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Steam games under 15 eurohow to get steam games cheap SIGNALIS Music thank you Music triangle was kitsu so technically thats close to what the matrosca doll has rot front was the circle hi Matts the star right so hi Matt and possibly well its not quite the same triangle but hymat is associated with the first one we picked up the plate of Eternity and then this one with the yeah uh okay so lets go place the ring Music so the wedding finger would go on the wedding ring and the uraburos serpent ring well according to the poem Music all right on the first day of the first finger she was crowned on the longest finger nothing was done on the next finger she was wed on the last finger she took her life well were missing one ring then because that implies were going to be doing Music uh some sort of crown ring uh empty middle finger wedding ring and that urugboros Music foreign for now anyway Music and now we can put the flashlight away and travel a little bit lighter Music uh uh let me think so yeah no just the meat hole actually which means not traveling light but getting  __  heavy um and then we can you know here let me just try putting those plates into some of the spots Music just to see if we can have them temporarily uh sit there and wait for us to finish just like the Rings are currently waiting thats not the door I wanted to go into Music yeah lets partially complete that puzzle if we can Music Okay so eternity and love and Music do I have to pry it open or separate it thank you I guess thats not exactly what were looking for the answer is probably on the inside which means this needs to be separated somehow hmm okay we need another item for this then Music since yeah youre not gonna its not asking you to choose what to put where so all right were gonna have to pry it off of it well there we go partial completion for now Music last time I went through a door like this too that was actually the first boss fight so um since this is one waiting to happen though perhaps foreign Music its just progress Music all right lets lets load up time to go heavy Music okay So Close Quarters big guns big guns need big reloads and then uh I want to know what kind of damage this is packing because that could be a whole lot of fun and we got two of these that could be a whole lot of fun I dont know um Auto injectors instead of melee might be useful I dont know if I want my pockets this full so uh lets equip the flare with the grenade shell wait no hold on foreign Music am I going to get my flare back repurposed as a grenade launcher so now youve got a grenade in you and you traded me my flare back yes okay there you go Music okay big Damage Big reloads we got one shot two free we can yeah lets lets carry thee well okay lets not put everything into the next boss when theres more video game to play but lets use at least one and see how that feels and then were gonna have one more grenade shell after this as well as five signal flares okay so the only thing I kind of well I think that should be all right that feels like it should be okay hopefully on the off chance that its not uh I dont know of the flares and just that seems like its just for burning yeah all right lets see if this is enough Music and I wanted to top myself off Music just the sprays yeah thats all I got Music am I no longer were getting blue there we are Music all right lets  __  go Music mm-hmm lets go here to save you Ito hang tight dont look behind you thats how Kira died hey all right we got a lock-on point thats good so now we wont waste this whoa whoa did that hurt me no okay it doesnt seem like it did all right lets call that good damage then hopefully all right how you doing oh all right thats a big lunch not too bad yeah youre just youre just youre getting your  __  together huh all right its hang in there yes nice oh loading that shot damn took your time but you  __  did it that was sick and now were in the meat okay that was a couple of shots that was a solid uh probably eight or so good job Ito she wont wake up Music yeah that explosion was pretty  __  Wild nice recoil on it okay you know what so yeah you might come out every once in a while when the time calls for it looked like she was loading up her gun slowly but I dont know if it was a damaged threshold or a timed thing either way well done lets load you up and keep you ready okay yeah I want what she was using uh how are we doing on the shotgun four shells no sorry 11 were doing good on the shotgun okay we can come back to that shortly was she using that I wonder if she was she using the Nitro Express rifle is that what that was thatd be really  __  sick if it was Music because I want that Music good old problem solver all right we got up and we got nope its not a door ah yeah okay what was that well have to go back and look at it but I think this was the k might have been the K shape Music Im gonna take it Im gonna take a stab at it I feel like it was Music nah uh what was the other shape it was a there was like a its towards the end it was like a V no then there was one that looked kind of like an arrow um I forgot which direction it was pointing though uh what were the other symbols k theres the reverse C theres that ah I guess I dont remember oh there was a plus no okay now we got a side door cool more of this area down the meat hole Music and youre bodies not great Music youre dead Music I was still yellow I might find a soft heel Music are you inside the cage Music it looks like youre yeah it looks like you were shoved Inside the Cage Music mm-hmm okay Music well nothing else in here for now Music are we gonna get a chance to go re learn the codes uh was there an h no theres no h shows there was a theres definitely an arrow oh uh I want to say it was like Music like this are this no ah okay uh-huh whats your path you just walk around that box stun rod foreign okay yeah memory position of the enemies between rooms is seems pretty accurate up until now so it really is just going to follow their timing Music Regents ring there we go thatll go on the first finger the ring is cut from black marble the phrase this too shall pass is inscribed on the inside of the Ring Music nice Red Door um do I want to use this yeah I kind of need these small heels a lot more than I mean an instant spray is pretty good too but Im always in need of it and I find myself hitting the yellow often enough okay all right Music big room Music a whole lot going on here foreign obvious trap otherwise you waste the heel you just got thanks Revolver Ocelot and this gets really bad when the enemies start chasing you and you dont pay attention to whats where Music kind of like that thank you uh that was incredibly subtle and hard to see on the right so I think I see some webbing over there but for the love of God its its do I need the flashlight that looks like its webbing in fact this looks like its webbing on all sides foreign Music thats really hard to see okay is it on all sides maybe the flashlight will help make this more visible Music what the  __  with this what the  __  with this room thats thats there its not its near invisible uh Im gonna go get my flashlight I guess Christ really Music I hope the flashlight makes that better foreign Music yeah we did read a note about how sharp and dangerous the fibers can get so um light ought to be the answer here Music foreign should be able to just use things in the Box to save time if this is how youre going to be doing it Music Okay so we got the Pentagon logo uh weve got an empty room down there lets confirm that Music seems like it Music and then weve got a uh trap room empty room Music and then we have up here which I didnt try to get into which again we can play a little game of tag for that although outrunning the big guy aint that fun lets just kill you and then let the big foreign Music okay Music back upstairs uh okay or full I should have dropped off the shotgun rounds true true true true true true Music okay I can still do that as long as youre back to your position you waited around a little too long there all right Music um the ring on the finger is going to be above the next box anyways so uh lets drop that inside and this add that sure Music foreign so was this the locked room from before there we go yeah thats about right uh okay Music so we can put the wing put the wing put the ring on the finger we can check the computer and then we can come back down for the Trap room Music okay its about time for you to get up Music no I appreciate it thank you Music Music foreign Music taking a snooze big naps love them Music which finger there we go make sure its not the thumb foreign lovely plate of knowledge there we go Music and knowledge is associated with Veneta Music foreign Music goodbye forever Music um plate to the wall Music just keep it nice and simple foreign plates are probably those new rooms all right so the computer was uh it was in a room that was a weird orientation because it was like all the way to the left uh but it was before the  __  party cave started going off so I think it was like it was it like this or oh its one of these side rooms there we go Music Ah thats the one I forgot oh so yeah okay so its like an arrow but missing the top right thats what I was trying to remember Okay so kind of like a little grappling hook grappling hook top right while Im at it let me just see if I cant internalize and memorize the rest of it so Infinity V I already used that k for diamonds so IV DK grappling hook were about to go use Plus for a cube okay so Plus for a cube um yeah brawl plus there we go or melee plus I dont know Nintendo plus uh GameCube and then we had this one which we already used as well and that was it okay hopefully we dont need those but for now grappling hook Music yeah thats fair thats fair medium instantly lets put you away might need that and Music um I guess we can take a bit more damage before we heal up dont want to waste another spray thank you Music uh flashlight is there lets equip it and then walk into that room and uh yeah I think that should be good Music now the way back to that was the southern room from the path to the party Music and this one was a block completely so uh what was this what room was this I did not go in this room small bottle filled with kriller liquid the contents smell sharply of ammonia probably some sort of smelling salts inhalant sometimes used to help restore Consciousness and mental alertness yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay weird Shadow body or Worse an imprint burnt in the dreamer a person from which they only the only Escape is death deep below the dreamer floats in a sea of Flesh the red eye birthing a new world from their dream for eternity and each time the dreamer turns over in their sleep the world turns over too until only flesh remains the dreamer floats in a sea of Flesh red eye birthing a new world okay until only flesh remains yep nope it is a sea of Flesh all right uh no examining this huh okay and that music sounds like its playing backwards lets combine the ammonia uh maybe the ammonia will separate the bottom plate from the petrosca doll now what its used for on the description clearly but Music not the worst shot uh lets do it from the second save room which was back in that Central Area upstairs  __  it were already up here yeah there we go and no I hope you dont get up good Music not likely but just for the hell of it yeah okay Music ammonia all right I dont think I need this for now uh a lot of money it might come in handy somewhere soon so Ill hold that for a second we are refilled we got the lights and Im fine with the rest the ammonia actually should help wake up Ito thats a good  __  use of it hey girl Music the rifle Issa was carrying its chambered in some sort of ridiculous anti-armor cartridge no wonder the recoil knocked her out Music Id rather not take any of her belongings without her permission fair enough God damn it where the  __  was that back when you were just chilling with a knife I was like knife is scary but okay next time we find you you gotta  __  yell Giant Cannon with you uh yeah lets wake you up we just saved it so we can avoid any uh major progress hopefully did I yes I did just save it hey foreign thank you for your help did you find who you were looking for yet ah that rifle I dont think I want to use it again yeah it was pretty sick but dont want dont want to have to be woken up every time you fire it you know uh you got it from Adler did you you could have it yeah lets go Im so exhausted I feel sick its hard to breathe the air in this place feels thick like you could bite it its like theres a fog inside my head I think I need a moment to rest okay lets  __  go that ridiculous recoil we should be able to handle it and um you can sit tight or disappear the next time we walk into this room entirely up to you babe Nitro Express large bore double-barreled hunting rifle fires an armor-piercing 16 millimeter Nitro Express ammunition The Recoil feels strong enough to break your shoulder very high damage easily penetrates armor plating ballistic Shields and enemies huh so this is detailed as high power High recoil strong knock back uh lets see what kind of language it uses on the shotgun description okay yeah no real words on the damage there fantastic uh two five lets see that reload animation oh two at a time oh no oh well thats a bummer  __  two at a time you gotta do single shot yep okay all right well in that case were dedicating the extra slot oh wait before I do that oh um Music foreign Music foreign Music Music two exit well thats the damage I like and orange yeah yeah save time to drop the heel Music Music woolly versus the algorithm Music foreign Music Music co op puzzle games steam free NEW Channel! 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