Serious Sam Review: Siberian Mayhem (W/ Bonus Content)

How long for steam deck to shiptiny tina's wonderlands pre order steam SERIOUS SAM: SIBERIAN MAYHEM game foreign who could have seen this coming the thing to bring me out of my Hiatus is the very thing that got me to make reviews in the first place but before we get into the newest FPS expander loan its come to my attention that I forgot to cover two previous Serious Sam DLCs so for your viewing pleasure Ive decided to briefly cover legend of the Beast and Jewel the Nile so lets get the bulb rolling with the least liked Serious Sam DLC Music foreign Music HD back in 2012 a year after series Sam 3 was released supposedly set during the first encounter most likely between metropolis and allele Sphinx Sam finds himself on the hunt for the Beast another McGuffin as an excuse to kill more monsters and dont get me wrong the excuse to kill more monsters has never been a problem for this series but the real problem is that theres twice the number of enemies but you only have half of Your Arsenal to fight them with going back to what I said about the moments in Serious Sam games where it resets Your Arsenal its a difficult Balancing Act to strip the player of their weapons and or ammo to make them feel vulnerable against enemies you would normally feel comfortable fighting and a key factor is that those moments only lasted for an arena or two before you got your ammo back or started recollecting Your Arsenal Legend on the beast on the other hand feels like Ali of the Sphinx but stretched out far too long the three level layouts are fine with the signature open areas corridors and Arenas but with scarce resources slow acquisition of half of your normal weapons double the amount of fodder enemies and Powerful enemies youre not equipped to handle when you come across them it becomes very frustrating to get through these levels though it is a godsend they give you the chainsaw to counter at least some of the oversized mobs that are thrown at you and its rather interesting to use it against enemies I usually wouldnt use a chainsaw against so after you stumble your way through the first level have some decent highs and irritating lows in the second and play through a more tedious version of the Tower of Babel you make to the thing the whole DLC revolves around an invincible canoe so how do you defeat this invincible Behemoth you run to the corners of the small chamber while having very little room to evade the beasts attacks flip the switches lure the Beast to the center shoot the two Junctions on the ceiling and do it at least three more times you know I might have been a little too harsh with you ongzan III at least I could bring your health down to a third and kill you in one beam strike if you were a good boy and went to where you needed to go when you needed to be there because when you cant do jack  __  to an enemy with your weapons have barely any room to evade his attacks and jump through so many Hoops for an attack that hinges on the slim chance the boss will be where he needs to be at the right time I think Sam says it best when you finally defeat him I need a vacation vacation in summary legend of the Beast has three new levels with twice the number of enemies but half the Arsenal and half the fun so Im going to patiently wait for a brave modder to rebalance all three of these levels to show how good legend of the Beast could have been if it was given more time and care but until then Im going to wash away the frustration with a good Serious Sam add-on between power of the underworld and the Lost Temples of Dubai Sam is on his way for some r r when Queen Ray was in to tell Sam the time lock isnt quite online she says theres a Fail-Safe that needs to be overwritten and as usual Sam is the only man for the job so Sam sets out to crack some alien skulls raid some tombs find the fail safe and kick off bfes finale initially I said vanilla be a thief was my least favorite Serious Sam game but when I played the fusion version of BFE my complaints of slow reloading small magazines and Sprint and reload and conflicting with one another were addressed so right off the bat Jew of the Nile Fusion has a much better feel compounded by the fact the laser rifle and sniper rifle are brought back as regular weapons and though reptilians return in this DLC Ill gladly take them over the BFE witch Brides any day as for the gameplay the three levels of Jewel of the Nile are A Cut Above bfes better levels we start with an open level where you go back and forth between pedestals to collect statues in a specific order all the while dealing with rotating patterns of spawning enemies then we have a standard open area level where you fight through enemies to get to your destination this level is rather enjoyable especially with the laser iPhone sniper rifle available to you and look in Easter egg for legend of the Beast but when you get to your destination youre forced into a tomb where you need to complete four platforming challenges to open the door now I know that I said in my series Sam 5 proposal video that I wanted platforming sections to break up pacing but when its in a dark tomb and your movement speed is impaired it feels like the game has put on the brakes instead of easing on the gas pedal the dodging hallway and water room are fine on their own the wall maze is bearable if tedious to get through but the section that involves pushing the correct buttons in order and jumping onto each platform all in the dark can really test ones patience once thats done you open the door grab the statue fight your way back to the first Tomb put the statue where it needs to go and proceed to the level Jewel of the Nile is remembered for after fighting through a value of baddies you find a jet pack and use it in a much more fun way than just sticking lightning rods in the back of another umz on after hopping over the dam travel a long distance to find the keys you unlock the pipe and proceed to the final stretch theres something for the to-do list a jet pack that doesnt short out when it gets wet following a rather enjoyable bowling alley fight you come to the temple and fight one final wave of enemies before you finally find the Fail-Safe once its been deactivated youre outside to fight the final boss ra Loom the imposing prototype to defeat him strafe to Dodges barrage of cannonballs get close to sticking with C4 run away to avoid his shock Hammer detonate the C4 and repeat unlike the Beast relums attacks are easy enough to evade there is room to maneuver and there is a clear moment of opportunity to damage him over and over until hes dead so thats dual the Nile far better than legend of the beast but regarding how it compares the BFE I consider it only a slight improvement over the base game and now we could finally get to the topic of this video back in my series Sim 5 pitch video I mentioned that the next official Serious Sam game should have something that I would refer to as the second second encounter an expansion size DLC that takes place just before the finale of the base game and about going all out with the weapons and enemies to make it the ultimate Serious Sam experience well it turns out Siberian Mayhem is exactly that for series sam4 unlike Jewel the now that feels slightly better than the base game of BFE Siberian Mayhem Smooths most of the rough edges of Siri sound 4 and refines the formula to make it even closer to the greatness of the original encounters and I think a big part of that is because the developers of this expand alone time lock studios are a collection of series Sam modders and thats one of the things I forgot to mention about what makes Sirius Sam great like how Bethesda tiles are practically Immortal Mods make games last far longer than the games usual life cycle though Serious Sam isnt as large a community as the big ones this community is quite a passionate one so many dedicated fans create amazing levels were serious Sam and even create entirely original games in the serious engine and Im happy Crow team recognized this and hired time lock to create something special but in a flattery lets get started with the actual game Siberian Mayhem supposedly begins after the second to last level of Serious Sam 4 where Sam is hot on the trail of the traitor General brand but you might be thinking why did I say supposedly well youll find out at the end as Sam makes landfall and almost makes an easy callback yes why video we hit the ground running with the pistol and knife like classic Serious Sam so first off lets talk about the weapons we get most of the series sam4 Arsenal back with some Replacements and additions the first weapon of note is the replacement for the assault rifle oh yeah things are okay when you have an AK unlike the Tommy Gun in series Sam 4 which was just a skin for the assault rifle the AK has two major differences the first is a smaller magazine of 50 but that is offset by a much appreciated reduced Bloom thanks to this change the AK felt useful in the heat of battle when I fired in short burst against spark screws of rushing enemies and ads to headshot distant threats with perfect aim after the AK the next weapon is the solution for one of my complaints about Sirius m4s Arsenal so what do you get when you combine the hip fire accuracy and Panda stream power with a Devastator with the balanced fire rate of the pre-series M4 sniper rifle you get the crossbow this weapon is useful for both close range kills and distant ones with a brighter scope to make aiming for headshots easier and the last new weapon is the ray gun what it is basically is the result of taking the death ray attachment off the laser gun making its own weapon throwing the laser gun out and giving the new weapon the ability to make enemies explode when killed and like the death rate from the base game I have mixed feelings about this weapon in terms of balance but I wont deny how fun it is to use oh boy I love this thing in addition to the new weapons are two new gadgets a hoverboard scooter which allows you to float around all the while firing a laser Gatling gun and attacked a target designator for a continuous air strike as for new enemies theres a few to go over Alder and micro Hoppers are what I can best describe as a crossbow between a gennar and a marsh Hopper while throwing in the acid spit of the spiders the octane and Grenadier which acts like the beheaded bomber but with more mobility and can summon a homing rolling bomb the Draconian burner which is like the pyromaniac but with slightly more health and lasers instead of flamethrowers the octane legionary whose Shield is completely impervious to throng damage and need either a headshot back shot piercing shots or explosives landed just behind them to be dealt with and the octane Sentry tower that launches large area attacks and missile barrages and need to have their turrets taken down and wait for their car to be exposed to be destroyed as for level Design This is where Siberian Mayhem improves the most from Sirius Sam 4. seriously M4 had a major problem being Shackled to city streets and flat country science most of the time thus the layouts were planned and uninteresting but in Siberian Mayhem Russia offers much more variety despite being a country of ice and snow we have a maze-like Refinery Open Fields and ice-covered canyons train yards and Russian towns all the while there are several additions that add spice to the levels a good example is this Arena that has jump pads unlike the infuriating bouncing castles of the second encounter you could see where you and the enemies will launch from the other highlight is the third level Siberian where you explore an open world on a snowmobile and ATV unlike a breakfast in France where its a flat open level and you only ride your bike for a few minutes Siberia is instead a mountainous reason separated into segmented valleys you could just be linked to the checkpoint to progress to the next Valley but its a better idea to cruise around the first segment to find keys and enemy outposts to unlock the secret skill point as well as a very well done side mission later you can fight three Sentry towers and collect their keys for an additional skill point before the end of the level so it seems I was wrong when I said theres nothing unique that Sam could bring to an open world level it was just that I was given a subpar open World level for Sam to explore open world levels can work if the things that are in them are interesting enough and speaking of which the side missions are another area Siberian Mayhem improves from the base game instead of side missions being a slight detour either through reading a note talking to an NPC or getting a radio call from your doctor side missions in Siberian Mayhem or multi-sage treks through sections of a Refinery a creepy Village and even a mine that ends with a unique boss fight going forward this is the standard that side missions need to Aspire to also this expanded loan does what I want series sam5 to do with vehicle sections while the snowmobil and ATV or normal human vehicles theyre only for gaming from point A to B while occasionally detouring to c d and e but the two new vehicles that are in their dedicated section students are what vehicle sections should be the first vehicle is a medium-sized Mech that fires rockets and has a chainsaw sword the second a Russian tank with a cannon and machine gun with the ability to dash these vehicles also expose a small weakness that series Sam 2 had I stated my first video that the vehicle sections and two were fun but a little monotonous well that was because they were small vehicles with only a meager amount of Firepower to go against too many powerful enemies at once thus several of those sections felt like they went on for too long but the Siberian Mayhem vehicles are powerful enough to be fun but also vulnerable enough for you to be encouraged to not be too Reckless as the damage you take adds up over time along with some small puzzles to break up the pacing the last Improvement I could say about the level design is that the secrets are much better from a variety of gadgets small resource pickups classic troll traps skill points weapons Easter eggs large and small and even classic Maps moreover there arent any infuriated wall platformer sections that you need to do to get to some Secrets all these additions make for a much more enjoyable experience and makes Siberian and Mayhem a great addition to the Serious Sam franchise like the other great expanded One games did for their franchises but its not all sunshine and rainbows because this is an expansion to series Sam 4 many of the technical limitations are still present I cant truly comment on the graphics or presentation because my new rig isnt a monster like full-time YouTubers are required to have but I will keep emphasizing that serious Engine 5 needs to be more stable and like Siri sound 4 Siberian Mayhem isnt safe from Gadget exploitation Music watch Music but despite this we can move on to the story nothing much happens in terms of story considering this takes place just before the finale of four but there are several highlights John Jake dick still does his job giving Sam his signature one-liners dont worry Ill warm you up bullets in the cringe Fest that was Rodriguez is now replaced by Sams fan club I this is my Valiant publed hey and we are your biggest fans man we do get some fun moments with them in the two levels theyre in but I will confess I didnt have as much a broken heart when they met their ends as they did for Kenny and father Mikhail because I had more time to bond with the latter two but the best Cameo comes from Sirius Russias very own feminine icon eye for an eye  __  who knew that a few words from the radio would make me giddy for the review of a not dead Legend and speaking of which I didnt know this when I posted my series sam4 review but the voice actor for Beau Corin Brad Venable passed away just three days before I finished the video had I known at the time I would have dedicated more of my appreciation for him so I give my condolences to his family he and the character he brought to life with just his voice were a major part of what made me love Serious Sam for the world will never be the same without him Music okay now its time for my favorite part of the video hit the music Music teleporting major biomechanoid trapped in a small Arena you need to maneuver around some kamikazes and guitars to land shots on the Behemoth as he teleports between four spots thankfully the arena isnt too small so youll be able to handle the main threat and is lackeys without too much trouble Draconian burner a simple minibus introduction for the new enemy micro Hopper room and homage to my least favorite level in the first encounter but with more Health Kits predictable spawning points and sprinting I can maneuver myself into better positions to deal with these buggers in a bearable way Alpha and Omega two oversized guitars whose weak spots are their eyes General brand the last human basically the final boss fight we all expected in the main game before unzyme VI stole his Spotlight in the first phase he launches diverse projectile and physical attacks to avoid as you Whittle his health down once you nearly finish him off he enters rage mode and begins phase two overall a very good fight where the frustrations are mitigated with her stockpile of hearts on standby so seeing as this takes place before the finale of the base game its fair to assume that before Sam deals the final blow the dam will break and watch both alpha males down the river to bring us to the beginning of a finale uh uh hey Sam who are you Im you from the future I know its really cool that you killed bran but this timeline does not end well okay I think its fair to say at this point that my hope for Sirius sound 5 being the series Sam to retcon many fans were hoping for is no longer an option instead it seems Crow team and time lock are going to be setting up their very own Sam verse I wont lie in saying I dont feel a little bummed out about this but on the bright side it might make every spin-off title and player made mod Canon but anyway Siberian Mayhem is a Triumph and the future of the franchise looks bright if protein and time on continuing this relationship going forward with proper management and a good relationship with their publisher and fans Im looking forward to these peoples next project so Bravo time locking pro team Bravo so thats my review of Siri Sam Siberian Mayhem and its made me real value what wait a minute all this time how could I have forgotten yeah game on is a God the first encounter soundtrack is rhythmic and Atmospheric Masterpiece with the guitars rifting at the most important moments foreign best track the second encounter was a great addition with appropriate instruments for the time periods Music and undercoats contribution for the boss themes are just impeccable Music in the cherry on top is the greatest song of the entire Serious Sam franchise Music foreign Music 2 soundtrack was does have several good tracks to accommodate the theme of each planet Music foreign Music Music thank you Music but nothing really stood out for me safe for the final level Music Music thank you Music Siri stamp 3 had some good to average tracks fighting through the hordes on the surface Music Music foreign but when you go underground the tracks really give you a sense of creep Music and ah Music foreign Music songs of the final level really send the soundtrack out on a high note despite the final boss stumbling for me Music foreign Music Music Arizona Music as for series Sam 4 and Siberian Mayhem this is where Daemon was able to really stretch his legs with original Tunes Music foreign Music Music foreign Music foreign Music Music foreign Music tingling callbacks Music foreign Music this man and Michael McCann are two artists who dont get enough love from the game music Community okay I think thats everything I needed to cover upon this series so far as I was saying Siberian Mayhem made me reevaluate what I said about my pitch for Sirius sam5 and initially I was going to dedicate an extra section of this video for a rework series sam5 pitch but with this video being as long as it is already its best to create an entirely new video for it as for when that video will be made itll be a while because I have other projects I want to make first as well as life that I have to deal with but I hope youve enjoyed this video that I was able to finally finish and I hope to see you again when my free time permits it thanks for watching and dont forget to like comment share and subscribe see you next time what games can be played on steam deck To answer your question about why this video took this long to make, its a combination of school, work, stress, burnout, faulty storage devices and having to play through the Serious Sam games again, not just Siberian Mayhem and the DLCs, to rerecord footage for the video, especially for the last section. But here it is finally. Hope you enjoy. steam won't go in online mode steam gift cards target uncharted pc steam steam game awards broadcast not working steamed fresh vegetables