PRIME ESTUARY TUBAL | Rogue Legacy 2 Episode 52

Clear steam download cachesteam vr games on sale ROGUE LEGACY 2 gameplay hello and welcome back to rogue legacy 2 we are playing as lady esmerelda the 12th in todays video an astromancer with the tesla spike and the vanguard banner antique were heading down into the dry lake to fight the prime estuary for the second time today and i think astromancer is going to be a great class for that battle but of course we have to find the boss first he is usually the furthest to the right resonating fork inside of the zone and it looks like its a fair distance off to the right today so were gonna have to do a little bit of battling to make our way over there off to a bad start didnt see that mushroom up at the top of the screen but we can heal that damage back up no problem pretty good hit against that eyeball there actually moves us in that very direction fantastic chest at the top of this room our spell the tesla spike does really good damage against walls uh for instance i can hit this bug or excuse me this plant through the wall above me no disrespect mr plant uh my apologies however the damage isnt anything crazy he just hit me for 600 by the way holy crap lets remember that we can phase out of reality as an astromancer for a very short time on a very short cooldown as well the chest at the top does give us a little bit of gold were up to 22 000 to start this runoff im not expecting to get rich off of dry lake runs thats never my intention when i go in here really oh good really my intention is just to hope and pray for the best and uh usually we dont find us hey taking down both of those elementals just find the bunny getting damaged the trap stealing damage oh my god oh thats thats troublesome uh lets take out those resonating projectiles if we just auto attack it there everything should die there was enough bombs that i think it blew up half of the planet along with it and of course i run into a spike immediately after ex oh hop too frustrating start uh puzzle challenge destroy all targets no jumping oh we havent seen one of these in a while all you have to do is hit every single one on the left skip the middle and then do every other one on the right i was expecting that to be a difficult puzzle what do you know the game actually threw me a bone for once hey chicken for the chicken gods up on the left-hand side oh poison coming down as well if we cut off that hammer in the middle i think im chilling he did actually shred my armor though so we are going to take more damage until we find a potion at least a little bit more damage i feel like we were playing a character not very long ago whose spin kicks were able to kill these in a single spin i wonder if these are just higher level bunnies or if that character came with some increased spin kick damage i think oh thats very bad i think um bards come with extra spin kick damage just naturally but thats not what i was playing yes well the first time we opened up the chest the second time well just scoop up the loot and be on our way do we want to swap out our wetting for the the explosive gauntlets no i cant say that i do somehow we managed to actually get back up to full hp so the run seems like its gonna be moving in the right direction for at least a little bit big axe in the next room whoa i had to reset that panicked a little bit panicked a lot to be honest there we go that was much more manageable breaking that changes were moving down as well did make the mushroom mad so lets make sure we phase out those plants actually mad at us as well lots of projectiles flying in from every single direction oh there we go were okay were okay one mad mushroom we could deal with that we could deal with that fallout this might actually be the room that connects us to the boss which would be excellent actually looks like we just have to go a little bit further i could have avoided that damage by just attacking in front of me oh here we are here we are this fight was a lot more hectic than the normal version i think the normal version is actually pretty hectic however i think with this attack that the astromancer has were going to be able to simplify a lot of the moving parts here for instance one of the key things that the boss was doing versus me before hes starting off with ads this time which is fine the ads are gonna be alive for a little while though theres literally nothing i can do about that this is the boomerang goop were ready for that too were fine were fine off the floor oh god okay there we go adds taken down all of that health put back into us as well when he jumps does he do anything weird does that call down the swords last attempt this dude was just seen sending seeker after seeker after seeker at me we actually push the phase pretty quickly here this is when hes going to start to throw weapons across the screen over and over again actually super duper intimidating move and i believe this attack at the bottom is also going to be something similar where hes just kind of throwing weapons down there the shield does cut me off and deal some damage but their time is over very large oh saw spinning in the middle i could phase out and avoid a lot of this damage i really need to im gonna do it now him jumping once again calls the swords back down onto us and we have to stay airborne here oh my god uh spell straight down get those tesla spikes in you supposed to stand on the ground here oh my god we hit another phase check what does this mean hes slamming again im just gonna phase out here thankfully we did that i think that would have killed us otherwise big explosions mean ads are coming back in i cant do anything about those and theyre already area denying me test the spikes down underneath the boss were good were good were i dont even know what hit me wow okay so it does get more hectic but the literal reason i picked that class the thing never even happened he didnt send any seekers at me at all rerolled that on accident that character looked really really good this one could be pretty good too we have a pretty decent duelist the spell isnt great the antiques arent great but were still a duelist at the end of the day uh we do have the magic 8 ball we might be able to get some damage in with that however we need to remember that these dudes are completely immune these ads are completely immune for quite some time we can resonating bounce to avoid the ground here as the boss makes it unavailable for us to use dude that molten orb part of that spell is actually so gnarly here are the secrets i was talking about that he didnt even use last time oh my god you could see why i was a little intimidated by these right theyre just everywhere we do manage to push a phase i uh imagine hes got a little bit left in the tank though oh how long do so its like two seconds i need to stay off the ground there huh actually great damage pushes the phase yet again if he could spawn more adds in i might actually get some healing here that i need were starting with a bone saw right behind us a blade saw what you know what i mean and add spawn again yet again im going to do a quick dash over to the left-hand side to move around the boss as he falls im trying to just juggle at the top but it doesnt look like thats an option anymore the ad does go down oh bro bro bro come on i dont know how to get out of here okay were fine were fine i have to get away from the boss again though lets hover above him oh it actually looks like a lot of those weapons that he sends out at the start of that phase arent actually real just the ones that are telegraphed are the ones that will deal damage more seekers coming out i think im in a safe spot no im not 300 damage oh  __  that was so close assuming theres not a third phase or something and 12 phase however many phases he has well get it next time we got this this one this is the one oh hyper coagulation your health regenerates but you lose some max hp when hit for a single boss fight i could see that being really good all right here we go assassin capable of some astonishingly high critical hit damage so he actually needs to be really careful the explosion there was more than i thought it was gonna be and we already healed back all of that damage that we lost already here come the seekers i phased out as the majority of them crossed over me and pushed the boss to the next i need these ads to die ugh okay that could have gone a little better we only have a thousand hp left i dont know what we started with oh god im losing it rapidly this this one was cursed that was that one didnt count that one didnt count a disattuned astromancer with a poison glob spell this could be really good especially if you know i ever use my class ability or something hey what do you know he actually used the seekers versus me and the poison spell immediately in front of him was enough to deal with the problem right away as the shields are coming forward we tried to phase out but i actually fell into the ice trail of one of the shields taking damage that sucks hopefully well be able to heal back most of that damage in no time we phase out away from reality again just to reappear at higher hp im going to move over to the right hand side as the goop boomerang is coming back around were going to use our class ability once more and then dash yet again this is relentless here thats being spawned in once more by the boss but unfortunately i cant hit them for a little while big aoe around him were gonna class ability move down over here seekers on us if we keep this up were fine beautiful beautiful beautiful holy  __  uh class ability to get around uh as you jump that means falling swords are coming down we intercept that shield and take i dashed the wrong way that was an accident oh class ability we pushed the phase wait is this saw gonna go away oh god okay leave that there oh Music one hit and were dead one hand were dead okay im changing sides dash through stay up dash through we can land now poison is set poison is set here we go oh god oh possibility there we go damage over time did it as long as theres not a another phase is there another face are we good i dont know it kind of felt like i earned that one that was so chaotic that was really fun i really love how that was on the back of a dragon that entire time what a cool set piece well well well the golden gate opens yet again and we will be traveling through in the next episode thank you guys so much for joining me before we leave lets see what our dragon friend has to say too many cycles have i laid restless youve brought me great comfort my gratitude is given my energy eludes me i must rest oh you take all the time you need little dragon all the time you need my good friend you get little ghost pouts you may not be able to see my body but you sure know theres a lot of heart there all right team take care thank you so wait i gotta go get a cough drop i was literally just trying to wrap this up sorry go get a cough drop hold on ill be right back in a dimly lit cave estuary tabal sits at his workbench tightening the last leather strap on a mechanical gauntlet satisfied with his work he rises and crosses the room against the far wall stacked from floor to ceiling lie identical urns of a purplish hue tubal picks one at random then slowly removes the lid revealing a white mist inside he utters a low incantation and a black mist escapes from his lips the mist flows into the urn mixing with the vapors within he quickly reseals the urn that begins to rocket in his arms cradling it as if it were a newborn the urns purple hue slowly fades away like a sick part pallor i dont know what that is first turning gray then white then finally becoming black as pitch content with his mixture tubal turns back to his work table and carefully slides the urn into the gauntlet fitted hollow the urine suddenly cracks and with sublime smoke begin to seep out dark tendrils weave themselves into the gauntlets internal clockwork mechanical figures bend and flex as the tendrils make themselves at home in their new host tubal smiles to himself and closes his eyes he takes a long slow breath when he opens his eyes he sees his own massive body slumped on the bench in front of him he can feel the coldness of the steel since every scratch on its surface each gear wires into motion as he stretches his metal fingers wide oh estuary tabal turns the bottle of wine into his hand as he sits atop the parapets of citadel argeretha then decides against it the celebration would have to wait tonight he needs all of his faculties unburdened he watches the sun tower slowly fade to black as the artificial sun settles into the night cycle closing his eyes tubal slows his breathing and his body relaxes below him the surface of the reservoir begins to bubble as hundreds of gauntleted animations slowly emerge from the waters they rise up and soar past the citadel spires past the darkened sun tower and the glowing field of floating jellyfish and up through the massive tunnel that leads through the ceiling of their subterranean kingdom the machines emerge onto the surface and move silently across the true night sky for hours before coming upon a small encampment from the shadows he watches as estuary jabal raises his glass and cheers his fellow men on for the success of another hunt theyre far too drunk and tired to notice the stars disappeared as an army of hovering automations blanket the night sky above oh my goodness in an instant the night lights up with the blinding gleam of a hundred of floating blades unsheathing in concerts two-ball watches on in amusement as estuary enoch rushes through the garden gates every morning iwa enoch would spend hours around the tree of life excitingly jotting down notes and charting every possible measurement in a single year the tree had grown more than it had in the past thousand this excitement was more than justified but enochs fervor would amount to nothing for tubal alone knew the one thing that mattered an estuary had died he knew what he had to do to become king this was the year tubal carefully checks his leisures once more to make sure the numbers would not raise suspicion he had successfully armed the rebels via acceptable manufacturing losses and he had been feeding them intel on the kingdoms weaknesses for the better part of a decade a revolt was imminent all he had to do was keep the odds in his favor tabal closes his eyes as his mind travels over his legion of flying automations in the nibiru deep vents he examines the early warning system that estuary mahuel created to protect his men in the event of a flood tubal works quickly ordering a group of his automations to silently cut the ropes to the warning bells while the rest of his mechanical minions drill through the lake bed above within minutes a torrent of water comes crashing through the tunnels and cries of confusion and panic arise a smile spreads across two balls face as the screams are drowned out by the sound of rushing water from a hundred hundred different viewpoints to ball watches the fighting unfold as his flying automations navigate the chaos of the kingdom he revels in the screams of rebels and soldiers clashing in the citadel while his body lies peacefully in a chamber deep within the dry lake mines no matter how explosive the fighting becomes he knows he is safe he had taken precautions and sealed off the entrance to the mines before the fighting started soon once the fighting dies down all that will be left is to emerge with his army of automations and slay the remaining estuaries he feels a sharp piercing pain in his chest and is suddenly jolted back into his body he tries to open his eyes but he cannot see anything he struggles to move but is completely restrained he realizes he is tied up and being dragged gagged and blindfolded through the tunnels of his domain his blindfold is removed to reveal six figures standing above him dripping from the poisonous waters of the stitching one of them is holding a dull metallic object tobal squints and realizes it was one of the warning bells that he had cut these must be mahuels men but how could that be they must have swum through the flooded nibiru deep to reach him no one escapes this place not even an estuary the bell is wrong and the figures slunk away from view the chime of one of the bells echoes throughout the massive chamber and two ball feels the ground tremble he tries to scream out but the gag chokes him as the dragon rises and open its jaws to ball shut his eyes and tries to will himself back into the automations but all that meets him is darkness wow that one was so good man im glad i remembered to read it i have a really bad habit of forgetting and then coming back next episode that was excellent okay guys thank you so much for being here if you enjoyed todays video please be sure to hit that thumbs up button and i will see you guys for some boss attempts tomorrow Music you quiz game steam Become a Member ► Twitch Streams ► Twitter ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rogue Legacy 2 is back and has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. 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