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Steam how to refund gamesbest games for steam market SIGNALIS gameplay Music Applause Music Hello how are we continuing here where we left off yesterday chapter 2 of seminars where we advanced a little I think a little enough we didnt go abroad and so we live in an area where the area is very good No I know what area it is but well, we are in them to see what we see to see what we find and nothing and just as we are going to move forward we enter as a kind of a bunker a bunker or an area I dont know in a building a rag up to there I can tell you and nothing we recorded the game here which was the first save 53 minutes of game file 1 created we are going to continue without saving later you leave later you are going to regret the message you put me Well then nothing we are going to read here what little things we have to see we have a service request form form f29 application date of 4/21 and complete from protector of the eulr formulating unit is I dont know how many replicas are your department staff to know and complete from protector of the processing unit to give a number such a replica service object high security walled safe Mob & Potter numeral keyboard location of the object classroom 4b That is, they are indicating I have a safe with numeral keyboard indicating a safe with a numeral keyboard description of the safe in a hurry in classroom 4b It keeps resetting to the default combination, what is the use of a radio code transmission system without our safe, it can only be opened with a manual code, well, a good question, we will have to find out, no Lets see what that code is Ill say it here code memory of the safe Ive been made aware that at least one worker knows the code transmission frequencies of the safe guards wall safe any worker connected to this infiltration with this leak should be questioned until they are found find the culprit who received radio access by all workers until e The next notice, everything always follows the protocol. Remember if you did not write it, it did not happen. I ask the administration to formulate it incorrectly and you save your file frequently. It seems like a floppy disk. Seeing as the camera follows me, lets see here what it says here I can go out okay okay we looked at this waiting a second here we go in okay the map was here corridor corridor here there is another door man lets see what lets see where this goes to another corridor that another corridor arrives But first of all I am going to investigate the corridor first I have left it open without discovering low and another dead one unit is a dead one because not to leave well here over here you can advance and this is here on the sides to see left no neither on the right Ok, so we continue with the camera here that makes me nervous and we go to a library library we are in a complex look there it says complex ion 23 Sierra pu its there we are in the library and here we have an aperture card microfil viewer if it had an aperture card it could have Its content here ok this looks like a projector No here it says its microfil but I dont know it looks like a projector And this is a Simple first dose kit I cant use any of this since it was not designed for aftershocks Prepared help kit I cant take it this way my friend you stay there and this way Well nothing to see here a little seems to have nothing well then here this was and opening card I need the opening card ok because I think not here either Well we continue to see well then we are going to continue here through the second corridor So to speak it is this one here I can enter yes to see whats around here man I can go in here no and neither here and here yes someone hurt an extra unit you should get out of this place this complex is lost come back before its from Its too late, the one were here with says Im looking for this woman, did you see her if she was iron, I know her, but maybe its one of the workers, she looks a lot alike, come on, all the gestland workers were sent to the mine below the complex, if shes still alive, probably Its down there theres an elevated access to the mine one level down from here but youll need an admin key to use them Exactly thats what Im looking for you have one you dont have right Thats it I cant interact anymore Ill get out of here okay Sorry Ill get out of here as soon as this repair patch doesnt have my bleeding You should go too I dont know who that woman is but she s probably already dead if you still want to go good luck go Cheer up look here Im looking at this will be the protector key card and This already goes as a protector, he says, he takes a key as a protector, a magnetic card from the observation room to that room, no, we havent really reached the sa The one for observation that I know of has not reached me, I dont think so Salado observation here I can go here of course you will need the card the other card that they ask me for Here there is a door that supposedly does not let me through and this Well, nothing, it just tells you That the staff is there to see around here, they wont let me in either. Okay, well, lets get out of here, we leave here and we agree that all the doors are closed except the first one, only this one. Lets go in and see what we find. Lets go there. its the observation room no class 4b here he said the safe was there he didnt say that The note this what it says retroactively dont run through the corridors I didnt charge for the corridors Respect your neighbors Running is very noisy its already scaring me But thats it He says that he respects the studies, we are not going to think anymore Look, this is the strong side with a numerical table, indeed, logically I would have no idea or idea, we are going to continue exploring this Well, here there should be something, I say, here it will have to do with something because at the moment things are a bit pigeonholed, that is, the stamps are very good where to throw Because if I have a card This marks something for me there, uncle on the right, yes the safe not the safe I dont know what the number is to see inventory here it doesnt say anything right here there are no numbers or anything protector key protector key uncle And where could we go I have also thrown this here the notes these are not it said nothing it does not have a type of code no Well there will be a request such a strong high security bulwark it is not known how much keypad description of each purple door in the classroom four times it keeps resetting the default combination Yes but What is the password What is it the number Music is that I have no other place to go but remember I left something here but I dont think so or yes Knowing this is a friend I didnt remember the door, well less bad lets see whats here you can see an empty classroom on the other side of the window the glass seems to be tinted or is it a mirrored glass on the other side So on the other side there is supposedly another room not here some drawers with a poster which says memo in terminology announcement the following by orders of due to recent patient events in accordance with the new regulation of public interest media of the term such in use currently in various iOS complexes ceases to be invisible and should no longer be used sectors sectors and departments currently bearing that term must be immediately renamed administrative staff must cross out the term from all signs and documents until the replacement terminology is announced effective immediately use of the term in conversation and correspondence is an offense austerity to the State that will be punished with two cycles of double work shift is a task to difficult but we all know but we must all do our part always remember our language of form to the world a perfect world requires a perfect language adler ok it doesnt tell you anything clear here the cable this we close we open the other drawer oysters little pistol man thats how Ill pick it up Ill tell you and this opening card ok with this card I can enter the door from there to the North and this Ill explain to you in the manual How to use the pistol the type 75 pistol is a semi-automatic pistol with short recoil and locked breech with a 10 by 220mm chambered this reliable useless pistol is the standard baddie weapon of aeong protective controller staff replica users remember to equip the pistol first here it tells you how to do it on the inventory screen oh I have to equip it from the inventory screen to designate it as the primary weapon for the aiming pod to use the weapon hold Lt to unsafe and Activate aim mode in aim mode both RT and als for the weapon the reveine will start reloading remember dont waste ammo as they are use a nation resource when a bank with a target down try to repair finish it off with a kick hit with the stick to save ammunition okay okay Ok understood We close the drawer we open the last one that there is nothing and we are going to equip ourselves the pistol of the pull that is this you have to pay of course equipped to aim and shoot it will not be simply hitting here Im not going to do it to lose ammunition because surely things are very screwed up in terms of ammunition as is to be expected this card is okay I think I can use it up there no observation this card if Im not mistaken I can use it here on the classroom Ah wait here I have a door that I havent opened uncle to be here Well Im going to open it What happens what happens well as soon as I get out someone is going to come out of here for sure but surely a bug or I dont know what the game has in mind but hey he said Look there lets take aim Im a little weird no man it doesnt have feet it doesnt have feet it has how I know how a paw, not instead of legs, they dont look like this terrestrial one, I mean the character, the girl, Im going to enter here Oh, I cant and because we want the mark on the map. running but lets go but if Im not mistaken it was not up here and here in the bookstore uncle oysters See you later here you dont enter right first balls gentlemen if I go out the door is waiting for me I want to go upstairs to the bookstore Im going to run away Im going Whats up Ah, the one who was here before, yes, whats up, ah, hello, she has recovered, youre not from here either, right, no, that the substratum is there, did you see who is a gestal, Im saisa, and I recommend that you be careful in this place, something is happening bad no I m already seeing I dont know what happened but its probably dangerous to keep moving forward Okay I understand you I have something to do too Take care shes leaving I hope you find what youre looking for She just leaves Okay then kill the friend who was down there okay my part here is supposed to show me a note now you will notice the one who just went says Erika if you find this note despite everything that happened I came to look for you as if what is her name Erika you are looking for a taleric okay that note no I was there before logically use opening card Yes of course it is a a slide and this What is purple safe high security friend numeric keypad here it may be it may say the code the wall safe complies with the regulations of public safety equipment use 41 and 43 presenting the high density Craft door secured with a numeric keypad proudly produced Resort technik perfect litrofiados enter the code using the keyboard and I already know how to use fancy press to confirm in the lower left corner if it is correct select the router sorry left to open the door to clear entered digits or try the e key in the lower left corner first setting enter the factory code To determine such a voucher to open the safe with the door open, enter the new code you want, keep the confirmation key pressed for 10 seconds, it turns on and I can put the code I want and I dont know, we will have to look at it. Well, It doesnt seem like there are any other little things, right? In any case, I think it also indicates on the map No, if its in red, it means that by interacting its something you can interact with sooner or later, for example, how can you see it here in the in the safe this mark in red in front of here it also seemed to me in red about the slides Well nothing then we are going out we are going to see what happens With the safe, he will have killed the friend downstairs who wasnt waiting with the knife, we ll see. Well, nothing, hes dead, hes not still there Hello Music Ill do the 214, you know. I dont know were going to do this to see the keyboard Here we are going to read the note to see what it said that this was if Im not mistaken here is each fort the code was 204 512 it says enter the factory code as with the door open enter the new code you want butter hold down the confirmation key for 10 seconds until the green light comes on and the confirmation key which is good 204 512 lets see its out 204 I dont think almost not now not 204 512 no This is the confirmation I keep it pressed for 10 seconds and it gives me the card if it will take the classroom key its okay classroom key and what does it say here jump well you can continue interacting so its Im looking at it, it makes it red for me, why? What can I do here? It wont be a kind of box to store things like a trunk in Resident Evil, I dont think so. room magnetic card key 4-0 in the room four to zero and thats where it is friend and I know where it is 4c if this is 4G the 4c no idea the one who does not want the thing and second saved and now with this card what do I do but it is the question Where do I go classroom classroom and that where is the classroom that classroom is at the door because I have no other option classes for you I practically cant go out Lets see lets go back here with this friends friend huh or she was in the other hallway it wont be This Not this What is it here there is something repairing patches and this what is it for has she seen something else there for files repairman a sealed single-use adhesive patch containing a coagulant people to patch up damaged Ares restores a small amount of health progressively ok this is for me ok This is for ok ok to heal but ok the coagulant leaking fluid and quickly thickening the oxidizing fluid of the replica until it forms a gelatinous mass. How tasty it is. Yes, what is clear to me is that the girl, the character we are handling, is not human, she is robots. one thing to combine the ammunition you have to and where the curse appears is to combine with the pistol is already loaded ok So we have 20 pellets ok And here ok here is 4c here I can put the card take it from the classroom ok this is a hole Its a hole in the ground. I think I could safely bring myself through it. Jump into the hole. Dont wait. Lets keep looking here to see whats up. there are cameras everywhere I say look there to the right and another camera and the flag is from Germany well it seems that there are more here nothing lets go in here for the hole Yes of course come and see Uff I had seen something strange look look this is the mica from before the butcher go expensive Oops this lets me change the medium Im going to start shooting now like a crazy roll a lot of doors here this can be done here and I know not to run the note didnt say So If Im walking slowly presumably it doesnt attack me or if the roof collapses Theres no way to pass seriously what can happen down here okay and if I __ then sorry and what do you want me to do And what do I do okay Of course because I fell okay is that I was thinking that what had happened ok i fell from the hole directly here and entered through the door at 7 ok ok Im left a bit lost here it seems there is another deceased here the synthetic fur and the horse on his head were replaced With a thin and wet house layer, parts of its polyethylene shell are missing, so some component is exposed. I wonder this, well, I better not ask you so that I can go up to the right and to the left now I have three doors so that I can go through Yes, Im going, Im going, Im going, he wants to see if he could go through here, can I go through, it does nt open from the other side, it doesnt unlock from the other side, it unlocks, and you dont say anything and here to the left, well, rubbish, its okay so I can go through. Also the shooting and aiming system seems easy I hope so so that you can jump no no the elevator is out of service okay And damn this system of interacting is not very fluid either And what does the call to the elevator say, I dont know if It was a good idea. Okay, now I can pass the key to the east side, a key is needed and nothing works here, well, were going to continue here, okay, were going to continue here for now, along the east corridor. Were going to cross our fingers and see what we find, lets go, well take out the gun, youre dead, okay, lets see, nothing goes in here, everything goes in. closed you know I know it cant be opened but I do it so it can be marked and theres someone on the floor ok hes moving its not logically either Not if in the end Ill have to go up by the elevator Oh no I can buy here ok lets see we continue on here to see the note upload service request form f29 the date of the request such and complete protector This is the same as what I read before and complete protector of the formulating unit replica status Guard worker accommodation department and complete of protector of the processing unit now I dont know how many replicas service object automatic security door email type d location of the object corridor of the worker block A6 description the work at the A6 staff door is wrong again the locksmith was asked for service status the electronic reset key was lost I put together a lock opening kit but the administration will transfer this I have seen the opening kit before or it was another kit kind of kit we wont make a lock opener kit but management transferred priority to elevator motors so the opening for the lock will be left for the next shift right now its a matter of war Find me if I need the key to open the service hatch or ask the administration it doesnt matter December 25th we look at the map this way I can continue yes So I have two doors and these are here This is to put a key okay the key that said okay where we go So Right here Im looking, theres someone down there No, thats a suit like the one above, right, the workers quarters in a complex like that? sto These caged cafrecitos are the first person to have moreros gesta gesla ok Im going to drink some water were still here I see a note but it doesnt let me now the note played or wins batted that says kick them on the floor that the shots on the ground yes the security cameras up there there is something moving that the axes what is a worker uniform looks old and worn yes but up there i am up there seems to be like a fan not a worker uniform ok here are things daily the line I feel a little dizzy today I hope it s not that new flu going around I cant the new flu its the comic I cant afford to miss any more shifts Thats the factory mechanic for forever to watch me pass out at work __ it Last time I get cold I see him no, you cant even pass out calmly. I havent seen him for a few days. Licas Ah, okay, Im a replica, Im not a human, Im not catching myself little by little, not even the protectors will be safe, nothing more than a replica, heres the note thats not worth it, then here what Ive done, theres nothing else, were not playing. By the way, its storage area I need it, this will be the storage area, well, it will not be, this is still bedrooms, lets see down here to make fans, not a uniform, like that, the same as before. says daily the protectors must be they have been worried lately they are hiding something there is less ration plan She keeps changing Dina says that I am imagining being her fear as if it were mine What are you afraid of is it already here on the ground nothing the g4 well it was a bedroom Well, lets continue to see below, we continue through here, we arrived here to the left, we had the elevator thing, okay, so I can continue, I had taken something new from this to cure your f Others I dont know that I do nt know how much the gun the collision Well, nothing Lets continue through the elevators, not around here everything was blocked, well, okay, nothing, its sunny on the second floor, looking at me, you can see here that you have to interact with something, it seems so and this I can go up to the sixth floor So dont __ this you dont control the locked recorder without being a protector identifier and this can be used I have nothing that I have nothing of the maintenance ribs this key uncle key of the maintenance ribs As far as I remember there is no more not to interact around here and as a kind of map makes the mine Well yes, how big everything is Well nothing Well here So not good The question is what do I do where I am going now to save I have to give myself all potato I have to walk half the map Here I have a small tubular padlock key this key man can take me completely out of the game because now I cant either go up because if it does nt have a hole if I jumped through a hole I cant do anything friend I cant go up you know to save the match arena Applause lets see here in summary I have a key and thats it the rest is important I only have a key and what do you want me to do with that key around here It seems that yes, a door like this leaves me here Ah friend This damn I didnt remember this okay well this What is it friend Music because I can interact well the assembled ultrasound dissolves to one side of the lock the lock picker is connected ok this top down only its some kind of device to mount its some kind of device for lock force mounted mounted to the switch to have the electronics made seems to be able to adjust the teeth of the key with the buttons underneath seriously and I dont see that it does anything to see it seems that this pot has to coincide, that is, the levers this n or it ends down here for example we are going to go one by one This one has to go up a little One Ok this one has to go down a little I mean that this to coincide down here is worth one more I think it goes not there no and one more I need this one that there is We have to bring it up a bit there ok damn We have arrived at a new area called workers accommodation worth more room This is blocked with a key to the east over there we also had a blocked one from the west if Im not mistaken its from here and well first its blocked I can get in a few here. Okay, I think its an evidence depository, workers accommodation, so at first glance I see something here, a box in the shape of a butterfly, the box is locked, it seems to use some kind of square key, square key, okay, well, there it is. a block key is marked I need to go there lets see we continue here storage area ok But first of all Im going to look at these doors that I have the block keys left He will come a This ok this opens the door for me there ok this looks like a cartridge ammunition I have enough By the way the cartridges are grouped with each other that is I have two cartridges not of 10 Yes but how many I have worth 14 ok so 7 for each for each I dont have two boxes 14 Here we have a note that says memorandum of the safe code, its another safe, Ive been informed that at least one worker knows the code transmission frequency, here is a strong rush from the protectors, any time connected to this leak. must be questioned until culprit is found how restricted quick access by all workers until further notice hardler Should be the boss is everywhere disposable stunner ok And now he explains how how is it handled due to recent events All staff members of the complex are requested to familiarize themselves with the Electro and Pulse device we have been provided with a discardable screwdriver cargo I dont know okay if you forget the solution dont take long short range which is used for individual disablement that refuses to cooperate can be equipped in the tool box on the screen in the inventory screen once a once equipped will appear in the bottom left corner of the inventory screen barrel can be used one-handed on the fly even while aiming another weapon once equipped by using lb against a nearby enemy warning and high voltage electrical shock It could make an arc and it will reach the individuals close to the target, be it me, use it carefully, dont use the pregnant cancer, equip it. Okay, and This goes with not using it, and how it is used, it is supposed to be here by pressing. its like that but well this What is a safe some like the one we saw before wait so thats how they are if I didnt misunderstand he said that the key was the same for everyone waiting for you each safe if Im not mistaken is the same code for all no I mean 204 512 204 512 Music 34 512 dont notice this safe code come to know that at least one recognizes you here it is known that at least he knows the frequency of code transmission the safe walled to the protectors any man collected with this leak must be interrogated until he finds the culprit that the restriction of the elevator the radio is okay and this Ah okay This is what its brilliant once its equipped go to use the stun press lv against a nearby enemy So to use it I have to have the enemy close in another way Cant use our nation with battle against the Empire units report interrogation worker subject Chen wilhead offense contraband found in locker confession result punishment No food three cycles here the same Micaela offense illegal use of radio confession result Punishment Isolation two cycles This exit from state is May During the interrelationship from before Double shift elaborated Two cycles This says access during the interrogation Punishment None How do they spend it here Well, there is another safe we go out Lets see, stop coming out Oh what other doors I had left I had this one that could be opened Ok well, anyway, lets save the game that already seemed repairing this is health and this What is this is the box to keep my things exactly store Well, the Barceló the photo that I dont need for The repairer I have two of the turridora I also have two of the ammunition pistol and they will come to this one that I will use as soon as I get out okay okay Well here nothing else I dont just have the save area here we are going to save there third save and nothing and here we are going to leave the next chapter now Well, we continue El Progreso, what an interesting little thing at this moment, we have advanced a lot today, I think, and nothing else until now. The next direct was going to say the custom until the next chapter that will surely be more and obviously better So nothing bye bye and goodbye Music Applause Music where to watch the game awards steam SIGNALIS propone un survival-horror clásico bajo una ambientación única de misterio y melancolía. El objetivo del videojuego lleva al jugador a investigar un oscuro misterio, resolver acertijos, luchar contra criaturas de pesadilla y por mundos de retrotecnologia surrealistas y distópicos como Elster, una técnica Replika que busca sus sueños perdidos.----------------------------- 🕹 Juegos con descuentos de hasta un 90% ➡ #Gaming #Gameplay #Español #signalis #series Serie completa ➡➡➡ download steam game on another computer fm 22 in game editor steam how to uninstall a steam game without steam can you copy steam games to another computer steam player lookup