Escape from tarkov steam deckfree minecraft like games on steam SIGNALIS game Greetings again, after playing signalis, I realized that I really wasnt learning anything, so like anyone who is interested in the history of a video game in general, I went to YouTube in Spanish to try to find the story in one video since there is no summary I did not find it I decided to look for it in English and although I did find many more things in English such as the history of certain places events and or characters because I did not find the story exactly summarized in a single video So as I told you in the previous video the review of sinalis which I am going to leave you here in the upper right corner please Click on it And watch before you see the story Lets see if you want to play it try it there you have my opinion So as I was saying today I bring you the story Lore and endings of signs in a single video before starting with this I want to say that everything I am about to say about the story and the Lore of the game It is what I interpreted, read, understood and theorized throughout my game, in addition to Investigating a little more the contributions and various theories in English from reddit from the user Devil 2 The wiki and fellow youtubers to understand and complete as best as possible a history designalis in Spanish is like this and I reiterate this is my interpretation Now lets go giving because the matter is tangled I will proceed narrating the line of events of the game as it is and as they are presented to us from that to explain warning from here there are spoilers throw the story Lore and endings Although if you want to stay fine also because the game is very enjoyable the story also if you are not very sure This is a direct continuation of the review that I did so you can go see it and then you return the game begins with our protagonist waking up from her capsule in a ship the penrose 512 after exploring said ship and learning that we are a replica more specifically the mo delo lsdr which in turn gives us the name elster and they also explain to us that our model is that of a technique and explorer on board the ships but you will wonder what is a replica a replica are biomechanical humans made according to their model to fulfill a series There are several models of replicas of work. But I will explain that later along with how they are created. We continue and we realize that indeed the ship is joyang. We crashed on a snowy planet called Link and that Elders companion who was on the The ship is gone and we have to go look for it. Once we got out of the ship, we walked around the planet until we found a descent where there is a hole that leads to a very strange room with a radio, photos, books, among other things, where the book named The King in yellow and show us riots of things that we will understand later the game begins where they tell you that you arrived at the s23 mining facility be spinsky a thing Ant It is to continue what I am going to tell you is free context throughout the game there are three recurring languages: German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian that can be evidenced throughout the adventure of our protagonist, which is like If the countries of these languages had united, conquered and established a certain world order whose name does not interest us here for anything political and that for this reason everything is in those three languages, lets continue once we are in Spinsky and we advance through its facilities, we realize that something is obviously not right since we found everything abandoned there are traces of blood from dead people and in a corridor we come across a wounded replica which tells us that it will stretch out from there as soon as it recovers a little in signs that it causes one also say we are in a room there is solde or as they call it in the game Isa and all of which is a gestalt that aims to find someone also find Erika and all her sister Isa is a recurring character in the game that we will meet in different places But before he quickly explained in this game humans are called gestalts to differentiate them in the replicas which are biomechanical humans with personality As I told you recently, said personality is based on a single person, he explained well with an example, Julikkside is a person, a human or as they call it in the game, a gestalt. And from me they created the replicas of the rj and b or rjb model, all of them. the rjb models are based on my personality, although with slight variations which I will explain where they come from, that is why each one has a kind of personality of its own continue elster finds out that at the inaseo the girl he is looking for may be in the mine is say lower levels of the facility in broad strokes when we manage to Access the elevator after advancing in the game This one, just going down one floor, breaks down due to a power outage and it has to be repaired again. Here, more gameplay of the game happens where we learn more about the aftershocks and a bit of what happened in the facility, something like a terrible disease that affected in a deadly way to the Hostal and ended up turning the replicas into the monsters against which we have gone to face that despite killing them in the most North American style they revive since between the tumors that cause the disease and the biomechanical parts of the lifeless body manages to move AND be hostile by force when repairing the elevator for the second time a replica called adler who is the administrator of the facility tries to kill us by throwing us down the elevator shaft that does not work mentioning that we should not have returned data that leaves us quite XD and it is in this part of the game in the lower levels of the installation But before the mine where they explain many things about us e all of the replica the models that there are and classified information of each one assumption and maintenance because let s not forget that the replicas are products At the end of the day let me tell you about the Lore of the replicas in signalis there are nine replica models falke adler hummingbird starge Store Euler and ara falke and adler are models that command in a facility being falke the leader of said facility and adler the main administrator hummingbird starge and Stars are models that are in charge of the security of the facilities also known as protectors being the Stars sergeants the common guards Stars and the elite guard hummingbirds that have a Hive mind among all their models and can also read the minds of others in fact we face several hummingbird units throughout the game and it is these that generate as images or they double up and turn on our radio alone the maina are mining and industrial work models their body is reinforced with armor due to the work carried out by the elters are engineers and explorers which are assigned to the ships and finally the Euler and the aras are common work models being eule office work and the aras more of simple work all the replicas have a mental state that must be kept in good condition as part of their maintenance because if not they tend to fail, remembering part of their life as a gestalt and getting sick in general, losing all efficiency for which they are made and said ways of treating each replica To keep them happy and stable, they are shown to us in classified documents that only the high command can see, that is, the human or gestalt taking and the falke and adler models in this part of the game introduce us to the falke replica model that can read Minds see the intentions and even control other replicas and humans those mental powers are thanks to a technology called Bio resonate cia and despite the fact that the model is not the only one that owns it, remembering the hummingbird models, if it is the one with the strongest or most advanced technology, these units, in addition to being the best, largest and strongest, are revered almost like goddesses for the position they they show but this Fall model that we found in a mile possibly affected by the Mysterious disease that affects the installation, both the falque model and other characters in the game are affected and tormented by a phenomenon that consists of physically resembling other people to the point of having the need to join them this happens for example with Alina and Ariana who are very similar Although they both had different lives Alina was part of the cartoon militia another final planet while ariane was the pilot of the penrose 512 exactly the ship that it crashed at the beginning and if you managed to figure it out And if not, dont worry, it doesnt matter because I didnt do it at the beginning either The end of the game is not to find linaseo but to find Ariana and you will wonder where the __ came from that you had to look for a tabalina where did ariane come from and I will tell you Well, notice that at a certain point in the game they tell us that the start foundation for the units lstr or being our protagonist was a girl who was also in the vineta militia and it turns out that alinaceo was part of that miliff and it is where the memory of the gestalt was the foundation for the elter model played a trick on him by showing the photo of someone different being that the original photo actually contains is Ariana we end up going down to the mines where adler is chasing someone who turns out to be and he escaped but he falls through the hole thanks to Isas surprise attack we all end up going down said hole this is where it starts the darkest and most psychedelic part of the game we fall but the hole to the lowest part of the facilities where they show us without commenting on anything to the meat an entity that is consuming all of which I will also explain in a few moments in this area we will do a series of puzzles on an intricate map that we will end up learning we will have many visions hinting at the fact that elsters mind is not as Well, as we should, we went down a hole and rescued Isa from a monster that wanted to do manual damage to her and we completed the area. Dont worry about Isa because we found her later in the game after completing the area, we are told that we were indeed looking for Ariane in betalina and we are also subtly told that elster is falke during one of the cinematics and that it is not the first time he has been there in that land that resembles a red desert where time does not pass and the rules of the universe stop or make an exception because we see many elster bodies lying throughout this desert and we see the being that we control heading to the penn Rose 512 ship in search of a de ariane In addition to that we realize that in that same cinematic when ariannes voice turns only one that we control but when she corrects and says Ariana all the helters turn confirming that this is our real objective Music Music elster is not able to open the hatch of the ship and dies Music which we can confirm because it returns us to the main menu but this does not end here Well yes but they do not play the same game from near since the game ends there but not the story so we continue to explain things individually and more calmly If we continue the same game with the being we will start at penrose 512 again but it no longer seems to be damaged and we have a list of tasks to accomplish when completing them and discovering the difficulties of our model is the moment in which we will see the true companion of elster arianne with whom, in addition to breaking all the rules of Treat an lstr model as a we have just read we can see that these are also lovers we wake up abruptly from the Memory thinking about the promise we made to her ariane and we crawl to the real penrow And from another replica that is another elster who almost manages to fulfill the promise we just remembered we we repair and return to s 23 and spinsky to the mining facility in its current state which is the facility consumed by meat we try to go down again we meet falke in what seems like a vision and the current adler who is apparently aware of what happens with all the helters and with the situation in general here is a section of the game that although I enjoyed it a lot, others found it tedious as I say in the review Since he puts us another area with more puzzles that complete but they also tell us very important information two things to be specific first we are told that biosona technology is an incomplete and misunderstood technology the same group of scientists who work and use it admit to regretting using it to the point of depending on it even without fully knowing it and that is that said technology is what they used to create the replicas but with all the advances in this technology they came out replicas that could make direct use of the song of the gods Universal phenomenon from which they created the life of resonance being the hummingbird units and later the falque units right after entering us of that they tell us about the song of the gods phenomena that few can even perceive and in Cases of one among millions to manipulate just perceiving the signal that was sound It was enough to create the replicas using the personality of a human being after so much revelation we witnessed in the next room that our Adventure partner already surpassed by the illness and the frustration of not being able to find Erika dies dies in front of us being left alone the ash that we had seen scattered around the facilities after this and with everything necessary to pass the area by solving the last puzzle we will enter through a hole that will take us to the strange room at the beginning of the game but the descriptions will have changed since that room is Arians room and how he learns to use the radios the books he liked to read and how he drew an example of this is the island that represented his desire to be alone and the book of the king in yellow that apparently there is a belief that says that said book has impregnated part of the power of this being the king in yellow, one of the few who could manipulate the aforementioned universal phenomenon and has the possibility of granting The power to perceive the song of the gods to whoever reads it after taking the book of the king in yellow lets us cross the door to enter the rooms that precedes the end where we find ourselves as ariane took control that book despite being prohibited and a note from her mother telling her to take care of herself Since she is very sick possibly because of the song of the gods and making the comment that she looks a lot like Lina confirming the photo that indeed Alina and Ariane met They knew about the Vineta militia when crossing the door at the end, this gives a corridor where we find a series of notes, the first talks about the Progress of the game and the disease that struck Spinsky, where it is clarified that more than a disease it is a corruption of the reality itself the following note talks about the events of elster like the ship the door we just went through the hole in the ground an island out of reach memories of another life that was what affected the aftershocks dream of suffering and loneliness that it was what ariane suffered after obtaining The power of the king in yellow a promise the search for someone lost and the relationship between falke and elstor then there is another note It is ta is from adler who tells us as a warning to stop since we have tried this and failed many other times in the last note a memory of falke is written which is similar to the memory of elster before waking up without arms where she dances With Ariane in Penrose 502 we cross the last door and we find the Falkel, we already know that we are the same person and for one of the two to be complete, we have to kill the other after the arduous battle against the Falkel, we manage to kill her giving way. At the end of truth Where we managed to reach the red earth again where the ship is and Ariane inside but on the way Adler tries to stop us by stabbing Elster and seriously injuring her Despite this the being manages to finish him off and a wound walks towards the ship where Now you can open the gate and enter when you enter we can read that the mission that Ariana and elter were on lasted a long, long time, more than 5,000 cycles s the time is not specified to us But we know from how the notes are written that it is very much. Ariane came to write notes about the progress of time, being at first happy to finally have separated from everyone and everything, then getting to know Esther deeply and falling in love of her then she tells how loneliness and closed spaces in the midst of the Immensity of the universe are not so entertaining after how she is already sick of all this what she wanted at first and now she will only read finally suffering and still worrying about the ster whose expiration was also imminent since the aftershocks are not eternal, much less I just wanted to sleep, referring to the fact that I wanted to end everything in that ship we found another that could not fulfill its promise and that ended up dying in front of us leaving the entrance free to the capsule where Mariano is and finally after a long time and many attempts, Elster manages to fulfill his goal. table and manages to put an end to ariannes suffering and then she dies from the wound that adler inflicted on her, but not before giving her beloved one last kiss on the forehead Music and thats how, friends, this very harsh and rather murky story ends. convoluted where Now it is time to explain some points that for not cutting the thread of the narration I left for the end and that will serve to clarify everything that we lacked But before saying or rather repeating that this game is outrageous And I loved it and that I Without a doubt, and as I said in the review, I highly recommend it even after having seen this video, since there are things in which I can be wrong or that are my personal interpretation and yours may be different, including the other endings and that 100% what I said may not be true or not close etc etc. We continue part of the things that I need to explain in depth is about bioresonance Bioresonance comes from l The song, but it was the use of this energy or this universal phenomenon that caused the corruption of reality, which we know as meat. It is evident that it is consuming all the origin of the meat, it occurs in language at the mining facility because It is the planet of the events of the game and because it is the closest to the use of the song of the gods where the falque was, he theorized that both the lfr and FL street models, that is, elster and falke, were created from the same gestalt, which is why which falke wants to join him since the Fall, who has psychic powers, thanks to resonance life, and she was able to obtain the memories of elster along with ariane, making this also want to find her, I was explaining this whole story in the way that I consider the easiest and understandable without going into the fumadas of multiple interdimensional and parallel non-linear lines and then I wanted to explain is that all the events of the game have already happened before being like a loop loop that adler realizes is the reason why he tries to kill us but the being we play with is the one that breaks said loop once and for all remembering his promise the place where those red lands would be that They are paralyzed by time and suspended from the rules of the universe because of the song of the gods channeled through the falca unit that has said powers. Adler noticed that place with our elster and that is why he tried to stop it for the second time when we have the white suit that they agree that we are still the same Delta and not another Thanks to all the attempts of falke using the song of the gods to unite with elster and thus be able to access the red lands was what corrupted reality creating the meat being falcaela that initiates all the events of the game and the disease of Skins all this gives way to those of the game making our being manage to remember The promise of ac abar with the suffering of ariane manage to defeat the corrupt falke fulfilling his promise dying with his beloved and putting an end to this crazy story all this counting on the end that I got is the end promises that I think is the good end the end because it marks an end point, the story is revised in the clearest way and to finish the video in the most complete way and understand why I think the final promise is the good one and the Canon finished telling you the other endings, the first of all the ending where elster cannot open the hatch of the ship and dies despite not getting the statistics of the game, the end of the game appears and the credits for what is counted as an end is the worst of all and the name that was placed on it the false ending is fake the other ending if we spend the game Ultra Speed ​​ Run without reading or learning anything the being literally leaves the red lands ignoring everything failing in his mission failing in his promise and leaving the being after wandering through the red lands they end up dying the ending is re chimbo and it is called Leave ending or the ending of leaving everything the final room is where elter already with the white suit arrives at ariane but she does not remember her and the ether cannot, does not want to or does not remember the promise and they cannot kill him, so this wounded by adler dies by his side, failing in the process and leaving the white suit next to arianne consumed by meat for the next elster, which is the one that will break the loop by remembering The promise by repairing himself with the white suit and Unleashing the ending promise the ending promises this ending in which Esther dies without remembering The promise is called Memory The fifth and final ending is a secret ending that is unlocked by opening the safe in triple lock in arianes room at the end of the game these keys are incredibly hidden throughout the game and it is even possible to run out of one of them and the salt jumps s forcing you to repeat everything but as long as the safe contains a flower that takes you like an altar where there are others the third dead revealing an artifact and then showing the penrose ship and how a red eye of heaven manifests which is like part from a belief of the inhabitants of rodfront another planet that is like a watchful eye that never blinks and so on This is the crazy ending wow but it shows us how elster and arianez would have ended up and the ship did not crash in leng and it shows us two of them dancing in a wrecked ship and both of them just a few moments away from dying together this ending is called Lily bar artifact and damn its 10:30 pm on Friday January 13 wonderful day by the way and this is crazy no matter where I look at it I literally went through everything and writing this script the review was easy but you wrote the story of the parrot and the endings in an understandable way it was one thing for me Now I really understand the heroes who do summaries of stories in a single video there is nothing else to thank them for and give them a like maybe I could have put more on the planets at war the order that was carried or perhaps talked about the Empress who is another being like the king in yellow but those are topics that I didnt even understand And with all of the above, maybe he could have also talked about how the story cant be a loop but rather multiple lines, but I think thats complicating it more than necessary, so please, if you liked it, if you had fun If you were surprised, if you found anything cloudy, even a little bit, I would greatly appreciate your like and your subscription. You are totally welcome to give me your opinion or your interpretation of the game in the comments, if I missed it or if I said something else, anything Ill be reading the comments thats all Im Julsaibi and well see you in a next video bye steam fnaf world Tras una cuantiosa cantidad de tiempo, HOY les traigo el 2do video mas trabajado hasta ahora, no por nada la tardanza.SIGNALIS esa sorpresa indie del año pasado, juego al que ya le dedique un video y me ha sorprendido y encantado a partes iguales, lo suficiente como para querer contarles toda su historia en 1 solo video. Por aqui te dejo el video de la review por si le quieres echar un vistazo ;) Todo lo relacionado al video, Narración, Guion y Edición por: Twitter donde por cierto, voy diciendo lo que voy haciendo /T/ ☀️ best mouse and keyboard games on steam steam game integrity check steam top games 2018 cloud saves steam steam link gog games