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How to check friends steam wishlisthow to steam crabs in a pot SKÁBMA™ - SNOWFALL game this video is sponsored by Ridge and their 10-year anniversary sale for a very limited time only get up to 40 off your purchase when you click the link below that is the biggest discount Ive ever seen Ridge offer so if youve ever thought about upgrading your wallet now is the time Gamers haha yes very funny Todd way to wait until the exact second before I upload My Weekly News show before you announce a release date for Starfield and you are never going to forgive me for that Todd race gag are you thats right ladies and gentlemen its time for this week in video games which means the moment this video goes live some Earth shattering gaming news is gonna break like Amazon purchases Nintendo or stadia dies again and whats actually true by the way that story is coming up later it is Tradition now that the biggest news of the week breaks the moment Im preparing to recap it for you but we just accept it and you tune in a week later to watch old outdated news I feel like this show is like microwave Pizza its old its reheated sometimes it hits just right or at least I hope it does let me know in the comments below this week is a little huge to be honest we had the Dead Island 2 preview up on the channel a few days ago its simple but its fun we had Destiny 2 lightfall review up soon after that remember how I said I would try to keep it under an hour or try was the operative word and I failed theres more Destiny to come by the way since this week the friends second podcasts are interviewing Joe Blackburn Destiny 2s game director that is a big deal and Im pretty pumped about that not gonna lie that episode will be live on the channel on the weekend and thats just all the  __  going on on my channel have you seen all the gaming news that dropped this week you have oh yeah we talked about that already well lets look at it again shall we gotta say very disappointed with the Todds drip for this one I feel like these big Marquee announcements really warrant the brown leather jacket this hoodie its like rocking up to a wedding in sweatpants come on Todd pick it up yeah the Todd did front the camera this week for an important announcement Starfield is arriving on the 9th of June this year yeah wait no thats the stupid American date system that puts months first for some reason and its actually launching on September 6th great now I feel like Starfield got a delay just because I misread a date to be fair though it may have actually been delayed for real earlier in FAQ on Bethesda website said that Starfield was launching in the first half of 2023 and unless there are other levels of  __  Im not aware of with how Americans communicate Im pretty sure September is not in the first half of 2023 if a delay did occur it probably would have made sense launching in June as some Speculator would have put the title up against Diablo 4 and soon after that Final Fantasy XV Im not saying that Starfield couldnt take those games Im just saying why bother if you can give yourself a nice clear runway in September declare that space nice and early so everyone else makes way for you and feels like the smart play from Bethesda one thing I do note about this trailer was that it was running at 60 FPS which is approximately 45 more FPS than the previous Starfield trailer we saw that was definitely one of the big complaints coming out of that initial gameplay reveal so if Bethesda have managed to fix that and deliver a 60 FPS title at launch well hey I mean theres a first time for everything right well likely get confirmation on this on June 11th which is when the Todd will be hosting a Starfield showcase thats the same day that Xbox is likely to host its own E3 adjacent showcase so you have to imagine that Phil does his thing and then he hands over to Todd to bring it home a lot of pressure on the top Id hate to be in his shoes or his leather jacket but this is certainly a make or break moment for him and I know most people are pulling for him and his team to succeed from a big time release date announcement to a big time delay it looks as though the suicide squad is getting some more time in the oven and after some eight years in development youve got to wonder if this thing is well and surely cooked at this point so this is not an official delay announcement but is rather a leak reported by Jason Shri of Bloomberg he could be wrong about it but thats rare to be honest generally speaking if he says somethings gonna happen its gonna happen Troy reported that the game has been pushed from its intended May release date into the second half of 2023 no specific date yet he did make the point that while the reception to the recent gameplay showcase was poor it is unlikely that this delay is intended to respond to that feedback since all the stuff that people hated about that reveal is very much set in stone at this point the delay is more likely for polish and minor tweaks since anything more ambitious than that would require a much longer delay enter Jeff Grubb who won his game mess morning podcast said that he had also heard about a delay from at least one source and he says his Source isnt guaranteeing that Suicide Squad launches in 2023 three at all if that is the case and the delay is in excess of 12 months it is possible for Rocksteady to do some more heavy-handed renovations to the foundations of this game nothing transformative its still going to be a loot driven live service whether we like it or not but a year is a span of time where some major game elements can be reworked loot stats and diversity for example all of this is just speculation of course the game could ship exactly as we saw it as soon as July this year but I do expect that Rocksteady are less than steady after being rocked by all that blowback so anything is on the table short of a complete rebooting of the title hope you like my rock steady gag day I worked hard on that one like And subscribe thank you very much well thats a wrap on HBO is The Last of Us which means that 10 years later we get to hear people arguing about whether or not Joel did the right thing and think to ourselves ah these were the times this discourse seems so tame next to the Last of Us Part Two and indeed it is but not for long because Neil druckman has confirmed that the next seasons of the TV show will explore the events of The Last of Us Part Two I say Seasons plural because druckman and show runner Craig and have confirmed that the events of the second game will be spread out over multiple TV seasons when asked by GQ how many seasons it will be Mazen responded quote you have noted correctly that we will not say how many but more than one is factually correct end quote this has welcome news since part two is a much bigger game than the first approximately 25 hours to part 1 to 15 and its also Messier its dual protagonist structure and more complex themes pulls it in lots of directions at once and trying to thunder through all of that in 8 to 10 episodes of Television would have been a bit of a disaster Neil druckman also had some words for his haters it  __  no Im joking he didnt say that but when asked by GQ if druckman was at all deterred by the fan backlash to the events of the second game such that he might change them in the TV series druckman did not back down quote I dont care how they react is how they react that is completely outside of our control so how do we make the best TV show version of that story thats the problem that we wrestle with every day end quote Madison then added quote to the extent that the storylines move people to rage confu Fusion or disappointment or anger well that I suppose is preferable to the worst possible outcome which is indifference in quote cant really argue with that anyway expect The Last of Us season 2 and its accompanying discourse to arrive at some point in 2024 most likely speaking of naughty dog it might interest you to learn that naughty dog have already decided on what theyre making next speaking with kind of funny druckman said quote I know fans really want Last of Us Part three I hear about it all the time and all I can say is that look were already on to our next project so the decision has already been made I cant say what it is thats the process we went through and there was a lot of consideration of different things and we picked the thing were most excited for end quote this is just a guess but that does not sound like they are working on the Last of Us Part three right like if youre going to give someone the good news they want to hear you dont start by saying look all I can say is personally Im holding out hope for a Jack and Daxter Revival but I think that is very unlikely speaking of sequels IO interactive makers of the Hitman games have said that Agent 47 is officially on Ice until they work with the James Bond game is done speaking to Eurogamer Studio representative said quote right now a major major new Hitman game thats a little bit on Hiatus as were building another Asian fantasy thats also taking up a lot of our time well obviously come back to our beloved Agent 47 hes still very much the heart of this company end quote thats understandable on many levels but also a little easier to stum it because Hitman world of assassinations freelancer roguelike update is meant to be an absolute Banger giving Hitman fans a highly varied remixing of the formula that they can return to for years to come while they wait for 47s next outing its nice to see IO thriving after facing some real challenges in the past and if youd like to learn more about that then I really recommend the entire eurogame article since its a fascinating look into the highs and lows of not only Hitman but the studio that made it Ill leave a link to that below the like button alright some very bad news now for GSC the ukrainian-based developer currently working to deliver stalker 2 while working in an actual war zone this story is truly remarkable and its been inspiring to see not only their determination for the degree to which everyone has rallied behind them that support was on display this week when when GSC announced that they had been the victim of a hack for which members of a Russian social network claim responsibility apparently theyre upset that the game isnt being localized into their language or released in Russia at all and theyre demanding a localization and an apology from GSC threatening to release a huge Trove of concept art storyboards and other spoilery information about the game ahead of the launch if GSC dont comply well GSC werent exactly in a complying mood when they wrote on Twitter quote we are a Ukrainian company and like most ukrainians we have experienced many things that are much more terrifying destroyed houses ruined lives and the death of our loved ones attempts to Blackmail or intimidate us are completely futile end quote I think we can file that response under no thank you and go  __  yourself GSC went on to ask people that if materials are leaked they are not distributed or Amplified by reposting them or whatever a more than fair request in most circumstances but particularly here I suspect this leak will have very minimal impact on peoples excitement for the game and the support of the studio and I for one wish them all the best heres a weird story a few weeks back I profiled Faith forsaken a Souls life being made by a team of three people thats turning quite a few heads for its evocative presentation team landed itself in some hot water this week which was revealed that they had apparently stolen animations from Eldon ring copying and pasting them into their game the internet went a little wild dragging the team but as soon as I heard this story I was like that doesnt quite sound right like if you guys steal animations from any game why would you steal animations from the biggest game of last year I think No Ones Gonna notice just didnt quite make sense that these guys would do that sure enough the developers eventually responded clarifying that they had purchased those animations as part of an animation pack available on the epic game store that isnt lazy shortcut development or anything the virus by the way any developers will often utilize store-bought assets and animations because they cant do everything themselves thats why these sorts of storefronts exist in the first place to empower indie game makers these developers confirmed that the animations would be removed from the game and interestingly enough the asset pack has been removed from the Epic store as well so alls World it ends well I guess speaking of Epic they just just provided a big update on the current state of their storefront they issued a 2022 year in review iconograph revealing that they have some 68 million monthly active users accessed in the Epic Launcher and generating 355 million dollars in third-party game sales revenue so not V bucks they gave away nearly 100 free games last year which you would know if youre a regular Watcher of this show with over 700 million free games claimed in a single year that is huge and epic did confirm that the free games program will continue through all of 2023 at least you can absolutely expect more exclusives to hit the EGS as they will remain a pillar of their strategy going forward and I think youve also said we can expect to see performance improvements for the storefront to make it snappier to use its one of my biggest problems with the Epi store I actually dont have a problem with the whole exclusive thing because thats life in the games industry I just hate using the actual launcher it feels so slow and clunky and feature in complete and  __  I loathe have to boot it up each week to check which free games are on there because it feels like a text 15 minutes to respond after I click anything very surprising why a company with this many resources havent bothered to invest more in the usability of their billion dollar platform but I dont know Im not a CEO so what would I know anyway bottom line the free game faucet aint getting turned off anytime soon so if you keep coming back Ill keep telling you whats on there hey guess what stadia died again for real after the closure of the service earlier this year there was the belief that Google would try to Pivot the tech towards a B2B Market utilizing it as a sort of white label service that other companies could utilize to meet their cloud gaming needs that was never the plan apparently as any business to business functionality was dependent on the core study of product existing which it no longer does clarification of stadias total demise came from Stephen to tillot of axios who quoted Googles Jack Busa saying quote we are not offering that streaming option because it was tied to stadia itself so unfortunately when we decided to not move forward with stadia that sort of business to business offering would no longer be offered as well end quote seems like a real waste given that the one one thing everyone would agree on when it came to Stadium was the technology was actually really good and that other companies should make use of it to do cool Cloud streaming  __  much like the rest of stadia they cant even do the dying right man thats mean now the steady is dead I feel bad for a poor trillion dollar Corporation I hope you find the strength to get through this were all pulling for you Google stay strong as you all know I am a leading RoboCop influencer so I feel theres incumbent upon me to highlight the first ever gameplay revealed for the upcoming Robocop video game made by the same people who made that Terminator game that most people didnt like but Terminator fans thought it was pretty decent roll it Austin guys so I want to be able to say that I love this I really do but unfortunately Im not quite there its looking a little too clean visually not really capturing the Smoky flat bleakness of the hovens Detroit its action looks stiff even by RoboCop standards its sound effects are definitely off Peter Weller is just sounding a little out of the roll at this point and its not funny whereas an important part of Robocop is its black comedy satire see Im keeping an open mind on this one I definitely wish the team all the best but Im kind of setting my expectations at a different level after this trailer and finally a brief and likely final update on for spoken that dropped earlier in the year meeting an icy critical reception and some merciless dunking on social media courtesy of some of the writing a cursory glance at steam charts revealed that the game was absolutely nowhere near the top of the best sellers list in the opening weekend never a good sign since those charts are sorted by Dollar spend and for spoken was a 70 US dollar game this week Square Enix confirmed the poor performance of the title in an earnings report with outgoing Square Enix president yosuke Masada saying quote reviews off for token which we released on January 24 2023 have been challenging however the game has also received positive feedback on its action features including its parkour and combat capabilities so it has yielded results that will lead to Improvement of our development capabilities of other games in the future that said its sales have been lackluster and while the performance of new titles with February and March release dates will be the ultimate determinant we see considerable downside risks to our FY 2023 earnings end quote its an unsurprising confirmation given that square have already announced the shuttering of luminous Productions the in-house Studio that had delivered for spoken and before that the troubled and unfinished Final Fantasy XV Id say that things are looking up for square in their future slate including the likes of Final Fantasy 16 but matzada directed our attention elsewhere concluding this section of the presentation by saying quote we hope you look forward to the blockchain games we are launching in FY 24 and thereafter end quote dont let the door hit you on the way out my dude a quick lightning round to finish off the ps5s new OS update is live across the board delivering a whole hosting improvements and new functionalities but most notably Discord support you can now use Discord to chat with your mates and absolute godsend for anyone using cross play in games like fortnite ew or destiny ew Konami has acknowledged the existence and enthusiasm for more Castlevania after the very successful launch of the crossover update in dead cells so expect more Castlevania Pachinko machine soon I guess the esa has opened up registrations for E3 2023 promising that AAA companies will attend and press to specify which companies they are the esa did that John Cena invisibility thing and walked away smugly they have not been seen since you know who wont be on the show floor Microsoft this was all but known before but has now been officially confirmed by Microsoft when they stated they wont be at E3 proper but they will be across the street at the Microsoft theater doing their own thing so while the esa will be missing out on that sweet show floor fee we certainly wont be missing out on any game announcements Greg Street AKA ghost crawler is leaving Riot due to personal family reasons nothing at all salacious its a big deal because hes the boss of riots in development MMO and before that he was a senior developer on World of Warcraft during its golden years its a huge loss for Riot but everyones wishing him well as he moves to focus more on his family life and finally Capcom are fixing the infamous Resident Evil 4 remake rain you know the one that made the GTA Definitive Edition rain look good personally Im kind of bummed about this since it was a cool meme but I get it it did look particularly terrible so Walker announced or delayed this week well outside of the Starfield release date and the suicide squad delay there were a number of other smaller announcements for example War group 2 wargrave 1 was basically Advanced Wars except in ye oldies sword and Canon times its an indie title that did well for itself when it launched back in 2019 well enough it seems to Warrant a sequel as developer chucklefish have just announced that wargrove 2 is on the way at some point in the future no release date yet V Rising is getting its first major content update in may may recall V Rising as the isometric vampire Survival game that took the World by storm when it launched into Early Access last year it combined the excellent Snappy MOBA style combat that stunlock studios are known for with the Deep yet accessible survival mechanics that were just as addictive here as they are in every other game because man chopping down trees and breaking rocks to build  __  is basically cracked to your average gamer brain mine included the update is titled secrets of Gloom root and it offers a new biome to explore new enemies to suck as as well as the ability to build multi-level structures one of the biggest limitations of the base game now overcome it seems this appears to be a free update and yeah its out sometime in May no date yet System Shock remake has been in development for a long time undergoing at least one soft reboot during the process to ensure its as authentic as possible multiple steam nextfest demos later and we are finally here at a release date its coming to PC on May 30th there are console ports planned as well but theres no specific date for those yet it was that low key Capcom direct this week which was mainly focused on hyping up Resident Evil 4 remake but two release date announcements did shake out of it the first was for Monster Hunter rise sunbreak which had early released on switch and PC but is still on the way for the more recently released Xbox and Playstation ports sunbreak is now locked in for those consoles its hitting both of them on the 28th of April and finally and I wasnt expecting this but EXO Primal got a release date too its the 14th of July and its confirmed to be Day One on Game Pass this is a very good move on capcoms part because this is a weird one very weird in fact I did actually play this during a closed beta test its the one where you wear an exo suit like an Anthem except instead of fighting aliens youre fighting dinosaurs just straight up T-Rexes and triceratopses and little ones that look like lizards walking on their back legs I was really surprised to learn that this has a PVP component not at all what I was expecting since I thought this was just PVE only and yeah its weird and I can totally see why very few people will want to take a chance on this one so Game Pass is the perfect play personally I think people will be pleasantly surprised by this when they try for themselves because it is actually pretty damn fun and Id like to cover at some point in the future so what came out last week really not much the only quick shouts we might make are for a remaster and a psvr 2 game the remaster is Fatal Frame mask of the lunar eclipse which is doing well for itself over on Steam 90 very positive but critics are a lot more lukewarm on it with the title sitting at a fair 70 on open critic push Square scored this a 6 out of 10 saying quote mask of the lunar eclipse is an old school survival horror game for better or worse its Charming old school and for people who grew up on a healthy diet of Resident Evil and Silent Hill back in the original PlayStation like we did therell be something nostalgic to the control foibles and camera issues but theres no getting away from the fact that this is a game that feels older than it is and the lead and Pace will be off-putting to many end quote psvr title I mentioned is actually a port of a game that hit PC some time ago its called before your eyes and its one that you play with your eyes wait that doesnt really narrow it down its the one that you play by blinking your eyes its a narrative-led experience where you advance time and scenes by blinking on PC this was done with a webcam but with the psvr 2s inbuilt tracking technology that handles it seamlessly open critic reviews are based on the PC Port from back in 2021 but they do sit at a strong 83 gaming format really like this one scoring in an 8.5 and saying quote before your eyes is much more than a neat gimmick it offers a wonderful method of interacting with a touching and impactful story that Ill stick with you long after the credits roll end quote and that was the week like I said it really wasnt too much so whats coming out this week well good news it is better some cool stuff on the way with a nice spread of genres and target age groups looking at you Peppa kicking things off is the wreck its a 3D visual novel that traces the events backwards from a fatal car crash that claimed your life hence the wreck if youre at all a fan of the life is strange stuff then this might be for you its out now on all platforms the legend of Heroes trails to Asia is a localization of a game that came out in Japan back in 2011 now its out here in the West for PC PS4 and switch that is a long time to wait for a translation but apparently its worth it as the reviews for this one are already out and theyre glowing open critic has this at a strong 83 Nintendo life scored at a 9 out of 10 saying quote The Legend of Heroes Trails of Asia takes everything thats excellent about zero and runs a marathon with it its one of the best paced games in the series with some of the best characters best music and easily the best setting end quote its definitely a requirement to have played the first game in the Saga to appreciate this one thats called trails from zero so be sure to grab that if youre at all interested best release of the week in my humble opinion is valheim which arrived for Xbox yesterday and wouldnt you know it you lucky Sons of Guns its on Game Pass valheim is the best survival game Ive ever played and it wasnt even finished when I played it the sense of genuine Beauty and Discovery in that game is overwhelming it truly feels as though each procedurally generated map is touched by the hand of Odin himself to be your own personal Paradise except for the swamp sections of course theyre straight from Heller valheim is still enjoyable when playing solo but it really should be played in a group if you can Wrangle together a couple of mates I promise you a few planned hours will turn into 100 hours plus its just that good releasing on the 17th exclusive to the Nintendo switch Bayonetta Origins to raise and the lost demon is a weird ass spin-off let me tell you not weird because of anything inherent to the game but rather because of how different it is from The Source material you control Bayonetta as a doe-eyed child barely able to mantle over a ledge let alone jump kick 15 meters in the air its not a character action game but rather a puzzle Adventure game where you control both cereza and Cheshire simultaneously one with each analog stick and the control scheme is definitely tricky especially during combat I can tell you this because I actually reviewed the game for I didnt have time to do a video on it since Ive been busy with other stuff but I will tell you that this is a good video game and I liked it its a very bold play for platinum to make something so different but I think it paid off I dont think this is an essential experience for Bayonetta fans or anyone really but its a good well-made Indian spy Adventure title and I had a really nice time with it if youd like to learn more then Ill leave a link to my write-up below the like button WWE 2K 23 is a game about very buff people pretending to fight each other and also in-game gambling because its a 2K game I think its out on the 17th for all plan forms by the switch but I dont care you know what I do care about Peppa Pigs Worldwide Adventures lets go join Peppa and George and Mummy Pig and daddy pig as they fly around in the worlds smallest commercial airplane visiting locations like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty and some desert with a platypus on the ground just hanging out near a shrub thats apparently the best we have to offer here in Australia at least its not a snake or a spider that would have been more predictable and more accurate to be honest fruit all a fan of retro Shooters and or immersive Sims then put this on your radar Music thank you this is core Decay which describes itself as an atmospheric immersive Sim that explores the nature of Consciousness and individuality Earth is on the way out and a group of Nefarious scientists are determined to preserve Humanity even if it means abandoning the concept of humanity itself in terms of how this plays youll visit a variety of facilities throughout the world at least some of them exhibiting a brutalism reminiscent of classic Quake crossed with the black Mesa research facility its the immersive seam elements that really interest me though as the games Creator Ivar Hills says that hes heavily inspired by the likes of deus ex-life and System Shock 3 games that are generally worth keeping in your peripheral field of view when you are looking to create a compelling sci-fi based immersive Sim experience this one has been delayed multiple times but is still in development sadly no date so the best thing I can recommend you do is wish listed that way youll know when it drops plus wish listing helps out developers in a big way Ive profiled it over on my steam curator page which also has links to all of the other put this on your Reddit stuff Ive recently covered Ill leave a link to all of that below the like button sort of free stuff time now and even though were mid-month we still have a fair amount talk about easing Us in as always is epic right now you can still get that South Pacific set point-and-click Adventure game called Call of the sea but on the 17th youll be able to get Warhammer 40K Gladius this is kind of a big deal to be honest its the first 4K strategy game set in the Warhammer universe and you can totally imagine how that gameplay style fits this universe doesnt hurt that the game is also pretty great sitting at 88 very positive on Steam making it one of the highest reviewed Warhammer 40K games though to be fair that is a very low bar indeed Game Pass got an update for the month and theres some great stuff in there if the Dead Space remake wet your whistle and you cant wait for a 2 remake that may never come then you can just play the original Dead Space 2 which hits game pass this month Dead Space 3 is also on there but we dont talk about that one civilization 6 hits the service fantastic if you dont at all value your time and are happy to waste thousands of hours of it in blurry-eyed service to the Mantra one more turn Guilty Gear strive is now on Game Pass Im not a fighting games dude but even I know thats good Nina kunitu is an absolutely delightful Studio Ghibli made RPG and Ive already mentioned valve stepping back I gotta say thats one of the best game pass lineups weve seen in a hot minute PlayStation did make one announcement for their upcoming April PS plus lineup very odd for them to make an announcement that early actually but its a good one so no ones complaining meet your Mika is the next thing to come out of behavior interactive makers of dead by daylight and its an entirely new spin on the asymmetrical multiplayer formula that is their bread and butter this is more Mario Maker than survival horror though as one person will be able to build massive labyrinths full of traps while other players need to find a way up and through those labyrinths so like PVP Mario Maker but with blood and guts that sounds pretty sick and its going to be hitting PS plus day one when it launches on April 4th only other sort of free shout this week is that Resident Evil 4 chainsaw demo that was dropped during the Capcom showcase and is available right now its yeah man its Resident Evil 4 remake its awesome so if you want to get all limbered up ready to go for the 24th this is your chance our feel good story for the week is kind of a crossover of sort of free stuff and feel good but also feel very very bad Diablo 4 is hosting a closed beta next week you can only get in if you have pre-ordered the game is what I would be saying if that were true but its not because there is another way to get access to that beta buying a KFC Double Down thats right now you can double down on the regret of playing a blizzard product by also consuming food sciences greatest Abomination a burger that replaces bread with deep fried chicken and replaces the salad with just bacon and cheese I will note that this deal is only available in the United States which I believe is the only nation on Earth in which the Double Down is still legal its like a controlled substance here in Australia you can get five to ten for trying to smuggle a double down across the border but anything to avoid pre-ordering right for real I would actually buy a double down if it meant I could play Diablo without having to pre-order so I feel like KFC did pretty well with this one and that ladies and gentlemen was the show for the week like I said this is a big big week of content we did the Dead Island 2 preview we did the lightfall review weve done the new show we are gonna do either a review or a preview before the week is out I cant say which yet so stay tuned and this weekend our interview with Joe Blackburn Destiny 2s game director will be live on the channel That is the friends per second podcast by the way so if youre not subscribed to that on podcast platforms Ive left a link to that below but yes all that content and possibly more will be right here on the shill up channel so to be sure to subscribe if you havent and ding the notification Bell so that youll know the minute a video goes live thank you so much as always for coming back each week I really do appreciate it and a big thanks to this weeks sponsor Ridge Ridge are a regular supporter of this channel in fact theyre an official Channel partner for all of 2023 so big props for that they always provide a chunky discount to viewers of this channel but right now theyre actually celebrating their 10 year anniversary and to do that they are serving up the biggest discounts they have ever delivered with up to 40 off your purchase Rich has a hell of a lot to celebrate to be honest for 10 years now theyve been revolutionizing the wallet replacing the big chunky leather thing that hurts when you sit on it if something sleeker more durable more comfortable to carry and ultimately just cooler Ridge wallets hold all of your cards within reason with RFID protection reducing the risk that your cards will get scanned and stolen the money clip or adjustable money strap at the back lets you carry cash as well and they come in a variety of materials and styles so 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