SIGNALIS Survival Speedrun 50:18 World Record

How to install steam game on different drivecan i play steam games on stadia SIGNALIS game god of war steam memory leak RTA 55:08 / IGT 50:18 / Survival Difficulty (max difficulty) / PCthis is the cleaned up route, still had to do a few extra heals, some slow warps, couple missed warps, slow Falke fight, but overall its just good to be able to finish a run without saving. play survival difficulty, its fun! edit: also the community decided that the Total Active Play Time is accurate enough to use as the speedrun time result, this allows for people with slower computers and console players to compete together without worrying about load times. will do a commentary track for this soon; check my playlists for previous PBs dishes steamed in corn husks steam strategy games free education steam aoe3 product key steam free aesthetic games on steam