Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem прохождение #1 — Максимальная сложность

Why does steam say my game is runninghow to steam fresh broccoli SERIOUS SAM: SIBERIAN MAYHEM music music music music music hello people my name is anton and welcome to visit the serious sama well, even you know this is not an addition this is the old fashioned classic standalone offshoot of serious 74 as far as I understand what it is standalone, many probably now even Irina from the youth do not know what it is at all it used to be met with an oral vivid example a vivid example of seditious some kind of system has become here it went separately, you understand, you understand, but the main game is also not available here this one sam does not require the presence of Sirius M4 and is playing a separate game now it’s normal now the microphone doesn’t ring in the background, in theory the microphone should no longer work normally this is a problem playing before the problem of the game there is such a thing music translation they still have a microphone from 90 normal this is a classic granny on the classic granny on the people all all everything as in the old fashioned way everything everything as in the old fashioned way four there is also vanilla, but the miracle game after launch is to turn the volume of the microphone by 100, I don’t know why, but here it makes it shorter, it’s like that, you know, and the jokey joker from this game is extremely rare in my opinion, only two games I know which Sam is doing such a dirty trick this is one of these games now I hope everything is fine and everything is fine everything is clearly audible everything is just wonderful in general once again lets say hello hello people my name is anton and welcome to visit sams village this is a standalone and a gran separate not requiring m4 service here we have sam will conquer siberia be conquer yourself it will be good it will be just wonderful yes a little quieter I will make the volume of the music music from the accounting straight quite somehow hard straight very hard quite straight loud something somehow even unusual a little again fanit ours what are you going to do like this everything is fixed fixed all the problems no everything works exactly shorter in this game you can’t touch us sound triples and know what she does how she conjures there come it should be normal anton trolls us then not like that I don’t troll anyone well what is it I don’t troll anyone play a role from the game they troll me you understand hurray siberia music now everything is fine so we play more I won’t touch anything well, what the hell, what the hell, in general, chat people, let’s go on old memory, old timestamp, plus sign in the chat and like this episode to everyone who was waiting for everyone who loves the universe Sirius Sam and let’s go forward to the microphone don’t be angry that’s all that msm accuses him to blame and so the single game of slaughter in siberia eternity smells of oil and naturally there are several difficulty levels here this is a tourist novice an ordinary master and a cool noob sam the truth is something don’t miss the wines should the complexity be called as much as possible scm here is called us m in the classic i the English version everything that the tourist started there sam says you seriously the points will be multiplied by 55 hello everyone just recently reached the final of part 4 and here bam and additions with all the winter releases c i cry and cry lets wipe away the tears and lets likes to feel view view including everything is fine yes oleg thanks for a hundred thanks friends with them we are friends with them and siberia is great for deploying countless art mentals but even they can’t fully master these lands professor zelin if you want to survive do it always keep your feet warm your head in the cold and your finger on the trigger quote of the great sirius sam naturally music everything will be fine everything will be fine trance rather the game will tear my whole ass on this difficulty but I remember nothing I also passed at maximum speed the original four look at the passage she plums the meaning of sbu ruslan hardcore people are going here hardcore audience aldy who do not like waffle difficulties here people who can’t digest waffle complexities come here to look at real th good content on normal difficulty music the skippers journal finally sailing to the mainland now it remains to find the tunguska and prevent the general brand from passing on the holy grail no then I wash off thanks for not giving rest to the sushi sentha well it seems to me a little bit were well and cold ranch put on suddenly a couple of asses and be normal so you need to remember the controls during the match, you definitely need to remember the control secrets by the way, all sorts of secrets here, too, you have to look straight straight, it would be nice to find them for free a cloud during gvozdi, the menu is only lead, then there will again be an imbalance in complexity, you say well ok, how long will the count be ready or will it be around 22 Moscow time in the evening it will be shorter crowded man you can shoot here at I won’t do it I love animals I’m not a cartridge flayer found an ammunition cache so mentally go to hell so listen and this is the keyboard setting and mouse table of players setting keys i need specifically quick save about o it’s not possible or something music the ticket will have to reach for f6 every time you estimate it every time you have to kf6 drag on horror right there at least you have it scene what I wanted to do I wanted to increase the performance of the devil I specifically set this because there is no point in putting it higher there the graphon does not change checked and there were a decrease to save to the chiefs qnet no start __ yes save you get it became good but most likely fanit most likely fanit just in case right now again do everything so that it does n’t fonil, but this is how it’s normal not to make a chat plus put it out of it no what for the ground seems to be normal all my black lion screen today is an auspicious day for you better grab a double-barreled shotgun before leaving the house horoscope thanks hello anton good stream anton bike thanks for 500 yes, I understand that I ’ll fix the black paint, I see the game doesn’t like restarts, but game time only change apply now fix the mirage screen not only with games everything is fine still everything will not worry don’t worry do n’t see anything everything you will see a sneeze I stephanie will start to tell me so music he is ready everything is fine everything should be like now supposed to music music chat writes that they are blind and deaf, but they didn’t endure at the tpa and are not deaf with normality, it’s just that the engine is such a waffle engine, you understand here either one or the other now everything should be fine everything is quiet everything is normal everything is fine music ter so muzon even went to fix his eyes and all the eyes of the chat everything was fine and his eyes and hearing and how the leaf was driving and the cathar boilers rim the head or whatever it is so everything is fine I would hear the sky to heal me to heal did not stop the monsters by the way so far not so much a lot, surprisingly for dogs or frogs, decide somehow what kind of pumping tree are you what is very rpk to you this shooting is serious lets look around a little love there are some secrets here because in this game there are always some secrets forever for this I love by the way very Sam there is some good stuff there I dont I know how to get there ophthalmologists loras you are good, so I tell everyone at once everything all at once cured everyone everything repaired those who complained about their eyesight repaired who complained by ear they repaired and the major petrel oil refinery understood again anton black thanks for 500 and what a horoscope there is - something was with you on the lion today you will have an auspicious day better grab a double-barreled shotgun before leaving the house by the way I would have a double-barreled shotgun now oh how it wouldn’t hurt oh how it wouldn’t hurt me now I eat her fourth the perks themselves were forgot yes forgot really in fact, we’ll find a husband if they’re here, we’ll find it, so I like it when the floor starts to flicker into the microphone to scare people away, count this one comes potentially th viewer turns on the recording and there it starts just farting really farting husband and approves with them they can not be rearranged to another button 10 line from the end if you count wait lets check line 10 from the end one two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 quick save list of players left arrow essence it really works i just oh little guys guys and lets firefighter lets put respect in the chat more quickly continued source sense i say i repaired everyones eyes and listen well damn gold then man firefighter just sprinkle gold sprinkle big without you i would be like that and I would sit here and just pull my finger off the endless by scanning endless button at 6 it would be very bad you know how bad it is when you reach for the f6 key, not even at five which is more familiar to me at 6 and then just take the person said everything has finally appointed gold just the heat went tokomono so we train we train yes I have a gun I have a shotgun and a knife a knife m meaning the meaning of the chara I know that with a knife you can somehow jump higher, yes, they know this, and such a chip was still in the top four there was a secret so it was extremely important to look around what I say there are secrets here there are secrets all these there are always secrets this cool by the way he nishtyak I see at the top it will be necessary to take music please yes finally from the bottom of my heart I hate it when they force them to reach for v5 and v6 and all that I pressed it is a pity there is a fast load but no I would put it on the right arrow well okay so the principle too fit well, anyway, anyway, what a buzz what a buzz listen when you can just take the arrow to the left to press and don’t drag anywhere you automatically know how muscle memory works automatically you know when it saves sells sometimes and works against you when, for example, an enemy projectile flies 1 hp left and you save yourself at the moment when this projectile arrives approx. I would nt say that they care about a very good weapon with emmet so definitely the main goal is updated lets see that on that drilling rig you can contact the queen oh my so for good hardcore the plan went differently we will keep the girlfriends working we will music go you dry your ass well out of losses came out of the cave missed nothing I just go here running look around so Nastya was here and here I was too back all the way yards flew pancake gave me a ride site performance is not the best I’ll tell you it could be better in principle in the fourth part there were also problems and where I missed the cave it’s down there I don’t know how to get there music I don’t want while the main goal of the inter plus I want to look with these on the ice the floor glides no well how it glides there a little meaning an explosion of pacifism and kindness yes ig ra is very demanding, well, I wouldn’t say, but I don’t know that it should work directly somehow smoothly, maybe I just don’t have anti-aliasing here somehow, or something like it requires you normally, but who else shoots parchment from where music there is a tin can move from below, but I understood something all the time we often walk so explosives are good for now, don’t need it al they mentioned stop came why the maximum difficulty is why I go why I don’t immediately run headlong on a task because there is now a historical event here now on the stream or maybe 100 in the record you can stream this one watched Aldy you understand older fans of classic arena shooters here are older fans of Alda who love secrets who don’t run headlong into the breach who loves hardcore and prefers to explore every corner in the game you understand that for waffle difficulties please follow on other channels, but oh-pa-na ode to the rocket launcher from Igor move from below from which bottom so once the top father himself received I found the secret so as not to die move with the last buttons to kill the enemy press lk I good luck with your adventures yes yes yes the hint is just for ages excellent were a great hint during the stream it’s impossible to watch I’ll look better recording a little didn’t understand that it’s impossible to watch the other way around it’s cool when it’s the live broadcast that’s amazing we’re sitting here talking talking all the same nishtyak so there was someone there, okay dick with him I wanted to find that secret I found one-stop and now there are rocket launchers for which top five yes everything needs to get used to control quietly management needs to get used to the fact that I forgot it, it seems to me the further the more difficult it will be, I think we’ll figure it out, I think we’ll solve this add-on no, this is an independent game that, in principle, can be called an add-on to some extent, but I wouldn’t because as I said this is a standalone project this game does not require the original sirius sam part 4 steam library does not require so this circle turns out to be made before the game weighs, by the way, somewhere plus or minus 25 gigs, so I don’t remember how much the four weighed, this weighs 25 gigabytes is almost much required to compare part 3 of part 3 at all was in strata for optimization so the rocket got it well, well, rockets are against these fat mobs it will rain well and I miss him so much remember how it was plus put if you remember the land all of a sudden and why the hell and why the hell are stacks suddenly 16 hp normal with one shot clearly o what do i do now wait with such a happy i will be killed i __ decide now something to do with the plot 4 sam yes but in the description read everything is written there in detail so now lets go to the right music music o additional will appreciate it ok but lets do it a little differently chat year the headlights will be somewhere at 22:00 Moscow time, yeah, that is, I came over the fence, okay, lets go to the firebox, first I zipe four also passed at first supplements performed and then already shown the main task and as a rule when I went to the main task it was already packed it was very well packed the miracle of the machine here they quietly let me __ something else dreams another need you are still alive or are we simpler even it seems to me sometimes it doesn’t aim just from the hip, __ everything like perhaps the show well done task completed the target free these toads are not very fierce oh no yes no __ but all the bad guys running away you are a living new monster appeared until now here we really just stupid icy wasteland understand siberia all this bombs to dangerous mines and if i go like this ayah better not go there better not go there no __ though if it was possible to drive a bull there it would be good very sense she khir du manohin put up a hut if not doors the door is sorted out calmly there 17 neatly the ammunition goes out just hard the world has come out for a long time she has not yet come out she is only in it’s coming out, it’s just coming out within the next one and a half hours, a good streamer has been watching for three years now, sometimes even old games at 60fps, though sometimes it hangs on bosses in general, 1010 views, I’m satisfied thanks for the kind words, it’s always nice to intercept, too, no need for a secret trap I knew but its a classic its a classic -1 and the reward will by the way lie and the reward will be grab a la meaning that is, I took myself 11 . and I also get all the rockets pissed well, zashib zashib well good go well go oh how good at maximum difficulty direct gift gift to marvelous gift armor yes plus the Siberian gulag with robots guards ok this is sirius sam well we are here for seriousness or something come no of course and for cranberries, yes, yes, between now, like a bum, shooting back with shotguns, 100 rockets are not necessary, but who, what, __ , these shorter utensils are the most dangerous in general, just the most dangerous, you need to find the entrance urgently, they are really the most dangerous in these creatures, everything is ready save __ safe save live balin even please remind me on which button perks on which button perks here from me there is a perk I would like of course to swing a little you can’t yes I understand enter the control room I’ll come garbage so the goal is completed kay here is the pumping before birth birth where about myself a small gift so we went to the equipment market but you can see all the enemies that are currently in the EU well, by the way, here is a new enemy, you have used skill points like this micro jumping micro jumper here you can pause too much text like this it looks like something like a monster from doom yes this is also new kind of like but it’s not exactly these ones, I just I just hate these reptilians and actively see them, I finally just hate them, well, yes, actually shooting so causing melee damage, you heal from dead enemies, sometimes items fall out looter shooter, let’s take this one and 1 pumping ours with you see rye, therefore, it makes sense here, and I want to file a complaint about the insufficient presence of the earth defense forces at the plant, which is a complete disregard for the strategic importance of resource extraction during the war, I decided to personally influence the situation, for which I will join the oos and apply for the organization of a committee for solving this problem, you squeezed to file if you want which pickaxe you can roll back and redistribute this melee practically I use therefore, in principle, there is no motivation here to roll back anything at all, as such, because it’s better for me if all sorts of resources fall out of opponents, cartridges, at least a little at least a little, but miss it, it will be a good help, so the culture of popov begins again who shoots 6 x 6 x n all even until I don’t see anything, maybe something will fall out of someone, maybe it will work somehow until the person doesn’t see it working a bit, and this is who again yo-mine is all on the cartridge for sure everything is just meat only hardcore yes, it’s like everyone shot the buzz of input baby buzz this is an instant healer in vector damn resources straight in general the minimum minimum give about smeg passed I saw the light ode dear diary recently a man named Dmitry came here he didn’t stay here long but all the time he wrote down his complaints with his own did it is so often that I no longer see the point in keeping a diary, alas, now it seems to me that it is somehow too narcissistic to let you dmi I ’ll go to the second drilling rig I have ammunition hidden there, then who knows for whom it came at all Light’s signature light knu for me for me cool o good wait wait for me the cans interesting then it will start some kind of batch now when I take them yes look no seriously even without this ok it doesn’t look like a distress signal let’s see that you are always broken for me just giving birth here you need to find out who it is big evil for and good vois there first, but if there is a pack of cigarettes in your pocket, well, in general, all life is straight, all Russian life was translated by the developers directly, but this is a subtle irony if something is so very very thin balancing on the edge of a knife like this, but in principle we are with you here it was already everywhere it was a pity there were no maps there were there were there were even an additional quest completed now it only remains right and take a buckshot, yes, I already took a sense, I missed a buckshot, well, what does it start, then 5 I already took it and where is the map that I missed apa, wait, stop, maybe you can climb up by the way it’s raining, I can’t music the game weighs a lot, about 25 gigs, about damn it, I thought that the box with pumping was delighted like I missed it just the box is stupid hey okay yes the red barrels are exploding until it seems the enemy I hear took the box over missed no husband found out that this is not a box we have already found out that this is a well box but it is a simple box you understand it without any tricks well, thats all its all suspiciously quiet, I dont like it nuka-nuka-nuka, but I understood without secrets until it flows to it exactly, and he is the main one, well, I cant get in, yes, this is a full-fledged game, but at the same time, it seems like additions are shorter her here you can sort it out, in short, the road is bought separately, x to x is healthy, healthy uncle thanks for the __ the more carefully you go through this game to the maximum for this complexity, the easier it is what will happen later because the perks are all natural, they also give a boost, they will be good, as a rule, your mouth, so far you, I haven’t seen me any loot from the killed enemies, two wisest teachers of life, time on the one hand, life shows how to value time and time how you need to appreciate life cool and did he say I don’t forget to take vaseline well thanks for the reminder so I want and here the weapon will start a new underbarrel grenade launcher on a shotgun good doc ok Remind faces well bath I can hear I need help I ask for communication towers soon yes another princess in the tower yes in this game by the way it’s not shameful to run back that you can get bulls in cabbage soup there is yes yes a bestiary in principle so far almost identical to what was in 4 + new mobs to a good head put the opera house with arguments and throws as a grenade launcher to shoot everything loshara so this is a grenade and the shotgun and the grenade launcher I get empty good ok so so so so your division max montespan network pan network mulch starts meat went slowly or machine gun some minigun cloak would be great but it’s normal, damn it, this game can’t be taken seriously, so I try to play my own in a normal way so petrel oil refinery northern complex one translation good mistakes it seems I haven’t met errors yet and haven’t seen spelling errors in the game and where are the kamikazes we’ll get to them where else service m without kamikaze but it’s my health and flew away and by the way slowly the bow began to finally hit yes who shoots the act of time then oh you scum music music but he sees everything music music I can’t climb I just thought I’d try to climb on the truck, it wo n’t work, by the way, about the birds, I can’t take it, you can’t give it as a gift Echka is here, but there is no sense, so the graphics, by the way, have become prettier, the graphics have improved mine, well, good in beauty, run in the mountain in the snow help the water, but you, it’s you, come to the car, tell me, what do you hear, why don’t you drain it, let’s start with salt, I answer, it works one hundred percent of the time and it will drain the graph, he says the same as he was, I don’t know how to wag, I forgot, so it didn’t seem that got prettier, but the optimization is as shitty as it was, you can’t change it, and for the good of the country, for the good of the people, the petrel for yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, tell him, I saw somewhere, well, where here we have, somewhere we saw that such women went to tractors well, well, where did you see us for a long time like this here where you can find such gasoline 95 998 174 9 diesel propane 195 9 herechit prices this is a parallel but you got yourself one spark can cause a fire, remembering the safety precautions, this is about my ass, the Stolz stage is not, but in principle, I agree that one spark can cause a fire in my fart, but it’s better not to bring it to this, I can jump well, what else is starting hello Yes, a typical problem, try to open the valve under the machine and drain the excess liquid from where to drain from which hole it’s great fast, that’s good, why could I not vomit 100, it may be needed that people like that I have 14 more under the barrel under the barrel, I need to save, well, let’s open it and genius 1 chrome and ingenious potential the game, well, it’s got to jump in, what starts music dream book take your feet away from here music your mother flew in the ass looking for you Che Dora who starts from the __ wow nifiga here the fit is normal yes yours should have been right away so run we all understand, I screwed everything up music what are the norms yes, come on, balin needle from the only such hole, well, sho send cramps continue music music to shoot somehow it’s not clear the trajectory to grow weak investments hesitated here just now and where is the headshot and upa so the weapon reloads faster hold a pistol or other one-handed weapon in each hand so well, right there, because everything goes along the branches shoot reload even while running now you can take 2 good ones in both hands music this is a good thing by the way you need to take dota so that later you can take 2 guns with you so normally upstairs and I can somehow get interesting to try and there is a trip not here music but I need to go here from there if I go I can go there no over there with this loot everyone lies the door is locked understood mine took the monitor 144 hertz until well, the game doesn’t feel like there is some kind of optimization such a self actually could be better you want to live like in a fairy tale go to the factory chat heard petrel always waiting for new employees work we have high incomes career growth life insurance trips to egypt well, rather dcom not applicable donation will end and everything will remain only here this is so that it is written to you in the brochure only it will remain to do so enemy troops around the enterprise, this order announces the suspension of work at the petrel enterprise for an indefinite period. Enough brains already to make a schedule for the production of an enterprise on the evacuation of personnel of enterprises, it’s all clear notification of the siders I refuse to fulfill my duties aging stupid documents they make no sense it’s just another bureaucratic waste paper on the planet top bis aliens aliens who want to kill us all I have to print stupid orders and orders we need to bring down the plant throw the hell out of his faces here siberia there is enough space for everyone everyone will come in short exit if you want and Im leaving the secretaries of the deputy director sidorov well handsome sidorov than I can say I can’t say yes so the management everything is clear sidorov well done smoking and swearing is allowed only in specially designated places for this, well done, all rank by rank, the general position is so dick here they have damn rules here, just do n’t freak out don’t panic on the side it’s not the first time and let’s hope for the best don’t come up for the last time in the run get used to it organize groups of three to four people try to find a temporary shelter where you will be safe do not run to meet faces to planetary origin in order to spend touch smell take pictures get drunk borrow money start fair fights in the name of universal retribution perform sexual acts towards persons of a seemingly particularly attractive appearance or just on a dare, arm yourself with items suitable against persons of alien origin to ensure your own safety in case of unforeseen contact of the second and third degrees on the Hynek scale in case of impossibility to avoid direct contact with persons of alien origin of the second and third among the wealthy calmly second or third degree well bloom your risks make sure that you are able to cope with the aliens available to you weapons are not recommended to try to tie or beat persons of alien or unknown origin who are doubled exceeds you in size has a ranged weapon at its disposal or screams without a head it is not recommended to try to shoot down flying aliens from the ground with stones or a bottle it is recommended to try to drive away aliens located on the territory of the enterprise using abs valuable vocabulary and primitive threat contact the production security service, this is their job and there were auditors, in short, it’s just a row and it’s easy to create a well- written so simple text composed by a damn real bureaucrat who killed a slave. otsuka, well, it’s a thrill, it’s a thrill, of course, it’s a thrill, of course, it’s written for the soul, they just developed a style along the way, they enjoyed it, when I charged all this, they wrote they simply composed persons of alien nationality, yes, yes, so wait, and there it was possible to go down, see this, probably, the site is a quest no, it’s not called well, such a mug is not forbidden, just with a hand about the pain of nurses lianas of course raw lianas come on chateau you are there this relaxed quite there it is a few four with likes not unloaded come on lets unload them what is the standard you didnt fulfill all lets go vodka work wonders it says bottles dont throw wanted crutoysam stone award one million c accusations brutal murders participation in large scale terrorist attacks propaganda uprising against the tahoma empire outrage against the dead grand theft equipment dangerous driving with our unsuitable for battle clothes the poster already had the __ time to put up your __ mind well you dont only people still came here The bureaucrats’ mess is good, I knew it, only he’s going to start __ here, where’s the ice, where is everything now it’s clear what to do in the event of an invasion music so that the scum just heals you no well lady jeep. horde hunting season mental open buttermilk killed me then music from the entire shipyard number 13 collected a cash reward, he is also given thanks to natalia for entertaining videos about the meaning of which I am not Anatolia, but also hard workers, you are great, well done, hard workers, it’s good to support the streamer its just a good deed mom love the weapon my favorite __ rushka and these are burners these pins poked me then I realized that my favorite burned glasses hot let off the steam dont go under the exhaust gas jet who forced these texts just go I can it starts because everyone threw off chop chop on- fraternal hard workers what do you think iron or something they also have a low salary work there so lead to the father’s first aid kit how to play first aid kits on music oh music what kind of scum to get a hundred through the hole could not become thrown there it was necessary somehow take good aim and more and more of it more pills fell down saw poker time just one sigh oh but it’s not lucky now your rocket launcher has fired everything is there no homing hamill knows a pancake one shotgun but a blunder just to put a double-barreled shotgun on it would be generally good it would be just wonderful so something from above and why it is necessary for so the secret is found by me so far buzz on the shore of the sky there will be there I know you also see a secret there is a conditional secret you can take da god of war it will be somewhere at 22 Moscow time today there is no fire and at first it was just completely gloomy now something has gone the heat has gone good cartridges for the machine gun is good, I would rather give this machine gun myself, I don’t have it yet, it would be a very simple wonderful thing music for everyone who just falls connected, I remind you of the maximum difficulty thanks and buckshot for general yes, it’s generally voa good that the buzz didn’t use quality the twenty-second century until this is this amount of thanks, yes, there’s nothing for me, for which you, too, thanks for the invoice, go to the bottom, because you need to it will be right now, by the way, it’s interesting to do it, it’s impossible to work half-life of a new one, yes, yes, it’s impossible to be shorter there, either according to scripts, or what are you doing there? body, how will they be there in short, good afternoon, anton, I threw off the donation of the hard workers to be angry, you can call him the return address, Karl Marx street, house 84, morphine, the envelope is not needed, but I respect it, this is the trade union of hard workers, this is all the questions to that hard workers who, well, apparently a little under the schaf that mixed everything up then all the questions for him are not for me I have nothing to do with it at all you mess up with the rings of the board or the tone and appeared from well well, how good the classic classic is like that the same but I don’t like it has everything about and __ to me I don’t like it all, yes, the hard workers were just offended that their plan revealed that they didn’t cut it off and they got angry at it all the same, but panic on the side, it’s not falling anymore for the first time it was almost written that I didn’t read it at the linoleum share shabby well that’s all I got up stalker 2 chat so not yet use I won’t use anything before I want to file a complaint about or compliance with safety protocols at the plant on the mainland upon arrival I was not asked for identification because everyone the security guards were dead and in addition to this, the torn limbs lying around everywhere violate paragraph 5 of the sanitary standards, he is so first-aid kit from the bottom right and then the presence of a buzz that I have in my pocket and in short chat with whether you build stalker 2 for the second stalker bugs are not enough per square meter well, yes, yes, there is such a way to meet with a survivor on the communication towers who complain everything back, you can return to become, I want we still have left of what we are looking for left and didn’t understand, and two servants, the good old double-barreled shotgun music removes the ban at the factory, such toxic was found this cat has a border area steam cleaner __ live and let the devils go and wait and rain and where did three shells end up for me what asuka applause well they asked him so I hate those bone bastards yes I shot in the balloon yes __ is good not bad yes damn such a good blow was a brilliant save just a __ right now dies again no yes good too __ up okay progress as long as you are standing still so how the hell would I understand you before the field lets all to balat reduce the difficulty select save loading the last yes well danced maybe the difficulty to reduce is not for this we put a check skype cuts reduce difficulty music __ music everything is cleared go to the emergency elevator rush is good Im here anus but its not so high pci low-poly pipe I look at our pensions returned a successful stream to the mishan there is such a matter of rules used a freight elevator to call cabin press the call button wait for the elevator door to open when you enter the cabin, press the lift down button wait for the elevator door to close wait for the elevator to stop moving if the rift malfunctions and inform the dispatcher about it it is forbidden to repair the non- working elevator on your own get out of the faulty elevator operator enter the elevator shaft if you play in a cooperative portal is located at the bottom parts of the elevator shaft if you play in single player mode with portals it will be necessary to call the liv again like this music dora is already on my way __ and grays my beauty dill so as not to piss off the ammunition, I took it from the secret, accidentally found absolutely Anton straight from the elevator, yes, the swift is met by Aksai, and where are you from dry, lets go here more, its all gone everything but this is already half 2 some kind of city-17 went you so vova love the Komi secret smells no that serious no here there is no secret yes it ca n’t be that’s why you couldn’t put anything here but at the developer’s, well, what the hell, the ideal place was for the secret, just perfect, I don’t know, it’s even better not you can even put it down the stairs there is no top and bottom it’s also right up to the skeleton in 1 part how they ran I agree to some extent by the way it was borrowed in the game too live like I came here, but everything is normal block reforming what reforming some kind of reforming is incomprehensible there someone is sleeping, but I pressed melee hail churov only figase they fell out there look watching looking normal normal well yes yeah yeah borrowed Sams lesson yes yes, yes, there will still be someone who is not __ visible music about her, but the grenade launcher on the drobash and straight very well help out someone very, very, very well there will also be secrets for a hundred poods here, too, there will be some of these five, I tell the fortuneteller don’t go, on my channel there is a walkthrough at maximum difficulties, the third part 4, this is, respectively, a scorpion that they also added a joke here now, is it far from Egypt that he crawled this pictures are incomprehensible so we need to go there too, sorry, it’s small under the canopy, then it may not be enough here, in principle, everything is more or less balanced ooo wait, wait, wait, you hipp is a dead end that they still didn’t say that they took it from secret, this is again the same instruction, you and I already read it, but me and me where to stay I’m here yes I was here everything I understood where I came, wait there the buns are how not to take an opan look, but I’m a fool I can’t get there, it’s frail, he cuts the campaign, I can’t sadness pitchfork rock was Hamburg music yes excellent the music there was a pity only copyright not all attacks will not be shown on YouTube right away copyright will arrive so I will not activate the script until it looks like collecting well with you nickname yes, no, but I need to go there so that we are not in a hurry collage kind of life goes well when you find a cheesecake machine I think it’s good yes you __ music __ humanoids __ reptilians so yes yo -my good tigra collage 7 for we first time well so this the same profession, the game Alena damages very well, the secret potential is so clear that everything was opened, but why completely out of sadness, but I want the target designator didn’t go away somehow, somehow I didn’t miss anything here, but this is a favorite secret, we say stalker stalker tch 1 explosive si 4 plus 1 everything is one thing up to but normas now 1 take on 2 machine guns for 2 kalash in hands and that’s all and I’ll blow it I’ll just hit a significant part of all the toys here to go there music don’t let me buckshot now I now need a machine gun for ammunition but well, it’s another matter, it’s just an urgent need for a box with pumping, well, I knew what a job is and now it’s going to start __ I’m aware of ra keep the __ informed music tactics th galaxy music table and how long it got away, I don’t know, in short, here it’s like this, I didn’t have time, what come on with knives, you sho __ is brilliant, just like that, everything now needs to be done clearly and everything has been stolen yo-mine, but really what a city-17 done pissing just about like this now everything is collecting it is necessary music I don’t want and don’t want to go up music opana top well everything was also a good place to shoot back so one more all four but it’s against skeletons well it became already understood this morning we were looking for at the factory, supplies suddenly noticed a strange take in one of the old workshops of a mental soldier used drones to install some kind of strange platform, we waited for them to leave and then went to look at these things closer, max decided to step on one of the platforms and immediately flew up about ten meters, for sure I dont know but it looks like mental sheep use these devices to quickly get to a higher position or get to hard to reach places we we had some fun and started jumping all over the building until max nearly broke both of his legs trying to do a backflip while leaving we took a couple of platforms with us I tried to disassemble and slightly change one of them but nothing happened the technology looks simple but I still don’t I understand how it works I can only assume that the platform creates a powerful directional anti-gravity field I don’t know if it’s possible to use them somehow but with their help so that but with the help of those gizmos you can hide supplies in places where the enemy can’t find Zhenya’s signature Well done Zhenya about her yoga, well, I won’t go there, this is already a chat for the next issue, but for the next issue, and mentals, as in English, writes like this, like it and like it in the comments, write what you think about this game, and of course, thank you for watching for attention, special thanks for the likes and personal gratitude to all the boys and girls whom I supported with donations and a sponsorship subscription, we will meet with you today in about an hour at the next stream, bye bye steam taro buns Это прохождение (walkthrough) Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem.Спонсорская подписка: на канал: Наша группа Вконтакте: Описание игры Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem: С возвращением в мир «Serious Sam 4»! Siberian Mayhem — это новая отдельная глава приключений «Крутого» Сэма Стоуна. Исследуйте просторы России в попытке настичь предателя генерала Брэнда, который всегда на шаг впереди Сэма. Путь будет долгим и ой каким занимательным! Дополнение Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem разработано Timelock Studio совместно с Croteam и представляет новый взгляд на уже знакомое приключение, полное забытых историй, неизведанных мест и фирменных перестрелок Сэма с ордами Ментала. Все на бой, товарищи! ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ В СИБИРЬ ...сердце России. Эти земли огромны, холодны и настолько непредсказуемы, что даже инопланетные захватчики чувствуют себя как-то потерянно. Побывайте в прекрасном и опасном мире, где на пяти новых уровнях вас ждут арктические побережья, безлюдные леса, заброшенные деревни и жуткий город-призрак. В Сибири хватает места, чтобы сражаться и исследовать её столько, сколько захочется. ЗВЕРИ АПОКАЛИПСИСА Только сильные духом могут выжить в Сибири, и Менталу это прекрасно известно. В Siberian Mayhem к его Орде присоединяются новые опасные враги и боссы, в том числе и настолько устрашающие и продвинутые создания, каких вы и представить себе не могли. ТАК ЗАКАЛЯЛАСЬ СТАЛЬ Между Сэмом и его врагами всегда стоит только одна вещь — его пушка. Порадуйте себя смертоносным арсеналом нового оружия, в который входит легендарный АК и экспериментальный арбалет «Перун», а также многое другое! Хотите нести смерть с воздуха или стать одним целым с 50 тоннами чистой огневой мощи? Новые гаджеты и транспортные средства готовы исполнить ваши самые разрушительные мечты. СВОЙ СРЕДИ ЧУЖИХ, ЧУЖОЙ СРЕДИ СВОИХ Когда кажется, что приключение уже закончилось, и этому миру больше нечего вам рассказать, вселенная даёт вам второй шанс. Встречайте банду новых изгоев и других неожиданных персонажей, которые помогут Сэму в его путешествии в Тунгуску. Завершайте дополнительные задания, чтобы узнать о прошлом этих суровых земель. И внимательно исследуйте окружение — мир сам расскажет вам то, чего вы никак не ожидали услышать. ТАЙНЫ СИБИРИ Земли Сибири необъятны, не изучены и полны секретов. Полезных, глупых, странных, знакомых... каких там только нет. Сможете найти их все? #SeriousSamSiberianMayhem #SeriousSamSiberianMayhemпрохождение #прохождение steam hack get all games game of thrones the board game steam how to use a bamboo steamer for dumplings steam pool game where to buy steam games