Signalis, Explaining the Game, The Complete Lore of the King in Yellow

Man of medan steambest free porn games on steam SIGNALIS game yellow is a book within signalus it appears multiple times throughout the game at vital plot points the book is inspired by a real life book of the same name that was written by Robert Chambers signals has many parallels and references to the actual book throughout the course of the game hello everyone Christopher Beast here and today I will be covering every single thing the king and yellow can tell us in the lore in one large condensed review video Ive been covering the king of yellow for about the last 20 odd days its been a lot and its finally time to review what we found to put it simply the Kenyan yellow is vital to really getting a deeper understanding of the game as a whole so by delving deeper into it we can get closer to actually understanding the game and making heads and tails of what is going on in this amazing title so with no more delay lets just get right into this Music warning the following video is going to attain a lot of spoilers about signals proceed at your own rest if you havent finished the game yet I suggest you do so before watching this video its much better to get the games actual experience or a walk-through of a lets play than having it being spoiled by this video so to start out lets review where we see the book throughout the game the first time we see this Tome is in the very beginning of the game following Ill start weaving the Penrose she descends down a hole and finds another hole which he crawls through to emerge in what later turns out to be arianes room it is within this room that we first find the book located on the ledge of a desk we can interact with it and must interact with it in order to progress doing so it states an ancient looking Tome is lying on the table it feels like its calling to me at this point the book will have six seals on it a detail Im going to come back to later over the course of the game this number will decrease picking it up will cause a cutscene to play and will begin the s23 sir PNC section of the game the next time we see this Tome is in the library with an s23s protector layers after a short puzzle we free the book from a book storage machine and upon obtaining the book again we find it is hollowed out and within it weighs a piece of the astral lobe this ashrobe is required to open a box within Outdoors room the astral lobe is also something that is more important in the general lore of the lovecraftian chambers s Universe on our first visit to the shores of Oblivion is the next time we see it before entering nowhere we are going to find the book in a small Niche the book was just outside of reach but it can be seen that it has three seals on it on our return to the shores of Oblivion which occurs after Ulster jumps down the hole in the Penrose after the fake ending we can again see the book this time it is in the sea and is going to have two seals on it our final time seeing the book during the game is actually at the end of the game when we once again return to aryans room this is when we learn that it is arianes room the book way is exactly where it did at the start of the game and picking it up with this weave arianes room and enter the final part of the game at this interaction the book has no more seals left on it from these General points in which we see the book we can move to generalized trivia generalized War regarding the book and character interactions with it can start with really who read the canyon yellow within the lore of signalus a small group of important characters are established as having once read or seen this text obviously during the events of the game Ulster opens the book twice first to the very beginning of the game as I just said when it has seals on it and again at the end of the game when it does which clearly makes her one of these readers aside from Elser it is known that the book was also seen by erion when it was on display at the Edo bookstore before it was confiscated by the nation Arion also saw it again in a dream while on the Penrose in this dream Ariana remembers her mother once taking notes from the King and yell however seeing as this is a dream we dont know for sure if her mother actually read it one of the two idos also interacted with the book Ariana does not remember exactly which one meaning it can be either ESO or Erica but they interacted it during the time it was in their store next thing to note is the appearance of the booking game the appearance of the book and game is a clear reference to the cover of the actual book however it does Sport some differences most notably is the change of the back cover from a stylized backing to a tesseract Dash ritual design and the addition of the three stars these three stars are usually going to be connected with either the nation or by a resonance on top of these design changes there are also the addition of seals on the book the seals are going to be clearly the plates from nowhere and over the course of the game these seals are going to slowly fall off one last thing the boat is considered a Banned Book by the nation and upon discovering its presence it was confiscated from the edoes by the nation from here in general lore we can move to connections and possible Powers the kinyan yellow connects to many locations and pieces of War as well as generalized ideas across signals these connections established as something having Great War significance theres also a deeper theory that paints the canyon yellows having power itself this section will cover the connections as well as the deeper theory that relates to them starting off without bioresonance the King in Yellow holds some level of power what the exact limits of this power are does depend on Theory considering the kings power in its respective War the book can distort its readers this influence having the reader is similar in many ways to how bioresonance can influence minds and emotions of others meaning that the book itself May hold by our resonant Powers as aforementioned stated the king and yellow has a Halo and three stars on it these are symbols heavily connected to by a resonance but it should be noted that the origin of the Three diamond symbol for bioresonance is currently unknown as its likely not a natural occurrence the reason that this is stated is that we do not see those three diamonds on erion and if it was on Arion then they would have known that she was bioresonant but because it doesnt appear on her it must mean that the symbol is something the nation puts on people it is possible that the source for the symbol was the king and yellow itself seeing as this book predates any other possible known origin point for the symbol if this is the case it means the Empire likely knew of the Keenan yellow and understood it as a bioresonant being and it means that the Empire which worshiped by a resonance decided to use a symbol from the Teen yellow to represent the group that they worshiped it is also theorized that due to the books ability to manipulate the reader in most depictions of it this ability may have carried over to signals this is the case then if a bioresonant individual crossed path with the book the chances are they would be easily influenced by the book and would be able to cause distortions in reality due to the corruption of their own mind being made manifest by the book is also theorized that its powers grow far beyond just influence in the reader but also being able to influence reality itself or that the king and yellow is a bioresonant being in itself that should be considered at least in part responsible for the events of the game granted if he was manifested it should be noted that he would not be human but rather just a being of a mans power not exactly like a normal character looking thing on this note we can move over to the flesh below Lang the flesh below Wang refers to Nowhere from a war perspective this rotation is greatly connected to the titanium yellow and this connection is due to the plates appearing both in nowhere and on the book and also due to deeper theories regarding the book holding actual power and the manifestations of that power being connected to Nowhere their first large connection is Distortion of reality anyone whos played through nowhere knows that nowhere is a very distorted space with self-referential nonsense doors as well as just general wrong geography the King in Yellow is established within its own Canon is being Beyond reality a fourth dimensional creature Beyond Comprehension who is able to corrupt the minds of men as well as distort reality itself if it holds the ability to distort reality then the greatly distorted area of nowhere where doors are nonsensical as I already stated and heavy Decay could be assumed to be connected there is a deeper Theory here that due to these many connections between the king and nowhere and with it being the location of the plates as well as it being a location certainly within the realm of his creation there are some who theorize that the tinian yellow and the flesh below are the same being even if they arent the same being though it should be noted that they are deeply connected with the king and the flesh being connected the Canyons by extension also connected to the empress since the flesh is there is another connection between these two albeit far weaker connection and that is that the symbol of the ritual and the symbol of the Empire are both centered around a hexagon with the Empire having a rotating hexagon that grows while the ritual is a 2d diagram of a tesseract if it is believed that the Empire knew of the Teen in yellow and since they worshiped by Resident individuals most likely held the king in high regard we do also know that there is a possibility that the empress could have used the king herself its been made sense considering how powerful she was and how the tinian yellow is connected to the other very powerful bio-resident in the lore that being Ariane there is another pocket Theory here it has been theorized that nowhere is a lost test site for the Empire this is based off the warning for nuclear waste found at the start of nowhere the Empire could have been experimenting on how they contained the flesh from spreading Airborne with the Empire eventually figuring out how to contain it using the seals possibly using the flesh within decree the replicas due to the fact that the rubble does feature a mostly black color scheme and that the replicas that lack this mostly black color scheme seem to be less stable it also should be noted that we do know replicas were created using bioresonance and that if the Empire and by extension the King in Yellow are both heavily connected by a resonance it is possible that the Empire just used the titanium yellow however that is deep in theory moving a bit out of theory we can get into plates and seals the seals or the plates are both found throughout nowhere and theyre also found being the seals that hold the King in Yellow closed or sealed these seem to be made out of basalt rocks mined in the mines with parts of the flesh From Below within it however investigating the plates States they are made out of marble which may be suggesting that the Rocks within the mines or some type of Basalt marble Fusion Im not entirely sure Im not a good geologist so starting off lets focus on the plates within nowhere each plate within nowhere required an action from Ulster in order to obtain most of these actions either required something related to the name of the plate or can be used to assume details about the methodology which we acquired the point of knowledge was obtained using the rings on the empress due to the nature of this puzzle giving us insight into the life of this figure you can be seen that this knowledge is the knowledge we learned for the plate this plate also connects the flesh to the empress seeing how this knowledge is important enough to be called the plate of knowledge it can be used to assume that the flesh itself and by extension the king wanted Ulster to learn about the empresss Fate so also creates a counter argument to dream theory and while thats not something Im going to really focus on in this video I want to quickly mention it dream theory would suggest that either falcon erion or Isa are the ones that are creating the dream however none of them would have any real care about what happened to the empress and due to the nature of living under the nation I doubt they would know anything about their rule or the end of the rule but it is also unknown why the flesh or king would want elster to know about her rule as of this moment the point of love was obtained after Whiting an incense at the altar for the young family seeing how Ulster loved Ariana as being understood to be representative of that the plate of balance was obtained after using the dolls to balance a scale so quite literal in the sense of balance the plate of Eternity was obtained after opening The Magpie box early into the game it takes us to the radio station the exact connection with the name is currently not known but this traveling to the radio station holds some level of importance as if we are physically sent to the station then the use of bioresonance to bend space and possibly time as well as you know using the plate in order for us to access the radio module it it kind of creates a sense of Eternity it should also be added that upon accessing the plate a shortcut scene plays where we see a large beating heart as well as the plate puzzle within nowhere this reinterpreted as just communicating with the Flesh and perhaps it was the fleshs desire that we gained the ability to go deeper towards it with it using its powers to send us to this location to gather this tool or perhaps this is symbolic of it calling to us and us being tempted by its called it out deeper and in that way is showing eternity by us continuing the cycle and continuing to answer its call the plate of flesh is the next one and this was obtained after completing the maze this can be seen as a symbolic gesture of nowhere as a whole a giant maze which in the code is actually known as The Labyrinth the plate of sacrifice is found in the second maze within nowhere its meaning can be seen as similar to the meaning of the plate of WESH meaning its the exact meaning is currently unknown the plates can also be seen as depicted on the TVs within the code room in nowhere and the meaning of that could be seen as the plates are connected in some way to the doors that we unlock but how exactly is also currently unknown another major thing to do with the seals and the plates is the ones on the Canadian yellow due to the ordeals connect with each of the plates within nowhere they could be seen as a trial that must be surmounted in order to prove oneself and much like the trials within nowhere these trials must also occur on the seagulls of the tuning yellow and perhaps suggesting that one must prove themselves in order for the king yellow to be undone so if we assume all that to be true then we can begin to theorize about the various trials Ulster went through to cause the seals on the king and yellow to fall off one methodology we can use to try and understand exactly what trials were what is data mining because using data mining we can find which seals are on the book during the two distades is by using this that we learned that prior to the first estate love eternity and flesh were removed between first and second castaide sacrifice was removed and between second estate and the end of the game balance and knowledge were removed using this we can theorize about what caused the removal of each of these seals love can be seen as the first seal that breaks based off this datamine knowledge this seal would break due to Elsa deciding to go on an adventure of love and search for her lost weather granted at the start of the game she may not remember her Lovers identity but shes still going on this quest in the Name of Love and due to loving someone if we need a specific moment for which the seal would be destroyed it could be seen as her refusing to leave the facility after the star unit tells her to this is her choosing love and continuing the adventure rather than choosing herself and running away despite the fact that someone told her directly to do so eternity can be seen as the second seal that breaks based off this knowledge this one would break when one acquires The Eternity point in the butterfly box upon acquiring the plate we remove the seal from the book it breaks not just due to the physical requirement of the seal but also due to ulcers interaction with the bioresonance and the Distortion that is causing the cycles by interacting with these she is noticing the eternity and continuing to spite them a second possible annulment could be seen as the point at which eternity was broken this can be specifically her surviving the Elevator Shaft as in all prior eternities she dies after hitting the bottom flesh is a difficult one to theorize about however it can be seen as either the moment Ulster falls down the Elevator Shaft symbolized by her falling on her own flesh in order to progress and continue through or it can be seen as being unlocked at the beginning of the game with the Yules cutting up flesh and also traversing these flesh-infested Halls of personnel the Assumption should be that whatever room didnt cause eternity to unlock likely had flesh unlock and cross proximity so if eternity was unlocked by Falling at the bottom of the elevator then flesh likely wasnt unlocked there and like we was unlocked by the Yule and vice versa from there we have sacrifice this seal is unlocked between first and second estate meaning unlocked somewhere during either nowhere the fake ending or memory this is a very eventful period of the game however the only thing that really resembles the sacrifice of elsters would be her decision to take the armor and arm of the prior Ulster by doing this her past or future depending on how you look at it self-sacrificed her Parts in order to help continue the journey and pursue the promise perhaps the sacrifice could be viewed as this prior elsters failures to end the cycle or even our ulsters opening half of this hatch be able to create a situation where the journey could actually be completed from here we have the final part of the game and the final two seals following second is State we really only have corrupted re-edge and rot front which cause of the game balance would have to be unlocked during this part of the game however how exactly it is is still not clearly defined in theory one possibility is the restoration of balance by the death of Issa by someone who died longer returning to the state of death it represents a restoration of balance this can be further supported by the fact she was the one who did a ritual and by her passing her influence on the ritual and the space in general has weakened Grant an Ulster greater control my main issue with this Theory though is it suggests that one of the plates is broken by an action that is out of alsters control and I just dont think thats very likely knowledge is likely to have been unlocked last the exact circumstances for which could vary as rotfront is a part of the team that has several large plot developments one option could be warning of isas Fate learning the truth of what happened to our friend is one type of knowledge however seeing as it doesnt pertain to our adventure I again find that not very likely another option is the completion of the modern Clan puzzle which is a moment of knowledge by reading the dream readers diary and Gathering the sixth tarot which causes us to read several notes and export of rot front we gain the most amount of knowledge that is possible to prepare Ulster for the final act however this solution required information from data mining which Yuri has stated is not to be used in any way to shape our understanding or War of the game due to this really any combination of points across the game can be used to connotate the removal of the seals works as long as it follows what normal gameplay States I just chose to do the data mind option because if anything Works might as well just make something that works with what is that mind so why is the king and yellow sealed the book we see in the game is sealed by the seals but the reason why its sealed is never told to us nor indirectly referenced by any notes weaving in a realm of pretty much pure Theory one concept is that the book is sealed by an external power with some raging that it was the Grand Empress who seal the book and that is why the flesh pertains her grave to us this would also connect to the Empires heavy connections to the book as well as the fact that the empress was very powerful during her life so its definitely someone who could have sealed the king of yellow another possible Theory though is that the book is sealed by right of usage as in Ulster is not fit to use the book until she has completed its various tasks this could be her needing to gain more control over herself and her brain in order to harness its full power but I think thats unlikely in the Canadian yellow most of its regions are driven mad by the book so perhaps the trials are a testament to how engrossed she is in the character role shes obscribing to herself that being of the original elster 512 which spoiler warning she is not so why these seals the seals that Ulster has to break of knowledge love balance eternity flesh and sacrifice represent important Milestones of her journey however from a war perspective why these symbols are chosen is unknown and currently left a theory one possible Theory to explain this from a war perspective is that it represents fully becoming the character that you are representing from the play that came in yellow love sharing of their passions and desires flesh sharing of their physical traits sacrifice willing to lose everything in the name of becoming attend to them eternity willing to hold that status into the future or forever balance finding pieces this new character and fully embracing your role as them knowledge knowing the nature of your change and still embracing it or knowing how to be your character granted this is a rough idea and further theorization is going to be needed to cement ideas in this regard connections to the keys there are three keys required for the secret Willy ending and those three keys hold the same names as specific seals on the canyon yellow those being love sacrifice and Eternity these three keys are a theorizes going even further than just breaking the seal but rather hyper focusing on those attributes and channeling them through the king to materialize something new the depiction of the ritual in the book also suggests that the book is what teaches one how to do the ritual a concept thats backed by the fact that only readers of the book have done the ritual so with those two things combined it really does seem like the Willy ending is something thats only possible to people who truly understand the king yellow and are doing it through his power next the shores of Oblivion the shores of Oblivion have heavy connection to the teen yellow being the location where we encounter the book twice however there are other 10 actions aside from just this the first connection can be seen upon our first visit to this state when we emerge from the cave at the start of that we can see that the achieved takes a shape similar to that of the hooded King and for those who dont know the hooded Canyon the canyon yellow are the same person the next thing is the presence of the notes that are on this first estate these are mostly quotes from The King in Yellow either the book The play or from a perspective of someone like the king and yellow and they pretty much solidly connect a state to the king these notes State as follows these notes have corrupted aspects for those Im just going to state that its corrupted there is a working way to decode these but for the sake of Simplicity for this video I will not for there be different sorts of death somewhere in the body remains corrupted some it vanished quite a way with spirit one kind of death the spirit dies corrupted well yet the body was in Vigor for many years sometimes corrupted it dieth with the body but corrupted is raised up again corrupted where the body did Decay and a corrupted star fell corrupted sky and a mountain fell into the sea and corrupted turned to blood corrupted Moon corrupted turned dark along the shore the cloud waves break the twin Sun sink corrupted the Shadows lengthen corrupted the night where black stars rise and strange Moons Circle through the skies but stranger still sound of corrupted unsung as tears and shed shall dry and die in the night where black stars rise note sentence a ends at stranger still however this is a line from the yellow sign or Canyon yellow which ends with but stranger still is lost charcosa so while were talking about quotes that are from the canyon yellow we might as well just start talking about Connections to the actual book The genuine yellow as Ive aforementioned is a real book written by Robert Chambers this book details a series of stories that connect to the mythical book which shares the same name this mythical book within has a play Within its pages that can cause some sort of distortion and other worldly events the game features Illusions and details from both the real book and the mythical term the first note we can look at is becoming a character one of the concepts within the King in Yellow is that characters who read it will find themselves adopting attributes from a character within the text this would be citing primarily in the repair of reputation story where hildrid casanye a young man and the futurist in New York City comes across the method at home and reads it upon reading it he loses his sanity and describes himself upon the role of the heir of the Imperial Dynasty of America it can also be seen in the Mast where the main character believes himself akin to the palate mask in signals there are many examples of characters adopting attributes knowledge or even blending with other characters one such primary example can be seen with Elena elean and Falk this Trio all returns being overwritten in some degree by Ariane with them all sitting over the course of the game slowly turning into the Penrose officer in some way with folks stating that Ariane had invaded her mind and Awana stating shes slowly losing herself to Ariane another weaker example can be seen between Ulster and Issa these two seem to exchange memories as can be seen in the flashback to the school in the rotfront and soon to be traveling down the same path however the tenech is not as strong as the previous example and could just be an example of a parallel character in literary events which wouldnt exactly suggest the team yep see now the king and yellow and its Cannon possesses the ability to distort people into a role within its story it is very possible that such An Occurrence is occurring within signaloss universe I wear no masked this quote by Adler right before the Final Act of the game is a direct quote from the mythical King in Yellow it is quoted in the Mast as being from act 1 scene 2 of the play the quote is said by the powered mask a mysterious character also known as The Stranger they are seen as an emissary four an avatar 4 or the king and yellow himself it really depends and thats what I was able to get from reading a lot of different papers on what how people interpret Chambers work this character arrives before cassadeo and is asked to unmask however they State they wear no match and they refuse to remove the mask connecting Edward to this character we can see adware in multiple ways the simplest would be to connect to the fact that he is in fact corrupted at this point and wearing a physical mask of Flesh following his corruption him stating he wears no mask would be as to say he rejects accepting that he to his Fallen to the Distortion that it took his beloved folk and would be more so representative of him saying that this is a true self or that he just never fell and that he thinks hes still sane this can be added to say that at this point in the story as a corrupted individual he could be acting as the king would see fit seeing as the connection of the stranger would paint him as someone loyal to the chain in the Distortion meaning he desires what the Distortion or King does which is kind of important when we think about adware as a character in the Final Act if he is someone who has fallen to the Distortion and hes acting in a way that either the king sees fit or the distortions hes fit I dont exactly think we can take any quotes from him in the Final Act of the game as being in the best interest of either Adler or anyone aside from the distortion the palette Mast also holds connection to Alec the protagonist of the Mast if we instead choose to focus on this connection we can paint AdWords someone who has succumbed to the insanity caused by the Distortion in the king you can begin to draw parallels between their two stories in the Mast Alec loves Genevieve however she instead loves his friend Boris more however this seems to change when one day Alec and Genevieve read from the king yellow following which she declares her love for him despite past refusals to do such a thing and as I said really more so loving Boris instead the pair rapidly then descend into Insanity she ultimately in her fit of mania decides to weep into a pool made of liquid that turns living beings into marble this liquid was produced by Boris who studied the King in Yellow in order to create it if we connect this to Adlers story we can find some similarities Adler loves fault but she loves Ariana however unlinked in the story folk falls in love with Ariane due to the book rather than in love with him however akin to the story she is ultimately consumed by the media and again contrary to the story dies in a way becoming a distorted creature that Ulster kills it seems as though Adler is honestly more akin to the pallid Mast than Alec which ultimately spells out tragedy for him because Alex story ends out positive with Alec finally being reunited with his lover at the end while the palad mass story is hes just an emissary of a fourth dimensional demon thing moving from here we can look to the powers of bioresonance and how this connects to the story the powers of bioresonance are vast and seemingly have no queer women however comparing the known powers of disability to the known powers of the king and yellow in its Canon we can find some heavy connections bioresonance can influence the minds of others the King in Yellow can influence the minds of others either by ascribing characters or by driving people insane bio residents can be used to telepathically communicate with others the king and yellow can grant its readers telepathia this is shown by Tessie in the yellow sign when she telepathically communicates with her lover Jack bioresonance can be used to distort reality titanium yellow detail Within the play holds Cosmic powers that can cause apocalyptic to your events of which include Distortion of reality finally the last thing to connect with the actual book we have the colibris corrupted text within the calibers corrupted text lies the following quote which is a direct reference to the king and yellow story strange is the night where dark stars rise and strange Moon circling through the sky songs that the hide should sing where the kings Rags blow Must Die unheard songs of my soul my voice is dead you die unsung like tears and shed this is a direct quote from cassidyoson which removes the references to carcosa that would usually be at the bottom of each verse this heavily connects the Distortion of the Tui Breeze to the king and yellow which in turn connects the Distortion of the facility as a whole to him with that we have covered everything we currently know regarding the king and yellow and the things that are connected to him with this we are far further into understanding the game as a whole it naturally began knocking out the more complicated topics using the canyon yellow to help us so hopefully youre as excited for that as I am if youd like to talk to other signals fans about the Lord just in general in my description I have my main Discord vsl linked below it is where all we discuss in theories and the Lord regarding the rest of the game as we begin to March forward so hopefully some of yall swim over finally once again thank you to Mr Stewie for supporting my membership your contributions help make this series possible and thank you to everybody who watched and listened and enjoyed the king and yellow series it was really fun and nice to be able to finally get some solid concrete answers regarding tsunamiss war and Im hopeful that using this as a springboard we can begin to actually understand the entire day so with that this has been Christopher beast and I hope to see you all well next time Music steam specific heat The King in Yellow is a book within SIGNALIS. It appears multiple times throughout the game at vital plot points. The book is inspired by a real life book of the same name that was written by Robert Chambers, SIGNALIS has many parallels and references to the actual book throughout the course of the game. Hey everyone Cristiferbeast here and today I will be covering every single thing that the King in Yellow can tell us in the lore, in one condensed review video. Ive been covering the king of yellow over the last 20 odd days, and its finally time to review what we found. To put it simply, the King in Yellow is vital to really getting a deeper understanding of the game, so by delving deeper into it we can get closer to actually understanding the game as a whole and finally making heads and tails of what is going on in this amazing title. 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