Steamer to clean car seatssteam deleted games ROGUE LEGACY 2 gameplay Hey guys welcome to another video on the channel Im Rodrigo and today Im going to bring you a Gameplay showing the rogue game Legacy 2 extremely addictive this game guys one of the best games Ive ever played now in 2022 Id like to share one little bit of this Gameplay with you here is a character that Im playing now this one if Im not mistaken its a ninja if you come here theres the talent tree and each level you pair the talent tree using the gold each Unlocking will stick to the level so the ideal is that you get as much Gold as possible during a ramp to come here and upgrade two three as much as you can for you to improve this tree here where you will unlock new characters and improvements for everyone them and you get stronger as you play here we have the Blacksmith to upgrade improve equipment we have the sorceress here who will work with the Runes it will cause an improvement in the Runes For example, this one here, theres only a part of health left for each enemy defeated, theres this one that steals life based on strength And there are several Runes here but you have a limit, you cant activate them all, theres this little Lord here he unlocks unlocks no he locks the map lets suppose I went to a character I arrived in Boys room and died for Boys Im going back to the city and Im going to lock the map and Im going with another character to try to kill this Boys if I dont lock the map Ill reset the whole DG and there will be a completely new map totally random for me to work with Okay so In some situations its worth you locking the map logically it charges gold for that so I use it occasionally here we have the safe to be able to keep part of the money when we come back, as soon as we come back with the money, its mandatory that we spend as much of it as possible because the safe will only keep it r a small percentage and all the rest of the Gold we will give to the guy before going to the next mission so spend as much as possible This is the best tip I can give you guys This little woman here she you will only get when she already advanced in the game, you wont see her like that in the first phases you do, she helps to unlock the portals, so its something much later in the game. These are the main characters that we can see, there are a few more but these are the most relevant ones for me to show you now it has a little Christmas decoration the game is very cute but Im going to do the first start of this character here Im going to press start so I can take a look at his statistics here okay I can see here how much that I have equipment equipment not in the case of things kept for example the stones the money the drop of blood here I see the class o Im playing in this one with the assassin he is good mana but he has low health triangulating eagle eyes is the weapon that came with him cooked which is a weapon that restores life to good this here is a cook skill right but as this character has this trait here look at him he earns more gold but the weapon and the talent are random so he took a weapon that is not his a talent that is not his but I even took a cool talent the weapon is more or less right because the little gun to shoot has to aim there is more complicated than getting close and hitting if you press b you will cast your fireball spell Y would be the healing item on this character here and the X to attack in the direction you want too simple right guys and now lets go to you being able to get to know the game with this little girl there, Ill be able to teleport to some places where Ive already saved the portals, okay, you unlock the portals, you also pay for them there, in case youre going to start a new Ram and the main objective is this, look farm as much money as possible if you have the opportunity to get a character that has a Gold bonus like this one here that has 62, we can look over there on the upper left side he earns 62% more gold so you break the little things and go get the chests and you ll get gold here in this go kill the animals ball show already dropped there too Ive already taken a hit here Im not very good at 2D game no guys but this one Ive played quite well I confess I got pretty addicted its a very good game, you dont always kill with a Hit, its not just to specify you, its because here its still right at the beginning of the map up there, we can see map two with a shot huh How nice is the double jump now Im already a little higher here Jeez Rei ugly wow, what shot was this one that I shot was this one thats amazing but it kills and collects money here we arrive in a room where you can get a consumable to restore life but I dont I lost almost no life and theres this one here where I get 150 damage but it increases my maximum ps by 60 Im going to choose this one now I have more life if I manage to restore it which is not a problem for this character at first guys because I have it here at Skill do Y ó I cooked and recovered a little life Im going to do it again and recovered a little HP then Maravilha gave critical and its going to collect all the money you see Wow look that here is going to be a radio Im going to play a magic there for me to try this room that is radio there are some that are very difficult They will come with a lot with a lot of bugs with a lot of traps but anyway Wow this here is very full I took a drop I like to break everything that has on the map the item of cure Im practically full HP it was worth it for me to have taken that consumable even though he denied me there look and Im going Im not even looking at the map I m just talking unpretentiously okay guys here would be the ticket to an out another map would be map two already, right? Im not going to do it now. the map here would already be danger four, right, the fourth map I already killed his Boss too I think I only need the last boat for me guys if Im not mistaken but his map is still a little more difficult I want to farm one more little to leave this character even more leveled before I go there you have to attack to send this character here to me its only bad because of that you have to aim the character that goes up and hits and I particularly like it more but it has several classes right, a mage is an archer This is a kind of puzzle, guys, Im going to enable it here, look, I have to go through here without taking damage. I to achieve this here guys Im terrible at this type of puzzle where you have to go through a trap without taking damage I was lucky on this one I managed to make a good move there and still showing it on video right and just passing by going to other maps this part here I havent yet I was dope I took some damage because Im thinking I was an archer in reality Im not an archer he makes a short pause in the air and even in the air like this in the jump you can aim but here its not exactly an air that is a beast You have to shoot and kill and position yourself right away and farm the documents 1,400 of money and the more money I managed to farm the better, right guys to upgrade there at the end but a little money here in the trunk you can see that there is a crack in that wall here look at this crack we can break it with a spell because its like a secret wall And then it will take you to another place that had a little chest it was worth it let me take a look at the m to see where I have to go I think I have to go here look I got a lot of stuff here look Wow I took a Daninha over there silly I come back here Here is a place I didnt go these lines can you take them from here Wonderful the good thing about this character has some sometimes you manage to stay in a position where you can attack the enemy without exposing yourself too much but sometimes you dont have that option either you are forced to act quickly and without having much time to do that I took the little money there trying to take as much as possible careful as possible not to take damage and thus be able to go as far as I could here in the game although I also dont want to make a very long weapon, not because its more to show you the game, right guys, it seems an easy game like that when you look at it gameplay but playing is not so much no this here would be the bosss room Okay but it has a broken door that you cant enter because I already defeated the Boss of this place so here look for example here look at the area at the current risk level I already killed this Boys here we go to another one here this one is three if Im not mistaken risk level 3 I also already killed her Boss risk level 13 this one here in the Ice area will already have others opponents Lets go there Im not going to get food because Im full of HP this little bug here look how shiny you just kill him with a little jump its wonderful dindin were going to pick up everything thats a very important coin this Maguinho here is boring I killed it I killed it again I played well now and they kill and attack And then you see Im playing even relatively well here as an archer its not my favorite class As I told you I prefer a character that hits closer I really like playing with the Barbarian with the spearman the swordsman that he is one of the first characters we start with is also very good let me see whats here here I can change my weapon but this gauntlet that I dont like very much no to be honest I wont change it no because and Im getting along with this one, right? Jeez, theres a zombie There, Im going to put on a Christmas hat from the Maneirinho zombie, running away for a bit here so I cant take damage, I already have three and four hundred in money. some company should be born here I killed it I took a hit I made some money here zombie I formatted it here let me see if this map here has a climb So lets go to the other side and Im going to do this more here not because it already came out it already came out once there on video, twice its very lucky I want you to have a good memory of me getting past the other one theres a chest there, wow, I dont know if Ill make it there no I wont make it no maybe I should have taken advantage of it the enemies to be able to use them to jump I didnt see that the chest was so high up so I missed the opportunity to get to it Wow Im a bit hit in the trap here tricky trap huh and but already Im full HP again wonderful now just go down here as there s a place to go up I also took that hit but it was hard to dodge it and sometimes theres a lot of opponents besides the specials, right this map three here I still do it well I think even o four I also do well just the last one that if Im not mistaken Im still having a bit of difficulties opponents are already an Elite opponent ready I killed a little silver chest which is better I already have 4,600 Gold a relatively nice amount but I need a lot more to be a good one today for me guys I have to manage to make about 12 thousand of money there 15 to stay to get a good gold band for me ok because Im already using a lot of money to upgrade Im going after each little coin lets see here where I am and where I can go this top part of the map Ive already done practically all of it So just go down and down all the saint help right managed to hit it but I also took it lets see here it theres a part down here where I didnt go I left an opponent here this part here theres a crack secret passage here its just this little ball here to talk I think it wont do anything no new mission guide in the pause menu mission guide anyway then I take a closer look here, theres nothing left. Im going to do the following, guys. taking a lot of time, right here Im going to have a little more difficulty obviously Im going to be able to pass some opponents But I must die soon here, its already dangerous 6 this map here is the last one, Im missing to kill the Boss of this map here that I still have I didnt conclude, lets go, its more complicated here because the map is also dark, I managed to get past this one, theres only one up there, I killed this here, its already an elite, right, I have more HP up there, the worm Zinho, this map is already more biased because hes also hard to see I dont know what this is here is that Onixs key is something I dont have yet I need to find out what it is to deal first with the opponent who is more annoying to beat hey __ I got it But OK, I took the trunk, I was definitely the one who jumped wrong, that room at the bottom that is asking for the Ônix stone, its the boys room, you have to be able to unlock it, you see, you have to be very fast sometimes to be able to dodge it. all the opponents wanting to hit you at the same time they are strong I managed to explode the barrel while still in it there look how much HP I already lost I was doing well in the other phases huh I managed to get hit for nothing here I managed to regenerate a good part of the HP I killed it already I lost a lot of HP at any moment I must suffer there and die because the opponents are hitting Well More in compensation take a look at my Gold I already have 7 thousand but the cool thing I recommend is you do them all the rooms When you get a character that has a Gold bonus, its there, look, 82% that Im there, in this case here I highly recommend you get it and make a one, two, three map so you can collect more and more things here, I have the option of lose a little HP I dont want that now I want to recover HP Im hurt right he has a relic its going to be easy to reach no I m going to try Our tiring hard I didnt get hit a lot but I managed to get there a White key Ill get it guys I dont know what its for I lost a lot of conviction there but the conviction while it doesnt go below 100% you dont lose HP So I think until then its smooth I managed to kill Im having to shoot three arrows to kill these here Im too weak to come here really Look how lucky I managed to hit him before he hit me this one here will just die with a little jump because hes a shiny animal look Ah there will be no Retaliation Revenge little money Theres a chest 9,800 already its starting to turn into a decent Run that now I have a nice amount of money 10,000 is already interesting I have 12 lives Im going to die at any moment guys run and it didnt work on one side it was bad on the other it was worse I died but yeah normal its a little rogue game Light will show how many opponents I killed how much money I farmed now were going to choose the next character were going to play ok These are the three candidates I can roll him because I already have the Skill to do that in mine talent tree look, I think that of these three here the coolest one at least that I like is the boss I really like playing with this class and they also go up as we play with them so much that here look Samurai is level 3 this one Its already level 4 and this one is level 2 the bard is one of the ones i hate playing the most i think its terrible to play im going to choose the boss here because besides him he has a gold bonus hes a character that I like to play and now I can take the 10 thousand of money that I won and spend it here in my talent tree choose the best things here for me to use, there are a lot of good things I want to complete this talent tree all of you guys so anything I choose here will make me happy for now I think Ill get the Xperia gain Ill spend 8 wonderful I cant spend it on anything else the dollar sign has stopped blinking and there will still be 2 and 300 left, part of that money will stay here in the chest and the rest Ill have to deliver the charon When I go to do the next one or Ill also spend it at the Blacksmith and that little woman over there from the Runes But I do nt think I have anything to buy from them let me see here look at this one I can buy this here, Im going to buy this one, just so I dont lose it, but I dont even know if I want to use it. It increases the critical damage of the weapon I was using. Stress armor. I prefer Dexterity armor. now anyway I spent a little more money its good to spend everything so you dont give away anything or almost nothing guys well this was todays video showing a little bit about rogue Legacy 2 a very nice game extremely addictive that I bought already I had a lot of fun for hours and Ill keep having fun until I manage to clear it completely Not long now I believe its just missing one more boss maybe two but anyway I hope you enjoyed the Gameplay I ask that if youre new around here if subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bell if you are already subscribed if you can leave a like it will help me a lot And share the videos there with your friends so they can know a little more about this wonderful game that is rog Legacy 2 So thanks guys spoke and until the next videos stay with God thanks garbage day game steam fala pessoal, mais um gameplay de um jogo que pra mim foi um dos melhores do ano passado, super viciante, bonito e gostosinho de jogar, pra mim valeu cada centavo esse jogo e está em meu top 3 de jogos indies de 2022.obrigado por assistir e não se esqueça de se inscrever e deixar aquele like maroto ok? 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