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Steam full screen launch optionsteam download capped SERIOUS SAM: SIBERIAN MAYHEM sirius sam 4 had a lot of issues so i was pretty conflicted when i heard they were releasing a new serious sam game so soon that is till i heard it was a standalone expansion being developed by well-known modders in the sirius sam community if theres any way to revitalize a game franchise this is it so thats what were here for did this plan work Music hey jarek here and ive been playing sirius sam for a long time thats not a brag a lot of us have including the modders that are now devs making this game in fact apparently this expansion was initially supposed to be a mod for sirius sam4 before they were hired and turned into their own studio called timelock studios over in russia but before i go full in detail we need to talk about something just as serious as sirius sam todays sponsor hey look its the astronaut and hes here to tell you about into the am todays sponsor actually no im here to tell you about into the am i wear their shirts pretty often i wear them around the house or just walking out and about theyre very soft theyre very durable and if i wash them the softness doesnt seem to go away ive been wearing them since around august they also have a ton of interesting designs so if you want to get some of these for yourself they currently have a couple of bundle deals the first one is three graphic tees for 60 dollars and the second one is three basic tees for 45 but if you want an extra 10 off that does stack on top of the bundle deals you can click that link down below in the video information or go to into dragon shirts and you have a bunch of these comfortable neat looking shirts for yourself as always a big thanks goes to into the am for sponsoring this channel and lets get back to the video lets start where i usually do the graphics now with this being an expansion to sirius sam4 it runs on the same engine sirius sam4 didnt really look too good it clearly was an unfinished game so many environments just seemed big open empty and lifeless like an early access title while i understand sir sam doesnt quite have the budget of a normal aaa title it also is not quite as small as a regular indie title they also had that thing with stadia so they kind of had to push the game out it was just kind of a mess thankfully sirius sams siberian mayhem does not have the same fault environments are quite pretty in this game theyre fully detailed it feels like an actual place nowhere quite seems empty or lifeless and while i will be honest this game doesnt quite look as good as normal games you would expect to see in 2022 it also looks far from bad and i wouldnt quite expect this game to look like the next crisis anyway because it has to handle so many enemies on screen at any given time so cut it some slack with that said this game has one really bad issue at the moment it stutters like crazy and i dont mean small micro stutters i mean it will freeze for a solid second when it stutters and it happens often now if you bought the game and you dont have this issue im happy for you not all pcs are the same but unfortunately this is a really common issue if you look at the discussions on steam its basically being flooded with people saying the same thing this game runs awful now my setup can definitely handle a game like this it has an amd 3700x a 3080 32 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and its running on an m.2 drive so clearly its not the hardware being the issue here whats even more confusing is that for the most part the frame rate is not the issue its just stuttering i have no idea whats going on here i tried quite a few different things changed a lot of settings and the stuttering persisted no matter how low i put the graphics or how high they were its really hard to enjoy serious sam when its stuttering like this you have hundreds of enemies running at you literally hundreds and its constantly pausing and this really sucks because the rest of this expansion is probably the best serious sam content weve gotten since series sam next encounter maybe thatll be patched with a future update i have no idea but for now lets move on to the story yeah im gonna have a hard time telling you what really happened here this game starts with sirius sam just kind of in russia im not really sure why hes there he just kind of is he says a few sentences parks his boat and youre immediately shooting enemies and i have no complaints i mean its serious sam you dont really need motivation to kill these enemies thats just kind of the point you get a distress call and a lot of the game is going to meet up with these russians once you do meet up with these russians you need to go to a certain town for reasons and theres a bad guy because theres a bad guy im gonna be honest i have no idea what was going on in the story but i didnt even question that as i was playing the game like yes i listened to the cutscenes i paid attention to what was being said but my mind never really questioned all the events around me i was just enjoying playing the game this is in stark contrast to sirius m4 where every cutscene always had someone saying something incredibly cringy and poorly voice acted and my god the cutscenes were so bad in that game now the writing in siberian mayhem wont win any awards but at least its not serious m4 what im saying is that even though you probably wont understand whats going on in the story you wont question whats happening nothing is going to pull you out of the game theres also another reason why i didnt question the story because very frequently you would get a side quest that would have its own contain story keep that nugget of information tucked in your mind i will talk about that when im talking about the gameplay and speaking of the gameplay lets go to that remember how i said the game basically starts by just shoving you at enemies and you immediately are shooting right away if there is anything i want you to take away from this video its that pacing is finally back to what the old serious same games were pacing is an issue that siri sam has had since sirius sam 3. both sir sam 3 and 4 just kind of start too slow they have moments where seemingly nothing happens they moments where you fight the same enemy too much overall it really drains the fun out of the games thats not to say i disliked sirisan 3 but it definitely could have been a lot more fun meanwhile in siberia and mayhem you go all of one walk down a beach before you immediately pick up a shotgun this is the first few minutes of the game they dont waste your time having you shoot the same zombie for the next 20 minutes hell before you even get the shotgun theyve introduced a new enemy type to you sirius sam doesnt know if these are frogs or a dog either way theyre a new enemy to keep you interested within the first minute and in typical serious sam fashion the game continues to escalate you get bigger bigger weapons you fight bigger and better enemies and you fight more and more enemies at the same time but as i said pacing is difficult to nail in a game like this you want just enough enemies to come close to overwhelming you without actually feeling unfair what kinds of enemies and how many enemies you need to throw at the player for them to feel that way really depends on the weapons they have in their hands at that point and if youre constantly throwing enemies being overwhelmed the whole time well then the game just kind of starts feeling well overwhelming and the pacing is kind of thrown off so you need to constantly give players new weapons and new enemies once they finally master the weapons theyre holding and the enemies theyre fighting but you also need to give the player a little bit of time to breathe and this game does that in a particularly good way every once in a while youll find yourself on a vehicle and maybe an atv the reason patriots was dropped was just due to internal not like arguing like what it may be a snowmobile it might even be a tractor and when you have these vehicles the game puts you into a big open area now this might make you concerned because an open world game is really difficult to get right when it comes to pacing and sirius sam relies on good pacing to keep it fun but in this case they give you a road if you follow that road and the nap point it gets you to the next objective and you can just go straight to the end of the level if you really want to this will act like a normal serious sam game you run into more enemies you keep shooting you keep going however you can go off this path to other directions and you might find side quests or secrets this game really made me want to explore if the person is feeling like they want to slow down and look around they can if they dont and just want to keep shooting they can also do that this puts it in a weird place where the pacing is almost up to the player in my experience i really wanted to explore these areas serious am is one of the only games that i actually want to troll me the secrets always make me laugh even if predictable no man this this has to be a trap is this this is way too suspicious to not be a trap i  __  knew it you might even find some other things like say this guy just chilling by a cliff Music or you might find an easter egg thats a throwback to an old game push all the buttons on these machines and this happens okay in fact its very obvious that the team behind this expansion really loves serious sam theres so many call-outs to the old games the most obvious one is when you go into a sewer and a bunch of those new enemies that sirius m call the frog start pouring out of tubes and old serious sam music even plays while this is happening the only way you wouldnt get that reference is if you just didnt play the old serious sam games needless to say if you like sirius sam this will just kind of make you smile itll just put you in a good mood its genuinely fun all these years later but about these more open areas remember how i said there could be secondary objectives well this is where youll find the secondary objectives and oftentimes these will have their own self-contained plot for example you may find a sign thats talking about a missing little girl sam says something about trying to keep an eye out for this girl you walk up a road and you find yourself in some sort of weird haunted ranch sam knocks on the door and the girl replies without opening the door the girl says shes afraid and she lost her teddy bear and  __  sam tells her to stay put and he goes off on his own this will start numerous battles with enemies that fit the bill say vampires eventually get the sled and teddy rear back and return to the girl just to find out shes a ghost that was hauntingly beautiful and all of this was on a side objective you could go right by this and continue the main game hell theres even a boss fight with two large enemies that you can totally just walk by you dont need to do it this game really rewards you for exploring but it also wouldnt be an expansion if it didnt give you some new toys lets first start with a new gadget thats a very fast hoverboard with turrets on them and thats awesome this thing is incredibly powerful it moves so quickly that you can just kite enemies around at your leisure but it doesnt last forever so eventually youre gonna have to go back to being on foot now most of the guns youve seen before in previous series sam game so i wont list through those and yes in case youre going to ask the cannon of course comes back it wouldnt be serious sam without that glorious cannon lets make this canonical however there are two new weapons that i absolutely love theyre incredibly satisfying the first one is this sort of laser crossbow combine this thing with the fact that you can headshot enemies and damn this thing is strong oh my god you can also do wield it which is borderline broken even the tankiest enemies in the game only last a few shots against this thing and im totally okay with that because this thing is just so much fun but the next new weapon they added might be my favorite weapon ive ever seen in a serious sam game this is a new laser weapon it does exactly what you think it does and oh my god uh  __  the first thing siberian mayhem does when it gives you this new weapon is it funnels a ton of enemies down this alleyway at you and gives you a bunch of ammo siberian mayhem wants you to know this is a jib machine i also want to give a special shout out to that black hole gadget because this is just always fun it basically is the replacement for the serious bomb but like this is so much flashier it just so much cooler anyway remember when i mentioned vehicles in this game but theres more than just a little snowmobile or a little atv theres a mech in a tank lets start with the mech on the left hand it fires rockets on the right hand it has a chainsaw theres honestly not really a whole lot more that needs to be said the game chucks a bunch of enemies at you and you chainsaw all of them i dont know what it is about this chainsaw like look at this look at all the gore makes me so happy the tank however my god i dont think ive seen this many enemies in a serious sam game ever before now theres not really much surprising about this tank its a tank it fires a big shot and if you hold right click you have a machine gun thats what you would expect however this game gives you a massive open field with an ungodly amount of enemies to just absolutely demolish there is so much chaos happening this moment that i just cant help but stop myself from giggling like an idiot oh also the tank can boost im not exaggerating the game literally says shift to boost oh i can boost holy  __  you put nos in the tank its awesome if anything this really reminds you of the vehicle sections with the hummer and next encounter so in conclusion what do i think of sirius sam siberian mayhem well i think this might be the best serious sam content we have gotten since next encounter its decently long too this will last you five to six hours for an expansion thats really good and it only costs 20 bucks a full price shooter lasting about 6 hours would be completely normal and this is 20 the only real stain on this game is that you might get unlucky and you might be one of the people where the game stutters like crazy and theres nothing you can really do however these are problems that they can work out everything else from the graphics to the gameplay is fantastic to put it bluntly this was a game made by sirius sam fans for serious sam fans if you like sirius sam and want more serious sam you will enjoy this expansion however if youre someone that doesnt really enjoy serious sam you think its just kiting enemies around and strafing forever and you want something a little bit more then you probably wont enjoy it and i would say to skip it the target demographic is pretty obvious its people who want just more serious sam and thats exactly what this is but if youre one of those people i cannot recommend it enough so hey i want to give a big thanks to everyone that joined me while i stream this game over on twitch my twitch is slash jericho gaming dragon i stream this game all at once just marathon like six hours straight so big thanks to everyone that stuck around and if you subscribe over to my twitch you can see my videos at least one week ahead of time and of course i want to give big thanks to you for watching this video Music you are games free on steam deck Thank you INTO THE AM for these Elevated Everyday Graphic Tees! 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