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Restore steam games from old hard drivehow to add game folder to steam SERIOUS SAM: SIBERIAN MAYHEM gameplay Music i feel like people can finally now say binny why do you only shoot play some bad big game because sirius sam siberian mayhem just got like magically dumped into my inbox and uh it seems all right to me i like sirius m im not like the biggest serious sam uh fan but ive played my share and this one seems alright so  __  it can i give it a shot and shoot and shoot some more i think this is well devolver published this crow team made it but i i think whats going on here is it uses the previous um games engine and its like kind of an expansion or but its own standalone as well i could be wrong i should probably do more research before i get you know before i play but uh its fine just gonna just gonna hop in and shoot for a little bit and see if i like it Music thank you for joining i hope everyone out there is having a nice cold winter oh wait no not enjoying the cold and now were going into virtual cold in the winter i should play exclusively tropical themed games thats it or like lava levels just stitch together a bunch of lava levels should be fun wait im lost in the story hang on a minute so whats whats his motivation where are we in the lore of sam at this point man its cool and why is he so serious to this very day but kicking ass all right we got a badass over here theres a motion sickness option huh i could turn some of that bobs down you know the mouse im just so used to counter-strike mouse thats why i always always in shooters lower the sensitivity so much because why did i do that i like the burps oh because it was made of the the  __  black goo from the x-files got it im also going to frame limit at 90. what the  __  am i going to do with more than 90 frames now is this an unlimited deal with 10 shots oh you can press a button and you get like a little light train to help you find the way when you press c thats cool i mean for a game like this with environments that are like massive sure well the shooting is serious this music vaguely reminds me of the battle theme the the boss fight theme from final fantasy vii im almost here its just in my mind so Music yeah its definitely serious sam would you look at that lets see how do you but why why reinvent the wheel when your game is about being shoot man quick save is f6 are you guys dogs or frogs just make up the damn mind and then you get quips like that and its like how come duke nukem cant come back what did duke nukem post on his twitter im telling you you just make a duke nukem game like duke 3d and youd make him shoot a lot i dont know if that would work im just an ideas guy Music i did play sirius mvr a little bit at some point i i think god i dont even  __  remember did i i might have god i might have played it at like a vr place that you can go to somewhere in manhattan oh i dont know if i actually ever streamed it i i feel like the game is jittery which might just be my computer and me recording it its like im noticing a little bit of jitter its not like buttery smooth but um ive been having computer issues lately and but it hasnt affected games really like i ive had crashes ive had some like really  __  annoying things happen but i dont think it would just make the game jittery i dont know these are good turn your brain off games though this guy gargles rocks with ac dcs brian johnson life whats that sounds like a mayday lets see damn things busted is that an sos in your tower are you just happy to see me oh boys i better find whoever that is before something big and nasty gets there first some uh some good jokes we got yo we got dick jokes let me let me put on a v-sync maybe adaptive sharpening i mean its nice and sharp i kind of like when video games have a little extra sharpness halo does it to nice effect uh it hasnt really helped the frame rates uh sorry i just want to asus aura no i just want to see if theres a way to show the frame rates profanity filter show ammo list player model sirius sam wow i can be meatless mike all right im just gonna have to like deal with it its not killing the experience by any means but i i guess im just wondering why oh look i got bones i wasnt sure if meatless mic would actually take effect theres usually secrets i remember one of the things that um when i played the last serious sam that i played whatever one it was i remember like running around forever grenade launcher on a shotgun Music good hello can you hear me oh oh you can just press e when an enemy gets close to you and that may lays them in the face its me meatless mike i see you guys are really happy to see me put a lot of grenades for this thing but what i was trying to say before was yeah i remember there being some expansive areas that led to absolutely nowhere and that was a bit of a turn off but you know uh the melee button isnt quite always available you gotta wait till they get right up in your gooch you may ask how vinnie how is it possible you could have died with your pro gamer skills theres no way you just killed yourself with a grenade theres no way oh my god oh my god is meatless mike the pickle rick of sirius sam colonel i managed to escape the shotgun has a weird spread i think that just the serious sam way oh my god its already fully insane this is already  __  dinosaurs space marines oh my god nice doom yeah no wonder you died sam because you you just breathed in poison gas from an orb thats not an orb you wish to ponder for very long and this is normal difficulty i think this is pretty contingent on you having gotten good at previous serious am game or this is just how serious sam be i dont know boomerang Music Music Music hey are you trying to say something or are you just passing gas wow hang on a second thats weird im monitoring my cpu at the moment its a zero percent the  __  thats 17 um yeah thats thats weird i guess my yeah the monitoring im doing is not good i also im noticing this jitteriness quite a bit more i feel like this game should run fine on a 3080. what is going on here i dont know im sorry to be uh interrupting the gameplay with this but lets take it out of full screen mode for a second because ive had this issue with jittery gaming before pretty sure i have Music its just as jittery oh well if anyone knows if anyones had a similar issue Music enemies occasionally drop loot oh man im sorry Music Music for a game like this i almost i feel like its a detriment if its not running as smooth as possible so thats whats why im trying real hard to get this thing to look that good Music whoa enemies ladies and gentlemen its open season oh man i mean there might be an nvidia setting the shotgun has range kind of works well for clearing out this hallway get  __  Music ladies and gentlemen its open season on mental board the spread on this shotgun is massive okay i paused for a bit and i did a little a look-see on the internet and apparently this game has performance issues and this is nothing new like this engine has uh caused people some some problems so yeah i dont know if i looked like trying to find settings that i could mess around with and i i still got nothing so like right there was that jeez again i know graphics isnt everything and i complain about it from time to time its more an issue of for a game game is loud a game where youre shooting quickly at all times i think you just want things to look as good as possible and you want it to be as smooth as possible so thats why i complain okay and yeah i tried a bunch of different things i even switched the renderer to vulcan that made it worse oh well now im done talking about it i remember those things Applause hey we need to do some voice acting for serious sam game can you sing the born to be wild song thatll be extra in order to properly this is true in order to properly get the voice for sirius sam they had to hire someone named sam with no sense of humor thats the only way because hes serious all the time that made no sense because theres a lot of humor in this game oh my god when i hear the heartbeat i immediately start assuming that um im on the brink of death because other games do that where you you know you start hearing your characters heartbeat its like oh yeah its over but in this case it just happens whenever you get hit ah hmm sure is walking backwards okay try that again or my arms killing me i just flew in serious sam comedy tour coming soon come on theres so many of them theres so many less of them meanwhile my own brethren as i am bones whatever the  __  my characters name bony maroney im coming im coming come on im coming hmm oh my god god what a nightmare that would be in real life Music Music okay uh oh boy what is that big thing oh its one of those again those from earlier games yeah float ah  __  jesus i wonder if i missed a weapon i wonder if i was supposed to get that assault rifle by now um good save file good save point oh my god oh my um okay theres so many grenades im used to like games with attached ars having only a couple grenades like half-life two you can carry like five at a time you almost never get five well not almost never but you know oh man uh should i save im gonna save Music this series is one of the like theres details that you just never need to see ever this is one of those game series where you just run through like halfway this in half-life alex would be on the complete opposite sides of the immersion spectrum two different types of first person shooters to be sure but im just thinking about how fast like you just blaze through the environments in this game okay oh there we go ak-47 which of course makes sense for the setting of the game Music boy these lights yeah now its serious sam how do you take cover wheres the attach to cover button wheres the squad tactics feature wait the series isnt about that secret explosives have been found Music are they still screaming yeah kind of i dont know whats happening im watching things fade into walls Music yeah that is that is too jittery that is way too jittery when you have enemies that are up there and youre jittering all over like what is that again 30 80 decent cpu like probably not choosing the right options here yeah yeah that to me is uh maybe its just my system maybe its because im recording optimal configuration but um it kind of ruins some of the fun of the game like it really does when youre jittering around trying to lock onto an enemy uh not its not its not great its not great so i dont know again if anyone knows how to serious sam it and get that performance a little bit better let me know in the comments hmm well Music if crow team finds a way to patch it that would be nice um or if im like the only i mean theres other people online having the same issue but for me that is actually maybe im overreacting if thats your opinion thats fine but um for me its its kind of taking points off what is otherwise a fun shooter hmm and i would still like to play ultra kill at some point like in regards to crazy shooters that thats one that ive been meaning to check out for a while and i i still havent so i will hmm Music so Music it is a lot of fun yeah serious sam story right like a  __  flavored lollipop right yeah owen wilson you cant just say that and im saying your full name so people know what impression im doing but owen wilson you cant say cock-flavored lollipop yeah well you know sometimes you just gotta eat the lollipop now theres no way this room would just be here for no reason weapons reload faster or dual wheeled pistols and single-handed weapons dual wheel two-handed weapons ill ill take that now please three oh oh my god oh my god its like dude a turtle Music oh  __  thats the worst thing you can do right there  __  notice how much damage i did to myself Applause Music Applause so Music how has civilization even continued in the serious sam universe with all this  __  going on like what the  __  is going on in this in this games world Applause Applause oh my god Applause these explosive people i think can take out other monsters Music i tried to be fancy there is much fun to be had in the shooting of sirius m even if it is like a lot of times kind of mindless i still enjoy the shoot i only got three of 16 secrets okay its one of the its one of these games 45 000 secrets all right uh lets see ill do one more map okay maybe this will go faster if im not in a menu trying to fix things okay what do we got here um optional objective i cant hear you sam where are we farting boys big splosh its good that they damage each other a lot of lizards in this series huh okay grenades on shotgun unless you want a fight oh god Music Applause okay now back to the hangar for my reward i wonder if at any point in this game you go to a chernobyl like power plant disaster Music i mean its siberia so maybe not maybe its a fictional one you know oh my god look ah man i was going to read what got me thats what happens in this game lots of it speaking of boom boom there was some  __  terrible commercial years ago where the the tagline was zoom zoom and it was that that song i dont like that song its one of those songs that gets stuck in your head forever and its not that good in my opinion and i could see some marketing exec going yes zoom zoom thats the nature of what we do have them say it you dont understand its simple its even a baby could say it thats why that must be our slogan our slogo it has to be its wonderful and then years later everythings named google voodoo nintendo wii hulu baby words that the culture of both we appeal to the lowest common denominator and so the baby words must be said speed as an example syrian werewol just killed me Music Music oh okay question is do i go for the big lad or the little lads im thinking the little lads probably like focus on down here first and then take a couple shots when i can Music that does a lot of damage the syrian werewolf just did all of my my damage all of it Applause Music i think the real answer is focus on the  __  wearable Music Music its another one because i i cant attack that thing in the ads at the same time im just hoping that the ads run out Music yeah  __   __  Music done and how the  __  do i get out of here piss off howd you get in here with me oh we got a glitch one tan got stuck in the elevator that felt good oh that didnt Music i really should try that headshot thing a little bit more often oh my god are they naked no theyre not naked Music do i really have to deal with this this guys  __  right now you are one ugly  __  everything trying to kill you all the time forever that was just a side objective so Music do marines not going to be happy about me killing his prey and with a double shotgun no less sometimes the fight is its own reward rage serum may cause sterility thats good you dont need serious sam reproducing Music Music i mean boneless mic i mean boneless ribs uh huh lets see Music so i have to get over there does music need to be this epic while im just exploring Music oh yeah let me just go through that blue container no problem okay okay i i need the light train to help me quite pathetic without it Music but that doesnt help me how do i did i not hit a switch that i had to hit no i hit the switch i i tried to solve the problem with the only way sam knows how violence the music kind of got the hint i think its like yeah maybe maybe it doesnt need to be like this right now youre right video game or video game all right oh half-life 2 gonna sue yeah i just didnt see this that was my bed oh environmental st puzzles thats what sirius m does best aside from shooting blank loads and fighting monsters and demons but thats definitely the third best thing he can do i bet theres a secret involving those to get you to a secret area and i just cannot be bothered i cannot be arsed oh oh nice health i know im playing like crap but sam deserves some of the blame dude just slipped game saved boneless sam hello any survivors calvarys here oh god i thought i would never make it out of here these monsters killed my unit and trapped me in here Music wow its pyro this is extremely uncool i was gonna say that seemed easy and then i im kind of realizing that thats just gonna become a regular enemy now serious sam its not quite the same version of the enemy its its a little weaker okay this is the the big boy not really that wasnt too bad either nice chair called brain has betrayed humanity and flies towards us you will notice a plane with triple a signs on it shoot on sight i repeat shoot on sight hey sam you want to wear a hoodie do you hear me maybe a jacket a little help hello who is speaking my names sam stone im heading towards tunguska why does he have an aglet in his ears not quite sure looks like an oil refinery wow youre a long way from home listen you need to get out of that refinery and head straight to the south me and my partisan squad can help you to reach tunguska well be waiting for you in a small village called kalinovka you cant miss it sounds great thanks comrade no problem man hey give me something just in case all right im out squid helicopters here ah screw it Music gotta deal with squid helicopter be right back oh i was infinitely pulped by the abyss thats what it said there do you ever wish your bones could get tenderized like that im just role-playing as my skeleton yeah im gonna try something out here see something uh happy when it works nice i like how in the cutscenes its just regular sam its not like now now the game looks very professional spooky scary skeletons and shivers down your spine you dont know the words to this aside from that first line no my bone brethren why do you attack me osteoporos were all in this together this is not a great way to play sirius m but its functional and i get to see my skeleton which is really what matters most hmm game got like three times better with the advent of me being able to see the skeleton theres locked theres a bunch of locked characters a couple decent ones that colonel sanders Music just and he did i do enjoy that enemy i think thats a good enemy dogs whatever you are shoot is that a  __  battle toad thats a crossover serious sam versus battle toads and then they team up eventually which makes no sense why would they even be in the same universe all right hear me out serious sam and camel toads they team up and they go to the minge dynasty its its a premise its a premise now we can have some real fun this is where the fun begins say hello i i dont did al pacino dual wield i dont even  __  know Music how do you even reload double shotguns oh you just dont got it i want to see if theres a button that can take me into first person h its the goldeneye method im okay with that a giant robotic chainsaw arm has four words that were meant to go together oh sam oops all right lord of the rings but instead of samwise gamgee its serious sam no i think thats dead now Music because im now dual wielding double shotguns so yeah no thats dead oh wait no no no no wait wait im a dumbass when it said find a vehicle i wasnt sure if it was a boat you know a boat or a car of some kind not a mech with a chainsaw arm okay now this is as serious as sam has ever gotten as far as im concerned and ive ive not even played most of the serious sam games so i dont know what the  __  im talking about but thats thats some serious  __  right there again im gonna say it i just wish this games performance was a little bit better well more than a little bit its just its so wacky and theres so many enemies on the screen at the same time this is like the perfect game you you want a game like this to be smooth smooth like jbs move and considering its not its still fun and its still very playable but man wait a minute okay military base winter snow mech is this metal gear solid is this the weapon to surpass metal gear Applause look at all this utter nonsense crush jesus christ is there a  __  destination is there a specific goal or does it just kill everything Music well im close to killing everything so hundreds of poor souls like are these space marines like they have families are they even like evil you know where are they coming from are they being hired are they being recreated by like an alien force in maybe this foreskin not sure how that works Applause jesus thats all i can say i can just invoke the name of the lord thats all ive got low battery it was fun while it lasted but every partys got an insult yeah this game is insane you can hear it in my voice im just so happy they let me play as a damn skeleton i got zero secrets i am rotten at finding video game secrets and i always always have been i think thatll be good i really i mean i wasnt planning on checking this out for the full two hours anyway but heres what ill say if you watched all this and your brain hasnt melted then that means that you are equipped for sirius m you already know if youre gonna play a new serious sam game its more of the same but but its pretty good you know my complaints if you watched if you skipped ahead for some reason uh the games performance is a little crusty i dont know if you could see that ive located four kilometers away from the refinery i guess it stays there for refueling sure i want new weapons fire and reload even when sprinting Music i dont even have to think about that one that that almost huge i just wanted to see what the next weapon might be because like we havent even seen the crazy weapons in this game yet oh look well its a rocket launcher Music um yeah firing while sprinting is fantastic game changer you cant sprint backwards though that dude glitched into that pole i think are you kidding me are you kidding me skeleton massacres thousands more at 11. that animation was so  __  janky were just so small when you compare that to something like doom it was just like vehicle baby you showed up just in time Music great remember that one james bond game that had like a skiing section was that world is not enough it wasnt terrible there might have even been like a one of these snowmobile section in a james bond damn game russians just did my homework nice to see someone elses line blow up for once though well back on track anyway so its like a big open world segment open world serious sam i i have to say though i like the way halo adapted open world for itself that was like they could have pushed it a little bit further Music im not done with the game yet as of the time of this recording but i think halo pretty much got it right and could maybe get that because its not quite far cry which is good and it still retains a lot of the classic halo feel Applause that was not good Music but the open world segment to me compliments the gameplay just just fine more more than fine i think it was uh good its quite quite good Music i cant open this i guess theres three locks thats cool looking thats a cool scene Music might be a bit of an overkill Music Music whats in the church Music can i not get into the church i gotta clear it out lots of burb is there like one straggler see now im invested in this church thing i want to see whats over there i was going to end this and then i kept going that happens well it happens when im enjoying myself so thats good usually a good sign Music eye for an eye  __  one-eyed olga wow it just its just like metal gear solid serious the equally legendary one-eyed olga hey i thought you were dead thats what they play in russia one eye olga not serious sam easily i planned to head towards tunguska portland podius the strangler but these octanian bastards got really mad at me for some reason so i had to spread a little word about my death and everything was fine and well until you showed up well what can i say im not looking for a fight but the fight always seems to be looking for me i know the feeling but this place is full of bad guys and they probably have backup incoming too not good for my cover story and not great for you either stone so how about we help each other out ill go to the bell tower and cover you from up there while you party down here you sure you can get up there with that leg of yours relax one-eyed olga has gone through much worse we should nominate this for best story at the game awards so what do you do when youre not killing me Music yeah im all right thanks for watching my butt sex Music okay that wasnt so bad man dual wielding is great i think i chose wisely i havent even used my rage i like rage potions or something 25 years ago this place used to be inhabited now it is a ghost town sam nice shooting maam please thats nothing earlier today now that was something wait so you shut down brand yeah well i heard radio transmission looked outside saw a plane full of traitors aimed and bam straight to the engine wow you know wed actually make a really good team ah another time stone gotta stay low for a while and fix myself up but i have a gift for you let it remind you of our time together thanks maam hope well meet again soon me too and dont call me maam im olia nice my bony fingers shall operate this crossbow well accidentally hit the teddy bear with the crossbow can i take that instead its like a mosin no all right hey ivan guess who i was talking to today it was sandstone what check out the goddamn snowmobile well i think this this is i need to actually make food whoa nice weapon Music oh its  __  awesome to melt these enemies Music what the hells going here Music shes collecting trash to use to throw at me or or i thought those were my own bullets for a second theyre not hey i like this weapon sniper crossbows have a first person shooter tradition and this ones pretty good this ones actually really good so yeah at sirius m you shoot youre serious youre sometimes not serious and uh i think i need a  __  snowmobile still and yeah i mean i like the game i think it has like i said the performance stuff noticed it a lot more earlier i guess i kind of get used to it and maybe it didnt um get worse but im gonna go ahead and say you know exactly if this is the type of game you want its more of that and maybe even a little bit more i mean the environments are its siberia so you know have fun in siberia the game but its addictive and some of the stuff is is good i i dont always love shooting that requires like you have to backpedal and shoot and and walk backwards and shoot more and walk backwards and shoot some more thats not exactly my favorite type of first person shooting thats why doom and doo maternal doom 2016 do maternal i think did a pretty good job with the forward momentum Music what the  __  i im glad i saw that whatever that was that was a good cap to this whole thing um that said though this is still serious sam some of the weapons are cool its got a little bit of an upgrade system i dont remember sirius sam4 when i played it i just played a little bit of it it was fine but i think this one this one has a lot of good stuff in it and id recommend to those that already wanted a serious sam game or a game like this youll probably enjoy yeah i dont think i can get back there and get the snowmobile that way appears to be barred yeah thats a shame all right yeah because there was a like a briefcase over there with locks i didnt really know how to get that so now you have to do this whole big expansive section okay im gonna stop playing now for real i need to make the spaghett im gonna make the spaghett thank you for watching maybe more one day i dont know how long this game is but now im oh look at those bones thats a title screen maybe more one day let me know again if you have any performance uh tweaks for this game and uh i dont know if its gonna be a full playthrough because i am already playing through like three or four games at the moment and there was another one i wanted to do before eldon ring i dont know if im gonna get to 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