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Webbed game steamgames on steam like stardew valley SKATER XL - THE ULTIMATE SKATEBOARDING GAME what is up guys and welcome back to the channel now you probably remember that we skated the Elysian 18s there by Benji butts in my last skater XL video but its not the only real life skates but the painting butts has released lately today well be checking out some more legendary street spots Music the first map were checking out is the pancroft 9 and the PRC Bank now this map doesnt only have these two spots theres actually a lot to skate here but will mainly be focusing on these two so if you want to skate anything else go ahead and check out the links in the description but as you guys know this is an episode of innocent chill so its a bit more raw than my normal videos and that means were placing a timer for five minutes and it is going and then well just be skating the rail here all right well place our systemaga right here and then what to start it out with a little back tail that was kind of Stacy maybe a little no slide just because Im not really warmed up in the game yet so this is how were doing it on the time pressure not really getting a good nose slide if we get into a good one now Ill try to get out to Fakie why did I bump that way but hey still we got it so I cant really remember a lot of like famous tricks that went down on this I think I remember arto doing a kickflip back lip and then years later I think p-rod did its switch in me myself and I I think we gotta pop a bit higher maybe even get a bone flip on it okay okay we got that we got that please tell me we got that oh that was nice for arto then I guess we cant really do the switch one since Im regular I mean we could change our stance and all that but I am not gonna do that I want to get a hurricane I just think that trick looks so sick oh thats not it though yeah I guess we were in a hurricane there how about a shook a cane though oh that was nice its taking the flow of this game again just gotta Kick the back 50 incision and I really gotta get used to not having my sideways pup and Im not really nailing the no slides today lets just get a bit more run up feel a bit stressed with that ah no not the pop out otherwise that would have been a really sick nollie heel back lift that was fine lets get some front shelves in okay what a great start lets just start with the front shaft back 50. oh yeah Im so used to session guys and look at that an ass oh my God man its like on tricks like this theres so much more control in skatering still wearing session its a little yeah I dont even know how to put it like its its easier to figure out quick or in skate or Excel like this is a trick I dont really do but I think that one turned out pretty good hopefully we are very zoomed in and my goal for the five minutes wasnt just to get like a bunch of Tricks it was also just like get our little session here that was pretty dope I think a friend shoved to crook would be so much easier yeah maybe we can get that one into another slide good apparently not first try the over nose plant thats also sick I should tweak my nose slide a bit different oh my God why did we try the nollie flip out is that what were doing now okay I guess it is front shove no slide only flip out I gotta pop a bit early because I need a bit more enzyme its close though its like missing like the last little bit of air time that I need maybe I need to do it a bit differently not flipping fast enough and we only got one minute left oh come on oh that was so good all right I am hyped on that and once again where is the stair got it right there oh that was so sick do you guys want to watch that without me on the screen uh there we go man lets get another angle then oh my God that was good that was so beautiful oh man I sucked at the big heel board slide on the Elysian 18. and we got it with an Ali out and maybe maybe Im happy with that even if we dont get it the last 10 seconds but we we kind of got it yeah yeah there we go next up well once again put five minutes on the clock but this time were skating over the rail into the famous Bank and there we go I think I would have loved to have the session sideways pop here but at least we got a pretty good little Ollie in and then this is the Mani pad it seems a bit longer than in real life because I think Luan and Tori putwells kick flipped it and oh man Alex Olsen to the front side flip over and pretty sweet I think it cant really remember if Ive seen a backside flip Im sure I have and we just got a pretty good one right there get a little uh switch mainly switch front shove out oh yeah Corey here fakie flipped into it that was pretty bad backside heel and I suck at the manuals as always all right lets get the fake flip shout out to court Kennedy oh all right oh man but this one I would really love the sideways pup I dont even know if I have a bone fakie flip setup that was pretty dope all right what else lets just get like a switch front three or land in a nose blunt all right I know how we fix that all right no okay apparently that just made me land in it even better to see okay thats how you do it kind of late twisty and not like that Ive done the the late twerk around in regular Lut but not that much on switch okay that one is just gonna be a goal if I can get the switch Hill Manny Before Time runs out but we gotta get a steezy switch front side flip maybe with the uh technique like that I dont think it really did anything we gotta sit up like this oh yes that would look so good lets just make that be the battle for right now its good looking switch solution flip no okay Im having a real hard time with the approach and then I forget to spin with it ah man I really wish we had the sideways pop oh that was so close damn it no I should have just spawned on that one Im doing the spinning now every time now we just need that good flip ah the Switchback art flip come on please no that would have been so good oh there we go and we got that one all right Im happy Im happy we still got a minute and 35 left so I mean well just see if we cant like check this out with a follow cam oh my God that was so good I dont think it was that illusion and then we got the switch Hill manual as well all right man awesome I mean we could try to get a little twitch front heel into a kickflip nose manual lets get a switch big heel then try that again okay that was all right God damn it man still got a little bit of time left just switch big thats pretty good all the good skater XL players can see now why Im so bad at that Im trying to get a cab flip over Ive got too far away on that one the approach once again super difficult nope got 20 seconds oh my all right damn it its so difficult to get the approach for it we got something I got one last try I think foreign we gotta redo we gotta get one more damn it one more you guys know how it is right this is the one oh okay we typed it again one more ah okay for real guys only one more after this try so this is the last try no no no I didnt mean that I didnt mean that I mean that this is the last one okay we got it we got it because this is the last one no we we gotta redo right thats fair I mean that was the last one but this no that was glitched but I mean we got it now so this is for Real the last one no no no I mean that glitched one gave us an extra try I think okay I just I mean hit a pebble or something okay this is one more the glitch gave us a redo and thats the one all right you guys know how it is right I know how it is and well just check it out very quickly okay Im sorry we got that purple thing on screen there look at this cap flip okay I like that next up we got the pick Park four block without any warm-up lets just set the timer five minutes I think I saw a beagle tapes episode here the other day with braydens of France keep trying the backside Shifty flip I dont think Ive seen him do that in any part so well well get that one for him if I can get the right amount of speed where we dont clear it like crazy and we dont land on the last step I mean not really one I do that often so I kind of want to check it out I think its a little bit oversized just when youre looking at it but I mean we dont mind that okay that was actually a bad angle for Shifty flip this might be good I mean Im hyped on that it looked pretty good uh what else do I remember here oh brockles brockle flip see if we can get that one I think were getting some of the harder tricks out right now there we go brogl flip for broccol and yeah Im just trying to think of some things I know that Corey Kennedy also had a trick on this set and its pretty sweet part and I think it was a switch big flip just want to see if we cant get a better one like that I actually think that looked a lot like the one Corey did in Pretty Sweet pretty hyped on that one not gonna lie I think the angle was kind of like this something like that yeah that was that was actually a pretty good remake and then Mickey Papa did a switch double flip oh man what part was that what was that his blinded part Im just so bad at not like boning out the double flips and making it go into a forward so Im really trying to flip really trying to flip rocket but still its still going up hmm what if we just flip it straight out to the side oh its still going like boned all right well just try to tuck in that back foot and see if we uh we cant get one am I even tucking it in oh thats tucking it out okay I was doing the right thing kind of like that all right oh my God am I really this bad at the game I cant even switch double flip do I just need to flip it slower maybe maybe I need to like late flick it now that just gave us a really bad switch flip okay you know what I am actually only gonna give this one more uh two more and then if we dont get it Ill just get some tricks I really want to see down here all right all right were getting some gnarly and fakie stuff the Nolly Nolly tree I dont think I want a vertical scoop that one even though I do want to make it a bit slower I did slow a scoop but not slower flip now well try to just do both I dont think Im flaking that fast maybe I should just look at my controller okay that that helped actually should we just get a fake tray big trees down four blocks has always been really really cool every costume did it down the mark of four block and so did Frankie May is that his name or is that the comedian oh man I am Im messing up because Im thinking about that now how about a front side half cap flip not thats great we gotta get a good one maybe from the other angle here all right okay okay I was messing up on that one foreign kinda wanna hook it in a bit I dont have that much time and why did we front foot catch it man we kind of clipped on the landing but that was an okay fady front side flip which backside flip hmm foreign to get some sort of North trick you know what well do a backside 360. one foot ah the glitch again that gives us one more even though yes the alarm is going off but we got one more got one more for the back side 360 all a North okay we kind of clipped so I mean thats a redo still on that one more oh we snapped up what that I mean I turned it off but its a glitch right no another glitch another glitch well well try it again thats just me not leveling out the board but I mean I just forgot so its one more oh that was a terrible Ollie North but still this is not enough speed so I mean thats one more Applause one more okay now Ive done it so many times Ive kind of forgotten how to make a good one which you know yeah thats just what happens but that means that that is not the final one because we got a glitch so I mean one more Jesus Christ man okay thats because I was trying to level it out so we dont get that glitch again I think its because Im like Landing in a in a bone even though I didnt try to do it on that one oh okay one more this is the final one guys I promise no because I mean our speed even though we didnt get the glitched up thats probably because I hit the last step okay if I glitch out on this one with my front truck in the ground we are just gonna move on because thats apparently how it was meant to be Chris Jocelyn El Toro style lets just move over to the last map so this is the Tarzana Lich which I actually didnt know was called that but a really awesome Street spot where weve just seen so many awesome Pro Skate and as for the first map theres a lot of other things to skate here so if you want to check that out check out the links in the description but yeah lets just get to it five minutes on the clock there we go now I really want to figure out the setup for this one even though the Gap out to the lids doesnt seem as far as in real life but yeah I mean do we want to recreate a bunch of pro tricks or do we just like skate and have a good time oh yeah we gotta get the Brayden its a fransky tail slide to 70 out that was okay I guess lets just get a little Gap to a nose grind and sort of a crook but were fine a little uh Smithy oh how do you Smith grind again lets try to do with only the front foot I know a lot of people do it like that yeah that was fine maybe a back 180 nose grind because it rhymed wow oh guys were killing it here now Im just trying to think of some actual tricks thats been going down here but before we get into that I just want to get a just want to get a 5-0 kickflip out okay that was a weird grind you know what I want to get another one lets get a 5-0 front big spin out thats a cool one I havent done that one in years foreign oh that was actually so good lets just check it out and then were getting to some pro tricks wow the spot looks amazing though I said the four block was a little oversized but this one at least on the footage it just looks perfect okay so I think Abe has done switch backside nose grind in a propeller and then I think you hit this crack and then just slammed out of frame what else can I think of Carlos equi is that his name switch flip back tail might have done like switch shove out switch big spin out cant remember I think that was in the DC South America video or Felipe also had a part I think Thiago Lemos had one oh man I am actually I forgot I suck at switch foot back to Hill in this game all right were trying it with the switch big spin out oh that was bad and I think Im getting stuck on the edge of the Lich a little bit but uh well well take that one I think he also did a Switchback nose plant or am I crazy like I have no idea how were supposed to do that can I think of any other cool things all right well give it one more because otherwise I can actually think of Jerry Sue even though that one is gonna be difficult oh man I dont know if I can get into that its gonna be like a kiss the Lich well give it one more switch back side over crook I mean that calls for redo right lets just go super fast okay maybe that is the uh the way to do this no yeah that ones too tough for me guys we gotta switch backside over crook though and for the Jerry Sue one I guess I gotta go go like that such a gnarly trick in real life the gnarly back tail to regular I mean we did it fakie I know okay the last minute were going for the Switchback nose blunt if its the last thing I do in life oh my God I dont know if its gonna help me its like bone up there maybe it is but I also gotta get enough of a high pop oh damn it its so difficult oh well take it well take it I I hope it just looked like somewhat of a Switchback nose blunt oh its really bad okay okay were getting a little uh David race tray flip nose blunt Clipper angle Maybe something where we can hide that its not the perfect nose blunt yeah something like that and maybe zoomed out a bit so we cant see it yeah well take it and the time is up to be fair I dont know if Ill be doing innocent chill episodes like this again because it was actually kind of stressful I just wanted to check out some really awesome Maps but at the same time it felt like a pretty cool challenge so I hope you guys enjoyed it and well be watching the next video here in the channel until then have it good peace out Music foreign Music best steam games to play at work Famous spots that we should have gotten in Skater XL a while ago! Big shout out to Benjibotz for making these!Map downloads: Background beats by: ♫ Christopher & The Lost Binocular His Soundcloud: Nightspeeds Skateboarding Channel: Nightspeeds Merchandise: About Skater XL: Skater XL on steam: Skater XL is an evolution in skateboarding games. Experience unparalleled board control and responsiveness while you skate legendary real-world skate spots. Style your tricks the way you want, from the way you flip the board to the way you move your feet. Feel connected to your board like never before. Style and Control: With new ground breaking and intuitive controls, skateboarding in a video game has never felt more authentic, fluid, and responsive. Style tricks any way you want and make every trick and line your own. Legendary Spots: Shred real world legendary skate spots, like the LA Courthouse which is featured in early access. 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