Estuary Tubal Rogue Legacy 2, to free the dragon and kill the boss 6 !

Steamer stand ironteardown game steam deck ROGUE LEGACY 2 gameplay hey guys this time ill tell you how to freeze the dragon in the piston lake and face the estuary 2 bell if you want to face this boss you need to find 2k the first one the pearl and the second one the onyx be very careful because they will cost you your determination meaning that you wont be able to process relics so the idea is to get these keys open the portal in order to access the instance once you use the key the portal will remain open so if you die you can just go back to the area and try again area itself are not very hard you just need to dodge the few alights and kill them once you finish those two areas youll be able to enter in the dragon but before that you should restart your game so you can just die and start a new game in order to have some preparation especially getting the relics so we go in the stitching studio we check for fruits in order to increase or make hills point and after that you can go back to the first act in order to get full hp once its done go to the dragon area and start facing the boss in case you were wondering if you will face the dragon sorry its not the case but youll help him because its a nice dragon and youll kill the boss estuary to ball inside his belly this boss is very slow so you need to play on that in order to get the maximum damage and dodge everything that you can thats why i would recommend to use the poison spell and to always have 10 stacks on this boss it will just stay on the poison claude and it will make a lot of damage the most difficult part is when his summoning axes and you need to kill them fast enough to not get too much damage so just keep applying your spell to the boss and then focus on the axes once theyre dead you can go back focus on the boss but be careful because when he reaches midlife hell summon again and well have to do the same we keep applying our poison spell we kill z-axis try to dodge and kill them as fast as possible always remember that when a boss cannot take damage you can still get the mana so if you need some mana its a good timing to get your mana free for the last summoning you just need to focus on your boss so its not very important to kill the axis because if you are fast enough you really just kill the boss and then the axis will disappear so focus on the boss when he is low hp and then you can kill him easily thanks for watching this video dont forget that you find our guides about rug legacy 2 on dmgaming.ou as well as all the other games that we are covering bye you black+decker 2-in-1 steamer iron How to face and kill the last boss of the levels, Tubal Estuary in the Dry Lake Pishon on Rogue Legacy 2! - Estuary Tubal Pishon Dry Lac: (00:12) Free the dragon with Onyx and Pearl keys: (00:10) Getting ready before boss 6: (00:55) Gameplay Estuary Tubal Pishon Dry Lake: (01:08) All on (02:30) Once the Tubal Estuary is killed in Lake Pishon, all you have to do is face the two final bosses of Rogue Legacy 2 in order to complete it, at least the first part! All of this will happen in an upcoming guide to finishing the game! Rogue Legacy 2 Dm Gaming By Alchemists, May 2022 ________________________________________________ Support us Discount NordVPN - Premium - Goodies - Follow us Website - Discord - Twitter - Twitch - Facebook - most played games on steam all time best xxx game on steam steam room podcast diablo 2 resurrected steam steamed green bean