Skabma - Snowfall (2022): Небольшой обзор и мое мнение о игре

Games for a dollar on steamfull steam staffing stockton ca SKÁBMA™ - SNOWFALL gameplay hello everyone with you as always boris and today i want to tell and make a small review on a beautiful adventure game that focuses on omsk culture called with combos again so lets go scamp based the peal of the story ah lav yu ours from omsk village which needs to try to stop the epidemic disappearing on the ground inflicting a terrible disease on people, animals and nature 1 moments of the game will find himself in the role of an involuntary protagonist when a reindeer whom he must fall and a tragedy happens and he collides with the consciousness of his adoptive family, armed with a magic drum and complex in many ways, ell goes to save your house prove your worth grumpy on the nose and become a powerful healer with kombi few common enemies which means you will never stop this feeling of calm instead the real enemy of the game in ironically remains the environment itself in the platform Reaching your destination in a combo often ends up solving a lot of jumping heads your drum is also endowed with magical abilities that can help you find treasure and benefit from the earth which will come in handy when you get to the spirit shrines 4 the power of a creature that grants will the powers needed to save his family and the world the development of the gameplay is well balanced in the game the initial movement and its very simple but in the course of the game the use of the drum by the player gives him access to the development of the ability thanks to the release of spirits and billions throughout the game this results in such a mechanic as manipulating the environment using wi-fi its winds and the creation of stone platforms and so on during your journey you will get to know a small number but wonderful scamp characters and it is always a pleasure to chat with each character in your journey through the world the game revolves heavily around the representation of the saami culture of the indigenous inhabitants of the region in northern Europe what really stands out in the game is its atmosphere its characters are small but comprehensively developed they do what is necessary for the development of the plot and also give both internal representations of the Sami culture so this is what it looks like from the point of view of an outside observer meanwhile, the story itself is also quite usable, even if it doesn’t reveal anything new in the country with other adventure games, it’s still okay, all this makes will and the player more time to study the game, which in essence is its game mechanics despite all that it makes the game run into a lot of technical issues the horses could look exquisite but at times incredibly difficult to navigate trying to jump into a certain area and can feel very clumsy and often drop from a deadly height due to naughty surfaces also the camera is quite annoying a resident especially in places like caves and a cramped corridor and it is somehow slightly incorrectly located, inconvenient or something, and even when they are very high and you fall caused by an error, allus health can drop to a dangerous minimum due to which an illegible ferrite filter appears on the screen means that you need to be as careful as possible you can barely see where you are going as if it is a visual effect trying to finish its job started by gravity due to your mistake also I did not like that with a computer there is no map to the physical system this means that you have to rely on a mixture of instructions of blind guesses to figuring out how to get to your next destination trying to follow which paths you followed and which you didnt can be very difficult and confusing especially when you often start going with blockers which requires permission you dont have to go missing direction for many players will be more of a negative experience than put they will quit the game and wont go to the end which means that sometimes combos with the new one are not as fun to play as you would like slow loading frame rate drops can ruin the passage of certain moments so in general it is stratified by the lack of normal optimization although in general the scamp is basics its a bold and soulful game with great atmosphere and charming though sometimes simplistic gameplay the game actually has a lot of potential but its all held back by some technical limitations but cat players dont mind these setbacks will still find fun gameplay and find how to spend time in the game i of course, I’m not ready to recommend the game to everyone, especially for buying if you’re interested, do you know where you can get it and try it, and now if it’s for you, well, let’s say after half an hour they didn’t get tired of the game, so this game is for you, so you can safely play it well, and on this thank you all for watching all the best bye free steam games giveaway reddit Небольшой обзор и мое мнение о игре Skabma - Snowfall (2022)Skábma - Snowfall погружает нас в мир преданий и культуры коренных саамов. 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