Talking About The Channel - Sun Wukong Solo Gameplay (SMITE Conquest)

Game miễn phí trên steamwhat is my steam account name SMITE® gameplay Music Applause Music hey whats going on guys this is mast and welcome back to some more smite conquest today this video is going to be a little bit funky it will probably have a little bit of a funky title um if you guys arent interested feel free to leave i dont care youre not i am not forcing you to watch it with a gun maybe a knife not a gun right um so its gonna be kind of a different thing or im gonna kind of ramble about some stuff im talking a little bit about um some stuff ive been thinking about over like the past week its nothing big i guess ill say that in advance well talk about a little bit of uh stuff no ishtar video yet i like ishtar ishtar is cool patch is good um this this isnt really all that smite related its kind of its like youtube related um i am fine i am not dying everything is okay i every time i take a break more than like three days the comments start to pile up and they get increasingly more common as uh as the the break goes on and especially like ive been no contact for like the past week you know i havent really tweeted since like the patch came out i havent really um i literally havent uploaded or getting dumpstered hang on let me not die to the knock up oh my god man the arthur clear diff kind of fat i really should have just chilled i didnt think hed be able to outclear me that hard um he seemed so content about it too oh and hes got a cringe gank coming ooh oh he tried to hit me with that merc doing a totem hang on can we get that minion aggro diff hold up hold up he thinks he wins this but archers are op though but archers absolutely dumps for him back and now were even in the lane again and then merc still trying to gank but i have a tower and towers op anyways we can start talking about stuff yeah she kind of i dont get to go to this farm is good farm is good and we want to do it um so ive been thinking about youtube stuff a little bit im trying to figure out like where to go into this its funny this is actually the third video im recording on this because weve been getting some dumpster fire matchmaking and as much as i dont care as much because this video is meant to be less about the gameplay and more about me wanting to talk about something um get get a little more personal with this video because normally thats not something ive really done too much um yeah theres been some dumpster fire match baking and based on the well i was gonna say the immediate o2 but then back to a one two it makes it a little better yeah im hoping this video will be less of a dumpster fire than uh or this matchmaking will be less of a dumpster fire than the past couple games have been because oh my god theyve been wild man see if we can min max or damage a little bit oh youre dead nice look at that yeah that little that little skip in his step after he got all that damage that might be gone when he comes back to lane right it might not be a skipping the step anymore huh arthur um i guess we should be leveling the two in this lane i dont know why im leveling the one trying to play like a beta thats not the way thats not what we like to do so um yeah anyways ishtar video it will come at some point soon there might kind of be a slow period for youtube videos right now um everything is good i just kind of want to take it slow a little bit at the moment and just kind of upload whenever i want to upload you know and not really force it right now um but yeah general general thoughts on ishtar in the patches i think ishtar really cool gun i tweeted about it i think ishtar in a way i think is the best god that smite or yeah the best god that hires is added to smite um i dont think shes really op or anything i actually think for most people shes kind of bad because her base damage is really low late game shes pretty strong uh her mobility is also really low and a lot of people are still learning to punish her for that she like she does have mobility with the dash but normally like the dash is kind of intended to be aggressive and if youre trying to use it aggressively you get farmed and even if you dont use it aggressively you can still get farmed and well try and do what we can lets wait out the  __  a little bit can you just come here let me bop you please need a little bit more money for soul leader right now okay we might need to chill i dont have uh while passive is opie though and we do have that oh hes going hes going the dumb item in hang on hang on huge oh i thought i could get a big old man i was too i was so confident i could get the big old too hang on let me get a little full heal going bang all right lets dip lets go get soul eater so yeah i guess lets get into things a little bit okay lets get into things so um i actually like smite right now for the first time in a really long time i have wanted to take um i guess how do i put this normally if i take a break from smite its either im addicted to something else and it just overpowers my will to play smite and so thatll like like with um the original huge break forever ago now um like a few years ago where i stopped for like an entire year that was like a mix of things that was i found tarkov tarkov was really fun i was not having fun with smite and so it just kind of made sense where its like okay im having more fun with this game than any game in a really long time im gonna grind the  __  out of it just be like whatever and just ignore smite for a while so that was kind of different but normally itll be like uh either something i really enjoy temporarily like tarkov wipe or valheim or something where its like a little break from smite and its not that big of a deal when i come back to it or its that im getting really burned out on smite and um and i kind of feel like i need to take a break for a bit and not just force myself to play it the past week or so ive actually enjoyed smite and i havent wanted to record it which is really weird um and ive tried to but ive been kind of like tilting it myself i dont i just havent been in the mood to record it which is kind of funky um and its not like playing bad and its not being mad at matchmaking which is a little bit ironic right now because so far today matchmaking has been pretty  __  but its also only been two games its not that big of a deal um but god we just dont have mana do we i just bagged and you cant tell um but ive just kind of been in this weird spot i think basically ive been feeling like over the past week ive been trying to figure out like why i dont really want to record and i think recording is getting a little bit stale for me um its not that i want to stop youtube and i have no intention of stopping youtube or stopping smite youtube um because for one thing its my job and the job pays really well and i like if i switch to another job is not gonna pay as well and ill like it less and its dumb and it probably wouldnt be from home and like like thats not something i remotely have planned in the future right um so so im good but i do kind of want to figure out how to like mix things up and enjoy it more right now and so im trying to figure out what i can do with smite to kind of change the pace of it a little bit hang on huge dude this guy keeps chewing when hes a big old its not actually that he should be gold but i want him to big old so i can immune it because that would be good yeah i calculated that you guys see me absolutely you have sob right oh he has spikes i kind of forgot he was going spikes yeah hes stupid right now and im not because i dont have soul leader finished and he has defense and defense is kind of cringe and im judging him im not im not judging for this is literally like a normal arthur build if anything not going soft makes my life a little better even though that item is stupid right now even though even though man of course spikes is really dumb its so its actually crazy man i cant think of any item in history there has to be one but like its its kind of crazy how hard iris broke that item so fast it went from being a pile of trash to probably best item in smite so fast man thats really funny like you guys notice how i got really chunked right there after his uh reading support games right thats kind of all right gonna be like that huh oh my god do the blue please shes like going over and like uh like positioning up on the nike oh my god just give me the buff please i just want to not be dead and have my buff and just have a good life and just be content forever theres a man here and he could die we get soul eater right here too which is kind of big im trying to bait really hard okay well i dont even need to bait that hard because hes just ending yeah were going to get a little toxic mask with the the new changes to the channel not really i dont know man he does he deserves a little bit the ego there was just too huge thinking he gets to solo nuh-uh no you gotta stop all right lets go a little glad shield yeah i want to change things up a little bit um and one thing that might be a little weird this video you guys might notice that im talking differently and i dont like talking the way im talking right now is probably not going to necessarily happen on the channel um but i want to take a more i dont know how to put this ive been doing smite youtube for long enough and playing smite for long enough that its very easy for me to basically just do it and kind of just like god how do i put this theres like a routine to it its kind of weird theres almost like a personality of me that takes over a lot of time when i record um and its not like fake but it is different because i do like naturally like you know recording i put effort into making videos entertaining and stuff and so like i do act differently when i record its not really a fake way its more like a little bit of a coked up way i guess a little bit more a little higher caffeine little higher octane whatever you want to call it something like that oh youre gonna little hold me huh get a little old me for the the op spike that does like a hundred damage because hair has decided hey lets not only let this do 100 damage but lets also give it spirit road plots and more hp than spear robe yeah by the way if you guys are wondering that is why its op they basically just made spirit rope glad shield um for cheaper with more with more defense because the hp is kind of nutty they did a lot of stuff okay mercs not here yet so we should be chilling for a little bit i guess we dont quite get crippled there okay im kind of worried he gets big old soon when i get farmed but im trying to bait in the meantime thatd be kind of sick no maybe not maybe not dont you take the blue buffs or cat thank you thank you look at that she brought it over shes so kind bing that is the spot so yeah right now i think were gonna take um with videos in the meantime im not trying to do anything any sort of crazy switch ups to the channel or anything um but i do want to take a more conscious effort to focus on like what i say when i record and what i do when i record so i mean like what i do like how i play smite i want to try and focus a little bit more on smite right now and uh i want to take like a more conscious effort to um god how do i put this man its going to sound weird anyway i put it but im just going to ignore it like sculpt my speech a little bit sounds weird right maybe sounds a little cringe i dont know um when i just have such a routine with recording smite and while i think like the videos are good and then the numbers for the videos are good like like i dont know how long its been um but at this point the channel is just most popular smart youtube channel and the only way that is like ever not true is if im just not uploading regularly like right now i think i think fine okay has a few more views um which final ks got a great channel i really like fine okays content um and its because i have like like 14 videos uploaded this month compared to like high 20s um and so so like the channels been doing really well which is great but like thats not really enough i want it to be something where like im enjoying the way the channel is if that makes sense you know like i want to feel its not even that im not enjoying it like i actually like the videos and stuff um which has always been my big thing is ive always wanted to upload videos that i would watch and that i would like but it feels too much like i can just instinctively record the videos and just like theres kind of like more of a pattern to them and stuff and i want it to be more of like a conscious effort where i think more with each video about what i want to do with it which is something i used to do a lot more um and i dont want to overthink the way i used to because thats also something i used to do a lot where itd be like like everything has to be perfect no it doesnt i dont mean like that but but that i want to think more about um how i talk and not fall into routines as much because i think itll be good for the videos and i think itll be good for me because it kind of feels like the past basically since i think mostly since i moved as i got kind of settled in my new place um i sort of went on autopilot man at some point i really started going get a little cheeky right now man we do kill you right plea please tell me we okay thank you thank you thank you for being dead um yeah ive started going on autopilot lately and even though its been good for the videos and honestly its probably helped me record more often it might seem a little ironic right now because the past like month month and a half there have been a few breaks due to like tarkov wipe and valheim and and this more recent one um thats just because ive been doing stuff i wanted to do that wasnt because i was like too burned on smite um or anything like that which wouldnt normally be why it would be in the past but uh yeah i kind of want to freshen things up a little bit and so you guys might see in the immediate future you might see a few less videos uh you might see a decent amount of videos i dont know im gonna try and just kind of wing it and just do whatever feels comfortable whatever feels natural today youre not gonna see not that i would normally double upload or anything like im recording this video like today um and today you are not gonna be getting any more recordings because oh my god its hot as  __  right now and even though even though new house is nice and it has central ac and everythings perfect um it doesnt matter that much because im upstairs and upstairs it gets  __  by the by the 100 degree weather outside god damn it can you guys just not warm globally please im so sick of my globe being warmed man i just want to live in a nice comfortable environment where im not like oh my god is this the summer where we hit 150 degrees obviously its not that bad but at least but dude over here in the in the pacific northwest holy  __  hasnt been bad the past couple years we broke our record temperature by like eight or nine degrees last year that shits pretty wild like like not even just a specific day literally any day we broke it by almost double digits thats kind of terrifying isnt it like ever like the hottest day weve ever had that weve recorded we we almost broke by 10 degrees then um which for you free for anybody that doesnt use the the  __  system the american system its not its not quite as many degrees but its still a lot okay why didnt debate work theres not a reason debate but hes still not taking it we dont have boys i just want to clap a little bit hes actually got the boy there was a merc over here bop bop yeah i think im obviously like from here video might get kind of normal i dont know i dont know how much more were going to talk about i just kind of wanted to be a little freeform a little open and talk about some things ive been thinking about the past week um which actually another thing i do kind of want to how do i put this man i kind of want to bring the channel a little bit more into my personal life i guess maybe not my personal life my personal self aside from just like youtube persona i guess i dont really feel like i have a youtube persona so much but its kind of i dont know when youre playing a video game its kind of different right um i kind of want to like meld meld that side into like i dont know the way i normally act a little bit more which by the way i dont know if ive ever gotten to this point um this video might feel a little bit weird because the way i talk in it because i feel like ive put a lot more effort into talking in a more normal and less less high-energy way and ive probably been very clear with my pronunciation in my speech so far and stuff like that which isnt necessarily how i talk in real life as much obviously normally in real life i dont talk at like hyper speed as much as i tend to in videos um i do i do still tend to talk fairly fast but like like less so right i think thats something that im going to try and make a little bit of a conscious effort towards im going to have to find a balance um but yeah and thats mostly just trying to break out of like habits i just want to put more more thought into what i say not because it needs to be deep im not gonna like try and drop philosophy bombs in videos or anything like that but just like um i dont know just just to spark my mind up man i i feel like my mind has been too numbed when i record honestly straight up video in 10 seconds my mind has been too numbed when i record its too easy it needs to be harder i need to think more thats all it doesnt need to be deep it doesnt need to be super introspective it just like it needs to change is all boom video its going to be a youtube short theres going to be a second one other than me absolutely clapping that guy in tarkov which was kind of sick man that was a good short if you guys havent watched it you should watch me clap that guy and tarkov can you not thank god thank god shes dead she deserves to be dead hang on healing is good healing is good and we like it hang on not not hitting a minion is also good okay whatever we just do this soul leader is uh oh no oh no oh now its actually a little bit oh no yeah i kind of thought we were absolutely fine and then i took a lot of damage really fast that spooked me a little bit oboe is dumb were blaming oboe were blaming oboe its stupid oh wait this went from sweaty to trolling he went from uh he went from magic or spikes his o.p till were building rune forge and were not going to talk about why the people dont need to know why hang on hang on little bit of heal oh my god hes so dead man holy  __  i dont i wish i could why cant i t-screen my own teammates damage because i want to know how much that was fire and how much that was just ishtar farming given shes one and two it was probably mostly fire holy  __  did the many damage right there kinda nasty what we doing arthur we body blocking we clapping a little bit maybe not maybe we just get a chill here with our 3k gold and ponder life pondered a little more what you guys been up to life been good is the summer been treating you well its about it september ooh back to school right im assuming im assuming a lot of schools are actually back in over around here ive always grown up with it being early september that we get back into school being uh being at memorial day weekend which i think is this weekend wait last was that last weekend maybe its maybe its the weekend after memorial what what weekend is it theres a weekend and im pretty sure school tends to come back right after it around here but i think for at least like the rest of the country i dont know about the rest of the world for the rest of the country i think it tends to be different i guess well build the cringe item its really its not too actually is it lesser i guess its more cringe on wukong isnt it because we dont abuse it so were just building it for the stat stake and building stat sticks is kind of a cringe thing to do meta gaming that hard really we we have to meta this hard to succeed in smite why dont i just go deathbringer and just clap forehead maybe i should get good and do that huh hang on were gonna run at the boys before they get farmed theyre making theyre making the high ego plays of like invading at 2v5 and we got it we got to give them their chance right the respect okay apparently theres winning anyways maybe they dont need me maybe we farm a little bit i really thought they were gonna get clapped right there wait hang on there there we go get a little clapped because they probably deserve it man that was so greedy hell yeah you guys see arthur get a little moon bounce right there what happened be dead no come on start being dead no come on artemis lets be silly can you i mean sure you get another alt and you get to do helpful things but my kill though my credit my how am i supposed to look good in front in front of all the people watching this video if i dont have more kills than a sisilla god damn it stop doing damage let me do the damage i have a reputation to uphold its probably already dropping off because people are like mast is talking too slow and its making me uncomfortable he needs to stop he needs to stutter out words because hes speaking at an unbelievable pace okay can you quit it wait still it dipped i dont know why eats crack into the face stella eats like nothing shella panics if it could happen to him it could happen to me she says all right let me go farm lets go get blue stone done oh my god its too hot man make it not be hot i hate it im gonna have to peel my back off the seat like duct tape thats whats gonna happen i have a shirt on too im not even im not even like shirt off straight up shirt on doesnt matter gonna have to peel off we gonna do anything to you like towers are op and all but do we care okay well spin doesnt care about herc too is really what it comes down to if you guys noticed how wild dr is now that uh ever since the change because the change wasnt too long ago right its probably been like a month hasnt it im really only thinking about it right now because like hurt just gets boned so so im kind of hi kind of specifically thinking about it yeah i dont know if that way works either yeah maybe not so much um dude ive been noticing so many ccs now its its actually like overall its a really good change because basically theyre really effectively nerfing dr in a lot of ways but you kind of notice it more now that you can actually see the number okay its gonna be like that huh okay dont run though do not run oh so youre just gonna have a support huh youre just gonna have a support that shells you and  __  thats not cool oh i might be too greedy never mind were actually just baiting cooldowns while securing fg hang on last hit  __  did you guys miss it i had a god tier steel ass game team did get bopped so video is not going to see the light of day but oh we had a god tier fg seal they dont have erlang yet unless he like ran straight over its not hang on we owing these come on come on for the video Laughter for the for the video boys come on yeah it was one of those games where i think we lost in probably a flat 20 minutes even though i stole fg so yeah when a games gone that bad its pretty bad right like like if you steal fire and they end in like like 20 minutes then uh things are going pretty bad not much not much you gonna do with those types of games right oh give me this excuse me hes healthier than i am man he probably just hurts actually he probably got the hurt three diff actually you know what no no hes a privileged support main that wants to put down wait and the ones that wants to make us solos suffer he thinks just because im a solo later and i get to actually get kills and people are like nice our solo did good but theyre never like our support did good he thinks he gets to put that  __  on me no you eat the tower like a good boy herc all right let me go get bluestone lets get this how much cool down we have 30 right so probably get a little spear rope going because its also op just not nearly as op is as new spirit robe yeah getting back to that point you guys want to check the stats on this so we get ccr we get cooldown we get 350 health in a bunch of mp5 we get a passive that makes us a little tankier we get a passive that potentially does a shitload of damage kind of depends on the god now you gotta play the god um which by the way this damage is absolutely stupid it is absolutely capable of doing 100 per proc and theres no cooldown on those procs so if youre the right god of your building tanky enough um even early game you can legit rush manticore spikes and do absolutely stupid bonus damage like like more than bluestone more than gladshield probably more than crusher actually probably more than crusher passive obviously not more than if you literally built crusher because crushers a damage item um yeah that passive its capable of some stuff man like uh some people that can exploit it shiva seems to be bugged i dont think shivas one works for some reason i dont know why but like morgan can abuse it a bit with her 2-1 um arthur can with a little if he if he spams little to decent amount he can between his knock-up and that um cripples not gonna count right i dont think hey buddy you wanna get a little bopped you wanna you wanna get a little bopped arthurs not doing anything to make kane well he wasnt but then nike just had to be a little  __  man i was gonna blink on his face no you do not get a bank really scared right now i dont know what what am i gonna im just a monkey what am i gonna do fell oh hes pulling green i thought there was a boy bank there yeah theres so you dont need to be spooked you dont god i was so ready to blink on him there man i want a frag let me frag oh hes got the nerve to wave you think i dont punish you for the wave poseidon i dont i dont psych we punish him right now okay never mind theyre actually boys this time i dont just get to do whatever okay bluestone gladshield wukong might be a little dumb because we have won this man twice and hes got like two-thirds hp like pretty what should be probably a pretty mild amount of poke but oh my god are we procking yeah 200 from bluestone already oh yeah line up for daddy you think i care oh okay you think i care hang on hang on someday i get to press buttons again thatll be good wait why dont we get a double aux right there hi-rez got d can we can we have some abusable abilities in the game dude old raw one used to do that man old raw one you could proc that  __  like four times if they lined up just right that  __  was so funny all right well i think the games over theyre all dead we have phoenixs down theres a titan were hitting it they have six i think that tends to end the game just a bit so yeah if you guys wanted a more normal video im sorry if you guys were bored im sorry hi youtube thats true um not in the way you might expect though uh but yeah i just kind of wanted to like i wanted to be able to talk a little bit about some of the stuff ive been thinking about not super deep nothing crazy um but i wanted to take like a more personal touch on a video like this and just kind of like actually explain my mindset a little bit um and where im at just because i think itll be refreshing because i think itll be good for me and thats it and i think i need to do more videos more often um where i just do what i want to do and dont do what i feel compelled to do um yeah i dont know i guess i could try and dive deeper into it but theres really not a point just like i think i need to take more of an approach to that and so so i think thats what im going to try and do for for a bit right now and well kind of see what happens maybe we get other games maybe we get other forms of content maybe things dont change all that much and maybe i just basically take an approach to trying to record smite a little bit differently in a way that i can uh be happy about it and you guys dont really notice  __  maybe i dont know i dont know whats gonna happen well have to see but anyways thank you guys for watching hopefully you all enjoyed the video and i will see you all in the next one ive been seeking for the glory say say say my name and ive been trying to wrap my own story in the search for fame im sitting here in this empty room walls keep tumbling down steam games for $20 In this episode, Mast fills us in on his incredibly deep and profound thoughts while whacking people on the head with a large stick.Where To Follow Me! 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