubble excellent therefore practically to express it nothing changes now because to tell you if I do the average my writings are 99 percent tr1 tr2 mida tiple 60 at least I think because Im not sure I guess I hate actually I think only some no no no then Ill tell you iduci should give 60 percent regardless laga streamer 66 partners and tier 3 t from 70 percent of the cost of the tier1 subscription pulls 50 and relatives from 50 it has always been like this and 90 percent of subscriptions of all streamers are always tier 1 holy cow taken by the damage abrupt Im always proud 1 so for normal streamers absolutely nothing changes or in any case it changes little but as I said it is still a very worrying thing if it doesnt get there because it implies that twitch is cutting the funds that is hes cutting back on his funds hes increasing ads and hes cutting streamer funds which can mean I basically mean they dont give a __ and they want to maximize their income and thats always a bad sign because it means that here in the future it will always be worse they will always lower they will always lower their earnings in favor of their earnings and therefore it is a is a bad example there is a bad i nizio for that they have already lowered it already they have not lowered the fees of the streamers some time ago this choice is very worrying yes as I said to me it changes relatively little but it cannot fail to be criticized because in any case it is problematic and implies that in the future they could do much worse the disaster would be if they took away amazon prime if they took away amazon prime it would be the real delirium lian the whole book would explode the platform would explode in my opinion because really the streamers then lose three quarters of their subscribers holy __ oh well he found the boss food no what shall we do heaven at risk let me go back to the beginning for a moment that there is chicken that is definitely not then I also dont think they will do this __ but guys as I said there was no chicken obviously as I said trust is good not to trust its better maybe its a right rune of the lower enemies lets see because it probably wouldnt have be sold come out I dont want to risk it come on lets try the boss with the class it will be and __ hard well now Im doing the problem of these school girls very well here fire beavers very damage very well of via del fuoco more fire I know what Italy does now from the bullets it took me very badly here but for i saw a breath side for pure cubes very good no i took ema requa __ he turns around when he does this __ stew thanks to it mor pole thanks but stew bad bad laser ok fire exploded shortly after a __ this is cool if youre ok its not good thanks for subscribing to the roms the hottest active guys but bad bad laser great put it stop stop stop it bullets long laser laser good great this should always do no nigi comes no i killed him bravo aligi first bones dow is within an hour and a half and stu ario defeated gigi gigi alici in the face the __ or and madonna that maybe i was nor what i found a i found then a story there is a red ball a red stuff alone first boss stretched out what i found 100 blue balls i dont know what they do anyway we managed to score the first boss bravo alici bravo to now saying thanks for defeating stories or mecca regardless from his actions he deserved a death to fight faith came out the game is now complete we already managed to kill the first boss with the force of a thousand sounds he moved him to passive maybe the usual wrong map no its his age but he can miss that one too much hard and not oa behind here no no very good guys fact that the first boss went down so fast and were at level 30 so after that its almost boxer or __ i forgot about you bullet and bastards bloody veils i send all back to india and me theyre __ killing the boss is killed these bastards knocked me down alright alright alright the same boss is dead this is an important thing he had to die he Music fights activity suits me because now I change class because now I unlock the boxers the six pages or chile the gloves are made of metal these weapons are always loaded loaded combo then unleash a frenzy worthy of a pinball machine by throwing opponents on other opponents of course I want to move on to cousin looks cool to me its not class they can unlock the stones I dont even have the gunslinger I can go up by xp for now as of right now its better for me more life points more weight they were already more __ than a lira or 536 I can buy a little something new leather cape yes they are episodes for the band they are all for the worse __ fighting is more 50 percent damage less 30 percent health let yourself try the knockout punch in a row but after a while __ Music then 12 what a bang now now now now now vara now but now now now now now now horror has now 30 bon Music does uppercut too Music ok guys best class best __ class no contest whats unlocked and what are you the library what are you two hello wayfarer twins who was the shop of souls welcomes you to the attic pulled my name is who this guy was to my little sister her name is clear even if only in the ideal showcase of the stories they are the most tasty we only negotiate in souls embroidered investments or rumic horizons Music practically the souls of the bosses give me other skills that you unlock here guys he is a hundred times bigger than the old man and who are you he is the brother of charon he is a bit narcoleptic home of chthonic deity home still a constant place between the drifting worlds we are not at the nephew you help better help tel what is this back to hermitage and fist period are expensive of the souls of erebor i take care of virtuous emotions but sometimes catastrophic events happen through which derives that ok but what was significantly complicating the memories the reds are called scars carried d i will help you purify them scar discovery easy starts they are hidden everywhere you go from dial room wandering house for information on their whereabouts i need the powers it involves your compassion can heal its ok on fiction too anyway they tried to do something more elaborate you want see these are pretty much celestial strawberries guys the scars are pretty much celestial strawberries chat and put them in places killer heir ill hand you a trophy if you make it literally vms plus plus final count fifty years not easy start defeat show trainer okay Music 100 points bad when you suffer from ok but gets you going right away rare relics and weapon life crits replicate a magical instruction Music sprint leaves a poisonous cloud better this Music so now I can always coming back here its a bad exit Music __ the boxer or bad this though but from the pug ile splits and these are several a problem of overcoming everyones laser and light i dont do the beginning s because i was hit once if you do the scars with various classes are cumulative hidden read hint launched a laser is poor and oar that i dont c they come in nothing interesting __ theres a lot of stuff guys his game oh my so much stuff but also earned some money that should allow me to build the other things not enough lasers but I will be Music welcome death trick the prescription minister this is more chad but the cook is more broken yes but this is more chad then there s another one there at least I think I thought it was a scar this one instead no its not it stays in the air when you punch blue among other things that the spheres give you they send back by luca shoryuken shoryuken no anyway boxer vice class holy cow however how i got the great must also through with the show room to do the right field they make a massac ro in my opinion you have to abuse that punch a lot man to eat more laser life yes but guys there is the cook perhaps a better skill in some ways because it does overtime damage and whatever you want but the boxers punch is what were talking we really want to discuss it please i mean ok im waiting for them to turn out __ im leaving bye im in his grip too no no no no guys boxer ice forms another what cases then look at the fact you can do that combo with him shoryuken in the air guys what are we talking about but boxer four boys the what boxer best __ class dot now now now now et labora bang bang money on everything real chad class is this and i dont want to hear excuses than finding much more meat just because even the game recognizes that Im too cautious and he cant afford to let me die mammamia the slaps of I dont appeal to you the one who felt the __ but bob bob bob mamma mia and folders or are you at its the mo of the scholar it is true that now there are other materials because I did that test the so now I also find rarer armor the boxwood this area is now completely dead therefore the 25 key resolute points of the skeleton better this direct helmet le nice if Im put to sea i life points I make a lot of damage and assassins here is the boss you see that we cant go there anymore but its not a problem what we have already done and very nice guys Im loving it a lot that is the same ug na that was the first but improved in all aspects just no contest I was wrong with the husband they luckily found some mana it is literally the same drug na that was on the first one but an even higher level i.e. everything that the first legacy robot had with more variety bonk I break the bullets punch course also among other things that I dont dear few balls really classy boxer I already said but then I can go from here I can go and also here to the left downwards so year here to the left downwards because I had found the snowy area the very first game I had played and then online I never found it again in reality it should be the most sensible area to go to after having with the world if you are beaten the first boss the second area where you have to go to the snow area but obviously it is always better to clean the castle simply for a matter of profit shoryuken shoryuken shoryuken is out and sings today is out today at five today at 5 version 1.0 is officially out which is the complete one you two what do you want down here from months ago on uk sure you I dont even have time to throw the punch of death ok you want to go out to provide thanks gaspar showroom what my goodness the folders but among other things the shock wave also hits the bottom it looked like shorouk but its true that it also hits the real bottom the shock wave of the chest of drawers ok run away no no pug the relief guys boxer really grinds i can give left here i can go the right will go almost right first we clean we clean well but i can go up here its out and its complete in theory all the bosses and all the stuff Im liking it now a nice little game already open or artifact facts I take damage but increase and psi from and __ you I take damage but increase the maximum holy points I think its convenient for me on a ride here obviously as soon as I took damage I found that no oh well but as soon as I took damage I started taking for years as right That it is Shorcut Roja from your shitty projects Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa paes pa pa pa pa pa pa pa lat but all this brothel for a __ of useless chest that sick 50 gold I did well even not to pay for it that I really is exact the special move lukes new special bike and at the red short cut send to the right took a lot of damage from both the art done and the dev stuff or find enemies to kill I dont have to take more damage and some chicken and that this class doesnt take care of itself or maybe he told us no slaps just a lot of slaps thats fine I recover life points force of punches then I maybe a pole a certain __ will come out __ why didnt my punch start im playing shoryuken badly you dont lose health if its over its already over guys I snapped a lot because it was a beautiful ram and then a certain playing like a crook was a beautiful class with a beautiful 5 second ram beautiful yes do you know if you gave me continuity this is beautiful I like this is cool or even more than the first absolutely yes but here how the __ do I do but like this do not hooker madonna what a blow but really bunker but I dont make a drop here is good here what a great shot what the __ did you do kudos to rue and __ you though a laser chicken is nice and i shouldnt have them vulnerabilities when i do that __ vat worms they found a chicken better with calcium in the future heres skill ready thanks granda where to go __ you go to an area where I cant go because I dont have the necessary object anyway Im irritated and irritable but I can go back okay oh my God maybe Ill find the cure at the beginning let me try there are the risk factors the stars are like 15 anyway i would like to point out or very little that i __ chicken yes we are back on track guys not by much but we are back on track better than a kick in the ass from 50 life points with pugi and we can still save this radio a nikon mistake we can still save this rage if i kill enough __ where can i go i have to go south must go to the right the two chests even so minister is far because there are definitely those with which to the right and indomitable in the crossbar .al if nothing else its pretty quick after com thanks prescription flandrika baba bam bam bam yeah anyway what satisfactions from the boxer in the sense regardless of everything that is to give the punches of death at the speed of light as if it were in george but in this game here m but then also the km from a girl who has already been a favorite house now i dont know how both the killer i dont know what the others are like i dont give a __ then roman or not im in another shitty area real question about demons souls flanders accidentally named a seller i dont think that in di mons i dont remember if in di you could not eliminate the eliminate the sin I dont remember it absolutely I dont remember if there is an uncertain way to eliminate the sin does anyone remember it guys was there a way to eliminate the sins it seems to me so maybe to the statue to the statue at statue of the lab ok perfect state in the lab the one that is right in the statue hits two chickens so ass kick ass to the statue in the lab if you ask forgiveness you should eliminate any nque hostility king of those he lit should be so poor an ok laser fine how are they found __ and right at the hub lets save a great cook done wrong i got instead 8 im such an idiot sometimes im really right behind these this not free because theyve also been c Music i got beat up anyway shoryuken come down shoryuken shore uk how cool you can throw them ordinary this case shiori an artifact still then fat burning against fate this is great but i want to try burning section because I had nt tried this is very strong this is really very strong the waves Im going but now down here I believe he thought that here there are two seen __ miraculously missed however I knew it would happen that I would take other damages for nothing well __ Im going, however, I dont have to go this way if I took that single spinal I would take other damage it was the right time he married warm shoryuken surprised ruscio duken on death holy cow he almost knifed me shoryuken i bastard en manaudou but do it shot where the wrong already brook no thorn left jean luc o snow finally we reached the second area but few dots vi da so now its dangerous then bingo axis mundi guardhouse via garda all rumors that a chicken can now go to messi yes you can thorns where do i go there theres nothing here but a testimony the mask probably collapsed fault of these rumors the neighbor can I go up like this with the roots how could I get here too from here there is an important object I have to go up from the right that I want it not bad ok a game similar to this for switch carrier I think there is first robot legacy alleged but im not sure then i saw it it was here ambition veiled family heirloom heres what i found ei friend vu hey face my challenge ive been here forever he has no idea power of resonance so cool what do you give me android rebels that might resonance all flying kicks evolved into ecoware kicks so what they do to echo kicks can projectiles hit and the resonating objects so also the electric bullets well the rod what great convenient the echo kicks reset your shots vigata wait how it works Music no this is how I have to touch it first or chicken okay okay we also have some oil a hit anyway here it is my children we also have knight oil now lets go bad mind and speak cursed ok motion what do I hear resounding enemies can be hit under god there are also enemies that can only be killed with these kicks the situation becomes much more complex boat cow but its bad alive I dont do it no ah I understand how I do it so I do its cool guys I play its a bomb they clearly inspired by a cunning series of games complete with the inclusion of platform elements in the game taken from other titles due to the change its I think if they want it Im fine Ive already passed in reality its certain and now I can go because I have taken the heirloom here there are enemies different from the others these are even more resistant in fact and in fact they shoot resonant bullets shah rukh khan cursed how come you get there you can get there trappolone the infamous trappolone of that I was about to lose almost dead like freezing __ only youre not funny alive this what enemy is this what the enemy is this what is this what are you yes reviewed it riot multiplayer what is this case here salvo long or __ go is __ safe if theres a chest but I dont want to risk it except that I can reset those because I can silence them voluntarily so all the __ six or thors hammer should be able to stop no ok own oh __ no no I dont want to risk it Im going on but this boxer they touch anyway its bad you enter then ouch ouch ouch buy him mazzuia friso okay after break time we also have this new diary no no the money but wanting liquidate has a big mistake I live shoryuken shoryuken and now hes a good __ there so he made it use enemies please dont you seem like a great design solution to use miccoli now traps no aligi traps yes orca __ like the dress I have to do the little stick probably bat I ve done a lot of stuff its even seven degrees boxer Ive gained points in boys he and boxer with a stubble masochism now I have more than 25 percent wall of wind superfluidity white star I want him that at superfluidity superfluidity what can I do add various things actually I would say lets go bad with passive damage and doing a for the zone or 659 money and crits now I only have 149 sold i can dash in any direction cool you have dodging directing had it how cool you have what instead of it could that power and that can damage you too always inflicts crit to face __ Music i can also dodge infinitely now that this skill not bad new that you havent found one merges it was the money moon of magnetism for attracting coins its useless to me but come on guys its really nice theres not much to say the game is really nice and rogue legacy he one pumped all impossible with a thousand things it is absolutely worth playing so if you liked the first one in my opinion also according to the discreet bomb that it is really worth playing and fun it has many more classes and very cool it is likely that I will still bring it live going forward the sometimes in a moment what the __ get us together but thats okay like it like it nice fun and absolutely worth playing absolutely yes absolutely a good game so you were saying that there is maturity that is doing the live closes sure the monthly analysis is being done okay rai lets give mazzuia a good birthday sense say hello happy matsui and best wishes to you wish him a happy birthday 80 my part too and see you at next children a big kiss everyone steam hw survey Rogue Legacy 2 è uscito, ed è finalmente completo. Prevedibilmente, è ancora una drogona -- Watch live at steam jucier gay game steam steam reset game achievements home depot steamer rental when did steam deck pre orders start