Christmas free games steamsubmit game to steam SKÁBMA™ - SNOWFALL game hello everyone, there are only a few hours left for the new year, and maybe it’s already come this time, we’ll do without results and large projects somehow passed me by due to lack of time and I decided to recall the order table section where you offer your ideas for tops and I will implement them and under one of the previous videos they suggested making the top of winter games and judging by the likes, many people liked this idea, so like these ideas that you like and I will implement them, well, since I don’t have snow outside the window and not even that it looks like a daughter, I think now this current is more relevant than ever, by the way, write to someone how it is with snow tenth place cold the game is ideal for the topic of todays top because the feeling of cold is transmitted even through the screen due to the visual part of the sound and animation of the main hero but the game is only in tenth place for the story that the authors will tell us is clearly not festive and even creepy, I think many of you are above the Dyatlov Pass and about the incident that happened approx. positively on February 2, 1959, with a group of tourists, the game tells about this, or rather, the goal of the protagonist is to find out what happened there and where 9 people disappeared because, according to the plot of the game, they were never found for some intelligible hope, you can’t even now until the end and it’s not clear what happened there, and the game is also in the horror genre, which, as it were, hints at different fantasies and so on, so as for the background itself and the historical component, I won’t dwell only on the game, which, if we discard the plot, looks surprisingly good here and the notorious map-oriented hardcore that does not display your position and how many compasses an approximate understanding of where you are, well- designed locations, you can find some signs and, to my surprise, a little horror scary moments, although there are, but you definitely can’t sit from them if you want by the way play horror then you are welcome to the top with the horror flagship is on channel 9 place he lied a very nice atmospheric game about an old tribe of Alaska and pirates, but more specifically, about one girl from this tribe, her companion is described by gameplay. a second person can also play, which adds more interest in a cooperative passage if there is none 2 managers take over the computer and at some points we ourselves, because the scribe can see spirits that can help if necessary in the game, they did a very good job on the atmosphere the picture is nice and the sound and music they don’t get bored at the same time, there is a plot where a little girl goes in search of a snowstorm to the beginning, which makes it so difficult to live in already cold places, while all the narration and dialogues sound in their native language and on pirates, and sometimes even interrupted by video inserts from Alaska and residents of the eternal permafrost true subtitled to m you understand everything, but at the same time, if you don’t have the opportunity to play on until you have faith, it’s also for smartphones 8th place pharyngitis is a very old game but so beloved by gamers, you would only know how many people I was offered to enter this game in the top, but what came and its time I love games in the genre of interactive cinema and this game seems to me to be the very thing for the new year with a mug of cocoa, well, or what do you like to sit there in front of the monitor, feel the departure that is in the game, and winter locations here are the address of the real word, but most importantly this of course, the plot, which will also not leave indifferent to itself, but I won’t talk much about the plot, because a small spoiler can ruin a lot of things here in the fact that a certain system administrator comes in a public toilet with a knife and bloody hands near the body, but I don’t remember how he committed the murder how as if someone controlled it and here begins a story full of adventures of science fiction mysticism detective and drama will not be to be specific, but the detective part especially pleased me with each of our actions in the future and it is not known how exactly if the graphics are not important for you, then I advise you to play about 8 hours of exciting gameplay and history, you are provided with seventh place Siberia-2 despite the fact that in the top is the second part to play above all in integrity in all parts because there is a risk of not understanding the global plot, yes, there are both global and secondary storylines, since in the first game the snowy location appears only towards the end of the game, and who doesn’t suit it, but if you move away from this framework, then this is an excellent quest where, because of the history, it is interesting to observe and the riddles are interesting to solve and killed you, it’s nice to follow this series of games more than once already mirkalla in my different tops and probably already pretty fed up with some people, but I can’t do anything with myself I can’t because for me this is one of the best games of this genre, maybe someday and for this game I will analyze by analogy and with the recent 1 ram metro, in the meantime, you yourself can plunge into the mysterious world invented by Benoit Sokal, where there are incomprehensible animals and mechanisms of various types, which if you do everything right and find the necessary details, you can start and, in principle, you can talk for a long time about this game, but its time to move on sixth place frost punk I dont know, although Im not a big fan of strategy, especially economic and hail building, but it all depends on how it is presented that, for example, the world plunged into an ice age and mountain survivors settled around a huge furnace, something resembling blast furnace, but it doesn’t melt metal, but it gives off heat for people’s dwellings, here you need to make sure that there are enough houses for people and hospitals with food, in general, it’s not enough just to follow the development of technology, you also need to observe the mood of the inhabitants here, and the social part where you still have to decide what set of rules you need to live by, for example, everyone, including children, should work or is it better for the younger generation to learn about future engineers, or are we looking for something to eat with food additives or something else that is not just assembled and dry algorithms that you need to either indulge or resist, but simulate a situation close to reality of people forced to live in a new way where if you don’t you will cope with your duties, you will be expelled, or even if everything goes well in one industry, you can call a rebellion for another reason and how to stop it, you also decide bloody cruelly or more loyally to maintain the further building of society fifth place for wang dark doubts about what is in such the top should be just such a game there is no such thing as survival in the harsh realities of Canada after a global catastrophe where there are no zombies or something like that danger carries the environment itself negative temperature and wild animals stylistically the game is made in the field and as for me it wins a lot because the picture looks not only beautiful and pleasant, but also how fabulous you are, although when ordinary cold can even kill you, somehow it’s not up to fairy tales, so in order not to freeze, you need to constantly warm yourself by fires or stoves that are located in houses, while you need to monitor the satiety of the character and even before his sleep, given that sleep heals from various illnesses and wounds, though if you fall asleep hungry in a cold hut, not to mention a snowdrift, there is a chance and you won’t wake up at all, while staying in one place for a long time does not allow a lack of provisions, forcing you to move to the surrendered, at first you watch and the northern lights snow- covered destroyed houses that it has a very good effect on the atmosphere for a long time, you don’t have to stare because the character freezes quite quickly, and it’s noticeable in the wind that there are clothes that you first need to find, but they don’t last forever and you have someone to wear while the game has two story modes and normal survival where everything is what you need to do is to aimlessly survive counting only the days you have lived, but how do I feel breath of winter when you dont have snow and New Years mood itself this fourth place is called ikt this is another survival by taxes with the last game where the protagonists plane crashes in the taiga and we need to survive the truth unlike call dark that view from above and no cataclysms did not happen on and the graphics of the zion in the style in the field of survival are not built only on the gathering of cutting a tree, for example, or mining a stone; also, each of the eight main characters can be pumped by getting a moment of hunting, traveling or extracting resources, experience. Also, exploring the world, you can stumble upon different buildings, among which secret and on which incomprehensible experiences and inhabitants were made there, and also in the game there is a multiplayer that allows you to survive with a friend or other players, and this is a completely different level of immersion third place assassin creed 3 and assassin creed spider certainly the series of assassins has a lot of fans and who Im really only now ace realized that in 3 the assassin played only 1 moment of its release, while the other parts start 2 and of course I can’t remember everything, but what brightly filled me up was incredible winter locations, especially the lesson where we plow the glaciers on the ship, again, these in acacia are not eternal and do not follow us throughout the entire plot, which is even probably for the better, but not in the format of this top, in fact, therefore, two games occupy one place, and these are not just two separate parts and are not logically interconnected before, as is the case with this series developers treated with great awe and respect such details seemed mundane and obligatory it was hard to imagine that the new part will be released without connection and references to the past or even without the global idea of ​​ assassins and templars but against the backdrop of new parts it became noticeable as you understand I am not a fan of the new anxiety and Id rather go through old masterpieces perry than new mercantile fakes I even have thoughts of making evolutions uh of that series, but no matter how hard I try to end the video on a bad note, I don’t want second place mafia 2, I think this game needs no introduction, no matter how the feet feel about arguing that the winter atmosphere here is done perfectly no one will cars slide on ice people fall on the streets and in general how many incredible details you can see that you don’t even doubt the liveliness of the world, and this is also considering the fact that the chest was cut just before the release due to the transfer of the long-term construction to a new generation of consoles, and it’s even hard to imagine how the game could look and decided with the developers of everything that they originally planned, you can learn more about this from the early interviews of the development diary and even the announcing gameplay trailer, which is quite different from the final product. what are these in the game and what is the music worth of those songs that they play on the radio in winter, in general, in winter, play the winter mafia, as for me, this is the first place of Shahada winter or from the filter, it’s quite controversial, in fact, the game, but nevertheless it takes first place, and the fact is that today I didn’t place the games according to them in terms of quality or scale, but in terms of atmosphere and, for me, this is the most atmospheric winter game from the top, because the life simulator in Khrushchev is essentially the same as real life, it’s just that there is a lot of snow in the game before you can’t play it and even some kind of plot development or there is no character here, but for one evening to plunge and feel the winter night, the very thing, by the way, even manages to embed theories of what happened in the game and where people and things like that, of course, each has its own but cozy and warm apartment changing to cold and uncomfortable courtyards, all this reminds in fact that the same thing as her outside the window, but for some reason it catches more about this game, in principle, you don’t even tell anything if you want, turn it off, turn off the light, you can turn on the TV or throw it out the window like garbage, for example, although I don’t recommend the game, it practically doesn’t limit anything, but it gets boring pretty quickly and, yes, I didn’t remember many games where there were winter locations like the metro, for example, or a splinter cell double agent, this is because there were only mafia locations are also a similar situation, but there you can not complete story missions and stay in the winter, and I didn’t mention some games at all because they don’t exist for the time being like horizon zero dawn for Frozen, for example, so the top itself is not ideal share in the comments happy new year with its variations of winter games and no, that’s not all who actually have been on the channel for a long time, they know that I like to please the audience with kind of contests, so today there will be a contest for 20 random steam games in 2020, which starts its cost from 400 rubles, which is how for me it’s pretty good at the same time they will be played out and in several ways, for example, 1 5 are now under credits and whoever has time will take it no, the second 5 games are in the description, but with the nuances they need to guess a random number, it’s the number of the letter, I decided not to remove it to make it easier, but the remaining 10 in the old fashioned way will get random people in the comments who like it, subscribe to the channel, recommend this video to friends and write any comment once again on the upcoming or coming 2020, well, or if you have already watched the issue of me on toplice, then 12 thousand in the 20th year of you, let the new year be many times better than the outgoing goal, I won’t set goals because this is the right way to not fulfill them, it’s not easy and I hope to continue to please you with new compilations and various kinds of videos thank you for spending this year with me experienced all the ups and downs and supported me in my endeavors despite the fact that the new format was watched by a lot less people than I expected it was nice to see that those but whoever looked positively speaks of my work, so happy holiday to you and see you soon in the new year bye paypal steam Всех поздравляю с Праздниками, и до встречи в новом году.Список игр: 10. 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