Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aikos Choice. #2

How does remote play work steamsteam restaurant and bar SHADOW TACTICS: AIKOS CHOICE game ah finally our dutiful Observer is resting his eyes come Kumar unburden him of the keys thank you thank you Kuma now what to do with this newfound Freedom hmm yes Ive seen them too five weapon crates hiding among the more harmless cargo of the ship theyve shown me their contents firearms grenades Portuguese Imports more deadly than anything we can fashion here I think it would be in everyones interest if these were never to reach our enemys hands however we best not expose our presence Too Soon by resorting to more explosive methods let us Mark these crates with a special sign so our friends can deal with them when they arrive patience Kumar theyll come to our rescue Im sure of it ah yes the Crows Nest A fitting name we should hide up there once our task is finished now let me leave this cage quietly no running with that wooden leg if anyone raises the alarm I fear it will be over for us foreign Music oh dont worry Yuki Chan will understand now on to the next foreign yes Music yes its my place to look my Lord A wise choice something about them ready Music work your charms kumas Im curious just a moment hey theres the second clip time has taken my leg but my eyesight is as sharp as it ever was come we have three more crates to mark tired already no one will notice have you served that the lady chill before no my love neither have I the female trusts her this much I understand she has somewhat of a reputation a valid solution sneaking around on a ship full of guns drawing little markings on their belongings a shame Yuki Chan isnt here right now right you are just two more left Kumar Music to think its your turns Music yeah distract them oh no again but it feels wrong to sail on a foreign ship I admit I find it rather striking Music oh you are right Kumar lots of precariously placed cargo up here surely no one would suspect if there was a little accident is he still no one will notice Music Music foreign ready Kumar Go fate was unkind today whack your charms Kuna well done whats that ah patience thats enough Kumar another great marked now did you notice Kumar the gods have been mentioning a name a city if Im not mistaken oh it was right too we can discuss this once weve marked the final crate you might wonder A wise choice Music just a moment yes that was indeed the last one now let us climb up to the Crows Nest there you are Music the ocean what a beautiful sight considering the time I had I havent been out here much Music honor and Duty once bound me to this land just as much as it binds our friend moogan now I hope he doesnt lose sight of whats in front of him you are right Kumar we have done what we can let us rest here a bit tomorrow will be an exciting day yes this is more comfortable than the cage guards everywhere Id say weve come to the right place indeed and theres the ship we saw at the harbor I see it too maybe takuma sensei hmm aha I spy our faithful companions see Kumar I told you they would come lets see if we cant get that attention and direct them towards the weapon crates huh I saw it the glint of takuma senseis rifle so he is hiding on the ship Im glad to hear it he he wants to show us something great whats the old man up to now the boxes theyre bad takuma Sensei wants us to burn them what do you mean your kitchen there are quite a lot of boxes around no look Sensei marked the boxes with a sign its a special sign thats how I know the contents must be dangerous if takumasan deems their destruction more important than his rescue Firearms Maybe would make sense if they came from the Portuguese yes bad things angry things things that dont like fire very well our task is clear destroy those crates then helped kumasan Escape if we help him reach the robot he should be able to get to shore from there the rest of us can swim oh I love swimming I shall Focus my efforts on the mainland and leave the rest to you do not worry my love well see our friend home safely quiet move like water what is someone sneaking around blades Music on those islands as well you know my armor is too heavy for swimming Someday Im gonna make you leave that thing behind remind me again I understand how many of your fights against Samurai were decided in a contest of swimming not enough if you ask me onward is something wrong like Osan Im just a bit fatigued yukichan dont worry about me but I will not fail well due to you for the Shogun shame to give this away just the wind sake I will remain hidden I will be there footprints side with honor Im going here no noise Im going in Music thats a good trick on my way Music out of sight and elegant solution the music starts you have keen eyes yukitan to catch the reflection of takumasans rifle thanks I bet hayatos answer it too of course I did foreign Music the dance begins Music Wake Up Little tune laughs Applause quiet Music no noise Music or the Shogun the music starts are you even paying attention An Elegant solution a remedy for watchful eyes Music Music perhaps the most elegant tool the rest of them should have arrived hours they will come soon my Lord be sure Music Music patience Music I will remain hidden Music foreign Music Music looks like they already have wagons waiting here this must be where they are offloading the cargo and yet I can see only one of the marked crates indeed why not bring the others here I wonder yes Sensei is teaching me how to make it better so it wakes up faster did your Sensei teach you about traps too weve had other topics Ive enjoyed learning nonetheless Music move like water are you quiet Music only the only the best for you Michael your wish is my command Music the rest of them should have arrived afterwards Music Music let me know as soon as Im going in quiet good afternoon no noise if I catch you slaves the rest of them should have arrived now come soon Music do you see anything move like water Music ah those tracks are foreign Music Music Applause Music foreign make sure to handle these with care I will be silent only the best for you my love Music became highly recommended its a special sign Sensei made my name and fire next to it a fire and snow huh cheeky old man he knew only you would figure that out Blades ready Im going here quiet Music on duty I will be silent now get away fast Music please come out it will be done one bad crate gone gunpowder guess I was right about the Firearms the shogunate will be safer without them well done yukijan let us proceed to the next hi Master Samurai foreign try to keep our heads down Im still seasick looks like theres a little Shrine up there and theres our crate on the cliff below the shrine please it seems less than practical hmm maybe it likes it there oh Music no noise Music were not stuck on one of the islands Id rather die than step foot on another quiet Music move like water time for salt work no noise Music Music Music Im going in Music I will not fail foreign Music my most deadly technique Music or the Shogun of like what this is mine yeah no noise Music on my way Music its Buzzy better get some distance Music two bad crates does no one else find this curious why would they scatter these crates all across the area hmm maybe its a puzzle or maybe they just read their orders wrong with Lady Chio involved I find that very unlikely sneaky science steps Music look Cooper our friends have reached the seat of the Wisteria Tree indeed we are close enough for a few well-placed shots Im sure theyll appreciate the help move like water I will not be distracted weapons are worth more out of sight lives on my way lets make some noise Music never seen such a handed to the Portuguese let me watchful eyes what a lovely tree the tree likes being alive hes very proud I wonder how the group from such a remote place nature can be stubborn often when you least expect it at least moms so small Im quiet did they pack a mighty punch easily hit that the music starts Music Birds voice Music An Elegant solution foreign Music Applause wake up Music Music wise move by the lady chill to send the old man without us my hands are steady hates us from above once more we could be just like old times lets just hope he wont lose another leg gets death will not happen today Music youre Shogun at bastards Music nasty surprise foreign Music Music thank you yeah yeah Music science steps Music no it will be done Music elegant death Music on my way Music Saturday Music Music I will remain unseen it will be done the music starts they can be loaded much quicker lovely tune Music nothing nobody here quiet Music pistol is ready what no noise the dance begins Music oh thats got you right Music hmm taking position yes Music a chance encounter three men their Fates intertwined a Siege is broken Music the fire burns best step away quickly three down just like Sensei plan but Muslim has truly found an avid student in you thank you icosan what does avid student mean it means you like learning and work hard to do your best I bet you will like that too ikosan lady Tio might disagree with you there ah our friends have reached the light outside youre right Kuma that island is beyond the range of my rifle let us hope they notice the guard on the lighthouse fret not my Lord we want you better kill someone like water going in quiet no noise Im going in Music lates ready quiet Music hey nothing personal Music Music strange theres no noise did this happen foreign Music Blades ready Music shoot again ready I never Ill take that oh Music Applause Move Like Water quiet Music steps Applause Music foreign Music no one will miss it Music coiled up nasty surprise Music who left those tracks Music good track wants to be taken right Music Music on my way Music Applause Music Applause an Elegance easily hidden foreign Music Music Music just as simple the music starts Music it will be done a drop of blood Music move like water its busy better get some distance Music hmm I still cant shake the feeling that something is wrong lady Chio would never approve such a shoddy operation her plans were Flawless always without fail maybe shes just getting old or perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye ah our companions have set foot on the Sandy Island yes Kumar the island is well within range of my rifle let us offer a bit of assistance Music Music Music supposed to be taken Music its better not reflect poorly on me Music foreign do we have to stay here Music wake up little trout Music oh those tracks are foreign oh thats easy I have consequences mark my words Music my hands are steady assassins Fox hiding in the bush oh these poor sonias Music the audacity stranding me and my men here Music foreign Music Blades ready Im going in Music on my way okay Music patience is reaching its limits quiet Music Dash give me such a ridiculous order Music take valid solution Music the secrets retrieved quiet touch the area where did they go ah how old Associates came this way for flattery oh and this old fool see them they vanished keep your eyes open Music nothing here consume your duty my hands are steady audacity stranding me here is your story mercenary child a plot of Revenge who does she think she is Im going in this better not reflect poorly on me move like water its worthy better get some distance Music all done the Shogun will be pleased to know we have read kageama of his new toys so uh you still think theres something more to this hmm it might all just be coincidence perhaps regardless let us meet up with takamasan yes we are coming Sensei I bet that guard is still getting chewed out interesting some of Lady chios orders are very Ive known a quite a very long time trust me itll all make sense cant say Ive been on a ship this big before that cage must have been takumesans yes smoothly Center too smart for cages wonder how we got out of there alone hes not alone he has Kuma right how could I forget Ill cause a distraction no one will notice ready Music taking positions Music you know what Kumar ah the cover of night the plan of a general appears Music too many atrocities Music no noise lets hope this doesnt give me a knife in the back Im going in move like water Im going in Music lets make some noise Music nothing personal well done Music just a moment Music Applause Music yes ah you have arrived how wonderful youre tougher than you look old man takuma Sensei are you hurt it is cool right easy Yuki John what do you see before you I I see you and Kuma too you look well never let the shades of affection making your ability Music very well let us lower this robot and become a chore good to see you well takumasan he likewise mugens son forgive me for causing such a lengthy detour nonsense it even helped us uncover another of kage samas plots of course there is still the problem of Lady Chio have you heard anything takumasa any leads on what she is planning next hmm perhaps there was mention of a certain place during our Voyage was it Matsuyama well indeed how did you know a suspicion one I would like us to investigate if time permits it I trust your judgment in this what do you hope to find I believe lady Chio wishes to revive the past she is training a new generation of kunoiti for kageama really how do you know because Matsuyama is the place where we first met where I among many other girls were chosen as new recruits for the Sakura Clan ark survival evolved steam and epic games crossplay Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aikos Choice is a tactical game about a team of specialists who are tasked with eliminating their opponents by assassinating or sabotaging them.Follow Me: steam not detecting installed games steam deck library game steam ship exe mw2 steam deck warranty how to get steam games to play on second monitor