NEW Horror Game SIGNALIS Is Incredible

Stanley steam enginecan you steam clean leather SIGNALIS game wait holy this looks cool hello everyone and welcome to a new game called signalis the game is just dropped today and Ive been following the game for I think like three months two months it got added to steam and unlike coming soon and immediately I saw and I was like Im gonna play this and its finally here and its a horror game I think I actually just have no idea what to expect but Im very very hyped so go get the merch theres actually new stuff I havent really advertised for this but theres new stuff go check it out if you want otherwise grab yourself a little snack some water and without further Ado lets get spooky Music um I guess Im doing mouse and keyboard here I think it does immerse a little bit better that way um but yeah lets just just have it as its normally as Im pretty sure it wasnt like a title screen there thats that was it no mines too this looks so good its following me around begin yeah I dont even know what to expect here again wake up were doing Im not gonna Im gonna actually you cant see me but Im turning off the lights complete darkness look at this I love to look at this the star of this 2.5 D style so we just wake up and we are in a spaceship or something lets get immersed boys turn off your lights now I said I see you there on your phone turn your lights off so we can Sprint by holding shift uh we can go up there no entry the doors defective the stall cannot be opened so yeah I dont know how much of a horror game this actually is but Im gonna make it as much of a horror game I can since it is October the thing is right now we dont know the threat yet so its pretty scary in that way Penrose type vessel field operations manual Penrose type vessels of the yusun peoples Navy a low-cost space exploration vessels deployed Beyond The Solar Systems Edge in the search for planets and moons fit for habitation are rich in natural resources to support the continuous growth of our great nation alright somewhat Dead Space is all the vessels are parted by Gestalt Scout officer supported by a land survey ship technician replica this partner system of a guest of the replica Corporation has proved successful in countless previous Scout operations Mutual control and support hold allowed both this gestled officer and the technician replica to perform at their optimal capacity once the vessel is catapulted towards the edge of the solar system by an orbital Mass driver the pilot May adjust the calls from the flight deck while the replica will take care of mechanical maintenance of the vessel we can we can already choose where we want to go not there but up all right lets go over here this is another guy here can I get help yes what does everything look who made this I need to check after who made this because this is incredible theres not really been any music but he has the atmosphere that matters the most thats a sleeping bunk okay oh what did I just press on we found a bloodied note smeared diary page woke up from cryostasis oh God an empty hole what I was wondering this elster looking out of flight these nuts like some lost in thought Sometimes I Feel This is Home diagnostic systems for the cryogenic capsule so is there actually someone in there or what uh we go down or we can go down here maybe we can go down here okay lets see I just its somethings gonna happen soon you will know it can go down there we also can go lets go to the left there were looking for the result what thats sick thats so creepy though like somethings gonna like pop out  __  this insert key card airlock key required okay uh nah man its so um okay its getting scary now and only because I dont know what to expect from the type of  __  were gonna see its clearly gonna be like aliens while were in the thing here we need a key and also a code a shift control panel judging from the readout theres no chance itll ever fly again  __  the port controls Panda has been a critical system filler due to the hard Landing also we have landed landed pick up a photograph yes someone with the white here got it wait do let me check over here Ill keep getting we can like check around see weve been removed from the case I couldnt do anything there okay pretty sure that means careful in German we can go over here too to the right what lets check over here then oh we got something maybe these type replicas like yourself are equipped with specialized repair logic modules allowing them to quickly and easily repair both themselves and potent Mission equipment well its huge we learned to combine stuff Resident Evil style you can also take a good looking object from all sides like the inspect thing and do this all right so we got some adhesive tape yes please man one of these times youre gonna like zoom in and zoom out or something thats gonna be  __  monstrosity looking at you not over how good this looks so well we can combine probably something photograph and tape I doubt we can combine these so all photograph inspect theres got to be something on the back right yeah yeah there we go easy peasy there is an item in here two pieces of a key snapped in half inside the cryogenic part we got the airlock key of course we did it in like the worst order possible but we know now where to go Oswald feature so we just combined this with the tape and then now we go and get the  __  away from here not that we really can were doing it cinematic pass give me that  __  so someone else has taken the thing and we are actually going out oh dude Im so invested in this already just from how unique this experience is so far think about Rose engine I dont know them I have to see what else they have made because holy  __  this is it oh my eyes Music we are going over here beautiful music too yeah we we dont have a purpose going here right oh were actually playing like this are we oh we are like the press forward I dont think thats anything I mean it just looks like a ruins of a portal we havent really established what kind of world this is so who knows what kind of magic exists I dont want to go down there why would I ever even consider going down there and were down here all right so that looks so  __  if we see like giant structures and  __  Im gonna come strange holding in there I mean might as well at this point this all seems too perfect though I dont like it like were following someones footsteps oh were doing this too God man oh actually a place in there okay wait this looks normal ancient looking Tom is lying on the table it feels like its calling to me the King in Yellow pick that  __  up all right Music send not a signal Music help me please help I mean it should be a good sign that thats already something on the planet like someone has been here Music yeah German why am I gonna remember all this what the  __  are you jump scare me all right weve seen images of myself maybe Im not expected to like remember all this right great whole city addict where Earths pulse ought to wait whats happened to my face my robot I am and they have learned to walk that all to crawl no Music remember our promise oh there she is wake up oh Im gonna Blues from Death thats the intro I think  __  theres the full game Im tired of doing like demos sometimes I love playing demos because its like the perfect length for video but God damn it sometimes when its so good I want to play more and I cant it sucks but here we are here were just playing its giving me a lot of um Neon Genesis Vibes too of course all Technologies like this always German or French whoever the art team is for this though I want to shake their hands and now we are here so wake up obviously first thing that comes to mind is like its gonna be a mind psychological horror thing style like Silent Hill and Dead Space where not only are things happening in the real world and its scary as  __  at  __  ton of it is in our mind and were trying to resolve something thats happened or is happening bathroom stalls in various states of this repair I came all the way here to find her theres no turning back now all right well there we go immediately just confirmed that theres a key card with a note taped to the window of the reception due to staff shortage report new arrivals at the classroom 4C pick up this yes please so yeah this was already inhabited the Curious Thing was that we crash landed here though why would that occur youve been selected or have elected to be relocated to Aeon to s23 see your pins located on Ling at the frontier of the solar system this is the perfect place for a new beginning at our prestigious is this two of those youll learn new skills to share your future as a productive citizen of our wonderful Nation helping the war effort against the remnants of the Empire what the what the  __  uh concerned about your friends and family and all that ask a protector about our ration sharing plan a portion of Eurasian life will be sent to them or someone of your choice this okay what the  __  happened to Earth or whatever planet we usually lived on is the Carter or what yeah all right were going in Exploration time were again followed by a camera there remember the rule of six never carry more than six items on your person private property is a privilege keep your pockets empty and your bag light oh what is that like I cant even tell what that is we can go to the right can I inspect a dead Yule unit shes in a horrible State infected looking bio components are bulging out of a damaged shell what happened to her that would cause this Im sure well find out very soon uh oh what the  __  oh thats the same thing nice all right the wall safe in classroom Furby keeps resetting to default combination was the point of the whole radio code broadcasting system if our safe can only be opened with the code in the manual okay thats a good hint if you didnt write it down it never happened well thats kind of true its almost my attention at least the one worker might be aware of the code of broadcasting frequencies for the protector wall saves any workers connected to this leak are to be interrogated until the culprit is found Im restricting all radio privileges for workers until further notice well we already know there are two threads all one combined threat of the old Empire whatever the  __  they were talking about are we actually like robots like its shorter like cyborgs also just a visual we can also go up there but let me quickly head over here its a classroom here um well theres a wall safe we need a code that should be the default one that was in the thing but we dont have the manual oh we cant go there this is also open there is another far cut person and elster unit star you should leave this place this facility is lost and beg with us too late whats it mean though can you not tell me whats happened here why would it look identical Im looking for this woman wait thats not the woman were already messing with my mind a little bit heres a white-haired woman and then we saw one with shorter here and we saw one with longer hair and now its a brown-haired woman have you seen her I dont know her but she might be one of the workers well yeah she might the hostess the whole all castled workers were sent to the mine below the facility if shes still alive shes probably down there how recent was this attack or whatever the  __  going on theres an access elevator to the mine shaft one level below but youll need an administrators key to use it right so that well thank you that didnt answer anything Ill be out here as soon as the repair patch stops my bleeding oh so youre good you should get out of here soon I dont know who that woman is but shes probably dead by now if you still want to go good luck all right interesting give me this this is the a key card for that this is locked but this classroom key required all right we actually chose right first I think we gotta explore back the way but every time we we talk and do something new I always am scared that its triggered something in the air as weve already been in and an enemy will appear in slow to my ass but now lets go up here see if you can find that manual there youve had an aperture card I could view its contents here okay a simple first aid kit I cant use any of these since theyre not designed for replicas I see all right so we need an aperture card so what do we have we have the protector key was this the one we needed here yeah all right all right good lets go ahead and this has a computer or this open look at this even this is always a god lets go oh lets not go though this means enemies are coming oh  __  were getting close are then the mines are they even from this planet or is it someone else and this is the average oh  __  all right were getting dull and this is how to use a gun maybe all right you need to hold the right click to aim and remove the thing and then shoot with normal click wait when the target is down try to finish it off by kicking or hitting with a baton to preserve ammunition lets go this is truly Dead Space right here terminology the term this which is currently in use in various facilities is no longer permissible and must no longer be used Ah thats why that word is blacked out everywhere I see it may not be easy but we all have to do our party I always remember our language shapes our world a perfect world requires a perfect language this this is sounding a lot like a  __  up space cult to me glare seems like its tinted or a one-way mirror oh we need to equip the gun now though I Im not trusting anything right now like what if this thing comes alive and starts attacking me clip and then yeah wait its all aiming on that wait wait what did I just see Im actually a genius shoot him but how do I kick wait wait pause use tool C I dont think I have a tool to smack with right now Ill just keep shooting then even though I knew that was gonna happen there still scared me all right I just went up to him pressed it well there its a parasite I dont like parasites parasites in real life theyre my biggest fear I Im not having someone inside me what the  __  going on Esau wait what whats going on with you oh hello Music what oh okay its were good were good you dont belong here either do you Im Issa Isa E2 you should be careful theres something wrong with this place I dont know what happened but its probably dangerous to go any further thats okay I understand I have something I need to do to take care I hope you find what youre looking for you too I guess but youre not supposed to be here either thats weird yes well see you soon all right use the amateur cards see what we got here oh this is the wall safe thing okay 20 45 12. this person is gone uh repair patch oh yes please dont check whats over here oh ammo nice there it is 20 45 12 yes easy open up dont jump scammy just gonna be a little Oyster card classroom card thing probably yeah class and Sima lets go enter and were heres another hole I dont like these holes but of course were heading down dropping down in fact so Holy Ground looks like it dropped down safely drop down yeah we got the ammo Were Not Gonna reload until were in a fight I think because I feel like were gonna lose the ammo thats oh as an enemy butchering people theyre strange why are they doing this theyre just doing it theyre not like eating it or anything so theres a guy there and theres a guy there but theyre not alive I dont think trash bags can go over here lets go there first this requires a what a West Wing key a West Wing key this guys gonna become alive not yet but probably want to find what Im looking for so straight up oh boy uh its pretty dark hes looking around like sleeping places and stuff the protectors have been worried lately theyre hiding something theres less of them ration plane keeps changing Elena says Im imagining things at them I can feel the fear like its my own what are they scared of is it a classic they found something that they shouldnt have  __  messed with and now theyre cocking over everyone its a change in Russian plans too that just seems selfish its just trial and error at this point funny if you need a key to open the Service hatch or ask management whatever fymph which means five I dont think that knowledge is funny thing though but in the service hatch key there comes from either side what do I have I have ammo I have a repair patch I dont have anything oh youve also going this one to the left this might have something for us Elenas diary feeling a little light-headed today I hope its not the new flu that seems to be going oh oh no I kind of thought to miss any more shifts thats Dodge at the factory which chewing me out for what felt like I was offended at work the last time I got a cold I havent seen elster the last few days I hope shes okay one more people go missing in the mine lately including replicas not even the protectors seem to be safe wait Im elster right scroll the notes kick him while theyre down kick him all that down oh boy so wait I just wanna know how recent it was like how how long has it been and how many people what like there are a lot of people here and theyre just all  __  although wait the photograph yeah its different but also it doesnt have anything on the back anymore wait oh my God I think that says Alina this is Elena on it thats something I must have missed oh wait theres one oh this elevator works I see I see uh all right well we can actually just go in sick whoa elevator dont like elevators though pretty sure that means hospital that might be a good place to go and get some mids maybe a hospital wing and what have we got here is that the key I think thats the yep that one cool uh well were not gonna go here then yet I dont even know if we can but let me quickly go out because we got the thing here and go through over here I mean it did work the elevator there so should be able to go up a little bit at least are you alive now I dont trust you you see how little we have the camera here like when I go up thats this little room where you can see in front of us its  __  creepy as  __  man all right use this yes please and then the  __  am I doing I can adjust the keychief the buttons below bum bum thats it its not okay wait bom bom bom bom there we go yes wait thats not how it works there we go come on beautiful um what do we need here East winky both West and East um theres blood leaking I think we can go into all three of those this is only from the other side Ill start with from the back here seems safe enough we got oh we got the e-swing thing immediately cool interrogation report oh Wilhelm Chen punishment no food for three Cycles what killing him offense Contraband found in a locker Michaela Wong illegal use of radio confession ESO two cycles Wolfgang Wong illegal use of radio expired during interrogation punishment none France who obscenes into the state passed out during interrogation double work shift two cycles Emily Huang trespassing expired interrogation so if the only one that kinda died here or expired was the trespass man that was obviously done by them this line the report or whatever look how cool that is Music units was this more ammo yes please well this should then be the same maybe since they have been reset or whatever no okay disposable stunned fraud okay due to recent events we all have to be carrying these you can use it in one hand while on the move and even while aiming another weapon and thats what we proceed to do yeah the tool all right so we need a key code and another West Wing thing storage wait now do we need this like photograph I feel like we should keep that no matter what I dont think were not really maxed out right now so unless thats something we can take it oh oh wait we can stack those oh you can stack those nice simple demo thats good um safe room here I want to play a little bit more like I could end right now but I want to play Monty a little bit more yo whats this A another blue butterfly theyre everywhere box is locked theres a key required thats a square shape if its just a square pretty sure we can just  __  trig it well Ill have a gun we can just shoot it okay whatever oh no no no no no no no no so I was just thinking like what else are you gonna do then now weve done the thing where the guy is just like dead and he comes alive its gonna probably gonna happen a few more times but something else is gonna happen too Moon okay another repair thing nice uh Source locked is someone inside I hope not someone died in the toilet should I do anything about it no were leaving repair spray we have all six items on here also wheres my health is is it like a a thing thats like your screen becomes more  __  up as we go or what status look at this man this game is so  __  sick dude uh anything else in this little room here seems weird some mimo yes please any enemies want to be shot thats why we saw okay so I dont think oh it like goes in the more we aim on them maybe so the more weve aimed the better aim is off uh first shutters yeah you should cool smack him nice so stealth kills like that are definitely more worth whatever this doesnt seem to be edible yet why are you thinking about that should I do something wrong its breathing this is locked with a minseki thats a guy chilling Im just gonna read over here anymore my mapping module is still defective and wont show any map data I keep getting lost on my way to work and back I had to sleep in the hallway last cycle because couldnt find the staff elevator to my Dome please I cant find my way around this place without a map alright so theyre gonna have made a map even if its a personalized map lets get this big shot here nice quick this  __  out good job us whats this the Mensa key immediately we dont have enough room though lets reload once whether that doesnt clear okay I should have stored something you can combine this combined with that oh upgraded putting the photograph in there might be the best idea to do every time store this installed this welcome back for it dont worry about it simple Universal light replica Yule yes we arent like real but were like real that reminds me of what else I called Knights of Sidonia used mensaki go whats in here its a guy a couple of guys oh  __  well as long as this is a one shot that should oh thats not one shot okay and yeah its like kind of  __  aim  __  wait a bit um no oh we hit it that way if it comes too close there oh wait oh you need to also  __  reload quick quick you just smack him on the ground Ill say dont die for ammo thats not a lot a repair patch yes please its from a strange oh my were good we are fine its out all right well get a little bit of fun wait wait wait wait wait wait one well you have a weapon well actually they hold it Im talking about kick your ass I think they drop anything unfortunately its not yet this is yeah this is from the other side thats right thats this one why are you up Im not gonna kill you yet Im gonna go over here theyre more of them can I get like a melee weapon I need that this is a broken key wait okay thats a square key yeah its got above its only one half of it though we gotta combine it whos this friend Im gonna take this in front of you thank you West Wing key oh there is until an effective treatment is found our reinforcements are sent from high Met we have to stay strong and do our best to keep the facility secure since the incident hes been acting stranger than usual the administrator unit without the commanders to keep him in check will have to ask calibri for help who are you staunch as you they mentioned you youre an illustrated that this was like one of the a little bit higher ups that was the one that was chewing someone out this facility is currently on lockdown you shouldnt be here yep do you know everyone elses on a protector controller on the duty on this little I know a competition should have here but as you can see weve got big issues right now if youre looking for the command I have bad news for you she got sick and everyone else is getting sick too thats really all I know about it so Im sure they administrator knows more but who knows where he is so we got half the key we got the West thing but since we have the key you might as well go in here because we know we got to go back to the other place since we need the the other piece of the butterfly thing which might just like what the f oh its like glitching a little bit it is wait they are glitching what the  __  thats weird as  __  yes I have very little ammo left also give me the other piece of the key what are you doing there you think youre beautiful dont you well maybe you are  __  you though right um nice two shots and thats it this is the other part it is great so now we can actually just head back to another one of those things I havent used these we probably should I dont think we have to kill either I dont think they drop anything so sometimes we should probably just run uh okay this is the interrogation room Moon Sun skills Rook tree sword sounds like a picture of that just in case we need it like in a second oh Im gonna find this quickly there we go all right now take this quick God damn it  __  I run all right well does it follow me wait I need to see this it doesnt this one doesnt at least and this should be the one from other side yes I love how theyve just made it like nice like that normally youd probably have to run all the way around and back Im scared of doing that though because I want the photograph with me and Im scared that doing the butterfly thing will like transport me somewhere or something I stole those baton things also save and lets finish it off by uh opening this weird butterfly box seems out of place but Im sure its for a reason here lets see but if I can use it and mysterious artifact plate of Eternity oh yeah here we go what the  __  is what is this what did I just see what did I were first person we can control like this now why is this game actually like incredibly good its just so  __  cool what an incredible game I hope more people play it oh this is this is a thing some kind of weird looking thing theres some sort of speaker thing on the front what is this let me go in here we have like a radio module box take it yes and its frequencies okay when turned to a certain frequency automatically decoded messages will appear in the transcription window Im just going to try that out so we go in here over here to receiver once was it 50 or 60 that was one the 100 there you can do so much with the system man like if you keep this and just like can shake it whenever you want this is always interesting like they would also put a  __  ton of Easter eggs in the game like this probably oh wait we can like do it while oh I mean we go back to 160 was it the no test will wait via Iris Albion Aryan are both well I was talking to the officials at the Aeon and they agreed that it would be best Varian to attend school in sector C I have a spell which you can say announcer she graduates I know you two and Inseparable we both know that this is best for your daughter if she receives a normal education in the city love your sister Kim Miller so Camilla and Iris are sisters and Ariane is iriss daughter whatever relation we have with them but you have your 160 here so lets see with 160 its building up now coolest  __  this is damn I love this cool realistic style puzzles that arent like too hard or too easy and what happened alright so now that we have these frequencies though yeah the ones that we saw on the thing which gives us codes probably for the safe wait theyre saying the code in German I think theyre saying that whole  __  sequence of things 73 80 and 6. 73 80 and 6.  __  three nine one six five three nine one six five thats the one this was the tree code okay oh thats a  __  true all right well we got a card here with oh thats star no space to carry can you  __  yourself Im just use two of these because I need it there we go you take it up got it and thats to access the oh we couldnt use it before the protector elevator I dont want to stop playing this game I want to keep going one more just just like  __  20 to 30 minutes ago I should have stopped its just so interesting I want to keep going I dont really care about you though stupid prick not even check if I could even do this but I guess I couldnt until now there it is allowed to go wherever I want them oh shoot you can actually go wherever you oh God we go into six and oh what just was that brown haired woman oh no I dont want to look away oh I dont like that at all holy  __  dont like that take it out oh are we good again cool uh another control is locked oh thanks  __  what the  __  is that theres a shotgun in there I see that Im gonna go straight forward I dont care Music yes shotgun and we got another is to sing they save okay  __  beautiful system I was gonna be pissed off if I lost like  __  I can just put my photograph in there pretty much save nice and yeah I gotta enter man do I even have to say anything here like the review of the game its  __  incredible its a unique experience I want to play more its so  __  interesting musics been great stories  __  cool law seems to be insane and yeah its just overall a very unique experience I love the way we go into first person mode I love the way that we even play like a little first person sequence are probably gonna be more of that and youre just unraveling what the  __  is going on in the world and in her mind is so interesting and honestly this could go and become one of my new favorite horror games of all time currently its obviously dead space 2. I played quite a few horror games but most of them are just like kind of gimmicky and theyre there to scare you but with games like Dead Space and this right now too its so good obviously the combat is  __  is if you like want to play like a shooter thats not what this is about this is about survival its about saving up ammo and all that so that part I dont really mind its just kind of you just hold it down shoot but I think thats literally the only part about the game thats just kind of eh but yeah man please leave a like on this video If you enjoyed and also check out signalus yourself and maybe perhaps you guys want to see a little series on this I dont think its that long probably it was pretty cheap so let me know in the comments and also by leaving likes you want to go check out my Twitter second Channel stream merch all the links are in the description of course subscribe if youre around here and as always management and thanks for watching Music foreign steam no connection SIGNALIS Review / First Impressions Twitter: Stream: Second channel: Game: SIGNALIS Intro song by Hansult ▼ Outro theme by 319.▼ SIGNALIS Gameplay promo code for stanley steamer how to buy steam games with visa gift card the game awards watch on steam cute games on steam for free best single player games for steam deck