SOLO LANE BULLY! Surtr Solo Gameplay (SMITE Conquest)

Best free steam games 2015steam tomb raider SMITE® gameplay everybody Music Applause Music hey whats going on guys this is Mast and welcome back to some more Smite Conquest today were playing some sorter in this all Lane and in ranked not only do we get a Playman ranked now but people mess up and they dont always ban them in rank so well see how it goes try and tank some of the stuff here dont let the Middle Lane get farmed always good man I see a lot of people kind of goof on this its really going to keep mid healthy normally jungle and solo can sustain up way better mid cant mid doesnt have a jungle starter um does it have like hp5 or anything Solos gonna have extra pots its normally better this way this actually probably turns into a kill then its doing a light rotation try and hold stun for this try and body block looking pretty dead okay you really you had to go for last hit you just had to go for last hit thats fine my heel thats fine thats fine um so yeah were playing certain solo is still very good I will say it normally before Warriors acts as a play on a lot of soul Landers that are included certa really doesnt need clear normally blue Stones partially a clear uh starter item that you want to go for but right now Warriors X or not Warriors X but sundering X just got absolutely gutted so wouldnt recommend I think I think Bluestone almost has to be the play I could be wrong like just a few days ago patch went through so um but that said certain is still very good right now and theres a specific build that we get to go this game its really really strong when youre going against double Fizz when youre against Fizz um Fizz jungle Fizz solo and you get to build a lot of these really ideal early game items on him and not have to build something to compromise then you just get a punish so hard and thats what were gonna be looking to do here do a little that speaking of punish like the thing that certain is so disgusting about me and the fact that I almost full clear wave there at level three and Im not trying at all I am just straight up hitting mulans face in the fact that we clear so hard thats why hes so nutty right now um I mean theres a little bit more to it but for the most part because sometimes I swear sometimes the two just doesnt pop I actually button match that and it still had all that delay to it but yeah crazy pressure in Lane its absolutely ridiculous and then youd think okay well he gets gained right hes hes not mobile ultimate just straight up alt out of any gang ever and then if its down then maybe actually get in trouble then maybe a deal oh no sure would be a shame if I healed up a tower shot so I think first Mulan were gonna level the three we maybe dont I dont know maybe we dont this might actually be a really good game to level two I feel like itll be really easy to land the two against Mulan so I think Ill try it out and well see how it feels the three is typically a lot more reliable yeah I think I think the two is gonna feel really good this game I dont think this turns into a kill otherwise Id shired I dont think its quite a Kill it was kind of getting there but I dont think it fell worth this Ill try it oh my God she actually might die shes so close to dead I dont think I could Chris I dont think I could go for another Auto it was so greedy to go for another Auto thats too bad uh how much do we even need for regrowth its not that much right I think its like 1500 15.50 do a little peek yeah 1500 not much at all see if we can actually get this Farm oh my God somebodys car alarm went off it was like I knew one of them a new fangled car alarms Car Alarm I hadnt even heard yet it was so it sounded like a bank got robbed it was spooking me for a second I was like is that thats what I think it is okay somebody died to PVE right yeah somebody died in PVE not a good start ranked by the way classic classic whenever if anything happens or youre wondering yeah Gotta Throw in a rank by the way Diamond ranked by the way dead to PVE um you better not think about it Mulan yeah you better be good better behave shes behaving shes being a real good well we do get a zoom a little bit by the way Im assuming weve done at least part of this build on certain already um if we havent I will bring up yes we get regrowth off our passive and yes thats why were rushing regrowth its very good you get your passive very often on cerder one of the one of the freest heels to possibly proc regrowth off in the game okay were just gonna this does actually look a little bit spooky were just gonna hold on out and well just run back to Tower Lane yeah classic classic game gray there were like Im up at Tower line with no words and I just sort it all down but we are gonna start playing safe a little bit right now and try and let Mulan push up because Naja can super easily just lurk and punish me right here if we have a little bit more sustain going then I may be risk it anyways but I dont have a great way to heal up right now so I actually get really punished if I get ganked oh do you think nausea is still lingering I havent seen him Im just gonna do this anyways though it seems like okay hes mid yeah it seemed like it was bad if I didnt my my heal man you gotta try not take too much damage right here really want to be banking kinda soon dont want to stick around too long if I can avoid this although mulans running um so its not gonna matter actually all right Im assuming hes trying to go get his blue right now and we gotta go try and keep him from doing that I dont think Naja gets to rotate I get old in a few seconds he just gets to pull it away or whatever Ill leave it I dont think theres any way I get there he can pull it into Tower if its really risky for him which actually looks like he did looks like it looks like hes hitting something in the back of Tower yeah its so strong to be able to pull Buffs Im not gonna complain about it though I actually think its cool I actually think its been a pretty good feature so far give me my I did get the thing I just missed it I thought I thought I might have died in time I was gonna be all sad about it my minion youre bringing this to me thank you youre too kind all right I think we just stick around wait for our TP to come back up probably I do want to kill but I dont get to so move on getting a soul eater online soon not online yeah theres gonna be a really slow Soul Eater snack for us shes getting it so late like I think by the time she actually is getting it stacked up I think hell have already had full glad Shield so kind of a rough look for Mulan right now I think we just bank here little TP on over see Im gonna go gladshield get a hell channel is I think were actually worried because I should be able to counterplay the Naja gank so easy if I have words now I dont have to waste all and I can try and go mid with hole yeah Im assuming that now we probably level the three like cooldown on the one kind of okay maybe Ill mess maybe Ill mess with this man because I swear so many people myself included really Max the three a lot and I think its good for pressure okay very very weird Athena old Athena old I dont know why dude I love doing that I love I love saying stuff like I love like casually bmping the other team but when I call something like theres this cooldown I dont know why they used it but its its down just so you guys know should get a fight really hard in a sec here this should end up being bad for her right here yeah pretty good pressure we dont get to heal up too much off the pass if we could heal a little bit okay yeah decent trade man decent trade I have to be a little bit careful here not having the uh the ultimate I dont know why is Raging looking to rotate yeah hi I know I dont know hes looking for this man even if even if he gets a gang she has all so Random I have a little bit of that yeah Ill just do buff I do want to go on her if I get the chance here it looks like shes giving me that chance okay I dont know if that actually cancels or three I dont remember how that works on Mulan so Im not gonna over commit I dont want to get pulled into Tower shes gonna go for blue Im not gonna typically invade blue that much unless I feel like Im really confident where uh the other team is because I dont want to die over it I dont care that much were getting plenty of pressure anyways we can just take the neutral Farm not that good on certains got a lot of pressure its not even like if Mulan just contests it even if shes just able to get there theres a decent change she gets it anyways so its kind of pointlessly greedy man does anybody have Tech to make this thing get out of my hand faster when I pick up the Minion or just or just in general just to throw the two faster I Button Mash it and it feels like its so clunky I really hate this ability the concept of its pretty cool but it feels terrible I think its so funny how hard it is a stack man you have to try so hard like Im not particularly trying to stack but the Strat that were doing where I just kind of won every like I just won a minion or I won her and then I too you know like leading with the one is just a straight up like how you stink we still have five I feel like Ive been doing it over and over again maybe Im hitting her more than Im remembering and its not as much on minions I think a decent amount of them have been on minions this is big pressure but its not gonna lead to anything its just pressure although she has really letting me do it I dont know why yeah that was really big damage were just gonna keep bullying over and over and over again okay I can look to Zone a little bit here be a little bit cringe try and make your bank its ranked its ranked so I can do it okay okay it sucks I cant really I cant Zone her that well here like Im trying to still do it but its kind of tough oh shes so greedy too look at her look at her starting to peek up a little bit I dont think I get a Punisher though the thing that sucks Turtle doesnt work to dive here because its so slow and predictable and she still has her ultimate Ill just clear this whatever I get level 12 I get a big bank I guess we can do totem real quick too nice looks like the boys are popping off a little God I sure do wish that when we went first off full damage Mulan then I could actually kill her thatd be a lovely man whatever were winning Lane super hard all right were gonna go binding next binding does proc on asserter three do I actually go beat this game I think I I think I go beads Im really between because I also want to go blank um and I also a little bit want to go horrific or if its actually a pretty good versus like all their team but I think we actually go beads not because Im scared about dying but because Im scared about how much peel they have to stop me from doing things so I think this pays off like its actually kind of an aggressive Relic see if we get a rotate here and do a little something oh the other one didnt go off hopefully no ring toss seal nice I want that bomb so bad I wish I could pick it up I would have absolutely loved a little bit of La Bamba Phillips we like to pick up the minion for that so that I dont just throw a Little Rock you know tends to be a bit better oh this actually might be a good gank uh might not matter oh okay thats fine I want to see if shed come in after that at all if you want to actually turn because if she turned with what we actually maybe get a while wow I dont care thats something I see someone else get pissy about it sometimes it normally doesnt matter that much A lot of times its at least as valuable on Jungle never mind here she comes yeah its funny because it feels like such a solo buff and especially because solos get screwed and they no longer have cooldown on Blue you have to stop man oh I finally missed so its not as good of a trade this time I finally missed one do I level the old probably oh yeah bong oh shes got contagion now oh okay okay okay wait was that not Joel Im not seeing it okay I thought I thought I saw like a little glimpse of the Nigel animation this alt is so loud I couldnt tell like I just thought I couldnt hear it oh sure would be a shame if somebody beats it and theyre feeling it right now Im just baiting him here theyre still going man what is this huh I wanted to go up through the hill but I want to actually get punished by Naja hes just sitting here still I think hes finally about to dip hes just lurking like you can dive if you want man not quite a kill thats too bad what is this stop huh oh they brought Agni over man its not worth mid Tower is dying solo is getting Dove we get a gold Fury during all of that like like Im not Im not mad at my team or anything I mean normally Im not mad at my team but like this isnt this isnt aha what is my team doing this is a hot what is their team doing its so bad its such a bad dive and then look oh oh sure would be a shame if we missed one wave oh my like Im just TP Bank Im just here hi mulans dying Im kind of sad nem did too much damage nem did too much damage I was gonna be able to clean it up I was gonna run over with with third or three and old and just just zoom up there thats fine got some crazy farm right now especially considering like shes not really fed like in kills just super farmed smack a tower all right so we basically have the core build online um I think I might go with Shoguns this game because its kind of decent on certain its not crazy we dont have a ton of Auto damage or anything like Im not building for it but I think we might go with Shoguns because we have nem and we have um an ADC so maybe not a normal server item particularly but something thats maybe worth looking at Im sad they got went for the really bold FG column they just stopped theyre like whatever lets not give me this okay okay you like that you liked it this is just bait I dont know why theyre taking it I feel like I feel like this is really obvious oh I want to dunk him the timing the timing oh I missed my thing smack did I get the bleed did I take too long I dont even know they wanted theyre so worried about the server but like theyre ending or anything to deal with it thats funny man yeah like if I got nausea Ulta there too dont care if I eat every Aggie bomb dont care my two Oh I thought theyd run up here lets actually make it a little bit spooky nevermind Im really sad that whack didnt kill him that would have been a real satisfying whack right there oh by the way something worth knowing if you guys havent played them enough to know for yourselves um all right we might have slightly over committed I was actually like trying to guess the dip right at that moment too um if you guys dont know cerder minion throw in the jungle not not this not the normal too because the normal two is just like a projectile um at least as far yeah okay so literally just right there literally exactly so nausea is in front of my face I throw too gets blocked by wall wall is not in the way hitbox that dumb so if you guys are wondering thats thats something that happens its actually a huge problem and it hopefully gets worked on I dont think its exactly a bug I think its just a collision thing um like its definitely they dont want it to do that but I think its just a hitbox is too big or something like that but yeah big issue for certain these little crowded jungle fights so often in ways where it doesnt remotely seem like itd get body blocked itll still get body blocked by a wall like if I remember right you can literally in most situations I think if certain is throwing one of the one of the minions I dont think itll do it for the normal Rock and you just sit on the wall I think itll always hit the wall first if that makes sense maybe it depends on the god but for like skinny Gods at least its really dumb its really dumb so worth knowing if you dont uh probably just one onies Im assuming mitigation good like we get we can go Shoguns I dont know if the Shoguns matters that much maybe it does maybe we do just go show guns theyll help them a lot I should have Peach build first I got spooked as we walked out of base seeing if uh if Bach has already had one but he doesnt yeah I want to get some action theyve had so much action on the other side of the map and like Ive had you know weve had pressure in Lane weve had some fights I want blood I want blood on my hands yeah do the FG yeah yeah were about to kill our own kind does two damage to you not really whats another thing if you guys dont know uh new FG really weird Collision stuff like hurt Dash wont do damage it like it counts it as a wall I dont know where hes going but I dont think he gets to go there I could be wrong oh its too bad like surely someday were just gonna catch up give him a whack okay just give him a little lag all right absurd or uh not certain if CERN keeps pushing Ill TP right Ill actually keep an eye on that right here actually do I care I dont think we care never mind honestly not even worth it he dipped anyways whatever oh they kill too fast I dont get to throw my thing or while I do but it misses it misses by default hello hang on hang on hang my guy was getting so much out of Aussie right there thats disgusting a little stunning man I want one of these wax will kill someday someday we get a wank oh I dare you to come back here nausea whats up nice that works too like I just I need not even like kill credit I just I want to do something to somebody I want to feel powerful I havent been feeling powerful nice Gigi oh thats tragic the box has died last second that was a speedy one we started slamming is behind the mid late game just crush the team fights but nice theres our little look insertor uh normally I wouldnt be super like into a 20 minute video ideally lately Im starting to care less honestly because matchmaking has been so bad um but but we gotta play certain so like its hard to play certain so I think it just it is what it is well just do a 20 minute game for this one but thank you guys for watching hopefully you all enjoyed the video and I will see you all in the next one Music say my name and Ive been trying to write my own story in the search for fame didnt hearing this empty room walls keep tumbling down transfer steam game to ps4 The real Fire GiantWhere To Follow Me! 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