Lets Play Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - PC Gameplay Part 1 - Leave No Witnesses

How to get cd key from steambest games on steam under $10 SHADOW TACTICS: BLADES OF THE SHOGUN gameplay everyone want about here and welcome to shadow tactics blades of the Shogun its a hardcore tactical RPG made by datalink entertainment uh actually Ive always liked it likes games theyre always kind of weird and unique and I was a big fan of blackguards though I never did any series on them just because theyre stupidly long and I loved getting a press copy for the first for the second one and had never played the first and whatever anyway uh I saw images of this a while ago and I was like this looks sweet and then they sent me a copy and Im like double suite unfortunately this is only the demo Im not entirely sure what the full version comes out but Ill be playing that too assuming that I can actually beat it I dont know worst comes tours we go on in go uneasy whats this characters a more health new to the genre cannot earn badges than its difficulty honestly I dont really care one way or another ah but lets go with balance difficulty this is how the game is normally been to play yes and English ah complete with Japanese dialogue not bad you need ammunition for Takumis rifle and grenade look for supply crates in the environment lets see now I wish I had like a little bit more premise for this I dont know much about the game Im just like hey it looks it looks fun I might give it a go and then it fell in my lap and well here we are of course this is probably going to be the only episode I put out just because Im going away well not put out this will probably be the only episode I put out before I get back from Thanksgiving Im only going to be gone for like three or four days but its one of those where Im just timing anyway I hate loading screens so lets cut a heading Japan early Edo like the visual design for the environment nothing personal just cant have you warned the others up there environment modeling looks real nice I like this animations little jerky whole nest of gods would have thought this might actually get challenging not much happening here Ill keep my head down just in case barricades everywhere bet theyre preparing for the Shoguns next attack first order is to reach that gate should be a good warm-up for the real mission okay yeah wont be a problem better hurry though the Shogun will start his attack soon so between standing crouching use mode is environmental objects Im building can I use anything on noise pick stuff up interesting is expecting this to be a a grid grid based one double click más Alta run jump across oh this is interesting can we pause no making quick save we can pause weve got quest log highlight lets do that thatll help do you need a rotate oh thats weird and awkward usually its based on other things anyway like water yes I might have to mmm I have to take a shortcut its going to be maybe a little bit annoying listening to this guy last save a minute ago Oh move like water it doesnt matter no shogunates come have to improvise hmm no straight path yes there is you jump okay left control to use that what did I get mission log press B to open up the mission log shows your mission objectives gives you hints hints and logs of all kinds relations you hear all tutorials you pick up a little peer in the mission log as well oh dont see away now I see quiet yeah so the fact that the character is saying stuff constantly is good going to get a little annoying the interface doesnt isnt half bad no noise rotate camera hold left alt kind of prefer Q and E for this honestly okay to take a shortcut after we improvise so you got to watch out for people noticing me obviously Im still surprised about the whole law you have to hold left control to pick stuff up but whatever quick save at any point during the game F Creek save Creek site and okay over the menu view your last three quick saves time around the upper left tracks then time since your latest quick save yeah Im doing reset cam is W okay my quota that helps quick save jump on guard to kill seems basic I like the the tutorial I okay lets pick this guy okay so does look like we eventually get five people to use here its gonna be kind of interesting so weve got civilians we got these guys cut a number of things so Im gonna wait until Im going in shes distracted lets go through the house on the way there ah there we go okay this is this is slick seems sensible H to highlight yeah so really knew about this oh they stopped to death that way to go blades ready no noise alright lets stab the  __  out of this dude pick him up oh and can I drop him off damn I was hoping I could drop him over the edge all right whats this one new jet Oh kill enemies quickly and silently a nice to kill neath will approach knock out such modes in your skill bar do we have to worry about do we have to worry about using non-lethal I actually will admit I hate games that are like you didnt choose the non-lethal version therefore you get the bad ending its like just dont dont do that dont do that to me it gets really really boring honestly to take a shortcut okay can I jump down oh okay hmm no straight path can I seriously not jump down cut okay thats really confusing quiet okay have to improvise I dont oh no straight path you know I just realized I have to take a shortcut its probably because its too far to jump down yeah it is okay so lets wait for that lady to know noise lets wait for this lady did move is she ever gonna move where she just there permanently looks like she is cloak it lets go this way last save a little while ago kind of wish you would just have a time mechanic just roll back in time but then again that I dont know whatever thats what chadwin didnt it was awkward enemy few cones all enemies have a view cone uh choose an enemy MSR to display the view cone enter an enemys view cone and well fill up with yellow the yellow reaches you the enemy will spot you and raise the alarm hey thats a thats a nice system I could sneak past this one Oh take him out quietly Im going in in jutsu theyre really dope I really do hope we dont have to worry about going with the non-lethal approach there might be a point to it but I just I dont know either that or I might just go with the lethal approach anyway just because if Im playing a stealth game thats generally how I feel like Im supposed to play ok crouching and enemys field of view as two areas bright and dark press space to toggle crouch move through dark area undetected objects like bushes and rocks create dark areas for you crouching also keeps you hidden on higher ground gates block walls too high guess I have to take a detour ok so both of these guys are incapable of seeing me here ok throwing stones throw stones to distract enemies prestige is the spot throw stone and it was within the blue circle look towards the point of impact for a couple seconds you cant lure enemies with stones but a few seconds of distraction will go a long way together to take them out better use a distraction lets make some noise okay honestly can i oh shoot I wouldnt even be able to get up there if I wanted to okay Oh clears a distraction what I want to do is distract this guy Im going in no noise okay yeah I cant kill him but thats okay quiet its nice that I can focus on viewing angles here okay so you do have something oh right I forgot were going to that gate so cant go the other way its kind of hoping there would be like a double kill that you could do why did something just explode over here I have no idea this one shot to Im running out of options here yeah the offensive started I have to get inside somehow damn yo you have nowhere to run show yourself somewhat I always get themselves killed hate to admit it but hes my best chance Id to help him okay so for starters we got to kill this guy lets focus on him luckily I dont think but I dont think were timed here which is good lets get this one sure can can kill one enemy for medium-range press s sure can boo circle made by it noise made by the enemy make sure we recover the shuriken I use the shootie kit no one will hear okay lets go pick up her shuriken mine thats cool Oh to easy lets hide him here I think we already got our shuriken yep we got it back close one should he did you - can I sure can this guy doesnt look like anybodys gonna notice it dont you alright and lets get back up and around it looks like Im supposed to drop this whatever it is good okay lets get down I wish I kind of wish the character would auto why is there oh its a shot coming from over there I kind of wish the character of auto path oh do we get the samurais with your involvement just now tell me your name so I can thank you properly mind if you let me inside first I like being thanked in person very well I will repay my debt at once by opening the gate for you so we have a second character we have Mugen a shotgun so most are oh red nose okay not then I will join them soon if I do not proceed together okay does oh he can sneak - okay site sake bottle can use this sake bottle as a bait to lure enemies press D place the bottle enemies can spot the bottle in a bright area of the field of the view if an enemy picks up a bottle you must incapacitate them to get it back okay okay good I can throw it so Ive got a Ive got to kill him as soon as he gets close to me thats cool oh youre like immediately kind of like does the T pose thats a bit unfortunate but it works whatever okay it doesnt look like we have anything else this is neat its a its a real-time stealth tactics game check flu actually works out pretty well okay sword wind heres a sword when technique to kill all enemies within range press s then choose the target attack - to the center the red circle and kill anyone within the range sword wound is very effective but as long cooldown use it with care perhaps I can make use of thats awesome I dig this okay you scuse cannon you think the ninja probably could have scaled that wall right there but hey or whatever bye thanks again for your assistance I am oshiro Mugen and you are Hayatou from the ego region eager I see there were rumors that our Shogun had hired a shinobi tell me what is your mission I have to open the a Gautam on the main gaits preposterous it is heavily fortified not from the inside one barrel of gunpowder will do the trick just have to get it in position a daunting task very well I shall accompany you thats kind of you but whoops if you want to make sure spot isnt much use the view cone marker choose a target spot Alda mess are this victim marker enemies lets see the view comb marker are highlighted once they lose sight of it the highlight disappears here of it together we will succeed where we both failed alone I didnt but as you wish we have to be quiet or we wont be far all right hey I told you we shall do this go away its death okay straight into battle this is interesting fast better stick to cover okay the gates guarded on the other side Id rather go around find a spot wagon behind the walls I wont be able to too much armor dont worry once Im inside Ill clear the way for you yeah I think the only thing I dont like about all of this is its a little bit cumbersome Creek saving everyone small because it pauses the game the rest of it functions pretty damn well though barrels empty houses okay lets drop this body here Thank You shuriken for being awesome okay so heres the question we got these guys here Oh okay heres the question today are those those guys loop no its a Patrol its a patrol of sorts okay lets lets leave the view cone marker right there theres this guy at all times these these two loop around we need to kill them with the samurai probably from this bush theres also this guy but his view range sucks so what we can do is just wait wait for them to loop past sneak pass because they cant hear me for anything and what Im going to do is probably just shuriken this guy or stab them from the bushes not entirely sure yet dont look like as few range is particularly good movie yeah luckily it doesnt matter should he got it okay were were stuck were in trouble alright f8 so bad bad timing killed me there the other guy in the distance saw me turns out okay here we go turns out some things dont work Im a little bit curious noise radius 3 ah sold ready Clare okay getting there yes so we just have to watch out for this guy make sure hes not watching go away there we go okay I think the bodies hidden is a little bit hard to tell but I think were good and then well get the gate in a second lets see if they noticed it like a dead mans hand sticking out from a bush or their missing friend okay lets put him here enemies everywhere its get this gate open watchful cannon fire this angel dies what the  __  well that sucks so what happened was I totally forgot to have the the samurai crouched all right lets try that again next time I went a quick save as soon as we kill the guy and get him into a bush instead of being complacent oh I just dont like doing it because it pauses the game very temporarily anyway lets not screw this one up this time around okay as soon as this guy turns away should he put watchful cannon fire okay put this down should be good all right three honest I think he can open up the gate two can t okay so this guys range of view starts and ends here but now that weve got them like everybody in the in the bush we should be okay the last thing is we just have to make sure that we kill these two guys oh yeah lets quick save totally forgot about that I dig this though this is really nice unfortunately is going to get harder honestly I would say Id actually really enjoy playing this game multiplayer more than anything I played uh origami with key and it was really fun actually working together with another person to clear levels admittedly teamwork was not exactly ours our high point it was mostly just to two angry ninjas murdering the  __  out of people but that was fun in its own way many cuts what the  __  angel buckler okay unfortunately I think were  __  yeah they noticed us okay so we have to wait for them to go a little bit further or we go up for up even higher Im not sure okay the glory at once Im actually gonna send him up there and it seems like the better idea Im not sure where the other guys came from oh that guy that guys nothing okay thats good so we just wait for a bit would be nice if it would be nice just a little bit if I could um speed up or slow down time just because weve make my life a little bit easier okay pick up these guys drop them in these bushes I dont think anybodys patrolling here but you never know and its better that we hide all the bodies we can in all the various places we can ok back to back to number one so range on shuriken not nearly as short as Id like it to be okay well one way or another we got this group down on the move - oh gee Cody okay need a distraction okay so heres what were gonna do in this wall Im gonna put the socket right there Im gonna hide him just around this wall okay these guys are gonna be here Im gonna quicksave again were going to do one were gonna do D does he not notice the Sakae  __  here I was hoping youd notice the Sakae put that right there then lets try this again okay his moves are d distraction start over lets see do you notice the Sakae no actually you know I just realized theres no reason why we even need to do this okay lets just put this there literally nobody can see that now I guess I have to hold ctrl to pick it up hows a cutie well lets see if anybody hears this nope nobody even hears them okay thats kind of unexpected those coal plus bring hide Hayato down Im gonna put that there we can agree on that I have to say youre doing better than I thought your way of things is still strange to me but I am starting to see it okay so weve got two guys here plus all these guys in the wall but I dont think theyre ever going to be able to see anything so thats good Im a little bit confused about where the sky patrols so what Im gonna do is Im just gonna stick myself right here I dont know if these guys forget about their buddies thats kind of my question I mean luckily this one oops can I just do this again looks like it can just do that over and over and over again theres the whole thing about like it has a long cooldown but Im gonna be honest it really doesnt that it means you cant like overuse it in a very short period of time yes but that that barely harms me okay Oh interesting weve only got a certain amount of okay only got a certain amount weve got this guard here I dont think is gonna be able to see anything weve got this guy up here oh I could have snuck around while we want to kill this guy anyway she should he can ready that doesnt look like anybodys within sure can range theyre mine thats funny he says he sells fine uh mine when he gets his shuriken back thats amusing still thats weird though that we dont have multiple shuriken anyway see what this guys range of view is doesnt look particularly useful using shitty Canyon but got you okay lets get up here lets get our shuriken theres really no reason to stick around okay Ive murdered a lot of people okay so who still got this guy I dont know what his patrol path is if he does he look at this guy ever he does okay but its uh its after a long time you do have this well its a good way of disposing of bodies I just need to cover okay should he did you see done got it okay drop it off okay Im lets go hide inside this hide inside this building for the time being oh this is this really well done I like this Id like the isometric it works well I do think playing this in multiplayer would probably be more fun just because it would be really really enjoyable to coordinate with a buddy yeah he doesnt even look for his friend Jitsu how interesting so you cant assassinate people okay weve learned two things one you can assassinate people from doors two they will know when their friend has disappeared thats good to know okay so doesnt look like uh looks like Im gonna have to open up this this door no matter what but I might be able to do something from this here okay lets find out whats this say if you want multiple characters exile taneous Lee use shadow mode + left shift to switch the shadow mode and you can save one action per character press ENTER to execute all saved actions at once watchful cannon-fire there is of the essence it was make haste how do we commit all the Shogun Oh left shift commands enter okay thats neat like is not over okay so unfortunately this guys range of motion a range of view angels and little awkward going to make it hard this guys covers this one so pretty much never free unless Ulta maybe we are because I can murder this guy but that wouldnt work unless no chica Cody I make noise because if we can get this guy to turn if I can get one character to this ah I see how it works so after wait for this guy to turn you dont see away no way there we go into the bushes right we need a  __   __  one we werent crouched to the camera rotation was killing me I was clicking on the bushes but we were ending up in the walls all right whatever keep your head down my okay so sue me for so sue me for not quick saving enough I knew is he was giving me that that no quicksave e thing and I actually really thought this game was going to be closer to like XCOM for example  __  he can ready um like you know one of those weird like you have a squad of people you have a squad of people can I I can toss them in houses thats awesome okay you know I thought it was gonna be like XCOM where you have like a specific squad of people and I you can get them killed and stuff like that it was going to be a little bit more hardcore when they say hardcore they just really just mean its going to be difficult Im pretty damn ok with games from quebec steam Shadow Tactics is a hardcore tactical stealth game set in Japan around the Edo period. Take control of a team of deadly specialists and sneak in the shadows between dozens of enemies. Choose your approach when infiltrating mighty castles, snowy mountain monasteries or hidden forest camps. Set traps, poison your opponents or completely avoid enemy contact. The group is composed of very different personalities. Working together as a team seems impossible at first. Yet over the course of many missions, trust is won and friendships are made. The characters develop their own dynamic and each member will have to face their own personal demons. One of the leaders of this team is Hayato, an agile ninja, who clears the way through his enemies silently, with his sword and shuriken. Samurai Mugen prefers a more powerful approach and can defeat more fiends at one time, but thus also forfeiting flexibility. Aiko is a master of camouflage when she distracts enemies disguised as a Geisha. And the street child Yuki places traps and decoys enemies towards their deadly fate. The mysterious marksman Takuma however, relies on his sniper rifle and takes care of the enemies from a distance. The player has to carefully evaluate his options in order to master the challenging missions: how will the characters behave as a team? Which one is best equipped for each task? How can they best master the given missions? Come up with your own ingenious tactics to vanquish enemies and complete missions. Get Shadow Tactics on steam: _ Back Me On Patreon: My Twitter: Watch Me Live: gundam evo steam charts steam room for weight loss ark epic games steam crossplay diy steam deck how to hide game playing on steam