Signalis, Is Adler the Bad Guy?

Best steam grinding gamessteam not updating SIGNALIS hey guys its Skye covering for Chris today one of the questions Ive seen the community call some discourse is if Adler is a good guy my stance on the issue is pretty well known and that I rather despise him however today I will attempt to explain both sides of the argument before going into a grander theory regarding the issue with believing anything out of Adlers mouth so with no more delay lets get right into this Music thank you lets start off by reviewing what exactly Adler did to start this question to start he killed Elsa at least 20 confirmed times but is estimated to have done so up to 79 times from there his lack of help to stcr c-bands plans caused them to fail directly causing the failure of the facility and to conclude hes the one who ultimately kills Alistair at the end of the game with her death being the result of wounds he had caused so why do some people justify these actions well to start the whole scenario was set up for him to fail other is meant to be a support unit for Falk and seeing how she was Ill during the events of the game it is clear why he was unable to truly respond to the actions that were occurring the second level of justification that kicks in regarding his mass murder of the elsters boils down to him just be insane this Insanity can be seen from the I wear no mask quote or from his willingness to push Ulster down the elevator as many times as he did the cause of this Insanity being either the King in Yellow the virus or the pain of losing Falk so I think these are both true statements however my argument as to why this all doesnt matter boils down to this if a man is driving down the street and he decides to check his phone and during the time that he checks his phone he hits an old lady was he the good guy I think most people would agree that no he was not the good guy and he was wrong in this action and especially from the perspective of the old lady Hes the bad guy the tie this back to signalus it is the actions that matter more than the reasoning behind it yes there are reasons why Adler did what he did however that is what should be expected from a good antagonist which is certainly what Adler is so for me theres no question Adler is a bad guy his actions cause massive amounts of death and pain even if he didnt intend them to but the question gets more complicated when we wonder why would someone hate Adler the way that I do this boils down to his personality azlers personality is that of a pretentious pompous know-it-all I think this can be elaborated on greatly when one considers his memory of the cycles reading Adlers diary he States when I read the pages of my diary I recall events that never happened this establishes that his memory of the Cycles is based off documentation which when combined with his first diary entry where he states that he accidentally mislabeled the diary title proves the healing knows of the presence of the cycle thanks to the diary entries which means he only knows of what happens in that cycle from his diary this combined creates an interesting question if he only knows limited things about the cycle why does he claim to know so much especially considering the end of the game he claims to know that the actions of ouster will do nothing and just continue the cycle however due to his knowledge only being based off the Diaries this means anything he doesnt transcribe he doesnt know but how could he transcribe any details regarding the end of the cycle when at the end of the cycle he gets shot by elster and dies what this likely means is that Adler has no clue what happens at the end of the cycle as he has never had the ability to record what occurs yet despite this he still claims to Ulster that her journey is pointless But ultimately it is up to you guys on how you judge this man replica Sim flesh thing whatever but hopefully you guys understand my stance and consider the theory that Ive proposed in this video until next time it has been ski ciao Music ark steam workshop Ski was nice enough to help me out with Audio while i felt a bit sick so pardon her awful pronunciations.One of the questions that ive seen in the community cause some discourse is if Adler is a good guy, my stanch on this issue is pretty well known, in that I rather despise him. However today I will attempt to explain both sides of this argument before going to in a grander theory regarding the issue with believing anything out of Adlers mouth. Link to Join My Membership for Updates on all my Mods- My Main Discord, VSL- UnOfficial Signalis Discord- My Other Channels My Twitch- My Twitter- My Instagram- My TikTok- VSL Vigor Secrets and Lore Twitter- VSL Instagram- Grontheim News Twitter- French Speaking VSL- Arma Reforger Capture and Hold Discord- My Outro and Background Music- #Signalis #gamepass #survivalhorror steam download throttle steam fortnite steam game with friends best steam linux games yakuza steam