Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem: #3 - Siberiade (First Playthrough)

Steam cbssteam sales SERIOUS SAM: SIBERIAN MAYHEM hello everyone and welcome back to sirius sam siberian mayhem where today were gonna be playing level three siberia weve left off in the previous levels and out over and out all right seems easy enough going to branzas thing probably see helicopter maybe we havent really had any ai companions this game so far not necessarily a bad thing just an observation but lets with that observation move on im not sure if there is anything going on in this very much a starting room type place but there is a decent chance we can just run away i suppose we will find out in approximately eight more minutes once ive checked every single passageway i can explore this place and ah yeah i dont think i can quite make this jump for instance it looks like it barely has potential but no Laughter were not doing this today or well in this first area the blue glow that i saw was from that tower i think its about time we move in to siberia in a minute this is going to take a minute but theres uh theres so many sites to see here theres trucks theres a little house-y thing sounds playing in the background wolves howling it says get a vehicle with a thing over there so theres a decent chance were supposed to go in that direction but well get to that when we get to that for now point from the get-go thats actually a very kind and generous gift i dont really know what direction i want to take this into um because i dont hate going in the melee attack so we can get rodeo time i dont hate aiming speed movement speed while aiming dual wield other weapons is why i thought i could do real shotguns in the series im 4 and now i couldnt its just an ability and i dont know genuinely not 100 certain but i dont hate this lets just do a boring one nice 50 splash damage resistance makes me feel safe makes me feel secure makes me feel good lets just move on weve been in this little starting zone for long enough i say as i see potential i feel like i can get on top of these trucks and then just jump over the thing you know but there is more than likely to be just an invisible wall here that would stop me from doing that also this doesnt really seem to lead anywhere but i mean you got you gotta try you know you gotta try these things someones gotta try these things and i have allocated myself to be the person that does do you think i can jump around like that for instance jump around just barely reach the top part maybe very much potentially possible i think im done with this area lets go to our first fight that actually uh translates it thats nice i wonder if i could do that with more text oh dead or alive and thats the guy from the talking and the cutscene and the thing thats fair enough ive never actually tried to look at these posters before like this and im kind of curious if it works with stuff like that im gonna assume the amsterdam is no but kind of neat that exists you know just kind of neat thanks good good message i didnt really have anything equipped that i would be able to dual wield also once again i have been distracted by potential jumping shenanigans because if i can jump on top of this i can choose the inevitable fight thats going to occur here but just hanging out thats a rocket launcher its a rocket launcher a first real one thats good what kind of enemies will we fight clears good is it worth using the rocket launcher on clear is not especially id say not immediately at least okay maybe getting it a bit close because last time i could just run in circles and the clears effectively did nothing to me plus i can now run and shoot as well which gives me way more defensive capabilities as well so im just gonna do this for a while see how it works out and also im just gonna deal with some of these because theyre worrying yeah there you go i should probably be dealing with these a little bit quicker than i currently am but ah this is working out uh please die youtube grenades on shotgun very nice there we go before you know it all our problems taken care of relatively easily i still hear someone look at that wonderful all we ever need is a shotgun im sure theres technically other weapons available lets just try explosions instead i feel like that is a solid answer to most of lifes problems in this life at least yeah running in circles and explosions is honestly fairly effective and just a really nice shotgun the shotguns honestly so nice in this game it really simplifies a lot of the problems that i would otherwise have with my trying to stay aliveness you know but so far so good theres still a couple power-ups in this area alone apparently yeah some of the power-ups that i tried to pick up on previous levels i just disappeared it was frequently just power-ups that dropped from killing enemies because of the perk that i have and i need to i need to be a bit more focused on that i think just pay a little bit more heat to whether or not something actually seems accessible or not from the get-go or if that has dropped because an enemy died somewhere on the other side of the world because that can take a lot of time of me jumping into a wall when there is other walls that i could be jumping into instead for long quantities of time and obviously i gotta make some type of priorities anyway i feel like theres gotta be something here you know the levels have all been really big and having just an area without secrets is quite frankly almost impossible to me so were gonna just do one more loop around i know weve been here long enough lamps were bred there previously but no longer i say that they are still red it was a lie but zero secrets in the starting room i find that dubious i find that dubious at best and not worst words that will not come out of me today theres a bunch of leaves on some of these things as well but they do not lead to secret areas unfortunately either it is a mystery for sure but perhaps we just have to accept that there maybe just isnt anything in this first area at least not found by me unless it actually is a jumping puzzle we still we have yet to have a proper jumping puzzle in this game thats not just made up by me so there is that potential of courses there is always the possibility of a jumping puzzle that i have missed but i might not be the person to find that out but i think i might have to come to terms with the fact that there just doesnt seem to be anything here my god but theres ammo here still i have a weapon i didnt use admittedly because i didnt have to but you know that is what it is lets just move on five shells very nice my favorite weapon might be the shotgun after all so having more shells is probably for the best yeah fair enough its the quiet area oh baby you showed up just in time now let me see how good this thing is it works pretty well online thats a good good thing i cant shoot on it very nice very good can i do jumps oh yeah maybe shouldnt have done that specifically but there was no way to know that i was going to explode when i ran into it i suppose i dont know what the health was of this thing before i started messing around but it would be kind of surprising if it is better now i somehow destroyed something on top of this which i didnt expect to be destructive but sure this however it it grants me a platform thats effectively what i just see this as its just a movable platform for me currently right so were just gonna see just a final little look-see right here to see if we can use this platform for maximum potential but it does look like this place is pretty well boarded shut if you have to ask me and i am the person currently available for questioning so there is that im just making super duper sure you know this level is going to take hours i mean that one that much is guaranteed for any level of this game this one in particular im worried this might be the rest of my life we might actually just live the rest of our lives in this level alone when i got on that it was pretty much against the wall and id like to have it actually be in that position but its tricky to keep it that way unfortunately yeah well because i guess this is also like higher well then not really this is this might actually work out this might be the one come on come on sam come on samuel come on serious samian there we go is there going to be an invisible wall i can almost guarantee it but yeah it was not to be i dont know what i expected toggle view ooh neato i think ive come to terms with it were moving on were finally moving on this is taking long enough its about time to do some proper exploration im a little concerned about the fact that we got a vehicle uh in general because that probably means this level is going to be pretty big and i have taken a while on some of these levels already let alone a level thats going to be fairly sizable but well see maybe its maybe wont be too bad yeah i believe that can we go through enemies yes yes yes yes that is four yeses and a five that did three damage to my vehicle good to know a little concerned about it can i read this no it is specific text that i can read fair enough i suppose it tells me where to go thats nice yeah this is gonna take a minute this place is huge it is at least somewhat fenced off good i see someone elses plane blow up for once though and its nice back on track anyway yep back on track uh im still good im still alive im feeling helpful i think theres a wall here Laughter thats why nothings happening the way i want it to anyway im pretty sure this is a shortcut right when i have to assume its the ski secret in a second the ski free monster is going to show up i i was behind me so you know thats what the ski free monster does he kills people instantly so realistically that was exactly as expected now arguably this is a terrible idea but you gotta wonder what it looks like and quite frankly im not disappointed and even more frankly im surprised that this is allowed Music given given uh what just occurred but yeah sure ill take it its not death thats pretty good for me im high standards thats a win so im gonna take that ah theres so many fences but so many things behind defenses that look like they have potential this just leads back right but i might be able to jump on these pipes though this actually seems like it was almost intended to jump on top of on on top on and then run back right and then run back to the structure where we came from because this is quite quite the pipe this is quite the pipe im unsure if i can get to the other side of the fence now but i should be able to i would assume were gonna explore every single nook and cranny of this gigantic desert of a level and i cannot wait Laughter this is gonna take at least two years to complete but that is fine that is the kind of playthrough that this is it is non-stop exploration action look at that i fell down ah this might not be good its a good thing i saved before jumping down because i think i might yeah im a little stuck there a little stuck little stuck little stuck a little stuck but thats okay i did not say recently oh my goodness so theres a chance this is not intended uh given the level of difficulty i would explain like say uh call it to get out of that little cranny there but maybe thats the one cranny that they didnt think of and i was just lucky and thats the kind of positivity were gonna take into trying this again because uh im feeling hopeful i am certain there is a secret in the starting area and im going to find it thats fine oh no okay so theres a chance that wasnt okay maybe maybe not that part of the starting area but certainly over here for sure just ignore what you just saw that was not part of the part of the showcase yeah now its starting to become like one of my serious time videos Laughter its a bunch of walking i mean this does give me a good view on the area to see if at least if there was something there and im feeling fairly comfortable with the with my decision to move on from it as you can see as im running around the entire building one last time and there is all these little areas i can now actually see up close so thats kind of nice i havent seen any respawning enemies yet so thats quite cozy that doesnt seem to do much i mean admittedly this place might be fairly big given what we have seen so far this might be reachable with the vehicle but im not 100 sure i would go about doing that unless i could get the vehicle on the pipe somehow ah which im gonna say is a little unlikely i could probably just put a timestamp uh in the video somewhere thats like heres where my shenanigans end and i play the game again but until that point were just gonna enjoy the exploration because quite frankly i like running around these worlds theyre quite nice theyre quite nice to run around and quite nice to roam and if there is something hidden somewhere in a far off edge of the the level somewhere and it would be kind of cool to just see boxing yeah would be much appreciated if somehow i stumble upon a secret way early way earlier than intended and thats pretty cool too thats unlikely its fairly unlikely admittedly but not technically impossible lets go through each reach a high area like a high top of this mountain just check out the view because in sirius sam 4 the level stretched on for about 100 miles theres birds not surprising i did not expect birds somehow that really caught me off guard i have seen birds already but they seemed very much just sort of part of the first level and not really part of anything else so far so more seagulls as well theres a whole bridge here well is it a bridge or is it just forests um i mean im gonna be honest this this i could do this forever im not gonna lie i could just run into this direction for what some would describe as longer than i probably should but i probably should head back in a second here im feeling somewhat comfortable that the pipe is meant to be jumped on top of but just to go in the other direction but as you see from the map splashing thats usually an indication of youve gone too far please stop this nonsense right now because you know what youre doing and quite frankly we dont respect it so you know what theres towers in there dont worry about it it is probably very barren so were just gonna leave that alone for now its at least its a load of my mind is what it is silent in the distance not very silent it was quite the louder but yeah its its it just just feels cozy to me you know like like i came back to into an old world where everything is just a little bit simpler and i can just run around all willy and nearly i can respect those little moments similarly though first of all is this anything nope that is just a rock and thats the sound of me walking through or trudging if you will snow so fair enough but this like look at this this is like perfectly set up to walk on top i mean i mean really though i get you know ah Laughter they had good intention like they knew that people were gonna run on the pipe its just they thought they were gonna go in that direction and then give up but fortunately youre dealing with a professional idiot and i for one of course im not gonna take the obvious route in there similarly is this also just gonna be an invisible wall under mine field but look at that uh it goes underground theres so much potential there i want to see it were sticking to this wall im feeling confident there is going to be something theres a tree there thats been explored that might say mines i guess yeah it does all right well that explains the mines i just accidentally hit that one little area where the game was like you know what no mines here somehow managed to circumvent that little one theres a lot of mine signs over here though but if i suddenly go be bang i wouldnt be too surprised sound into me it actually just goes on for so long as well Laughter oh jeez what excuse me that is not what were about here oh look at that what is this it is ammo it is hell it is my car and something wobbly but im not sure exactly what is being modelling can i destroy this no seemingly not at least it just seems odd doesnt it why would you want to defend this i mean there is a path here i guess i dont know well get back to this at least there was a bunch of cool stuff there so i can kind of appreciate it i guess Music i think im going back in the direction of where the original path was now because im a little curious to think am i not in the mine area now im actually a little confused about everything now i appear to be stuck on this tiny branch and it takes quite a while to go backwards on a hill yeah i thought this was the mind place i dont know anymore this place is rather large perhaps for now were gonna stick on the path but im not gonna lie this is gonna take a while this is the kind of place that is put in my face and then it will take at least a year before im through it all hunting ranch security checkpoint four oh thats exciting sam stone is a traitor to the human race did you know that for each of us he kills we have to kill ten of you isnt that tragic stop the killing kill sam stone that does explain why all of humanity is dead i mean a lot of people do die in this series so i guess if thats the reasoning they used and they counted that does lead to a fair number of people at the end of the day im gonna stick to the path for a minute let me just actually just stick to a path before i just go full off-road lets go on a journey here because people do have a tendency to put things on pass rather than just somewhere having said that i did just find a life up somewhere i could actually just go for the bus i guess actually a nice little bit of art on this little bus station as well but not a bus schedule to my knowledge i mean theres the bus number storm bring a refinery all right well get to that i want to go to the hunting lodge first though this place is actually absolutely massive oh this is gonna be oh this is gonna take a while refinery hunting ranch compressor station but i mean look at this Music oh thats not good thats not thats a sniper right there uh am i gonna die here this is not a great place but ill just park that there just dont mind me the snipers concern me the most everything else im not really too bothered about i think i i think i got him lets say yes im just gonna say were shooting at the enemy as well i really am struggling to tell all right we got the green one the mute the list because its now formally known some rockets there is i think another sniper that one i think everything else not a care in the world one care please good god oh that looks nice nice little outpost Laughter oh good well this is puzzling oh this is gonna take a while i im not a pipemaze master im not gonna lie where do i even go this both of these oh no oh and that one oh theres a lot theres a lot of entrances let me just see what we can do here let me just verify something real quick do i need to go there how do i verify this i dont think this oh no Laughter okay um well lets say were close because we gotta stay optimistic in the land of pipe mazes uh my humblest apologies for anyone that is forced to watch this because this this will take the rest of our our consecutive lives here and i do mean r as in uh both me and whoever is watching this this this all right so realistically this can only be reached like this right lets just go from here and figure out if we can just reach this somehow there we go so we got that and this one to my understanding would then have to be reached from here because this doesnt seem usable but then theres this problem that we have gotten ourself into perhaps this is the path im supposed to take for that but then realistically this would have to be either this position or this position to be anything really right so i mean its pretty close right its getting there Laughter okay yeah that seems fine probably i hope theres more than one solution to this because i im sorry if theres not oh yeah yeah this is doing my head in a bit all right so this can i reach this any other way like i could do something like this and then take this path but i dont think i can connect anything realistically except like that but then id have to go from here ah and the problem with that is as weve stated previously that this needs to be in this position or this position because otherwise i cannot finish the maze yes so logically speaking and we are using logic today everyone its the first its a world first does this work no that doesnt connect it that way oh yeah yeah yeah yeah this is so close its actually so close i kind of feel like i want to try two different solutions right now and im sort of stuck in the middle of this one because this is this is all pointless this this to my understanding if i get it correctly this has to be more or less like that is that true Music lets say yes for for everyones benefit lets say that has to be like that and then i try to create a pathway to here instead right is that a wild idea am i being ridiculous right now because the problem is this also needs to be either this or this im fairly sure otherwise i cannot actually reach this top right one so i dont know whats going on all the way over here but theres probably some way you can make the use of that i guess theres like a whole system here that could probably be used to connect something or another like this maybe no no i cant realistically see a way that i could ah no no this thing just doesnt work in any way that i can see it connect to anything that i could actually use all right this is usually where i get the solution by accident and im kind of hoping that we just reach one of those wonderful occasions because quite frankly that is the most likely way were going to get to the end of this uh before the heat death of the universe so preferably preferably we do reach that we can get so much by just doing this right such a shame such a shame about this i have to make a choice to that part of that path unless i can make disconnect oh its so close its so close yeah we did i it quick save were not doing that again but okay thats a mechanic i wasnt ready to think today thats that wasnt my first my first expectation upon playing this but we made it through we made it through a pipe maze and you know what the only way to get better at pipe mazes is to be doing them continuously at a pace of about one for every couple of years Laughter what just happened i got one out of three key all right cool we got ourselves a key card very nice very good were at a decent amount of c4 so thats looking pretty nice as well does that count as a secret because it did seem like it was indicating nope 27 secrets good good good good we are going to be here for a while like if if an alternate solution to that puzzle was shoot that i wouldnt have been too surprised it would have been you know on on like thematically appropriate i would say ill come back for the jet ski at some point but for now or the snowmobile its probably a snowmobile isnt it either way well get back to that this worries me oh its nothing well sort of nothing you can kind of climb it but not quite this is where they were like we dont need mines for this because theres branches and those are kind of tricky to walk through i understand so you know what we dont need to mine that part similarly over here this is where the branches stop and the mountains start uh but we placed an invisible force field there because were aliens and we got that technology and thats why invisible walls exist all right anyway theres a whole area here im curious about it well get to that for now were gonna just try to sort of systematically make our way through this this place and hope that we find at least two more key pieces maybe a secret one of 27 secrets and uh im just slowly but surely also making my way back to our snowmobile then we can either go back that way through the forest and see if theres anything waiting for us in there which isnt too impossible quite frankly theres a decent chance all things considered uh or we can not well its not quite the direction of where were supposed to go but sort of in that direction i think im going to go with the forest though because we did find a like a health up there earlier so i wouldnt be too surprised there is something in this forest its not just a tiny little outpost with the health power up inside it im not sure if thats that right there a little grassy area or if this is just grass no this is like a little path all right this is what they were defending fair enough okay were getting there were making progress through large large place i mean im pretty much guaranteed to miss out on some stuff in this area and ive come to terms with that more or less Music its certainly a more or less kind of situation i could just go into the oil the oil field here but quite frankly thats not really a me type of route to take its the obvious one the most obvious one that i could think of someone appeared there just want to make sure that snowmobile stays alive because i think its going to be important in terms of keeping our movement speed up at least a little bit i just rocked similarly i think i can headshot with this right lets say yes anything hitscan i will hide behind a rock if i have to i am not afraid of hiding behind rock ill get my rockets back now upon killing enemies thats really nice thats just a guy were all good give me kind of like far cry 2 vibes specifically the second one wheres my flamethrower i am in need of it i want you that startled me in a way that im not currently ready to explain he did yeah you know what i just saw you know what i just saw over here its another pipe base Laughter ah you little bastards all right well get to that well get to that were doing more than one pipe maze every five years as it turns out Laughter uh pipe mazes i ive gone so long in recent years without a pipe maze and lately theyve been haunting me this comment will make more sense in two days when from when this video comes out i think i understand my uploading schedule somewhat i want to jump on top of this that much is certain i have i have accomplished it i think im ready to move on now look at that can i climb this at all Music welcome to climbing simulator i am your host john climbing climbing is my name and climbing is my game as it turns out and that is what were doing today were looking for some fun climbing activities and then we perform them and then were moving on i said previously i could place a timestamp for when i stopped with my shenanigans but thered have to be so many timestamps that quite frankly i can probably not even try so yeah it just this is just how i live god would it be possible though like can you imagine if i could go here and then like on top of this somehow like that would ah i could get so high and id be like yeah i did it i cant get on top of that at least but i dont know if i can realistically get any further than that i could probably get on like through this as well because this is like at least somewhat solid at times when it feels like it can you imagine the even better possibility which one could argue is would it would be the greatest thing it would thats the wrong button it would be the greatest thing if we can just take this jet snowmobile jet mobile and just well i mean that was pretty great but its not i was kind of hoping i could just use this as like get on a ramp and just go you know instead im more likely to just get this thing stuck in a wall somewhere because very few of this is actually real which doesnt help it does not help my situation there is a chance of course that im not supposed to be climbing this structure but personally i think those odds are very low look theres like a rope a tightrope going right to there i didnt expect any different i hope you didnt either Music all right i think i think im just about done i just need to try one more thing and then were ready to keep moving uh to the maze of course were not gonna be shooting anyone were gonna be playing bike mates forever but well get the well get to oh theres like a whole area there as well oh my god i love this like i genuinely love this i dont know how much of a viewing experience this is gonna be but i for sure am all about this so im okay with it yeah anyway lets just get this over with we got this one looks easier thats right uh that looks has to be like that oh was that it no theres more that was about to be the quickest solve of all time but unfortunately there was more pipe maze at the time there we go it was a lot easier it looked easier it was easier and we got the remote call for fire designator the topography artillery call targeted services the last resort Music for rockets Music yeah uh thats a gadget is it Laughter all right were well well do just like a brief test on this in just a moment lets just unequip that for now because quite frankly the lighting in here makes that pretty rough but i mean i got i have to at least try it right what is the hang on what am i even what is my a big reticle it just goes on oh my god this is click save oh oh thats dope thats really cool thats a really large area of effect Laughter let me run into it real quick this goes on for a while as well is this entirely safe for me oh my god oh my god thats that will just clear an arena from the look of things thats great love that love that more of that please very good how exciting i cant wait to actually use that somewhere but im afraid its gonna be one of those things thats gonna feel wasteful to use every day of my life and im its a little concerned im also curious how itll work indoors because i assume it wouldnt really but god i want to get on top of one of these structures because im feeling confident that the possibility is there but so much of this isnt solid that just seems unlikely and i dont think i actually see anything up there either but how cool would it be you know it would be cool to me specifically but still it would be very cool to me and not just medium cool you know so its like its pretty good its pretty good deal lets go this way uh lets take the snowmobile as well then we got two out of three keys im sure theres gonna be a third pipe maze im mentally prepared for it dont worry plus after this first one we got the adequate practice needed to get through the remaining pipe through mazes with relative ease im sure compressor station what is this missing girl from tennessee near the old hunters mansion apart from the lake blah blah blah delivered okay i should check that out see if i can help thats the most serious voice sam has ever had in any game that is like the first brought sincere kind of voice line i may have ever heard in my life and quite frankly it came out of nowhere i mean admittedly the missing poster didnt help but given that everyone died at one point i guess maybe at that point there is no much sincerity left and more just the revenge part of it all but still this just seems unusual im gonna just park that in the parking lot right here and were gonna just i mean i i get the idea is okay this is kind of spooky oh were gonna enjoy this i get the ideas youre not supposed to get the jet ski in here but i absolutely can that is that is the kind of promise you cannot make this place is cool as hell hello is anybody there help me Music Music can you find him please okay ill get back to you in a minute just just dont be scared all right the moment she started singing that song i have lost all faith in this Laughter oh i remember that song uh i remember it specifically from dead by daylight i guess but i remember that song Laughter oh good this is just big smiles all around i absolutely love this lets get going the music is fantastic this is so good all right lets go kill some undead teddy bears oh there we go this music is great very nice i think i see clears yeah oh thats not good oh thats not good at all because theyre a vampire i get it im in trouble but things are dying its working out the old running in circle strat i am nearly dead okay this is not going as well as high hope took a little bit more damage from things and things here also there is health over there so i could actually just grab that ah the teleportation is getting me Music let me get this real quick i am in need of this lets go get a teddy bear and uh im sure that was all the enemies in this area so thats working out wonderfully im worried about the fact that we still havent found a single secret area either were missing a lot or uh as expected this level is humongous but honestly im just expecting that were just missing a bunch of stuff and thats fine thought i saw something just looking everywhere right now slight hopes assault rifle full very witchery music i like it thats purple i see that finally i see something things that he might be able to acquire there we go thought i heard the screaming enemy it was nars and an instrument that i dont think i know the name of lets do this this will get the job done grenade on shotgun excellent weapon regular shotgun excellent weapon that ones in the ground a lot of the time thats okay trying to get head shots on these failing a little bit but not a lot so were good just freezing its breezing through ever since we got all those perks everythings gotten so much more doable i want that i dont know what it is but its big and glowy and i want it i want it now i want to get my first secret area please ive looked so hard already i just want the one ill take anything youve got if its just a giant pink orb ill ponder it for you do not fear anyway lets just give you in that direction im like 90 sure you can get this snowboard yeah the snowboard thats right the snowmobile in here and the snowboards as well and i think that would be kind of useful oh whats this its a calendar of the year 21-10 thats neat you think those days work like line up i could check a calendar right now but i will not no thats not ominous yeah this is fine this is good i can see anything going wrong in this place well im stuck on a pillow but can i climb out of the window no seemingly the answer to that is no this is so well done fruits good gotta stay healthy with your lamps thats very nice very well taken care of just you know rubber ducky within a circle of candles who doesnt have that thats classic room decoration Music oh no well we havent died yet this has to happen at some point right so lets make this our place of our untimely demise theres gonna be ice physics all over this place its gonna be interesting theres a teddy bear good fish joke i mean i have to try right oh that makes your temperature go down real quick i am stuck under here and i got an achievement for that uh what did i do not the best way to keep warm Laughter is there genuinely nothing in here because i did kind of give up on oh theres fish thats exciting how far does this go Laughter all right i dont think thats what youre meant to do what kind of cool the fish is in there i havent seen that enemy in years return to girls belongings yeah everythings fogging up yep of course its black magic what else is going were in a big eye circle what else was gonna happen except for our inevitable device oh i really kind of want to use this gadget but you know what lets see how it works i really shouldnt use this here but im gonna say that about every single location in the game so i should probably just get it out of the way and actually use it somewhere god that just clears everything that is so powerful thats a vampire i have to reload this gun a lot dont care for it oh there is a lot of you to be fair there is a lot of ammo in here as well but the ice physics makes these whoop real weird oh that hurts come on slowly but surely getting rid of a lot were fine were good dont like that guy that guys probably been dealing more damage to me than anyone else in this arena i think i just nearly fell in the water there do you think theres a secret for killing that fish im like thats the one thing thats on my mind the rest of the fight were dealing with it not concerned we used a really powerful gadget to get through it which was potentially not necessary oh good i dont have a sniper rifle i just instinctively tried to go for that oh i see uh were dealing with you the old-fashioned way because quite frankly theres a little bit too many ice physics going on for my taste to try and deal with this without rockets or other explosions uh but im concerned about the witches they are dealing damage i need to focus them down oh that actually did way more damage than i thought with one rocket nice i think one more should do it to that one at least there we go explode into gifts we are slowly but surely im taking so much damage from this but were focusing them down god im struggling to see them as well but its okay were good were fine just got a hit its proving to be surprisingly tricky in a nice based world were making progress for making progress that not hit you oh god god the music is so good though very good you know just a side quest this is a side area like all of this is not even like necessary to complete the level its just there also what is that over there is it just an army power up that just happens to be far away or is it something cool its just a power hour fire a power hour is what it is ah i mean this place is gigantic im not gonna explore all of it i think but were just looking around a little bit around the edges from a distance admittedly a sniper rifle would have been nice im gonna kill that fish Laughter i just want to be sure i just also need to find the hole but were good okay click save jump down whered he go i mean he went up there and then sort of left can i i gots to know yeah its real quick i wonder if you can get that that seems really really difficult what if i just shoot a rocket down there i dont know if that works such a massive underwater area as well you really cant see anything does it ever reach the bottom whos to say one more attempt oh you cant take him down thats a question answered is there a way to do that without dying i dont know whos to say i got two things on my mind thats that purple thing on that structure which i dont quite know how to get there but i have some options here and bringing back the teddy bear of course equally important definitely equally important as uh getting a random purple item which may or may not be good i was i think supposed to grab more things than just a teddy bear as well she asked for a lot of things in the little cutscene but truth be told i heard the music and i stopped oh yeah i was out im worried about falling down now but oh come on thats what i was just talking about but i think this is viable maybe to get to where i want to be is it intended whos to say nope theres a wall here okay well so much for that plan unless its up here i forget where the item actually was i guess theres a chance that it was up there instead yeah that seems about right actually its so good yeah i can see it now as well how do you get up there i guess i could just shoot it with a rocket i guess but i want to do some jumping what is that as well i dont seem to work but can i reach that realistically speaking maybe ill just teleport up there once i give this spooky girl lady some teddy bear oh no i see something in the distance not sure what were dealing with here but were shooting it from a distance for now thats rockets what is that oh its the bugs no worry on my mind just a couple bugs and a rocket friend who gave me some rocket back i think three rockets for the price of five thats not a bad deal ive had worse deals dealing with those enemies sometimes i just have to pistol them and its the worst dont mind that oh thats right there though how do i get well come back to that and we will lets you first just deal with the whole side quest thing we got going on here because im assuming thats about to come to an end and then were just back on our regular ladies scheduled shenanigans which will contain a snowmobile i can tell you that for free thats thats going to happen im just going to stick close to the wall here as well which ultimately lets put me behind this fence but thats fine its all working now its all working now are you pleased with this hello where are you little creepy girl found your toys thank you nice help that was hauntingly beautiful hauntingly beautiful hide and seek and uh hoverboard ah i im interested im curious how does it well get back to this i mean if this is the solution to my problem oh its very temporary it doesnt allow me to fly which is fair yeah all right i get the idea thats pretty cool not what i expected but im not taking nonetheless now lets especially now this is easy peasy because the door is open real big now there we go okay this actually makes exploring the area also just a little bit more tempting uh because this is just significantly faster this is a much better way to get around we are going to get that purple thing i can guarantee you that much even if it will be the last thing i do i will get this presumably theres just a path that i havent noticed yet or a teleporter or something or we just do that yeah i think we found a solution that solves all of our problems right here which is just to go to go up maybe not though i could hang out here forever this is like such good music i mean im not saying this is the intended solution but it certainly looks like one but this might actually be the intended solution to just walk there i just missed a path what do we got time warp not bad all right what else is up here might as well have a little bit of a look around its the first secret finally it has taken years but we did get there in the end but i think that might be all there is to this ah fair enough good enough for me lets move on i will just do one last circle with my jet board because i didnt really look around the edges of this place at all because quite frankly its enormous but with a vehicle a little bit more tempted a little bit more tempted not to like excessive measures or anything but just you know just a little bit of a look around ill take that kind of wish this thing could blow up trees like it can go through like wooden fences and things because it would solve a lot of the problems i currently have like look at this this little bastard of a brit of a branch thats just barely in the way and now im just austin powering my way to a workable situation and its just not the best its just not the best its not the best but its okay do you think hang on oh god okay this thing does not control well on ice uh against everyones expectations but okay just calm down were just gonna check out real quick assault rifle balls a lot of them as well i dont think this is anything but i could just like make that go down the hole i dont think this is gonna work ah god i wanna do something with these fish but i just cant figure out what were hoverboarding our way in there thats not good i dont know what happened to my hoverboard but it didnt put me in the position that i wanted to be and thats for sure all right yeah were done with the fish its its i have exhausted all the things that i can i have one more thing classic ice fishing strategy god that goes on forever yeah you know what i also cant seem to leave this once ive jumped in which you know fair enough its ice i jumped i jumped into ice water in the middle of a frozen lake i dont know what i was expecting but it was a mild amount of hope that perhaps i could just get out of there afterwards you know got the ice is doing things to me to me and my controls theres a little dip here but i dont think its anything ah well maybe its about time we moved on weve been playing for an hour and nine minutes weve found one secret area perhaps were doing this suboptimally Laughter whos to say who is to say i think im ready to move on its been a good while i had my fun but it is time this has gone on long enough i think i have exhausted this place to all of my capabilities and ill just have to do yep thats how i drive a snowboard Music this i dont know though look at this yeah rock i found that rock myself thats the house theres a whole area over here but there are sticks im being ridiculous of course you cant go there all right its been good its genuinely its been a good time lets get out of great music land back into the place where were looking for three key pieces for some reason or another there is probably still one more pipe maze somewhere im not fully understanding my weird pauses between the words pipe and maze repeatedly i feel like theres always just a different word that means to go after pipe im not sure what word it is but im looking for it every time i say pipe might be about time that were going to go in the direction where the arrow has been pointing this entire time were going through the oil field now so in a way were already sort of back on the beaten path once again so thats exciting we didnt really look at any of these from up close either theres a button there doesnt seem to do anything though you can get on top of this pretty good thats pretty neat pretty great pretty great on we go and were just gonna zigzag our way maybe not off this cliff but certainly in well maybe office cliff i dont really see a place where i would like ive jumped off the cliff and died before but it was more obvious where then oh no its there it ends there it is obvious never mind i need to stop doing that i dont know what is causing that exactly but sometimes my passing makes for some weird little jumpy that type things and its unnerving do i have a good view up here to see anything not sure even with this third person view i havent really seen much of anything theres clearly a lot to look at but theres never really like a power up or anything very rarely uh ammo or anything like that struggling and admittedly its a big place but i dont know i thought id find more even in the big place not gonna lie i know im going back again right now im just doing like one final swoop before were just gonna go head on to the very much the proper direction that ive been avoiding for so long were there any signpost directions where it didnt really go because i went to the compressor station which was over there there was whatever this was the hunting ground hunting ranch ive gone there ive gone to whatever that was we are somewhat running out of options here admit it we have almost traversed one field Laughter yeah its starting to look like it all right lets just go in that direction and see where it takes us perhaps over there there will be more things to find im keeping my eye on everything and anything in the hopes that it will bring us more treasure and whatnot im hopeful im hoping to find a third pipe maze at least because i dont want to say have to say two out of three for the remainder of my life i dont think this is anything you know at some point you just gotta say you know what maybe this isnt actually in it i think today might actually be one of those days hmm this on the other hand hoverboard im just giving these away now curious when im going to use that though it gives you like extra movement speed as well which is interesting curious what the best place would be because i think i could use that just about anywhere and honestly have a pretty good time with it thought i saw a volcano didnt see a volcano dont worry about it were moving on i see a little house instantly distracted all right all right all right all right stop waddling through the snow sam im just trying to move what do we got over here let me just dreams foreign its probably fine im not a danger to you im a danger to me as it turns out anyway uh i see things over there clear out the church well get to that i need one more thing rumors regarding strangers Music at a recent press conference egypts visitor of antiquities confirmed the existence of the cave system and highly unusual i was kind of hoping that was just going to be a hint on this is where the three key pieces are im jeffrey and ive decided to write it down uh because otherwise ill forget that kind of message instead it was uh general world building which is still good but not quite what i was looking for so i have a reason to suspect that its somewhere out here also theres still a sign here thats the church security checkpoint number four theres also this side of the wall and theres just a whole other area over here that i dont think ive gone to yet hunting around sawmill that sounds new were going in here were never going to leave the first area of the giant open map level i see in this oh god thats not an enemy actually thats an enemy i dont know what it was but im guessing its a sniper because it was on a thats tower thats not good thats the yelly ones that do the killing they cause death and not the good way but the one that is caused to me im still alive one and Music two three thats not it four there we go why am i counting them thats a solid question does the number mean anything to me evidently not because there was a fifth one i can smell a pipe maze i can smell it through this wall i want to jump in the group a quick save before jumping into the goo but its actually just a nice pool that will have no negative repercussions on my well-being afterwards but thats nice anyway this is a nice place this doesnt look quite like a sawmill though but oh its something there youll be doing the ultimate strat of the pipe maze thats not an exploding barrel thats just a red one you silly goofball time to lay some pipe in a disappointingly literal way all right so we got three options here uh we got two options here but this leads nowhere so were going this way pipe down pipe up right left right before you know it we found our way to the start of the puzzle bing bang bong how do we get to the other one uh because this seems right this seems better and then this is all irrelevant okay so maybe that wasnt right and maybe i should just focus more on this but this doesnt go anywhere this doesnt go anywhere either none of this goes anywhere none of this goes ah thats very disappointing how do i make this go anywhere because this i cant connect this to anything except maybe that except maybe that i guess that works easy peas i should have been a plumber oh we got an extra life thing thats neat we got a key so we can get out of here i dont know after the first pipe maze i feel like theyve been a lot easier but maybe its the first one that like warms you up and after that your brain muscles are all ready for pipe mazes maybe it was the point where i actually decided to just work backwards because quite frankly i feel like just starting from the exit and canceling out anything thats clearly unusable is probably the way to go but i dont know that sounds too logical for me im not a logic based person im the kind of person that spends a year in a field just sort of aimlessly wandering about looking for pipe mazes in a snowy field thats the kind of person i am theres something up there oh yes we have found an official jumping puzzle is what that is i dont like you please do not bother me ow Laughter thats okay this doesnt look right it isnt right i dont know why this place is entirely dark somethings going wrong here i dont trust it its graphically odd it is a sawmill though but i cant seem to get myself in trouble by walking into a saw what is even the point but there is something up top that theres a ladder here this looks easy enough this looks very easy i didnt expect this to go quite so easy but fair enough i suppose i mean admittedly theres still this part of the jumping puzzle of course easy peasy no worries and a nice view of the area to give me an idea if theres anything else left to go c4 truth be told difficult to tell if i still have anywhere left to go it is lords but quite frankly Music its probably for the best if i move on at least a little bit for the sake of being done before the end of the year so were moving on quickly and swiftly i dont know if theres anything left to explore in this place this area this field its giving me a lot of things to look at quite frankly an overwhelming amount of things to look up there is a million different paths that all lead ultimately to the place where i need to go and i thank you all kindly for being with me for these explorational times i dont know how long this level is going to be but im assuming this may take several more hours i everyone im ready for it let us go to the next field and i for one am feeling confident that we can take this vehicle with us i didnt quite mean it that way but ill take it i was more thinking well thats not like option one obviously but like does this work how how thick is this uh that does seem to actually be blocking my vehicle so were gonna have to go for option b and i trust that there is an option b right here look at these little rampy things one little quick say like if i can get that kind of height off of nothing then obviously i can get that kind of height right there i dont know i feel like theres some potential here for sure obviously not intended but perfect oh this is actually an invisible wall as well can i enter that from the other side now thats what im curious about because it is kind of like at an angle against the wall but first lets see what this is secret skill point why is that a secret i mean i guess there was a lot of exploration required to actually get it but still its just surprising uh i really dont know how much this does its kind of hard to gauge but its probably not bad but i feel like im gonna start going in this direction and try to go for rodeo time because its uh it was so good in serious time for to the point where it was just completely broken so i i mean its probably not that ridiculous but i wouldnt be surprised if at the same time it kind of is you know there was a yeah wheres the button to get in there but it just mostly just gets me through the wall and not the actual machine now in a serious sam4 level with a vehicle with like a spike strip somewhere in there i have managed to get through it before admittedly at this point a part of this vehicle is inside the wall you can see this is either a good thing or a bad thing admittedly but because if theres one part through a wall then theres some hope to getting the entire thing through the wall but this may take some tinkering for sure because i assume that if i look at it from here now i might be able to just go in there alternatively i might be able to push it a little bit but overall im finding that i cant really do that much with it right now my luck seems to have run out a little bit on the vehicle front but i dont know im feeling confident give me like a few days before you know it i got this thing through a wall no worries it does put it in like a weird position the moment i go on it im wondering if i can just repeat that if i like enter it from a weird position as well like this because i can get on top of the wall as well which is interesting thats honestly somewhat surprising even to me but every time i enter it its just slightly misaligned seemingly and before you know it well either its free or its in the ground its gonna one way or another somethings gonna happen here i may just fast forward to this a little bit because quite frankly this is a bit much but well see well see i dont know maybe this whole area is like invisible wall city because quite frankly this is pretty far away from where i need to be and theyre still just invisible all over the place so maybe maybe not maybe not and then theres sticksville land of the sticks waiting for us over here as well yeah i dont know my hope is fading its not completely gone but its getting there ah huh oh maybe its just not possible maybe theyve actually just cleared it so well that you just cant im gonna im gonna just accept it im gonna accept that i cannot get this vehicle over the wall theyve done a good job quite frankly they have adequately stopped me i dont know what im shooting at right now but theres a sniper in there somewhere Music i figured if i just shoot somewhere in that vague direction itll probably work out i think hes dead theres no more lasers coming towards me at least so thats really good its that beeping noise probably not good if it starts beeping is it i need to start running while shooting i have that option as well so many things im suddenly forgetting after spending 20 minutes trying to get a jet ski on a wall its mysterious how these things have a tendency to end up working out this is like the resident evil 4 village a little concerned about people with chainsaws coming towards me at least i think thats what happened there head south i will not a lot of crows armor a fence i can jump over always good always pleasant a bunch of sticks less good less pleasant didnt really get a chance to look at this area that much because of all the fighting and the danger but just gonna do one little sweep through the area and there doesnt seem to be that much going on though cause i think theres just a bunch of sticks here as well yeah you know those sticks theyre dastardly cant get through those so were moving on all right on to the scary bird place i mean theres still like a decent amount of things here as well im hearing some sounds sometimes im not sure if its just an enemy or just a sound ambient noise maybe its very unusual either way thats health big health as well i dont know how much i was missing but probably could use it like some kind of creaky door or something something weird i dont know either way just a bunch of stuff in this village very nice that will not let smoke through and it will keep to kill people inside that is uh this guy sitting down how odd im gonna keep him alive for now he didnt really seem to be bothering anyone but this is a bit odd isnt it what kind of music playing inside this building as well doesnt really seem to be too bothered about me being here curious well maybe i should shoot him maybe it does bring out the real secrets of this place just to be safe but i dont know he seems nice you know he didnt even like try to run at me with two bombs in his hand trying to kill me quite frankly my standards are that low at this point they have not treated me kindly i thought this was like a sideways car used as decoration and i honestly i was happy to just accept that happy to accept that that was the case is there anything in there no im a little tempted to shoot that one guy just to see if anything happens upon leaving the area there is that chance as well he was just sitting down and that usually does lead to something or another anyone in an odd animation of some kind its probably for the best to at least interact with them somewhat i nearly missed out on achievement because of that before and that would have been the end of me you know this whole series is about getting all the achievements im not succeeding so but you know its about its about that its about that exclusively its not about having fun not about exploration not about finding secrets not about having a good time its all about getting achievements so far were winning more or less yeah i dont know im just gonna enjoy the music for a little bit longer over here curious where the music is even coming from yeah very odd id also stop the music fair enough outhouse interesting lets move on oh lets move on i think im done with this tiny village now hes ready to start making the bird stop yelling at me so much which had to happen at some point what is here oh boy a friend maybe yeah eye for an eye  __  olga ah a familiar face the legendary serious sam the equally legendary one-eyed olga hey i thought you were dead nah you cant kill olga that easily i planned to head towards tunguska portal after killing podius the strangler but these octanian bastards got really mad at me for some reason so i had to spread a little word about my death and everything was fine and well until you showed up well what can i say im not looking for a fight but the fight always seems to be looking for me i know the feeling but this place is full of bad guys and they probably have backup incoming too not good for my cover story and not great for you either stone so how about we help each other out ill go to the bell tower and cover you from up there while you party down here you sure you can get up there with that leg of yours relax one-eyed olga has gone through much worse shes cool that person on the other hand myself oh god you do not die quickly there was a second one oh good lets just leave uh now lets deal with these first these actually hurt quite a lot what am i doing here oh geez oh yeah thats the good stuff only i still have that gadget that i used out of the ice field thats so good i suppose were still running were still fighting theres a bowl there thanks for watching okay um lets uh use one of these lets just make life a little bit slower might as well use these gadgets when we get them you know never know at some point the game might just be like ah youve reached a point where you lose all your things and i would like to be ahead of that admittedly perhaps it was no longer necessary ah given the lack of anything here presently but its okay what is still like exploding in the background there because there is something going on there is there anyone alive truth be told i cant really tell yeah oh someones throwing something at me whos out here oh guy i see this that was one person there was one person still alive uh yeah i probably didnt need to use that but thats okay i wasnt gonna use it there i was just gonna use it somewhere else but it probably wasnt necessary either so either way at least it got a use rather than staying in my pocket for the rest of my existence its for the best nice shooting maam thats nothing earlier today i managed to shoot down a plane now that was something wait so you shot down brand yeah well i heard radio transmission looked outside saw a plane full of traitors aimed and bam straight to the engine wow you know wed actually make a really good team ah another time stone gotta stay low for a while and fix myself up but i have a gift for you let it remind you of our time together thanks maam hope well meet again soon me too and dont call me maam im olia im interested i have a need of this even like a little pickup animation oh thats lovely i wonder about this different zoom levels or not if there is i dont know what button would do that so were never going to use it but thats okay we got a crossbow with a scope on it and quite frankly im excited Music thats the serious sound theme this bear has a crossbar cute lets move on oh ah all right bolts for the crossbow very good i cant stop myself i see a thing i have to jump i have to try and it clearly doesnt work most days but sometimes it does so that makes it slightly valuable we can no longer go back to that area so hopefully weve gotten everything there i quite frankly doubt it but were not gonna look any further Music thats a solid conversation right there lets move on graves seemingly nothing on the stones but usually when there is a grave a graveyard you know theres gonna be some spooky secrets so were gonna be here once again for a while im assuming this is a long-range weapon because of the scope and everything but i havent really tested it rockets oh you can destroy those surprising interesting double knife time interesting building but seemingly nothing inside maybe nothing atop either hard to say were on top of it now but then we slid off so maybe not moving on yeah were gonna cause quite a ruckus but thats not what were about clearly thats not what were about at all thats a holy hand grenade right there oh oh ah thats cute i was ready for that to blow up the entire graveyard right there when that happened but i will take that that is a reference ive not seen since worms where it didnt technically originate but it is what my mind always will associate it with all right neat cute nice good is there anything else we can do here maybe interesting statue does not i know this is hittable interesting but seemingly nothing i can actually interact with either so i dont know if i jump on top of it ill be the holiest no apparently thats not how these things work around here fair enough lets move on ive seen enough of this place weve seen the holy hand grenade surely nothing is going to top that so let us just move on what button is that six seven seven all right lets go see if this thing works i for one am curious whos coming there you go oh my god oh yeah it works its a head shot but you get one you get one oh that is lovely im never gonna have ammo for this yeah this works a little bit too well for me to retain any ammo for it im afraid a lot of enemies though also works without zooming in does it go through enemies oh god oh that might hit multiple enemies in a row theyre behind each other oh oh that is good but then the headshots just destroy everyone that is lovely Laughter oh my goodness oh that is just lovely thank you very much this is what i always wanted i didnt realize this was what i was always looking for but apparently it is oh yeah this things gonna run out of ammo real quick but it is it gets rid of trouble i like that like that a lot whos there oh dont know why i even try to not just hit fire because quite frankly its almost equally accurate and i can actually do it which is an important part of aiming ultimately theres probably people that can do aimed shots but i for one just hip fire and like my life depends on it and frequently it does now a vehicle would be nice in this section im not gonna lie its quite a large place and theres a lot to pick up in these parts and i will pick up things dont get me wrong i will go out of the way for those single crossbow bolts because quite frankly they are valuable they are very good what oh another harpy not a particularly scary enemy when its just one of them but no its still a little scary this is surprising i guess i should have used this a little bit more often against some enemies because it almost feels disrespectful to use the pistol against well just about anything really but who needs big gun when small gun do trick you know occasionally its just good enough this place actually isnt as big as i thought it was originally but it is still quite large so you could shrink electricity i guess we havent heard of natriska in a while huh im a little concerned about doing this and this is probably sacrilegious but you gotta make sure she doesnt speak she hasnt spoken since serious time too i guess whos this then i mean i guess shes no longer really talking and maybe thats just what is implied seriously im too with a trip it was quite the show it was very long but it did have some good things and thats the end of that story right there lets move on theres a couple buildings over here of which im pretty sure more or less looked at everything already but gotta make sure i want to get the most out of these worlds and thats what were doing i did say previously this place isnt too big its pretty well like beaconed off with branches and things but it is still quite large i just lost all capability of tracking time and thats really just helping me out on these long adventures and thats something enough shells theres just so much to do and so much to see and i gots to see it all you know its just look look at this could have missed out on all these fridges help are you even playing serious sam if youre not seeing every bridge thats what i thought its like the main part of the game serious fridges all over the place indiana jones probably in one of them hanging out waiting for us would be an appropriate reference id say id put it in here theres a little greenhouse great plants inside it bird Music you know just having a ball just a lot a lot of things going on here that did more damage than i expected that was a lot more noise than i had originally anticipated before that action occurred realistically that ones on me when shooting an explosive barrel next to a barn i dont know what i was expecting for it to be quiet but occasionally you have these hopes you know its all good what do we got oh god okay uh a lot of noise god that is just so nice its gonna be hard to use that optimally i feel because theres just so many good places to use it oh jesus okay uh how do we do this i need you to go and i need you to go everything else i dont really care about too much though they are very close ah youre all just so close to me i dont care for it i hurt myself a lot Laughter i hurt myself significantly theres the kalinovka very good thats probably where were going to be heading pretty soon of course we all know what that is and well be there in just a moment that vehicle would be nice i wonder if you could have gotten a jet ski here somewhere or if there was just one hanging out that i just havent seen yet wouldnt be too weird a lot of goodies here i mean i got to try not when im standing right next to it but when im fairly close its about time we try shooting a thing or two what was that i saw your armor very nice a building more armor a tv doesnt explode when you shoot it very good pillows that guy very good very nice this place looks cold i dont think i want to live here at least i shall make my departure now i see health and quite frankly that is not a bad thing to go for right now i dont really know where i came from i have gotten a little disoriented in these uh travels perhaps it is time that i just follow a path because quite frankly it is its a lot its a lot going on it is big areas all around so were just gonna go for anything flashing seems to be working now the music has started again thats a concern in this giant open area with some help in the middle ah you got two shots from that eh they are really tanky oh no theres green balls okay where is everything coming from right now that is a concern there is a lot happening here and those balls are coming out of somewhere one rocket can we hit once nope that was unfortunate that would have been a good one to hit oh god this is being tricky i should have learned how to shoot while aiming and i never will im just so not eager to learn it ugh where the hell is that enemy thats not good oh those balls are coming from way up over yonder i do not see where that is coming from very well it is very far away oh i see god you are just throwing those thats one thats two there we go thats a problem solved number three is right there very spookings very worrying a lot about stuff right there god i really feel like i missed a jet ski this place is way too big for there not to be a vehicle and i kinda im tempted to go all the way back again but uh secret trap thats not good oh god you must be joking uh h i was hoping that would give me more information unfortunately oh screw this i think im ultimately still leaving with more health than i lost but that is a nasty trap right there im surprised i jumped over that Laughter i guess with that trap im a little more inclined to say maybe there wasnt a snowmobile because it would have been really easy to escape that was a snowmobile ill tell you what but it is really big its really big this is a massive field let me just let me just check you know because if i just take the path like a human like maybe maybe there was just a snowmobile waiting for us at the very start of this and quite frankly that would pick up the pace quite significantly but it does look like there is not truthfully it does look like there is not a vehicle at the start of this so yeah it is what it is thats a tough one thats a tough one to be dealing with this place is massive i mean i could just go in the direction where the marker is and maybe theres like a vehicle or something in that direction as well truth be told the odds are not in my favor on that front are they its a circle around stick wise yeah okay im gonna stay on the left sticks and perhaps thatll oh okay i appear to have gone around the sticks i do not know what kind of predicament that gets me into i didnt think thered be a hole and quite frankly that concerned me a little but i am just in the open field so yeah it is it is what it is all right lets just go for a wall tiny quick save somewhere in the middle of the field very nice theres a path here theres a snowman where theres sunglasses on oh is that a pro yeah its gonna ask that was a problem and immediately the answer answers the question answers itself yep secret hostile snowman 105 armor as a gift god i understand why theres so many secrets its mostly so you actually have a chance of finding some of them hello you appear to be looking in the wrong direction thats nice well thats not worrying life crossbow boats thats kind to have an enemy just look away from me for once they spawn in and they look incorrectly and are finally not that big of a deal very cool very nice structure as well just lovely very nice mate nicely made just impeccable is there anything oh a path of power up thats never gone wrong in my day oh whats this 20 rockets not concerned multi-rocket very nice happy that i went into this side of the field uh although i guess the marker does directly go in this direction so the odds were kind of in my favor i was going to go there regardless but not necessarily i do i do wander as you may have noticed i do occasionally go in the wrong direction like this obvious trap over here not a trap like this obvious trap over here this is no that was the obvious trap that was where the health was in the middle where all the enemies appeared well its still some goodies very nice some reason i thought i had to reload my weapons when theyve been in my pocket but clearly they find the ammo themselves they dont need my assistance they know what theyre doing this seems wrong this doesnt seem like the correct path okay slowly but surely lets sit more comfortably weve been at this for a while two hours now its about hour three i think that im gonna have to start notifying people that im still alive but why i just got multi rockets why would you bother me you actually gave me more rockets than i lost from that but those are also homing missiles so i do kind of appreciate that i got a test subject i suppose still out there oh no a lot of people it turns out oh goody vampires uh rockets shooting bastards the vampires are a problem im not gonna lie youre dead very nice lets shoot our shotgun for a while thats not good not good at all just dealing with that one immediately uh slowly dying god i must have just hit that spawn trigger in the weirdest possible spot i uh not there we go four rockets five oh god thats a lot of rockets for one enemy but gotta shoot something adam i kind of melee you already actually that would actually be kind of nice yeah i cant oh that takes a while though and i dont have the help for melees thing how did none of that hit you my goodness but thats okay were getting through it slowly but surely this feels like a waste but were doing it just to clear out the area a little bit i actually use like a little wooden stake on them and everything thats cute i didnt even think about something like that thats a nice little attention to detail right there shes ready for everything sam is whos got stakes in this day and age apparently sam does whos still alive musics very excited about the probably one enemy still somewhere out there whos out there where is the one guy with the boombox playing his favorite battle theme right now on this giant field i dont know i think im just going to explore maybe maybe ill find it by accident in one of these houses theres a bunch of buildings there after all this is where the trail of pickups was theres a cool looking structure where that one minigun friend was arachnoid yeah sounds right and there you go were just gonna have uh more intense music playing for a while quite frankly i dont know whos hunting me they might be doing a good job theyre snipers then they are gonna have a field trip on this one but quite frankly its more likely that one of those fart enemies that fly around just got stuck behind a wall somewhere and is now just waiting for me to come get them out Music because they are just farting around thought i saw just the biggest enemy in the world but i think it was just some snow it was not a danger oh there he is i want to shoot wooden stake there we go oh thats a helicopter i saw him a second ago yeah there he is this reminds me of come command and conquer vinegade shooting helicopters with a sniper rifle lets just do that a bit wasteful but itll do im assuming the helicopter is dead he is very nice im also assuming that snipers not going to run towards me and make my life easy and theres a bunch of guys with shields everything is a little bit miserable but well get through it a couple grenades before you know it all the dangers gone i do not care about snipers they are still one of my least favorite enemies in this whole series because quite frankly screw this hopefully i think theres one more right im fairly sure there was a second sniper yep the zooming in does help im not gonna lie thats a nice feature it does make it a lot easier to see snipers that are hanging out in a tower 15 miles away in a snow storm so its appreciated but nevertheless two would be more appreciated where their presence never there that much is for certain yeah well what are you gonna do lets move on well get to the yellow thing in a minute were going in this erection for a while we seemingly have found the edge here and im just going to make sure just checking out the final bits and pieces here before moving on to where we inevitably need to go but this all does appear to be dead end city all of this just a bunch of sticks every time i think i see something just more sticks some trees maybe its just a lot of trees how does anyone find anything in this place if theres trees blockading your visual paths consistently i am not aware of it but thats okay lets just move on onwards we go in this direction sticking to the low path here i think just because this is curious stuff like this little passage passageways and whatnot thats potential for shenanigans like that could just be a secret entrance in one of these walls you know very easily put one there maybe we just gotta go under a bridge thats a classic secret spot i would hide something under a bridge i can tell you that much itll be weirdly under a pillar yeah there you go life do they really think this can stop me a life pick up that would be an unusual way oh im supposed wait am i not just supposed to run into the oh force field i see fair enough you think that would destroy a shield it doesnt headshots work but theyre a little tricky because of the whole very strong shield situation as it turns out oh shoot oh god can you just for one moment you know just chill with the green balls from long distances it is not how cool people fight each other this is severely uncool and i see where you are but quite frankly i didnt want to get hit and i was desperately trying not to get hit and i got hit anyway no im sad i still want to check out the force field thing its super interesting but at the same time im probably just going to go back there because theres power-ups on the other side and theres a big power cable here so quite frankly im probably just supposed to turn off the force field but id still like to check it out first but everyones continuously bothering me i hope their power grid is connected to a pipe maze thats all im saying what can you just okay give me your skill points instead theres a lot of skill points on this map a lot of skill points in this game i dont think you could get every ability and um heres time for and im getting pretty darn close right now we can ride on enemies now im gonna forget about that time to put on the old thinking camera i see can i make the entire thing red i dont think that would help me in any way but i did it the smartest man on earth yep Laughter i certainly did that on purpose attacked not a gadget is that the big one yes the big one god i wish i wasnt so good at puzzles so i could try to make everything red instead but the moment everything went blue i solved the puzzle and i dont think i could interact with it after that so yeah thats a shame we found some secret cannonballs i havent seen a cannon yet but id like to see it oh this is a certain doom whats this though another one were just theyre all over the place here listen hey im not suddenly not so bothered that i used one just randomly on a nice flow because quite frankly im just getting a lot of them back now whats still blinking red yeah i cant interact with the puzzle anymore no thats a shame could have made everything horrible and then just gone back just made a really big force field and then just jump around the whole thing with my secret snowmobile that im gonna find right now i say as i enter the one area without snow in it yes Laughter seems about right all right well we tried our best that doesnt sound good ah that sounds like nastiness right there i pressed that by accident thats worse thats definitely worse a little little concerned clears as well a little concern all around worry yeah that did not move well there uh if you could just jump off the cliff that would be lovely it would make my life significantly easier i do not know how i did not die to that but sure yeah all right i fully understand how none of those rockets hit me i was running forward after all you understand that is the key to survival i once again heard like a weird squeaking sound in there didnt actually seem to be anything there oh this game wants to squeak at me every now and then thats fine as long as it doesnt kill me and quite frankly death wise this level has been going surprisingly okay so i cant really complain too much i suppose but its just a little odd all things considered how this has been going admittedly with a big field you have a lot of survivability options long as you can just move around everythings usually fine running is fairly fairly effective against most things i needed to do that now have i missed anything here almost certainly but thats okay were just gonna be moving on i i dont know i feel like like sam said theres no way that a force field was realistically going to stop me going anywhere because quite frankly you know it okay admittedly the lamp just forcefully pushed me out more effectively than anything else has so far but quite frankly i feel like sams dexterity will probably make up for any force field that gets in his way and im not particularly too concerned about that given the situations weve put him through so far sam you will likely encounter some octanean century towers on the road the only way to terminate this thing is to destroy its bioreactor the core needs to cool down some time revealing itself through the vent chair so keep an eye on that better get rid of its mini contour its first though stay safe comrade theres a lot of nasty shenanigans out there in there whats this enemy forces expanded their blah agents blah blah with first letters of course not across the way gotta know who it is agent n local regis i think ive adequately read out that text to everyone right there with that we can move on knowing exactly whats going on in the world was i able to go here this entire time because quite frankly i thought this was unreachable but i think i was just trying to go in the wrong direction what is this a pipe its very glowy theres a thing that says pots on the wall thought it was a hole it was just a shadow of the box still remaining the ghost of the box has been oh all right ill take that thats a fun surprise ill get back to that in a second but just checking out the area yeah weird shadows the door is locked huh how do i unlock it no ill do it oh well we gots to try this yeah backpack exhale there and you die wait what happens if i use the the extra life for this well i have a lot of ammo now so you could arguably call it worthwhile uh but maybe not i kind of like having an extra life and i wasnt particularly missing ammo that much well im a little low on rockets i guess but no not much else so lets just lets just do it normally hey you said the thing yeah that still works thats nice you think the guys playing poker are still out there as well well deal with that question in a minute for now were just gonna go back on our regularly scheduled super shotgun this may not be the best way to do it but its a way to do it and im doing it this way i am not killing these in one hit and that is a problem continuously just barely keeping them alive well were getting through it classic serious simon counter hes um classic secrets its rare to see a classic secret in a shootie game that actually has enemies inside it its kind of cool to see sniper rifle bullets are crossbow bolts thats fair enough i suppose oh god hello there we are does this help you in any way im going to say the answer is probably not but i see no people playing poker i guess the poker tables right here yeah fair enough did they always die when you got off them because i do not remember that happening sure enough i suppose but this is odd neat just very neat and onwards we go i dont know somehow i just sort of missed that entire area as well which is well i did say i was going to cross this path on this sort of path and then i guess i only went in one direction which its partially probably cosby because of the amount of time spent in this place admittedly but yeah fair enough i just completely missed it even after i found a secret underneath the actual bridge surprising now well lets keep going we found what we were looking for ultimately we have found the classic secret will we find all the other interesting secrets in this place its fairly unlikely but maybe well find some interesting things at least im a little bit more tempted to stay on the path now that we found that because i do like those areas a lot and now that ive found that i mean now im gonna be surprised by whatever cool thing happens i suppose but also its a really big field its all just really big fields and the one vehicle i had has disappeared very early on oh oh no i understand whats happening now uh that has a shield and well get to you can i just shoot rockets at this does this work kind of i think it did damage maybe barely its not really super effective either way hmm i dont know oh theres a weak spot just gonna hang out here try not to get destroyed yep thats not good thats not good at all when does this open up never i dont know when i touch that thing maybe it opened a second ago but now i cant seem to open it again im really not sure what the difference is im nine health theyre not open odd no um no yeah i mean sure i guess i really i dont i dont get it it just it opened once and then it just didnt open for a year maybe it does just take a minute to open again and it just happened shooting me for a while and thats why it seemingly took so long not fair enough just gonna shoot whatever comes in front of me and otherwise ill just leave it alone just gonna hang out here if you dont mind if anything orange is underneath me ill be fine oh that was easy once i had a vague understanding of what was actually happening turns out its not that bad it was just shooting rocket many Music this is a big big field and we got access to that kind of stuff okay how well does this work huh not super great thats not a good sound oh boy i i feel like those rockets from the enemy are dealing more damage than me trying to shoot through enemies with my crossbow but its kind of hard to tell because there is kind of a lot going on i suppose so it can be easy to get distracted this is a fun weapon though its about time we get a crossbow in a serious sound game you know its its a solid weapon it gets the job done especially when its a weird laser crossbow that just tends to kill just about everything hmm there you go i was excited about the enemies but theres also just this whole area with the rocks in sort of a triangle formation and i got excited about triangle formations as you probably understand so we have to go in this direction for a while instead and theres actually stuff here as well did i come from here i genuinely cannot tell im fairly sure it is where i came from but i am honestly not sure im just gonna check it out real quick because it might not be where i came from damn it oh how many of those do you think i missed so far Laughter that would have been a good find i dont really understand why the first one was so clearly pointed out and then whatever other ones there were were not maybe because i messed around with the first one too much and the game is punishing me would be i mean fair enough i suppose i did try to get it over a wall for a significant amount of time but still this is a much better way of transporting myself through these large areas i absolutely appreciate it and thats your sticks ah well onwards we go i could do like a little slap here i suppose because thats like the obvious place to go theres a marker there but then theres another tower over there and im a little interested now we know how to deal with them im not too particularly bothered about finding another one of them what i saw something and i got interested you know what oh thats a secret thing though uh well come back to this in just a second maybe whered that i saw like uh i was over there this thing right here look at that that is so cool its like a process its got like meat and everything like this with a clear head as well thats so cool it bleeds it doesnt die very impressive curious all right so what spawned here because it did lets find a couple things i think yeah a little concerned about doing this while this is happening i suppose but i kind of need to deal with them first and feel yeah probably for the best but its a little scary something about this just feels a little uh concerning but theyre like information and everything geez oh god this is not great oh god yeah this is not great at all i dont have a lot of rockets either oh jeez on their helmets as well geez theyre strong thats not good oh i can ride these as well i guess that makes sense given the other enemies i can ride oh okay slowly but surely no concerns we got grenades on the shotgun sometimes we even hit with it getting through the nastiness no concerns theres the thing but im a little bit late with shooting it yeah but they put the thing on the front so either way not too concerned just gonna hang out here for a minute just gonna wait as apocalypse rains down on my face come on open up the door any day now it does take quite a while thats all i want you to do there you go yeah it takes a while but gets the job done ultimately and it spawns a bunch of stuff for you afterwards maybe i should be using the crossbow more which is not what i expected to say when i got the crossbow and used it for the first time but somehow im not using it enough that is against all expectations if im being honest alright so that just the loch ness monster no its an island i think whos to say for sure when you really think about it i mean you can even hear the wailing of nessie in the background but i guess it doesnt have to be a cree i guess it can be an island i suppose theres also like a whole cave system going on over here like whats whats happening i still have that whole building thing to theres my cave here this is a weird texture but there is also the building there i suppose i have one out of three keys when did i get a key where did i get a key did i get it from the tower did i get it from the tower generally not 100 sure well come back to that but that is interesting ive somehow found a key again did i find inside one of these buildings because it does have like a logo on top of it as well and that was kind of the deal with the other uh key pieces as well the pink graffiti was very noticeable well played i dont know if theres really anything going on on these buildings but there is still quite a lot to look at what do we got here oh yeah there is keys there just completely missed us somehow picked up the first one by accident and didnt see the key icon until that very moment genuinely lets go get our car back its been long enough also lets get that ping thing thats clearly flashing over there for a while now because its uh its bothering me a little bit that we havent picked that up yet but it is soon to be mine i dont know if that leads to another one of those towers because i kind of want to have the third one now i recall whatever we got from the locked box was pretty good it was a skill point wasnt it oh i need to use these hoverboards at some point also im really curious about whats going on here because it is a really cool looking scarecrow but i cant seem to interact with it in any meaningful way its just odd very cool but odd well go back in that direction in a second i just want to make sure its one brief final checkup in this land but in this direction a little bit fiddly to drive here with all the trees though but i dont know im feeling good about this direction i say as im about to inevitably fly off the cliff yep thats not looking good thats not looking like the way the car meant to go i mean you gotta know these things for sure at times numb lets go back its been good thats not the direction were going lets go to the place where the game actually wants me to go i suppose against all my better judgment were probably gonna face at least one more of those towers so thats exciting uh hopefully its on the other side of this thing and not just uh in an area ive somehow neglected to see this entire time so far a little quiet theres some people here but theyre probably just friends maybe theyre not friends hang on oh yeah theyre not oh this does not look safe oh thats my health going down very quickly oh i must have gotten hit pretty well there i reloaded instantly thats why i thought i had to reload my weapons when i wasnt holding them yeah the car seems to be fairly invulnerable but i am certainly not me how many vehicles have i missed oh my god okay now im really starting to question what ive been doing around these parts because quite frankly thats ridiculous a big tractor there a note from the siberian star issue 34 and this mystery of the strange underground caves beneath abu simbel complex which is obviously egypt and id read it uh if natriska wasnt uh gone so yeah it is what it is i definitely had every intention to read all the texts in this game but unfortunately yeah yeah you get it so that other vehicle the moment i got in there it instantly was like all right this is where your last vehicle was good luck with it it was very slow so i didnt but yeah i dont know how i missed it so much the other time is there another pipe maze theres some people looking at a computer there hello people looking at a computer oh they seem as confused as i am by the fact that this area is locked down that was easy sometimes these problems just solve themselves you know oh thats a classic talos principle reference right there thats a while since ive just seen a giant cat picture on top of an old computer looking thing very nice oh hack drone secret gadget i guess i did have to jump in there its genuinely confused for just a moment huh didnt even turn it back on makes a fun sound what a time to be alive lets move on lets see what else is in this place im assuming sticks anytime soon but i shall see still need to find me one of them towers theres some big mountains up ahead and im a little curious about that plus i havent seen the landmine in a while since yeah there you go it kind of like its an odd level on the one hand i want to explore a lot of it but on the other hand i really dont i dont know why its its putting me in a weird vibe not sure if i care for it not sure where im supposed to go right now in terms of pathing i see the third tower i think in the distance my goodness i forgot myself in the silly situation here i think i saw something glowing over there it is a fire what do we got here a mill of the wind variety classic dutch treasure but not seemingly anything i can do much with but a solid structure nonetheless very well played you know how to get get my interest uh i kind of want to go in that direction just just give it a little look-see you know but unfortunately sticks tis not to be hmm lets go back in our car yeah this car okay now it shows up maybe im just maybe i just cant see cars anymore i dont know maybe maybe ive just looked at the screen for so long the cars are just invisible to me specifically whos to say this is one of those routes those roads that you if youre playing a lot of geo guests or youll occasionally come across one of these roads and let me tell you getting over one of these roads and serious sound is a lot easier than getting over it with google maps so quite frankly i kind of appreciate the vehicle weve been given today where is that tower theres a windmill with a whole bunch of stuff coming out of it theres an enemy into this since ill deal with that later theres a waterfall here and you know what they say about waterfalls that makes me do flips but also if theres one place with secrets historically across every video game its a waterfall oh this is ominous secret weird potion found oh yep now that trucks name is accurate what is that rocket bar mechanic is so small yeah weird potion covers it a lot of bugs the musics something Music god all the big enemies are small and all the small enemies are big they really went all out on some of these secrets and i appreciate it theyve done so much work on some of these things and theyve closed the cave as per tradition thats just theyve really done this so well in some of these places very much appreciated im not sure if theres anything else of interest over there but i mean they put a secret behind a waterfall and quite frankly theres been a lot of instances lately where theres been waterfalls and no secrets behind it so i appreciate it i say that across all video games our secret behind waterfall but theres a lot of instances where theres just waterfalls and no secrets behind it and quite frankly its almost disturbing ive made everything filled with enemies again are those birds or are they harpies i genuinely am not sure about a sniper in this biggest fields i saw a red line i think and im concerned its very possible im getting rid of some of the enemies maybe the thing just saw me im not sure hard to tell well get back to our car i still remember where it is oh god okay so this is kind of awkward in that theres a lot of nars also i only have three rockets thats not good i guess that has been my sort of main weapon against these towers so far it has worked out in the past but you do need to have rockets to shoot rockets as it turns out i mean this isnt terrible but i have to wait for another wave and quite frankly this takes too long this takes longer than it really needs to and i dont care much for it no no no there we go lets take two of these we have five of those left jeez okay i need to use more gadgets but like like its not doing that much its the thing it is a lot of waiting there we go and admittedly its from a visual standpoint its very menacing theres a lot going on but the moment you fought one of them you fought all of them and thats thats just a shame in it lets get our car back we got all three of the keys so thats good im gonna grab that real quick before were gonna get our car i am really not using enough gadgets because we have five health things left we still got two rage serums three hoverboards theres so many gadgets remaining i mean that is really cool though destroy one barrel and the whole barn goes with it that is just a lovely sight to see its unnecessarily vandalistic i suppose of the current environment but quite frankly mental has messed up the place pretty good so its probably not like the worst thing in the world regardless have i gone here i have gone to a windmill but i dont know if it was this one seemingly not cool i will take all of your crossbow bolts because i very sometimes shoot them even very sometimes shoot them even yeah were gonna keep that taken there this is all a professionally scripted show in case you werent aware thats why these episodes are so well uh prepared aligned i know exactly where im going at all times it doesnt seem that way sometimes perhaps mayhaps perhaps my words are running out ive spoken too much in the last three hours as it turns out lets i dont know if theres much to check out oh theres this theres another vehicle hello oh he started running real quick when i got close to him im curious if that was like a thing or not but its too late to find out now things have occurred and the creature is no longer in our midst to find out that yes im using the crossbow to shoot at things that might explode now weve gotten to the point where i need to use this thing somewhere and quite frankly its not getting enough use im gonna like do a quick save load whatever this is and see where that is because im a little curious about that one biomechanoid right there because it was odd now that puts me all the way over here though lets just quickly check it after that we can just load our quick save again and be on our merry way it was pretty close to here anyway i just want to see for sure if anything interesting happens because you seem to be moving just really quick and maybe its just me its very possibly uh im just seeing things it wasnt particularly hostile either it just sort of was just vibing and then i kind of ruined his day whats up buddy what are you doing here maybe im just seeing things i dont know anyway it was nothing all right perfect lets just move on im not sure if theres a bridge over there by the water or if im just seeing things at this point either way probably going to start going in that direction soon theres some health here which i might be able to take very nice oh another vehicle this ones orange so you know its quicker theres so many vehicles i wont i genuinely wonder how many of them i just missed because i it was a big field it was a big field and they put a lot of vehicles in this one and some of the previous ones so i wouldnt be surprised if i just was just missing them somehow its okay but lets just move on quite frankly at some point we should probably reach the end of this level but until then were just gonna drive through a couple of friends here maybe get a power up or two in the water this is a sword thatll be lovely Music thats where i would put a sword unfortunately i didnt make this game whos to say there even is a sword in there its hard to tell i thought i saw something yellow yeah theres something inside there oh no can you climb this maybe this one specifically you can ah this is gonna take a minute but i think uh because theres theres definitely something up there some green was visible from a distance right yeah some there it is whatever it is i want it i want it now maybe i can just shoot up actually oh thats a cannon thats easier all right yep worthwhile no dont mind the little side track admittedly the cannon isnt going to be use that for ghouly i think because its a very expensive weapon it gets a lot of work done but it usually doesnt have that much ammo going for it unfortunately what is this oh i like how everyone has the same lampshade rockets but not much else from the look of things i was hearing an enemy i think but i definitely am hearing another one everyone please im trying to explore a tiny village and quite frankly i want no disturbances i want to just have a nice and chilled time without worrying about getting stabbed in the back repeatedly and quite frankly all are making it quite difficult for me ah this building looks so like so odd compared to everything else as well so you think thered be more to it especially with the size of the building and all but maybe im missing something hard to say i mean it was the poster i guess maybe this is more just a visual thing just make it visually interesting but i dont know generally not sure all right Laughter maybe its not about that kind of life you know maybe this is just a building and im thinking too much about it sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain the difference between the two things after all lets just drive on moving on what do we got another force field bridge another secret underneath it perhaps theres stuff over there well get to that in just a moment gotta check underneath the bridge its my legal requirement yep theres a sword i mean all right its not where i would put a sword thats all im saying the bonfire is lit gondor calls for aid oh im gonna actually just get a dark souls boss in here now i will let you know i didnt play all of dark souls so im probably not gonna get the reference unless everyone starts rolling yep there they go oh you bastard okay lets see how it is oh thats just solid thats a reference even i get you know like i can appreciate those little moments can i even hurt you or do i actually have to use a knife i think that would be kind of cool at the same time i dont really want to use the knife but explosions dont seem to be cutting it either can i just go through the dark souls boss door nope seemingly im not doing that much too well this is hurting a little bit i figured it out the strategy its called pistols and its vaguely effective but i do mean that in the vague sense it occasionally is doing a damage this is gonna take years hang on that didnt work like the rockets dont seem super effective either the pistol seems genuinely to be the most effective thing so far maybe im doing something wrong i genuinely have no idea uh lets just use one of these use one of these and not that one lets use this one maybe the hoverboard is the way to go but honestly this isnt doing that much either oh man this is hurting them vaguely sometimes i cant really see whats going on this helps a little bit but my god an actual dark souls boss and serious sound i got one of them you might have gotten too im not sure there we go what why i didnt died i was going swimmingly i had that completely under control did i genuinely die im a little annoyed about that Laughter were doing this even if it takes years and it will i dont know i thought i was going all right and then suddenly we were dead thats annoying like look at how much health these things are uh you know what lets just try some of our gadgets to see if any of them even work i mean this one obviously does am i invulnerable during this no okay that explains a thing maybe i wasnt looking at my health at all all right uh oh this thing okay this things ammo only really goes down if im moving or shooting it doesnt go down when im standing still thats interesting anyway uh now that i know what i know uh were gonna just do a couple things it didnt mean to do that one particularly but im gonna activate this oh sure i guess i didnt really mean to activate that one but i guess that also works i havent really used my rage serum i guess and yeah rage serum against bosses is stupid it is absolutely overpowered there we go easy Laughter i forgot about rage there it is so ridiculous god what a trip though im not sure i guess that was the secret when it says bonfire lit but i wasnt ready for it at all also genuinely forgot i had rage sarah but my god it is such a boss killer i probably could have done that with a pistol or a knife yeah it would have taken years but probably theoretically possible its not nice that the bonfire puts you back at the start of the fight at least so you know thats something very cool all right all in all pretty good secrets i dont know if theres anything on the other side of water okay its cold cold water i heard the seagull didnt see you lets just go to the bridge and go on it a little curious about whats going on near the water here im not gonna lie but oh what if i just drive the car hello what if i just drive the car to the other side i got an achievement for probably getting secret areas theres the seagulls well that just made me feel bad i was told there was secret enemies when you shoot a seagull but instead it just made me sad maybe i need to shoot all of them i dont want to do that i already felt bad enough after the first one um anyway like even the cannonballs was like very ineffective against uh those bosses right there this waters not cold its cold sometimes occasionally its just water but then you get over here its like oh no youre too close to a christmas tree and you know that that means thats uh thats cold water right there you know the difference thought this was a snake its not a snake it was a log lets just walk all the way back i think we have explored enough and im not one to say that lightly but i think i think weve reached a point where we can safely say the exploration time is over and now it is time to complete this level i really dont know how many secrets we found i would not be surprised if it was just a fraction of them but my god this level is massive probably should have broken it up in two separate videos but not gonna do it because ive been going at this for a while now let me get whatever that is not a secret it is rockets we got our vehicle right here it doesnt work great on train tracks to be honest i dont have to walk the rest of the way oh thats silly talk but maybe youre right maybe you have a point another secret skill point i guess its just for like doing stuff and thats thats good enough good of a secret uh yeah sure i guess ill take it i mean i know thats probably the exit right there but i have to know you know since weve been at this for at least four hours now i might as well give it like one attempt do i really need to walk the rest of the way or is that just talk of someone whos not ready to wedge his quad bike ever so slightly because quite frankly im pretty close Music no there might be a wall there Laughter you know what maybe you have a point maybe well walk the rest of the way maybe youve beaten me serious sam siberian mayhem or whatever siberian something or another oh i think we oh my god oh my god actually three hours uh 19 out of 27 secrets jeez Music it was so much i guess when i saw 27 secrets i should have known but my god 70 minutes estimated time in game time 153 actual time three hours and three minutes and six seconds currently id love that one though like it was it was a bit too big it was a little bit too big but god some of those secrets were just wonderful the fights were good i barely died weirdly enough the dark souls fight was probably the toughest one uh which is uh you know standard i suppose but either way that was that hope you all enjoyed it next time we play well be playing beachside picnic nope i genuinely cant read what that says something picnic and i hope to see yall there bye bye apparently theres a door here Laughter this is the door that i missed entirely the secret railroad employee ultimately inconsequential i suppose the kind of new that theres some health and armor there if you need it pretty cool also apparently uh in the oil field ignore that big message to the right this is developer cheats activated there are some buttons you can press to turn on the oil drills that are not currently turned on of which there is three supposedly ive seen two of them so far the third one of course been there and then something happened i did not read any further than that just that there were buttons oil elemental oh thats actually pretty dope i mean im not sure if youre supposed to have a counter at this point but i have one Laughter these kind like there was like one secret area in sirius sam iv where a very small one of these showed up so its kind of cool to actually see them still sort of existing to this day and also just spewing out health and armor and whatnot upon death i can appreciate it thats all i got to show you hope to see you next time in the level called roadside picnic and not beach cycling hope to see yall there bye bye gigantic game steam My first playthrough of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem with commentary.Playlist: steam games under 7 steamed bone meal backup steam steam rankings best simulator games on steam